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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 3, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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will have a preview of purity also lose big changes it would introduce a terminal cluster today we will tell you what's happening. >> drive around a lot of the bay area at this hour light showers today continuing mostly in the north bay. heavier rain expected such the weekend we will get to details and a second. we
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have snow in the sierra as well the higher elevations bring us no fault. current chapter is right now in the '40's and '50's not bad. considering how cold it was a few days ago. 51 for san francisco, oakland, mt. view was well. 48 for livermore san jose. here's tracker showing you what's going on the front is sitting mostly over the central valley bringing snow fall right now over 80 and portions of 50. a closer look in our area. a few spotty showers through the delta up mainly through fairfield up into winters as well. most of the area will stay dry. set for 12:00 p.m. chance for rain stays to the north of the golden gate bridge events north of san rafael as well. by 2:00 p.m.
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we could see the raindrops sitting to the north of santa rosa as we head towards evening looks like it will clear up. by saturday morning we might start to notice a few raindrops best chance around 9:00 a.m.. in the afternoon spotty showers continuing to pick up 3:00 p.m. bit more in the way of wet weather. filling in towards evening. same thing for sunday the cells are pushing through the north bay and also through the delta and the livermore valley fell in and around 3:00 p.m.. the intensity will pick up so all this yellow here actually into getting fairly more moderate downpours in the south bay as well. chancellor everybody really starts to pick up towards the end of the day sunday. by 5:00 p.m. continuing a portion of the bay under wet whether it
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will left towards evening. 7 day around the bay is shows us that wet weather not expected to let up. that is something you will have to get used to over the coming week. as we head towards the weekend wet weather expected and it could lender to monday morning as well slight chance of rain tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> happy friday no problems to report nice conditions around the bay area. westbound bay bridge few cars in a camera shot no problems here all lanes currently open along the upper deck. san until bridge 92 you will run into any delays lots of space between cars and no back up at the toll plaza. the upper the short freeway westbound 80 looking nice. a couple cars making their way through the desk are no delays as you reach berkeley
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no backup when she reached the bay bridge toll plaza. one incident on the traffic log 580 right after a grand line road. there was a car on fire and emergency crews are on the scene and looks like the fires out now. >> a hearing for former police officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2009 new year's death. it will be a battle over bail. dan, and gives us a preview. >> attorneys believe he should be free on bail pending appeal in of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the shooting of oscar grant. he was sentenced to two years in prison and has seven months to serve on that conviction. his attorneys believe pending an appeal he should be free. district attorney
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is opposed to that and considering this the judge will have to look at three factors. one is here rest to society, is he a flight risk. is it likely he will be successful on the pill. the hearing will last less than an hour. in los angeles kron 4 news. >> oakland police say no rallies are planned for today but they will be on hand just in case. there was a rally yesterday supporters of the victim oscar grant said releasing him would be a mistake for a number of reasons. >> deny him bail as stated this is the known flight risk. >> i've never heard of some leading sentence and the ebb bail. >> if he walks and doesn't
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serve any time it would be disrespectful of our ethnic communities >>. speakers at yesterday's rally said they would like the charges dropped against all of the protesters of the people at the rally last month. state to and we will have continuing coverage of the bail hearing we will have crews in los angeles. they will bring us the latest one that judge decision comes down. new details a man is under arrest this morning for allegedly sexually assaulting little girl. for a registered offender this is it his eugene melendres ramos photograph was booked on charges of rape, false imprisonment, kay thompson explains how this act happened and how strangers helped capture the suspect. >> the two year-old girl was
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with her grandmother and was at first sight for moments the girl was put in back rent and at this dollar to restore when 36 to rolled eugene melendres ramos snatcher. >> the grandmother rounded the aisle to find a male suspect the girl pan to the floor in the store he had removed her diaper and pants. removed his pants, and was straddling below girl the grandmother could tell he was sexually assaulting a little girl. >> they chased him when he took off running. >> the act and the grandmother were hysterical and holding the baby in san please please help me. i said i couldn't do anything
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but help. >> she couldn't help them so i chased him and i caught him he tried to square off with me. he hit me. >> they tackled him and held him until police came he is charged with kidnapping rate sexual assault and false imprisonment. kay thompson kron 4 news. >> this is not the first time he has been accused of molesting a child team coverage continues as jonathan blum has a look back. >> state records show eugene melendres ramos been went to prison after conviction of attacking a seven year-old girl. when he got out he was branded registered offender and listed on the meighen's lot website. he live in union city but may have relocated the listing does not give an address.
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possibly because the terms of his release didn't require it. according to records he is unemployed. jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> we will take a break back with more moment including the latest on and do not ask do not tell will tell you what's happening with that today. more than seven months in orbit this spacecraft has landed on earth. not many people can tell you what it was doing up there. it's kind of a mystery.
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your 70 forecast today about what we will have showers in the morning in in the afternoon. all day long until the evening. the cloud stick around as you can see through the weekend saturday, sunday with showers and the forecast for tomorrow. it will just be a wet weekend. temperatures low sixties for the much of the bay area and the overnight hours mainly upper
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'40's low 50s around the coast and a. mid to low '40's inland. a more detailed look into moment new details now which the leaks domain name says it was true service with the name. every day bns said it dropped the web site after it became packers were trying that clogs up the system and they said it is done with that. in let which he likes go it responded to moving to a swiss don't name manet. the army and marines top uniformed officers stayed letting gays serving openly in the military at a time of war would be divisive and difficult. that challenges the new pentagon study that they say is low. that is
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expected to be voiced today at a senate hearing republicans are trying to stop them from repealing the law. we will follow that today. check gone amok did headlines mixed this morning after the show yesterday investors looking for to the all important jobs report coming out later this morning some economists expect the rate to drop but most think it will remain at 9.6%. treasury department gets 1.8 billion from gm sales. that brings the total amount to 13.5 billion. amazon is investing $175 million in social coupons service of living social. they will use the money to grow their business. closer along california's eighth largest economy according to our report for the center of continuing study of the
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california economy. 2009 estimates for gross domestic products which mellon the use all domestic. california falls between italy and brazil. the historic first wrecking ball will drop on the front facade of trends bay terminal marking the progress as it works towards the demolition of the old boss route center model building. in order to make way for the new trans a transit center. it will swing at 10:00 a.m. we will try to bring that he was well. more than seven months in orbit mystery spacecraft is back on north. x 37 be landed at 1:00 this morning in california. the craft and mission is been shrouded in mystery since its launch in
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april. it was originally organized by nasa it was a nasa project before it was taken over by the military. the air force will not say whether it carried anything in its cargo bay it will say it was to test the craft itself. seven months in orbit now back on earth. for 2:00 p.m. we will be back. the latest on whether run the country and of course in our neck of the woods as well. new details to about the shooting and antioch that ended the life of a two year-old boy we will tell you what we were learning about the parents. a live look outside as the gulf and the shot this morning from our roof camera it is ran around the bay. a look at the forecast today and around the bay.
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we are back authorities plan to review emergency
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procedures actor highway that stranded hundreds of motorists for hours. during a heavy snowstorm the executive director of the thruway authority tells buffalo news although wednesday's storm overwhelmed officials people wanted be punctuated should have been. hours they sat idle in all let's now. it's not snow were dealing with here in the bay is the rainbow we are getting snow in this era. >> it's all in perspective. we are dealing with wet weather and the north bay looks like it's starting to let up a however. but get ready for a string of days bringing us what rain in the picture san jose currently dry at this hour and temperatures and jose is about 49 degrees in mountain view we are 51, same for san francisco and oakland. copper for reasons that residence and arriva percen
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rain and snow over 80 and 50 the higher elevations we take a closer look we saw as sell rolls through the delta at this hour looking at some raindrops rid along 80 in througwe will keep a chance for rain and the picture. best chance for seeing more rain staying in the north bay into the napa got valley and santa rosa. heavier rain along the coast line and then by the evening it looks like we will stay dry a good portion of today will probably be dry. as i saturday afternoon that's when we will see the rain pickup and seeing cells passing showers here and there appeared in the afternoon of brings us the bulk of the wet weather for your saturday. same story sunday in looks at this
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point toward the afternoon the activity expected to pick up. 3:00 p.m. see all yellowish shows us moderate downpours. the rain will pick up in the afternoon and evening as well. it's kind of list towards the late evening hours. your afternoon highs bringing us up into the '60s and some more spot 63 santa rosa upper 50s for novato and san rafael keeping in around 60 around the bay oakland and hayward 60, here's a look figure 7 day around the bay what it shows us the rain is not going anywhere. we are not talking about a washout but heavier rain expected by the weekend. could the lingering rain drops an here monday another slight chance on tuesday and another on wednesday and thursday. for 6:00 p.m. flights to lookit commute.
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>> friday light on the roadways i checked the live road sensors we are in the green all over the bay area speeds above 50 mi. an hour. westbound 80 an approach to the bay bridge toll plaza no back up to report your nice easy conditions from all three approaches. no metering lights and all lanes are open along the upper that tracking eight- nine minutes from the foot of the maze towards him francisco. in another direction of this san mateo bridge westbound and eastbound looking good traffic on the right hand side of heading towards foster's in a bright lights on the left-hand side making their way eastward through hayward. clocking in and nice and easy 13-14 minutes across the span. san jose we have no accidents or incidents were spot slow spots to tell you about nice easy conditions along northbound 101. >> a shooting and any of
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that ended the life of a two year-old boy the boy's parents are behind bars they were not home at the time of the shooting but they faced child endangerment and reckless storage of a firearm charges. >> antioch investigators were at the home more than two year-old was shot up thursday night. searching for more evidence and questioning neighbors. cayard candles were lit near the driveway this is a pitcher little boy he was playing with his four year- old brother inside this room when the grandmother heard a grant gunshot should like to see what happens and saw the four year-old walked out of their room and found the two year-old shot and head. >> he had recently purchased the handgun he removed it and loaded it placed did for his bedroom. >> jay on is the father is a
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convicted felon he and his wife now faced child endangerment charges and reckless storage of a firearm charges. >> and there is nothing wrong with the kids just a mistake made. he turned to years old thursday and family members were getting ready to celebrate his birthday this weekend. in antioch kron 4 news. >> in other news santa cruz deputies are asking for help in finding 58 year-old woman who has been missing since wednesday. a friend of debra collins called authorities on tuesday to report she had not seen collins since november 24th. detectives believe she left for home about that date without a pat story without her personal belongings or car.
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she's 5 ft. 5 in. tall she has blue eyes and shoulder length gray brown hair. to year-old park girl was killed and her mother seriously injured when their car when they're hit by car. to public safety officers witnessed the crash on wednesday evening they rushed to the victims to the victim stayed the two were hit by an 18 year-old robert park woman. two salesmen were robbed by a group of masked men it's the latest heist of a traveling salesman. it happened wednesday evening foremast man struggled with the salesmen but were able to get away with three briefcases full of jewelry. similar robberies have occurred in burlingame and south san francisco. new details san francisco man
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admitted in court to threatening house speaker nancy pelosi has been sentenced to 21 months in prison. gregory pleaded guilty to one count of wanting to intimidate a member satcom course. he made more than 30 threatening phone calls to her home because he was upset over her vote for health care reform. he is remorseful and when the judge best if he had a scene to say he replied i'm sorry. the judge says he will not step down judge stephen reinhardt is one of three of the judge's schedule the here monday on its proper 8. they asked him to step down wednesday they say he might appear to be partial in this because his wife is recently
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retired executive director of a see you which sponsored the repeal of prostate. he will stay on we will see if that plays a factor. congress has passed legislation that could protect tv viewers from those loud commercials. under legislation fcc will have regulations making sure the commercials are not significantly louder and other programming currently they do not regulate body levels. the have to be written and year after that they go into effect. oakland mayor jean quan said today she has formed of transition advisory committee to recommend priorities for her first year in office she has been on the council for eight years and will be sworn in as mayor is january 3rd said she has an ambitious agenda and will conduct a thorough review of every department. will take
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a break much more straight ahead on kron 4 morning news a look as bad as we go on a live shot this time from your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic moving while it is wet out there. the weather is a big part of our coverage this
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world headlines u.s. and japan have begun a series of large scale military drills. amid heightened
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tensions in that region. the drills involved tens of thousands of troops from both sides including the u.s.'s george washington and battle group. the first time observers from south korea are there. they will continue through december 10th. food and drug issuing a warning to a san jose base company that makes the popular tea strainer. align technology makes it is a line must now disclose more informational about possible side effects. the letter accused them to they did not comply with the serious risks. is that it's some patient complaints such as swollen lips and mouth ulcers the company says it has replied to the fda to resolve the matter. we will take a break and give you another quick look from our roof commercial use in francisco where we have what conditions louisa has been following that part of forecast a closer look at
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that and we can head just ahead.
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minutes before 430. traffic moving fairly well set out 1 01 headlights towards the peninsula but the roots are wet. rain still following and it will continue through the day. >> could morning james i say there's more dry than wet out there right now. san mateo 50 degrees by noontime we will get up to 58 your i today 60. not much change in the temperature through the day back down to 55 by 8:00 p.m. its current temperatures this morning in the '40's and 50's. it's different from the past few days much warmer. here's a
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look in your storm tracker for we did see a band of rain especially pushing through the north bay now through the central valley starting to bring snow falls into the sierra along highway 80. most of the bay is dry. along 80 we ae seeing a bit of rain along davis's well. we are expected to see a slight chance of showers through the day on stable weather for today. by noon time best chance in the north bay but it could actually for the most part stayed north of santa rosa. we could spend a good portion of the day dry. as we head into saturday we will see passing showers and lundgren char's for the morning and the afternoon we will see a pickup. best chance of rain in the evening and afternoon. same-
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store for your sunday its the later part of your day that brings us the most activity. a few cells out here and it fills them by the 3:00 hour. all this yellow in san rosa and mountain view shows moderate rainfall. heavier downpours into the afternoon and your early evening. by 5:00 p.m. a good amount of rain fall and then lifting as we head towards evening. your afternoon highs for today bringing us temperatures in the '50s, '60s. the upper 50s is san rafael, san francisco, richmond. in the east bay we could talk about into the low 60s 63 for san jose. 7 day around the bay we thought this wet weather pattern day after day. overcast continuing right through your weekend it looks like monday we will start to dry out but bring another chance of showers in
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to the pitcher tuesday, wednesday, thursday next week. >> thank you li-sao starting off friday morning light. no slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza a quick bridge check westbound 80 the approach looking nice from all approaches. no metering lights in all lands currently open. san mateo bridge some story there nice easy conditions in both directions and especially westbound traffic headed toward the peninsula. no way that the toll plaza in you won't have any problems getting to the bridge itself another direction no problems along 92. if you're headed towards san francisco crosstown looks great. nice easy conditions a look from this camera shot towards the airport just 15 minutes. if
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you're getting out of the bay area and headed to the sierra we have team requirements and the fact. highway 50 between twin bridges and myers and also 88 between him station and pick it its junction. >> been a hearing now scheduled this morning for about our officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the death of officer grant is expected to be a battle over bail the decision could hinge on whether the judge thinks he will win an appeal. he and his attorney believes those chances are good and services client is cautiously optimistic about spending christmas with his family. >> the goal is to set aside the conviction altogether to get another trial solely on the involuntary manslaughter charge. >> he says he knows of eight
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other cases of officers mistakenly using their guns instead of tasters. >> in all the cases no officer was charged with a crime. because the convention will be set aside lightly he should not have to do any additional time in jail at all. >> i believe he will not set bail and will keep him incarcerated. >> michael is not so sure about his relief. and he should be careful of what he wishes for a he is released and loses his appeal he will likely have to spend the rest of his term in state prison and not county jail. >> the people in prison with power have said if anybody can kill him go ahead and do it. it's dangerous situation for him. >> oakland police say no rallies are planned for today but it will be on hand in case. our rally that was
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held yesterday supporters of the victim oscar grant organized the rally. they say releasing him would be a mistake. speaker say they want the charges dropped against all protesters that were arrested after his sentencing. stay tuned to kron 4 we will have continuing coverage. we have live reports from l.a. and reporters and the court room there. we'll hear from them this morning and bring it to you when it comes down. a man is under arrest after sexually assaulting the two year-old girl. eugene melendres ramos was booked on kidnapping, rape, sexual acts with a child, he is a registered offender he grabbed the girl in a dollar tree store in union city in this altered the girl's grandmother walked up and witnessed the attack the man fled the scene but to many
4:36 am
bystanders chased him down and held him to police arrived. meanwhile this is not the first time the eugene melendres ramos has been accused of attacking a child. jonathan blum takes a look. >> state records show he went to prison in 2005 after he was convicted of attacking a seven year-old child with intent to commit rape or oral copulation he served one year and got out on parole. it ended just over year ago in september 2009. when he got out he was branded it registered offender listed on the megan's law rep web site. law with his picture the site lists the 36 year-old small man 5 ft. 2 and 120. with a scar on his right forearm. the listing leaves questions unanswered he says they live in union city but may have located. the listing this document
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addressed possibly because the terms of his release did not require it. the web site shows that conviction that sent him to prison but it also says the department of justice does not know if he has committed any other felony since then. we don't know he is unemployed and if he is complete confected his rap sheet will get ahold lot longer. >> in state news for you seven people were hurt last night when a train and a mini van collided in loss angeles. a life fire department says two victims had moderate injuries five had minor. it is not clear if the injured were on the train or vehicle. the cause of the accident is still under investigation this morning. a judge has delayed a ruling on whether to release a grand jury transcripts that contains testimony from a tracy's woman who was held for 18 years. there was a ruling
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yesterday the reporter has more. >> (no audio) >> we your having difficulty with that will bring it to us as we bring in the way. to guard was the star witness before the grand jury that. they have not appeared or testify in public court hearing yet. will have more and a bit. for 30 8:00 a.m. we will take a break and be back with more moment. a lot look for margins of freeway camera at lights out on 1 01 so far so good. 74 cast coming up a moment.
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for 30 9:00 a.m. cloudy and showers continuing. the
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shower stay with us saturday, sunday 0 wet weekend. next week we have again the chance of rain continuing monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday it will just be wet. will have a complete check in just a bit. new details on a store which will about yesterday's the recreation and parks commission voted to close a recycling center near golden gate park. the battle over the recycling center. more than 100 people showed up at the board meeting to speak about the issue they were split on the recycling center something this the same that it contributed to homeless and drug use. the plan is to pull it out of that location and replace it with the garden. also new this morning historic first wrecking ball will drop on
4:41 am
the front facade of trends bay terminal marking the progress as it makes it towards the the demolition. the wrecking ball will swing at 10:00 a.m. this morning. kron 4 stanley roberts shows you the problem there route cycling center has caused the latest on people being badly. >> this man with a shopping cart is headed into the recycling center in san francisco. he said that there to redeem bottles and cans he picked up in various locations around golden gate park. he is leaving the center pushing the same shopping cart headed up the avenue. he is digging through recycling bin the residents put up for back up. if you spend any time at the recycling center you will see people dropping off cans and bottles making cash.
4:42 am
>> i made $5. a man given to the old lady. >> some people are taking it from the recycling bins and they consider that stealing. the people going through the recycling bins call making 11. >> if the complaint i move on. >> most residents didn't mind that people were swiping the cans and bottles but it does crated double emmy because recycling tax crease car because some of the same people tin cans and bottles are the same people taking copper wiring and other metals. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> for 40 2:00 a.m. taking a break a live look at outside a shop for more rif camera where we have conditions that are trying but we are not out of the woods by the long shot. we will be back
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with the looking forecast [ female announcer ] give yourself the gift of time with the kfc festive feast. twelve pieces of the colonel's hand breaded original recipe chicken. with three sides and six biscuits for only $19.99. have a so good holiday.
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all live picture out of buffalo and new york traffic is getting back on track this morning after a snowstorm yesterday blocked up the commute for hours. people were stock bumper-to- bumper. here are obviously not as bad but we are seeing snow in tahoe. a live look at tuesday if you're headed to the mountains there should be a lot of snow on the ground and more following. >> the next seven days each debris more snow into the sierra. so those who like to ski and board it will be nice up there. 51 in san francisco dry 56 by noontime
4:45 am
high today of upper 50s than mid-50s by 8:00 p.m. your radar outside showing you what we saw a band of rain moves through the north bay sitting over central valley bringing some snow to the sea air like james mentioned. it is sitting over 80 and some 150 as well. we'll show you our area right now as though sitting over the richmond san rafael bridge you can see showers sitting through 80 over back the bill as well. 49 degrees for santa rosa, 47 for concord and the livermore valley as well that chance of rain is kept around until the afternoon best chance staying in through the north bay. it could actually stayed the north of santa rosa for most of the day. saturday some
4:46 am
spotty showers through the day the best chance of rain organizing into the afternoon seeking to the rain madebuilding up. sunday same story the second part of your day rate for the afternoon that all these passing showers will actually gather and give more strength. this area of yellow in santa rosa also in san jose that shows us more rainfall by the 3:00 p.m. hour week to keep that intensity as we head towards 5:00 p.m. and then we see it live by 6:00 p.m. your 7 day around the bay. a string of wet weather. it looks like monday we dry up and then we bring another chance of rain tuesday, wednesday, thursday next week. for 40 6:00 a.m. a canoe with arafat. >> we are seeing more volume
4:47 am
at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic moving at the limit you will run into any delays from the shore freeway that completely in the clear. 580 and northbound 880 look good. no delays make your way into fremont street san francisco all along the upper deck of the incline. traffic moving well. san mateo bridge no problems to report their just space between cars traffic is moving at the limit. walnut creek south and north vows 680 the very few have liked to see traffic headed northbound you cannot see the tillites but there are not too many of them 24 in the clear and looking at your public transportation as trained art and unique all on time. >> new details in manioc shooting. it ended the life of a two year-old boy. the
4:48 am
two parents are behind bars. the face child endangerment and reckless george of off fire arm. >>. can see a picture of to year-old jay on on one of his family member cellphone spirit the boy was inside this house with his four year-old brother playing inside his parents' bedroom. the kids were being watched by the grandmother it was around 1130 when she heard a shot. she went inside the bedroom and found he had been shot in the face. here you can see family members crying outside the house as they learn the news appeared at first they have little information. >> all i know he was shot in the face accidently or whenever i don't know. everybody's hoping right now everything will be ok. >> then they found out he had died at hospital in both of his parents were in custody. any of police say
4:49 am
hank and had been purchased. >> the were brought to the police department for questioning their remove the firearms from the safe and loaded it that morning place to and for his bedroom. >> students and faculty and oakland have been wearing coats and gloves this week after the district had trouble turning on the heat they said the he had been turned off over thanksgiving recess. >> they don't always work properly when we turn it back on we discovered the problem with the compressor we ordered a part which was not available readily we got the part today and we made the installation but that is three days too late for students and staff. >> the districts as they are revising the policy in keeping the heat on during the christmas break. changes
4:50 am
are coming to school cafeterias after the house has passed the legislation about lunches. as part of the first lady's campaign to end hunger and fight opus a day it aims to cut down on greasy food and extra calories and calories at school. it will increase eligibility for school lunches to expand summer feeding programs. 55 percent of san francisco school students are eligible for the free lunch program. brand new play structures at 8 novato elementary schools are reopening the district shut them down in september after we raise questions about safety six children were injured when the playground's first open since then the district have lowered some of the monkey bars and will replace others they have increased supervision and parents are happy their kids can finally use the equipment. it cost more than one-and-a- half million dollars in the first place.
4:51 am
>> the kids have been waiting a long time to another rainy season is coming so i don't know how much they will use the playground but there tons on on playground today. >> the district says all of them will be finished and opened by january 5th. meanwhile mount diablo school and sun power corp. have an award for the design installation and maintenance of solar systems and at 51 schools. it would total 11.2 mw of solar capacity. it is a long list largest contract by a school district and it when united states it will save $192 million over the three- year life of that system. in texas this morning gave slight talks about some tv's you might be interested in buying for the holidays.
4:52 am
>> tvs are common item of the gift which last we want show you what's hot right now on the to the world. check out this deal i found i might get this for myself 32 in. lcd goes for $298 no tax free shipping its cells on amazon right now that's a great deal. they're one of the new things in the plant plan all. they run all little bit more but they're more energy efficient slightly brighter and they last longer. 3d tvs are the hottest things they are expensive to spending and how big you bought. for now you have to watch them with 3 d glasses and not much content to watch on discovery to offer 3 d channels. but you might want a wait until next season when there's more content and the prices on these duties come down. however
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google tvs are new they work well and priced fare. you can get one for $600 up to $1,300 depending on size. cool tv is a regular to be with the internet bulletin. it gives you the web on the tv and easy to use. almost anything you can do you or watch from the internet are computer you can do when a glut to be from a couch. the control is a keyboard and lastly a cheaper way a great gift you can buy that logic tech review set top box for $300 connected to an hdtv and it turns at tv into a google to be. same thing is buying a tv with a built- in just a different cheaper way of doing it. >> we will take a break let's go outside and give you a live picture of san rafael 1 01 traffic seems to be moving walter marin
4:54 am
county. we will be back with more a moment.
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welcome back to the morning news time right now is for 50 4:00 a.m. currently if you're in oakland your seeing that temperature 51 degrees by a new 58 year high today 60 and then back down to the '50s by 8:00 p.m. the radar shows you some rain this morning most of it through the north bay now sitting over central valley and green snow fall to the sierra especially long a this morning. the bay area some spotty showers through the delta and through portions of the north bay as well a bit of a cell moving through green sprinkles through san rafael and richmond san rafael bridge. showers along 37 and 80 columbus park way getting rain drops as well as american canyon
4:56 am
road as well. but elsewhere this morning we are in the dry. right now current temperatures we are in the upper '40's for santa rosa, 514 oakland san francisco down a mountain view has fallen 47 for concord and livermore. future cast 4 take you through the day today we will keep a chance of showers and the picture most legal for the north bay in the napa valley. if you're in the peninsular the south bay best chance of staying dry for today as we head into saturday we will continue to see spotty showers and through the morning hours. it really is the afternoon the best chance of wet weather by 3:00 p.m. you can see sprinkles during the north bay right along the golden gate bridge as well. by 8:00 p.m. seeing a chance around. sunday the same story the afternoon is when the activity will spit up so by about 3:00 p.m. take a look widespread showers expected plo showing us heavier
4:57 am
downpours up in the north bay and in the south bay as well. even 5:00 p.m. bring is less a considerable amount of rainfall. lifting towards evening but for today year highs expected to get to 63 some former spots in the '60s by adults where upper 50s through some francisco richmond and concord. around the bay 60 degree mark down a san jose 63. 7 day around the bay we have the strength of wet weather ahead of us certainly don't put the rain jacket or umbrella we keep it handy or by the door. you'll need it through the weekend and into the beginning of next week we could catch a break monday and another chance of rain rows round tuesday wednesday thursday keep in mind rainfall here in the bay mean snow in the sierra. >> for 50 7:00 a.m. or we will be back.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
top stories at this hour former police officer will be in off court today to request to be released on bail this following his sentencing in the shooting death of oscar grant. a union city man is behind bars after sexually assaulting a two year-old girl. more on the charges he faces in a moment. wall street is well to up days and a monthly unemployment report due out in our second half-hour actually. of following the weather to the live picture from our east bay camera showing you cars snaking through dry in a lot
5:01 am
of spots now. >> isolated showers through the day. a clear shot of downtown san francisco and up james like plenty of cloud cover there. light showers this morning mostly over the north bay and again seeing heavier rain by the weekend and snow in the sierra not just today but through the weekend and into next week as well. storm tracker 4 shows as much of the moisture settled over the central valley and sending over 80 at this point. a lot of snowfall. a winter weather and fries rain to a 10:00 a.m. storm tracker 4 we see spotty showers raindrops through san rafael. also along highway 37 watching this helped push through vallejo. a couple hundred of an inch. light rain along 80 and fairfield this bossing dry conditions elsewhere long
5:02 am
american high canyon road. and redwood st. you can see rain drops as well. current temperatures outside actually not too bad in terms of coldness. temperatures in the 40's and '50's. down and to fremont about 50 degrees upper '40's through livermore valley napa valley as well. future cast 4 shows us we expected chance of rain looks like the best chance in the north bay. santa rosa, petaluma, napa valley we see a chance later this afternoon but it looks like the best dancing to the north of santa rosa. heading into saturday morning we could see some spotty showers through the morning hours by the afternoon it looks like the rain could pick up. by 3:00 p.m. their rain over san rafael over san francisco and the napa valley. by about the o'clock hour we continue to see the chance of rain. by sunday same
5:03 am
story the afternoon brings us a good chance of that rain. watching phil and 3:00 p.m. all the yellow shows heavy downpours in santa rosa, san jose by the afternoon sunday. could stay the same in the 5:00 hour as well. early evening hours late afternoon quite a bit of wet weather for sunday. your 7 day around bay. the wet weather day after day of raindrops and overcast. we might get to a break on monday and another chance rosen tuesday. time right now is 5 03. traffic with arafat.erica the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza very few cars on the road friday light traffic moving well. metering lights are still cycled off it will not run
5:04 am
into any problems across the upper deck. sematech bridge same-store no problems to report just light conditions in both directions. we are seeing volume on the right- hand side of your screen that is the tail lights heading towards foster city. still no problems or incidents across the span. no problems getting to the bridge another direction everything is in the clear. south bay no hot spot jet traffic on the right-hand side of your screen those taillights headed northbound toward santa clara moving with no problems here. 87 interchange if you're headed of north to the see right chain requirements in a fact. interstate 80 in both directions also highway 50 will need chains or snow tires. >> 5:04 a.m. johannes messily the former are pleased officer since to two
5:05 am
years in prison for fatally shooting oscar brand want to be free on bail. they say he will try to convince the judge that he should be released pending a challenge to his involuntary manslaughter conviction. they're opposed to the motion. they have to decide whether he is a threat to society where he is a flight risk. and will he be successful at the appeal that very critical question he will way. that hearing getting under way at 130. friends and family are not the only ones watching the hearing very closely so are many people who never met oscar brand better still upset over the sentencing and possible bill. will tran in oakland monitoring the situation. >> ever since oscar grants that the board station has become rallying place for protesters and is very quiet now there are no rallies scheduled for today that
5:06 am
could change depending on what happens in court today. you can see police officers are here at this moment last month after he was sentenced dozens of protesters tried to march to the station it appeared to be assessed spontaneous thing it was enough for them to shut down this station telling train operators to go past it. i'm here to monitor the situation if anything happens to will bring it to you immediately. in oakland will tran kron 4 news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the bill dealing we have accrued in l.a. in the court room. a man is under arrest this morning and will be arraigned today after police say he sexually assaulted two year-old girl. eugene melendres ramos was booked on kidnapping rape sexual acts with the child and false imprisonment. is a
5:07 am
registered offender according to police he grabbed her in ad dollars store in. the girl's grandmother walked around one in the aisles and came upon the attack. she screamed the man fled but was chased down by two bystanders who held him there were in to police arrived. >> the aunt and grandmother. she was hysterical holding this baby and saying please help me. i said i couldn't do nothing but help her. >> she could catch him so i chased after him i finally got him he tried to square off with me, he hit me. >> they tackled him and held him until police arrived. state records show he went to prison in 2005 after he was convicted of attacking a seven year-old with intent
5:08 am
to sexually assault the child. you sense for your he served one and got out on parole. pepperell ended a year ago in september of 2009. when he got out he was branded as a registered offender and listed on the california's meghan law website. we will take a break back with more in a moment the monthly unemployment report is due out some economists are saying something may go down. most think it will stay where it is. more on that a moment. san mateo bridge conditions are light and dry this morning. at least is not raining at the moment but that may change this afternoon.
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
5:11 a.m. a look at the dow yesterday up 1 06. stock futures this morning are still up slightly. after the
5:12 am
showing yesterday and again we will watch that with the opening bell schedule to bring in one hour 15 minutes from now. unemployment rate is something economists will watch. some of them have been revising their expectations. they think the jobless rate will stay where it is. they're looking for payrolls to rise some experts say that number could be as high as 180,000 or 200,000 jobs added in the last month. in october private companies added 159,000 jobs. the wrecking ball will drop on the front facade of france made from alltrans bay terminal this marks the progress as it works towards the demolition of the old boss ramps to
5:13 am
make way for easy on the right. the new center the wrecking ball swinging at 10:00 a.m. we are there every you first pictures live as they happen here will take a quick break. the latest out of manioc the shooting as a life of a two year-old boy details coming up.
5:14 am
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5:16 a.m. developing story parents of a two year-old boy into shot and killed after he and his brother played with a handgun are in jail. laquinda modique end eddie carr are being held with reckless storage of a firearm. clark has a criminal history including previous weapons and assault. the question is how did he get his hands on a
5:17 am
gun. this is a picture of jayon carr he was playing with his oral brother inside his parents' rooms yesterday morning that's when the grandmother heard a gunshot. she went to see what happened and says the four year-old walked out of the room and found eugene melendres ramoshot in thejayon . >> laquinda modique had bought a handgun. eddie carr took a cut of safe loaded it and put it in a drawer. >> they're getting ready to celebrate eugene melendres ramojayon carr burst second birthday. >> the roads are still wet out there this morning but
5:18 am
still a raindrops' we see right now or in the north bay. symphysis go 51, your high today 58. now much engine temperatures to date right now the bulk of the moisture to move through our area sitting through the central valley also plenty of stuff all this morning. up over 80 taking in close at the bay area sprinkles for the richmond san rafael bridge. some sprinkles through vallejo and up into fairfield as well. redwood street and columbus park way as well. current temperatures are in the upper 40's and low 50s 51 for san francisco, hayward and mountain view 48 san jose. future cast 4 shows us were not done with three we will see isolated showers throughout the day best chance of re staying in the
5:19 am
north bay is should stay that way through much of the day. as we head into the evening hours it will let up in terms of wet weather. saturday bringing raindrops that into the picture not a huge rain of that just passing showers you can see by 3:00 p.m. the few raindrops very light over san rafael and the golden gate bridge. get your sunday in the later part which looks like it will bring us the best chance for heavier rain by 3:00 p.m. you can see widespread for everybody up in the north bay santa rosa sean yellow shamus margaret rainfall of the same for san jose keeping a chance towards evening hours as well. your 7 day around the bay we will see a strand of wet weather days. we could catch a break monday and bringing a chance in tuesday and wednesday and thursday again. not washed out by any means the best
5:20 am
chance of heavier rain on sunday. 5:19 a.m. i checked on your commute >>. no slow spot to contend with we are not clear westbound 80 the approach to the bay bridge looking good from 880, and the approach no matter which approach for coming from you won't run into any heavy traffic the short freeway speeds at 11 as well as westbound 580 in north at 880 once you get to the toll plaza you won't wait at the toll placates the bitter lights are still off. coming from cartoonist bridge to the may 7th minute ride. san mateo bridge it is that easy ride no problems or incidents across the span no trouble getting to the bridge in either direction if you're headed through the toll plaza and no waiting as a clear conditions there tracking 12 minutes between 881 01.
5:21 am
crosstown freeway to the very good shape no problem salade james le corps in mount central those at flights headed southbound toward the peninsula the ride for the san francisco airport clocking in 50 minutes. public transportation no problems to report there. >> world series champion giants launch holiday presells limited number of tickets will go on sale at 10:00 a.m. this morning through sunday it will be available purchase only through the web site and that said they will be 33 select home games in april may and june it will be located in lower box and bleachers. prices start at $7. but it's the back
5:22 am
outside a look as we go to break bay bridge toll plaza traffic looks like as you approach a bridge. we will be back in just a few. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
5:23 am
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5:25 am
5:25 a.m. national seen on storm tracker for we have nasty weather blowing through midwest from montana to idaho but in new york a batch of severe snow came down causing accidents. it locked up traffic for hours. authorities will review emergency procedures. it happened stranding hundreds of motorists for hours and heavy snow. no word ago but wait. the director of the doorway authority tells new stations although the storm
5:26 am
overwhelmed officials people wanted to be evacuated should have been but they did not have a system in place to do that. the freeze in poland has claimed 30 lives. dozens came over night. please canvass in the streets today looking for homeless people many people had no shelter. overnight temperatures down around - 15. four airports in europe are closed today and delays are reported elsewhere thinks the heavy snow and subzero temperatures. southwest france and geneva switzerland second biggest airport all shut down. all the snow causing problems in france. in other parts of the world u.s. and japan has a series of military exercises amid heightened tension tensions in that reason. u.s.s. george
5:27 am
washington and battle group for the first time the exercise will have all observers from south korea. those drills continue through december 10th. new for you this morning seven months in orbit the air force as the history of space craft is back on earth. it landed just after 1:00 a.m. this morning in southern california the craft and the mission has been shrouded in mystery since april it is mulling a bill to it was partially operated by nasa before being taken over by the military air force will say what it carried in its cargo bay only saying it was testing the spacecraft for seven months. in orbit. we will take a break back with more moment alive look from james lick freeway. 1 01 traffic southbound headlights moving towards the peninsula moving well.
5:28 am
we will be right back.
5:29 am
5:30 am
we are seeing showers to the north bay pretty much the best chance for today heavier rain expected for the weekend and then snow in the sierra. a look at outside right now most of the rain pushed through the north bay now sitting for the central valley. snowfall sitting over highway 80. storm tracker for her shows us raindrops are pushing
5:31 am
through 37 in through vallejo and along 80 into fairfield. really just downtown vallejo and portions of american canyon. elsewhere dry. upper '40's and low 50's seem to be common across the bay. 46 and the auk, livermore in the south bay low 50s. chance of rain today just isolated showers best chance for the north bay napa valley and into the delta as well. staying to the north of santa rosa as we head to the 2:00 hour scattered showers for the rest of the day. saturday same story in the morning pass and raindrops here and there but no significant storm to speak of. by the afternoon more raindrops and the picture even into the evening as well. here sunday
5:32 am
at this point will hit packed the biggest punch. spotty showers in the afternoon and then by 3:00 p.m. that shows this heavier downpours up and to the north bay down through mountain view and san jose as well up until about 5:00 p.m. we could see heavier rain. lifting as we head towards late evening. your afternoon highs in the sixties and fifties as well mid-50s through volumthrough va3 interests and was saved. 7 day around the bay it shows us the wet weather chances continuing for the weekend persisting into next week as well. a break on monday and a slight chance of rain tuesday better chance wednesday and thursday. 5:32 a.m. check on traffic with arafat. >> no hot spots or hot spots
5:33 am
or an accident or slowdowns no problems around the area at westbound 80 looks good a couple more cars on the road but we don't run into any delays coming from any of the three approaches no waiting at the pay gates metering lights still cycle off easy conditions making your way towards their francisco this morning. san mateo bridge nice and easy no problems to report there we have been accident free alter the morning no waiting at the pay gates just locking 14 minutes across the span and no problems getting to the bridge in either direction 101 and 880 completely in the clear conditions in walnut creek northbound and southbound nice and easy not. you can barely see the tail lights out bound through the san ramon valley. westbound 24 in the grain and public transportation looks good. >> developing story johannes mehserle cents to two years
5:34 am
in prison for fatally shooting austere grant wants to be free on bail while he appeals his fate conviction. they will try to convince the judge today that he should be released pending a challenge to his conviction. prosecutors are opposed to it is. the judge will have to consider a handful of questions one is the threat to society, is he a flight risk, will he be shipped assured success on his appeal to those questions will be weighed. meanwhile his attorney says his client is cautiously optimistic about be able to spend christmas with his fiancee the argument for an appeal is a strong one. >> the reason he should have built is there is substantial issues that will result in the conviction being set aside because the convention will be set
5:35 am
aside he should not have to do any additional time in jail at all. >> the chances of him getting bail are not good at the biggest issue was the gun issue when they found that he did in fact personally use a weapon the judge took that obligation to throughout so he dismissed it appeared that was the ali good appeal issue the defense has. >> he was sentenced to years for involuntary manslaughter in means even without the help he might be out in seven months. we will follow this as it develops continuing coverage continues on our air and on our web site. we have crews standing by live in l.a.. a man is under arrest this morning and will be in court today after police say he sexually assaulted a two
5:36 am
year-old girl. eugene melendres ramos kidnapping or rape sexual acts with the child and false imprisonment. he is a registered offender according to please he grabbed the girl and idolatry store in union city and assaultive are there. the girl's grandmother walked off on the assault to screamed and that's when the man fled he was chased down by two bystanders who held him there until police arrived. we are following the markets as well stock futures up this morning after a good showing yesterday is coming across the wires a laughable and as the unemployment rate has climbed from 9.6 up to 9.8. and the highest level since april some expected it to drop but most thought it would remain the same. with that on the rise we will see that what affects that has on the market. treasury department says it will receive or story has
5:37 am
received $1.8 billion from selling stock in general motors that brings the total amount to 13.5 billion amazon is investing $175 million in social coupon service. it will use that money to grow its building business. much more straight ahead in fact here is a live shot from just outside trans a terminal in san francisco. it is scheduled to go under the wrecking ball at 10:00 a.m. this morning wore on the
5:38 am
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here is look as storm tracker for the rain is falling at this minute. most of it to the north right now along 37 through fairfield. that's where it's fallen but that's not the end of it. morris had it later on today. in the
5:41 am
meantime the new details of which the league still name providers as it withdrew service to the name pierre it said it dropped the web site after it became the target of denial of service attacks. a statement said it threatened to it in its restructuring and released what he leaks. in moved to a swiss domain name. the army and marines top uniformed soldiers say that letting gays serving openly in war would be difficult. that challenges the new pentagon study that calculates the risk as low. that assessment will be voiced today at a senate hearing republicans are trying to rid keep them for repeal in the law from acknowledging their sexual orientation. details google
5:42 am
says it will start to in a better job of making sure people don't post copyrighted material and the search leader says it adheres pirate material it will respond within 24 hours. the company is not saying how long it takes to address complaints now under federal law websites are not held liable for having copyright material as long as they remove it after being notified. california is the lead the largest economy that is according to our report just released the center look back at 2009 commerce department for gross domestic product which valued all goods and services at two trillion dollars when you compare that data with data compiled by world bank california falls in terms of size between italy and brazil. we
5:43 am
will take a break at 4542 and go outside a look at san francisco pitcher for maariv camera we have mild conditions to stir friday 51 in the city warming it up to 60 this afternoon. we will be right back.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
time right now is 546 we start off with raindrops this morning most locations are dry but we are dealing with wet weather. walnut creek this morning and in livermore 47 by noon we should be 10 degrees. back down 53 by 8:00 p.m. radar shows you what's going on we had a bit of wet weather pushed toward the north bay centered over the central valley moving to the foothill. right now we are seeing left over rain drops along highway 37 through
5:47 am
vallejo stretching 80 into fairfield this morning taking a closer look and showing you down town vallejo and american can in seeing our raindrops the core delius plant pushing and through highway 12 we are still dealing with wet weather out there this morning right now temperatures in the 40's, 50's 49 said rosa 513 san francisco also hayward and malcolm view 54 fremont. taking it through the day today chance of rain in the picture isolated showers expected today best chance up into the north bay. it could it stay to the north of santa rosa. by saturday passing showers very light showers of we see any spotty nature is what best chance in the afternoon into the evening but not a washout for your saturday. your son is expected to to bring this the biggest batch of moisture by 3:00 p.m. we
5:48 am
have a chance of rain in the picture for everyone heavy rain in fact into santa rosa heavier downpours in mountain view and san jose. by 5:00 p.m. still continuing to see activity. it will lift in the evening. bear afternoon highs upper 50s low 60s some of the warmer spot 63 santa rosa, upper 50s it for san francisco, novato. 63 for san jose. your 7 day around the bay shows us the strength of wet weather days ahead of us could catch a bit about break on monday slight chance on tuesday better chance for mid-week next week. 5:48 a.m. at traffic report. >> no hot spots to report but we do have a stalled
5:49 am
vehicle currently blocking the left lane the metering lights have not been turned on as a result the icc conditions from all approaches making your way toward san francisco. san mateo bridge and a clear no problems to report here we have no incidents to tell you about nice easy conditions although you have to wait back at the top plaza but not really affecting your drive time 14 minutes across the span. the only slow spot is here out of antioch westbound highway four-speed strut to 24 moriah miles an hour but as you make your way to pittsburgh we see green indicating speeds above 50. if you're headed towards the sierra this morning get out your chains they are required on 80 in both directions also highly 50 between twin bridges and myers. >> 549 new details oakland
5:50 am
mayor has formed a 24 member transition team to create an agenda for our first year in office she has been on city council for eight years and will be sworn in for the new mayor january 3rd. she has an ambitious agenda and will conduct tests oral review of every department. san francisco man threatened house speaker nancy pelosi has been sentenced to 21 months in prison. he was pleaded guilty. in september he made 30 threatening phone calls to policies home because he was upset over her vote for health care reform. his lawyer says he's sorry for what he did. meanwhile it to year-old girl is dead and her mother is seriously injured after their hit by a car to public safety officers witnessed the crash and medical center
5:51 am
drive it happened on wednesday evening they rush to the victims to the hospital after giving them made on seen the to year-old was hit started the two were hit by an 18 year-old park woman the cause still under investigation. two jewelry salesman were brought by masked men the latest in the series of jewelry heist. they have been occurring since 2009 it happen this most recent one on wednesday evening in the 300 block a first-rate. four men struggled with the salesmen or will to get away with jewelry. similar robberies have occurred recently. we will take a break much more straight ahead let's go outside a live look from our san mateo bridge cannot traffic is moving well from hayward to of foster city. current tempters 50 right now we will warming up 10 by
5:52 am
this afternoon. we have rain on the way not just for today but the weekend ahead. if you miss the forecast we have another one coming up in a bet. [ female announcer ] give yourself the gift of time
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a look at the bay bridge approach current conditions 51 degrees warming it up to 60 this afternoon and again the chance of rain staying with us into the weekend. here's your 74 test take a look yet how it is shaping up chance of rain for the foreseeable future the length of the forecast holds a chance for showers. it will be a wet week. a developing story new details this morning a story we bridey yesterday san francisco recreation and parks voted yet last night to close our recycling center near golden gate park. the battle over the
5:56 am
center pitted park neighbors against homeless advocates. 100 people showed up to speak on the issue they're split on the recycling center some said it contributes to homelessness whether say it helps homeless and poor people make a living off of recycling the plan is to the closet and pull it out of its location artless with a garden. stanley roberts shows us the problem at the recycling center in this edition. >> this man is headed into the recycling center in san francisco he's headed there
5:57 am
5:58 am
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