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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  December 5, 2010 8:00am-10:00am PST

8:00 am why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. live, from the bay area's news station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this weekend edition, isabel is
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off, i am marty gonzales. and taking a live look this is the ccalm before the storm could morning, jacqueline. >> good morning, marty. nothing serious now but that could change this afternoon and temperatures widespread in the low 50s. some places in the 40's. 48 degrees in redwood city, 49 degrees in fremont. the one degrees in concord, hayward, napa. the one--and quite clear, that sunny photograph of downtown san francisco but that will change. inland storms through santa mountains, and this clouds are going to see pretty intense pushing through later on this afternoon. here is a look at what we are looking at from this afternoon until later evening hours. cloud coverage at noon and
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temperatures will stay in the low 50s today. even the low 60s, briefly but this storm is going to move in in the late afternoon hours. at 5:00 p.m., heavy rainfall, hill, lightning, storms those are going to pick up and be holding even hail-- healin and howling. and it is going to windy, with heavy rainfall and that continues until 7:00 p.m. it will be moving through a very sad. the heaviest rainfall through 7:00 p.m. and to be moving to-very fast. jacqueline, thank you. >> and already the impress some early season snow in the sierra they are preparing for even more snowfall. and resort owners in the lake tahoe area excited. joining us on the phone is kerstin. and she is that the lake tahoe resort. fed >> good morning, kerstin.
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>> good morning. >> can you give us a sense of the concurrent conditions? >> right now, 15 0 in.. when 4 5 in., this old recent big storm has been a really good builder for our base which is 65 ft. currentl 65 in.--or base. and with the upcoming holidays, this much snow, this early in the season is a treat. >> and this much snow, this early, those people are just unbelievable that one or 5 in.. can you remember in the distant past when it is been 14 5 in.? >> i cannot, i've been up and like tahoe for 10 years. but our annual average is close to 500 in.. we are well on our way. and
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it is only early december. >> as you mentioned, more snow baand with 12 in. expected today, and what will do for next weekend as conditions are looking for heading up next weekend? >> more snow is better and fresh is going to be the best of all. it will freshen everything up. and it is going to make those areas fresh tracks. and areas before, that opened. earlier, not accessible, there will be open. people that would like to be in all areas, it will all be a renewed with fresh snow been fantastic. >> yes, interest and, thank you for joining us. and more information. and
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>> also, this morning this incredible story of survival. a bay area woman getting through six nights stuck in the santa cruz mountains. collins was found in a state park before noon on saturday. she was discovered in a ravine on a remote trail. she was dehydrated, hypothermia but remarkably in good shape she did not have any food and you drink water from a nearby creek in order to survive. this hikers found her with an unmarked trail. >> and ligh pe mayb this would be an an area where it may be we might get lucky. >> the tran was so rugged it took rescue crews of five hours to hike and by foot the terrain. she was lost last week and had an ankle injury. >> and the san francisco police are looking for a
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sexual assaulting the woman near caltran station. this sketch is from the police, and reggie kumar spoke to women on thursday. >> and the south san francisco investigators released this sketch of a man who believed tried to rape 28 year-old woman in this caltran station. and the attack rapist pushed the woman on the ground, punched her several times in the face. after touching her, and appropriately. the manage the woman was able to---fight him off, the hispanic mill, 5 ft., 5 in., green equity, the hispanic-mail is described as medium build with gray, buddy.hoodie. >> and on broadway street, early yesterday morning. she was able to our escape her
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attacker and called poshe saw comfort suffered injuries. and this hotel was the scene. and he was able to be found in this motel. and of course, we are watching the weather. taking a live look at walnut creek. we will be right back.
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>> we are back on kron 4 news this weekend. you can see that storm hovering near the coast. it has not hit the bay. yet but it will be on shore by this afternoon. we should see the full effect with the rainfall, the gusting wind. we will keep you updated throughout the news cas >> the debate on same-sex marriage will hear arguments on weather or not to uphold a federal ruling saying that
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proposition 8 was unconstitutional banning same-sex marriage in 2008. and judges will hear two hours of arguments. on weather proposition 8 has a right to appeal. and that attorneys will argue the constitutionality of same- sex marriage band. congress, washington, the dream act will be a undocumented people of grown up in the u.s. a chance to obtain legal status if they pursue higher education or the military. a press conference was held held last night of the dream act. and without the dream act, promising students could leave the country without having a chance to live out their dream. steve williams, a nursing student was about getting ready to get deported before and dianne feinstein intervened. >> and to vote in honor and in favor of the dream act.
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it is definitely a very important bill that i wish would pass. >> he is still waiting whether or not he will be deported. >> still ahead on kron 4 news this weekend, snow, bitterly cold temperatures to the midwest and even europe! and before that, our own weather conditions. blustery. on the beautiful scene from mt. tam. the clouds are moving in and jacqueline bennett has an update on a forecast, coming up. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ]
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>> welcome back to kron 4 news this weekend 8:15 + 3 a look at the bridge. still not raining. blustery. jacqueline? pam is certainly is on the right, and if he did not even think it was going to be an intense storm. however, that is the
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case. with mount camera the mix of sun, clouds and high wind will pick up this afternoon. right now, not very impressive with cold conditions but again those winds are going to be picking up as this storm pushes thembushes and, the main energy of with these clouds are pushing towards the bay area. plenty of moisture embedded in this with heavy rainfall. a look at the futurecast, by 3:00 p.m., light sprinkles or the north bay. watch as this intense rain continues with thunderstorms. you can see the dark shading indicated by the color red. with hail, even lightning! by 5:00 p.m., it is going to push along the coastline up and down the coast. towards hayward, oakland, san rafael and 6:00 p.m. look at that in the san jose. the
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bread, with heavy rainfall, gusting winds and the red-- and if you have any plans? i would get your plans early and be home by 5:00 p.m. inland locations, fairfield, behind this we are able to see some continued scattered showers. by 8:00 p.m., continued pockets of north bay rain. and then scattered activity by 9:00 p.m. and on the future cast, even into your morning commute. some of these areas and heavy rainfall and north bay at 5:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. near napa and fairfield. let us take a look of those totals they're starting to get impressive. and with this fast-moving storm look at the totals expected! 1.25 = east bay, north bay, three- quarters in the south bay. the santa cruz mountains are going to get pounded with up to 2.5 in.! and even 3
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in. of rainfall expected in some areas. and with lake tahoe expected snowing. the winter weather advisory for the mountains and the passes from 4:00 p.m. this afternoon until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning 6-12 in. above 6,000 ft.. it is going to be pretty powerful. and kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures this afternoon will remain in the low 60s but it is going to be very windy. you are going to see lots of rain, thunder, hail. as we look at monday conditions will improve and especially towards tuesday. the second storm system will pushing into wednesday with lingering activity thursday, friday. >> jacqueline, thank and across the pond, europe is dealing with arctic temperatures. and home video, of hanover, germany. aha it is already a winter wonderland. and that heavy
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snowfall has left to close roads, airports, and even fatalities. flooding has forced evacuations in bosnia, albania. and the northern part of china. with 1 ft. of snow. below freezing temperatures in some areas rose seven closed been at one point, 10 cars, and 100 people were trapped on a highway. and a sense, have been rescued. there roads were closed. >> and a moscow plane crashed yesterday. and this plane skidded off the runway after 3 minutes returning after takeoff. to injuries, and officials are blaming the crash on engine failure but they're not exactly sure. this belonged to a russian- lairline.
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>> 300 flights were cancelled on saturday because of the heavy snowfall. and residents at o'hare airport, the city's bid a first snowfall of this season. and for that some adjustment being stuck at the airport >> pipe flew in from santa fe and my connecting flight was delayed. i flew in. i guess i'm going to wet to stay the night here. >> the east, the upper midwest full of bitter cold air and plummeting temperatures below normal for this time of year. 8:20. henry? >> >> do you have a pain in the neck? we have an answer. maybe i will go away clock >> and she did -- she is going to push in with that stress. it is coming up on kron 4 news this weekend. 7 7 ]
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>> 12-18 lbs is your head. and if you're wondering to get neck pain? trainer sandy endo is going to tell us how to deal with a pain in the neck. hellas. she's a pilates trader >> when you think about where it is located it is right between the skull and the rest of the body. your head will hold the nose, the olfactory all of your senses. all that information is translated to the neck down into the body. the body reacts and my going to do with that information? it is
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an informational up all back-and-forth all day. and there is no wonder that there is stress with reaction, tents, emotions.. >> and if it is seasonal, with if i am stuck in traffic? late? >> first of all, the easiest thing is to breed mac.and breed- and if you want a deep breath. and brief stop light, you can take a deep breath. and usually we have a shallow breath but we want to take it all the way down to the belly and all the way up through your shoulders. >> should my belly protrude out? >> absolute, contrary to piloates -and you should feel the air to the shoulders and you should
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feel the stretch without having to do anything else. bring that awareness. >> light headed! >> do not hyperventilate law especially during driving. >> that will ease the tension a just premier of researcher of taking your mind off of your troubles, worries. tori and let us start with some stretching is. >> and why have to do it quite like that? >> you can do it like that. >> it is like the macarena [laughter] >> that is next! >> and to change the worst tension patterns in the neck and to put the weight of the head. premier chou and down. >> to fear that stretch on the back of your neck-bring your chin down--. press this on your chair,
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press that share a way, and the left ear to the left shoulder. and with the chair pressing a way, do not pull too hard. >> i can imagine that vehicle right next to me. >> that feels good. >> that does feel good. >> and excuse me, i was wondering are you paying attention our producer said that her neck was killing her today. and i hope that you are following along. >> and with the imagine that you have a paint brush on the tip of your nose. and with drawn small circles and both directions. and letting all of that tension go away from your neck, shoulders and this will relieve muscle from do what they normally do. to propose a movement patterns that keep the neck, tense. greco's movement patterns. >> one more? >> yes, and to open the
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front of your chest with the elbows coursed back and released. >> that feels great. >> push those elbows back. and release. >> with thank you. >> your welcome. >> sandy has pilowww.sand and difficult holiday questions coming up on kron 4 news this weekend.
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live, from the bay area's news station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, and welcome back to kron 4 news this weekend. >> a left those blue skies and sunshine but that is not going to last much longer. and for mount pam and the changing weather conditions and our forecast is jacqueline bennett. >> hello, check in.
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>> hello, marty and that mt. tam is a better indicator of what we're going to be seen. current conditions, are some 40's in the redwood city. 49 degrees in livermore, 57 degrees in half moon bay. and right now, relatively calm winds and an indicator of the wind the we are going to be seen later. has this storm pushes and it is going bring major changes, cloudy, wet, lightning, and possibly hail! and already reports of lightning strikes and a self los angeles. and with our focus here on this storm sitting off year with plenty of rainfall. heavy rainfall and even the wind. hail, lightning and already lightning and hail reports of self-los angeles. >> this increasing clouds with inland later. at 5:00
8:32 am
p.m., the thunderstorm is going to be closer to the coast and the wind is going to be up to 35 mph sustained at the coast. howling. gusting up to 45 m.p.h. and as we look at 7:00 p.m., inland valleys, and also the north bay. will talk more about the rain in time it out on future test the snow and lake tahoe and your full forecast coming up. >> thank you, a hercules police that and injured a 9 year-old was an isolated incident. this was from friday night. how this normally quiet neighborhood, she is recovering in a bay area hospital in stable condition. jeff pierce went to this neighborhood to find out more on what happened. >> a 9 year-old girl was shot when she responded to the knock on the front door. the quiet suburban hercules
8:33 am
neighborhood. >> she answered the door, she was shot. after one shot was fired. subsequently, an additional 9-10 shots were fired. >> remnants of the crime scene were a reminder of faulty previous night's criminal activity. >> and the door was collected as evidence. >> hayward police hercules police---are and investigating that is this an isolated incident? neighbors were too nervous to speak to reporters and the family dog was too frightened to see the site of strangers. in hercules, jeff pierce. >> and in san jose, at least one person reporte major and---if this
8:34 am
was a hit and run-the c h p answered to anchor road right after midnight. after some left the scene, and with six people were hurt and one with has a major injuries. have tax cuts, and washington d.c. continues this week in washington. yesterday, the blocked two votes that would have tax cuts to the middle class the want to keep all the bush busher tax cuts, and but politicians are saying this morning about the latest standoff. >> n fays and on this rare saturday session, and many said it no. >> and want this to end. >> democrats tonight the middle-class cut that the vaunted. >> what are we doing and where are our values? >> and to extend tax cuts only families burning less than 250 k >> it is not fair, and i am
8:35 am
on that cut off line. >> raising taxes during a recession is wrong and everybody needs relief. >> if we do not extend this tax cuts? personal question that it will be detrimental. >> and to extend unemployment benefits for two more million americans. >> i think it is wrong and that even considering giving permanent wealth tax credits and denying unemployment benefits. >> and the with like politicians to stop arguing and take action. if panel i wish they would try to work things out because there is a lot of people suffering. >> and party leaders are being met with both sides with president obama. >> and to focus our efforts to resolve this. >> that was richard read
8:36 am
reporting. still ahead, computer users in france are cutting cut off from wikileaks will have the latest on the whistle blowing website. and the founder, julian assange >> and with the rainfall on the way. wheat will be right back. we will be right back.
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>> we are back on kron 4 news this weekend the faa website, is reporting delays near salt lake city, 30 minutes and in new jersey. not too bad. and the bay area airports, no delays expected. and with the three major airports, no delays so far. and children, teenagers are getting an unexpected groceries i come to get
8:40 am
high. and this is you to the video that snorting, smoking and eating not mac-you tube video-tactic and back to get you high. --nutmeg >> and certainly, there will get a lesson in jasonhallucinogt they're looking for, and the typical side effects are vomiting and they're not going to want to do it again. and i would not recommend trying at indeed >> and taking the bag is not illegal and of course the greater concern is that if that will lead to harsher products. and not bacnot the sp, nutmeg is not illegal. however, with a pony rides,
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christmas parade, santa claus, and fun activities as of and served as a dry place for this and this is the firefighters torrey hand out--toy drive handout, and with sports coming up, basketball, and also we are keeping a close eye on the weather. a live look as this approach is the bay bridge. still no rainfall but it is coming. we will be back.
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>> taking a live look at the heavenly ski resort. big changes coming. a look locally at our mount pam cam. the mix of clouds and the sun. right now, those trees are not going as much but a big storm on the way this afternoon. the stormtracker 4 radar, what we're going to be seen this afternoon is clear that mostly sunny skies a bay- area wide. however, plenty
8:45 am
of moisture with that storm sitting offshore. and the rain will start even and los angeles burning lightning strikes, heavy rainfall and even the bringing lightning strikes and that same activity will be in our area. take a look get futurecast into motion. the heavier rainfall approaching the coast line. they have the band with the darker shading. that is indicating the thunderstorms, possible with heavy rainfall, hail and even lightning. and towards 5:00 p.m., towards the latter part of 5 pm this will push onshore and gusting winds. with speeds of 235 mph and a sustained at the coastline and 45 m.p.h. gusting. winds of 35 mph sustained. and the south bay, thunderstorms, and through the el diablo range. and through the delta, inland valleys and in the north bay. continuing at
8:46 am
7:00 p.m. this will push through very quickly. remember, this started on the coast at 5:00 p.m. it will be pushing through fast but a lingering weather cells will be lingering. after midnight, that storm activity will be tapering off but still your morning commute will have the impact and potential of rainfall. with 1.25 = north bay, and the central, east bay, three-quarters in the south bay. and the santa cruz mountains are going to get pounded with 2 in. of rain through this afternoon and into monday morning. expect a recall for storm system and even decent amount of snowfall to the sierras thaw. it is dry and lake tahoe but of winter weather advisory. 6-12 in. expected and again, this is a fast- moving storm. with fresh powder, but just only 1 ft..
8:47 am
kron 4 7 day around the bay when and heavy rain, hail, wind and even lightning. temperatures about 60 degrees as we go towards this afternoon and even monday, tuesday, tuesday will improve. however, another storm is slated to hit us on the north bay wednesday with storm activity on thursday, friday. >> jacqueline, thank you. a swiss group that is supportive of wikileaks ferran de france group is offline no word yet of whites. and it is been one week cents wikileaks has given us the world of international diplomacy. we are seeing thousands of documents released from the war in afghanistan and with a whistleblower website and the backlash of the founder juilian assande q and a by the british newspaper, the guardian was really a window into the mind of julian
8:48 am
assange the past and answer questions, and he is insisting there's no credible evidence that anybody has been harmed as a result of wikileaks releases. also his discussion of his personal role in the organization and he described it as " in the and the somebody must responsible for the public. only eight leaders that can be publicly courageous that companies take sources and risks for the common good. in this case, i became a lightning rod, with that tax, and even credit whiff- attacks. some howling balances. and with a former with a-some wheat balance is, i've i've become a lightning rod with-attacks, and even credit given. should i be given credit for international relations not getting effective
8:49 am
results? >> and clearly, not answering in that form. in the meantime, the wikileaks is getting supply of cyber attacks and with a tremendous amount of political pressure from the united states. joseph lieberman has just introduced a bill on the esplanade specifically targeted at p prosecuting wikileaks and asking amazon to drop its support of wikileaks, and it is not welcome to their country. >> that wathe the 49ers are on the road, and against the raiders against the chargers and san diego. college football, the stanford cardinals are going to wait if there results but if >> #2 oregon, has defeated
8:50 am
oregon state. and this is clutching a likely trip to face all burned. and saturday, the rushing game- auburn--4 in >> and 28 carries, as auburn winds. the docks finish with a 12-0 perfect record. >> college hoops, and 14 points, rebounds, and sanders. storm 12 for the bears that survived a frantic final minute to win their first true road game against iowa state. close, 76-73. >> on the ice, the sharks, the canadians and they lose three-one. and with a five- point lead st. and his third goal in the fourth game, for san jose. and putting san
8:51 am
jose in the fourth place on the fifth division. two points of of the third division. >> is a bad manners to go boo when they lose? >> we are going to be talking etiquette. with an advocate a expert. >> etiquette expert. and what all the answers? we will find out, coming up. please, stick around.
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wxoo lightning fast. lightning strong.
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verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. >> thank you for watching kron 4 news this weekend. and being the specially polite. and etiquette expert talking about politics, and edited in minutes. 201 practical minuttips. --and a personal editing coach and as ticket coach. >> thank you for joining us.
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real quick holiday questions. and regifting >> and there was a time that perhaps should not give away a gift that somebody gave you. however, you own it, you throw it away, exchange it. >> remember who gave it to you. >> yes! >> the next question is about gift cards. >> and another one where the old days people had a really bad feeling about gift cards that you are lazy not to choose a gift. and today, with all the diff cove types availabl i think it is fine. >> and the milling-if you e- mail? instead of mailing? >> do not bother, if you're going to do the generic card with just the preprinted name. however, if this personalized? then i think it is worth the bomoney
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>> and here is something from your blog one of your relatives is always late what should i do? >> there is a number of things. and set the time when half hour earlier so there will be on time. >> and do not had anybody else? >> that is correct. >> and that is an easy fix. >> whole but somebody who never brings something? and never helps out? >> and as the hostess, you could call people up ahead of time in sake josh cents everybody is bringing this dish and helen what would you like to bring? >> and how about helping? >> yes, just make that announcement cost, can anybody want to help. >> and if there's too many people helping? >> that is better than none. >> and martic, check and give a couple of questions. please, could you share your questions.
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>> and martic, jacqueline. >> and it is polite to start to speak after you've been spoken to. [laughter] >> go ahead, jacqueline. >> and i have a family member that always gets gaffes that--gifts they're not on par with that person, and what should i do and perhaps i spend more money. >> and if you think about yourself and your own integrity level. and if you are going to step down and give them the same level of gaffes? maybe you did not feel as good about it. off after all cough if they're not going to be giving you a very good get their giving everybody the same level, anyway. >> and with advocate, it is about how you feel about yourself. but--etiquette.
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>> what about somebody who is consumed too much of alcohol and your holiday gathering? >> i was not even add your holiday party! lot >> and what you have to do is take that person to the side. and say gosh, uncle henry [laughter] and perhaps a few too much to drink. >> just be honest? >> and she is a free newsletter, and advanced at ticket .coadvanced advocate--ank the thank you, and kron 4 news this weekend
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live, from the bay area's news station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, and thank you for joining us. i am marty gonzales. isabel is off. we are expecting a big storm later. as we take a live look outside. right now, is the calm for the storm. >> yes, some clouds but we're going to be seeing increased cloud coverage and strong winds and heavy rain. . however, 47 degrees and redwood city, and 50s widespread. and winds are calm however, it is going to start to be howling! the stormtracker 4 radar, and clear conditions but heavier rainfall to the self. fast
9:02 am
and with our main band. >> and what we can expect to do with increasing cloud coverage and as it makes its way inland. actor sunshine inland. more on the coast. by 5:00 p.m., thunderstorms coast up and down the coast with heavy wind, bluster and wind, hail, and even lightning pushing into inland the by 7:00 p.m. we will time it out on future test and how much rainfall we can expect. snowfall to this year, coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, and we are hearing of a bay area woman is recovering after being lost in the santa cruz mountains for six days. this is a video of for rescue, debra collins got lost hiking last week. she broke her ankle and looked for
9:03 am
shelter under a tree. a man and hhis son found her the night hypothermia but remarkably, in great shape. and this is the rest of the story. >> and i said let us go for a hike when we go into an era maybe she knew we could get lucky. >> the three missile rocket it took rescue crews five hours the two rain was so rugged that the rugged terrain was so rugged. >> and the caltran sexual assault this sketch is the suspect. reggie kumar spoke to police but this happened right outside of beef debuke -ran outside, and some of commuters are not shocked about what happened right outside on the duke avenue
9:04 am
because it is poorly lit with no security. and i showed this sketch and bilhe is believed to sexually assaulting a 28 year-old woman when she exited the train,. >> it is inevitable that it is going to happen because this is so deserted. there's nothing, you could scream for help. as loud as possible and there would be nobody here. and if i'm going to be going anywhere on caltrain at night? in particular i would not go here, i would choose millbrae. >> why? >> it is dark here but millbrae is will let and wide open. >> and if there would be a police the markets a call box? >> it is very dangerous there is a lot of people around and there is not a lot of people around this station-- >> this let to mail, 18-20
9:05 am
years old. shall see if latin male if and after he grabbed her in an intimate and inappropriate in a proper part of her body, she was pushed to the ground and polished grim-faced several times. if and it this is from there, he fled on east grand avenue and then going towards airport boulevard. in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> the debate of same-sex marriage is another critical stage tomorrow. that is one the court of appeals will hear arguments on weather to uphold the federal judges back in august. it struck down proposition 8 saying it was unconstitutional. and with voter a crew of measures that back in 2008, and tomorrow, judges will hear two hours of arguments. first, on the proposition 8 if they have the right to appeal?
9:06 am
>> and also, to question the constitutionality of the ban of same-sex marriages. the washington, they're expected to vote on the dream act. with a undocumented people of grown up in the u.s. a chance to obtain legal status. through higher education, or the military. and a prayer vigil was held in support of the dream act and supporters say it is a program that was promising students that if there would leave the country? before living out their dreams. steven lee, a san francisco college nursing student who was about to be deported back to peru. the fort senator dianne feinstein intervened. before, senator dianne feinstein intervened. >> because it is such an important bill that could help some of the people, and it is definitely a very important bill should pass. then he is still awaiting word on weather or not he can stay. >> still had on kron 4 news this weekend, and with the snow conditions through the
9:07 am
sierra. a live look. how we 50/myer--meyers we will speak with one or lake tahoe consultants coming up. [ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet.
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>> adding to the already impressive snow base. more expected, and operators and lake tahoe excited. joining us is accurate and katell at the lake tahoe resort. fifth, how are you? >> and doing well. it the last time we spoke. and it is snowing and what are the conditions now? >> is active the complete opposite, with blue skies. and i think something is headed our way. >> yes. we are also under a cera winter weather advisory from 4:00 p.m.-7:00
9:11 am
p.m. to the sierras. --and how let impact your area? and we're looking for more snow, with more is better, and making everything pretty, white. and these roads are actually in fantastic shape. if you're planning to come up this weekend? this is going to make a great weekend in caltran has done a great job to keep roads clear to not hesitate to jump up in the car. and come on up. >> with recent record breaking amounts of snowfall and with your recent memory? >> definitely. this is the most snowfall we've had this point in the season and as as long as i can remember. and the general manager also cestus not remember when this much snowfall. 150 base already,
9:12 am
and our average is 500. demo really quickly, what you expect this recent storm to add? >> we are expecting 1 ft.-2 ft. additionally. and with some fresh powder, and that was slowly pack down and become part of the base. and even better for the la nina thank you, kerstin. and for more information on the ski resorts, weather conditions just go to >> still ahead on kron 4 news this weekend we are watching the storm with rainfall on the way. the stormtracker 4, that big storm is howling off the coast and it should arrive later this afternoon. just hovering--jacqueline is
9:13 am
escalated when we get back. fifth lightning fast. lightning strong.
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>> we are back, for kron 4 news this weekend at jacqueline has the forecast. >> those clouds are starting to increase. with a shower activity along the coast. and quite a bit of moisture headed south and this has just generated in the last couple of hours. the heavier weather cells, this is not even the main storm cell. you see that system spinning and creating a lot of moisture offshore that will be making landfall later this afternoon. and by 3:00 p.m., light shower activity to the north bay. and in the later afternoon our this heavy band of rainfall pushing towards the coast. by 5:00 p.m., thunderstorms and dad did it with heavy rainfall,
9:17 am
lightning, and hillel. -we will see heavy rainfall, hail. and with plenty of wind as this moves offshore. and with 35 mph sustained on the coast line as it moves towards the inland valley. the delta, by 6:00 p.m., increasing their. look at san jose the read to the el diablo range very heavy. and the red is indicative of very heavy conditions and for other conditions to the north bay. once that cuts off by 8:00 p.m., a lingering shower activity by 10:00 p.m. and in the north bay, lingering shower activity with pockets of heavy rain fall within that. and as you go out tomorrow morning, showers by 5:00 p.m. continuing until 7:00 a.m. mainly in the north bay. with rainfall totals pretty impressive, it is going to push through a pack a punch! one-1.25 = north
9:18 am
bay. and even to-2.5 = santa cruz mountains pounded. 2 in.-2.5 in. to the santa cruz mountains. a live look to the stormtracker 4 radar, high, dry, to lake tahoe with that is going to change as a go towards the winter weather advisory effect and this afternoon. already, 6-12 in. expected. with higher snow elevations because it is not a very cold storm. and right that level it should be at level of 40's. and a kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures in the low 60s up there today. rainfall this afternoon and heavy rainfall, hail, gusting winds, even lightning. monday morning, lingering activity but wishes see improving conditions as going into tuesday. and late rain shower activity
9:19 am
wednesday leading into friday. >> thank you, jacqueline and arctic temperatures in europe. this is hanover, germany is already a winter wonderland. however, it is not all fun and games with fatalities, schools, airports closed. and flooding has evacuate thousands of people for bosnia and albania. in russia, friends, family of the passengers killed on a plane crash want some answers. these airplanes to the off the runway as it returned to the airport after 30 minutes of take off. and two people were killed and dozens injured. officials blamed this on the engine failure could not saying how that occurred. dagastan like >> and o'hara, is starting to return back to normal.
9:20 am
yesterday,. flights were canceled. midwest residents, snowfalls, were out as chicago got its big snowfall. and that meant just being stuck at the airport. >> and i was flying in from san jose and the connection was the lead. and i guess i'm just going to spend the night here at my connection flight was-delayed. >> and to the upper midwest, and with the bitter cold and well below normal for this time of year. >> 9:20. henry? >> joined us as we enter the museum of lost wonder, ladies and gentleman. tax, and a place to escape. we will meet the crater, a place to create and will meet the creator and we will meet the creator coming up
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> in the 18th and early 19th century cabinets of
9:24 am
curiosity. and collectors were bringing up pieces from all over the world. filled with things people and never seen before collectors. and mostly questions because there are not that many answers. and now, there is a modern-day kavanaugh up curiosity. a man who has created his own. a modern- day cabot of curiosity, the museum of lost wonder. and in essence, is the modern- day cabinet of curiosity. and he is greeted a book the museum of lost wonder created a book, and created a portfolio that also to build your own. and a website that is fascinating. and jeff, your the senior designer of exhibits of the monterey bay aquarium. and this is just an extension of that? >> this is separate. if this is my own work.
9:25 am
>> and this is made of cloth? >> correct. >> please tell us what the ambition and focus and ambition and purdue curious? >> and because i was working in a museum for 30 years it was really about curiosity. and what was remarkable to me was this concept back in the day of making up your own mind was magical, math, fact, fiction. >> there is a lot of information. >> and in a sense, the footsteps of humanity. and also, history catullus a little bit about that. and we have it-history a little bit about that can we show some history on the museum? >> thank you. this is
9:26 am
actually in treaty. >> and tell us about this. >> this is especially in three-dimensional. effects which may or may not care about and i started asking simple, philosophical questions. and asking questions as a kid like who am i, and reality how did everything began and where am i going? and in each chapter 08 explore scientific ideas and ethical. and in each chapter. >> this is a difficult concept to express on television but if you look of the book itself. and not only does it have a lot of text but about the various rooms in the book. also, opportunities to build room's, yourself. >> and it is kind of complicated can you explain and also website. and i would recommend going to bat
9:27 am
website. and-that website, you can text reports to the museum. can you tell us about that? >> yes, my virtual museum. and you can explore. >> and if you click on any of those. anything. and >> that is a map that you can start with is a guide map. to play with those of checks and there. >> keep clicking. and it is very interesting. and i do not know if i've done a very good job of providing this justice. and if you could to the website. let me tell you, that this is going to be speaking at the exploratorium. and it is december 12th, 3-5:00 p.m..
9:28 am
and go to lost wonder dog work for more information or to explore this amazing museum. the lost water-top wor and free it mission! >> and speaking of,ain't misbehavin' , when we come back.
9:29 am
9:30 am
live, from the bay area's news station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> we are back, we see some rain on the camera lens from mount pam cam. and the big holiday parade is coming up later today. that rainfall is from on the way and jacqueline bennett has our forecast. >> it certainly is, marty. at the san jose christmas parade perhaps could start earlier because it will be
9:31 am
running by 5:00 p.m. 50s and 53 in san francisco, and some rainfall is starting to pick up and wind. and with the wind at 14 m.p.h. in half moon bay, 12 through san jose but nothing compared to what we're going to see later. for radar is showing us light storms to the golden gate. and also, parts of the san mateo coast. we're going to continue to see light showers but the main punch of this storm is still offshore. that is going to be pushing and, later. plenty of moisture, and batted. >> wit a glance, plenty of moisture--and clear skies, some breakdowns of san jose. with parts of santa rosa, and it to the 5:00 p.m. hour, that is when the main band of rainfall will push
9:32 am
and. heavy, rainfall, gusting winds, up to 35 mph and even lightning. and that is all going to push and led by 7:00 p.m. a very fast- moving storm and will pack the punch as it pushes inland. what time it out on for richer cast and your extended forecast because it is not going to be the eonly storm pickerel time it out on futurecast. >> thank you, jacqueline. >> will time it out on futurecast. shooting an isolated incident. police were swarming this normally quiet neighborhood. this girl is recovering in a bay area hospital in stable condition and jeff pierce wanted to find out exactly what happened. >> a 9 year-old girl was shot friday night when she was responding to a knock on the front door that she lived in a quiet suburban hercules neighborhood. >> upon entry door she was
9:33 am
shot, one shot was fired, she was injured, and subsequently, nine, ted shots were fired at the residents. family dog nervous >> >> the front door was collected for evidence. >> and it is replaced by plywood. >> and they are treating this as an isolated incident. >> there has been other police activity and criminal activity at that residence. >> and even if it is an isolated incident, and neighbors were to their best to speak to reporters. in hercules, jeff pierce. >> and in san jose, a major injuries were suffered on a crash involving several cars. investigators are looking with this accident was a hit and run. c h p a
9:34 am
right after midnight. witnesses say that one car fled the scene. and also, six people were hurt. one of them as major injuries. through southern california three men are in a pasadena jail. one on suspicion of attempted murder. after a pre-game brawl at the rose bowl between ucla. and one was stabbed in the back. one was stabbed in the cheek. police also suffered minor injuries. and u.s. see defeated ucla u.s. sea-- >> and also, one of the last few job openings available. there is one bay area company looking to hire hundreds of the employees. and tech reporter, gabe slate is that if you're looking for a job? this is your chance.
9:35 am
>> skype is based in here and they are hiring looking for local talent to beef up their silicon valley operation. and ice " with skype over a skype video chat. to see what their looking for. >> with additional opportunities in the silicon valley, we are growing and moving into our new offices next week. a new 90,000 square foot office that we're moving into. and it is in palo alto and pretty exciting. we of 110 employees in silicon valley. skype is going to look to hire 350 people. the ball be based in silicon valley and we are looking for a lot of different roles. developmental, engineers, people with all types of backgrounds. we have a lot of roles for mental
9:36 am
development platforms and as well as people who are building computer architecture. we're excited to build and with this silicon valley. >> and again, and look for our news link section. gabriel slate's tech report >> still ahead on kron 4 news this weekend weather is causing a flight delays s f o. perhaps one hour, 70 minutes right now-70 minutes, more on that, and one of our 70 minutes17 minutes7 minutes 17 minutes 70 minutes /+ /+
9:37 am
lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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>> and what we're expecting, is his first claim to fame was his presence at woodstock. >> what i said was " what we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 300,000 >> that was me. >> and now, the concept of up to the spinal telegraph, and nobody keeps campaign promises. and the lord my taxes and by became nobody's fool. and with air force one, nobody wins, nobody loses and it goes on and on. >> and the hog farm is featured prominently in the
9:53 am
film. >> we did not have a plan put it was just kind of developed. and to hear this word, hit the. we decided hippie, and we became as the hog farm. people kept wanting to come and see us so we started doing events to have something happening. otherwise people were discouraged to look at us. >> and a hippie to a temporary tourist attraction and it really worked. >> at the hog rodeo. we showed that to sell the door deli and he fell in love with the hog rodeo. the artist, salvador dali fell
9:54 am
in love with that. >> and this is a showing in berkeley, and for more details, go to
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> and taking a live look >> it is going to continue to be that way throughout the day very heavy rainfall and gusting conditions expected. with wind advisory along the coastline. >> and that is could to do it for us. thank you for joining us, a full of data kron 4 news. have a great day. the full update
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