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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 6, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning top stories the fighter same-sex marriage continues this morning, more coming up. governors schwarzenegger is asking new lawmakers act quickly to fix california's on don't you budget issues we will tell you what's happening at the state capital. following the latest with a nine year-old girl recovering after being shot, the search continues for sure the latest in just a few minutes. first, a high wind advisor in the bay bridge, where rain is falling is the wet start to the week but the latest with louisa. >> you might still need your windshield wipers in some spots around the bay however, the rain is expected to lift as we head into the rest of the day.
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tapering off still seeing some laughter raindrops. we also have some windy weather in store. when they're continuing to pick up. more wet weather this week. here's a look at sat storm tracker 4, give you an idea where most of the wet weather is pushing to the central valley also some snow up in this year at at this current hour. mostly around 800. some 150 as well. closer look for you to assure you were selector raindrops are. south bay, san jose, those calls, a few leftover raindrops as we go to livermore valley. also in walnut creek. just little bit of what weather some light chars out there as elsewhere, started to dry out. kron temperatures, warm side. seeing plenty of 50s rid across the board, 56 san francisco, 52 oakland city
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risen 54. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. mid-50s. we also have some strong winds out there, up to about 24 mi. an hour winds. these are sustained so we're seeing strong were gulls. 20 mi. an hour winds and oakland, 14 novato, napa and hayward. satellite, radar, sure you what's going on he can see that storm system is breaking off and fortune into the northeast, get your break as we headed to the leader order today in this tomorrow. another round of rain moving into the picture. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. release any conditions tomorrow. another chance of rain moves in on wednesday same story for you thursday. starr to clear as we head towards the weekend. check and if you, erica. >> good morning, no
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accidents to report, traffic is moving at the limit. we have a high wind advisory at the bay bridge were spared 80. keep both hands on the wheel. no accidents, cars are sailing on by, traffic looks good. san mateo, westbound, he's bound, 92 lots of space, roads are slicks the watcher speeds. now back about the toll plaza at 12 minutes for men to land. wrapping up with a quick look at san jose, northbound and southbound 101 the camera shaking around it's a little windy. traffic is unaffected nice, light conditions in both directions. james. >> thank you, continued team coverage of the weather with it reggie kumar and pacifica getting a laugh. >> this weekend strong
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critical lot of rain but it also calls twins to pick up along the coastline especially here pacifica. a lot of these waves are really crashing into the shoreline. take a look up over my shoulder this flight has been whipping around only along. you can just look and see how strong these winds have been. pacifica, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> the flight for same-sex marriages and other developing story, a federal appeals court is set to hear arguments. maureen kelly dr. the legal expert about were expected to your. inside this federal courthouse three judges on the ninth circuit court of appeals ordered to hours of legal wrangling support around another judge's august rolling. they will hear judges on the merits of the case. whether or not the
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voters approved a ban is unconstitutional that is not the only legal question. the judges will be looking at whether those support it on the ballot in the first race at the legal standing to fight for the court. the case over prostate is. vs schwarzenegger. but since the august ruling when employers favor gov. schwarzenegger has refused to appeal and so as attorney general and governor elect as well as harris has grounds for prison as the state's top rock. the rich or barker's and seven california's imperial county will be arguing that they have the standing to appeal. many are arguing against prostate. the courts could make a decision based solely on what the sum seems like a
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minor detail. >> the opponents are saying we should get to decide even if the state does deserve not to. the question about standing is can initiative opponents do that. they taking the standing issue very seriously because it divided the two hours of argument so that one for all our >>. a decision is not expected for several months the losing side is expected to come but here at da's for another review. after that the next stop position of the supreme court. >> governor sorts of figures calling a special section alleged later today to take a $6 billion deficit that emerges reach our present the state budget is scheduled today. lawmakers are sorted office will be there. it comes a day after
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the dallas office of the budget partly the deficit has risen 45.5 billion than the projected through the year 22 roll. it includes a $6 billion shortfall. the government is expected to hover pocket the bills ready to address the crisis. new details another developing story the nine your broken hercules is expected to be released today from oakland children's hospital after being shot last week. we have a picture of her former family. the show's run the hospital she's project, helen from those countries are ones she was in critical condition she's stable under tory quickly. the nine year old girls in and says she was upstairs when a man rang the doorbell or nancy was struck four times were looking to the window to see who was at the door. he fired upon tens * bowles let
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inside and outside the house she was to address allegations that her family's of robbing gang. the investigators told him from a gun. the to your boy was fatally shot at and the antioch apartment last week. police are expected to present the case to the costa county district attorney's office of the later on today. he was fatally shot when he is in the bedroom with his fourth brother that for the gun bar requires mother somehow was fired. his father was arrested on suspicion of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. he has previous weapons and assault convictions and was recently discharged from parole. meanwhile registered sex offender held on suspicion of assaulting a two year-old girl at a retail store is due back in court today. eugene r. ramos
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is being held without bail after being charged friday with a concluding a forced live nude of. assault with intent to commit and the tented intercourse with the child into the tent. they say he such a result of your wednesday after and what her grandmother and aunt were shopping in the next aisle over. he did not enter a plea during his hearing. we'll take a quick break, much more stress ahead on the kron4 news. a live shot tree condition that side is what out there.
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and we amtrak, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. as you concede it will be wet for the week ahead. rain on top for today. police sunday but had conditions for tomorrow wednesday, thursday the rain is back in the mix with temperatures stingray around the low sixties for the
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better part of the bay area. overnight from the '40's and 50's. it will be cold, wet as we get to the week may be some sunshine for the weekend. new details, about the wikileaks situation here is a masterly manner lives in britain will supporters say julien hassan is considering seeking asylum in switzerland his web site has out to do the same thing or line to resource group to keep it is true of documents available on line after a number of companies dropped wikileaks. he's wanted in sweden and allegations of sexual offenses against two women is being denounced in the united states over their documents. no country has filed any documents against them. a french court house, one of the mechanics guilty for all wrongdoing in the crash of a supersonic jet
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etceteras a ticket to grow. it killed 113 people, the courts ruled today that the airlines must pay more than 1.5 million in fines over the july 2000 crash. investigators have said it dropped titanium debris onto the runway at the airport before it took off but to agree-the tire prowling bits of road into the field during sparking a fire. a quick check on wall street futures are down after finishing positive on friday. no major reports due today looking at the federal reserve reports on do credit to mark. the dollar rose against the board. the internet he said the central link may increase its $600 billion from purchasing program if necessary to prevent the economy from sliding back pfizer has media zeros which jeffrey taylor is out in
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reed is in. we will see of the stock market reacts to that. gas prices are on the rise the survey finds the average price for regular gasoline in the united states has jumped about 4¢. the national average is 291. in california the average price for the volume of regular $3.14. in the bay area 3297 was kron43 rose 24¢ a sin was a, oakland $3.23. google rumored attend ball low local group want appears to have failed for know. kron has decided to stay independent and make it pursue a public offering. is based in chicago ties to local merchants and some 18 million subscribers. it's become a new spurt worth
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nearly five-$6 billion. they decided for now to bridge back on that offer. the next time you log on to facebook you could notice and changes the network will be revamping its members filed pages this morning. here's a look at the new design which will put the information currently scattered in just one place including coast of facebook is also rolling out a series of new features like this section on your page. and a greater emphasis on the voters. all of the debt side, here's a quick check, was found 80. colleges forecasters had.
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we had back, we have had lanes here for you operations are back to normal at o'hare international. more than 300 flights were canceled.
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snowplows, shovels' all of in full force as the city got its first big snowfall of the season. for some it meant having some fun but also getting stuck with these reports. lowering temperatures well below normal for this turn of your debts of their dealing with under the great lakes as for us, we're dealing with the rain. >> good morning connolly get to some what replaced. started to clear up this morning see some other showers across the bay. here's a look at some of the wins because actually we've been seeing pretty breezy conditions overnight. and looks like they're dying down sfo 15 mi. an hour winds. same for oakland over into novato 13 mi. an hour winds. 50 napa, here is a
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look to the lighter now we are looking a lot is some spotty leftover showers. cells bay looks like we could see to the south of san jose's and showers along highway 17 to los gatos also up and to livermore. they light out there. highway 42 concord heading towards antioch, i we 37 at this turn our search in all the way for novato into american canyon to a few raindrops. current the dodgers, widespread 50s. 55 san rafael. the senate to this mid-50s a greater amount you. 52 degrees san jose. looks like we're actually going to continue to see the chance of rain through the morning hours. future cast out for 7:00, refuse body
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showers through as planned. best chance of rain toward 8-9:00 a.m. to the north bay. we will keep the best chances of an to the north bay of deloitte o'clock. you may see some moderate burst of rain to. it looks like we're dry out from the cells and along the peninsula. as we headed the afternoon we should start to dry out, expecting a dry day as we head into tomorrows well. all of getting up to about 60 degrees and some of the waters called for cedras, fairfield, crocker. these big, temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. will see those temperatures to a fairly similar in most locations. tamara's any, chance of rain mid-week. pretty breezy are here thursday, start to warm up check it out, 70 degrees by
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this weekend. erica. >> a couple of solo spence none of them are producing a back up the fleet or church speeds.but to deathly watch your speeds. keep both hands on your steering well as you make your way along the upper deck. drive times a menace in the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont said of his career. san mateo, it is a good alternative, no problems to report nice come easy traffic. 92 lots of space between cars, no back up whatsoever at the toll plaza. six of his car, across town, a good shape. those headlights headed southbound no back up on the james lick or about central. drive times from 101 towards their the disco 14 minutes. >> thank you, you free this
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morning governor schwarzenegger as the edmonton is calling a special section of legislators to take up the issue of that $6 billion deficit. the session is scheduled today, when new lawmakers are sworn in office they will take it up. once born in to begin dealing with the boss of budget shortfall with more than $20 million. >> california is news corp. lawmakers in sacramento taking office on monday. >> we're excited to get to work. >> the face of all the eprom $25 billion debt to this role. governor sort snigger has cleared of emergency and sailors to attend the race. >> to build. what i stop
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working in december when the chicken up to certain genera third. >> he wants lawmakers to work immediately on spending caps on monday. >> of the less money we at spend less money it simple. there's an idea like cats. >> the majority of democrats show little interest i would rather wait for drew brown. >> the smart decision would be to wait for the new governor. >> let's make sure anything we do meets the approval of the new governor. >> we're open we will look get what he proposes. we need to look forward. >> there will be deep spending cuts probably in education and health care. he also wants to pass on more duties to cities cut reserve schools and there's interest in more taxes. >> a wide range of things wetherbee from the port tax to broker talks. >> jerry brown steps in the spotlight on wednesday with
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the budget summit which lawmakers have been invited to. not devils could restrict is considering school closures. the committee will look unclosing anywhere from 3-6 schools in the mount diablo district. the meeting to discuss which grows should be closed is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. at willow creek and. oakland police department is investigating the suffocation of a four month old baby. police service to getting the death as a homicide it's unknown if anyone has been arrested. that investigation is ongoing really know. police are on the lookout for a man who exposed himself to women friday afternoon. two women reported that a fully clothed man exposed himself near lincoln and washington
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they ran to a nearby home while bystanders chased the subject. they are unable to find the perk. the stickers on his lucky to be alive she survived the elements for six days stranded in the santa cruz mountains. this is photographs of her being rescued on the trail near felton. unable to walk after falling down and injuring her raincoat. the woman managed to survive drinking juice water from a creek. she is recovering in being treated for hikers to anemia. to hikers discovered her. we will take a break, much more had a live look to the cemetery bridge. traffic on highway 92 is moving well. we will have more and your forecasts and your commute in a bit.
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welcome back, they bridge approach, a little wet their we have some standing water in the center of lanes as your perch the toll plaza be careful. once again on the span high wind advisory issued by the california highway patrol a little dusty. and as i said to have all of the air commuter and forecast coming up. world headlines, will begin with a spreading grassland fire in mountain region of southwest china. trapped soldiers and local residents. and these 22 people have been killed
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three other severely burned local authorities say about 33 hectares of gas have been destroyed. the broken at noon yesterday. winds have flam that fire and trapped people fighting it. two dozen people have joined in the effort. japan, the plan is put in place to prevent the spread of a bird flew to disease. to speed the process they began killing all possibly infected chickens. currently you can roast chickens with an attendant kilometer radius but is expected to lift december 27th to if no new cases are expected. in northern japan a hundred '20s prior musicians went into a contest to see you could play the shovel best. using a bottle opener or spoon. we'll be back with
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more in a minute, let's go outside a shop for a rooftop terrace. wet roads out there. louisa will be up with a look at your weather and eric and traffic in a minute.
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and we are back, here's a look at the bay bridge yesterday afternoon. windy, wet, that we do in this once again this morning. keep that in mind the a high wind advisor on the span. a live look you see the reflection lower roadway it is wet. louisa it is rolling the fortress. the latest. louisa. good morning. >> good morning, the richer
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for it, you concede the wet on runways this morning. to select or raindrops here and there is within seeing but it is starting to taper off. should continue as we had to surrender the day. pretty windy weather a there as well and more wet weather in store for this week. here's looking at the bulk of it rainout is switched on to the central valley seeing snow in this era. winter weather advisor in affect 7:00. coming down pretty heavy in long 80 and 50. through the bay, lettering drops of use of the showers. assault causing to the cells of san jose. los gatos, highway 17 and down into morgan held. lettering in the livermore valley as well. as a ticket to the north bay along highway 37 seeing some raindrops
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stretching all the way down into vacaville. current hunters, 50s or across the board. mid-50s and to san francisco, san rafael. oakland china and youth. 53 san jose or. future cast, you can see spotty showers through the morning hours. it looks like the best chance for rain is through the next few hours after that drying l. it o'clock maybe even see a few raindrops here and there. it 9:00, a chance of showers but the best chance to the north bay. same for the 11:00 hour. for the most part today, we should stay dry. bring another chance of what it rain in by midweek.
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after new highs, 60 for some of the warmer spots. opera " the san rafael, richmond, san francisco. sixties to san jose, morgan hill. really not much fluctuation in the temperatures today. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it shows us tomorrow is partly sunny conditions. another chance of rain mid-week. l looks likely to be pretty reidy and breezy on thursday. the later part of the workweek reed unstable conditions. things changed from the weekend dry up, warm-up. get up to 70 in some of the warmer spots. for 30 1:00 a.m. commute with erica. >> c. allegra is producing solar spinnerets and they're not rocking any names but be aware that as you make your way to get the day. quick
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bridge check westbound 80. a couple more cars than we saw on our last report sailing west of london to san francisco. runways are slick california highway patrol has posted a high wind advisory to keep both hands on the steering wheel drive * unaffected nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze as your perch san francisco. cemeteries 0 defroster city or a word. look all that space westbound 92 right hand side of restraint traffic heading toward the peninsula no problems or incidents to report nice, light traffic no back up at the toll plaza. heading to the richmond bridge, no delays. nice, easy conditions a couple of cars at the toll plaza. runways are wet. westbound 80 upper be sure you're right to albany no problems to report traffic is heavier than usual. as
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carol, bay area traffic instead heading abroad to the sierra chain requirements in effect. interstate 80 in both directions you will need to change for highway 50. >> q. why are a developing story this morning the fight or same-sex marriage. an appeals court clearance to your to our arguments today about the voter group man as proposition 8. it was a violation of civil rights or turn back in august is will be the constitutionality of that measure. paul governor schwarzenegger is calling a special session of a legislator today to $66 billion deficit that emerged this week's ' the budget. it begins after new lawmakers are sworn into office the announcement came a day after the office said the
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budget deficit has grown to $25.4 billion. that includes the six plan dollar shortfall for their current fiscal year. that budget that was signed did not happen till october 8th, that's a long list in pass the we seen in state history. the governors prove to have a plan to address that crisis. and i your girl is expected to release oakland children's hospital after being shot last week. here's a picture provided by her family to this kron4 news, she's in hospital patched up healing. she was in critical condition at one point but is now stable. she's recovering quickly we're told. kron4 is reggie kumar talks with the girl's aunt. >> the nine year old girls can't tell says she was upstairs and a man walked of your front door, rang the doorbell the attorney scene here recovering in hospital bed after being shot four
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times will looking to this window to use of the door you can see in these pictures both their face, neck, back. speaker having a family thing, my knees looked out to started shooting at the house. i can't believe it would you something like this see little girl looked at the window. he could've walked away. >> again and fatten the victims told police 10 times. will it hold inside and out. the victims and also wants to address allegations that her family is involved in the gang. >> we're not in the gang. recover good family. speaking of no idea did this. speaking no. >> where police say about catching the skhim.? >> their neighbors, witnesses, the scene enough. hopefully it comes down to
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the find him. >> the nine year-old girl is expected to make a full recovery investigators are still looking for the gunman. >> she's doing good, she's traumatized. >> meanwhile 82 year-old boy who was fatally shot and antioch apartment last week we have one loss or police are prepared to present their case to the district attorney's office. police say he was fatally shot when he was in a veteran of his for your brother that is when a gun went bpurchase by the victim's mother somehow fired. has fallen as also arrested on suspicion of being a convicted felon in possession of firearms he has previous weapons and assault convictions and was recently released from parole. a 36-year-old
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registered sex offender is in custody on suspicion of sexually assaulting a two- year-old girl inside a dollar tree store in union city on wednesday, police said.eugene ramos grabbed the girl at about 1 p.m. inside the dollar tree store within one minute of the girl walking away, the grandmother found the girl pinned down by the suspect. the suspect was chased by the grandmother and a solicitor in front of the store gave chase and tackled the suspect. ramos was arrested for kidnapping, rape, sexual acts with a child and false imprisonment, authorities said. her grandmother and aunt dan or shopping in the aisle rain next door. we'll take a break, let's give you a quick look from ourselves big camera stand as a writ at the 101 interchange you can see the camera is being moved around we have some wind in some rain out there. from we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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andrea m. beck, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today clouded the showers still sticking around. wet conditions for your morning right temperatures this afternoon near the 60 degree mark.
4:39 am
tomorrow may be a break for a bit a little more sunshine in the mix those clouds come back strong wednesday, thursday. chance of showers building, at temperatures in the low 60s. friday its stars to break up. maybe showers here and there. 7, sunday much warmer. those damages getting up towards the 70 mark slate warm up and stored. jobs for maariv camera, if you're riding in on the bay bridge there is a high wind advisory by the california highway patrol earlier this morning it can be testy. more snow is on the way in new york. heavy snow off piling up around buffalo curious too much for some structures to bear. records of roofs caving in. roofs on holmes, starting to collapse. there you see some yellow tag the mobile homes. 7 condemned as a thirties
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your taking completely caved in residence a part of their homes are gone. within 2 ft. of snow fell at around buffalo last week and there is more snow in the forecast for the week ahead. parts of the midwest got its first significant snowfall of the season. post of flight cancellations including 305 is at of chicago. the storm blew in after reggie allen in many cities, cars seem to be getting around ok. in wisconsin snow lovers have their sleds and snowboards ready in no time to address some of what was coming down a stolen the truck into a high-speed chase crash's actually, ends with the 17 year-old boy being arrested a responsible for leading officers on a 52 mi. long case, on camera. the tales finally came to an end when the driver per grizzlies
4:41 am
killed into a guardrail. the jay won several awards and troubled program is one of the state department's popular pieces it allows them to visit for four months. bridge mission has gone from 20,000 in 1996 to more than a hundred and 50,000 jews as eight. government auditors have warned about problems ap investigation has not kept up with the student complaints that show some for instance mayor recruiters to help find work. presidential tongue twister juice a loss at the white house was light. president barack obama had trouble saying the word said willis i did the same thing. he came back with an excuse. >> to many people circ problem is to recover. to many people, this process (laughter) it to the state.
4:42 am
you try it when you cut dosages. >> the president needed a dozen stitches under being elbowed during a pickup of the ballgame. he was speaking during the kennedy center honorees. we'll take a break, but with more, let go of the agricola from albany camera those headlights or westbound towards the 580 marriage traffic is moving well but it is wet. louisa will be up with a complete look into whether in a minute.
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and we're back live look of 50, we do have snow showers falling in fact causing some thompson in 800. highway 50 ahead is jamal bring it change your head up there you never know when you might need them. more snow still to come as we expect maureen. current
4:45 am
temperatures, in the '50s for the most part. for oakland 55, hayward, concord and sets bay 56. 53 san jose, 54 oakland. the freeze continues this morning when the overnight, starting to subside delict, still keeping when that sfo and oakland. 15 mi. per hour, 14 mi. an hour under attack from big saver hayward 10 into novato. future cast, just give you an idea of will we expect. best chance of a passing shower morning hours as we head towards the latter part of your day we should spend the day drying out. future cast, 7:00, continue to expect the u.k. is in russia are the best chance in the
4:46 am
north bay. santa rosa, napa and concord laughter raindrops. but let the clock, a notice cells the north bay best interest of bringing some modern rain falls we could see a passing shower us we had towards the early morning hours off minneapolis sullivan o'clock. we've since are drying out. satellite, radar give me an idea what's happening rate now looks like the system starting to recover a but. behind not dry weather, another driver de in storer for tomorrow. midweek, the story is next to push from through lasting run-through your friday. slaughter program as the wet weather. afternoon highs upper 50s, 60s its rosa, concord, san francisco. 57 half moon bay. 60 in san
4:47 am
jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and a bit of rain tomorrow rest of the day drying out don't expect a lot of cloud cover. wednesday, that's when the chance of rain returns. it will stay rather wet as we headed to thursday and friday. the weekend we dry out and warm up. temperatures up to 70 degrees. >> thank you, i told to those solo's been as keep popping up the newest one is either san francisco, says fund, 101. solo accident hit the center divide on the shoulder. california highway patrol is on the scene. completely in the green. in treating speeds over 50 mi. per hour. testing the bridges, and a promise of the bay bridge toll plaza was barred 80. humane, some slight roadways. that high wind advisory. keep was hands on
4:48 am
the steering wheel for your entire drive. not slowing down traffic too badly traffic is still moving well to attend a eight-nine minutes. say mateo bridge, nice, light conditions in both directions of 92 no problems to report here. san ramon valley so outgunned and northbound 680 pretty cool j. i know it's a dark shot but trust me know, to those headlights headed northbound on 680 no slowdowns or raise to report. 0, we do that chain requirements still in effect on interstate 80. also a major change for highway 50. and highway 88. the switch just a public transportation is no promise to report to you become a strange, bart running on time. james. >> thank you, , are
4:49 am
developing story is concerns for proposition 8 we have been falling since evolved or the course of the years. san francisco federal appeals court plans to hear two hours were the arguments are over the voter for the ban a trial court return the member as a violation of rates today's hearing will consider the constitutionality of the screen now governor is schwarzenegger is calling a special session of the legislator today to fix a deficit that emerges to meet after you sign the budget today's session will begin after new lawmakers or scorn and office his decision came one day after this date in was office said the budget deficit has grown to $25.4 billion for june of 2012. in state news for
4:50 am
three people suspected of keeping a teenager in a treaty hostage and torturing him for more than a year or restricted in court. last week we find is restaurants miniature and the teens escaped in december of 2008 committed to a health club where he from safety we're told the family of the tree seed team will be at the crest today for their sentencing. authorities plan to burn down a seven california all packed with the largest amount of homemade explosives ever found in one location county officials plan to burn the home wednesday. clear skies and light winds blowing away from the city. the material is too unstable to move this on president byrd is the safest option. they say they're taking every precaution while scores of people will be evacuated and freeze closed. an autopsy is
4:51 am
scheduled for today on a male body found in the san diego indian reservation. shares their views were searching for the 17 year- old who's been missing since october 26th the boys got burned car was found on the reservation the next day the debt is now being investigated as a homicide. also this morning congress is expected to vote on it will give an undocumented people a chance to obtain legal status if they pursue higher education or served time in the military upper service was house saturday night in support of the tree month. organizers say the program promised since they had to leave before they get a liver of dreams. we spoke with steve lee the nursing student who was about to be supported before dianne feinstein stepped in. >> we're in congress to vote in favor of the dream at.
4:52 am
it's important to give up some of people to fix of broken immigration system it's a very important bill. lee is still awaiting on word whether he will be deported. sports news, stanford finished a football season with only one loss to the team playing in the national jim blanchard game that led to a bowl game. they will face a hot virginia tech team they lost two games to start the season by one last 11 the teams will meet in miami on january 3rd. on the tundra of the field the icy temperatures and strong winds led to early promise for 49 years in the green bay packers. the packers overcame the issues and defeated the niners 3416. the record now for wins, its losses. traders kept the ball mostly on the ground yesterday that paid off the
4:53 am
rush for more than two under 50 yds against the chargers they went on to win it 48- 13. they swept the chargers for the first time since 2001 season. the raiders are now 6-6 for the season. three men are in southern california jail on suspicion of attempted murder. after a pregame rosewall brawl between usc and ucla. one man was stabbed in the back and another in the cheek during the melee. a 32 police officers suffered minor injuries in the game. they beat them 28-14. we will take a break, much more had. richmond center fell, the traffic is light. it is wet as well. closer look to forecast coming up.
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they come up with gen cocking she's this type of risk that video chat to share with us what types of jobs there are four. >> we have ambitions hiring plans we are growing in fact we're moving toward new offices next week. we have a new 90,000 square foot office there were moving into. and is pretty setting for a team with a hundred 10 employees. the bulk of the employes will be based in silicon valley. we're looking for the romans based
4:56 am
on a lot of engineers. people with all kinds of backgrounds. we have a lot of roles for development platforms as well as people who are building client base architecture. we are really excited to bring about these roles here in the valley. >> to quite go to jobs we will close the week on our website for you go to in, gabe slate, kron4 news. >> box office totals in looks like harry potter one. tangled that spin on or pennzoil brought in 21 and a half million dollars for the no. 1 spot for the second again in a row harry potter
4:57 am
in india also fell to #two. and then in burlesque and unstoppable tide for third. in a house that is in one of the most celebrated nirenberg is in sales. this stunned island tudor's stored in a god father is in the market for $2.9 million not bad considering, for actors, pole and cut in the basement. the owners as it may need little book of love to make his run again. a fix or prefer to 4 9 million. we'll take a break. much more straight ahead it is raining outside right now in a live shot from our camera and the lease is standing by. we will be back with more in a minute.
4:58 am
4:59 am
and we met at 5:00 a.m., a top stories the fight over same-sex marriage goes
5:00 am
before a federal appeals court. governors were its nadir is asking lawmakers act quickly to fix the budget crisis and we will tell you we're talking today. following a year weather windy conditions out there in the wind advisor for the bay bridge. a weekend of wet weather a checkerboard to the store for today with louisa. >> good morning james, what's happening is things are starting to wind down. there's some wet weather up there as he left every drop of the most trent is tapering off this morning trees the weather does continue. winds overnight, coming down all of it. more wet weather is expected this weekend. a wider view of the you can see it breaking up for the central valley. still seeing some snuffle in the sierra. advisory in effect of 7:00. snowfall for
5:01 am
the most rodomontades 0. storm tracker 4, our area we are seeing some showers down to the south bay along highway 17 to los gatos. along 101 also alters the livermore valley. as we had to the north bay release the delta, getting a few raindrops on 80. kron temperatures, into the 50s. we are actually not going to see much movement today in the temperatures. capt. high may be a few degrees warmer. 9256. 53 san jose. when this morning, 15 mi. an hour of your sfo, oakland. we're getting a bit stronger gusts 10 mi. an hour gusts to santa rosa and the rotor. this is an accident of improvement from overnight.
5:02 am
as a reservoir and is continuing into the morning hours 8:00, spotty showers really not too big a deal. chance of rain at the nine- 7:00 it will probably be up to the north bay. he can see is all moving through. dry day, especially for the latter part of your day continue to drive. all afternoon highs upper 50s, low 60s. 59 richmond, 60 santa rosa. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. catcher rick tomorrow, i ran into the picture for once iwednesday. chuck and a commune with erica. >> pretty good conditions reports a soulless bets because of order is there now are producing anything in the waiver backed up.
5:03 am
well spent each year the purchase the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty nice, easy conditions traffic is moving at the limit. had the upper deck a strong wind advisory by the california highway patrol keep both hands on the steering wheel as a major way to westbound 680. not affecting your drive times 8-9 metric. he read from the carotene as a bridge to the macarthur maze 17 minutes. easy roll into hayward no cross between cars in the right-hand side of your screen traffic heading toward the peninsula in foster city back at the toll plaza traffic is moving well no reports of the back up. clocking 13-40 minutes between 801101. south bay, northbound 101. looking good. camera pointed neutral do cruz, you see the camera
5:04 am
rocking and rolling when the conditions not affecting traffic pretty light conditions on the right hand side taillights heading toward santa clara no back above 87 interchange drive time from san jose to declare a 15 minutes. james. >> thank you, team coverage of the weather jackie sissel is standing by at the tall plaza for the san rafael bridge. >> good morning, it is pretty quiet here at the toll plaza i can tell you as i drove across the bridge the issue is the wind. you can see the flags are standing at attention. combine that with slick, what rate it can be hazardous the duration. i know that there is no wind advisory on this particular bridge i'm not sure california highway patrol has travelled across the a i can tell you you should-have both hands on the will a session of your driver in the upper deck are in a high-profile vehicle. days.
5:05 am
>> to thank you, we'll visit with you again momentarily. developing story of a seventh oscar, profit aid that measure banning same- sex marriage will head back to court. 10:00 this morning for appears court will hear arguments in the case. earlier this year a court should overturn the measure. will tran is at the building. >> the court has choir rain now they expect a lot of supporters on both sides to be here a little later this morning. the judges will decide whether the lower court judges even right when he declared unconstitutional. here's where it gets tricky the judges will also decide if supporters even have a voice at this level because the case was originally called. bursa's sorts of vigor. the governor as well as the incoming and outgoing
5:06 am
attorney generals say they will not fight this measure it could end here. >> we will follow that story also watching the latest at the state capital where governors schwarzenegger is calling a special section of legislator to fix a $6 billion deficit this emerged this week after he signed the budget in october. it will begin after lot lawmakers are sworn into office. the decision came just one day after the state's dallas office said that budget deficit has grown to 25 por $4 billion.4 james lick freeway, the head slate headed southbound is moving well but it is but there, traffic is never far away here on the kron 4 morning news. we will be right back
5:07 am
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if ph and me at that, 80, up
5:10 am
there at the turkey skills where we have snow coming down. any time we see rain here in the bay we often see snow in the higher elevations. any plans to the mountains bring your chains. wall street, stock futures are down after finishing positive on friday. no major economic reports looking had we know of the reserve will report on consumer credit to mop. the dollar rose after the band or nike said debate may increase its $600 billion bond purchasing program if necessary to run the economy from sliding. in a surprise move advisor has made a switch ceos to jeffrey timber is out in reed is in. a french court
5:11 am
tests found continental airlines and one of its mechanics guilty of criminal wrongdoing in the crunch of a concorde jet a decade ago. it killed 113 people. the court ruled today that the airline must pay $1.5 million in fines for the crash. investigators have said it dropped degree on the runway at the import or fortitude of. the debris caused the tired to explodes propelling rubber into the fuel tanks sparking a fire. the finder of wikileaks is considering asylum in switzerland you see a photograph from here. he's ready moved his website they're relying on the hustings it uncertain to keep the documents available online. he's won it in sweden on allegations of
5:12 am
offenses on two women and been denounced in the as states and elsewhere or those leaked documents no country has filed formal charges against him. >> much more straight ahead, but still sutter creek look to the bay bridge toll plaza it is wet, reports of standing water we will keep that in mind. will your back.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
and we're back. again and the average current eritrean and looks good. breezy on the span. >> a little bit of a breeze call after raindrops, big picture raindrops' breaking up over the center san rafael valley. snowfall in the zero winter weather advisory is in effect a 7:00 closer look toward dealing with, it looks like the left jordan stood sitting down in the seventh play.seventh date. t
5:16 am
of chairs, 50s rain across the board 56% francisco scene in oakland, not much frustration. afternoon highs aegir grew to about what you're seeing rain now. right now. the winds are dying down, we had sustained winds in the '20s and our to our goal now our only about 8 mi. per hour. 12 novato @ half moon bay. linton 14 to fairfield. 12 in san jose. future cast, the lead during we will see in the morning hours not much of anything
5:17 am
by about 9:00, a few spotty showers mainly in the north bay to the napa valley. 11:00, and so bringing modern showers overall but we will spend the day or the morning trying out. afternoon dry, we'll keep that dry weather around in tomorrow. changes mid-week. 58 san francisco, 59 san rafael, 60 concord, fairfield, santa rosa. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. catch a break tomorrow wednesday we every chance of rain into the picture. there's a rainy and reconditions and looks like to continue a hold of some showers into friday. changes by the weekend, dry air warmer forecast of into the '70s. erica. >> for those of you having at the door no slowdowns to tell you about, solos and of the weaving keeping track of due to the slick road race. tauruses been to the
5:18 am
pay gates. keep both hands on the steering wheel in one effecter drive time eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze parts fremont. good to go at san mateo, west and east around 92 no problems to report, traffic moving at the limit. across town through is so good, no, james lick or inbound. headlights are moving goods. public transportation no promise to reporters jan 18, are coming muni in a sea are running on time. >> continuing coverage of
5:19 am
weather and traffic yoli as we mentioned is giving us the shot let's visit with her. >> good morning, wendy, wendy, wendy wendy, wendy, wend. (laughter) if you have to have both hands on the wheel just in case of that one little up and to the side a little to correct yourself. bundle up because it's pretty windy here. >> no worries. thank you, . we'll visit with for the morning we're also darken broke gas prices because you notice that there on the rise. the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline has jumped to some 4¢ in the last two weeks. the national average price is 291. in california its tire $3.14 sons, several of
5:20 am
his or $3.29, san jose $3.24, oakland rose 23¢. new details three suspects in the tree seed tea and torture case expected in court today they will be sentenced to more than 30 years in prison for the torture and of 18 your cover mayors. we finally saw surveillance video from december of 2008 after he escaped from now, shows that teen walking into a fitness club wary ask for help. >> and then year-old gomez will be released he was shot last week as a hercules hall a man walked up for fun or ring the doorbell that went to look to see who was that when she was shot in the face in the neck and back. the gunman fired upon at least 10 times. investigators are still looking for the gunman she
5:21 am
is recovering well. expected to be released today. other developing story a registered sex offender had on suspicion. a 36-year-old registered sex offender is in custody on suspicion of sexually assaulting a two- year-old girl inside a dollar tree store in union city on wednesday, police said.eugene ramos grabbed the girl at about 1 p.m. inside the dollar tree store within one minute of the girl walking away, the grandmother found the girl pinned down by the suspect. the suspect was chased by the grandmother and a solicitor in front of the store gave chase and tackled the suspect. ramos was arrested for kidnapping, rape, sexual acts with a child and false imprisonment, authorities said. he is due in court today he did not enter a plea during his hearing. oakland police department is investigating the suffocation of a four month old baby their best hitting the child death as a homicide. it's and none of anyone has been arrested or taken into custody in connection with the murder.
5:22 am
other developing story police in vallejo are looking into to homicides involve it appeared to be unrelated a stabbing in the shooting that took place over the weekend late saturday night police responded to reports of shots fired two people were shot, one that the heather driven to the hospital two hours later police were called to investigate a stabbing at a parkway liquors. the two incidents were the 15th and 16th homicide of this year. we will take a quick break, we have a lot still to come here on the kron 4 morning news the live picture of the richmond san rafael toll plaza we are calling your weather and traffic due back with more of this in a minute.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
andrea electronics nicolas storm tracker 4, we have showers, easy in the east bay in the south bay. or more rain on the way for the week ahead louisa will be up
5:26 am
with a full look at your forecasts for today. at least two people are dead and dozens trapped in a red and rebel under landside following weeks of heavy rain that very more than 50 homes in colombia. this is the latest pictures coming in you see those workers trying as best it can to dig out these very rooms and get to those who may still be alive. stocks were attempting to locate people beneath tons of sophomores. authorities are trying to get heavy equipment to the scene landslides' common in colombia's mountainous. trains have been especially heavy this year. israel's top police woman has become the 42nd victim of a 47 avers fire burning in israel. here is video of the damage the policewomen had been driving behind a brass of prison guards or sent to evacuate them on the bus and
5:27 am
harvey ago were involved in flames two teenage brothers are suspected of causing this blaze through negligence a campfire they did not stop out. this is the latest for grabsphotographs, apparently they don't have a good fire-fighting department as we do here in california. malaysians are flying in and equipment and personnel, to trent of aid themtry and help aid them. 50 people have been killed by a at deck of suicide bombers. the bomber struck a government compound in a tribal area during a meeting about forming an anti caliban militias. many included tribal elders. other world news, officials
5:28 am
from the u.s., south korea, japan are meeting in washington to discuss north korea. president barack obama has been on the phones with his counterpart in trent discussing how to handle the crisis the way has says he asked that north korea know is aggressive rows are unprecedented and unexpected roll. it occurs just not the artillery fire but also the north koreans expansion of its own nuclear program. 5:28 a.m. we'll back with more numbing, here's a live look for maariv camera in full of good to forecasters had.
5:29 am
5:30 am
and we at that, live chats the bay bridge and left, richmond san rafael toll plaza on the right. dampen out there, some showers still falling louisa is following where the cells are falling. in morning. >> in more and painting in across. all a lot our part
5:31 am
we should be driving out there breezy weather continues this morning. more wet weather of course this week. here's a look were you can see a lot of that rain centered over central can california. this era, following a zero. spotty showers you can see some charts on highway 37. down into the south bay, a cell is just kind of sitting over highway-17. rain during the livermore valley. as you take it up to vacaville rain on 80 as you head towards sacramento. kron temperatures, 50s pretty much everywhere you go. 53 in livermore, said a 54. san jose as well. we are starting to see the wind died down a bit. 13 half
5:32 am
moon bay and not put. 12 through novato, oakland and san jose. future cast, as we had toward 7:00, may be defused by the showers left over the looks like really light rain every see anything at all. 9:00, best chance to the north bay. a cell does its between santa rosa and petaluma. after that, in the dry as we head towards the afternoon and evening. afternoon highs bring as temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. 58 san francisco, 59 richmond, 62 the delta, livermore. tomorrow, catching a break from all this what whether bringing it bought into the picture on wednesday. transfer rain continues to rate onto your thursday evening showers expected on friday. it is shaping up to be a pretty nice one.
5:33 am
countries warmup across the '70s. the character. >> traffic is beginning to build westbound easier your perch the bay bridge toll plaza that we more cars and the picture from all approaches. no problems to report, once you get the upper deck we do have a strong wind advisory issued by the california highway patrol keep both hands on the steering wheel. san tell west indies bad know, nice, easy conditions along the span. quick shot of the upper deck, no problems to record what the space between cars. cemetery ridge, nice, easy conditions. only tracking a small weight at the toll plaza above and of your drive times 15 minutes from end to end. getting away
5:34 am
from bay area traffic, heading up north to the syrup which to obtain requirements and affect interstate 80 in both directions you need them for high 50 from twin bridges- meyers highway 88 from hand station to would force. davis. >> team coverage of weather by visiting with jackie sissel he's been standing by live all the san rafael toll plaza. >> you can probably tell when a pretty heavy mist going on at the san rafael toll plaza not much of a rain but it's definitely weather out here. the streets are still wet. as i talk is picking up slightly this thing they have to be aware of is the wind. especially up on the upper deck, as you travel, high winds up there i know they have not had a wind advisory on this particular bridge but you don't really have to be aware of it. as you go across. especially if you
5:35 am
travel and a higher profile vehicle, as we talk is starting to rain even harder. it is supposed to lead that i can tell you the roads are slick, which is high. >> thank you, . other developing stories a legal fight over same-sex marriage been is reaching an run on the letter. a federal appeals court plans to here to hours of arguments starting at 10:00 a.m. the judge overturned in the measure as a violation to sell rights in august, to the three judge panel will consider if the group that put prop. 8 on the ballot is eligible to appeal the lower court decision since the measures are not responsible for divorce in those laws. we spoke with the deputy attorney who will argue the case your search yet to say about how the court could make a decision. >> the components are saying we should get to decide to appeal even of the
5:36 am
state has risen not to answer the question of grandstanding is an initiative opponents to that? speaking is really taking the standing issues seriously because it divided the two hours of argument that is set aside for the case so that one full hour is devoted. >> out during governor refused to challenge their rolling in the second hour. will follow the tournament today. speaking of the governor, he's calling a special session of their. police/in will begin often new lawmakers are sworn into office, the governor's decision came one day after this date in dallas office said california budget deficit has grown to $25.4 billion due in june of 2012.
5:37 am
not diabolo school district is considering school closures, to close about his star from a third of the 45 schools in the district being look debt for possible closure a committee will vote unclosing from three- six of those schools. a move that could save the district and is $1.5 million a year. the meeting discussed which school should be considered is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. tonight. if you're interested in growing. we will take a break, more straight ahead, here's a live look of the james lick freeway those public toilets up one on 101 traffic is moving well in and out of san francisco we will be right back.
5:38 am
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5:41 am
really bitter weather going to that area, more snow is on the way in new york this morning. heavy snow is piling up on buffalo's. providing, it's been proven to be too much for some of these structures, these are video of mobile homes under the weight this note of these homes is starting to collapse. this mobile home is condemned as their word to the whole home across town residents a part of a, is gone. the weather service says 2 ft. of snow fell run the buffalo area and there is more on the way. parts of the midwest is forcing the first snowfall of the season this reform flight cancellations including 300 sites to o'hare. blue in after russia our car seem to be getting around ok. folks tried to make the best out of it in wisconsin. getting
5:42 am
the slides out. ghouls rid attempt to buy group-on, has failed a least for now group-john has decided to stay independent for now. they are pursuing a initial public offering of stock. the a ties to local merchants and some 18 million subscribers that has made the company worth potentially 5-$6 billion. facebook, the next time you log on and you could see some big changes this social networks are it, this is a revamped starting this morning. here's a look at what that means, it will put all of the information that's currently available on different pages all in one place. including close on your wall and fell of rooms. facebook is rolling out a series of new features including biographical sections. a greater emphasis on photos and sharing. we'll take a break of 5:42 a.m., here's a
5:43 am
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we're back, will live picture from yoli she is standing by looking down at the bridge yoli at last check there was a wind advisory on the span? speaking it's still pretty windy maybe not a spot as it was a couple of hours ago. it is still, heavier than usual. you should be a little more cautious when you're driving across the bridge. you can feel it too much on the lower deck but when you're on the upper deck even feel the wind perching on you. >> we had rain earlier is there anything now? >> know we're dry now, just dealing with that wind. pete thank you, , louise is standing by with a more detailed look.
5:47 am
>> continuing to try a little bit of rain to the central valley and snowfall in the sierra. we'll take a closer around the bay in you can see that in this of a continuing to hold onto a little bit of rain through los gatos, morgan hill. and the livermore valley. you can see the start of what weather to danville, read along highway 37 to the layout, i 80 corridor to vacaville, getting some rain. we are currently in the '50s in most locations, 56 san francisco, oakland into monday and san jose 54. a slight chance of bringing a few isolated raindrops in the picture by 7:00. it o'clock, the same picture, 9:00, may be the occasional shower to the north bay. best chance of getting rain until 11. after that in the
5:48 am
dry. for the most part continued with dry weather for today. afternoon highs not much higher than they are today. not much variety today. 58 san francisco, 59 richmond, around the bay and the upper 50s, low 60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. to market to a bigger break partly sunny conditions expected, chance of rain moves back into the area by year wednesday, thursday fairly rainy. showers of dover on friday. saturday, sunday dreyer, warmer forecast temperatures warm up 10 degrees. 70 by year sunday. chuck and your commute. erica. >> thank you, , no hot spots on our radar, tracking the soulless the nets their not blocking any lanes are producing any back up. westbound 80, the flame our cars out there and we
5:49 am
subtenant's ago. as you make your way to san francisco which charge about the high wind advisory along the upper deck. extra cautious as your perch san francisco. pretty windy conditions, not really going to affect your drive time to get still tracking in 9 minute trip from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont said from his good. no problems to report in the the direction of '92, traffic is moving well but directions, seems to be moving up the limit. slight case of a back up the toll plaza drive times are a little bit. if you're headed down from the south bay north and southbound 101 looking good, you are seeing more volume on the right hand side of your screen. those taillights headed towards a declarer, right near term of the lectures a small back above the 87 interchange. nice, easy conditions. over to the maps, a look at westbound highway 4, you can see just
5:50 am
a little bit of red on your screen there below 25 mi. per hour. speeds our lives reaching about 40. >> thank you, we have some stories beginning with this case at of the alameda where a bart police officers in the hospital after a suspect running from police slammed into his patrol car. joe ortiz had stopped the suspects reformate i refer driving a vehicle reportedly stolen. the suspects tried to ram into one of the deputies before fleeing the traffic stop they pursued the suspect until the vehicle reads the intersection of grant m.d. st. the suspects red red light, hitting this officer's car that officer was not involved in the chase. he was transferred to local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the
5:51 am
suspect is arrested, at the scene he was also transported to a crossbar. antioch police will present their evidence to the district attorney's offices in the case of a two year- old boy it fatally shot last week. he was accidentally shot when he and is for your the brother were playing with a gun. in their parents' bedroom. parents are being held on suspicion of child danger mines and reckless stores of a firearm. his father and the car, arrested on suspicion of being a convicted fefelon. meanwhile police are on the lookout for a man who exposed to insult to women from afternoon near the downtown area. kelly close man exposed himself the women ran to a nearby home well by standard tried to chase down the suspect. they
5:52 am
give is the area at or unable to find the person. sticker's woman is likely to be live, she survived the elements for six days stranded in the mountains. this is pictures of her being rescued on a trail, she was unable to walk after falling off the truck. a woman who was reported missing from her home tuesday was found safe on a hiking trail in santa cruz county saturday afternoon.two hikers found 58-year-old felton resident debra collins on a walking trail in fall creek state park, located in the northern part of henryshe had fallen off a trail, had suffered an injury and was unable to get out on her own. she survived by drinking water from a nearby creek. with will take a break, let's go back at side give you a quick look at the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving well. as you make your way from here to foster city but it is wet out there. rain is still falling. the latest and forecaster coming up.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
andrea back, the live shot tear the bay bridge on your left, at least the span, from the island to san francisco on the right hand
5:56 am
side is the toll plaza. if traffic is moving well in both shots. they with us for the morning commute may stick around in to the afternoon. china tomorrow, rain back in the forecaster wednesday, thursday, by the weekend saturday, sunday more sunshine and warmer weather to boot. talking sports, a stanford, finished the football season with only one loss to the team playing in a national of cabbage that led to a b c s bowl game, the orange bowl. they lost two games to start the season but they won the last 11. the two teams will face off in miami can't generate third. to the tundra, the frozen tundra the highest in temperatures of strong winds led to problems for both the niners and the packers. it was the packers' that would overcome their issues to beat the
5:57 am
niners 34-16, four wins, eight losses for the niners. the raiders kept the ball most and the ground and it paid off, they rush for more than to hundred and 50 yds against the chargers. they would go on to win it 28-13. it's what the chargers for the first time since the to those of one season. the raiders rookie at a 6-6 season. here's a quick check out what made it big in the box office, harry potter lost out to here. it less it was tabled that took the no. 1 slot, is the spinoff over bonn's low. anyways, it said it the no. 1 spot with $21.5 million, harry potter to fill the no. 2 16.7 million and burlesque and unstoppable tide for a third each pulling in $6.1 million. that is what's hot
5:58 am
on wall street our meal hollywood over the weekend. we will take your break, what that, when the we will talk to jackie sissel, cajun and will
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