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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 7, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> 4:00 a.m., new details and lasted natural gas find expose in oakland that critically injured man. piccinni's speaking out, we'll tell you what they say they're not responsible for. the latest in the wikileaks scandal, we'll tell your happened a few hours ago to the founder of the website. his life to scuttle the were difficult. another cold morning, is rain on the way? i think so? >> good morning, the rain is not expected to seven " small. another dry day ahead of you. but we are starting off this morning a little bit of north bay hall. in looks like we're seeing visibility less than a quarter mile. in this link
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to be a dry day to day, pretty clearly. continue to see clouds streaming into the picture throughout the morning into the afternoon as wall. here is a look rain now at your future cast, set for 3:00, the head and take a look is satellite, radar. we're talking to see a storm system dropping in from the north. it will bring is quite a bit of rain in fact for tomorrow. as we had to the rest of the work week plenty of that wet weather. here's a look outside, future cast, at 1:00, we will continue to see 50s as we head towards noon. we could or would the '60s that perot's state.israel state. we e temperatures on one side. temperatures are sitting in the '40's-50s, 44 santa rosa
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and snapped up. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we're expecting a store to bring is plenty of rain for wednesday, char's expected on thursday. another chance rain on friday. shaping up to be really nice one. dry weather had a rask, lots of sunshine and store. temperatures in the '70s by the end of the weekend. eric up. >> a couple of things tell you about overnight construction on westbound 80 this approach to the bay bridge stroke was off and traffic is flowing freely when to make way up the incline the three left lanes are shut down for overnight construction to 5:00 a.m. not causing any thing in the way of slowing. traffic is clear, in the green. over to the san mateo, west and east bound 92 no problems to report. nice and light
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conditions no back up at the toll plaza across an easy 13 minutes from end to end. i look at traffic in the south lake, northbound were no one, traffic is moving freely. further south bound ones are one, right near coyote creek, to car accident involving a great blocking the right lane. james. >> thank you, new details of a loss its natural gas explosion that injured a man critically. it happened near 87th avenue, just after 8:00 p.m. fire cruz city explosion caused a two- story complex to collapse on top of the 63 road but the pg in these a its gas inspectors do not believe it was caused by a leak in their equipment in appears to started inside the home. no word on the victim's condition although he's in
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the hospital with burns covering 80 percent of his body. people living in houses next door aren't temporary because of the debris from the boss. meanwhile, san bruno, auction tonight there is a forum to discuss trends mission's safety and pressure issues it comes in the aftermath of the september 9th pipeline explosion killing eight people destroying 300 homes. some officials will attend the meeting. along with german 0 the road to of this committee. the founder of wikileaks has been arrested. officers say julien hassan was arrested on a swedish court just a few hours ago he was wanted on allegations of sexual offenses against two women. he's been hiding in britain since wikileaks
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least diplomatic cables last week. he will appear in british court today. new this morning, a prisoner mama has reached a deal with republicans to extend a tax credit. allowing them to expire while the employer rate stands would be " a chilling prospect " keeping tratax cuts in place. another developing story amount diabolo school district is considering school closures to deal with the shortfall. one-third could be closed, jonathan bloom attended the meeting where that idea was met with opposition by currents. >> here in concord the mark tiepolo's district has to find a way to find one for $5 million a year. they report to the committee to find out how close 3-6 schools. parents are not
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happy about that or the proposal of some high schools could serve great six-stroke. mean sisters and the school as to all futures trades. the districts as they have to do that to keep offering the pros are offering at less cost. this is partly due to state funding and declining enrollment. >> there are also concerned about the number of police officers patrolling the streets of oakland department's staffing was at an all-time high of 803 officers, since it or has lost the three officers because research $30 million budget deficit as kron4 is maureen kelly reports of a permit is responding to concerns that officers are spread too thin. >> at a minimum we should have 925 officers, instead they have 669 officers. more
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than to end its 54 officers them what they light up fighting crime. in addition to the lay of their losing 6 percent a month into to attrition. 70 officers are currently off on disability. your cops means that sometimes some of the city's 35 patrol beat the one covered. that does affect their response time kids beat it impacts our ability to get there quickly >> police are taking officers or other basket of units of grumman on patrol they say they're also trying to stop smarter. >> deploy our officers when they're most needed, programming to find out when the gross reserves are coming in. when bias crimes occur the most officers will get their kids because they're seeing a drop in the city's crime rate even what shortages. >> overall crime rate is down, we have officers out there every day who go to work hard respond calls as quickly as weekend. doing good job. >> burning with agencies to
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pick up the slack, currently looking to hire civilian workers to help free up costs for crime-fighting which may help next year because the city's budget to was the medium to fired 637 broad st. 32 fewer than half now. >> another rally is planned tonight following the fatal shooting of derek jones, but out and police officers. protestors planned to gather in oakland the group called by any means necessary also plans to have protesters' speech. two officers shot jones ought to they responded to a report that he was installe assaultinga woman. uc regents plan to vote on sweeping reductions to of care and benefits. the workers contend the proposal targets low income workers for deep spending
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cuts. iraq is art scheduled for ec standards is good, you see stickers. the commission is calling for at the state's students online process and 3 year college degrees to deal with the budget crunch. they looked at ways the university can address rising costs and government support. report says if the finance situation worsens the university should consider cutting and raising tuition further. they francisco board of supervisors will discuss the possible replacement for gavin newsom as the mayor of san francisco at least one name is circulating is commonly on now. he said yesterday it there's no way he would accept an interim mere appointment. we will follow that. we will take a quick break, coming up, a warning
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from health officials with morning why they say he might want to go ahead and get up there shot. you see on your screen apparently there are some problems with our money. the government say they may have to destroy some of the currency they printed real to you why.
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indiana back, a quick check on markets, stock futures are up but is our the white house has reached an agreement on extending tax cuts. the treasury department says it plans to sell its remaining holdings of city group, turning a profit of $12 billion. chrysler has launched productions of the chrysler to hundred and the dodge avenger. they'll love the looks, engines, hundreds of other changes designed to lure back customers. he was an unwelcome surprise of the gas pump, prices at their highest level that we've
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seen in two years, national average of $3 a gallon by january. aaa said the national average was 295, around the bay $3.25. the government says it will need to check more than $1 billion worth of new $100 bills because of production problems that have left unwanted creases in many of those bills. they're trying to determine how much want to be destroyed most of the bill should pass inspection in be placed in circulation it didn't originally set scheduled for february and new date will be sai said. if you're now received a flu shot you'd better get one now that's a price for the center disease control and prevention. they found that only about one-third of americans are vaccinated. so far, the flu season has been much milder than last year but was floozies and distorted to pick up the cbc
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said almost everyone older than six months should get a flu shot. the launch of any private spain's draft has been delayed space-x add been aiming for it has bought this morning. there's a crack in part of the rocket engines the launch is off and least until thursday. it will be the first launched after a national program using private companies. the rocket will ovitz has council on top which if all goes well will go to the records and/down and california it was started by pay pile and tesla founder. let's go outside, do you could live look from our freeway camera. mild day to day, full of its report as coming up.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, you are looking at a shot of the james lick, dry shot for you and that is how will say for most of the dates they rarely crowded conditions expected san francisco, 50 degrees, by noon getting it the upper 50s high- temperature 61. not to buy back down to the mid '50s by a crock. visibility, we are dealing with a bit of what to the north bay, visibility is less than a quarter mile up in santa rosa. a little bit over a mile into novato. that fog is contained to the north bay. we are seeing a system crash into the northwestern portion of the state, free our area of the sec will continue to see a steady stream of cloud cover. partly cloudy, as we have been to tomorrow different story rain now we're seeing quite a bit of rain offshore. tomorrow
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morning, we're expecting this to those up for bringing us some wet weather. it will last for a good portion of the rest of the week. current temperatures, 44 santa rosa and napa. 46 oakland in redwood city. 48 half moon bay. afternoon highs, '60s, those locations, 64 santa rosa, 62 napa, vallejo, novato. south bay, the mid- 60s, 65 san as they. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. what it shows us is that rain once it starts it doesn't look like it will lead up until friday. the weekend, we start to dry up and warm-up. we could bring those action in high since the '70s. time right now for 4:00 p.m. check on your commute with erica. >> you may encounter some slowing under way to the bay
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bridge overnight slowing just past the incline and treasure island. three left lanes are shut down, the work was supposed to be wrapped up by 5:00 or in our not tracking any delays. san mateo, nice, easy. lots of space between cars especially on the right side of your screen. taillights heading towards the peninsula, he will not act with the toll plaza, only looking at 13 minute trip from end to end. no, getting to the bridge as 800 and 101 are in a clear. heading down to the lower peninsula, here's a shot from mildred no problems to reporting either direction, headlights headed southbound drive times just past the hour court clocking in at a 16 minutes. public transportation today, no promise to report, a strained, art, muni and ac
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transit running on time. >> new details the legal fight over same-sex marriage went before a federal appeals court yesterday, backers appealed a lower-court decision. dan kerman was in that courtroom and has details on what happened. >> for several hours monday and three judges with the ninth circuit court of appeals heard attorneys on both sides in the same-sex marriage case with questions like this. >> if the homosexual couples on how all the rights that the heterosexual couples have, we are left with a word marriage. what is the rational basis for that? >> to issues before the court, do backers to the band and a prayer county have legal standing to bring the appeal before the court? 2, was the district court judge when he declared the same-sex marriage ban
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unconstitutional? backers of the band say they have a rational reason for keeping the ban in place. >> to the reason the marriage has existed at all in any society, at anytime, is that sexual relationships between men and women naturally produce children. supporters of same-sex marriage say the band is simply unconstitutional. >> california has built a fence around its gay and lesbian citizens, it built a fence around the institution of marriage. the citizens of california within that one tends because of their sexual orientation are denied access to what every other citizen in california has. that is a violation of people protection cause it's a violation of due process clause. at the center of the case these to same-sex
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couples who brought the suit in the first race. a decision from the three judge panel could come any time in weeks or months but because the expedited hearing it's likely sooner than later rolling not this year. regardless, whoever loses will appeal to the u.s. supreme courts. >> and of course our coverage of the profit appeal continues online it posted the entire hearing from yesterday on our website. give that a look at making headlines across the state, state corrections officials say they turn to a british manufacturer to refresh their supply of legal injunction drug needed to resume executions on death row. the state paid about $36,000 for 500 g used to sedate prisoners, executions have been on hold since number when the state ran ahead of that drug the on the manufacturer has
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experienced production problems. california is facing a $6 billion budget toll from this fiscal year, gov. sorts near says he has a plan to fix that. yesterday he said the plan would save $10 million over the next two years it would mean big changes they include cuts to health care, ending state supported health care and putting a stop to the state's welfare to work. the governor says the cuts are necessary. >> making the task now is the responsible thing to do. any governor were to call for spare so sanction right now, and the governor tried to make cuts. the sooner the better. time, time again failing to act in a timely matter makes the problem worse. cuts more info. >> as a month left in office jerry brown will be sworn in on january 3rd.
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governors were snigger has a party planned for when he leaves, the event is paid for by outside interest groups. schwarzenegger will attend the party but is not involved in details. the chamber of congress and the naacp are among the organizations seeking $25,000 in contributions for the party. the san francisco man charged with assaulting a priest says the christmas him look at decades ago. he is scheduled to enter a plea today in superior court on account of a stalled. he's accused of beating up 65 year-old gerald linder. he has repeatedly denied molesting him into his mother back in 1935. he's accused of tracking that crease to his retirement home and feeding him. a man
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suspected of killing two people and wounding a third in vacaville last month will be arraigned, 18 europe region decoctionhe was bush sunr 16th when to victims were found dead of gunshot wounds and a third victim was found on the street. dr. the shooting he showed up at the vacaville police department and smashed windows. taser and taken into custody after he refused to corporate. thousands of ancient wind turbines in the altman passed on the to be replaced jerry brown said he has made an agreement between environmental groups when developer and the state for this upgrade under the terms of the settlement the existing turbines will need to be replaced by 2015 or the wind farms will be shut down. there will produce more power and kill your
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migratory birds. san francisco's city hall will be open to the public on sunday for the first ever holiday open house. mayor gavin newsom and his wife invited families to join them at this season at oregon house. dual boot to meet the mayor, supervisors and other elected officials. it will be from 2:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. we will take a break, much more straight ahead on the kron 4 morning news, let's go outside and give you a call it look from our mount tam camera showing you are looked as if francisco. it's kind of neat to see the reflection in the water. we will be right back.
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in america, world headlines the suicide bomber attacked a convoy carrying the top official in pakistan injuring nine people but left the chief minister on hurt. the attacker detonated explosives as the convoy made its way to the area it struck a policeman five of them more. the explosion injured four pedestrians. no crepuscular interest possibility for that attack. world headlines, suicide bomber party that the duplicate. we seem to be start, hold on, let's go on to serve. note sweden.
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sorry. the suspect in the murder of a swedish woman honeymooning is implicated her british transmission. details for a plea agreement says the husband to paid to have his wife killed. charlene do warning has denied any involvement in interviews given with the press. says tree is president is found to turn five islands near the border with north korea to military fortresses. that will allow civilian residents to continue living on the island. the artillery attack last month on one of those islands left for dead. tootnational headlines, today is the anniversary of an attack on car or harbor. 125 survivors are expected to return to the base this week to attend a ceremony in
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remembrance of those who died 69 years ago the navy in the national park service's are hosting this as addressees it across from the harbor from the uss arizona where more than 1100 lives were lost some 2400 troops were killed. elizabeth edwards may have hit just weeks to lives, doctors have told her further treatment will do no good cheese bottle best cancer since 2004, her estranged husband, john edward have been at her side at her north carolina home she said to be pain free, good spirits despite her condition. we will take a break, back with more headlines in a moment, another live shot from the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving well on highway 92. no major issues involving your commute official word with erica as well as a look
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to forecast with louisa in a moment.
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welcome back, using innuendo we did so long welcome back. here's a look get genes that light traffic conditions erika will be up in a moment. first forecast, a little break in all lanethe r >> a break from the wet weather today, that sets in at once again tomorrow. today we're going to see some partly cloudy conditions dealing with low bid of morning fog. we are expecting the reins to religious moving to the pitcher to mark. we will continue with what other for a good portion of the workweek. less than a quarter mile in santa rosa. osorno too bad, satellite, radar the system is making e
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d-line for the state bringing some showers toward norris. we're looking at streaming clout in the area. tomorrow, expect the storm to drop in from the north and bring us a dose of wet weather. currently, 44 santa rosa, napa, livermore. 50 san francisco, 46 redwood city and mountain view. cooler than yesterday. future cast into motion, it looks like the rain will set in early morning tomorrow. north bay stands the best chance of seeing rain. santa rosa could see some moderate downpour's early in the morning. 10:00, the rain could move south of the golden gate bridge. san rafael a good dose of that wet weather. a 11:00, this chance is along the peninsula and norse word.
4:32 am
the north bay will accumulate the most in terms of rainfall 6:00, rain in the picture. even up into the early morning hours are noon thursday as well. afternoon highs, up to the '60s. bridge across the board. 64 santa rosa, 62 novato. down in the south bay temperatures into the mid '60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you can see once the rain sets and it doesn't look like it will let up, wednesday the heaviest rain showers showers on thursday, chance of rain on friday. weekend nice. speech no problems to report, traffic is moving at a limit. westbound 80 nice, easy conditions as your perch to pay gains. overnight construction picked a little earlier. all lanes open as you make your way in to san francisco, drive times and not affected
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the minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze in two sentences go. san mateo, a good alternative. no promise getting to the bridge. moving above the limit, once again on the span 92 looks good in both directions. crosstown freeways here in san francisco nice, light no problems to report just a couple of cars on the james lick an inbound central. kron free at the 10180 split making your way to san francisco airport 15 minutes. easton 80 from three public transportation no problems. >> new details on last night's announcement on an explosion in oakland that critically injured a man it happened in the man's from near 87th ave. just after 8:00. fire crews say the
4:34 am
explosion caused the duplex to collapse on top of that 63 aerobic them. pg&e says its inspectors don't believe it was caused by leaking their agreement. they say it is stored inside the home. the victim is in the hospital we're told people living in houses are there are a strain now. because of all the broken glass and debris. there is a form to discuss rask transmission line and pipeline pressure issues it comes in the aftermath of september 9th explosion. it destroyed 37 homes several officials will attend the meeting including assemblywoman fewer malls along with the chairman of the assembly commerce committee. the founder of
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wikileaks has been arrested. officers say julien hassan was arrested on a swedish morning. wanted on allegations of sexual offenses against two women. hiding in britain since they began releasing hundreds of classified cables last week. he's due in british court later today. new this morning president obama has reached a deal with republicans to extend tax credits allowing those bush era tax cuts to expire while the unemployment rate stands at 9.8% would be " a chilling prospect " he's keeping them in place even for those with the highest income for least the next two years the deal would also renewed jobless benefits for long-term an employe. developing this morning mount diablo school district is considering school closures. child deal with the budget shortfall. one-third could be close,
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jonathan bloom attended the meeting where they talked about it the idea as you might imagine was met with opposition by appearance. >> the school district is fit to the problem find some way to save $1.5 million a year the leeway to do that closing schools. they said a committee to figure out which schools to close and what to do with the students were left the school. the parents showing up to that meeting are not too happy. >> i don't understand or in this situation. i do understand her got this bad. >> one of the parents did teachers across the meeting room as this about a dizzying array of options then to questions. >> high schools where kids out from their friends, clubs about teams, even of its converted into a high school will be used over that happens. >> with the input from parents the committee has detect three-six goals to recommend for closure.
4:37 am
>> we're hoping to be as least destructive as possible. but the reality, we are declining some road we have to save some money. >> she has been guiding the committee to more than two months of meetings. >> will then provide to the rest of the group people can act to those charged. >> exercises are designed to break it down to pros and cons. in icons. in some scenarios was dedicated to surrounding schools, one with moving the entire middle school of to the same time as as i school. >> horrendous idea i'm having a hard time with my sister being a middle school with eight great kids and the sessions, and talked about. i would poler out in a heartbeat if it went to a 6-col. >> the committee will prevent a list of several disclosures to the school board that allowed to vote on which one to step to. except
4:38 am
>> new concerns about the number police officers at the start of 2010 department staffing 803. since then that lost 83 officers because of $30 million budget deficit, as kron4 reports the department is now responding to concerns that the officers are spread too thin. >> in oakland police department addressed to me concerns about the decreasing number of officers fighting crime they had 803 now their debts to six and is no.. they estimate that this is impacting their response time and having to take officers at of investigative units. they say they're offals those shopping more officers during times of higher number crimes tend to occur which they say is making a difference overall crime is down 14%. >> another rally is planned
4:39 am
tonight following last month's fatal shooting of barbershop monetary stance by oakland police protestors planned to gather in front of the alanine a canny orifice and oakland the group by any means necessary plans to have car duster >> at the council meeting to of their officers shot and held him after they responded to reports that he was assaulting a woman a laundromat nectars are shot. next to his barbershop. wage rallies continued uc campuses the target low- income workers and retirees for pension cut spirit rallies there's doubt told a uc-berkeley in santa cruz. the san francisco board of supervisors will discuss the possible replacement for gavin newsom as the mayor of san francisco today and least one name circulating about city hall is former supervisor tom lobby on know. he said there's no way
4:40 am
he would accept an internal and your appointment. we will take a break, let's go outside a quick look as we go in shot from south bay 10187 interchange traffic is moving well a full look at your forecasts and your commute coming up and just look at. in just a little bit.
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in mayor back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today named franka bre, brace yourselves and more rain extending wednesday and thursday, chance of showers still hanging around, by the weekend things or not, send him is out of upper 60s the '70s we will get there. making use parking in san francisco is never an easy thing. the only thing better is finding one of the broken meter as kron4 explained broken parking is mainlined
4:42 am
to mean the same thing if the sheet gets its way. >> broking parking year's incentives as carriers limit free parking that could be coming to change. finding a broken car commuter could make you feel like it's your lucky day if you find one it's two hours of free parking and these for now the minister of treatment agency oversees the parking incidents discussed the proposed new rule that would limit parking in broken meters to one hour. they hoped introducing this role will meet broken parking meters less appealing. the dividends are costing the trajan in to see a lot more and repairs and lost parking phrase the proposal of the broken meter limit will go before the board of directors on tuesday if approved it will not to go before the board of supervisors for approval since it will affect the transportation code. >> we will take a break
4:43 am
coming back is on a moment. another live shot, dry commute via this morning. we come back some nasty weather out near buffalo, new york jewish religious pictures and a minute.we will assure youe latest pictures and a minute.
4:44 am
and we are back, some of the latest pictures of the east as strong winds and heavy snow making it tough to get around in northern new york. those brave enough to venture outside the strong bitter cold. even truck service say the centers are so cold that their brake lines are freezing. snow is expected in the buffalo area of to the week up until friday. they have to deal that for a long term. winter weather brought a significant snowfall to maine. students get a day off from school because of several inches of snow. you can see the kids or broken up about that fact.
4:45 am
interline that school will be back in session today. then have one day to enjoy it. another break, let's get down to whether bernie louisa is falling at. >> to the morning james, downtown san francisco. try this morning probably last morning there will be dry for quite awhile expecting some rain to said in come tomorrow. currently 50 degrees by noon upper 50s high-temperature 61 back down to 55 by 8:00. visibility's dealing with a little bit of fallout the north bay. santa rosa visibility's of less than a quarter mile visibility is between two and 5 mi. to the napa, ran down through petaluma on 101. storm tracker 4, assuring is rather is a bit of rain this morning up to our north center offshore, making a
4:46 am
beeline for the northwestern portion of the state. it's not until tomorrow morning that we will expect any moisture to drop down into our area. future cast shows as by 2:00, the rain is current state-run north, 5:00 a few sprinkles are rented to resist moving down to san rafael by 7:00. we could see some fairly moderate downpours rate around 7:00 for sinners and petaluma. some a lot better chance of rain to san francisco. heavier rains do san francisco. best chance for rain to the peninsula and north. north bay expecting the most rain come tomorrow. we are expecting everybody to stand a chance of rain through the day tomorrow. even into thursday. this person showers to continue. cooler though areas today, 44 santa
4:47 am
rosa and napa. 50s san francisco, miss liberty's in the south bay. bring in 63 across the board. 62 vallejo, richmond. getting up to 64 degrees for san as a. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain tomorrow and this one looks like it will be the heaviest showers on thursday chant continues into the end of your work week friday a few raindrops hanging around, the weekend shift it to be a nice one lots of sunshine could get to the '70s. erica. >> thank you, , get on the freeways no accidents, incidents to report nice, light conditions all around the bay area westbound 80 just a couple of cars on the road headed westbound no weight at the k gates. lights are all lanes open along the upper deck, a dry town of eight-nine minutes
4:48 am
and the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. san mateo, 92 good alternative lots is based which incurs no drums in the the direction. no from getting to the bridge 80101 are clear. westbound 580 coming of a 2 05. no slowdowns to report, nice, easy conditions to livermore, pleasanton. rocking an easy 13 minutes. james. >> thank you, , new details on the tortured teen case in tracy, three of the four defendants convicted got the maximum sentence schumacher in his wife were sentenced to 30-33 years. karen got 34 years. the three admitted to beating and torturing him
4:49 am
for two years. the fourth man convicted in the case will be sentenced next year. kraft' >> skirret little skinny guy in hospital obviously, a very special young man. unclad justice has been searched for him. >> now 18 years old kyle ramirez did not address the court yesterday. close call for little girl in the bay area and this is just one of the injuries that she is recovering from a doctor she came face to face with a gunman. after a three night stay and oakland children's hospital she returned to urchin in town when the shooting happened the first thing she didn't check and your pet guinea pigs. she and her mother talked to kron4 and how it felt to get
4:50 am
out of all hospital yesterday dave guingona has the story. >> i am happy that amount of a hospital that my family can be crying no more. on how did that come alive. people who did that to me they should be happy and thankful that they did not kill me. they should be granted. >> sir your forgiving? speaking yes. i'm for doing them for what they did. >> i just answered the door i looked at the window like this. he saw me was there he lived in the windows are made and johnny. i wasn't in pain on his tab and records like this.
4:51 am
>> i knock on the door and all you did was look? >> i didn't open the door. >> what is your advice to other kids your age if somebody knocks on the door? speedo look, don't open the door. just because you got a gate dancer can go to the gates. >> how frightening was this big rush to marks >> i was scared. it wasn't for me and my sister and i got shot. >> i think god that she is here. i can't believe it. that she actually made it was something like this. the doctor said it's a miracle. it's a miracle of outages pasternak at her back. she should've been some kids to make it. >> i am happy because i got
4:52 am
present and i'm getting home today. >> the search for the tenant is still under way. also in the news the first phase out the hundred or project don't >> the venera at the end of carleton round has been in bad shape for years. the shiny new railings our comfort for anyone who comes to visit. they're seven of the improvements of the obvious another thing that is new is this roundabout, you can see this kind navigating the new roadway. they determine the runabout would be safer and reduce the congestion there was recalled before the project began. the work is part of a new $9 million project designed to make this area it easier to get around. the longstanding problem of our version has been fixed. this
4:53 am
massive truck has a place to keep the help from crumbling it will be there forever. is designed to surly be consumed by natural plans and will decompose over time. more version control have been installed along right to surface and will extend the life of the work. the next phase will begin in april. >> we are going to take a break, much more straight ahead, let's go outside give you a quick look from our roof top camera back with more in just a moment.
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at&t the service provider for the high telephone is rated worse carrier more than half the survey respondents to use at&t high reported that sprint and rising tide for the top spot overall satisfaction. if you're looking to buy and i found a spread that survey we know it great deal for you gave slate is the details. >> right now you can get the best deal i've ever seen on my phones, radio shack sells phones and wireless plans a lot of you don't know that radio shack wants to raise awareness. so to do that, they're running an incredible promotion. radio shack is offering $50 off all i phone anything you can get this treaty yes, for just $50. the new i phone $450. on top of the $50 off a trade in discount if you
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bring in your existing smart from your get an additional amount of money after iphone purchase. up to $125 off depending on the condition of the phone your trading in. in view of the smart phone in good condition to trade in them into whatever radio shack at the new iphone 4 for $25. this promotion runs for this saturday then it's over i expect they will sell quickly since you want anyone get to rate your shaq now. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> that is cool, i phone application is getting credit for help save the life of a high school student in california 17 years of the savior jones was playing basketball a couple weeks ago when he collapse of stockbreeding his coach came to his age the night before cooper had down loaded and application that has a cpr refresher course that is what helped him rescue him. >> got put it on my heart to go to that i phone
4:57 am
application. i just said what would happen if we needed it. >> i'm happy to be here it's a miracle that i'm alive. this doesn't happen every day. >> the jones have a decision that sometimes slows and the blood flow to his heart still conditionirecovering froms condition. another live shot here for you fromentin can looking down on san francisco is still better get there. the good news is the weather is mild, traffic is light warm both of those coming up in a minute.
4:58 am
4:59 am
and we are back, top stories at this hour demand is in hospital with serious burns after is home exploded what
5:00 am
caused it coming out just a few hours ago julien has on surrendered president barack obama reached a deal to extend bush era tax grants but democrats not necessarily armed guard. a chilly morning on top louisa. >> catching a break from the wet weather to mar the wet weather sets in weather continues until friday, weekend looks good to details on the timing of the storm coming up. developing story that we're falling out of east oakland a man is in hospital with critical burns from a natural gas explosion. it happened at a duplex in east oakland. a crescent of the man's body
5:01 am
covered it burns will chant is live from location. will. >> good morning james, this the, you just talked about it looks like the upper floor just collapsed on to the bottom floor like a house of cards came crashing down. i just got the phone with pg&e it does not appear that anything is involved with them they went around the building last night to use their detectors, other experts to go around and see if there were any gas leaks on the outside they said they did not detect anything of that sort after that it's not their responsibility across i should explode inside the home they will continue investigating but it could be as simple and we're not sure yet we talk to the fired or mentally this investigation but it could be something that you forgot to let his pilot on his soul. this all is not global prole will be livable
5:02 am
for anybody. that is the latest pg&e. james. >> some of the neighboring homes people have been displaced? >> that is the case, in tight on directly in front of me they lived here, they went to work this morning. cars parked in the driveway, the homes right next to them my sick are there, debris and talk of the car l looks like there's no movement. it looks like they're gonna this time putting temporary shelter homes on this side of the street they seem to be fined. the residents as i got. >> thank you, , the latest in east oakland the ebonies story, the founder of wikileaks has been arrested. julien has gone was arrested on a swedish court just a few hours ago. he's wanted
5:03 am
for sexual assault and to women. he's been hiding in britain since they began releasing diplomatic cables, he hoped to seek asylum in switzerland he's now under arrest in britain. due in court later today. president barack obama has reached a deal with republicans to extend a tax cut is allowing the bush era tax cuts to expire of the employee rate stood at 9.8% would be " a chilling prospect " he is keeping tax credit in place for even for those with the highest in times it would renew. also, the weather as we heard from louisa moments ago mild today, the rain is still in bad for the rest of the week with is on a full forecasts. the morning. >> morning. starting at this morning drive, although we are dealing of a little bit of fog. steve is one of the
5:04 am
best forecast for one of the next couple of days. we're expecting to see the rain sat in for tomorrow, here's a look at where we are dealing with fog settled into the north bay, santa rosa medina visibility less than a quarter mile. a little bit of thought to the napa valley, 2-5 mi. visibility same for petaluma. storm tracker 4 are showing a bit of rain off the coast, moving into the northwestern portion of the state staying dry, we'll deal with a bit of cloud cover for today. streaming ahead of a storm that is expected to bring wet weather for tomorrow. early in the morning, 5:00 a few raindrops to the north bay places like santa rosa brainstem raindrops. 7:00 most of the north bay experiencing some rain modern downpours around santa rosa. 10:00, downtown
5:05 am
san francisco from east bay, san rafael could get some fairly heavy downpours. best chance of rain being to the north bay, everybody is expected to get somewhat wet weather heavier rain to the north bay. continuing tell early thursday morning. current temperatures, a bit cooler than yes bay mid 40's for six rosa, 44 napa, 47 hayward, view and did not. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. wet weather is not expected to let up until about saturday. sadly, sunday clearing up, drying up, warming into the '70s. they're good. >> free of hot spots, accidents for your ride around the bay area no problems to record a stalled vehicle westbound 80. nothing reported there, i just thought in the camera shot of the net free-flowing traffic headed towards the piggy, the delights of
5:06 am
toronto and from the for the macarthur maze san francisco clocking in at 9 minutes. westbound, east bound 92, a great conditions there problems. traffic on the right-hand side of history and is headed westbound those bright lights coming toward you headed east by the hayward, no qualms getting to the bridge in either direction eddied 0 and 101 in the clear. crosstown freeways, no problems to report nice, easy conditions. south bay, 101 good to go, lots of space between those taillights heading towards trembled in the cruz. public transportation a promise to report, in strength, bart, mean running on time. james. >> new concerns about the number of police officers patrolling the streets of oakland, the started the year department staffing was at a high of 800-three officers the loss 83
5:07 am
officers because of a budget deficit. rate less extended 69 sworn officers in addition to laid-off officers the department is losing 6% of its staff, and because of attrition. dozens of officers are currently on disability having fewer police on the street means that sometimes about the 35 patrol beat going covered. even with the shortest " he says the trend is falling. >> our robbery rate is down. our crime rate is down. officers out there every day that cut their work hard to respond to calls quickly as they can they're doing a good job. >> parnis federal agencies to pick up some of the sat looking at hiring lower-paid civilian workers to help free up officers for patrol. we will take a break, back with more kron4 morning news
5:08 am
we come back, up from with our money and don't of you for about the treasury may have to shut a lot of money. here's our mouth him kamm, a quick look of san francisco low cloud cover over the city is expected to be a mild day to day. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] give yourself the gift of time
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in the rear back, live picture from burlingame, if pretty mild conditions for need to trees currently in the city of burlingame, 64 this afternoon rally baghdad of 44 degrees at 8:00. following the market's a checked on wall street stock futures are up. futures index yesterday big part of our work positive as as reported at the white has is reached an agreement on extending tax cuts for all americans and reviewing while. treasury departments as it as a tremendous selling city group common stock during a profit of $12 million. chrysler has
5:12 am
launched production of the revamped 200, dodge avenger will have a new look, new engines, hundreds of of the changes designed to lure back customers. the government says it will need to check more than a billion new $100 bills because of production problems that left on wanted creases in many of his bills. they're trying to determine how much of the currency want to be destroyed most of the new bill should pass inspection and his and the circulation could resume as scheduled to go in circulation in february and the day will be set until the pressure from our sorrow. we'll take a break, back with more animated. a live picture from san was a traffic is building more taillights and the westbound direction weather is mild. we will be right back.
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a.m. top story, a man is in the hospital with serious burns after his house destroyed by a gas explosion you can see some of the damage. the fire was out by the time firefighters arrived in denver or clause 9. the man who was inside was on fire reemerged, will have the latest from. $6 billion deficit for this year, he has a plan to fix that the governor's plan would save $10 billion over the next two years although would mean big changes, it includes cuts to health care, ending state-supported truck care and putting a stop to the state's welfare to work program. the cuts are necessary. >> making any amount of cuts now is the responsible thing to do, and the governor would call for a special session in now. any governor tried to make cuts because
5:17 am
the sooner we make them the better it is. time and time again failing to act in a timely manner makes the crumbs work and the cuts more info. about a month left in office. the commission is calling for more of a state siddons online crosses and 3 year college trees to deal with the budget crunch. the commission on the future looked at ways that the interest aken address rising costs and the government support. well for failing its educational goals, the report says if you seize finances worsen university should consider cutting a rahman, raising tuition and reducing financial aid. university of california workers are planning rallies across state today as uc regents plan to vote on sweeping reductions to retiree health-care benefits they contend the
5:18 am
proposal think that low income workers and embrace. rallies are scheduled to uc- berkeley, santa cruz. the morning louisa periods beat the morning james, outside rain now conditions of the bay bridge, and the right is san francisco the sharks are dry. current to stay dry that the day today. that is another rain sets in late tonight, early tomorrow, we are dealing with just a few cross streaming into the area, a bit of morning fog up and to the north bay south bay, in the clear. 45 to san s.a., 62 by noontime high temperature getting into the mid '60s, back down to 50 by 8:00. you can see red on to the north bay less than a quarter mile visibility for sandra's. patchy fog up to the napa
5:19 am
valley visibility to-5 mi.. elsewhere, in the clear, strong tracker showing us there is simmering to the northwest this marriage should stay for most of the day today. late tonight or early tomorrow or expecting rain to drop-in from the north and is quite a bit of what weather for tomorrow. timeline, said for 5:00 showing a simmering to the north bay, really strong enough in the north bay. everybody does stand a chance for some rain, a downtown san francisco, east bay picking operator around 10:00-eleven o'clock. keeping it in the afternoon into the evening as well the chance of rain continues into early thursday morning. more showers on thursday, a chance of rain on friday. this is the weekend that brings is present conditions drying out, warming up. temperatures in the '70s. erica. >> no slowdowns to tell you
5:20 am
about still enjoying this has come easy driving conditions around the bay area westbound 80 note rooms, you can see traffic is flowing freely from aldrich's. the shore freeway, in the grain westbound 80 as is not bad 800. leading lights are still cycle of all lanes are open along the upper deck. san mateo, westbound, east bound good to go no proms to report easy roll into foster city or hayward not tracking any back up at the toll plaza drive times our standard 13-14 minutes between 80 and 101. live look from burlingame, north handsets headed toward san francisco just pass the broadway exit no problems to report traffic moving at the limit, only problem that has clear that since, southbound 680, right after 24 to stock market cycle in the center
5:21 am
california highway patrol just ran a traffic rate to clear to the right note rose to report here, we are in the green. public transportation still looks good no problems to report. james. >> thank you, another developing story mount diablo school district is considering school closures to deal the budget shortfall one-third of the 45 district schools could be closed kron4 as jonathan bloom went to a meeting last night where the idea was met with opposition as you may imagine from parents. >> hearing concord the mat at loews could restrict as to find a way to save 15 $5 million. for some harassed during that are not happy there even less happy about proposal that some high schools could serve grade 6 through 12. sixth graders would be in the same as last rows graders. another option) and scatter them to surrounding the districts as
5:22 am
they have to do that to keep offering the programs they offer and do with less cost. due to state funding that is dropped due to declining enrollment. they're allowed to vote on which schools to close. >> it could soon cost you more to take a taxi home from san francisco international airport all taxi rides from sfo was across at least $17 under new proposal for a minimum fair standards believe it should be more. they will vote on whether to drop in the world extended program for tax the jurors returned in less than 30 minutes instead impose a flat for a dollar free and unfair for all drivers system is viewed as unsafe. we'll take a quick break, more headlines, here's a live look at the james lick traffic is on the light side because you had in that is san francisco. will your back.
5:23 am
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5:26 am
and we're but, florida is in for a cold snap temperatures across the sunshine state or dipping today as the cold front moves the that area forecasters are saying los will hover around freezing this morning in the panhandle and in the 40's and 50's throughout southern florida record those are expected as we had today into to morning. temperatures getting down to the '30's for southern florida awfully cold there. simply look at the radar, a whole lot of snow activity there from new york all the way at the great lakes into the main strong winds and heavy storm the get tough to get around in northern new york. those brave enough to go sat facing strong winds even truck drivers say that
5:27 am
the temperatures are so cold there brake lines are freezing. snow is expected in the buffalo area all week long. for significant snowfall from incoming students around and got the day off from school because of several inches that fell. you can see the kids are running a tough time dealing with not being in school all they can do is go outside and play red in the snow school is back in session today. the launch of a new private spacecraft has been delayed space eggs had been named for a test flight this morning from cape canaveral. but the company says there's a crack in part of the rocket engines so launches off until there's day will be the first launched under a nasa program that gets supplies to the international space station using private companies like this one. the rocket will have a test capsule on top, and if all
5:28 am
goes well at the coast of california. spaceman's x was started by a paper route and as the founders. we will taking another break, let's go outside another live look this morning san mateo beginning to build still moving at the limit. we'll be right back.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5 there the a.m., a developing story, and the east oakland amanda's in the
5:31 am
hospital less serious burns from a national gas explosion you can see where it's located happened in a duplex in east oakland at 87 avenue. 80 percent of the man's body burned kron4 swelter and is live at the scene with the latest. >> good morning james, it took place in o'clock last night, which carry the home yellow tape ran in front of it the upper floor fell on to the bottom floor looks like it damaged the car partially this, is not global the explosion or so big that it knocked out windows to the building rain next to it you can see the bernard of that place the occupants are out and temporary housing. pg&e said last night after the fire was put out and it was safe but they said in their experts who went around the building, they went around they're using their gas detection machinery all of
5:32 am
their tools they say they did not detect any gas leaks on the outside which leads them to believe something happened on the inside just speculating at this point. we ask, miniature it could be something the store was on, the pilot was not lead. this will be handled by the oakland police department so it is under their jurisdiction. according to pg&e they believe it has nothing to do with them at this point there's nothing to merit as to the san bruno excursion and that building some of the act offends their wager sure to they're gone but even their homes directly in front of the hundreds of hymie couple of people worry heading to work, they were not affected they did say was very loud. >> thank you, mill will mention san bruno, tonight in san bruno there's a form to discuss grass transmission line safety and
5:33 am
pipeline pressure issues it comes in the aftermath of the september after riot that killed eight people destroying 37 homes several officials will attend that meeting. there will also be a chairman of the commerce committee. also this morning wikileaks founder was arrested this morning by british police after surrendering in lending. he's wanted in sweden on sex crimes charges. expected to make a court appearance today. >> he will appear in front of the magistrate court to respond to this restaurant he will then have roughly 21 minutes to hear this case, decide whether not he will be extradited. fairly simple process in the sense that it's called a european or restaurant. is there to
5:34 am
allow european states to cooperate in a much more efficient and effective way when in fact the state sweden places an arrest warrant for an individual in will be a fairly straight file process he will be with to appeal of you wants. he will probably be placed for some type of sale. species been hiding and in britain since wikileaks began releasing hundreds as secret cables. he has called the molestation allegations against them a smear campaign we will sue happens. >> 534, we are starting off dry this morning we should stay dry for most of the day to day light chance of showers. late tonight early tomorrow, this morning we're
5:35 am
really dealing with is the morning fog up to the north bay for places like santa rosa, we are expected to stay dry for most of the day. here's a look at where the visibility's r at into santa rosa visibility is less than a mile. visibility towards two-5 mi. elsewhere is ok. satellite, radar quite a bit of moisture in the northwestern portion of the state. behind that, another system expected to drop in from the north of bringing us some rain in looks like we will see that wet weather continues radon through a good portion of the rest of the workweek. future cast four, 5:00 in the morning a few sprinkles on to the north bay. santa rosa spreading south toward downtown to downtown san
5:36 am
francisco by about 7:00. heavier downpours reruns san rafael. on your wednesday, at best chance of rain continued in the north bay continue to keep their showers in the picture by thursday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares is so showers for the north bay. sunshine, it temperatures getting up into the '70s. erica. >> potential hot spot was down 92 your crush the san mateo bridge, one car crashed it went off the road into a ditch, but as your verse in the conditions. of course will have much more information in our next report period of the amount
5:37 am
of the hot spots to contend with the conditions westbound eight singles. heading over to cross town freeways, no problems here those headlights headed southbound your ride from the 101 towards the san francisco airport in and a pretty easy 14 minutes and your credit the lower deck east bound 80 you'll run into any delays, at the maps, coming out of novato you can see green on our maps indicating speeds well above 50 mi. per hour tops speeds making their way of novato high 60s nice, easy conditions. if your continuing on to the golden gate drive times for novato into 23 minutes. a stain,
5:38 am
are coming muni running on time. james. >> president barack obama has reached a deal with republicans to extend those tax cuts the compromise came despite the 2008 campaign promise to let them expire. obama it knowledge. >> i'm not willing to let our economy slid backwards just as you're pulling ourselves at of this devastating transmission. i'm not willing to see 2 million americans stand to lose unemployment insurance be put in a situation where they may lose their homes, cars or suffer additional catastrophe. to those who prefer a fight over compromise, as much as the political wisdom may dictate fighting over solving problems it would be the wrong thing to do.
5:39 am
>> the president says allowing those tax cuts to expire while the unemployment rate stands at 920% would be a chilling prospect. the deal would bring in the jobless benefits for long-term unemployment the democrats have been pushing for. a possible replacement for mayor gavin newsom, talking about it today at least one name has been circulating, it is assemblymen and former superman, luciano. he said there is no way that he will accept the appointment. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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542, the next generation of google funds promised to do
5:43 am
more than to do more of their standard shorefront in it is to be a phone, computer, a gaming system the nexus-ups will function as a credit card. the new software could soon allowed to go to the day just by touching their from pro from. it is built by samsung, it will go on sale december 16th. meanwhile at&t the service provider for the iphone was rated the worst carrier by a new consumer reports survey more than one half of the survey respondents use at&t and some version of the i phone. sprint and rising tide for the top spot in overall satisfaction. we're going to take another break, awful good to forecaster only come back. rain on the way for this week.
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5:47 am
hospital with serious burns after his house was destroyed by gas explosions. they're put out by the time firefighters arrived in the p.m. witnesses say the man was on fire when he left his house. wikileaks founder has surrendered to police in london. he is wanted in sweden where they're investigating rape and sexual molestation. authorities have pushed your into financial squeeze while hackers have attacked his website. his lawyer claims this is prosecution is being manipulated for political reasons. elizabeth edwards is losing her battle against breast cancer. she has been advised to discontinue treatment she has gathered at her home in north carolina her estranged husband has been her by her side. >> time rain now, 547, we're
5:48 am
starting off with some cloud cover even a little bit of thought to the north bay, we're dry for now. 38 degrees, jumping up to 62. back down to 54 by o'clock. here's where the fog is. nestled into the north bay looking at visibility at a mile. it has actually improved somewhat elsewhere. the satellite, radar shows as what's going on a system just pulling into that moisture. were dealing with this some hardcover inter area so we do have a system expected to drop down from the north late tonight or early tomorrow morning. expected to bring is a quite a bit of wet weather as we had been to tomorrow. here
5:49 am
is a look at future cast, 5:00 a few raindrops to the north bay, seminars, petaluma. we eventually seeing some moderate downpour's that's what this yellow indicates 10:00, we could see some heavier rain around san rafael reason chars in to san francisco, east bay, we will keep a chance of showers and the picture for a good portion of the day in the afternoon, evening best chance for some heavier rain being in the north bay. we will continue to see showers and your thursday as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. chang is rain for wednesday, shares on thursday chants' continues a trend is well. weekend shaping up to be nice, lots of sunshine and temperatures in the '70s. they're good periods beat san mateo bridge, 92 right before the toll plaza there's a hot spot. a car went into the
5:50 am
roadway did not blocking any lanes fire crews are blocking the right hand lane. we do have california highway patrol and emergency crews on the scene, not producing much in the way the back arches yet, no way that the pay date. what to make your way onto the bridge moving at the limits. if you're heading to the bay bridge toll plaza still don't have an accident or incidents to report clear conditions for all purchases. you may run into some slowing a long the short as you make your way to albany and berkeley. other than that other approaches look good. metering lights are still cycle of, what you make your way through the pages of the incline and eskers you'll run into any problems as traffic is moving at top speeds. going to the south bay, north, south right near term but they cruz, traffic is building is on our last report, pretty easy conditions, tracking a small weight on the 87
5:51 am
interchange drive times our standard 14 minutes from san jose as you make your way toward santa clara. the only real slow spot we have is here westbound highway 4 at of antioch, in the yellow indicating speeds averaging in 30 mi. per hour. they're right clears up at pittsburgh. public transportation looks good no promise to report running on time. james. >> thank you, , world headlines, a suicide bomber attacked a convoy carrying a top official in pakistan injuring nine people. leaving the chief minister on her. he and detonated his explosives as they made their way through the area. five were hurt. the explosion also injured for pedestrians no group has claimed response ability for the attack. a suspect in the murder of a swedish woman honeymooning in cape town said africa has implicated her present husband. details
5:52 am
from the agreement says her husband paid to have to his wife killed. he has denied any involvement in his wife's murder in interviews given to the british press. south korea's president is about to turn by violence near the border with north korea into military fortresses. that allows civilian residents to continue living there no. 3 and artillery attack last month on one of those islands left for dead and reduce many homes and jobs trouble. we'll take a break, by 50 2:00 a.m. let's go to our roof top kerman san francisco, transamerica building, mild start to this tuesday but though today will be dry it still will be a wet week warner forecaster the morning. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:53 am
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at&t. rethink possible. and lee m. bass here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. .com day-to-day mild temperatures in the mid-60s to ma the rain is
5:56 am
back, friday tapers off saving some tyrannize begins saturday, sunday march sunshine and warmer temperatures getting at your 70. it is cold, especially if you're a long east coast. we put together a graphic to show you what a high was in some of these laxities and how far below it should becities, it's 13 beln minneapolis, said there cruz, 26, 13 below, atlanta 40 degrees at 17 degrees below what they normally would get. the has been cold no doubt about it. 7 the airports dealing with the effect of snowfall delaying fights. in the bay area masons on union square has fired san debt. jan to me who played santa for 20 years was told he is no longer needed because an adult couple complained
5:57 am
about his jokes. he asked all their people to sit on his lap if they've been good this david suggests he says g. that's too bad. did they ask him why? he says it's because he knows from the naughty boys and girls live. he says he doesn't make this kind of jokes to kids just says that the interaction with adults. estacio macy's to reconsider a this point they will not comment. we'll take our break, here's a look at the james lick for you will only go. sure you traffic in san francisco building those headlights headed cells, 49 degrees in the city getting up to a low 60s this afternoon. we will be right
5:58 am
5:59 am
but high, 6:00 a.m. kron 4 and any unused path stories a man in the hospital with serious burns after this home


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