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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  December 7, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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on the cayces the gentleman that was detained at the right age on east 18th street this morning. his name is lucille rivera- avila a, the common bay, al, a his date of birth is june 7th of 1959. he's in el salvador and mail it's our understanding from talking to him that he is in this country legally he's originally from el salvador and been here these 20 years. i believe he's here on here up on some sort of these i'm not a hundred percent clear what the status of this and to my knowledge we haven't talked ice yet regarding that
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issue. currently he is a brentwood resident residing in a and residential units and rent what i did not have the address at this time were not releasing it. the facts of the initial case i think are out there pretty thoroughly unless somebody needs to and not going to go over those again early on in this investigation the subject was identified as a person of interest well before he was detained based on information that we learned from a location that the victim frequented in downtown antioch this person was somebody who is familiar to the victim we are still looking into what constituted that relationship and how long the duration was from what we've been able to gather the back down and the suspect met earlier in the
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evening they were in the vehicle together and drove to the which led to the death of the victim. the act which was perpetrated on the victim was clearly intentional we do have video that we were able to gather from local business there. that clearly demonstrates it was intentional the victim appears to be initially run over. she accepts the vehicle. then he could see the dispute happening looks like sulphur property is being boulders from the vehicle. so she separates from the vehicle the vehicle backs up accelerates quickly hit the victim very hard with a friend and not the victim down. the vehicle
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proceeds through the parking lot and appears the victim is under the vehicle for some time. we do have a confession from the suspect, has made some statements tried to mitigate his culpability on this issue. relative to whether this was an accident or on purpose. we're not going to release the video. it's our concern isn't that it's of such a nature that if its release to the media that he probably will be able to be tried in this county. it's pretty extreme issues with that in our opinion at this time. at the very least we want the d.a.'s office to have an opportunity to review the case video and other evidence and decide what they want to do with the video. we have searched
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the suspect's home in brentwood at this time there does not appear to be tenace significant direct evidence to this case there are some other concerns we did a cover fire arm there when the suspect was convicted of a felony and assault with a deadly weapon in that case was a fire arm in san francisco county in june of 1994. was convicted of a felony given three years' probation and 36 days in jail. the original rest on that case occurred in may of '94 from what we can determine and he was originally arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment, and domestic battery. we will be obtained in that case in reviewing and seeing if there's any sort of problems there. the suspect in the case will be booked for
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murder he still here are jail he will be moved to the contra costa county jail in martinez later tonight and vote to there. the vehicle we did see this is the correct vehicle that was used in this crime. any questions? >> a couple of very observant detectives when. >> please officials they're acknowledging that a suspect is now custody for a warning incident where a woman was dragged to her death in antioch. the suspect and victim knew one another this was not considered a random act. please have video from a local business is showing what happened. to say the suspect has an effect confessed to the crime. will follow the developments as they unfold. a san francisco
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man pleaded not guilty in a san jose superior court today to assault charges for allegedly been beating up the jesuits breeze. the man is accusing the priest of molesting him 35 years ago. if william lynch plans to go to court to defend himself. as greg shows us the plans to use the court room as a way to air his grievances against the priest and a public setting. >> his attorney said the assault charges stemming from alleged attack at the jesuits center's loss got as last spring is a way to go into detail about lynch said was sexual abuse when he was a boy in the '70s to >> read planned to go to trial mr. lynch said from the beginning he was resolute on the case he determined to have the facts come out and he will go all the way a trial. mr. lynch will take the stand and testify and you get to your we ask this is >> a. this is a case about the assault, he committed. what happened in his past as something that happened and is passed it's important to keep the focus on the fact
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that this case is about the assault against the victims >>. legal experts say 65 year-old linda may be reluctant to take the stand and address the sexual assault charges. it may be required. in san jose kron 4 news >>. any report shows california public high school students are graduating at higher rates. but, more students are also dropping out about 70% of public-school students graduated from high school in 2008, two dozen that school year that's up from 68.5% the previous year. meanwhile though, the four year dropout rate for the school year is 21.7% and that is that for the previous year's 18.9% 3 drop out rates for african- americans seem to be the highest at 36.9 percent, hispanic students followed at 26.9%. you must do and still fall behind their international peers in the major educational subjects. the education secretary said
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u.s. students' right 14th and reading, 17th in science and 25th half. with 34 country for those results. >> a live look inside for montana cam it turned pretty dark here with the cloud cover rolling and forcing clouds burst to the north bay but not quite out of the south bay yet. storm tracker 4 radar the leading edge over storm stalled over the west coast we of rain to the north of us but hasn't been to the bay area yet. we are seeing increasing clout over to the north and now south of the golden gate but still pretty clear down in san jose. our current condition still on the warmer side but temperatures are going to be falling off in the south bay and everywhere here. 55 half moon bay 55 oakland, 60 in antioch. this evening into tomorrow. increasing cloud cover this evening as the storm pushes through the coast. the rain will start the north at about 5:00 a.m.
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tomorrow morning so will pushed out at 7:00 a.m.. at 3:00 p.m. it will break apart and scattered showers. it will tie up on future cast coming up a bit. >> california news a group of parents and content are the first to use the state's new pair trigger lock that's what the college. they're demanding a change at a filling elementary school. they presented a petition signed by 61 percent of parents it at mckinley elementary asking that you run it as a charter school. the san diego will front pack with a whole lot of explosives they will set on fire thursday, investigators have recovered and detonated nearly 9 lbs. of bombs from the hall. this is too dangerous to go in there right now and there's no point in trying to keep it standing. the home waters pleaded not guilty to charges of making destructive devices. an investigation into a firefighting helicopter crash that killed nine people back in 2008, is playing the finger at to government agencies that federal regulators say the
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faa and the far force service missed opportunities to uncover problems. the chopper was assisting in a firefight that was august of 2008. it crashed on takeoff. it was more than a thousand pounds overweight at the time. stay with us will be back after this break.
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baja who were offended by joke has been telling adults for years. according to john finn minute to the headquarters and york or the decision was made to let him go. >> hold people, and just laugh. of course and his first blunder i think of this year they said hey yes
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and said will that's too bad. at that point you know why santa so happy in jolly all the time? it's because he knows world the naughty girls and boys live. >> the owners stepped in today and offered sent to john f. job at his place to help with the annual toy drive ended fact many people of contacted macy's asking that santa john be reinstated at the store. san francisco giants' season- ticket holders are cashing in on their chance to oppose what the world series trophy on reporter kimberly has a look at some other photos. >> it took pictures yesterday here's one of the my law that because it as is holding his hands to his eyes and imagine him saying this is this the best i've seen a long time. what's really a family event you could see here to fathers with their son standing around the trophy. nearly 12,000 season-ticket holders
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have signed up for time slots for the next couple days they're going to get to see the trophy will also get a free snapshot with said. a little trivia and 20 lbs. of sterling silver it's made by tiffany and co now fans will be able to touch the trophy but for all this not season- ticket holders like me if you will be able to get to see it. this is the trophy will be on display to the general public at some point in time. with opportunities for those fans to get up close and personal with the trophy. stay with us for days after the break. [ bell rings ]
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phone ford is selling for $150. on top of the $50 off their offering a traded discount. to bring your existing smart phone you get an additional amount of money off your rifle purchase. they're giving up $225 off depending on the condition of the fall in your trading in. if you of the smart phone in good condition to trading, that means you to walk out of our radio shack with a phone for for just $25. this promotion runs through this saturday and then it's over. i like to also look like so if you knew i phone 4 get to write a check now. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> rain is on the way i look at storm tracker 4 radar increasing cloud cover through the north bay but rain stand up to the north of us. it is quite a push it over night tonight into tomorrow morning. leading into the storm has stalled over the west coast were seeing plenty of rain up in oregon, washington and even northern california. it has
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not moved into the bay area yet. the storm sitting off shore right now let's go ahead and take a look or that's when a portion. more morning rain moving into the north bit 6:00. processing areas of heavier rate approaching santa rosa and this does look aggressive to start. this band of warm water rain watch as it breaks apart as the storm pushes down to the south. the 11:00 hour were still some pockets of heavy rain mostly offshore. pushing into the golden gate in the early afternoon but then getting a little later. some light chores and to the 2:00 hour the shares will become scattered as we head into the evening and taper off until early thursday morning. rainfall totals look up to three-quarters of an inch in the north bay. a third of an inch in the central they say not much in the south bay just because again the rain will break apart as it heads down to the south light rain expected if any doubt in the south bay. let's get a look at the tahoe forecasts were expecting a little bit of
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the snow there really isn't a cold stormy see here of the mix of rain is falling are rain and snow mixed temperatures in the afternoon just to warm to see that snow in the valley floor. the snow valley is 7 300 ft. expect the into the snow when we had to the next three days. the best chance will be early thursday morning. and again thursday night a look pitcher kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast. it ran out there tomorrow a chance of some light showers thursday to friday but they will be scattered at best. temperatures warmer toward the end of the week and a special into the end of the week. mild conditions expected sunday into start next week we get to keep those nice conditions rejected as well. >> today marks the 69th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. nearly hundred survivors gathered at the beach remember those who were killed. it is held across the harbor from the uss.
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nearly 1000 sailors and marines are still entombed there. the u.s. involvement in world war two and resulted in the internment of 110,000 japanese americans. a look outside at traffic again on this tuesday you could see things in san francisco not much better than our last check. the top of your screen traffic on headed headed toward the lower deck of the bay bridge just of crop. the bottom of your screen south on 101 for the peninsula also moving quite slow. it will be back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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stands at a tuesday were not happy when a singer flub the national anthem twice. internet reporter kimberly shows us what happened. >> singer of the lead band played countless places. he just couldn't get the national anthem right. take a lot. >> wheas he tried mess that,
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try again still messed up for those paying attention in the next line who brought stripes and bright stars not and the rockets' red glare the fans kept going and going and eventually they did share when he finished singing. >> new tonight at 5:00 at the present cuts a deal with the gop, the payroll tax break if you will soon seen it and why it not everyone is happy about it. economic fallout the signs of recovery in california and why it's not all good news in the golden state. the what of the future. the new trend the changing how you use the internet whic.
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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00. >> the compromise on capitol hill, the president deems it necessary. republicans across the aisle supported. however, democrats may only agree against the well. >> i can't imagine the president leading the country in that direction. >> what the republicans had to give up to make it happen, how the compromise will affect your taxes. working americans will get $120 billion payroll tax break next year, not working americans will get an extension on their unemployment benefits and wealthy americans will get to keep their bush tax breaks. but president barack obama defended his compromise with the republicans today s


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