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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  December 7, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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at risk of becoming collateral damage in a partisan political >> world> and focused on making sure that tens of millions of hard-working americans, are not seen their paychecks shrank on january 1st just because the folks here in washington are busy trying to score political >> points> the president has rolled over on what was one of his most consistent promises. i want to roll back the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, the wealthiest americans, mr. roh, said he has not changed his mind but a deadlock on capitol hill would hurt everyone. >> as sympathetic as i am to those who prefer a fight over compromise, as much as the political wisdom may dictate hiding over solving problems it would be the wrong thing to do. >> here the main points and how you might be affected. first the worst tax cuts would be continued for everyone without a compromise the average family taxes would jump by
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almost $3,000 in january. second, jobless benefits will be extended at their current levels or another 13 weeks otherwise, some 2 million people would lose some starting this month. i surprised of the deal i year long holiday on payroll taxes. those little bites taken out of your take-home that pay for medicare and social security. if you earn $40,000 a year that means an extra $800 in your pocket, $1,400 for people making 16,0002100 is a maximum for those making 106,000 or more. the compromise would add another night after billion dollars to the deficit but, many economists say the extra pocket money could speed a recovery from the recession. mixed emotions on capitol hill over today's tax deal. >> i'm very hopeful and optimistic that a large majority of members of the
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republican conference will find this proposal more supportive. >> we want to do what's best for the american people and it's a moral outrage that the republican party at a time when the middle class is collapsing, the republican party is holding hostage millions of americans who desperately need an extension in unemployment compensation, and their tax breaks. >> a new poll shows america as the right now over the president's tax deal with the gop. 52 percent said it elected deal while 48 percent say they approve of the plan. the hard-hit california economy may be showing signs of recovery. a new report by chapman university in georgia counties says, if the state job market is slowly improving but, not the real estate market. kron 4 vicki has more >>. it's been a rough decade for the golden state we recovered from the high-tech bus only to be hit by the
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national recession. the cost the state nearly one and a half million jobs. the good news is here at the end, since the beginning of the year california has added jobs only about 47,000 of them, the jet the report says 167,000 jobs will be added next year. as for housing the forecast is weak at best. the chopin reports that home prices will rise only moderately next year for relatively expensive homes prices may continue to fall. vicki kron 4 news. >> when a plan it fell in more than half of the nation's largest cities in october but, while it's good news overall its still not great news for california. reported jobless rate to 15 percent or higher rate of that are in california over all the bay area had the second-largest loss in jobs and october losing 33,000 jobs right behind chicago.
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we are learning new details about that fatal hit-and-run accident were the victim was dragged to her death. it happened on kabyle rhoden and yet this morning. contra costa county is now identified the victim as 47 year-old shelley baker of antioch. security video from a neighboring business was rolling when that hit and captured the incident. to the business owner describes what he saw. >> i saudis on truck pulled up to the parking lot budget you got out of the truck, there are doing right here, you can see the lady being pushed around and then the guy he went back to his truck got it is truck and backed up and took the lady head on straight on. he dragged her to the street. >> the victim died of a local hospital from or in trees. kron 4 is live in antioch were news conference is just wrapping up. >> that's right pam the just
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wrapped up a pet press conference for the and that's the rest of 51 year- old lucille rivera a brooklyn resident who they say is responsible for this fatal hit-and-run on cavallo road. were vero became a suspect early on in the investigation and the got information on his whereabouts which was about five blocks away for the crime occurred. he was taken into custody. and yet police investigators say rivera and the victim were acquaintances at least for a short time and that he did confess to the crime. at the antioch police headquarters kron 4 news. >> an oakland man is in critical condition with burns over 80 percent of his body after explosion at his home in oakland last night. witnesses say they saw the second floor of this building exploded with the force so strong that the windows of the surrounding buildings were some shattered. pg&e said the explosion was not caused by
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the leaks from their parts leading to the building. the fire department said the explosion was probably ignited from within the building renovation work was being done. a neighbor who witnessed the blast was one of the first on the scene to help the >> are. i saw the explosion gobo. i jumped in my truck i heard someone down there hollering i brought a blanket credit for her and we ran back and put on top of them and patted him down he was burning. he was born in really bad he was in no way, help me, help me. he was really burning it was incredible to see someone born like that. >> leon spencer the man was injured remains in stable condition at st. francis hospital burn center. >> clouds continue to push into the bay area as a storm approaches we are seeing was the cloudy skies in the north bay. the clouds began
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to read to the south bay. rain sing off shore up to the north but it will be pushing in over night tonight into tomorrow morning. this evening a increasing cloud cover for the rest of the bay area, the rain expected to start at 5:00 a.m. in the north bay so pushing south and to the 7:00 hour. and to the 3:00 hour the rain breaks apart so heavily bring scattered showers. will check it out on future cast and look to church at a forecast coming up in a bet. >> elizabeth edwards has died the estranged wife of former democratic presidential candidate john edwards. it should in fighting breast cancer four years monday her family announced that elizabeth had been taken up treatment doctors indicated at that point yet a short time to live. john and elizabeth had split after was revealed that john edwards had a mistress. when she died in her north carolina hall were told she was surrounded by her family, john edwards was there. she wanted him there to be support for the children. elizabeth edwards was 61 years old. new
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tonight at 5:00 at 5:15 p.m. the future of the web at the new operating system that could change how you use the internet. at 5:45 p.m. the trouble the new rating sfo caught that nobody wants and what it means for you next flight. at 5:40 p.m. santa claus can, when macy's says it no longer work with the san tell us why so many are standing behind him. coming up. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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a status of the men has proposed a bill at preventing pipeline explosions like the one that exploded and killed eight people in san bruno. the bill introduced by jerry hill would require utilities to share their emergency plans with authorities. it would have to prioritize lines cluster earthquakes and other dangerous areas. legislators are meeting tonight and kron 4 jonathan lomas live with a look at ted kennedy meeting.
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>> i have your hand a copy of that bill you're talking about by assembly member and if that to jerry hill is the one who's chairing the meeting. they got together four groups of people, first of all the people in san bruno and the people and politicians of sacramento that are making legislation like this bill to keep explosions from happening again. if state regulators and finally pg&e. the open by burning the groups together they can get the public questions about what will happen in the winter months when pg&e said it was to turn the pressure back on those gas lines. the gas lines that the one that exploded here in several back in september. some some members is spoke to said they're not convinced that pg&e is doing everything they can to run out the cause of this explosion and it sure doesn't happen again. as a lineman tom said he is very a great >> hurry here's what you told us> when the angry guy, and i wondering why
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this happened, my gut tells me it could be prevented. there's a lot of cavalier response to the torture and the misery. that negligence and tried to make a bigger profit in my books and necessary. it's led to this disaster. were experiencing gas explosions continue leading california versus what oakland today and it has to stop. >> you may remember congress woman jockey is proposing similar legislation to jerry hills built about she's proposing that the federal level. that would require more accountability on the part of public utilities and prioritize areas that approach to earthquake on the upgrade of pledge retrofitting the with the automatic or remote shut off valve. press conferences wrapped up in the form is getting away so will be left with an update and a little bit. 11 san bruno kron 4 news. >> increasing klutzes
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evening over the bay area rain is on the way tomorrow. it will cut out on future cast and look at rainfall totals coming up a few minutes to >> a live look upset at traffic on the james lick and severed his good 80101 split talents are heading toward the lower deck of the bay bridge barely moving. bottom of your screen headlights of about 1 01 moving slowly as well. will headlights of about 1 01 moving slowly as well. will be back. [ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience the next generation of television service? at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before at a really great price. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $39 a month for six months, dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. u-verse tv lets you record and play back your favorite shows
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the founder of wikileaks has been arrested. has the rest is not connected to the political scandal today in london he was sent to jail he is being held in custody while a london court decides if you will be extradited to sweden. the judge would not allow him out as the fear he would leave country before the court makes its decision. his suspected of rape and molestation charges and sweden. his lawyer says this is just as mayor
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campaign. >> i think chile and a staunch will be set free fall laws are follow. the prosecutor wants him to be arrested because he didn't participate in interrogation but once the interrogation is taking place there won't be any more reasons to keep them they should be set free. >> a hearing will be held next week. local ceo eric schmidt took the stage at a news conference this afternoon to show off what they think will be the future of the web. gabe slate was there and shows us the next big thing for the >> >> google has launched the web store. it offers applications for your computer. smart phones have become very popular all of us have that friend is always a look of this new application i got. can be a little annoying but anyway if you have an i phone, i pad or another smart phone he most likely download news application. google thinks applications are the future
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of how we serfin use the web from a desktop computer. the global web stores that they endured marketplace for android smart phones or apples ought store for the i phone, i pad touch or i pad. you can download and install perhaps that will live on your computer any time you want to use some the new york times has that, amazon has a app, sports illustrated and the will be a lot of games. games played off application format rather than offer web site will be faster when flag under the most cuter. it was better graphics. just like the smart phone not stores some maps are free and some will cost money. let's face it apps have taken over a world apple changed everything with the i phone in that store. people love cops. google was to bring the application idea into the desktop computer world. it's a good idea applications are a lot cleaner, easier just overall
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similar to look at and use the most websites. the go web store will for now only work with go-go's web browser from. in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news. >> and features are being added to microsoft internet explorer browser all to help protect users' privacy online. try to that reporter kimberly tells us how the features work. >> much as last week the federal trade commissioner called for companies to add do not truck features to the web browser. today microsoft said that adding tracking protection feature to the new internet site explorer. that would give users the decision to turn off those tracking features to stop advertisers and certain companies from keeping track of what they do, how they surf the web. microsoft said these tracking features and do not call us which lets people who opt out of those
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unsolicited calls by telemarketers microsoft internet not explorer and those features will launch sometime next year. >> things are starting to cool as clouds pushing in temperatures in the '50s. 54 half moon bay, 55 san fog, if not a loss gatos. he conceded clouds pushing and + read offshore to the north. will see increasing cloud cover down to the south bay. the leading edge of the storm stalled over the west coast. the storm is very well defined off shore hear plenty of moisture in this rob brown leading edge. as we head into the overnight our. at 6:00 or seeing showers for most of the north and south of the golden gate. we have a very of heavier rain pushing it a little bit this band of moderate rainfall through
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petaluma. watch as it breaks apart and pushes down to the south. he still see is all that's moderate pushing toward the golden gate at about noon. conditions turning shower at 2:00 widespread light showers that is. we start to see scattered showers in the evening on wednesday taper off into the overnight hours on thursday. it is possible will see a few lingering cells into thursday. ipart of an inch of rain eacrain in key central bank, '80s and a hotly any in the south bay. kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay run the forecast rain out there tomorrow. a chance of a lingering showers into thursday and even friday but notice temperatures will get warmer as we head into the weekend. when is we got on top while conditions in the mid to upper 60s plenty of sunshine and will keep the weather into the next week.
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>> a live look at tuesday traffic on the golden gate bridge and you could see traffic moving medium speed north and south on right now as we approach 5:30 p.m. to rea
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the dow ended the day down 3 at 11,003 and 59. it's a dubious if not exactly new distinction for san francisco international airport. sfo ranks dead last in on-time arrivals of all the major airports across the country and the department of transportation study finds 72 percent of flights cuts down on time in the first nine months of the year. airport officials blame the weather.
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>> we had the cool summer on record a lot of fog and overcast skies as a result we could use both the arrival runways. for most of the summer. >> the two rival runways are 750 ft. apart from centerline to such a lot. where visibility is low what are the other is shut down until the weather improves. karen says the airport is working with the airlines to try and meet the schedules at peak hours. that is helping some. newer plants respect of the crown for three hours in the months of october. it is the first month without come back delays since the government started collecting data in 2008. the transportation department said the shows that the role that threatens huge fines along the way it's working. >> a live look aside over
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downtown san francisco increasing clouds and rain on the way it will take a look at what's on the way coming up. >>
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