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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 8, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> approval approvaand in this e prepared as a step but said the door this morning he will certainly need your windshield wipers. it will close a look at the peninsula, a downtown san francisco, said at the palo alto also picking up rain drops through the east gate. up to the north, that sort dealing with the heavier
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rain. san rafael, novato heavier downpour as also to santa rosa. it also ended and the napa valley. current temperatures, 50s warmer than yesterday. also into oakland in the fifties. forties' do santa rosa. take it to the morning, expect to see that rain last for a good portion backed by 7:00 a.m. still see the heavier rain to the north bay. showers down into the south bay as well. 8:00, same story, later rain. heavier to the north. 9:00, showers led up to the east bay. afternoon, another round of wet weather. to this of moderate downpours. downtown san francisco, san rafael as
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we head into 3-4:00, it will start to taper off in terms of the strength of it. looks like we'll just see some light showers heading towards the evening. wet weather expected to continue for a good portion of the day. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showers continuing to tomorrow especially the early morning hours as the system stays around. friday, another chance but it's the weekend that brings as the warmer temperature mid-70s for sunday and monday. erica. >> good morning, incidents free, and a promise to report to is nice and easy conditions. just a couple of cars and camera shot heading into san francisco no weight at the pay gates meeting lights are off. san mateo, no drums to report, lots of space between cars no problems in either direction of '92 no way that the pay gate. no trouble getting to
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the bridge, 80, 101 are clear. golden gate, nice, light, slicks of the roadways and you may want to watch your speeds. the entire ride along southbound 101 is in the green. >> s, light conditions the esker, traffic is moving at the limit, drive times estacio golden gate fields these differences goal now is coming easy 60 manager. james. >> thank you, , new details the man who crashed a stolen car into bart police officer will running from deputies after ramming their car is being held on parole violation. share sank 23 year-old danon davis could face charges of assaulting a police officer, and invasion for the incident on sunday for now he's being held for violating parole. officers tried to stop him for driving a vehicle reported stolen from a bart station,
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the kids going in ran into a deputy's car before fleeing he then hit a bart officer's car. the officer was taken to the hospital no word on condition. >> new details about the violence is gate of an inmate he's scheduled to be arranging court today we now know the counts he will face. pam moore has more. >> to the santa cruz county d.a.'s office is seeking 29 or lockouts against maurice and they included at the murder from escape by force or violence. several counts of assault and battery removing a firearm assault with a stun gun resisting a police officer and second- degree burglary several degrees of false imprisonment kidnapping, carjacking. all of those are connected to the day police say he attacked a deputy
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during a medical transport. they say he stole our hand gun, shot her research is event then ran into a nearby day care and held several people hostage. then he allegedly stole a car broke into a home and help the residents hostage friend is a rendering after holding himself up in a different empty home. the investigators say they think he faked an injury to regis' favorite sons. >> expecting court this morning kron4 will be there. we'll bring you live updates. registered sex offenders being held on suspicion of sexually assaulting a two year-old girl at a union city retail stores is expected to enter a plea today. this is video of eugene remo's his court appearance. he's facing several charges. police say he sexually assaulted a girl last wednesday at the dollar trees start over grandmother and aunt were
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shopping right next to them. we'll bring you updates as we receive them. developing news, three months after a gas line exploded in sambar now destroying homes and killing eight people and assemblyman has proposed a bill at preventing such things are happening again. it would require utilities to steer their emergency plans with authorities and prioritize reporters. massenet a meeting with piccinni, state regulators and sambar note residents who want more answers. jonathan bloom explains why even some residents after the meeting are still frustrated. >> say lawmakers convened a town hall meeting in december and are hoping to get residents answers to the deadly pipeline explosion from september. some came away saying they didn't get the answers they were looking for from pg&e or state regulators. in addition there as a panel of
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experts some said light from an engineering perspective on what may happen there what could be done. the city from the engineers helpful. >> meanwhile a light switch seems to have triggered monday night's tom explosion in oakland that blast was triggered when 61 year-old document flicked the light switch and news burned over 80 percent of his body in critical condition, oakland fire officials say they believe there was a natural gas explosion but the department is still investigating. officials say the explosion was not caused by any leaks from pg&e. meanwhile a $50,000 or has been offered for reformation about the murder of ashley yamaguchi. she worked as a nanny in san rafael last seen at the forestry tavern watching monday night football. her
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crushed the close body was found between a vehicle and a wall of the business as 7:30 a.m.. it was in the taverns parking lot she was discovered by the business honor an autopsy determined she was searches of the died of a civic association. governor-elect dairy brown is trying to those listed hours at a meeting to discuss the budget deficit. it's being held in sacramento. california is facing a $6 billion budget roll. brown will be sworn into office on january 3rd, will have to deal with the $6 billion deficit. the day he said since office kron4 will be there, and updates as we learn them. we will take a quick break, much more straight ahead as we continue on with the kron 4 morning news. a live look outside james lick freeway, no word of any problems and your rights are far at this early hour. the rain is
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falling will get more and your forecasts and a look it's becoming forecast.
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and we're back, storm tracker 4 assuring is the time lapse rate at the current time, a lot of rain we will be what to date. today in tomorrow for that matter before it starts to dry out. louisa will be of a little bit with a detailed look at the forecast. new details, the united states will see more than 3 million foreclosure notices this year according to really teach rock, this will set another record, their reason for the high number is due to the record number unemployment realtors don't see home values moving up or down relatively fat. president barack obama has work to do on the tax package some house democrats are unhappy about the
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extension of texas high earners. if they kill the package it would mark a stunning defeat for the president. the good news, on the medicare deal, senators from both parties say they will tax the health care lot to avoid a steep cut in pay for doctors. the plan is to tighten the rules on subsidies to help the insurance for their premiums that would free up about $19 billion. that would avoid a 25% that was scheduled to take place. quick check of the markets, news on wall street stock futures are mixed, it looks like we may be setting up for a lower open. costco, better than expected quarterly profits as sales and traffic grew. for gin
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brands ink which owns the jim beam whiskey, of falls and mollen plans to split into three companies. delta airlines has scored another run against unions trying to organize workers at the largely nonunion company. to accommodate and reservation overwhelmingly rejected a bid to be represented by. >> of the national news, obama administration should sharply increase the number of australians traveling inspectors conduct more surprise inspections in stiffing companies penalties on violations of drilling. the government opens to hire hundreds of new inspectors. the report also says this in all eight the controversial hormone used in plastics is
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turning up in the money in your wallet. researchers suggest that bpa is ripping off receipts indrawn to bills. tests confirmed the cover of all can get on your skin after holding ever just 10 seconds researchers tested 22 $1 bills and found the bpa was present on 21 of them. rerun of the solution but they discovered it. elizabeth edwards is being remembered as a woman who showed courage to try to date, the trail in her own six your bottle with cancer. she succumbed to the disease yesterday at our home surrounded by her three children siblings and friends interesting trends been drawn. she was 61 years old. rolling stones is releasing john lennon's final interview on this the 30th anniversary of his death. this is the cover, lenin talk to rolling stone on december 5, 1980 just three days before being gunned down. by mark david
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chapman. we will take a break, let's cut side, a quick look ago. shot from our golden gate bridge caremark traffic appears to be moving well. we will be right back.
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into the air back, let's to check on the forecast good morning louisa. speaking morning james, r.i. on radar, on a lot of activity going on everyone should wake up and be prepared to use those when chilled wipers. you can see is some question on through from cemeteries of where someone whether they're also to these big, of to the north bay this is where we really get hammered seeing some really heavy downpours in fact. ) sherry novato, sell and move through, rainfall and a half of an inch per hour. also up and to sit
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through so you can see quite a bit of activity. heavy rain moving 0, old redwood highway, the center of santa rosa. bringing heavy downpours. off the coast, as cell bringing really heavy rainfall looks like rates are coming down about 2 in. per hour. really heavy starting to move on through a looks like it will start to approach petaluma, novato. and on 80 we're seeing showers from the vacaville. in the central valley. current temperatures warmer than yesterday in places like san francisco, san rafael. low 50s upper 40's. also into fairfield, future cast, we are expecting this wet weather to continue for a good portion of the day. 7:00, continue all the heavy stuff open to the north bay, light
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rain, so it big, livermore, 8:00, same story it is the strong grain that will push run through. 9:00, the lighter showers to the north bay to get a bigger break down and assess bay. this is when they will keep it again. just a day filled with a hit or miss showers. heavier stuff is going to continue throughout the golden gate bridge and north. 11:00 still seeing quite a bit of relativity. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. to ma morning some showers leftover in fact we could find a seat rain tomorrow. the weekend the that that's only dry out, bring those temperatures back weapons in the '70s big difference in the '50s. erica. >> thank you, , quiet conditions on our roadways no proms to report traffic is moving at the limit westbound 80 your perch in the bay bridge just a few cars on their road,
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northbound 800 looks good service 580 no delays on the shore freeway making pretty good times as you make your way through the big gates up the incline and duty asked her. the minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze towards san francisco. san mateo is a good alternative no proms report nice, light conditions in both directions, and traffic on the right-hand side those taillights heading towards foster city into the peninsula no problems. nice, easy conditions in their proms getting to the bridge in either direction. golden gate, sat down, 101 no problems to report, just check to road sensors in the grain speeds about 50 mi. per hour and no from says you make your way from the robert city limits 23 manager. no of spots in the south bay this camera is pointing south, easy conditions in both directions are 101. 87 looks good. drive times from san jose up toward santa clara,
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15 minutes. james. >> thank you, , a harrowing story of survival, this form and the ec being led away on that bart board survived several days on loan and stranded in the wild after getting injured on a hiking trip. this is the dramatic scene a few days ago when she was carried out on a stretcher she spent six days deepen the mountains by herself after falling in injuring her and broke it wasn't so a father and son hiking saturday's spotted the woman lying down near a stream they stayed with her and tell the paramedics arrived she says she will never forget the experience and her time of survival take a listen. >> i just slipped of of the up hope that the coach joe i slipped. a loss for the eye
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and that the nervine luckily it had a sprained that i could catch water. each night when it got dark it was like really give recalled because it is so silent, so isolated so quiet, no one, nothing. nothing at there. and cold. very, very cold. >> what did you feel when your fund? speaking of was pretty amazing he looked up bridge the right time to see me because as order blended in. i was part of the scenery. he looked up, and said are you ok do niro? i city as an ego. he said you debra collins? i said yes. i wish surf shops that he knew my name. i'm found. >> she is recovering this
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morning at boston on santa cruz, turns out she in the hikers live just blocks from each other. in other hot lines, in the act police say that a man has confessed to drugging a woman to her death by his truck. police arrested 51 year-old rivera during an interview, he says he admitted to the crime he has been booked on murder. police say it started as an argument around 1:30 a.m. yesterday morning at some 08 he got in his truck ran into the victim police say area businesses fed did road year to provide these are for what happens. >> you can see this year running a looks like some or property is being progress or on the vehicle she separates from the vehicle, the vehicle bucks up to
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accelerate quickly hit the victim very hard in the front and knocks the victim down the victim proceeds through the parking lot it appears the victim is under the vehicle for some time. >> police say they're not releasing the video because as to deserving. prosecutors will not be allowed to try him in foster party. no word on the conditions of three people hit by a vehicle in daly city while there were crossing the street 5:30 p.m.. the three victims to children or adults the driver is cooperating with police and was questioned about the incident. >> friends and family of error jones the barbershop owner shot allows month rallied on the steps of oakland city hall. the group
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is calling on city council to demand the district attorney charged two officers involved with murder. police say jones refused repeated orders to surrender and was reaching for the rice ban when they opened fire. no weapon was dry that the scene. 7 cisco's supervisors approved legislation that would mandate we are seeing manners be hired for construction. it would require 20 percent more hiring in the first year 5% each year to lay reaches 60%. a recent city study said hiring levels are around 20 percent. sucre's as also corresponded about on the success of to mayor gavin newsom. newsom is expected to be perfect foreign in hunting or third, the next election is until november. they face a $400
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million budget deficit, board members can nominate any city resident and a nominee requires six votes from the board to be appointed. they cannot vote for themselves. the deadlock on a do one-hour limit on parking up broken meters. they favored the standard limit which will apply regardless of the meters maximum time limit others favored allowing cars to remain alive for the maximum time which from 30 minutes to hours. we will take a break, back at that time i give you a quick look this morning this time, which camera? it's a camera shot of moving how about that, i believe it is is there such a question mark all this is jackie sissel giving us a live shot. he's probably around 101. in any event i think this is 101.
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headlights headed 751101 we'll be back with more in a headlights headed 751101 we'll be back with more in a moment. . twelve pieces of the colonel's hand breaded original recipe chicken. with three sides and six biscuits for only $19.99. have a so good holiday.
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indri ambac, world headlines this morning the founder of wikileaks remains an island in jail after turning himself in yesterday. this is video of his arrival in court. wikileaks is its online publishing of documents will continue despite the jailing of
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wikileaks founder. he is fighting extradition to sweeting where he is accused of sexually assaulting two women. the united states is committed to helping south korea defend it cells from north korea. t according to mike mullen. he warns that they should not mistake it for a lack of resolve. no. 3 issue of the south korean island last month killing four. president barack obama will sit down in the white house today with the president of poland. they'll meet in the oval office this morning and told a joint news conference soon after president barack obama will hold a cabinet meeting later in the day today signing legislation resolving the claims of some indian tribes. the launch of a new private spacecraft is scheduled for this morning. space-x and unnamed for a test for yesterday, it was delayed after a crack in one
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of the rocket engines that has been fixed. now when it gets airborne it will be the first launch under a nasa program using private companies. this patient will be decommissioned so we are derived by on private missiles to get supplies up it will have a text jobs on top. which if all goes well will orbit the replies, sloshing back down off the coast of california. it was started by kate allen tesla founder. we will take a break, but go outside for a quick look this morning as we go in shot from our sentences camera does have its headed southbound on windsor one. action this is the son of the camera is it? yes. this is 101 of these seven pardon me. here's a shot of this update. we will be right back.
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welcome back, in for some wet weather this morning, we are watching some cells renowned to run their part, heavy downpours in fact raincoat rates coming down more than an inch. here's a wider liked to show you is going on a. you can see a lot of the rain pushing to the peninsula into the north bay. heavier stuff saying north of the golden gate bridge closer, sure you, son said in downtown san from discussing some showers also we have ranged from palo alto to san mateo bridge, hayward, fremont up to the north bay seeing a real heavy sell sitting between santa rosa and petaluma. this is for the heavier downpours are. novato, a cell is pushing through, also moving towards the north bay on 101. current
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petaluma. we are expecting to see rain last for a good portion of the day. another cell is moving towards fairfield, along i 80. current temperatures, a little warmer than yesterday 50s your maximum bid. oakland is bringing us temperatures of 52 degrees below are expected to see this chance of showers last for good portion of the day today it looks like we'll see the bulk of the activities staying in the north bay but, the peninsula promise of becoming east bank everyone is expecting a good dose of what weather. 9:00, rainfall to the north bay kedging a bit of a break here and there. back in seeing some heavier downpours to the north bay even to downtown san francisco. then by about 4:00, a lighter shade of green shows us is expected
4:32 am
to taper off of it become a little bit more light in nature. keeping the jets up until the evening. toman another chance of showers into the morning hours. friday, another round of wet weather and the pitcher saturday, sunday dry, warm up. sunday, monday lots of sunshine temperatures in the low '70's. >> the wet weather has not produced an accident or slowdowns, not trucking in his solos finance. it is coming easy conditions, alums to report is nice, easy conditions the meeting i can't. san mateo, no promise from easing conditions across the span. no incidents or slowdowns. no problems to as you make your way through the pay gates getting to the bridge will be problem free in both directions and as 101 in a drawer in the clear. golden gate, orange county, 101 nice, easy conditions very
4:33 am
few cars on the road taking a gun to san francisco from across town from a james lick and in the central have led to the southbound nice, easy conditions iran from 101 toward san francisco just nice and easy 15 miniature. public transportation, no promise to report that looks like a well-trained, bart, muni running on time. james. >> to you thank you, murray's beans with is scheduled to be arraigned in court today facing the 29 criminal counts including attempted murder and several counts of assault and battery. kidnapping, a carjacking, and a list that goes on much longer all of those are connected to the day that he attacked the deputy during a medical transport they say he store handgun shot her with her and taser and ran it to a daycare center held several the hostage he
4:34 am
finally surrendered to officers are riding in an empty hall. a registered sex offender being held on suspicion of six seriously to year-old girl in the retail store is expected shortly to date you see him here, and is as his court appearance he faces several charges including committing a forcible lewd act. they say he said the results of the girl last wednesday at a dollar tree stores are her grandmother in error shopping in town next to them. they will attend the hearing arrear updates as we receive them. three months under a gas line exploded in san bernardo shoring several rooms killing eight people a state assemblyman has proposed a bill aimed at preventing. it would require utilities to surrender their emergency fans authorities in protest prepares for our close to fall line pipelines. state
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regulators in december in a residence for more answers, jonathan bloom was there and explains why even after the meeting some of those residents were so frustrated. >> lawmakers say they put together this town meeting to of zero residents get some answers. after the meeting santos the the back of the answers they're looking for from regulators or pg&e. >> the fight that piccinni as it was a current copy of the next meeting. he's been to all the meetings of the deadly explosion sitting in a room packed neighbors, they grow dave rob credit. >> any answer i give now is the right to be a partial answer into the ntsb result was a period speech i want to know why. some answers came with the next channel a trio pipeline engineers. >> their cry can palter from
4:36 am
a leak but not out in the press about. all but if you get a crack the pipe will rupture, certainly. >> the part of the blue book was 50 years old the engineers expressed frustration that they have now released their findings. >> they've had the right for three months. and i love and respect for them but the plight. all right. it rarely fails and some new ways. >> will those engineers focused centers or empty. >> they're not hearing now. pg&e are not listening to these efforts. >> as long as they once they have to phenazine investigation the experts say this year's will take about 1.5 years that means the folks could be made in many more months for any official answers. >> meanwhile a light switch seems to have triggered
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monday night's explosion of a home in oakland it was triggered when a 61 year of occupancy slipped the light switch. the man was burned over 80 percent of his body critical condition at the burn center. fire officials say they believe there was a gas explosion on the site but they're still investigating as for pc they say the solution was. new details of a man who allegedly crashed a stolen car to bart police officer while running from deputies is being house on parole violation. 23 year-old stephen davis of hayward could face charges of assaulting a police officer and a deviation for the incident that happened late sunday for now he's being held for violating his parole. officers tried to stop davis for driving a vehicle reported stolen. he
4:38 am
kept going higher granted to the deputy's car, he then hit this part police car. the officer and davis were to give moscow. >> news story jerry brown is planning to most legislators and finance officials at a meeting to discuss the budget deficit. it's been how the sacramento, california faces a $6 billion deficit for the current fiscal year. kron4 will be a today's budget meeting we will lead to know anything about fog comes out of it. other headlines, san as a city council has voted to hold off on the at excavation of a neighborhood in unincorporated santa clara county. the council will now consider proposals from the city of campbell which borders the 103 a. neighborhood. the
4:39 am
annexation would affect about a thousand residents some say they prefer to be left alone or lease become part of campbell because the neighborhood is far away from the near san jose fire station. san jose wants the california high speed rail authority to consider a tunnel option to san jose, where about on the proposal was unanimous 11 but the high speed rail authority was a feasible and suggests that above-ground options that could made visually appealing. we'll see what they come up with. since as the supervisors approved the seizure by eminent domain of several properties in the south of market district to make way for the new construction of the transit center the joint powers authority says they needed it to proceed with construction of the program in a timely manner. chris daly said the properties were. we'll take a break,
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much more straight ahead we have a live picture at a san rafael jackie sissel is giving is a shot a 101 to that part of the north bay sow for traffic is moving well. the rows of the little devil latest word on whether and traffic in a bidrhodes lookp we will get the latest word on whether and traffic in of that.
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and we're back, elizabeth edwards wife of john edwards died yesterday. after battling breast cancer for six years samantha hayes reports from chapel hill the sight of their home. >> surrounded by her family 61 year-old elizabeth edwards died tuesday morning after a long battle with cancer in one of her last interviews she spoke to larry king in june about her struggle with the disease. >> sometimes the training gets you down with the
4:42 am
disease is not getting it down. douglas suppress cancer in 2004. >> it would not be the last time personal suffering and retired with politics. after treatment and remissions aziz returned several years later just as the couple began gearing up for another run at the wide powers. friends who knew our role of her resilience in the face of so many personal struggles. >> she was a woman who suffered and she hit some of trees starting with the death of her 16 year-old son in a car accident. going on to discovered for cancer. the progression of the disease. then they of course john edwards very public affair which produced a child. >> the scene elise said cancer treatments were no longer effective. she was
4:43 am
surrounded by her family including our has been drawn who was legally separated. >> they shared 33 years of marriage, they shared so much. following her death they released a statement saying we have lost the comfort of her presence but she remains the heart of this family. samantha hayes. >> we're going to take a quick break, be read back here's a quick look inside the shop from sfo. fights are on time this point.
4:44 am
delia right back., five zeroth skier and a live look at tahoe snow on the ground and i'll bet she more on the way pretty good storm system rolling through. >> rear exit the shares through the day. the north
4:45 am
bay is expecting an inch and a half of rain, san francisco around the bay could get more than three- quarters of an inch. less rain in the sense a bit still everyone is expecting to get what today. radar, you can see all of the wet weather really disturbing to encompass much of the day the heavy stuff is to the north, still on the peninsula plenty of rain along downtown santa does go, 101280. up into the north bay all of this yellow this is where we see the heavy downpour taking a closer, rate around santa rosa, pretty heavy downhauls. heading towards dry creek road towards yet to go. wine country certainly getting a good dose of that wet weather. rain and your fairfield,
4:46 am
vacaville, napa getting some pretty heavy cells. looks like it's such as to the north of criteria. rarely heavy downpours this morning, as we take a wider look in the pacific, all of that rainfall just waiting to stream into the area. far from done. here's a look to your current temperatures, 52 san francisco, oakland, said bay in the low 50s. as we take it today we continue to keep the chances of rain in the picture heavy step to the north, everywhere is expected to continue with showers on and off throughout the day. noon, another cell bring some heavy downpours by the afternoon in looks more like scattered showers, in nature. the heavy stuff is coming to this morning. keep the chances around up until 11:00 hour. the afternoon, rather cool, 54 santa rosa,
4:47 am
58 fairfield, 54 seconds is going richmond. south bay, knows '60s for today. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. to march into showers same-store for friday, weekend ships are to be a nice one lots of sunshine a pestle in the latter part of your weekend. we can actually keep up to the '70s. they're good. >> thank you, , no accidents or incidents to tell you about the wet weather is not really affecting your traffic, a couple more hours westbound 80. not producing any delays traffic is moving at the limit. it through the pages, you walked away, but the decline in the s car traffic is nice and light. san mateo, was in the east bound nice and light. he will not have to wait at the toll plaza in getting to the bridge in either direction will be a problem as we are in the clear for 1 01 and
4:48 am
800. maureen downey, a live look at central san rafael, taillights headed southbound no problems to report on 101, once you get to the golden gate, continue the ride nice and easy conditions if you have lightheaded said bound no problems to report novato and the city limits 23 minutes. public transportation is good, and a promise to report for bart, muni or a strained. james. >> thank you, of new details city officials are looking at ways that muni can restore the service back in may. in september they found extra money, now they're tossing around more creative ways to save money. maureen kelly got your hands on a draft report which details those changes. >> in san francisco city hall task forces come up with destruct, on ways to restore muni service.
4:49 am
reports that say several ideas to raise money like increasing trust is or ride on buses. they also suggest ways to get the buses and trains to run more efficiently like eliminating some stocks on certain routes. in file dropped of this report is expected in a few weeks muni will be soliciting input from the riding public before deciding on which red to take.route to to take. speaking new details on santa claus who was fired for macy's, he has accepted a post i ovules restaurant where he will continue with the santa clause 13. he will start working there on saturday caring a specially constructed north pole winter wonderland stage. jeff bridge reports the man who they instead debt for 20 years thought his days were over the adult public complaints about his
4:50 am
strokes. >> that is the line that said john has been giving for last two decades. said john has spent years listening to their wishes their children but adults like to get into the act as well. santa john had a different good for them. >> seeing his first line is how you been good this year. they said yes santa said " that's too bad. at that point to nor's are deservedly and charlie christian mark it's because he knows where all the naughty girls are boys live. and that was the center of it. >> someone was a really offended and complain to the store management reports to supervisors in new york. >> macy's new york city fire him now. the ardor for new york santa is run was over. i was watching are on 34
4:51 am
straight, the day before yesterday and i am sure if macy was your he would be spinning in his grave something fierce. but, i think it's no longer are macy's, it's and federated department stores. they don't care. speaking well, one man is taking a stand for testing the dismissal of sand that might here along with his four year-old daughter states up for just said macy's, he's as children and his family have been going to see santa drawn for 15 years and is obliged to resort to helping the salvation army. speech we come here every year to see him it's all that she could talk about it broke my heart to see her sitting
4:52 am
governor santa. it's not santa john. santa john is like the santa from america on 34 straight the first time i laid down by the senate was adjourned a true fighter of the boy. i believe in christmas. >> he's created a facebook page for santa john mayo bolster made his heart. but as we've mentioned he is doing ok, he starts on saturday and, he's a russian getting paid more straw nor to want to go i do not l want to go back. (laughter) we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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and we are back, we're running from an earlier this morning up until the current time a lot about good sarah green meaning rain, yellow tent showers we have more of
4:54 am
it offshore. wet morning commute and when next couple of days. louisa will come up with a detailed look. bay area headlines, a new report from the state of permanent education needs a grim picture of the public high schools or other of 10 students dropped out. the force andropov rate is these are the detracted during 2008-2009, in that year alone 1300 of the city's public high school students quit the system. 11 percent of the students enrolled at the beginning of the year. better yet news and san francisco that cities drop the rate fell by more than 50 percent between 2007, 2008 and 2009. they believe that an increased effort in fighting trim sees thought to help keep kids in school. two years ago the partners started to hold parents accountable for students that are tran. this morning
4:55 am
google is talking about the future of the internet gave slate explains. >> in tech news in san francisco calls a press conference to show off what they think is the future of the web. >> they've launched the google web store. applications for your computer like smart phones have become more popular, a lot of us have the french using look at this new application. but anyways, and yet i phone call ipad or another smart from the mostly downloading use applications. google think applications are the future are we serve and use the web. the webster is just like the android marketplace for interest smart phones are apples applications stored. you can download and install applications from the webster that will live and your computer. anytime you want to lose than just click on your computer. same
4:56 am
time as easy in the smart phone stores. there will be a lot of games as well. just like the smart phone some are free and some will cost money. let's face it applications have taken over our world. people love applications. google wants to bring the application idea into the desktop computing world. it's a good idea applications are cleaner, easier just overall simpler to look at and use them most websites. in a lot faster. the google webster will only work with the web browser kron instead of his career, gabe slate, kron4 news. >> governors schwarzenegger and other dignitaries late the christmas tree yesterday there you see a 55 ft. light for the tree donated by the forest service. led by 9000 energy- saving lights. david r. to
4:57 am
let engram nominated singer for g. davis were part of the celebration. meanwhile dogs have more look forward to under the christmas tree thing castillo of early 536% said there will buy their kids a tons feared only 48 states and to do this in the majority of pet owners say they plan to get their animals to present this holiday season. >> let's go back and outside, as we had up to break another live look from our camera and the north bay this is a long 101. san are final. i believe this taillights are headed southbound in any event it is an easy ride. will your back. wxoo
4:58 am
4:59 am
and we're back 5:00 a.m., a top stories state lawmakers
5:00 am
hold the town hall meeting on the pipeline explosion. why it is some residents are still frustrated coming up. in union city man expected to enter a plea after assaulting a 2 year- old crop in a retail store on that. governor let jerry brown will hold the meeting this morning to discuss the budget deficit and it is a big one. these top stories coming up, check on whether with louisa. a live look at the golden gate, i don't see any rain falling. good morning louisa. >> most locations are seeing what raise a few sprinkles along the peninsula the north bay is really getting hammered. we are expecting to continue with the wet weather threat the day today widespread rain today heaviest in the north bay wet weather continues even happened to the evening hours. radar showing you what's going on pretty active. you can see its discretion to the east. along the peninsula
5:01 am
starting to pick up a few raindrops. the heavier rain looks to be san mateo and santa palo alto, fremont. up to the north bay all of this yellow shows as the heavier downpours. it looks like just to the east, through charles cook of valley were seeing some heavier rainfall also long eye-80 from fairfield, vacaville, heavier downpour's as you go to the court did gaps getting a few raindrops. we will wipe it out and show you the pacific, a stream of moisture expected to continue throughout the morning really just popping in more and more moisture. continuing with this wet weather not expected to go anywhere today. today could be a fairly wide day. 10:00, rotc more than three- quarters of an inch of rain. more than a quarter to downtown san francisco. into
5:02 am
the evening you can see the difference santa rosa and inch of rain. half an inch to san francisco. a corner down to cell of san a say. 10:00, we're actually getting well over an inch close to an inch in novato heavier rain expected to continue to the north bay. of your high school into the fifties, 54 santa rosa, san francisco, richmond. 58 fairfield, 57 san as they come morgan well in the los gatos. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today is not the last day of the wet weather continues showers tomorrow and into friday saturday, sunday that look to be dry. lots of sunshine by the end of the weekend. warming up until those '70s through sunday and monday. erica. >> thank you, , a free start your monday morning no accidents or incidents,
5:03 am
quick bridge check westbound 80 your perch the bay bridge toll plaza no proms traffic is moving at a limit of course meeting lights are off. nice, easy 9 minute trip from the foot of the macarthur maze towards san francisco. cortines to the mes 70 minute ride. same story for san mateo westbound denise brown 92. no problems to report lots of space between cars. but no accidents or incidents to try your about. no proms getting to the bridge. golden gate, set bound 101 a clear shot, a couple of cars on the roadway traffic moving at a limit losses base. your entire ride for nevada city limits 23 minutes. set big, a shot of no. 1101 in san jose. no problems to report. traffic is building, drive times unaffected. james.
5:04 am
>> thank you, to get to more news faster let's visit with jackie sissel live in san rafael. good morning. >> good morning james. we're not seeing any rain rate now i'm at the golden gate bus transit center in san rafael, you can see the roadways are wet, which haven't seen any of this big sell slow through yet we know it's on the way. everyone is standing out here as a transit center has drawn from those which is probably a good call. right now are you see is a wet road ways. we have had some sprinkles but nothing heavy debt expecting to see them stand. james. speed thank you, more headlines, new details the lawmakers investigators and peachy any of the town hall meeting last night. the goal was to keep residents up to date on the investigation into september's pipeline
5:05 am
explosion. with the lack of answers some residents say they're getting their first record the process. >> any answer i give now is going to be a partial answer and tell the ntsb resolve it. >> they've had a tight for three months at a latter respect for them, but it's a pipe. (laughter) is early fails and so many railway's folks. >> the government has as long as it wants to finish the investigation on these sorts of problems they typically take about one part of five-year we will take an eye on those results. a light switch seems to trigger the, explosion and oakland it was triggered when the 61 year- old occupant footlights' search on the second floor. his body was burned over 80 percent, critical condition at san francisco during center the do believe there was some sort of natural gas explosion still
5:06 am
investigating piccinni's says the explosion was caused by any of its pipes. 36 drug man accused of sexually assaulting a two year-old girl inside a dollar tree story in union city will be back in court today last wednesday the cover which shopping her into her grammar when eugene are almost insulted her in the aisle. will tran is their willingness. >> he will enter his plane court at 9:00 a.m. here's his mug shot, he faces multiple prizes including the act with a tad under 14 years old. as a registered sex offenders convicted he faces a maximum of 21 years in prison. authorities say in 2003 he was convicted of assaulting a 7 your boy. release from prison in september 2009. he was caught this time after customers are happens chased him, stop, the front door
5:07 am
and held him until police arrived. >> new for you this morning, at 10:00 a.m. a governor elected jerry brown most legislators and finance officials at a meeting to discuss the budget deficit and the fiscal challenges tha the statand the state faces. he said that user reappointing annette as director of the duron finances. but are democrats about require confirmation from the senate. back with more minute, we have a live picture of the bay bridge approach, traffic seems to be moving well known issues approach, traffic seems to be moving well known issues at the toll plaza. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton.
5:08 am
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and we're back, storm tracker 4, time after the overnight hours. you can see a whole lot of water at
5:11 am
their rain is coming down, more intense showers still offshore making their way towards the day we'll be seeing that affecting your commute looks like 1010 headfirst. one your forecasts in a minute. house democrats that are unhappy with the president and the saudis agreed to extend the expiring tax cuts to the wealthiest americans. >> i don't think that the president should count on democratic votes to get this passed by think there's a lot of people is concerned there was no very good deal. we need him to be the leader of the country. a leader of the bodies. or we needed to
5:12 am
be compromise. >> the proposed plan will lower the kirov talks by percentage ones. the vice- president joe biden will meet with them to discuss their plan. speaking as likely may be headed for a lower opening costco posed a better than expected as sales and rubber group in the u.s. stores, fortune brands ink which owns the jim beam whiskey, boston may fracture ron it plans to split into three companies that announcement is expected later on today. delta airlines has scored another win against unions ticket, gate and reservation indians rejected a bid to be represented by the international association of machinists. elizabeth edwards is being remembered as a woman who showed courage through
5:13 am
tragedy, the trail center on six your battle with breast cancer she succumbed to that disease yesterday at her home, we're told she was surrounded by three children, siblings, friends and her estranged husband john edwards she was 61 years old. rolling stones is releasing john lennon's final interview today on this the 30th anniversary of her death. this is the cover of the magazine they talk to an december 5th just three days before being gunned down. we will take a break, back for a minute.with more in .
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
we're back, live shot on less than a tale, right roof camera, no matter where you are today be ready for some rain. louisa is falling. >> good morning, later ran the peninsula of the north of the golden gate bridge we're getting a fairly heavy downpours. taking red in and
5:17 am
show you where we are seeing some rain along the peninsula in san mateo 2280. as we take it up to the north bay heavy stuff just sitting over pronounced moving to a point raised in through as sir francis drake boulevard along highway 101 getting hammered, rainfall rates over an inch per hour. santa rosa, getting some fairly heavy downpours in looks to bennett valley road and talk road as we take it up north you can see getting more heavy downpours. on dose of that wet weather to vacaville. we've seen that sell pushed to vacaville in now looks like it's moving to davis. bay area forecast, wide picture showing all of that moisture streaming into the area. the low pressure system is central to our north with it
5:18 am
we're getting is a wide band of cloud cover really pumping in quite a bit of moisture it looks like it will continue throughout the day today into into the next couple of days. future cast, 7:00, still kind of the same pattern. it o'clock, seems story, through the morning hours we will continue with plenty of wet weather. 9:00 letting up a bit. then as we had towards noon, we get another shot of it. afternoon, you can see the difference all of this liked me indicate light showers. still we're keeping a chance of rain every around, through much of the day. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. even in to tomorrow expect chance of rain showers continue on friday, saturday and sunday a break in the wet weather. lots of sunshine you notice the difference with much warmer temperatures '70s on sunday
5:19 am
and monday. america. >> ideal conditions around the bay area, no problems are accident your report. westbound 80 is clearly building more cars than in our last report. still looking pretty good in all approaches no delays on the shirt freeway, was found 580 and no. 580 looking clear. when to participate rates, their second off, no problems up the incline in the eskers. same story for san mateo westbound, east bound 92 no problems to report are perching the toll plaza. golden gate, set up from 101 you will not need any delays here, traffic moving at the limit very few had lightheaded and decision sister. drive times for novato to san francisco 24 minutes. crosstown, a sister, looks nice, lots of space between cars. he ride
5:20 am
from 101-80 split just under 15 minutes. east bound, the kron free. james. >> new details on that island escape of a santa cruz at county in the maurice ainsworth is scheduled to be arraigned today. he it will phase 29 criminal counts including attempted murder and assault and battery. kidnapping, carjacking, the list goes on. all of those connected to the day that maurice ainsworth attempted a deputy during transport they say he strolled the handgun and shot her with her own taser running to a nearby decanter holding people hostage. he finally surrendered after hiding in that empty home. new details, antioch police say a man has confessed to taking a woman to death behind his truck. 51 year- old of her early yet. during an interview police say he
5:21 am
admitted to the crime he's been booked on murder charges. they say it started as an argument around 1:30 a.m. at some point he got into his truck ran into the victim, identified as 47 your chili baker. police say the area businesses provided surveillance video that help them find out more what happened. >> you can see the dispute happening, it looks like some of her property is being pulled or thread of vehicle, she separates from the vehicle, the vehicle back up accelerate quickly. hits the victim very hard with the front end. not the victim down. the victim proceeds, do the parking lot, it appears that the victim is under the vehicle for some time. >> police say they're not releasing the video because to disturbing and they feel that prosecutors would not be able to try him in costa county as they did. new details, about the man who
5:22 am
crashed a stolen car into bart police officer while running from deputies. he is being held on parole violation alameda county sheriff's say the 23 year- old danon and davis could face charges of assaulting a police officer and innovation. for now he's being held for violating his parole. officers tried to stop him from driving a vehicle that was reported stolen he kept going, in fact rand into a dickies are trying to get away. did he then hit a bird officer's car the officer and davis polk taken to hospital still waiting for an update. let's go back outside, a quick look at the james lick freeway incidents as, traffic is moving well rain is falling a lot more of it on the way keep you updated on weather and your commute coming up.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
and we are back, 5:25 a.m. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today is a wet one all day long, heavier showers sitting offshore race for that is to make your way up to the morning commute. tomorrow, linder, thursday, friday scattered showers here and there weekend shipping out to be nice, more sunshine and warmer temperatures getting into the '70s by sunday. warner weather and a moment. other headlines, world news, the founder of wikileaks remains in a london jail after turning himself into police yesterday this is video of him arriving at court yesterday and now wikileaks says its online publishing will continue despite the jailing of founder. they published a new set of files today he is fighting extradition to sweeting raise accused of sexually assaulting two women. the united states is committed to helping south korea defend itself from north korea. that's according to chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mike mullen he
5:27 am
warns the no. 3 should not mistake south korea's restraint as a lack of resolve. they shout island killing for submarines. president barack obama will sit in the white house with the president of poland still meet in the oval office and hold joint news conferences. president barack obama will hold a cabinet meeting signing resolution about the water rights claims of indian tribes. storm tracker 4, as we have dr. blake, a quick snapshot of where the rain is falling. it's falling everywhere with heavy stuff offshore. the norse sessions of 101 by santa rosa, petaluma getting a good dose we will get more and your forecasts in just a minute.
5:28 am
5:29 am
and we're back, 5:29 a.m.
5:30 am
kron4 is jackie sissel is standing by. jackie the rain is finally arriving. good morning. >> things have changed in the last half-hour or so. or resurrect, the rain is wet. the reserves so lettering them. santa has not been much more of them blame mr. sprinkel going on. now or starting to see a sellable through, the rain is coming down even heavier. >> out as a fuel temperature rise and is it infills calls when i left this morning. >> and that is accountable compared to last week only had freezing temperatures it is wet, but that the keys in the hill about. right now it's comfortable. your to your the raindrop again underlined. >> thank you, . with the department with louisa. a
5:31 am
lot of should of been showing of good morning. >> it is the north bay where jackie is, storm tracker 4 here this morning getting a doors of wet weather, the peninsula and a few sprinkles. we taking closer and ensure you, light rain on the peninsula starting disease and how we're cells moving towards the state. north bay, a good dose of wet weather this is where the heavier downpours are. stretching of the l.a. up to run a park in sonoma. eight big sell bringing some rainfall rates of over an inch per hour. the batter, really just getting pounded. along 101 novato, north bay getting some heavier rain to the north of santa rosa into the east. limeades 0. all that wet weather is continuing to funnel in from the pacific. continue to
5:32 am
see wet weather for a good portion of the day. satellite, radar shows how big the system is. all of this cloud cover is finally in quite a bit of moisture, continuing to a good portion of the day today. 7:00, same story the heavy stuff to the north, lighter showers along the peninsula and cells are it. 9:00, catch a better break. even along the peninsula from san brenner suffered. into the afternoon another round of wet weather in to the pitcher, the afternoon and evening ring as the lighter showers. heaviest ever expected this morning into the north bay. keeping as francis around 12:00 even in early morning on thursday. of japan has much cooler, with 54 santa rosa, 53 san rafael. we may get to 57 furloughs' daughters, san as
5:33 am
they come oakland here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing wet weather expected. saturday, sunday dry help bring that sunshine back into the picture, warmer temperatures ahead, check and your commute. there could. >> the kidneys is the weather is not having any impact on your commute. at least for now. russ back eight years in pretty good shape, no incidents to tell you about. looking good. we all run into much delays on the dance offshore freeway. no problems to report, trucks moving at a lemon peter and lights are still of. san mateo, no delays to report easy conditions ron the span traffic is likely building. on the right-hand side of your screen. tracking a bit of the delay at the toll plaza, expect a couple minute wait there.
5:34 am
drive times unaffected 15 minutes from the end to end. golden gate, same story no proms to report of the statement does looks like. 7 of 101 is in the clear no proms drummer anton the entire ride from the city limits 24 minutes. highway 37 artie's bank clucking in and eat minutes. westbound 58 terry ride along all to run past you consider moving about 50 m.p.h. no incidents to report, completely clear coming up 205, drive times three of them pause to buy weed sears 68014 minutes. james. >> thank you, , developing story three months after the explosion in san bruno that destroyed the rom's killing eight people a meeting was held, during an idea is to prevent incidents like this from happening again. there is a bill that requires utilities to share their
5:35 am
emergency plans for the authorities temporary general repairs to pipelines. last made a contentious meeting was held with piccinni, state regulators and residents who want more answers. jonathan bloom experience. >> state lawmakers convened a meeting hoping to give residents some answers, some of those residents came away saying they did not get the answer is they're looking for from pg&e or state regulators there is a panel of experts some of those experts said light from an engineering perspective on what may happen there what could be that prevented this a fun as engineers helpful and they wish piccinni would listen to those experts. >> meanwhile a registered sex offender is being held on suspicion of six areas of the eight year-old girl he is expected to enter a plea in court today. this is his
5:36 am
court appearance last friday, he's facing zero charges in sitting forcible lewd act with a judge in the than 14. police say he said the results of that girl last wednesday idolatry whether her grandmother and aunt shopping in the aisle next, to hurt. we'll bring you updates as they come. governors schwarzenegger is offering a $50,000 roared about the murder of a nationally nearly two years ago. she worked as a nanny in san rafael, last seen at the forestry tamarin watching monday night football on december 2008. her partially clothed body was some between a vehicle and a wall of the business. she was discovered by the business are on autopsy determined she had been sexually assaulted and died of association. nancy this morning governor let jerry brown is planning to house legislators and finance officials at a meeting to
5:37 am
discuss the budget deficit the meeting will be held in sacramento, california is facing a $6 billion but to call for the year round will be sworn into office january 3rd. not to deal that on his first day in office. kron4 will be at today's budget meeting. by consensus, supervisors approved legislation that would mandate an amount of city residents be hired for city funded his tortured products. it will require 20% local hiring in the first year increased 5% each year until it reaches a level of 50% in seven years. a recent study found that local hiring levels are currently at 20%. here's a live look at sat in belmont, 101 traffic is moving well, for you is still a terribly web but they are in other parts of the big i'm sure, will get its stores of grain. in checking your forecasts coming up.
5:38 am
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new details this morning on
5:41 am
a woman at year-end several days and it alone after getting injured on a hiking trip speaking up for the first time this is the erratic scene you see her being arrested, crews carrying her out of the woods on a stretcher she spent six days of deep in the santa cruz mountains by herself she fell and injured her ankle was unable to climb out there wasn't a father and son hiking saturday spot 58 year-old lying there near a stream, the good samaritan state of her until paramedics arrived see said she will never forget the experience and her time in those runs. >> and i just slipped off for the technical it's a very up help technical trail. i slipped, i lost footing and that intervened. luckily the ravine had a spring that i could catch water. each night when it was start getting dark, it
5:42 am
was really difficult because it was so silent, and isolated, a quiet no one, nothing. absolutely nothing up there and cold. very very cold. >> the moment a man and a center punch you how was that? >> that was amazing he looked up right at the right time to see me because i sort of blended in. i was part of the scenery. he just looked up, and said are you ok? to need help? i suggest they need help. he said are you deborah? i said yes. i was so shocked that he knew my name. i am found. >> she is recovering this morning at dominican hospital in santa cruz. skean hikers to founder live
5:43 am
server box reach about. we will take a break, more including the latest of the weather, storm tracker 44, heavy doses are rain falling rate their in the north bay, petaluma seeing some of their by fairfield, vacaville and more offshore. that giant vats of yellow headed straight for the north bay. one you're weather in a minute.more and yoa minute.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
and we are back, los seeing, rain yonhap to look at strength record to see why louisa has that. >> very active radar you can see were of heavy stuff is from the golden gate bridge northward everyone's getting a dose of wet weather used in each representing separate said the door you may want to give yourself some extra time for your commute. most of the peninsula's dealing with wet weather to the east bay as well, it's the north bay that's getting hammered, to
5:47 am
keep closer ensure your reenters sonoma from nevada stretching of a up highway 13 getting some really heavy downpours. renin through downtown novato, washington, even novato boulevard getting a lot of that wet weather. and they know, heavy cells, news cells just pushing on to point raised moving in towards the beach. sitting offshore you can see a heavy selling expected to question to the north bay, continue to see this rainfall rates picked up over the next hour. we have a lot of that wet weather still to us funneling in off the pacific. future cash rosa so we can expect, 10:00, we can already had more than three- quarters of an inch of rain. 3107 into san francisco. 5:00, up to an injured rain
5:48 am
happen to the north bay. 10:00, over an inch in the north bay. you can see the pattern of how much rain or expected. then the peninsula, as we head into the sub bay and looks likely to get a couple tenths of an inch of rain. heading into the next couple of days expecting some showers, cooler temperatures into the afternoon, 54 santa rosa, 53 novato, napa, 54 richmond. says bay 57. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we could get some lingering showers on thursday, a chance on friday, saturday and sunday dry and bringing sunshine back into the forefront. warming up into the '70s. erica. >> wrapping up with seven hot spots, no arms around the bay, traffic is moving at the limit for the most part. more traffic was 580, to raise our little slick,
5:49 am
you may want to watch your speeds other than that traffic is moving well. meeting light still off. drive times of 8 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze toward san francisco. san mateo, no problems, was spent in the span 92 in the shape of the were seeing a few more cars in the commute direction towards foster city. you may have a wait at the toll plaza drive times to 15 minutes. golden gate,, 101 no problems to report. traffic set a limit, slow spot we have is on our maps at a antioch, westbound, the red is beginning to build. 25 mi. per hour but then it clears up as you make your way to pittsburgh. great start for public transportation no problems to report still running on time. >> continue in weather and traffic team coverage this turn to one of our stroll
5:50 am
reporters yoli is giving us this job. good morning , how are the roads? >> not so bad, i wouldn't say this week, is just kind of damage. looks like it once during this is not raining quite yet. let's bring those that stops. the rain hasn't quite hit here yet. prepares of we know it's coming. >> thank you, developing story at a san francisco where city officials are looking at ways that muni can restore the service that was cut back in may. in september they find extra money to roll back 61 percent of those cuts. now they're tossing around a more creative ways to save money and improve service. eliminating stops on wrath which means people might have to walk further to get the bus beverly's that those would run faster. they're also thinking about allowing people to board on all of the door so drivers don't have to wait. and they want to help us to stay on
5:51 am
schedule by cracking down on double parkers none of these changes are then deal the public will get a chance to weigh in before any moves are made. new details, san francisco supervisors approve the seizure of several properties on the set of market district. approved yesterday they were necessary to make way for the construction of a $4 billion transkei chance center. 13 properties have been acquired in the past five years. the new report from the state department of education paints a grim picture of oakland high schools for attend high school students drop l. the 40 percent dropout rate is based on the disconnected from the 2009 school year, in the year alone is a reported 1003 and 68 of the city's priced with a high school students quit the system. a 11% in the world
5:52 am
to gain the year. it's better news in san francisco, that city's dropout rate action fell by more than 50 percent between 2007-2008. the district police and increased efforts in fighting truancy has helped keep kids in school this started holding parents accountable of students there were absent. we will take a break, much more straight ahead. a live look at sfo, rebel delays of two hours and 13 minutes. if you have a flight, planting time. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
and we're back, storm tracker 4 our whole lot of activity, rain is coming down from most of the they light in some spots you consider the heavier doses are in yellow north bay seeing that some guards in the east bay, san the san ramon valley, look offshore and a bunch of yellow head of our way, heavier rain
5:56 am
headed for the north bay comedy, peninsula. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain is heavy today to mark tapering off, there's to come friday light, setting ourselves up for a great weekend. things would read just a bit. more weather and a minute. more news, the man who lost his job playing santa for telling i guess you could call them to be jerks to some of the dough visitors taking his act to buy new gate. 51-year-old lucio rivera-avila, knew the victim and confessed to the crime after being questioned.the victim was identified as 47-year-old shelley baker, police said. john toomey woke up tuesday to discover he was the world's second-most-famous santa claus. he was fired from his 20-year job as the union square macy's kris kringle - he says it was after an older couple complained about a mildly risque bit of humor on his part. lefty o'doul's has hired "santa john" to sit on santa's throne for the geary street landmark's annual fire department toy drive. his contract says this is allowed to tell a joke that he wants. >> governors schwarzenegger let the christmas tree they flipped the switch everyone
5:57 am
cheered. the 55 ft. tall white for donated by the u.s. forest service. ninth satellites, and gigi ceiling lights though so least they're saving some money. david archer < and frenchy davis or part of the celebration as well. apparently dogs have more look forward before or under the christmas tree. there is a survey commissioned they found that 56 percent of dog owners say they will buy their pet a gift, only 48 percent of cat owners said they would do the same. the majority of all pending orders will 53 percent of pet the owners say they will get them something for the animal for this christmas. we will say good bye for now, a quick break, live look at the golden gate bridge, showers throughout the north bay, heavy in some spots novato seeing heavy dose. we'll get more and your forecasts in a minute.
5:58 am
live reports as well. back with more than three minutes.
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