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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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6:00 a.m. kron 4 the rain returned base area lot look storer for full check on forecast >> jerry brown will hold a budget meeting to talk about the deficit. >> union city man will enter a plea on sexually assaulting an up to year-old girl in a store. >> back to the whether it has already started raining and louisa you said it would and you delivered is coming down at the golden gate bridge in the north bay is well. >> clean not sure it's in good thing really the heavy stuff in the north bay through the morning hours. everybody in for a dose of
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wet whether slick roads through james lick in downtown san francisco. here's what we can predict a bin the north bay that internet half expected right around the bay just over three-quarters inch and a quarter of it and pushed down in the south bay by the date is over. but look at the radar to show you what we experiencing the yellowish showing that heavier downpours continue to the north bay at this hour in have been through the morning but much of the bay is encompassed this morning. the mountain to san mateo as well as palo alto. continuing to see cells pushing through the north bay between san rosa, also down through napa really just one time. getting hammered. san rafael looks like we are having some
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heavy downpours as well. as we take it over to american king in we're getting a good dose of what weather along highway 37 also moving through light co. watching another saw at this hour starting to funnel in onshore along simpson beach we are getting heavier downpours right around point reyes that means places like san rafael, petaluma, are in for a year rain within the coming hour. storm tracker 4 worldwide and in and out all the moisture sitting off the pacific just waiting to moving to the bay area. continuing seeing what whether for good portion of the morning in fact keeping chances around for a good portion of the day you can see how bad the system as a center to the north of us bringing cloud stretching all the way to the pacific this is lit funnels all the moisture written to the bay area. as we take into morning hours we expect heavy stuff to the north about same goes for the 8:00 hour by 9:00 it looks like the peninsula and the south
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bay and cajeput of a break up by the time we hit the afternoon these cells rolling again rain through the peninsula through san rafael,. by the afternoon, under shade of green indicates the letter rain. we will start senior rain taper off as we head into the afternoon and into the evening. 7 day around bay shores continue for the next few days but the weekend looking nice temperatures in the '70s. >> good morning it is a wet and sammy trekkers start for the commute this wednesday morning. we're not getting any reports of serious problems like high standing water we could have problems with slippery pavement. at the toll plaza in ottawa ride no high standing water yet at the toll plaza nor reported problems or hot spots yet this morning the potential suitor certainly exist. the bridge check san mateo
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bridge its shot here with traffic moving well now coming out from the toll plaza. a backup or delay yet no problems at the 9280 interchange. through rick marin county water than other parts of the bay area the golden gate bridge there's enough water to kick up as bright keep windshield wipers were in this morning and remember if you're driving after sunrise with your windshield wipers on your head like have to be on to. lincoln and saw this as 1 01 heading down past ralston towards holly street tillites are southbound dampness on the road by here and no major problems yet for this part of the commute because of the rain so far no incidents reported for the mid peninsula commute on highway 1 01. >> georges back from perry s the rest of us dead in the rain we continue the coverage to give you more news faster jackie sizzle in
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san rafael words coming down. >> what is this us stuck in the rain? i'm stuck in the rain. you can see a cell blowing through here it is actually clear for most of the morning. but for last hour did has been clear but now you start to see out here in central san rafael their remit starting to come down and come down even harder. the roadways are what we are seeing puddling going on. obviously this is the first significant rain we have seen in the last week or two. obviously be aware antiques the roadways will be slight crack your umbrella this morning you will definitely >>. thank you jackie we appreciate the update. >> new this morning governor let jerry brown will host legislators to talk about the budget deficit that meeting is being held in
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sacramento california is facing a $6 million budget hold for this year. brown will be sworn in january 3rd and he will have to deal with california's budget gap this year a >>. 36 year-old man accused of sexually assaulting a two year-old girl in union city is due back in court today police in last wednesday's new she was shopping with her aunt and grandmother when eugene remo's assaulted her in the next aisle. will tran is with the very latest. >> he will enter his plea at 9:00 a.m. here's his mug shot he faces multiple charges including lewd acts with a child in under 14. register's offender is convicted he faces a maximum of 21 years in prison now authorities say back in 2003 he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 7 year-old boy he was released from prison in september of 2009. he
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was caught this time after customer saw allegedly what happened chased him and stopped him at the front door and held him until police arrived. in fremont will tran kron 4 news. >> morris aims worst is scheduled to be arraigned in court today. an inmate, who escaped custody from a santa cruz county sheriff's deputy last week during a medical transport, is expected to appear in court today. the santa cruz county district attorney's office tuesday filed 29 charges against 24- year old maurice ainsworth. ainsworth attacked and tased the deputy, then took her .40-caliber handgun and fired at a bystander. he was caught after barricading himself in a home in the prospect heights neighborhood. he faces multiple potential charges of attempted homicide, and already faces a life sentence for 2009 charges related to a los gatos home invasion. we will be back as a news continues a lot look for us at all to our 13 minutes average delays for arriving flights due to the cloud cover and the rain coming down.
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comeback to the news golden gate bridge on the right san
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mateo bridge also what but close to the spigot no back up at the bay bridge we will be watching close as the backup usually begins to build within the next hour. >> president barack obama still has to sell the tax passed kids she negotiated with the republicans' house democrats are unhappy he agreed to extend expiring tax cut stalk high earners and to oppose a lower state tax is democrats kill the package to will be a stunning defeat of president obama and they will blame the republicans as much as democrats did higher taxes kick and here new details united states as coin to see more than 3 million foreclosure notices according to realty trust it will set another record for last year's all-time high of 2.8 million. the reason for this high number is because of the record number of unemployed realtors also do not see home values moving up or down
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>> the opening bell coming up stock futures are texas morning we are set for lower open costco had a better profit as sales and traffic grew at its trustor's and fortune brands which owns everything from whiskey to golf balls and faucet manufacturers are small and will split up into three companies still say airline scored another one of against union said the largely nonunion company ticket gate reservation agents over willingly rejected a bid to be represented. >> the democrats on and i'm a world of budget bill is a 423 page bill with cap agency operating budgets of one kind two trillion $4% less than the amount requested by the president there are exceptions to the
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spending freeze health-care programs for veterans in the military would get a boost as would programs for low- income college students it provides $159 billion for the north and afghanistan and iraq. >> at of cape canaveral private company this rocket is the salt and 9 and they will try to launch as based craft into orbit and bring it back to earth safely. nasa has always done that in the past this is the first time a private company will achieve that. there is a hole in the countdown clock to expect lift off at any moment we will bring it to live at the happens. >> problems on the upper deck of the day bridge the gap has not reached the toll plaza but it will. accident westbound and is near the island injuries involved ambulance on road it's a developing hot spot for the morning commute. complete
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all right having a bit about my problem there. one more chance as we look at storm tracker 4. >> you can see all the activity nestled in the north bay this morning so light showers along the peninsula and getting heavy as you head through happen in a also san mateo. san mateo bridge getting wet weather this morning but it's when your head no. the golden gate bridge that's where the heavier downpours really have just been sitting. we have been watching a cell in the north find it to the east of santa rosa on interest and not much along the panoramic highway getting a good dose stretching through san rafael, and a lack avenue
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taking a long 80 is welded and heavier cells and in over fairfield this morning also portions of vallejo but as we take a wide look at the pacific a lot more of this wet weather expected the final raid on through san francisco so we will continue to keep chances are rain and the picture bridge for the rest of the day but the best chance in the north bay and being this morning. by 10:00 a.m. we could already have more than three-quarters of an inch of rain accumulated up been to san rosa. interesting francisco three tenths of an engine, through the evening it we could actually get up to an inch of rain through san rosa. you could see the pattern here even through the end of the day in heavy stuff in san rosa then we could get three-quarters of an engine severances go may be less than that in the south bay a couple of tenths of an inch expected. you're afternoon highs in the '50s today will stay cool in the
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afternoon 54 san rosa 533 novato 54 in san francisco and down the south bay temperature are '50s 57% wednesday and also in tomorrow and all is well. here's your 7 day around the bay showing chances continuing through rest of your work with the weekend is expected to deliver as much brighter and warmer weather in fact by sunday, monday breaking into the low 70's in some of the warmer spot 6 7:08 p.m. check gone a commune with george. >> i just spoke with sergeant cat burn a three car crash with injuries involved occurred just before the s curve it was blocking the right hand lane they are moving it to the pullout raid near the tunnel. it is just before the tunnel it will manage to slow traffic as you can see here which is already doing heading up the incline section if you have a big enough television you can make out flashing lights
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that's a tow truck heading up the incline section trying to get out to the scene of the crash. more assistance in rude. there was came from one of the person involved in the crash of an ambulance is being dispatched it could take longer to clear the accident at the time of the current there was no back of been but with the mineral rights are deactivated all bets are off for this commute to the bay bridge westbound. other bridges still doing well below seven until bridge typical pattern no bigger than usual back up. fanning perhaps allied air volume that we usually see. wet deck as well for the westbound and eastbound rides and the golden gate bridge was the one us this morning worse than the bay bridge as ours rain is concerned. it is wet commute through the county you can see the spray being kicked up by the headlights likely to mean slower speeds for both the wall belgrade and the span. and there wasn't
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trouble-free commute the incident at the bay bridge is the only real problem reported. >> a man has confessed to dragging a woman to death behind his truck police arrested this man during an interview police say he admitted to the crime he has been booked on murder. police say he is started as an argument around 130 in the morning yesterday at some point he got into his truck in ran into the vacuum becton. surveillance cameras from businesses showed them what happened. >> you conceive in dispute happening some offer property is being pulled or thrown out of the vehicle she separates from the vehicle, it backs up and accelerates quickly it's the victim very hard with a front end. knox of a comedown and the vehicle perceives through the parking lot it appears the
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victim is under the vehicle for some time. >> police said they will not release the video because it is so disturbing prosecutors would have a hard time trying him if they release it. >> a man who crashed his car into a police cruiser is being held now on a parole violation. alameda county sheriff's a game and davis could face charges of assaulting a police officer and a beating for the accident that happened late sunday. for now he's being held for violating his parole for audio auto theft conviction they tried to stop him but he kept going and ended up for ramming into the deputies car before fleeing the traffic stop. then running into this officer's car it officer and davis were chicken hospital in a word
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on their condition surf >> we will be back this news continues, traffic hotspot 3 car accident just before the s curve the back up starting to build a complete update on traffic after the starting to build a complete update on traffic after the break. [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year. i want a robosan 4000. [ mom ] the one no one could get. toy stores are reporting long lines and empty shelves. a robosan 4000. [ mom ] and i mean no one. so i did most of my holiday shopping on citi specials. with the money i saved, i bid online -and got exactly what he wanted. -a robosan 4000! [ television ] introducing the new robosan 5000. [ mom ] at least for now. [ male announcer ] make your happy holiday stories come true with citi specials. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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and at the but the bay bridge toll plaza at 3 night and then just before the desk of we will have complete check coming up a moment. >> new video footage on man appears to be special bow but don't the only servicemen being held in captivity in afghanistan. take a look at this photo you can see get this center which tracks messages on the internet says another man in the video is believed to be telepathic commander who had threatened to kill him for a doll has been held since
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june 30, 2009 when he disappeared in the province in eastern afghanistan. >> the founder of wikileaks julian assange remains in jail this is video of his arrival at court now wikileaks says the on-line publishing of secret documents will continue to publish a new set of files today. he is fighting extradition to sweden where is accused of sexually assaulting two women. mastercard is having problems possibly targeting of wikileaks custer could pull the plug yesterday. color holders can still years are current for secure transactions but the web site was flooded earlier today. >> we hope you will be flooded by the rain it will get more intense as a day goes on. vary widely not
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have been the north bay and he spake not too bad that the bay bridge please see the back up here. stretching pass the parking lot we will be right back.
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watching the opening bell on wall street stocks were pointing lower this morning market had been mixed as ours futures are concerned their rally for the tax is fading today as we had a tax rally at the day yesterday after the extension of the bush your tax cuts no major reports today we will watch wall street. >> the big story is there rain it will hit pretty much everybody today a lot shot in san rafael would go to our team of solo reporters kron 4 is jackie's assault looking at conditions there. >> what you see is the taillights heading away from us is southbound 101 right before the 580 march and central san rafael. the
6:31 am
thing you notice this parade is being kicked up from the cars as they drive we are starting to see bigger cells move through at the san rafael area for most of the morning it was much more than a sprinkle for the last hour or so we have seen the rain come down it is starting to pull on south fell 1 01 it has not affected to commute yet obviously 630 the heart of the commute is one our way we may start to see commute traffic backed up on this wet roads in the north bay. >> let's see about the timing now we know the north bay is getting hit already what's in store for the rest of the day. >> >> pay attention to pondering mum we have heavy downpours down to north bay that is certainly something that can happen everybody will need your windshield wipers and from the golden gate bridge northward that's where we are getting pounded. widespread rain wherever you go and as we head into the rest of the
6:32 am
day wet weather continues the heavier stuff being this morning. radar shows you what's going on you conceal the all that's where we see heavier downpours but most of the peninsula in the south bay and the livermore valley everybody getting wet. you can see from downtown san francisco down and to sam taylor along the san mateo bridge getting quite a bit of wet weather. all that wet weather stretching through the north bay as well to new) rain now and looks like sausalito getting quite a bit of rain at this from our right through paradise drive trip to bonn over we are getting quite a bit of heavy rain and rainfall are about half an inch per hour. as we take up 83 and all we are also getting quite a big dose of wet weather looks like i 80 corridor has been pounded this morning. as we take it further fairfield getting a good amount of wet weather to the core delius as well and as we take a wide we can see all that moisture kind of settled and half of the
6:33 am
pacific expecting to move through the next few hours here strong trucker for order satellite greater shows a continuous stream of cut cover really pumping and all of the moisture and that's what were born to see for the next few hours even into the afternoon as well but will take you to the timeline future cast 4 shows us in the next are the heavy stuff again continuing up into the north bay but everybody else still getting wet weather out there for the next couple of hours. we could catch a bit of a break in this out in the peninsula by nine by the afternoon nother round of heavier downpours. by the afternoon notice the green on future cast 4 is actually light. we will see it taper off at least in the heavy stuff it will continue through the light showers as we have read on through the evening. you're 7 day around the bank shellers freeze thursday, and showers for your friday, saturday, sunday dry forecast an warmer temperatures effect in the '50s today but by
6:34 am
sunday we could actually be back in the '70s. something to look for two. george. >> we have been tracking this hot spot at the bay bridge it occurred in the first half of the 6:00 hour despite injuries involved and lanes o'clock just before the island the back up here really has not grown as much as i thought it would have by now. really the beginning of the backup is still here in you at the end of these parts lot for the west bound ride. metering lights were activated perhaps the saving grace here is the fact that caltrans crews were quickly on the scene and move the accident from the traffic lanes to the pullout just before the island. the accident happened before the test for their real located it after the last curve and there's a pullout on the left-hand side and the right hand side that's managing to garner attention from passing motorists which is why the main lights were activated early and may be
6:35 am
why we have this back up and then the approach to the bridge and other developing hot spot here on westbound 24 on the connecting ramp for 580. accident occurred there it's already slowed traffic coming from rock ridge westbound on 24. leading down to macarthur maze 580 is not yet backed up the shore freeway still looks good again later traffic there so perhaps that is why we don't have such a big back up by the bay bridge. san jose traffic 101 some moving well here from the guadalupe parkway up towards trumbull that occurs moving toward columbus corner all the way up to highway 237. public transit has been quiet so far this morning no problems reported there. >> thank you george 6:35 a.m. drivers are not the only one who have a difficult rain appears so do pilots.
6:36 am
>> the rain is coming down steadily leaving all kinds of puddles on the ground it's already having an impact on travel some flights are delayed all little more than two hours. always call ahead to check the status of your flight. from a wet sfo will tran kron 4 news. >> new news on the woman stranded alone she is speaking up for the first time this is a few days ago and rescue workers carried debra collins out of the woods on a stretcher she spent six days in the mountains by herself after falling and injuring her ankle. a father and son hiking saturday spotted the woman lying down near a stream the good samaritan stayed with deborah until paramedics arrived she said she will never experience experience and her time of survival. >> and i just slipped off but technical its an up help
6:37 am
technical trial. i slipped and lost footing and ended up in a ravine. luckily the ravine had this spring. in it that i could catch water. each night when it would get dark it's like it was really difficult because it was so silent so isolated so quiet nobody nothing absolutely nothing out there and cold. very very cold >>. what about the man and the the moment the man in the sun found you. >> it was amazing he looked up right at the right time i blunden i was a part of the scenery. he looked up you know. and said are you locate you need help? i suggest a need help. he said are you debra collins and i said yes and no so shocked i if he knew my name. it was
6:38 am
like i'm found. >> the hospital in santa cruz turns out that she and the hikers who find her live blocks away from each other. >> said the clauses as a new gag john to me has made international news because we told you yesterday he lost his job macy's fired him maces in union square because they said he told dirty jokes to adult visitors. so they fired him he was upset about it does what turns out better because he got a new job a new santa gig of lefty o'toole see starts this weekend he gets paid twice as much as he did at macy's and there he is free to tell all the jokes he wants. >> he'll have no problem telling dirty jokes that left the old rules. will be
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welcome back watching whether storm tracker for rain moving through the bay area it's been heavy through the north bay on the right top seeing san rafael traffic moving welter 1 01 golden gate bridge moving smoothly as well the lower right hand side is getting back after three car accident on the bridge. >> elizabeth edwards is being remembered as a woman who showed care courage she succumbed to the disease just a north carolina is surrounded by her three children and her siblings and friends and her estranged husband john edwards was there as well. she was 61 years old. >> we will be back after the kron news continues after the break.
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just coming and police are investigating early morning armed robbery at a fast-food restaurant near berkeley
6:46 am
albany officers reported to our robbery at mcdonald's just before 530 this morning that specific location opens at 5:00 a.m. weekdays officers have not located suspects no information yet about injuries as we get more from asia will bring it to you. >> 6:46 a.m. team coverage of the weather because that's our big story today with the rain had been in and starting in the north bay. >> we will steer you don't radar off the back to give you an idea of how much wet weather active radar especially in to the north bay but everybody needs to use their when shall wipers. give yourself extra time for your commute this morning much of the peninsula are really dealing with wet weather from downtown san francisco down into some detail palo alto as well. north bay at this hour looks like we're seeing heavier down doors just moved early help into martinez even of puddles getting some downpour's as well in down
6:47 am
through the san mateo bridge in getting a good dose of wet weather in through industrial park west there. also through fremont also starting to notice another round of fairly heavy downpours moving through simpson beach at this hour. looks like we will get more wet weather and leaves the rain fall gray will pick up in san rafael, a sausalito, in the next hour. storm tracker for the moisture still sitting on the pacific and that's what we are tapping into we will continue to for release the morning hours and back future cast 4 shows us rainfall rates looks like by 10:00 a.m. we could actually get three-quarters of an inch of rain in the north bay more than a quarter mention san francisco and is we take into the evening hours we could actually get an inch of rain in san rosa. noticing the heavier stuff is the morning hours by the evening looks like we will have some in san francisco
6:48 am
and a quarter of a niche in the south bay. here's a look here afternoon highs today only getting into the fifties 54 san rosa the same as in francisco and richmond, 55 concord down the south bay may be 57 degrees in san jose morgan hill, that wet weather expected to last a good portion of the work week from now on it looks like thursday and stable, fred is the story expecting showers friday the weekend trying up and warming up bringing in that sun shine once again. >> things are not as bad here as what we had been calling our hot spot quick and big improvements the accident clear from the upper deck of the bay bridge. the back up newt never grew as quickly or as badly as we expected sluggish is all for the 880 approach this back up is towards the west grand but it did not back up and to the macarthur maze of that is good news. take a look at the upper deck westbound you
6:49 am
see traffic pass the scene of the crash moves will in to san francisco that's a good ride. westbound highway 24 on the freeway headed into the macarthur maze there was an accident blocking lanes it had been cleared sluggish traffic after you exit the caldecott tunnel but all in all not too bad a ride. three marin county kron 4 jackie sizzle with a look at the right through central san rafael the taillights out on 1 01- 649 lots get an update on the kron 4 newsroom here is james fletcher. >> just crossing no wires the judge has delayed the trial for baseball's roger clemens so attorneys can review voluminous evidence that his words. he was indicted back in august of lying to years ago when he
6:50 am
told him-real conduct congressional people did he never used drugs. they it will meet the judge this morning to update the judge on whether both sides were on track for an april trial apparently not so the judge pushing that trial date the rescheduled date unclear right now. >> mr. report shows public high school students are graduating at a higher rate but more students are also dropping at about 70% of public-school students graduated from high school in the 08-09 school year up from 60.5% the year before meantime the four year dropout rate for the school year is 21.7% up from the previous year's 18.9%. drop out rates for african- american students remains the highest at 36.9% and hispanic students follow that at 26.9%. no concerns
6:51 am
about overall some u.s. students are outperformed in reading science and math. results of an international student assessment test show u.s. rankings improvement but the americans are 14th in reading, 17th and science and 25th in math out of 34 countries surveyed. >> in the bay area that report hit painting a grim picture of oakland high schools for out of 10 students drop out. 40 percent dropout rate is based on 20082009 school year the reported 1300 of the city's public high school students quit the system about 11 percent of the students enrolled at the beginning of the year. meanwhile is better news in san francisco their dropout rate fell by 50% from the 20072008 the district believes increased effort in fighting truancy is thought to keep kids in school. two
6:52 am
years ago they started holding parents accountable for students who are habitually absent. >> will be back with more a couple of minutes a big story today is the rain man ness ave it is wet pretty much everywhere in san francisco right now and we have heavy rain moving and first in the north
6:53 am
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6:55 a.m. we're focused on the forecast and the rain. where everybody will get what today widespread showers all day long and then a chance lenders and by the weekend looks like we cleared out. sunday looks like the best of the weekend if you would like it dry and sunny. 72 degrees and that lenders over into the next work week the next chance of rain comes in early to mid next week. >> colosio showed off what google thinks will be the future of the web. tech
6:56 am
reporter did sleep was bearish shows as the next big thing for the internet. >> the google web store it offers applications for a computer. application of smart phones has been come popular all lot of us have a friend who says lookit this new application. it can be annoying. if you have an iphone or an ipad you most likely use application. cool things application art the future of how we surf and use the web from our computers the web stores like the android marketplace for android smart phones or apples at store pier you can download and install ups from the web store that will live on your computer any time you want use them click on them. the apse will this be the same type of baps the new york times have a nap and pr has a nap in amazon has an up sports illustrated and a lot of games. game is played off
6:57 am
application rather than our web site will be faster when playing on your computer. and have better graphics just like the smart phone at stores some maps are free and some cost money. let's face it apps have taken over our world apple changed everything with the iphone and the ad store people look at so google wants to bring applications into the desktop computing world. it's a good idea it is cleaner, easier just overall simpler to use at a look at the most what sites. a lot faster the cool web store will for now only work with cool will web browser chrome. >> you know with a friend as who gave was talking about. lookit up i got. a lot of luck the bay bridge you have a bit of a wait and the road is shiny that is wet and we will get wetter wxoo
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