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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 9, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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owner to open the door and let him in. he has become a youtube sensation shaking his wikileaks fall outlet, how supporters launched a cyberattack on companies that cut off money to the organization. a look at the dramatic situation that unflowedded on a flight which caused the crew to change flight plans. a toddler falls into a hotel water fountain. kron 4's jonathan bloom has details on the top story. >> reporter: a spokesman says this gloomy day went from bad
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to worth. security found a boy lying in a fountain in the main lobby. he wasn't movie and breathing. as firefighter performed cpr police began trying to figure out how he got separated from his family and wound up in the fountain. the fountain is almost 5 feet tall. water cascades over thages into a low trough surrounded by a wall. that wall is 3 feet high on the side facing the front desk but on the backside steps. the water close enough for the smallest kids to stick their fingers in. add to that a christmas tree and it's no surprise every kid gravitated towards this spot, not knowing this was the spot
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where investigators were gathering evidence in a case police are treating as a accident. police said the boy was alive and breathing but had to be transported to another hospital. >> reporter: the company is deeply concerned about what happened here and they are working with police as they continue to investigate. that fountain has been in the lobby since 1973 and in the 37 years this is the first time there has been an accident involving that fountain. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. man in custody after creating problems on a flight. the passengers was enough of a threat to the flight that it had to be diverted. here is a look at what happened. >> reporter: this map shows the flight of flight 1576. it took off about 6:15 a.m.
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heading to texas. but a couple of hours in, one man started acting unusual. >> tried to jump out of the emergency exit and smashed a window. >> he walked to the back of the plane with folks following him. 5 minutes after that there was a commotion. >> reporter: that commotion investigators say was the crew trying to control the unruly passengers. flight attendance recruited passengers to help contain the man. >> said we need help and we went back there and yanked him out of his seat and threw him on the round. they had tie wrap restraints so we tied wrapped him. the flight crew diverted the plane to the nearest airport which was alburquerque.
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authorities boarded and took the passenger into custody. this video shows the scene recorded by a passenger. you can see the officers going to the back of the plane. later they carried the man off the plane. the passenger was taken into custody and questioned by authorities. after minor repairs to a window the flight continued to houston. >> reporter: the fbi says the incident did not have any terrorism ties. the passenger has not been identified. after a wet day things are calming down now. few specks of rain. you can see them here or there. very light showers, short of a mist over san francisco to the south. steady stream of moisture into the bay area throughout the day. a few breaks in the cloud cover
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off shore. we have the possibility of seeing showers into tomorrow. anything we see will be light. early tomorrow morning a chance of light sprinkles, 30% chance. at noon that's the best chance of rain tomorrow. by 3:00, clearing. and warming temperatures. we will talk about the weekend, when things will get really nice in a bit. tonight, wikileaks founder julian assange who you see here is in a british jail facish sex charges and the threat of what arrack holder calls significant action in the united states. mean time, his supporters have taken to in the net shutting down credit card sites that refused to deal with wikileaks. >> reporter: the ongoing leak of secret state department cables touched off a battle in
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cyberspace. the head of the electronic frontier foundationsies the first serious war is now engaged, the field of battle is wikileaks. on one side wikileaks servers in sweden are under attack by hackers and possibly governments on the other side pirates known as operation pay back. they have turned their sites on wikileaks enemies. top of the list, mastercard. headquarters acknowledged a service disruption after it refused to process wikileaks donations. they posted a message on tweeter claiming responsible. all have severs relationships
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with wikileaks. after the rest of julian assange hackers shut down the site of the swedish prosecutor's office and the law form representing one of the women accusing him of sexual assault. >> julian assange is due in court next tuesday, that's when he will be asked if he will voluntarily go back to sweden. a bay area city in trouble, antioch has a serious shortage of police officers and a recent spike in violent crime has authorities concern, a look at why there is a shortage of officers and what
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the man who escaped from custody last month was in court today. he faces 29 felony accounts. it is all in connection with an incident where he overpowered a sheriff's dep ate and used her gun to threaten two teachers. >> this man held a community in terror and it went from multiple crime scene, one crime seen, one crime seen in the parking lot, in a day care center and another in a house blocks away that he did multiple acts and we are going fight to hold him accountable for each and every act. the hospital, two schools and
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dozens of homes were locked down for several hours while the s.w.a.t. team searched for him. they are now reviewing a policy that permitted a loan dep ate to transmit inmates. plenty of rain today. a chance we could see more tomorrow but the weekend forecast [ female announcer ] give yourself the gift of time
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new at 11:00, the police department is understaffed and with the recent spike in homicides investigators are having to work overtime. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us this is the result of the city's budget crisis. >> reporter: antioch police department investigated 10 homicide, the most recent in the last two weeks. now it is doubled compared to what it was last year. 50 police officer positions
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have to remain unfilled, which means the 94 officers have to pick up the extra slack. gary says the recent rash of violent crime concerns him. >> doesn't mean we are having more crime. we are higher than where it is historically. it is a jump from last year. there has been evidence of crime that has gone down even in the last 6 months. >> reporter: he says investigators are still able to solve crimes with the help of neighboring police departments. >> i am so happy with how they are able to interview people, to get leads and save crimes. they have gotten leads and arrested people already that you would think that the result of the loss of man power would
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mean we wouldn't be able to do that. >> reporter: he is hoping the city can strike a deal to prevent more cuts. although if a agreement isn't reached the force could be stretched even thinner. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. live look outside, you can see that pavement is wet at this hour. continuing to see light showers in parts of the bay area. rainfall totals have been impressive. mill valley inch and a quarter. san francisco inch. same in ben roman. oakland close to that amount. santa rosa less than that and totals in the half inch range through most of the bay area. san jose, lose gatos less rain. storm racking right now, a few
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lingering cells. spots here and there where rain is falling and light drizzle that the radar isn't picking up. snow in the sierra. moisture continues into tomorrow. we have a chance of showers, 30% chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. if we see rain it's very light. temperatures will warm up atomorrow afternoon. below 60s. that continues into the weekend. temperatures mild. plenty of sunshine this weekend. upper 60s expected, that will continue into next week. by wednesday, rain back in the forecast. jerry brown has a massive undertaking ahead of him. today he released figures
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showing where the state budget will be 18 months from now. the state will lose $2.7 billion. he says that means the budget deficit will reach $28 billion in june of 2012. to fix the budget the state will have painful days ahead. >> really get in the way here of the facts and i hope not just today but over the next several week we can get a clearer understanding of what is the nature of the situation, who is effected. >> we talked with several lawmakers about today's meeting. >> it was a very good start for brown. it was great he had a discussion about how to frame the problem. >> i think the local
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politicians have a better grasp on how the budget effects us and so we were asking the tough questions regarding the budget. >> they have been on the job for two days. so they need to be better informed and that will come through gathering like this so we can win against time, probably in january cast votes. >> today's meeting is the first of several across the state in which brown will gather ideas about how to fix the state budget crisis. the warriors try to snap a 24 game losing streak, gary has highlights aahead and a player many giants fans were hoping would come to san francisco signs
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good evening everybody. last time the warriors won in san antonio, 1987. staring at their 10th loss in 11 games. bad news here. stephen curry, ankle isn't getting better. rolls it. x-rays negative. tony parking. williams the one stand out for the warriors. 31 points, that's a career high. you know, san antonio, most of their regulars were in and out. 111-94. best start ever in spur's history, they are 18-3. cal got tumped by san diego state. fisher. you remember he came on and made a nice run as interim
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coach. san diego state leonard knocking down the three. and billy white, jerry picken, mike montgomery, montgomery was livid. 77-57. bears are 5-3. sd state off to a 9-0 start. you can't come closer than the sharks did tonight. this was unbelievable. the sharks rallied from a 4-1 devset. now overtime. pam, even you would be interested. here is mike richard. watch the replay. you got -- show the replay. anyway, oh, my gosh. sharks win 5-4. i will show you the replay again. sometimes we have access. the puck was -- jackie describe
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it. >> half over the goal line and it was just at the goal line. before the clock expires. >> you think they lost but because the puck was not all the way over the line they won in a shoot out. here it is again. okay. let me see. maybe -- >> you can see it in slow motion. >> here it is pam. see it in slow motion. >> i could see the puck there. >> anyway. one of those stories. jayson werth, $126 million, peanuts. carl crawford, 7 years, $142 million to play for the red sox. real good player. 142 --
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>> great player. >> again. they got money. it is a story made for the big street. san francisco university high school cross country and their great coach went after their eight state title. yards from the finish line, his star runner line hit the wall before collapsing because of hydration. he crawled across the finish line to clinch the finish line. the coach is battling lou gehrig's disease. they join us tonight. and we will -- because of the coach, run the graphic if you can. jim tracy has a trust fund. he is a coach there and does not have health insurance. there oyou go. if you want to stick a dollar or two in there. he is an eight time champion. he is a part time teacher, he
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