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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 9, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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captioning by captionmax live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> to morning finance, topps stars and falling edges options the toddler is appointed listing can later found at the hotel's fontaine. we'll give you the latest period's big trades to the wickedly scandal, while working least in the ross is a civil suit some people. and the electorate today, live records are the james creek freeway, foggy in some spots movies as falling forecast. speak we're not expecting as much or or, as we had the honor
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to vacaville, fairfield starting to clear out. fortune is sell passed on through, as you read it out this is where the bulk of the moisture is, sitting up into the north bay. snow and to the sierra line 80, 50. the blood is in the dry. chances of showers for today, nothing like we site yesterday. current temperatures warmer outside, you notice the difference when you step outside the door. probably want to bring a jacket, still much warmer believe scene. 56¢ a skirt, 57 oakland, 58 hayward, 52 antioch. 54 livermore. satellite, radar, you can still see this as an restraining on to
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in the bay area. plenty of cloud cover, pumping in some moisture to the bay area. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. what it shows us is that after today maybe a slight chance as an showers, leftover raindrops to the north bay. elsewhere, dry, saturday, sending clearing out, a lot of sunshine in by the end of the weekend we could warm up and to the low 70's. chance of rain returns on tuesday, wednesday. check on your commute with aircraft. >> following a hot spot, or early in the morning confirmed fatality free ride along the nimitz freeway south of about 800. right near washington, to car accident one confirmed fatality. to lanes are lost, cars are facing the wrong way see to the emergency crews are on the scene corner is in route. the long stretch of green indicates no slowing get
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traffic is getting by and one late though early it's not critical back up. much more information in my next report, and given that no accidents or incidents in the bay. no, the bridges, all fog get the bay bridge, as a major waves roared san francisco looking pretty good for all approaches, new forms along the northbound 80, 580 or reassure freeway. san mateo, weston east bound, nice and light conditions especially the commute direction towards foster city the golden gate bridge, boys at the fog shot, just maybe one or two cars in the camera shot, if no problems for your entire ride through marin county novato towards city limits 23 minutes. james. see thank you, developing story that hotel emergency in san francisco and wichita was rushed hospital after falling into decorative fountains.
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>> here at the hyatt regency police are investigating what appears to be a tragic accident where 1/2 year-old boy wandered into a fountain. he wasn't breathing when police and firefighter showed up given cpr, watch a hospital where he had a pulse and was breathing no other formation is available. police a family members of the boy contact the hotel's security when they discovered he was missing. they found a boy nine minutes later and called authorities. no word on how he wound up in the fountain this the first accident in the 37 years as an open. >> of the developing story, a man who confessed to dragging a woman to death behind his truck expected to be arraigned today, injuring a interview police say he did admit to the crime, but on a murder charge, the woman hit by that track and
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dragged her dead identified as shirley baker 47, she was killed after getting into the fight shortly before 2:00 a.m. tuesday. antioch police department is area understaffed, with the recent spike in homicides investigators and having to work overtime trends of those cases. reggie kumar says the results of the budget crisis. >> this year police department has investigated 10 homicides, the most recent filing a friend happened in the last two weeks. now it is more than doubled compared to what was last year. with the city's budget woes 50 police officer positions after remain unfilled which means the department's remaining 94 sworn officers have to pick its dislike. the recent rash of violent crimes concerns him. >> it does not mean or having any more crime, crime will happen anyway. were higher than is strictly but
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it's concerning because of the jump from last year i think every day they have gone down, the residence of there's crime going down even in the last six months. >> despite the recent uptick, investigators are still able to solve crimes with the help of neighboring police departments and pets are in brentwood. >> on and so happy with their odd they are able in spite of all of that to interview people, get leads, solve crimes. they're gonna need the rest of people already the you would think the results of the loss of manpower review with to do that they're still doing that. >> open the city can start to deal with the police union to run more cuts. if agreement is not reached the force could be stretched even thinner. >> new details in yesterday's deadly called train accident officials say
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a man in his 40's was on the tracks of the cemetery station around 315, passengers are about to get off the train and it happened it led to his sister might delay, during the evening commute. that man is the 11th fatality on a couch and trucks this year. 19 people got on the sharks roster they say their in the process of improving safety in several different ways. >> nutrias morning preliminary reports should there was no coercion in the pipeline but experts say inspection act is its are inaccurate. according to reports, speaking for a meeting piccinni's message of could leave a host of problems on the pipe. engineers recommend pg&e uses more expensive and inconvenient methods. were
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these a massacre of being sued over refusals to process wikileaks duron nations, pit houses or return the funds to the foundation there was one reason for it. it is not clear where or when such a lawsuit will be heard we will let you know. the senate is expected to reject a dream act today app pact of legal status or hundreds of thousand youngsters brought to this country illegally. democrats face an uphill climb to gather the 60 votes needed. passing the legislation last night. the dream act would grant them citizenship if they attend college or serving the military. we're going to take a break, 4:08 a.m. is the time, there's a live picture of your paper to perpetrate their the toll plaza, as you can see it is thick. don't forget, hotspot on the nimitz 880, more on that in a moment the deadly
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accident one lane is balkblocked and that is longer what is expected to be that way we will in no coming up. >>
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what a mess and kron4 morning news, keeping our eye on the sale hotspot, i read to the nimitz freeway said at 800 brainwashing thin three lanes are currently blocked, to cars involved california highway patrol in the coroner's office on the scene and has not produced any slowing just get a estimated time of when they hoped to reopen the lanes coming up. james. >> thank you, developing straight a man is in custody this morning after creating trouble on board a flight at a san jose international, he was enough of a threat to that site yesterday that it had to be diverted, him more take a look at what happened and how passengers rent. >> this map shows the unintended slight path of
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continental flight 1576. it took off about 6:15 a.m. from standards site heading to texas but a couple of hours in passengers say one man on the plane started acting unusual. >> he tried to jump by the emergency exit, smashed a window, saying is to commit suicide. >> he walked to the backup plan, there was a commotion. >> to investigators say the plate for was trying to control the passenger flight attendants or crits other passengers including brendan murray of san jose to help them and in the manicured >> the flight attendants, and another friend and said we need help. we were back there, yang to read of his seat bottom on the ground, the flight attendants had some tie wrap plastic strips trades that they gave us, we did that they're pretty good. >> the passengers are distracted they've diverted to the nearest airport
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albuquerque international. once landed a 30 supported entered the passenger into custody this video posted on you to show the dramatic scene recorded by a passenger. you can see the officer's car to the back of a plane, a short time later they carry them into his hands and it goes are bound off the plane. he was taken into custody, questioned by local and federal authorities after some minor repairs to a window the flight continued. >> the fbi says the incident did not have any terrorism ties, that passenger has not been identified. nationalist, federal aviation administration says it has recorded a steady increase in reports from across the country that people pointing lasers at aircraft cockpits. it can distract and blind pilots, they have been directed at
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air traffic control dollars as well. no crash so far but that is the worry this year more than 22 monday incidents up from less than 300 back in 2005. the house merely passed a budget deal last night in the to under 12-2 06 vote, as it stands the bill can up the budget of federal agencies at the 1.2 trillion dollar level approved. this bill would freeze the budgets of most cabinet departments and fund the war in afghanistan. some democrats say they do not like president barack obama as tax compromise but it will probably pass. opposed the deal says it gives the rich too much by extending their tax cuts and your estate taxes stemming three democrats said obama gave too much down on the estate tax. quick check and the markets, stocks pose to open higher after a big trading day yesterday before the
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bell the department of labor will release its weekly jobs report the number of americans filing jobless claims is expected to go down. bailed out insurance aig is taking a key step towards paying off its bid a bailout. it will pay off a loan from new york. corporate websites of visa and mastercard are under sniper attack by reported backers are wikileaks will see if that continues today. a quick break, let's go back outside, another look at the condition up there it is wet, foggy, you can see it in the golden gate bridge camera full look at your forecasts in commute coming up. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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welcome back, for 3:00 pm tracking a fatal accident, 700, as you make your bed of sand and show it is a two car accident near
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washington avenue 3 lanes are blocked california highway patrol is running traffic rates as they try it clear it, emergency crews as well as the coroner's office is on the scene you can see traffic is only getting by in one of the lanes still on the green indicating speeds over 50 mi. per hour not causing much in a way of slowing just yet but as the commute wears on this could be really big problem as most means are blocked. much more information in my next report. bay bridge toll plaza you may run into some slick roadways, fog meeting let's are of all lanes open along the upper deck, he read from the foot of the macarthur maze charts san francisco clocking in at 8 minutes. cortines bridge to the macarthur maze 17 minutes. san mateo was back on the span 92 same story, and a promise to report nice, light conditions no proms reports of 580 a
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little bit of slowing due that fatal accident once again on the span no problems to report traffic is moving at the limit. golden gate, said about 101 you're right during county note from just a couple of cars on the road although it is foggy it doesn't seem to be a trend affecting traffic. hiring 37 over these bay on 580 short a manager, albert e. shore freeway, westbound 802 albany, a couple cars and the road making their way through the s curve, no delays there especially as your perch bay bridge toll plaza. your i just pass golden gate fields clocking in at 16 minutes. latest on the foggy forecast louisa. >> thank you, all of that moisture is making for some farm this morning also continue to see some showers, most of the activity is up into the north bay taking in close along the coast, you can see
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debate to inverness seeing quite a bit of rain. petaluma, rain is starting to pick up, along south mcdowell girl aboard.boulevard.e napa valley we are actually getting a few showers out there. heavier showers and to sonoma, a little bit later to now but, here is a wider view, right to the central valley all we had but to the foothills, we're getting quite a bit of wet weather continued to see all the moisture comes radon in. check the showers around for today not as widespread inconsistent as yesterday, visibility out there, we're dealing with cordoba the fog, but in need of a mile visibility from santa rosa, a quarter mile to novato
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seemed to run mile visibility in concord and fairfield. current temperatures on the warm side, this is about to reform as it's been for quite some time. 56 san francisco, 57 oakland, upper 50s in mounds view, saturday and those daughters.those daughn highs 59 to address it santa ros a look at your 7 day around the bay. we are sharing rain is expected to continue to read today, a slight chance of seeing maybe a few raindrops up in the north bay on friday, to come sunday brings the abundance of sunshine. los '70s by the end of the weekend, then we bring a chance of rain back into the picture tuesday and wednesday. trains. >>james.
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>> california roof prison officials went on a two month shirt for in the legal jordanian to carry out the execution. it was called talk. they treated legal injection drugs with their counterparts in arizona. they have got to know what to share a major research from bartizan to london but in the end it was called off a failed land the planned execution was postponed in part because of a shortage. jerry brown has a massive undertaking had once he gets into office. he released figures showing where the state's budget would be 18 months from now the state will lose about $2.7 billion just from possible changes to the prostate tax that means the budget deficit
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will reach $20 billion in june of 22 roll. to fix the budget the state will have some very painful days ahead a special of the wide range of people in the deals. take a listen. >> it to really get in the way of the facts i hope not just today but over the next several weeks that we can get a much clearer understanding of just what is the nature of the situation, who is affected and what are the most reasonable solutions. >> we talked to several lawmakers about the meeting here's their reaction. >> or very good start, people this altogether to have a discussion about how you frame the problem. >> local politicians in many ways have a better grasp on how the budget affects our individual constituents and we were asking the tough
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questions, regarding the budget. >> a third of the state assembly is now a brand new members the ban on the job for two days. they need to be better informed and that will come through gatherings like this their own study. so we can win against time. there will be as informed as possible. speaking yesterday's meeting was the first of zero forms enrage the governor-elect will gather ideas on how to fix the budget. headlines around the bay police are looking for a man who robbed a bank and escaped in a car driven by another man. it happened yesterday afternoon on oliver wrote, in man wearing a ski rask, pointed a gun at the teller demanded money. no one in the bank was injured. the governor's office says it will fly flags at half staff in honor
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of a staff sergeant from monterey county who died in afghanistan on the weekend vincent ashland, died in the coast province in a non- combat related incident. the man who escaped from custody last month is an remit there's a maurice ainsworth junior facing 29 felony counts including attempted murder and kidnapping in connection with the november 29th incident when they say he overpowered a sheriff's deputy then used her gun to threaten teachers other preschool. he ought to be hostage before he was captured. speaking this held a community in terror it went from multiple crimes scenes one crime scene inside hospital one in the parking lot, when added day care center and another at a
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house blocks away. he did mokpo accident. we will fight to hold them accountable >> the hospital to schools and dozens of homes were locked down while they searched for him. the shares to permit is reviewing the policy that until now has permitted a lone deputy to transport inmates. he's interested in $2 million bill. we'll take a break, back at site, following a couple things, the weather coming see all the fog, and yes and traffic hot spots as well, each 0 partially shut down because of a fatal accident we'll get the latest with louisa and erika coming up.
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they're running traffic brakes on the 800 trying clear an accident, to address just arrived, no estimated time of reopening the were not seeing any slowdowns in the meantime complete check on this hot spot coming up. james. >> thank you, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we have on and off showers throughout the day with a chance in the north bay tomorrow. temperatures
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and low-mid-60's weekend looks to come more sunshine drier conditions and warmer weather. these low 70's. we have that to look forward to. world news, a top chinese leader has met with north korea's kim jong-il there is no word on what they discussed but tran is under heavy international pressure to diffuse the tension which spiked with no. 3 is recent attack on an island near the disputed border that killed four south koreans. north korea which has few other allies depend heavily on china for economic assistance. for 20 7:00 a.m. a quick break, a look outside, shot of the bay bridge approach, fog get their we're seeing some wet conditions still lingering. quality your forecasts coming up.
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out of that coming for 20 9:00 a.m. waking up to a fatal accident and sick and tired, nimitz freeway seventh studied 80. london confirmed london cod fatalities each become a coroner's office is on the scene to attract just arrived california highway patrol is running traffic breaks, as they try to clear the scene i just refreshed the maps we are in the green indicating speeds while about 50 mi. per hour is not treating any slowdowns just yet but it could be a big problem if this hotspot continues. no other problems around the bay, bay bridge toll plaza, westbound
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traffic is nice and light. you may want to reduce your speeds as visibility is low because of the dense fog. san mateo, no qualms nice, easy conditions westbound 9290 lots of space, no back up at the toll plaza nice and easy 13-14 minutes. golden gate, fungi, south of traffic is moving well and to san francisco. i just at the road sensors no problems, speeds and moving at a limit. traffic is nice and light, your read from a bottle in city limits 15 minutes. heading into the sierra, you will need your genes for highway 80, trucks will be checked on interstate 8 year to make sure that genes currently no restrictions free ride along highway at zero. louisa.
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>> another morning where you want to leave little bit early, just for that to me because you let this, especially if you're heading down on the peninsula of which the golden gate bridge dense fog. seamster for the bay bridge, north bay as well. wet weather continues up to the north bay, ninth in driving this weekend. visibility, novato 0.2 and snapped up. as you hanapa. stor, show you the rain, sitting just to the north of santa rosa. to many of rain from the bay to inverness, petaluma in fact heavier downpours estelle pushing radon over 101, also in wine
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country is seen quite a bit of rain at the hillsboro, also sonoma seeing quite a bit of that wet weather. same for napa. wider view, showing it filling in reruns to the central valley, snowfall on 80. continuing with that moisture pumping in it will continue to be a wet day today. not as bad as we said yesterday, current temperatures 53 santa rosa, 57¢ is gone oakland. temperatures perhaps a much warmer than we have been seeing, 58 mountain view, hayward, fremont. temperatures as we head towards the afternoon, we could break into the low sixties in fairfield, concord, richmond. 59 san francisco, '60s around the bay, 63 in morgan hill. san jose's 62. here is a look at
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your 7 day around the bay. shrine that today will parlay bring as the last chance of rain, tomorrow may be a few lector raindrops mainly to the north bay, starting to look nice for the weekend lots of sunshine, blue skies, warmer temperatures the '70s on sunday and monday. james. >> thank you, the latest on a developing story at the san francisco that hotel emergency, a top russian hospital after falling into the hotel's water fountain jonathan amblin has a more in-depth look. >> it was just after 1:15 a.m. that this article in the day went from bad to worse. a family called security to see the 18 month old boy it was missing, nine minutes later they found a little boy lying in the fountain and the hotel's lobby, firefighters say he was not moving or breeding. as they perform cpr rest of
4:34 am
what the hospital police began trying to figure out how he got separated from his family and wound up in the huge black granite fountain. it's almost 5 ft. tall, the classical is only 2 in. deep. water cascades or the edges into a local rock surrounded by a shiny black wall is almost 3 ft. tall on the other side stems lead to a landing that's barely a foot below the fountain. it is close enough for even the smallest kids to stick their fingers in. at the that a curious history into a giant armchair it is no surprise every kid gravitated toward the spot. not knowing that is a few hours earlier this was the spot where investigators were taking pictures endeavoring evidence in a case police say they're treating as art or by accident. police said the little boy was alive everything but that to be
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transported to another hospital for specialized care. >> the company is deeply concerned aboard happened here and are working with police as they continue to investigate. the fountain has been in the lobby since 1973, and those 37 years this is the first time they know that there's been an accident involving the fountain. jonathan bloom, kron4 news. >> back to our hot spot, a fatal lack some of the outbound 800. kron4 is will tran is on the scene joining us by phone welcome your make? speaking as i can james, the scene should be here forever least in other 30-one hour from now now. i am north of the eggs in san leandro police cars are still here, one car is being taken away as we >> . here is video that i shot 25 minutes ago, it happened around 3:15 a.m.,
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according to the california highway patrol one car to cut your looking every now the car spun around, then another car comes along, and not knowingly slams into that other car which is a subaru. the person driving the subaru was killed, he or she was taken away a few moments ago. still investigating the causes, the road is a little bit slick weather that played a role or drugs or alcohol we're not sure. waiting for public information officer to arrive but rain now, there's only one lane of traffic is moving that is the no. 4 elaine on 88 years of bad, it should be cleared around 5:00 a.m. maybe a little later. james. >> how bad is the backup? barker is getting by ok, it's and stacking up? >> when i got here about
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3:15 a.m. it was a bad, but now it from where the accident occurred i can look back its directors, i see headlights as far as i can see i'm sure it's passed the davis exit at this point. it's pretty bad, getting worse. speed thank you, will tran is on the scene, eric is in the tropics and are keeping an eye much more on the story as it develops. other news, flynn and their reports shows that there was no general corrosion in december no pipeline, inspection methods are inadequate. this according to a report for an examiner. speaking before a meeting cuties method of checking cutting could leave problems like small cracks, pressure on the pipe on notice. the engineers recommended pg any use more expensive and
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inconvenient methods of testing and gas pipelines. the senate is expected to reject the dream act today. democrats face an uphill climb together the votes needed the house passed last night after leaders painstakingly allied of the votes it would grant them citizenship if they attend college or serving the military knew for you this morning wikileaks payment processor is suing visa and mastercard over their refusal to process the nation's paid house says it will also return the funds frozen in the account to the foundation that was fundraising for it. it is not clear where or when such a lawsuit will be hurt. julian assange is in british trio facing six charges in sweden and the threat of what eric holder calls significant action in the
4:39 am
united states. in the meantime his supporters have taken to the internet slowing in shutting down credit-card sites and others which i refuse to deal with wikileaks. >> in may not be as dramatic as the movie but the ongoing league of secret cables has touched off a battle in cyberspace. the head of san francisco is electronic frontier conditions as " the first serious in for war is induced the field of battle is wikileaks court on one side wikileaks on servers and sweden are under attack and possibly governments. on the other side the newly formed coalition of internet pirates known as operation payback, they turn their sights on wikileaks. the topless, mastercard. their headquarters in new york city eight knowledge base service disruption.
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after they refused to process wikileaks donations. they posted a web site of twitter claiming responsibility other targets of the sec, a tall, the banking arm of the swiss postal service. in ousting firm in new hampshire all have severed relations with wikileaks under pressure from the u.s. government. after the arrest of the founder julien of hackers also shut down the site of the sweetest prosecutor's office and the law firm representing one of the woman who's accused him of sexual assault. >> julian assange is due back in court next tuesday that's when he will be asked if he will voluntarily go back to sweden, if he refuses the be another hearing to determine if you will be sent back. will take a break, as we do let's check at side this is a live look at the sell side
4:41 am
waldegrave 101 in the north bank little foggy at there, you will deal with that as you drive to work sprinkle start coming down. we'll be right back.
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welcome mat, 442, and finally some improvement for the state accident sent by the aids era. although the three left millions are still currently blocked, we are seeing better informants because each peach's told me the estimate to reopen by 5 this morning, of course california highway patrol in years and see crews are on the scene clearing up the accident traffic is only beginning to sell more information coming out. james. >> thank you, some minority businesses are claiming that the california high speed rail authority excluded them in the busy process. a complaint filed by as is stated professionals and contractors the group is demanding that the
4:43 am
government withhold more than $3 billion in funding pending an investigation into their claims. >> fast track users concerned that the government has too much your permission to their records will be bolstered by new safeguards set to take effect the first of the year this according to the examiner, drivers to register for transponder must provide a credit-card number, e-mail address and phone number the data is corrupted by the ntsb. they will destroy personal affirmation after the account has been inactive for four years and six months. >> a new study out shows that an alarming number of americans drive other the includes 30 million americans drive drunk each year, million driving impaired by a loss of drugs. wisconsin have the highest level of a drunk drivers, the one bright spot is the rate of trunk and drug driving has dropped slightly in the past three years. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. another look
4:44 am
outside as we go, of what a shot of the golden gate bridge, as folks drive-in from a hotspot on 800 the nimitz freeway, down near san leandro a deadly accident this morning. erika will be a police.but with the l.
4:45 am
at the max kron 4 morning news, we are following a major hotspot and similar it is a confirmed fatality rewrite's out and 800. right near washington avenue, three lanes are still currently blocked traffic is on getting by in one of the lanes is turning to produce a back up, i just got up the phone with the california highway patrol the to meet expected that lanes reopen by five, keeping an eye on that, in the meantime church hours, emergency crews and coroner's office are on the scene. once you pass that, one lane is open your and into another one said but 800. this is an hayward,
4:46 am
reports of a car sideways with no lights blocking the two left lanes. the delays as you make your way south bound. ivan not light traffic around the bay, no other slowdowns to report bay bridge toll plaza just a couple more cars on the road more than we thought 10 minutes ago. in fog advisor has been issued for a ride along the upper deck, watch your speeds. looking good for all purchase no proms ride along the shore freeway. san mateo, you can see conditions are well across the span, no problems to report lots of space between cards e-mail run into some big delay the onset of about 800. due to those too hot spot, golden gate, no qualms, although he may have to contend with some fog just a couple of cars on the road. no problems for your entire ride from marin county novato into city limits 23
4:47 am
minutes. highway 37 a minute trip. south bay no hot spots, rate near trimble david cruz those taillights on the right hand side approaching santa clara not tracking of back up on the interchange just yet, drive times are typical 14 minutes from downtown san jose toward santa clara. james. >> thank you, let's get back to that top spot will tran is live, joining us by phone with the latest on the scene good morning will. >> good morning james, making good progress as far as clearing the scene, this is video from 4:00 a.m. you can see its shutdown three it out of four lanes, so about 80 880 of 80. californiy
4:48 am
patrol says for some unknown reason the driver slammed into a medium, that's when the car around, then the corolla comes along did not see that car, slams into that car, the driver of the subaru was killed his or her body has been taken away 45 minutes ago. good progress, they believe they could be added here runs 5 05 a.m.. the driver of the silver curl up on the injured, cause still unknown. >> thank you, we may see it clearing in the next 15 minutes. we have seen in shot through the morning fog and wet roads police said they're looking to see it that was a contributing factor. >> lots of leftover moisture from yesterday's rain contributing to that dense fraud, you can see and
4:49 am
nestled in through the bay bridge approach, his look to the visibility is as at the door, give yourself election time for your morning commute especially if you lift the north bay, less than an aid of a mile and your santa rosa, a quarter mile novato and napa, those are really the problem spots and looks likely go to concord, fairfield just over a mile. livermore 3 mi.. visibility, give me an idea of where we are seeing fog, the debt swap is stretching from santa rosa santa petaluma, and then we are accessing a better fog along the peninsula, visibility between 2-5 mi., the rain, we're not done with the rat weather yet especially to the north bay, we continue to see some showers, rain now watching a cell which looks like it can bring some heavier downpours reed and through novato. showers along 1012 petaluma. dowel
4:50 am
boulevard. also through wine country napa valley, sonoma seeing some heavier downpours. seeing some showers on i-80 from fairfield right onto vacaville. why did out, that moisture continues to sit off the pacific. it looks like we could see a few sprinkles along the peninsula. current temperatures on the warm side compared, 57 san francisco and oakland, 58 hayward, monday, fear or view into fremont. y warming up a few degrees 59 san francisco, and santa rosa. 60 richmond, fairfield inn concord. 62 san jose, 63 morgan know. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain drops in the
4:51 am
forecast, mainly to mark best chance north bay peninsula should stay dry. saturday, sunday lots of sunshine warming up into the '70s. james. >> headlines here, last week we talked about the low temperatures inside of oakland schools because of furnace problems students, teachers and staff to what they can to keep warm. today's people behaving badly they follow up on that chilly classroom. >> this is a heater donated to a teacher at kaiser elementary school located in the oakland hills. here is a teacher taking mighty to keep warm even with a portable heater. i take a visit to schools in the district, this time without officials present check progress the other school i will discuss in a minute. apparently at kaiser elementary some parents rather with the haiti issue about two minutes ago when you told me.
4:52 am
>> the school never let you know? >> no. since returning from thanksgiving break some students at the unified school district have so without heat in the classroom. >> this is one of their heaters it's supposed to blow warm air but it's not, it's such a glowing coal there. >> no fear their ministers tried to give this tool back online. which brings me to the other school down on the flat lands futures elementary school, where they have a portable heaters but not because of no heat it's because of this, you're looking up for acquiring because some of the here's what overdrive to the point where school officials had to shut them off for fear of fire. to give you an idea just telling the school just accustomed skipping on agents and oakland schools this sink in the futures " costar has been clogged for over a year. houston we have
4:53 am
a problem. oakland, stanley roberts cover kron4 news. >> we're hearing that at least some of those goals mr. seeing he turned on as early as today if your, your story idea for stanley let him know sentiment e-mail at we'll take a quick break we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. [ female announcer ] give yourself the gift of time with the kfc festive feast. twelve pieces of the colonel's hand breaded original recipe chicken. with three sides and six biscuits for only $19.99. have a so good holiday.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, for 50 4:00 a.m. big problems for a ride along sets found edta. still tracking that fatal accident rate mayor washington, three lanes are still blocked, traffic is only getting by in one lane. accident set back 800. expected big delays as you make your way towards the bridge plan ahead, use east bound 580. james. >> thank you, time for some tech news and what to buy for the holidays gabe slate has the latest on some digital cameras. >> digital cameras are
4:55 am
always a hot ticket item around the holidays they make great gifts. here's what hot in the digital camera world. camera on the market that takes 3d pictures. it is called the five picks real three d w one. $400, is cool in new to take three deep pictures but to view the pictures that you've taken you need a 3-d laptop or tv, which both coster over a thousand dollars or fuji makes a 3d a into a photo display frame $600. all little expensive for 3d pictures you might want to wait till next year. samsung, 12 make picks look really good pictures and has of used in on the front of the camera so you can composure shot with taking soap opera actress. it can help you and try to get a child to scrub the camera it will play animation's like this one of addicting happy crown. because one of the
4:56 am
$20. >> i'm always coming ask what a good camera is to get? the professional high end cameras with big lenses that look like this. they're not just for professionals all lot of obvious use these so my recommendation for a good s l r is the 7855. 855, it costit is popular, back orded many web sites are you can find it check on the amazon if you want your young ones looking to take pictures earlier at the fisher bridge kid traffic is a great idea for kids. it's a rugged, surrounded in robert a. to me dropped many times and continue to work. it costs $40. did did digital camera for someone of neh around a hundred dollars, go with sony's ever shot digital cameras or casio tx series you can go wrong with these
4:57 am
they both offer models under hundred dollars and a good cameras. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> we will take a break, back with more in a minute. a couple lives at, first of the scene from the sierra 50 at ski run, snow falling over the last couple of days more this morning if you're ha heading up there this weekend should be great skiing. back closer, of the north bay 101 we of conditions that are foggy. and of course following that hot spot on the nimitz says betty 800. all lanes blocked because of a fatal accident up with the latest in a bid. it
4:58 am
4:59 am
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but come back, better news for the fatal accident along cells that 800. all lanes are open traffic is getting along just fine speeds are 59 mi. per hour. the accident free ride along the nimitz, you may expect some residual delays. james. >> the senate is expected to reject the house approved a
5:12 am
dream at today, it provides a path to legal status for hundreds of foreign-born youngsters brought to this country illegally by their parents. at hill climb together the votes they needed the house did pass legislation last night after leaders painstakingly lined up those quotes. the dream i it would grant children a pot citizenship knowledge or serve in the military. new details, the house narrowly passed a budget deal last night into a 12-26 vote, the bill would pass the budget of 4.2 trillion dollar level approved. this bill will freeze the budgets of most cabinet apartment and fund the war in afghanistan as it faces uncertain prospects. meanwhile, a trust is seeking 1 billion from seven
5:13 am
international bakes. they're suing in an effort to recover more than $1 billion. the complaint accused the prince of receiving transfers of money from adolf's business from numerous feeder funds when they knew or should it known of his stride. 72 year-old made up his 350 year prison sentence. we will be back with more minute, says bud 80 we will see if have reopened aftewe will see if lane reopened on 800 after a accident this morning.
5:14 am
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and we are back, live shot on the left of our roof camera san mateo bridge on the right. >> we are seeing far this morning through bay bridge, golden gate, a bid to the north bay especially this
5:17 am
morning visibility is down to half mile. novato is seeing visibility's less than a quarter of a mile. now at the half mile. if you're heading from the north bay to the golden gate be prepared to hit that ball this morning. concord, fairfield 1 mi.. here is a look to your visibility try to give you a better picture of where we are seeing the fog, from santa rosa, san rafael, napa, the layout. seeing a bit of fog along the peninsula, 2-5 mi. at this hour. nah then with the wet weather yeltsin and that is persistent as it was yesterday or is widespread, and then slid down to the south bay even livermore current hour is dry. closer into the north bay. quite a bit of what weather into said cindy to also petaluma on 101 in the napa valley.
5:18 am
we have been seeing some continue showers. 80, vacaville, why did out and show you we're continue to see that moisture move on to the area picking up a few sprinkles along the next hour. a little bit of snow into the sierra it is actually fairly warm. the snow levels are pretty high. warm temperatures, 57 san francisco and oakland gate hayward, mountain view and fremont. afternoon highs warming up slightly to 50-60 degrees for fairfield in concord. 59 san francisco. keeping the numbers around 60 degrees around the bay, 63 los gatos, morgan hill 62. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow it looks like the best chance of seeing some left over raindrops' up to the north bay could stay dry tomorrow seeing mostly cloudy conditions. the sun
5:19 am
really play a solo role in the weather. warming as up. in tracking prove incandescence for your rights at but 880 a fatal accident since 4 this morning. three of the left him lanes were blocked. he minutes ago california highway patrol cleared all lanes to our church have left the scene we may run into some players do san leandro and hayward. not seen much in the way of slowing as speed still averaging 50 mi. per hour. hayward, another accident, 80. for a car crash sitting on the shoulder and into the disease appear on the way there. he may spend some delays as a major way towards the bridge. pretty good shape what the space in the train cars. moving at the limit approaching the peninsula. not tracking any back up at the toll plaza your arrival on the span
5:20 am
remains the same. 40 minutes from end to end. tracking a fog advisor 3 here at the bay bridge, was backdates zero along the upper deck cars are slowing down just a little bit approaching the toll plaza want to make your way up the incline you may want to watch your speeds the fog is dense, not affecting drive times 9 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze toward san francisco. no promise of about 101 golden gate moving fine at the limit. they just reconfigured all lanes, no problems there, cross- country race is the same. nice and light conditions as hepatitis up hundreds of peninsula your read from this camera shot. james. >> thank you, new for you this morning preliminary reports showed there was no general corrosion in december no pipeline. inspection at concerts are
5:21 am
may be inaccurate. before meeting of victims piccinni's tram method could lead a host of problems like small cracks and pressure on the price on notice. they recommend pg&e adopt a more thorough inspection practices. california prison officials went on a frantic to munches for illegal drugs needed to carry out the persecution. they scoured the girl, for the drugs which is in short supply. it ultimately failed once he gets into office there is a form organized in sacramento releasing figures showing where the budget will be 18 months from now. the state will lose possible charges the state of
5:22 am
extracts that means it could reach $20 million in june the 20 drug. to fix the problem the house and hand full days ahead. >> they can really get in the way of the facts. i hope not just today but evidence next several weeks we will get clear understanding of what the nature of the situation is who is affected awarded the solutions are struck >> we talked with several lawmakers, they were there and attendance commager's of that state. >> i think it was a very good start, i think it was great that people as altogether to have a discussion about the problems. >> they have that many rask on how the rest are individual we were
5:23 am
absolutely asking the questions about the budget. >> at one-third of the state assembly is now brand new members they been on the job today is. they need to be better informed, it will come to gatherings like this. winning this time in january did there as informed as possible. >> guest is meeting is the first of several forms across the state in which the governor elect brown will get their ideas on how best to fix the problem. wall street, stocks poised to open higher this morning after a good trading day yesterday. before the bell in the next 15 minutes the department of labor released its weekly jobs report. bill dunn insurance aig is taking a key step towards paying off its bailout. the company says it will pay off a loan from the reserve bank of new york. visa and mastercard or
5:24 am
web sites appear under cyber attacks by reported backers of wikileaks. we will see that continues today. we'll take a break, as we go, a look at our traffic maps showing you the scene of where the fatal accident was on washington avenue for a time every lin was blocked the isn't clear that, the commute seems to be living well. we'll back with more in a minute.
5:25 am
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5:27 am
and we have back, national headlines this morning i read the franklin is doing better than doctors expected, family and sources expect her to be released from hospital this weekend may be back on tour by next may spring. she announced that she had undergone some form of surgery but wouldn't elaborate. there are rumors that she might of been diagnosed with cancer no more from our our spokesperson we do know that she canceled all concerts' through may. we'll let you
5:28 am
know we find out more. wesley's banks will be reported to federal prison the prison camp in louis is where the 48 year-old wilt file his bed is time for not filing income terms. mr. sides was convicted of the crime back in 2008. we'll take another break, a live picture of storm tracker 4 assuring your where we are seeing some of the rain this morning. north bay come san francisco seeing some of that awful
5:29 am
5:30 am
and we're back 5:30 a.m. a live look at the bay bridge approach, this is not the only place we're seeing a pretty wide spread, or gas louisa. >> to bring james, the fog that we are seeing is fairly dense, promise was visibility up and to the north bay that also were a lot of the wet weather is,
5:31 am
wet weather, scattered showers, we are expecting it to be dry by the weekend however. something to look forward to still a lot of moisture up there. visibility, half mile to santa rosa, napa, novato less than a quarter mile. heading down 101 make sure to prepare to hit a low bid of that slot as you head into downtown san to discuss. a look at storm tracker 4, where the rain is this morning) show you a cell pushing to vallejo, looks like rainfall rates are coming down to tens of an inch per hour showers from novato, highway 37 in two vallejo, also to the richmond san rafael bridge to sausalito, starting to pick up just a few raindrops really light along downtown sits francisco. golden gate park in even stretching into daly city. santa rosa, petaluma, dealing with scattered showers, rate
5:32 am
along 101 into the napa valley, as we why did out you can see all of this screen filling in to the north bay, central valley, seeing a little bit of snow into the sierra, snow levels very high. we are action starting off with some warm temperatures because of that. 57 san francisco, 52 san rafael, some of the upper 50s, as a ticket into the afternoon looks like we will warm up to 60 degrees. richmond, fairfield, concord. south bay might get up to 63 furloughs' daughters, morgan hill, '60s around the bay, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show that tomorrow may keep our raindrop or to around but really contained the north bay. for the most part dry tomorrow, saturday, sunday not just dry but warming it up. lots of sunshine upper 60s low seventies coming in this weekend sunday, monday
5:33 am
looking nice. chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. check and your commute bearcat. >> thank you, , tracking improving conditions rewrite the law says about 800 the nimitz freeway earlier this morning fatal accident all lanes are open rate their washington avenue we're in the green indicating speeds above 50 mi. per hour we have video shot earlier this morning it happened around 3:15 a.m. reports of a two car accident one confirmed fatality a party lingering in the roadway. three lanes blocked, profit was making buy in one of the right-hand lanes the accident is cleared, improving conditions, no delays for somebody to your. of little bit of slowing as you make your way toward hayward, reports of another accident right here i was a four car crash sitting on the shoulder, california highway patrol is try to clear the scene. san mateo, was found
5:34 am
92, you'll run into slowing across the span traffic is nice, light no promise to contend with easy 14 minutes from end to end. they bridge, was studied zero all looking pretty good here at the toll plaza, a few more cars on the road 10 minutes ago, still dealing with that fog advisory issued free ride along the upper deck. golden gate, but when no one, same story pretty foggy, traffic seems to be moving along with any problems. your entire ride is in the clear, and the water toward city limits sitting at 23 minutes. daly really slows spot throughout the bay area westbound highway-4 at of the antioch, look at this yellow, speeds down to 30 m.p.h.. the only other hot spot, along highway 101 we have a fog issue by the california highway patrol. james. >> thank you, , the hotel
5:35 am
emergency in san francisco huerta was rushed hospital after falling into decorative water fountain. jonathan bloom as the latest. >> it was just after 1:15 a.m. their hotel spokesman says this gloomy day went from bad to worse. a family called security to see their 18th month old boy was missing, nine minutes later security found the boy lying in the fountain of the hotel's main lobby firefighters responded city was a moving or breeding. as firefighters perform cpr and rushed to the hospital police began trying to figure out how the toddler got separated from his family and wound up in the huge black granite mountain. it is almost 5 ft. tall, the classical on top is only 2 in. deep water cascades over the edges into a load dropped surrounded by a shiny black wall. it's almost 3 ft. tall on the side facing the desk but on the other side steps lead up
5:36 am
to an elevated landing that is barely a foot below the look of the fountain the flowing water is close enough for even the smallest kids to stick their fingers in. add to that they make this a christmas tree and a giant arm chair it is no surprise every kid to pass by gravitated towards the spot not knowing that just a few hours earlier this was the spot where crime scene investigators are taking pictures, gathering evidence in a police police say they're taking it is leaving the police said the boy was alive and breathing but had to be transported to another hospital for more specialized care. >> -corp. has issued a statement saying they're deeply concerned and are working with police as they continue to investigate the funds has been in the lobby since the day the hotel opened 1973 in those 37 years, this is the first time they know of there's been an accident involving the fountain. >> we are also following new
5:37 am
details of the santa cruz, the man who escaped from custody late last month was a court for arraignment, you see him their 24 year-old maurice ainsworth jr.. he did not enter plea, he is charged with 29 felony counts including attempted murder and kidnapping all a connection with that incident when officers say he overpowered a sheriff's deputy and your turn again to threaten teachers at a nearby preschool. he held two people hostage before being captured. >> this can help the community in terror, it went from multiple crime scenes, when crime scene inside dominican hospital, one crime scene in the parking lot outside the mykonos battle one crime scene in the day care center and another in the house, blocks away. he did multiple acts, we're going to fight for to hold him accountable for each and everyone. >> the hospital, to schools and dozens of homes or locked out for several hours while they search for remains worth. the shares
5:38 am
department is reviewing the policy that until now percentages one deputy to transport inmates. he remains in custody on $2 million bail schedule to be in court on december 17th. >> headlines around the bay a woman remains posturized in critical condition after being crushed will fixing her car pittsburgh. 47 year- old woman at your saraband fell on her when it slipped off the track. jack. the woman's son was inside the car, a bystander used another jack to raise the car just enough to polar route.pull her out. thy bridge, foggy, but living well. 57 degrees in oakland 60 this afternoon.
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in the air back applications for unemployment benefits has dropped, 17,000 fewer people filed for first-time benefits, then the week before. they fall steadily after raising hopes that companies would resume hiring, we did expect the number to drop. we'll see how wall street reacts to this. >> also making headlines wikileaks payment processor is giving credit heard these a a drastic turn over their refusal to process donations to our web site. pay paul says it will return the funds frozen in wikileaks account to the foundation. it is not clear where or when such a lawsuit will be heard. sarah palance political action came under attack from supporters of wikileaks and its founder julian assange periling called him an anti-american operative with blood on his
5:43 am
hands she questioned why he was a research with the same urgency that we pursued ipad and tell the band leaders. sarah says website acted quickly to protect the site from hackers are acting under the label operation payback. they claim responsibility for a promise from mastercard.problems for ma. we'll take another break, let's go back outside, a live shot here from our roof that camera showing you all that fall, a full check on whether coming up. in the meantime snapshot of san francisco 56 degrees of this hour warming of the '60s is afternoon.
5:44 am
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and we're back, storm tracker 44, look at it, louisa has been looking at all morning high there. >> we have a lot of stuff going on a lot of them
5:47 am
western from yesterday is making for some dense fog and especially to the north bay so really the north bay is getting the brunt of it dealing with fog, low visibility is also scattered showers as well impact in santa rosa we're down to half mile, same for napa, nev. less than a quarter mile. over a mile in concord in fairfield, 30 livermore. radar, you can see that line really from downtown san francisco northward. nevada- and to vallejo along highway 37 getting some raindrops. richmond san rafael bridge this morning experiencing a few raindrops and also as we head down into daly city illus like forcing some very, very light showers continue as an isolated showers throughout the rest of the morning as well. santa rosa, petaluma dealing with what weather for the past couple of hours. reed
5:48 am
and to the central valley seeing a little bit more of a rain stomachs. current temperatures, on the warm side, you will notice it as he stepped outside the door, 50s bridge across the board. staying clear of the 40's. 57 oakland, down that amount, san jose 58. afternoon highs not showing much more open. warming up a few degrees are so. sixties rate under fairfield, concord. to see toussaint as a 63 morgan hill, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. may be left over raindrops. if we do say whether it will be contained in the north bay to masting dry. saturday, sunday, dry, lots of sunshine and temperatures warming up by sunday and
5:49 am
monday low '70's gorgeous weather expected then they bring that chance of rain by the debenture tuesday and wednesday. director. >> hotspot, westbound 580 as you make your way of livermore to car crash, currently blocking the right-hand lanes, yellow and red beginning to build. speeds drop down to 12 mi. per hour in there is always spots not too bad free ride along the altman passed, still in the green indicating speeds above 50 mi. per hour this is really the only slows but free ride ride west of 580. keeping our eye on this at the morning, other than this, no other hot spots traffic is building around the bay area more cars on the road was spent eight your your bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza is at 10 minutes ago still not talking any slowing go in north bend 80 westbound 580 still contending with the fog advisor issue along the
5:50 am
upper deck drive with extra caution. san mateo bridge, was down 92, now comes to report nice, light conditions imposed conditions, traffic is moving at the limit we're beginning to see a wait at the toll plaza bumping of your drive times to 15 minutes, if you're heading to the golden gate bridge, your read from marin county is in the clear, in dealing with some heavy of fear ride along the span. traffic is unaffected headlights moving up on them in the water towards the limits, 23 minute trip, such bay, no hot spots just yet, live look from troubled electric is. both directions of 101 back above the 87 interchange drive times are not affected. 15 minutes from downtown san as it rides and unclear. james. >> we have some new details to share with you minority businesses are claiming that the california high speed
5:51 am
rail authority excreted them from the bidding process. this complaint was filed by associated professionals and contractors to the us department of transportation they're demanding that the government withhold more than $3 billion in funding for the project pending the investigation of these claims. news safecard said to expect will help protect the privacy of fast track users according to report from the examiner, directors to register a first fast- track must provide a credit- card number, e-mail otters and phone #this corrected by the ntsb. they will destroy that information after a person's account has been an active for four years in six months. new federal studies show an alarming number of americans driving under the influence their in million drive drunk each year. the
5:52 am
one bright spot is strong driving has dropped slightly in the posteriors. >> also following the latest around the world, its arch it crews with hundred 60 passengers has lost an engine and look the rough seas that they're dealing with. that was about the ship below the waterline is scheduled to arrive import this morning look at the refco the people on board the cruise ship have had to deal with. the navy says it is heading back to argentina all passengers are safe, being cared for by the navy. the shift declared an emergency on tuesday when it was north east of the island's 500 mi. report. it said over antarctica on november 3rd, there was scheduled to return
5:53 am
yesterday on sure all of these boards will be got to get home. >> still far cry is, freezing temperatures for travelers to get out overnight at paris and frankfurt airports. will the army was called in to care where snow. air traffic was returning to normal more the disruptions are expected at other airports. a whole slew of commuters suffered through traffic jam after traffic jam. bad weather, moving its way to your. we'll take a break, back with more on a minute. let's go outside, shot a setback, 101 in san jose, traffic is building you can see it there currently mild temperature rise. 50 degrees san jose.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
and we're back, storm tracker 4, the rains are falling right now you can see most of the bay to the north is pretty wide stretch of and not heavy but it's widespread. fog to that the
5:57 am
the big weather element that you need to know about. fog is dance in some spots. daly city woman has finally turned in her $8 million lottery ticket, california officials say rose mary came for tuesday with the winning ticket that she brought on thanksgiving eve. she elected to take her winnings in a lump sum on which we should take, about $4 million after taxes. it was sold at the market, she will be paid and you would pay $40 million. we will take a break, let's go outside, another live look this morning at the golden gate bridge, there's the fog, again heavy at times, full of good your forecasting commute coming out.
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