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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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news top stories that this hour a deadly accident shut down lanes at 880 this morning. more on what happened and how it is affecting the commute. >> after years of delays and complications finally some good news to tell you about the bay bridge construction. >> another wet morning the fog is really thick around the bay area right now we have an advisory posted for the bay bridge. the latest on whether would lose the haj. >> all the moisture making for dense fog this morning check out the golden gate bridge soft is it your headed down from the north bay be prepared for that give yourself extra time this morning for your commute. not only fog but were still dealing with some of wet weather especially open the north bay it will be dry by the weekend however nice looking forecast. starting off with the fog in you can see this whole area of yellow and orange actually is visibility between zero and
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1 mi.. problems with visibility down to petaluma now out, fairfield right on through the delta and napa valley as well. some of the numbers are half a mile in terms of visibility for san rosa also now one-quarter mile visibility through nevada this morning. the rain is starting to get a few drops in san francisco for the most part we are sought in through the north bay. from the moderate group of the lake help we are getting some raindrops heading through the richmond san rafael bridge. and along the golden gate bridge as well we are starting to see a few raindrops redound town san francisco if we see anything along the peninsula right now it is very light. a few raindrops through these days well up into san rosa, petaluma however light showers through much of the morning. isolated scattered showers it is continued through the half of valley
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as well. and through fairfield and that the bill. as we widen don't you can see the moisture socked in through the bay the central valley seeing a bit of snow along 80. though snow levels are pretty high because its system is so warm it's making for warm temperatures this morning. that's one good thing about the weather temperatures in the '50s ever worry go 56 and francisco, 57 oakland, madam you san jose 58 degrees by the afternoon it doesn't look like you will budge much maybe into low 60s 60 fairfield, concord, richmond upper 50s in san francisco. oakland, us hayward fremont 60 degrees and 7 day around the bay shows a chance just very slight chance of showers continuing tomorrow but the best bet in the north bay by saturday, sunday everybody will be in the clear dry lots of sunshine blue skies and temperatures getting
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into the low 70's. >> after early morning problems than some cleared up nicely on the nimitz freeway on thursday december 9th as marcus reminded to it is a ninth of december. bay bridge toll plaza no problems yet but a lot of fog. no fog advisory about it is definitely reduced visibility not as bad here as in other parts of the bay area. still along the laurie short freeway no delays as we mentioned early morning problems on the nimitz freeway at washington and san leandro completely cleared no residual impact there. it getting into hayward or heading towards the bay bridge in europe to san mateo bridge also unaffected by the problem. in fact lighter than usual traffic in the westbound direction and a bit of haze but not as much fog as in other parts of the bay area is not likely to affect your visibility here no fog
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advisers have been issued. golden gate bridge ride is where the fog is in evidence not slowly traffic because it hasn't reduced visibility on the span but in northern maring county sonoma county you bet visibility is as low as a hundred feet or less. if you're right is to meet in those conditions in nearly morning hours or when it's dark do not use high beams and high fog it will reduce your visibility. south banks 1 01 in the northbound direction you could see traffic is light of and while a pass trouble did occur is road no problems are delays. mark. >> a fatal accident on 80 be in san leandro north of well in boulevard chp says around 315 this morning a female driver net vorster slanted to the dividing wall that separates the freeway that caused it to spin back onto the freeway and then the driver of a torah toyota corolla slammed into the
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car killing the driver of the super route. the second driver had no injuries no word on how the first car slammed into the divider. the scene was cleaned just after 5:00 a.m. traffic moving along. >> 18 month old boy fell into a fountain at the hyatt hotel in san francisco. police responded yesterday afternoon after they got a call about a missing child. that is when the child was found by the police but by an employee spotted the child in the pool in the hotel officers got there trying to revive the child paramedics took the child to a local hospital we understand a boy is in serious condition. >> after years of delays cost increases and a ladies' man and there is good news this morning the new eastern span will open to drivers traveling both directions by
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the end of 2013 the original plan was the eastbound motorists the lower deck wait until 2014. eastbound traffic opening four-six months earlier than expected the accelerated time line offered incentives last december to speed up fabrication of the tower segments. >> police in san jose will stop 30 day vehicle in pounds. that does not mean though they are off the hook instead officers are born to look for alternatives to towing a car like having somebody else who does have a license take the vehicle for the person who was arrested leak it is towed a licensed driver can pick it up by paying fees and fines rather than having to wait 30 days for the original driver. there are exceptions such as drunk driving or dangerous driving allegations. it could begin as early as next week. >> budget problems are taking a bite out of crime-
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fighting in the op police are understaffed in the recent spike of homicides they have to work overtime to solve crimes. this year they have investigated 10 homicides more than doubled compared to what they had last year the city with the budget woes 50 police officer positions after remain unfilled. >> i am happy how they're able in spite of that to interview people, get leads, and to solve crimes they have gotten leads and the rest of people that you would think that the result of the loss of manpower would mean we wouldn't be able to do that. they're still doing that. >> any of coke's that it can strike a deal with the union to prevent more cuts. >> 6:07 a.m. back with morning couple of minutes a lot look outside here at sfo we will show you sfo there are 58 minute delay its on are arriving flights. we will be right back.
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6:10 a.m. you can see approach to the bay bridge the cars not the problem but the cars the fog is. currently in oakland is 57 degrees it will be warmer today as we head into the weekend which we talked about be mourned as well. 60 for the high today. >> waiting for the opening bell good news on unemployment and jobless claims coming out a few moments ago in weekly unemployment benefits dropped last week to the second lowest level this year prove companies are cutting fewer jobs labor reporting that number fell by 17,000. 421,000 americans filed last week. a bigger drop than expected the four week unemployment average fell to lowest level since august 2008. >> aig is taking a step towards paying off that
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bailout that at one point was worth a hundred and 82 billion the largest bailout in the financial crisis the company will pay off a loan from the federal reserve bank in that will clear the way for the treasury to sell off the government's stake. treasury state is temporarily gone to rise from roughly 80% up to 92% as part of the deal. >> mastercard says its prepaid card of trouble lacks the prepaid card has prepaid trouble cars to businesses including retailers and travel agents. it doesn't plan to issue cars directly through the acquired operations this deal as $55 billion in incentives. >> 612 right now we will be back with more of a couple minutes a lot lookit san jose traffic looks heavy but it is moving ok north now 1 01.
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back to kron 4 live look from a roof camera on our right and the golden gate bridge of last rainshowers coming down the fog is really think let's get the latest. >> you may want a plan extra time because of your morning commute because of the dense fog as mark mentioned also scattered showers up in the north bay that's were a lot of problems are this morning the bay bridge approach this morning really just off in with a dense fog low visibility santa rosa down to half a mile same for napa novato visibility's quarter mile. you'll hit dense patches of fog down towards 1 01 this morning. concord, fairfield a mile and three for livermore. a better visual for the fog is
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all the orange right up through the north bay santa rosa, san rafael also through the napa valley and delta that's where we see the most problems with visibility. a bit of that through half moon bay off so pacifica as well seam dense fog along the peninsula some fog of visibility is ok. here's a look at storm tracker her along with fog we have wet weather in the north bay really socked in from san rosa southward. novato through highway 37 still getting rain this morning richmond san rafael bridge also down to sausalito. along the peninsula very light showers but you can see a cell sitting offshore waiting to move and we could see sprinkles picking up in the next hour or so. as we head in the north bay san rosa down to petaluma has been continuing with wet weather also i 80 quarterback bill fairfield napa valley as well. interest in the mud getting quite a bit of wet weather in you conceal the
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moisture continuing to channel right through the central valley. seeing some snowfall in the sierra plenty of moisture continuing to move into the area heading for the morning hours. current temperatures were in the '50s this morning so temperatures on the warm side 56 degrees in san francisco 574 oakland down in mountain view and san jose 5854 livermore. temperatures not budging much into the afternoon staying cool may be open to the '60s places like fairfield in concord enrichment upper 50s san rosa and said francisco in the '60s for the most part around the bay low 60s going to get up to 63 for los gatos morgan hill 62 san jose. 7 day around bay what they today not as persistent was widespread is what was i yesterday. continuing to taper off so friday we might get a few lingering raindrops' possibly north bay but a looks like for the most part of the day should be dry. saturday, sunday
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lots of sunshine blue skies and temperatures warming up and to the low '70's on sunday, monday. chance of showers and to the area tuesday and wednesday. >> fog has it heavy enough there are by azeris in parts of san mateo county's special highway one clear not of pacifica, of visibility and 100 ft.. that usually means problems here at the highway 1 and 35 interchange. which is so high in the air just above the coast that sometimes visibility there can be below 50 ft. and create extremely hazardous driving conditions enough in in times past that has been closed down. so far not yet however again dense fog advisory visibility less than 100 ft.. looking at the fog along already short freeway this is the right through emeryville at powell street at lights are westbound down towards the
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bay bridge you can see by the halo of fact there is definitely fog on the road. bay bridge in your westbound ride here's a check from the toll plaza caltrans this morning does have a fog advisory issued for the west bound bay bridge. usually for the bay area these are handled by chp oftentimes if an officer drives across the span and reports and to the dispatch center about poor driving conditions that's when they issue an advisory caltrans has won out and already starting to back things up a bit here in the westbound direction for the cash lanes. both left and right hand side. the red cross cemetery average your commute to the toll plaza word had been lighter than usual before no longer. now looking at normal traffic flow golden gate bridge ride again through the fog i did talk to the surgeon's office here and what they said its
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foggy they say it's not foggy not on of fries it for an advisory on the bridge. >> we are on the bay bridge after complications finally some good news. >> joining us now barred nay caltrans. give us the good news. >> the good news as originally we did plan to the bay bridge would have problems opening for four to six months we would run eastbound traffic on the old bridge. we have been working hard for year and came up with the idea of a plan that will allow us to ship traffic to the south and were concurrently with the bridge. that ultimately means we can open the bridge all together at once >>. use a late 2013 are you talking december or earlier?
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>> this morning i would like to say late december because ours channels sorry challenges ahead of us. we are shooting for before the year-end. >> you have no new peace is coming in this week for the signature tower. >> yes we do monday and then the cruise will go after it and get the next part of the tower before christmas. >> it has been tough shipping these pieces in from china it doesn't? i think we just lost him. i hear that the rough seas have been a problem. >> it will be coming in on monday the bid news both sides even westbound will be opening late 2013. and there it is the a approach to the old bay bridge is that what we should call it. it is looking a bit back up marin lights are on and it is foggy.
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take a look at storm tracker for right now we are seeing rain this morning you can see right now north bay is getting hit rate down the south bay is clear right now. >> today authorities will burn down this california home authorities calling it a bomb factory. a federal judge cleared the way to set fire to this house at 9 this morning the fire wall is around it. the home is the side of the nation's cash homemade explosives neighbors will be evacuated and a nearby highway shut down it is too dangerous for the bombs want to re- enter so they will burn it. >> aretha franklin doing better than expected this morning they expect to release her from the hospital this weekend the singer announced last week
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she had undergone surgery but no word on what that was for. she is 68 years old last month she cancelled all concert dates and personal appearances. and we also have the latest on wesley snipes in looks like the 48 year-old is going to report to prison in pennsylvania he is going to serve time for not filing income tax returns. it is a minimum security prison. now there will be offenses around to a perimeter he was convicted in 2008. we will be back with more couple of minutes we can see the golden gate bridge socked nfib this morning traffic looks heavy in the deck is still wet.
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6:29 a.m. moment it's away from the opening bell. we
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are setting ourselves up for good opening encouraging news from the opening the ringing of the belt labor department reported first- time claims actually dropped last week to the second level this year. claims fell 421,000. better than expected news from the labor department we will see how the number shape up as we begin trading thursday morning. >> around the day area watching the rain and fog lay thick right now lisa has the latest. >> we are seeing improvement in some spots other areas problems with visibilities in the fogs of floating around the leftover moisture really helping to build the fog in this morning so we are dealing with wet weather not quite as persistent as what we saw yesterday or is widespread but still scattered showers continuing this morning mainly in the north bay and we are expecting it to be nice by
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the weekend dry weather ahead. for now we are dealing with fog and rain. visibility is half a mile for napa a bit of an improvement for novato and we can see through the delta of less than a quarter of a mile so certainly the delta bringing us problems this morning. sfo 1 mi. visibility. storm tracker for all lit up but this time releasing much of the moisture content to the north novato, along 37, through vallejo, richmond san rafael bridge the bay bridge picking up a few raindrops a few isolated drops along the peninsula as well the north bay we see wet whether for good portion of the morning actually at this point it seems to be light. napa valley we see heavier downpours direction down along 80 through very vacaville of fairfield. san mateo bridge the dunbar in
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bridge down in to milpitas and milpitas as well. as we widen it out all of the wet weather channeling through the central valley seeing some snow along higher elevations in the sierra as well. temperatures are on the one side you might notice that as you step outside the door this morning. how warm temperatures actually our 50s across the board. 58 through mountain view and san jose into the afternoon temperatures just warming up a few degrees for more they are now. 59 santa rosa, san francisco could jump up and to 60s in fairfield in concord, 60 around the bay and these bay, down in to san jose 62, 63 morgan hill and los gatos. 7 day around the page slight chance may be some raindrops on friday best chance in the north bay else where we actually get to stay dry for a good portion of the day by saturday and sunday clearing up lots of blue sky and
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sunshine tempters in to the '70s by the end of the weekend. george. >> it's all about the fog this morning chp getting on board with caltrans here at the bay bridge they have made it official as far chp is concerned about the fog advisory for both upper and lower decks both sides of the bay bridge. you can see meter lights were activated there is a back up forming here at the toll plaza for the west bound ride now. again we spoke with tim see and there was probably just a communication problem between caltrans and the folks at chp but officers now confirming the problems with visibility and they have activated the changeable message signed for the bay bridge. at the san mateo bridge their ride eastbound and westbound is not hindered by fog looking at good conditions out not near the high rise in may
6:34 am
see some but nothing official. harbour for san mateo county their problems will show you that the moment. the golden gate bridge i spoke with sergeants office they see no advisory there. they don't have the fog by azeri signs lit up. it is definitely fog across the span. in sonoma county northern marin heavy fog there is well. we mentioned san mateo county highway one that does of the visibility is less than 100 ft.. caution advise there. public transit ride if that your option no problems reported pretty good start for bart, caltrans, ace train @ of the central valley. >> continuing coverage of the fog you weathered let's go to jackie's assault live in and rebuild it looks that there. >> i made my way over to the golden gate bridge the waldegrave was completely
6:35 am
stocked in you could barely see the bridge from this point. i came back across the richmond san rafael bridge fog and rain wet roadways all the way. congestions still exist out here it's been a trying week for commute yesterday we had heavy rains today we have the fog, we still have rain here and there patches of rain as you drive this morning you will get rhett wet road ways plus the foggy conditions. >> so another slow commute today you might will leave a little early. >> a hotel emergency is differences go a toddler is rushed to hospital after falling into the water found in the lobby of the hyatt. jonathan blum has more. >> here at highet please are investigating a tragic accident where one-and-a- half year-old boy somehow wound up in a fountain in the hotel's lobby. he wasn't breathing when police and firefighter showed up he was given cpr and rushed to
6:36 am
hospital where he had a pulse and was breathing although no affirmation is available. police say family members of the boy contacted security when they discovered he was missing security found the boy nine minutes later and called the authorities no word yet on how the child wound up in the fountain but it's the first accident they say in the 37 years it has been opened. is there francisco kron 4 news. >> there was a fatal accident over night southbound 880 is alejandro north of the blue bell boulevard chp said 350 this morning this accident happened a black super row forrester slanted to with the divider that separates the freeway from on ramp so the car spun on to the freeway the driver of a toyota slammed into that car so the suber wrote driver was killed the second driver of the toyota had no injuries. the scene was cleared shortly after 5:00
6:37 am
a.m. traffic is now moving openly and freely with all lanes open. >> report showing there's no corrosion in the pipeline but experts say inspection methods are inadequate speaking before victims engineers said the current measure could lose the lead on a host of problems. decagon one noticed the engineers recommend pg&e adopt more inspection practices. >> prison officials went on to what should search for lethal drugs to carry out their execution the officials scoured the globe for pakistan to london for the drug that's in short supply. the search failed when the plan september 30th execution had to be called off in part because of a shortage of that drug. >> we will be right back as the news continues after the break a lot look from san
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a triple live look the rain and to fog. the james lick on the left-hand side the road is what they're through san francisco them we see more fog on the right hand side live shots above the golden gate bridge saw in the approach to the bay bridge 0 lot of cars waiting to get to san francisco. >> up crucial has lost an engine in the high seas they are living right now to a port argentine and navy says the ship you consider
6:42 am
rocking here passengers are safe being cared for by the navy it occurred an emergency tuesday about 500 mi. from port the ship set out for antarctic and november 30th it was scheduled to return yesterday. >> snowfall and ice forced people to camp out overnight at airports will scotland: the army to clear the snow there. paris air traffic was returning to normal last check but more destruction are expected at frankfurt many european commuters saw over three traffic jams on slushy streets as well. we will be back with more couple of minutes one of our streets 683 walnut creek can see the road here but you it does not appear to be foggy.
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6:45 a.m. if you're in the north bay probably one give yourself extra time to get to work this morning dealing with a couple things some of fog and back debts fog in some spots visibility less a quarter mile of dealing with wet weather as well. visibility is out there we will take a look at your temperature in oakland first 57 degrees by noontime 59 year high 60 then back down to the upper 50s by 8:00 p.m. here's a look at your visibilities we are getting down less than a quarter mile in through delta, fairfield there half a mile visibility through santa rosa napa novato starting to improve. just over a mile seam with a supple really just watching out for the dense patches of fog and a down 1 01. storm tracker for all lit up now not only in the north bay the peninsula as well show you 3 novato 3 san rafael the richmond san rafael
6:47 am
bridge and highway 37 picking up rain drops in some beach watching a cell push through some rainfall pick up the bed over san francisco south san francisco getting heavier rain break through daily city and down into several as well. pacific up picking up a few raindrops over to the san mateo bridge left over raindrops and over into hayward as well. current temperatures in the '50s this morning so we are on the warm side 567 francisco 59 through mountain view and 573 sanchez de your afternoon highs not fudging much for getting up to 60 in fairfield, concord upper 50s for san jose sorry open to san francisco. san jose 62614 mountain view. 7 day around bay we might see a raindrop or to mainly in the north bay and the most part we will be dry saturday,
6:48 am
sunday to lots of sunshine out there not until about tuesday, wednesday more raindrops back into the picture. george. >> let's talk about the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza low was the show this picture and wanted to emphasize the fog because that is may be why it's more to lead than usual we've been incident free westbound but the middle and lights were activated early the fog advisory up for the bay bridge and the dense fog changeable message signs have been activated for the ride. things are moving slowly here at the heart of the toll plaza at the clampdown on the meter in lights. san mateo bridge ride not too bad no reports of fog here and traffic is normal. is still looks good after early morning problems on the nimitz through san lorenzo were before the well with we have clashed this morning but no residual effects
6:49 am
there now. a golden gate bridge ride is fog be narrowed to but you can see no fog advisory has been issued for the golden gate bridge. muni metro have been early morning problems they say now they have just cleared. it affected only inbound trains they had the destruction at 21st and judah for while were substituting shuttle buses but we just checked with me a few moments ago and they say there may be residual delays but otherwise things should be back to normal there fairly quickly. that is really the only mass transit problem reported so far this morning. keeping an eye on wall street now from the kron 4 newsroom here is james. >> keeping our eye on the big board as i expected stocks are positive the dow was up 4 1/2 the s&p is up 3.9 nasdaq up 7.6 at this hour. so far so good better than expected labor
6:50 am
department report on jobless benefits last week. the outlook looking better on the jobs front we are following the latest out of london for the protests began and the part of students in front of british parliament voting on raising tuition fees one of the things they're trying to put in place to relieve some of the debt we will see if that has an impact on wall street united states. >> new details house of representatives passed a budget deal last nine as it stands the bill would cap federal agencies' budgets at 1.2 trillion dollars this bill would freeze the budgets for most cabinet departments and find those war and afghanistan this bill faces uncertain prospects of passing senate.
6:51 am
they're suing seven banks in an effort to recover million dollars the complaints say they receive transferred of money numerous feeder funds when they either knew or should have known it was fried. it made off with serving 150 year prison sentence. >> the senate is expected to reject the dream back in the measure would make a path for citizenship brought to the country illegally by their parents those children would have to attend college or serving the military senate democrats face an uphill climb to gather the 60 votes needed >>. we will be right back it is rainy and foggy the james lick in san francisco showing a bit of both.
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a live look at storm tracker
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for stronger cells of enough of san francisco moving in shortly rainshowers off and on today and the fog is very thick out there this morning. >> this is from alberta canada 1,600 lb. buffalo nickname bailey jr. rides with his owner he gets in there, and where the they go. were you take a buffalo to the store? the gym, 7- eleven possibly? he feels he's a pet. they do go to the public come on. i don't understand how this but suspension on the car. >> that awful needs a seat belt. >> he is kind of cute. >> market founder of facebook pledges to donate his millions to charity. he says he's doing this because
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there's an opportunity for younger folks to give back early in their lifetimes. he grew up joined a growing list. >> time for tech news kron 4 date slate has a look at the latest cameras. >> they make great gifts here's what's hot right now on the digital camera world for g fuji films gets a camera on the market that takes three b-pictures it's called the fine text real three d w one. it costs $400 in its school and new but to view the 3 d pictures you need a laptop or three dtb which cost over a thousand dollars or fuji does make a three d eight and a photo display frame the cost $600.
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a little expensive right now for three pitchers you might want a win, a share. this is a 12 mega pixel has a view screen on the front of the camera so you can compose your cop shot it can help one tried to get a child to smile on the camera it will pay play a dancing happy class of. it costs 120. i'm always ask what is a good escolar camera to get its high-end camera with big lenses that look like this notches for professionals a lot of obvious use these buy recommendation for good as a lark is the a 55 it cost $850. its a good solid all- around sl our camera it's very popular right now back ordered many web sites but you can't fight it out there check out amazon. if you like your young want to take pictures early the fisher-
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price cameras a great idea is rugged and surrounded in thick rubber it can be dropped many times and continue to work. the kid to off-camera costs $40 if you're looking for good digital camera for somebody neh costing about a hundred dollars go with sniper shot a digital camera or cassie l and r e x series digital cameras you can't go wrong with these they offer models a hundred dollars and their big additional cameras. >> we will be back into minutes as the news continues after the break.
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