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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 10, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> diane: and authorities say a serbian-born former computer programmer lived in that house. he has pled not guilty to making destructive devices. that's "inside tonight. looking back three months ago at the san bruno gas line explosion, eight people killed and 58 homes destroyed when the pipeline blew up. tonight we show you the special vigil held in the neighborhood where residents talked about rebuilding. kron 4's reggie kumar has details in the story you will see tonight. >> reporter: more than two dozen san bruno victims gathered where homes were destroyed and people they knew lost their lives. residents brought flowers and
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thanked the first group of firefighters who responded moments after the pipe burst into flames. this tight nit group of survivors held a moment of silence for the eight people who died. >> pay respects to our friends and neighbors who can't be with us tonight. let's do that. >> reporter: edward is trying to move on with his leitch after losing his home and everything inside. like most residents who lost their homes, he is still waiting on getting permits to start the re-building process. >> i want this behind me now. it should have never happened. the firefighters did an awesome job. we need to move on. >> reporter: for residents who didn't lose their homeinize tirely, most hired contractors to repair their homes.
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>> in order to start recovery myself, to get on, i needed to get back in my house. >> seems like it was longer than three months, i see all the empty lots i see the lives that were disrupted. >> reporter: residents plan to hold another gathering toroom those who lost their lives in march. in san bruno, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. a last cinch efforts to last the military ban on troops was depeated today. democrats tried against today to rebeal the ban but republicans voted to ban the effort. president obama urged the senate to try again. kron 4's jonathan bloom has
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reaction on "don't ask, don't tell." >> the question on the form was, do you have home sexual tendencies. >> reporter: that was during the vietnam era. when being gay or lesbian would get you kicked out of the service. >> used it to get out. it was a quick path to exit. >> reporter: it's still not legal for them to serve openly in the milliary and it's illegally for the commandrs to act. >> however, the compromise went against military values of honor, integrity and duty by causing people to lie. >> reporter: he is a lawyer who advocates for gay and lesbian solders. he says american culture
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changed and the military needs to catch up. >> the secretary of defense, chairman of the joints chiefs of staff all say it is time to repeal "don't ask, don't tell." >> vote that would have ended the policy fell three votes short. now with a week left, some are scrambling to bring it to another vote this time all by itself. >> there is a possibility to get 60 votes. there are several that will see it not tied to a tax bill and vote for it. >> the chance for success is slim. every day is slimmer and slimmer. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. house democrats blocked consideration of the tax cut
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extension package proposed by president obama. the gop plan extends bush era tax cuts to all americans, including the wealthiest. despite the fact the bill includes a 13 month extension of unemployment insurance, the house caucus rejected the plan, calling it a bonus tax cut for millier airs. >> increases the deficit and does not create jobs. >> we look forward to working with the president and the republicans to move forward. we have a consensus to move the middle class tax extensions forward. >> the frame work will not only protect working americans from seeing a major tax increase on january 1, it will provide businesses incentives to invest, grow and hire.
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>> the debates continues in the senate. the plan could help avoid a spike for all americans this january. a test vote is set for monday. another piece of legislation pulled today, the dream act. that bill would create a path for citizenship for illegal immigrants who came to the united states before scan. this was the seen as the senate tabled it. it won't come up for another vote till the new session starts. one person who will benefit is a student who was detained awaiting deportation. his future is uncertain. >> some peopled with say myself, student, because they don't document it -- so it's sad to know that there is this
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injustice, this happening right now, this broken immigration system because people who grew up here as americans and they don't have papers they are incarcerated and waiting to get deported. >> he is hopeful the bill will eventually pass. a live look on radar, few showers pushing into the north bay. there come the showers off shore. light rain pushing in through san raff el. as we move in to tomorrow, we will maintain the chance of showers. a slight chance. a 20% chance tomorrow morning. maintaining the chance for showers into the afternoon. it will be mild as you head out the door, low 50 said. cloudy throughout the day. temperatures back into the low 60 said tomorrow afternoon. we will continue this warming
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trend into the weekend. details in a bit. union dismissed felony kidnapping and false imperezzenment charges against a man who brought traffic to a halt on veteran's days. he stopped on the upper deck of the bridge with his 16-year-old daughter in the vehicle. he called in a bomb threat and threatened to take his own life. he is charged with multiple crimes. he is being held on $75,000 bail. the cyberwar rages on as defenders of wikileaks attack companies which whirl support for the organization. tonight a look at how they are disrupting ewebsites, plus a look at whether or not you should
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tonight's headlines, two brothers dead after an explosion at a chemical plant in awest virginia. workers were handling titanium powder. this is the third fatal blast at that plant in the last 15 years. a home packed with homemade explosives was destroyed in a control burn by firefighters today. the house was too dangerous for bomb squads. the man who lived there was arrested on bomb making and bank robbery charges. the federal jury in the elizabeth smart 2002 kidnapping case got the case today. brian david mitchell is charged with kidnapping and raping
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elizabeth smart. prosecutors say he is trying to fake insanity. showers today and we will continue to see them tomorrow. big changes in store
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the wikileaks controversy continues to grow tonight. supporters are still targeting the websites of companies that cut off financial services. now the u.s. attorney general is weighing in on the issue. >> reporter: seems the whole world is watching the battle. this is aerally in australia organized by supporters. in france arguing both sides. oddly enough after refusing to host the wikileaks website, amazon is offering exsurps as a
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e-book. julian assange has thrown diplomacy into disarray. the attorney general says he hopes those responsible will be dealt with soon. >> put at risk the safety of the american people and people who work on behalf of the united states. >> reporter: wikileaks is the ultimate example of free speech says reporters. and they continued cyber attacks on websites considered hostail to wikileaks. if this is a battle, it's one with invisible troops with a great deal of trouble making power. what are the targeted websites doing to protect themselves and how might it effect you? we answer these questions and tell you how tew protect
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yourself. amazon, pay pall, facebook, twitter and otheres have been named as targets from the hacker group doing the cyberrevenge attacks. the companies did not respond to me but i spoke with a security expert who said this websites should be able to weather the storm. >> this is not a new type of attack. it's a bunch of people getting together rather than doing it secretly. companies are used to defending against this type of attack. especially high volume websites. >> reporter: for the most part, regular web users should not be effected by this battle going on. the hackers are not after your personal information. >> all of the attacks are to the front facing websites, the customer information websites are just the home page. companies don't store sensitive
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information on the home page. there are teams in place that their only job is to protect that data. right now it's a cosmetic description. the best way to protect yourself, make sure you have security software or a similar security software that's always updated. showers this evening. you can see showers pushing through sacramento and through the north bay. as we take avider view, most of the rain is missing us to the north. moisture that we saw yesterday but it's lifted to the north. you can see the bay area just under this. we will maintain the chance of rain. could shift down to the south. as far as temperatures, cloud
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cover is helping to keep us mild. 60 in mountain view. 5959 san jose. 53 napa. very mild out there this evening. it will continue to stay on the mild side. tomorrow, 53 san francisco, 51 san jose, you will notice the difference. as we head into the afternoon, temperatures warm up. cloudy conditions but low 60s. 61 santa rosa. 59 san francisco, 61 in red wood city. 63 san jose. a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast, look at this weekend, plenty of sunshine and temperatures ainto the mid-60s. some places will see 70s. changes come through tuesday into wednesday with rain back
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in the forecast. gary is up next to tell you about the college football player of the year and peyton manning tries to
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all right. good evening everybody. sharks, fast turn around. they are in buffalo tonight. before you know it buffalo, deflects off a shark into the net. 1-0 buffalo advantage. cody mccormick, makes them pay off. 5 goals. sabers over san jose this evening. patten mannings been on the ropes very few times. manning tonight against the titans. he came threw.
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25-35. 319 yards. 21-0 indianapolis. crucial play, this puts the game away. one more time, there he goes. randy moss, after leaving new england and then another quick stop and on to tennessee. no catches on the night. colts win. andrew luck is on the east coast to do a lot of applauding of cam newton. the heisman trophy is saturday. walter camp award to the top college football player went to the young man from auburn. luck in nice company. appears this is going to be the post season that belongs to cam newton. yankees after what went down in boston with carl crawford upped
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their offer from 6 years to 7 years for cliff lee. $150million for cliff lee. there it is. two world series starts against the giants cliff lee handled by san francisco. he is the best pitcher out there available and the yankees have the inside track. andre ward in studio tonight. couple weeks since he defended his title. 23-0. earlier tonight we sat down with ward, and had him reflect back on how he got into boxing. young man, lost his dad when he was 16 years of age. >> my father raised me. he did a great job. raised me and my brother. great, great man. it fuels me today. i feel like my dad should be here and i want to carry on his legacy. >> reporter: boxing is full of
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talkers, right? carl, who is the wbc supermiddleweight champion, he needs to fight somebody like me. would you like to fight him? [ laughter ] >> if he handles his business and i do the same, he will get what he is asking for. it would be beautiful. >> one more time, andre off till april. lebron james and the heat in oakland tomorrow. there was a report james was walking through a $50 million house in south beach. 12,000 square feet. $9million over looking the bay. jacqueline, we talked about this earlier, if you are in cleavelen -- do you measuring
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