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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  December 10, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station, this is kron 4 news @ 4:30 p.m.. at 4:30 p.m. the new audit of its police department suggests that san jose could save some money if there are fewer supervisors and more police on the street. kron 4 rob has more on the audit findings and reaction of the department. >> the ninth page audit by the city assessor is looking for ways to offset recent budget cuts and avoid layoffs in the future. former police officer pete called for the audit. >> the report clearly said as we downsize in the city of san jose due to the budget constraints, we really have to look at our supervision structure and
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how many people we keep in management at verses have my people would keep in the line of work to do the work. >> undefined innings their top-heavy on the management side. it's one to four sergeants to officers. >> our business model in san jose m is focused on having a lot of front line collective supervision particularly in the control force. with that your tending have i'm a larger amount of supervisors, having said that, moving into this next budget year were going have to take a look at the numbers ever supervisors in command staff to make sure that is appropriately with the city. >> better line staffing levels to maximize the number of officers on the street. in an effort to reflect the current economic realities. >> what data points out this week into a better job in deploying our resources and our police department and it's more important than
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ever. >> in san jose kron 4 news. >> transgendered will assume the dmv because an employee to occur informations enter a letter of criticism. the suit also claims that the employee pass the address to a conservative church which sent her a dvd critical of homosexuality. >> i got a letter in the mail from him saying that he would help me with the change but he doesn't approve of that he thinks it's evil and that i should die and good health. and that i'm an abomination, i'm reading this in my apartment shocked at the contents of it. when i realized with a minute, he said this to me because he knows all my information and really scared that someone who watched it but heller think some abomination knows all the stuff about being carried >> the same dmv employee was
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reprimanded back in 2009 for comments critical of a different transgendered person. in is around the bay and oakland man was charged today with felony child abuse causing death from a death of his form of the sun. williams under hawk was initially charged with child abuse last week after is infant son was hospitalized with suspicious injuries. the child later died from those injuries. an autopsy determined that the child died consistent with suffocation at three fractured ribs. a felony charge carries a state prison term of 25 years to life. san francisco police are investigating the fatal shooting of a teenager last night. it happened about 8:30 p.m. at the public housing complex bernal heights. 18 year-old hunter was visiting a friend and all many housing units. the friend walked to the back of the apartment, heard a gunshot and came back to find a victim shot in the
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head of the front door. there is no known motive of an arrest made. >> a live look inside for more roof cam you could see the fog through the city building forcing fog for most of the bay area at this hour. low clouds of this point. you can see a few specks of peer through santa rosa pushing through sacramento but nothing down to the south. he see little drizzle in san francisco not much. a former dryer air pushing and the storm brought to the north you could see its barely cooked in the bay area at this hour. this openandwill continue to push off as the evening goes. in the south bay temperatures in the upper 60s 66 in san jose, 65 loss got house and not you. 61 oakland, 60 napa, 60 in san francisco 55 of the coastline. were going to
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come out conditions this evening. a slight chance of sprinkles his evening and of course the fog is on the live picture. temperatures in the '50s as we head into the overnight hours temperatures will cool all that much of the mainly in the low 50s. morning areas of dense fog will be likely especially in the northeast valleys, because of the dense fog temperatures will warm up quite as much as we saw today. mostly sunny out there tomorrow afternoon, warming conditions for some parts of the bay area into the weekend. we'll talk about that with rain back in the forecast, coming up a bed. >> back to our top story at 4:00 an officer involved shooting in san francisco. kron 4 reggie is on the scene to bring us the latest, reggie. >> i'm your car fields where you can see police have ordered off this area. according to investigators, this is exactly what happened at about 3:23 p.m. a police officer was alone at the time. he was at this park and there were four men sitting on a bench. one of
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them and became belligerent which read what the police officer and the other three men left the scene. at one point the officer and that man got into an argument and then they got into a fight. that officer then fired one round at that suspect, hitting him in the lower extremities, the officer also suffered some lacerations and minor injuries. both the suspect an officer were taken to san francisco general hospital, both have not life threatening injuries at this point. investigators say the four men were drinking in the park at the time, it is not unusual for police officer to be here at the park by himself. live in san francisco reggie kron 4 news. >> new details now on the wikileaks supporters. users
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to download the software essentially volunteered their computers to be used as weapons streaming electronics bamut had targeted website the cyber attacks have been directed at the main pages of visa and mastercard making them inaccessible for several hours. one of the so-called active as explain why they're doing this. >> because wikileaks made is all a unit together in the world. it tells people that freedom of speech is free to everyone. >> a former worker is saying he is planning to release a rival leaking site says this will work as an outlet for anonymous sources. he says that there ex leaks workers will also be part of the project. taking a look at traffic in san jose, not too
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bad the headlights' are southbound and we have meetings bay. northbound traffic moving well, we'll be back. ♪
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in world news people in australia dealing with terrible flooding, more flooding. the feud today earlier. people are calling this a once-in-a-lifetime flood hundreds of people of been evacuated, a lot of homes and businesses damage. another area country in the southern region still unclear at motta after flooding there. guess who's going to haiti? serapeum when it is planning a trip this weekend, shedder recent appearance in haiti is in chaos with people angry about a presidential regulation that some believe was right. pailin is insisting she's going to go. she plans to torture the operations for the franklin graham's the son of bill ground evangelists. >> this is a photo of prince charles and camilla when their car was attacked yesterday by protesters,
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students infuriated by university terror tuition hike. they began kicking and yelling off with their heads. if they smashed the window. a lot of questions today about security lapses. internet reporter kimberly shows us how students turn to technology to coordinate those protests. >> students use google map during the protest to show what was going on in the area and also tell other protesters were they should stay away from. these i can't tell you what's going on this one shows you that the police were going to that road. meanwhile the pier i'm not sure why the map is in moving but anyways there was a lot of forces that that there might be a police van there, also pleas for working to contain and carouse didn't know about over there. it's talking about how their horses, of
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bands of the police in the area. it a little bit later the police did offer individuals allow them to walk down this road here any see the reason being a lot of ride vans were having down. this is an area there are a lot of problems spots, fires, a lot of ride fans people try to contain those protesters. june's huge twitter to for the protest efforts. stay with us will be back after this break.
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some nba action tonight, the warriors getting ready to host the miami heat including look ron james, wayne wade and chris box. of course carry ravages there he joins us live from oracle arena in oakland. carried. >> pam can you hear me? >> yes. >> the tron didn't show what i told them if you want to get across and he better be
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here but. live from didn't show what forget him. jerry and abbie doing their thing. no offense. and did you see that? >> i did, i'm impressed. >> there's two guys that actually do something in the media. that has a bad ankle and i'm too tired so neither of us will do that's but that's pretty good stuff. for getting ready for the ball came to light it's probably the biggest for your bed of the season. when your team that will go to the playoffs just to look for things to get up for. tonight live from james in company the most talked- about team in basketball, the arena will be rocking. hey fellas? one more. pam i'm telling the warriors have lost 10 of 111 of their bad year players is not what
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a play at about you but these guys are incredible he have a little digging machine here michael jackson. do one more thing for me, and tickets now fear scalper there talking about tickets up to $3,000 to get in for the good seats tonight. it's going to be a good deal. pam, this is for young lady. here we go. while, while. >> (laughter) i was all set to go that was a great move by those kids terry said you don't pay me enough to live the rest of my life. will see you hear about 6:45 p.m.. >> will look for you then
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gary. thanks terry >> you're headed out to that game you're going to be dealing with fog here in oakland the bay bridge toll plaza of the fog. this is the golden gate bridge he could barely make out this dense fog here right at the bridge. we're going to continue the fog into tomorrow. areas of dense fog a special north bay valley cities they valleys, and more morning will hinder warming into the afternoon. 64 inland and 60 degrees and the bay shore. in sunday the fog is mainly in our inland valleys north bay valley. temperatures and then will be cooler. officially warned that coming up in just a second for cystic a live look inside the storm tracker 4 radar. received a sprinkles taper off a few sprinkles to the north capturing a san rosa and the delta. warmer dryer air is building and offshore this is pushing the storm of to the north. you could see the cloud band pushing into
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oregon and northern california such as clip in the bay area this hour. we're not going to be expecting much in the way of rain in the next 24 hours. fog we will be expecting that this evening widespread fog expected and also the same fog especially dense in our inland valley, delta and north bay valleys over night tonight into tomorrow morning. the fog cleared back later on the morning to see the 9:00 hour starting to peel back. new mostly clear skies. starting the day on the mod side because of cloud cover temperatures now are mild upper 50s low 60s. overnight in the low 50s a couple of places getting up for '40's, a redwood city 48, 49 napa, 48 concord. in the afternoon because the fog temperatures warm as much. the 61 said rosa, 60 novato, 57 richmond, 62 in concord. cool in the south bay with temperatures in the upper 60s today. some places will stay that way you can see lot got owes morgan hill boy
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66. a look kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast fog will stay with us tomorrow, sunday and monday although will be quite as extensive sunday into monday. while conditions sunday but as we head into next week rain returned to the forecast tuesday through friday. a series of on and off showers. stay with us will be back after this. are you trapped
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if your looking for romance or a little shakespeare may be the magic, there's something for everybody this week at the movies. to the biggest names in hollywood are teaming up for an international adventure that's already generating oscar buzz in the taurus. frank taylor played by johnny depp travels to venice in hopes of getting over breakup. that's where he meets at least played by an cellini joe lee. and his perfect vacation turned into a perfect track. >> why is everyone tried to kill me? >> it's not just you. >> the tempest is the newest experience adaptation. alan
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miller plays pross para a magician forced to live on exile on a remote island with her daughter only they're not alone. it's rated pg-13. lucy and and and are heading back to our now for a magical journey that will take them to the edge of the world. the chronicles of an army of the voyage of the don trotter is the next installment and c.s. lewis fantastic adventure. the chronicles an army of the voyage of the don trotter is rated pg. of course the movie is based on the three part fantasy novel for children written by c.s. lewis in 1950. pam. >> the marine mammal place is taking care of us shot in the head. he was found on the beach in sausalito the animal's right guy is gone, left eye swollen shut. x-rays showed number of gunshot shotgun pellets and its head. it's the sea lion nicknames
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silent night is finally sleeping in able to relax after being treated there. it's too early to know if the animal or of regaining its health and returned to the sea. although sea lions are able to survive even without their side. who shot the animal and why is not known. new tonight at 5:00 selling california the final for the sale of state buildings has to court. what happened and why so many say it just won't work. taking off house social media can help make your next flight smoother than ever. if the new tool you want to use every time you fly. parking problems double parking in the bay area why it's such a big problem and why it's getting worse. coming up. checking the commute this is the james lick the norm of trotted back up in san francisco is traffic of the top of your screen tries to head toward the lower deck of the bridge. the bottom of the screen is southbound traffic also moving slowly. in walnut creek the headlights' are southbound all traffic there is
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kron 4 news of 5:00 with the developing story. a nationwide search for missing girl comes to an end in san francisco. a 12 year- old brittany maisonettes was discovered today and she is alive. the surge started after her mother is found dead on monday. her mother's boyfriend 32 year-old jeffrey scott was seen let's mess on this wal-mart surveillance tape. he is now in custody. we are awaiting a news conference to come out of virginia when that begins we will bring it to you live. and our other developing story tonight to an officer involved shooting in san francisco. reggie kumar joins us live on the scene to bring us the latest developments. >>


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