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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 10, 2010 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m. at 5:30 p.m. new developments in the week delete story the organization itself is undergoing an internal split. also, russian leader vladimir pollutants that the group deserves a nobel prize. we keep league supporters may be gearing up for a new cyber attack. a program called low orbit ion cannon may be the newest weapon and the cyber war. according to the security side and provide, hackers have downloaded the program 40,000 times in the past two days. it can be used to link computers into denial of service attacks such as those that targeted visa and mastercard in recent days. a growing number of on-line activists have united under the banner of operation payback. >> within which he lakes this unity is growing a
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splinter group said it will begin operations on monday its leaders say the founder chile and a staunch has made too many decisions without consulting others. and at the pentagon some belated action to stop police at their source. i news sapper control order octane by the danger or website orders personnel to immediately suspend all support net data transfer activities on removable media. sipper net stats for the secret internet protocol broader network. it was launched in 1991 and is now used by as many as half a million people. one of them was army pfc bradley manning an intelligence analyst with the mountain division in baghdad. he has been charged with illegally downloading secret information including state department cables, and is being held at the marine corps base and virginia. manning has not been formally charged fewer
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police supervisors and more police on the street could save money and avoid layoffs. that's among the conclusion of a city audit of the san jose police department. the audit finds its a bit top-heavy on the management side with the ratio sergeants to officers nearly twice that of other cities the same size. >> our business model here is heavily focused on and having a lot of front line and proactive supervision particularly in the patrol force. with that your attending have and a larger number of supervisors that she might have that. having said that were moving into this next year were born after contract. it will take a look at our supervisor numbers and see that matches appropriately with the needs of the city. >> she points out overall san jose has far fewer place than the other cities its size. the audit nonetheless is recommending to maximize the number of officers on patrol to reflect the current economic realities. a trans gender woman is suing the dmv because an
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employee to occur information and send her a letter of criticism. the suit also claims the employee passed the address to a conservative church which sent the one that had dvd critical of homosexuality. >> i got a letter in the mail from him saying that there would help me with the change but he doesn't approve of that and thinks it's evolves and outgoing data going to die in good health and i'm an abomination. i'm just reading this in my part of a shock to the contents of that. as i realized we a minute he said this to me because he knows all my information, then i'm really scared that someone who wants to go to hell or thinks an abomination knows all this stuff about me. >> the same dmv employee was reprimanded back in 2009 for comments critical of the
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different transgendered person. >> through the day we've been seeing this light sprinkles but that's been tapering off some more dryer air is building a shore. it's pushing the storm of to the north. pretty much over oregon right now clipping northern california, the bay area getting just brushed lightly. came in santa rosa where we see a few light sprinkles. current conditions are pretty mild with the cloud cover and pretty dense fog of there. temperatures still in the '60s at this hour many spots 63 out of you, 65 and san jose and 60 degrees and napa and san rows up. as the head to the evening it will stand a mild side and take a chance to sprinkles in the forecast is evening. as we head into tomorrow morning we'll have dense fog a special in the north bay and inland valleys which will hinder warming in those locations. we warned the we can double talk about that coming up just a bit. >> nearly rainy season lead in experiencing this year,
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is because of let me now a fact which is the opposite of the el nino. it's brought about by cooler than normal water temperatures along the that later. it means that cooler dryer winter than normal is expected. >> right now were getting right it's typical during let me now peaking in december and then peeling off into the winter. and the driver would turn spring means of fire season could come earlier. the marine mammal center in sausalito is taking care of the sea lion that was shot in the head. the animal was found at a beach in sausalito the animal's right eye is gone, left by swollen shut. x-rays showed a number of shotgun pellets and its head. the sea lion which is nicknamed silent night to is finally sleeping in able to relax after being shot. >> he is the ninth animal that we seeing here at the center that's a gunshot victim. last year we had a
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total of 19. those are the ones that actually show appear that someone brings it or successfully rescued. likely there are many others out there that the fate is worse that they never made it here. >> the marine mammal center said it's too early to know if the animal will regain its health and be able to return to sea. who shot the animal and why is still not known. >> the belmont area about mile lyons, authorities say a dead deer found on the middle school campus was killed by a mile line. it is here on our map. the carcass was found at the school in a field used daily by students turn their pc class. police are reminding residents not to feed dere because the presence of the animals increases the likelihood of not lines. a friday check of traffic in san francisco the normal congestion on the james lick the top of your screen traffic heading to the lower deck of the bay bridge, not
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moving fast ball. it barely moving, bottom of your screen southbound 101 congestion moving slow there too. we'll be back. ♪
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here's some outstanding roberts to found some people behaving badly. the san francisco the city of the most unusual parking job ever. it's a place for people park in one direction, and then drive another. as blue as you see? on load up panasonic flat screen television. i guess it never read the sign. the pastries always tastes better when you double park. and over on
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chestnut street it's a double parkers paradise. that's why cars unattended but the drivers. a few minutes later she rents were car with a mouth full of candy missing out on the $80 double parking fine. this bukhara's double parterres the driver having a casual conversation while blocking traffic. there is going to his car after leaving apple store. double parking has become the norm in san francisco. and what your thinking? there's not enough parking site have to. but we show you this. this is a parking space it's been available in chestnut street the entire time i was taping. while looks like loading zone it's not. after 1:00 p.m. monday through friday anyone to park there. you just have to redesign. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> if you have a common story idea for stanley e- mail us at m i cringe caught on camera
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take a look of the different texas security camera catches a man walking up to a door and picking up packages just delivered to the home. he walks away loaded down with boxes. in the getaway car hot woman caicos that could be heard saying while local we got. police are investigating the facts. >> are to the forecast of the story the next few mornings but it's going to be pretty mild on sunday with free back in the forecast next beat. the talk about a coming up. >> headlights' raised on an albany traffic is low and both directions east and west. will be right back.
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lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. we're now getting a closer look at the attack on a car yester day caring prince charles and camilla in london. this is video of that attack happening to read the video struck us
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today chosing angry student protesters his run of the car they were kicking and shouting off with their heads believe not. one of the car windows were smashed before the driver managed to start moving in get away. students were rioting over tuition hike. the prime minister enologist today there are a lot of questions about security lapses here. >> will be looking into what happened on streets of london and also been looking into specifically what happened with the prince of wales and duchess. if we do need to learn the lessons of this it's a regrettable incident. in the end but remember this is not the fault of the police this is the fault of the people who try to smash up the car. >> here's a close-up photo of the royal couple camilla understandably looking frightened. french authorities have been rounding up suspects from yesterday's ride. they said it will prosecuted to the full extent of the law. when a chinese dissident won the nobel peace prize tv
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audiences in china didn't see this or hear about it. the stories were blacked out by the government and that's all they saw. they're serving 11 years sentence the screen just one black when it came to this story. he is serving a sentence in calling for changes to china's political system. people in australia can't believe they're been hit by even more flooding this is near canberra were a lot of homes and businesses have been badly damaged. hundreds of people have been evacuated and it's not the only trouble spot. another region south is still in clean up mode after flooding there. >> a look at the weekend forecast will see fog to start the day and fog out there this afternoon tomorrow morning will of areas of dense fog special in the north bay and inland valley. temperatures will be slow to warm it as a result of the fog. sunday the fog confined to north bay and
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inland that's where temperatures will be cooler. a look outside on storm tracker 4 radar a few lingering sprinkles in santa rosa in sacramento. try over most of bay area. he see the clouds and moving to the north bay area. this is pushing club band to the north. this is part of the storm that we saw out there yesterday in the day before. a special the rain been pushed up into northern california and oregon. the rain front ending what were widespread fog cover is this evening into tomorrow morning. again dense fog north bay valleys in the inland valleys. the fog will eventually kill back later on in the morning. by noon most a cooler skies. temperatures will be a little bit slower to warm up their tomorrow because of the fog in the morning. 61 santa rosa, 60 novato 57 in
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richmond, 61 in san francisco appeared our inland valleys and low 60. but did not a redwood city, 63 down in san jose. of a pitcher kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast fog will be something will be dealing with through the weekend. dense fog tomorrow not quite as much sunday for parts to the bay area. inland valleys will see the dense fog and temperatures will be nearly as warm as this. upper 60s for the rest of bay area in fact sunday nice for you. to rain returned to the forecast tuesday through friday with off and on showers. >> the warriors are taking on miami heat today solid as live in oracle arena with the latest period's >> and it should be a very exciting game and sporting event for bay area sports fans because the warriors as you mention hosting the miami heat. it's a big team with three superstars of ron james of course that's what everybody is here to watch.
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now that can start the seventh 37 not a lot of people load here yet. still about two hours away some folks are slowly coming in here with their tickets. i understand this game is sold out and they concede about 18,000 people here. i talked to some of the fans are here in this of the mainly year aside from cheering on the warriors their many here to see the brawn james years what they had to say earlier. >> is one the best players in the nba. between he in kobe bryant it's arguably the two best players in the nba since michael jordan it's great to see them come out and showcase their skills. >> an exciting ball gave so good guys playing on the wires it's a huge thing. >> the will be a tough game
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for the warriors they haven't been well lately the heat is actually on the what six games coming into this game but a lot of fans are excited one of the warriors when are not fans say will be a tree watching love ron james play tonight. live in oakland dollars in kron 4 news. >> what to get a checkup on your ski report we do have new snow to talk about. 47 in. at the bay 39 so open with 2 in. of fresh in the process for nine hours. snow in tahoe. death is 66 in.. knows not to report and kirkwood the discipline on the ground right now. 48 in. at the base if you'd like more information on the ski resorts and others to just log on to snow
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the platform wasn't built for this in these types of attacks will keep coming on twitter particularly and other social networking. other and teachers are catching up. offering discounts for eateries, experiences and services. from my consumers who use strengthen virtual numbers to make purchases >> is always a minimum number of people need to buy as long as we get the minimum that everybody gets a deal. in an >> it played a starring role in much larger screens in 2010. the social networking
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unofficial count of facebook scumble harvard beginnings of what they get the box office. as for the next social mediacy " that will be determined in 2011. sandro reporting. >> a live look inside over downtown san francisco it's cloudy out there today you will see fog over the next couple of days. " talk about it coming up the news that six is next. our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari.
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a political heavy hitter getting in the ring with president barack obama. when president clinton is speaking out in support of vote on his plan to extend the tax cuts for the bush administration. a quick fix could be a long term problem for the state budget crisis. why opponents one-stop the state from selling off parts of its properties and buildings. apple's app store could soon become more social. a disney darling
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it's a new kind of high. >> live this is kron 4 news at 6:00 with a developing story. >> a little girl missing from virginia has been found onthe on the armed she had been missing for a week. a lot of people concerned that she might be dead. she is spotted in front of the safeway store in san francisco. somebody at she recognized her from news stories and posters. police is backed issues kidnapped by this man. if this is a 32 year-old jeffrey he is now custody. he had been dating the girl's mother and she was found dead on monday. >> i'm here today because we
6:02 pm
want to talk about the incident from the richmond district. it today at approximately 2:06 p.m. san francisco police received not one call from residents stating that she had observed a male juvenile female matching the description of possible kidnapping murder suspect. the kidnapping victim from virginia. san francisco police officers responded to the safeway at 48 avenue and full and located the subject in question outside. also with the victim a juvenile female outside without an incident at the suspect was detained. at that time, san francisco police officers to the subject confirmed his identity as being the person questioned her head the person's name is going to be
6:03 pm
jeffrey easily. he is a white male approximately 32 years of age accompanied by him was the juvenile female i don't have for decades with meat. this person and fact is the person that they were looking for. he had an outstanding warrant for kidnapping out of virginia. this person is also person of interest in the homicide case in virginia. the child currently is with child protective services in their custody. the suspect is being booked at san francisco county jail on the of standing warranty war for child kidnapping. currently were waiting for investigators to come out from virginia and take over the investigation and that's where we stand currently. >> we don't know why this san francisco connection is here? >> we have no what idea why they were here in san francisco. when there are
6:04 pm
contacted by the police the wrong foot. there's possibly a vehicle involved but were looking for the vehicle. i out of this time if we have the vehicle. >> was the crawl stroke start panic? >> i don't have reformation what the girl was saying or her actions. under the person who contacted police had observed at television show on cnn stating that these were the ones from that show that air today and that's how the person called mind once in these people were the ones of the show. >> was a disturbance that led to? >> i don't know how the party observed the individuals outside. it's a good spot on the person were glad that she was able to be attentive and had observed them. we're glad this person is in police custody
6:05 pm
in grateful to a witness called police. the relationship in this case the victim's mother is the victim of a homicide. the mailing question for some kind of relationship with the victim's mother and a homicide victim. >> i don't have information with no comment on cases that are outside jurisdiction. i don't have information from that case. it's better to contact virginia authorities. >> i don't have reformation myself if this person was a shopper or resident of the neighborhood. i just know
6:06 pm
the person called and said there weren't for the safe side. i have information on that. why understanding is the officer was able to detain him without further incident. is there is no struggle. the fall of the male and female they detained him without further incident. athertoif i believe protective services will speak with the child and see how our condition is and make sure she's medically treated if she needs medical treatment or she's ok. that's something that cbs that will conduct as their investigation. i don't have that information as far as what her condition is there anything else. >> any information about the
6:07 pm
nature of this deduction? >> the victim has been speaking with police but i don't have the details as far as what transpired with the investigators. i know that we've been in contact with investigators from virginia that may have been speaking with san francisco police. " we notified them was a little bit after i don't know exactly what time to notify them. the i don't know when they're expected to rise. there will be here soon as they can. it's very important to them. you're listening to san francisco police that's a live news conference if your just sitting in a 12 year-old girl was missing from virginia for a week was
6:08 pm
found in san francisco. somebody spotted her outside of the safeway store not sure what she was doing here. you're looking at her father is on the right. the suspect is easily a 32 year- old to a bent on live-in boyfriend of this little girl's mother. the girl's mother found dead were told that a family member will be coming out to bring this little girl home shoes with cbs. authorities from virginia on their way out here. they're expecting that he will be extradited back to virginia with a few days at most. a developing story out of san francisco and officer involved shooting. kron 4 is live on the scene as investigators tried to piece together what happened carried it all happen in san francisco mission district in the area traffic know. that's where kron 4 kumar is live with the details. san francisco police are
6:09 pm
wrapping up the charade investigation a car filled park. you can see one police car in the distance. according to investigation a police officer was by himself confronted four men. one of them and started an argument with a police officer. the two started fighting a one point the officer pulled out his gun and shot one round. now let's listen to officer of the a spar's up. he explains how the officer is doing. >> the officer did appear to be working along, the officer is ok he has not life-threatening injuries. it's routine after a shooting that the officer are placed on a ministry of leaf in the outcome of an investigation carried a >> but the suspect and the officer of long life
6:10 pm
threatening injuries. were told yes lacerations. now that suspect and the officer have been taken to san francisco general hospital. live in san francisco reggie kron 4 news. >> are still in forecast fog the store this weekend also mall conditions on sunday. a full talk about a coming up. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible.
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the national news a list the smart said she feels throw the gratified tonight. today a jury in celtics to be convicted a street preacher of kidnapping her. it's a case such a national attention eight years ago. >> i hope that not only is this an example that justice can be served america, but it is possible to move on after something terrible is happening. >> the caricatures of five hours to find ride david
6:14 pm
mitchell of kidnapping smart to unlawfully transporting her across state lines for sexual purposes. mitchell's defense team never disputed the facts that he snatched 14 year-old smart from her bedroom at knifepoint on june 5, 2002. smart now 23 testified at mitchell's month-long trial that he repeatedly raped her for months. the question ultimately came down to mitchell sanity. the defense claimed chose so delusional that he could not understand his actions. the jury agreed with the prosecutor that he was faking to avoid prison. mitchell stepdaughter said the jury got wrong. >> knowing what you're doing could be wrong and not being able to stop doing it. >> as for smart she said she will return to europe to spread the mormon religion carried on excited to go back to france to complete my mission. thank you everyone for your prayers and support. mitchell will
6:15 pm
be sentenced may 25th he could get life in prison. stay with us will be back after this break.
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president barack obama has had a tough time selling a tax deal he made with the republican leaders. and today he brought in help, katherine tells us about the surprising scene in the white house briefing room. >> democrats think the president went way too far his compromise with republicans. many declaring they want nothing to do with the deal. it extends bush tax cuts for two years that's in exchange for extending unemployment benefits for another 13 months. who did the president bring in to help with the pitch friday? a former president bill clinton. >> this is something that is they worked very hard in my opinion. >> it's too soon to say what the weather this help are made president barack obama
6:19 pm
seem weak and in need of rescue. in the meantime i leading senate liberal is protesting the tax deal with republicans. senator bernie sanders making his point with the marathon rant. >> i am simply here today, to take as long as i can to explain to the american people the fact that we have got to do a lot better than this agreement. >> he began talking around 10:30 a.m. washington time and he just kept going and wrapped up not all that long ago total of eight half- hour's. some question as to whether this was a filibuster. he dent not hold up about today the senate is not expected to get to that point. analysts say the tax deal that the president reached with the republican last week, could lead to the largest federal deficit in history. 1.5 trillion dollars for the 2011 budget
6:20 pm
year. it would mark the third straight year of a trillion dollar deficit. the textile is estimated to cost about $855 billion over two years. i san francisco superior court judges clear the way for california to sell 11 state own properties. it's all to generate $1.2 billion in revenue and help close the budget gap. did curman is here he's been looking into this. opponents of the sale of a promise to keep fighting this. >> this is the status made a big stake here. three of the buildings of all the properties here in san francisco one of the mcalester which houses the state supreme court. another one called gate for many state leaders have offices, a third is on van ness which houses the public utilities commission. the plan is to sell the properties and then lease them back. the state sing it helps the budget gap and saves the state money. opponents in just the opposite. >> over the first 20 years of this lease we expected to
6:21 pm
save state taxpayers approximately $2 million. >> it's going to cost taxpayers $6 billion. the crazy sale of these beautiful buildings behind us carried >> it will allow us to generate more than $1.2 billion in revenue carried is the ability to revenue will be all to prevent further talks tax increases or cuts. >> none of the money is going to schools, it's going to pay off bonds. their bonds zero in on some of these buildings. >> to us some say it's good for the state some say is the state loses? >> opponents of this are taking >> tight deadline. fog out
6:22 pm
there right now will carry over into tomorrow in fact will see areas of dense fog out there to our morning a special in the north bay valley and in inland valleys. temperatures will slow as a result. the fog is less expensive supplies is it the bay shore we'll go into the upper 60s but inland locations " " the fog and during warming into the afternoon. storm tracker 4 radar or seeing the sprinkles diminished even in the north bay about his most of the rain passing us to the north sea been dipping down in the sacramento. with warmer dryer building offshore and pushing the storm up to the north. is the cloud and moving further north of the past couple of hours. chances of rain diminishing this evening as we head into tomorrow will pretty much been built for the chances of rain. a look at fault tracker widespread fog this evening and continue into the overnight hours especially for inland valleys in the north bay valley. as we continue
6:23 pm
through the morning fog will scale back to see that not o'clock starting to peel back a bit carried i get in and our wheat we'll have plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. temperatures will be quite as warm. 61 santa rosa, 60 novato, 61 san francisco. are so locations around the upper 60s out there today, tomorrow 63 san jose a little cooler but lost gatos a morgan hill remain upper 60s. it could not have the bay. kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay run the bay forecast areas of dense fog tomorrow morning. it also see fog sunny monday but it will be quite as extensive at least not along the bay shore. inland valleys will seem pretty extensive on sunday. the been the low 60s but everywhere else the bay area looking pretty good on a sunday. nice weather continues until monday but things change in the next week a friend back in the forecast tuesday through friday.
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now at 6:30 p.m. tonight big stories in one big block of news. more cruz, more stories right our top story. >> our developing story tonight, a 12 year-old girl you see your picture on the laughter from virginia who been missing for a week turned up this afternoon in san francisco. if 12 year- old brittany maisonettes someone spotted her at a safeway called police. her mother was found dead last
6:31 pm
week. police say she has been told about that. she is with child protective services tonight and the suspect in her abduction is in custody. if that is a man you see on the right. he is jeffrey scott easily. police say he was a live-in boyfriend of parties mother. virginia authorities are on their way to the bay area it's expected that easily will be extradited as soon as possible. easily and the little girl were last seen december 3rd of _ surveillance video in virginia. >> catherine here at the san francisco police department, police officers have just wrapped up a press conference which the call the witness a hero. if that witness apparently spotted 120 pretty smith and her alleged of dr. jeffrey easily outside a safeway's store in the richmond district around 2:00 p.m. police say the what does recognize the do well from a cnn news broadcast and a picture. the police action
6:32 pm
came to the store and a rusted easily without incident. now smith is in protective custody and will be reunited with her family. while easily could be extradited soon as detectives from virginia are flying out here to the san francisco police department to question him and to be asking the court to move him back to virginia as it is possible. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> and san francisco officer of all shooting here are filled park. investigators said officer who was alone at the time came up to four men at the park and drinking. of one of the men started arguing with the police officer, at one point if i start with a police officer the suspect. if the police officer pulled out his gun and shot the suspect in the lower torso. about the police officer and suspect were taken in san francisco general hospital. both have not life- threatening injuries. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> here grant elementary school and petaluma an alert has been issued to parents
6:33 pm
regarding it recent incident involving a nine year-old, 12 year-old brother and sister who told police they saw a strange man parked in front of their home not too far from the school. >> we said that is cooler which is particular for us what we get a suspicious call. is the one who came to the door was white male in his '40's with gray hair. the other person was a white male in his 30's with dark hair and possibly wearing a blue jacket >> in petaluma kron 4 news. >> here in san jose and a city audit of the police department is looking for ways to cut costs and avoid layoffs. among other things the audits suggest the department is a bit top- heavy on the management side with the ratio of sergeants to officers nearly twice as high as san francisco and others similarly sized cities. the goal of the audit is to maximize the number of officers on the street, and realign staffing levels to reflect the current economic reality. in san jose kron 4 news. >> here in san francisco
6:34 pm
superior court judge has cleared the way for the state to sell 11 state of properties including this building which houses the state supreme court. the idea is to generate revenue in close the budget gap. many think this is a bad deal for the state of california, that is why opponents say they will file an appeal with the state court of appeals on monday time is running out though, the state hopes to seal the deal by wednesday. in san francisco dan carmen kron 4 news. >> the rain tapering off and fog setting and. the sprinkles pretty much gone over the bay area but were seeing heavier showers out today in north and pushing in the sacramento. drier conditions building offshore is pushing the storm of to the north that will continue into tomorrow. most of the rain in california and oregon border. if there's a chance of course they could catch sprinkles out there this evening. tonight into
6:35 pm
tomorrow the sprinkles and fog will be the story plaza will be pretty mild out there this evening. temperatures are in the '60s in some places. tomorrow morning areas of dense fog a special in the north bay and our inland valleys. into the afternoon, warming will be hindered a little bit because of the fog in the morning. also sunny conditions in the afternoon. we will see additional warming in sunday most places reaching the upper 60s. our inland valleys will reach that because fog will be done sunday morning as well. nice weather continues monday as to look into next week tuesday through friday the rain returns on and off showers expected. >> it's official, this year were experiencing a wikileaks wintera la nina winter. it will peak sometime this month. even though the winter is expected to be drier than usual, there will be storm is just not as many the la
6:36 pm
nina pattern is expected to continue through the spring of and with the dry winter and spring fire season could start early. in san francisco jeff bush kron 4 news. >> hear this tough economy even as parents is struggling to find is they need for their children this christmas. it's clear these toys are not, the warehouse stores and d he can find everything from basketball stuff animals in separate piles. the problem there aren't enough piles. a lot of other check charities they have a lot of ground cover and over 5000 donations just a third of what's needed. and by december 22nd with a toy drive ends. in san jose craig kron 4 news. >> apple is working on a patent for a new system that could all whole new dimension to the exploding smart phone at market. kimberly tells how will work. it >> apple is streamlining the whole share of application. right now you find a cool one, you tell a friend and a friend has a jump through
6:37 pm
hoops to try and fight it, download and install it. if the stick a look at an application called bomb. right now you could share your information by that to simply tapping her phone together. the new system could work something like that. if there just tried to simplify the process. if the new system over why fire and three g could sue only touched the phone together to share the application. a lot of blockers are talking about this is the patent is granted this could take the app store to a whole new level. >> let's get a checkup on years no bombs the report. sundew still to talk about in bear valley to new inches in the past 24 hours with the storm pushing through. bring in the base up to 47 in.. alpine meadows, no new snow to talk about 48 in. base and seven runs open. sugar bowl 7 in. at the base with 86 runs opened. if you'd like more informations on the ski resorts and other is an informational lift tickets just log on to
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the marine mammal center in sausalito is taking care of us the line that was shot in the head. the wounded animal was found at the beach in sausalito, their animals right guy is going to left eye is swollen shut. x-rays showed a number of shotgun pellets and its head. the sea lion nickname silent night is finally sleeping in able to relax after being treated. it's too early to know what the animal will regain its health and returned to the sea. although sea lions are able to survive even without their side. who shot the animal and why? it is not known. hear stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> it's a place where people will park in one direction, and drive another. it's also a notorious for double parkers. he could find in
6:42 pm
just about anywhere like these two cars parked on mission street. while they'd double parked? let's take a double lot. this man has a handful of lottery tickets so that's why a block the full lane of traffic to get rich quick. assessing the they needed to unload it a flat screen television i guess i never read the sign. pastries always tastes better when you're double parked. over on chestnut street it's a double parker paradise. this white cars unattended while the driver is in sweet-. a few minutes later she went to work car with a mouth full of candy missing out on the $80 double parking fine. this blue card is double parked here is the driver having a casual conversation while blocking traffic. there is talent for his car after leaving apple store. double parking has become the norm in san francisco. i know it is thinking? there's not
6:43 pm
enough parking so you have to. i assure you this. this is a parking space it's been available on chestnut street the entire time was taping. well looks at the loading zone it's not to. after 1:00 p.m. monday through friday anyone to park there. he does have to redesign. and san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> in sports the mailing audience takes carried to task once again carried james has red shoes and the rest of the miami heat are in town to take on the warriors tonight. carias live the oracle arena next. lightning fast. lightning strong.
6:44 pm
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6:46 pm
verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. from oracle arena, this is the season the warriors are more than likely not going to make the playoffs. this is it, this is the biggest game of the year in terms of fan excitement. maybe the team will get up for the power house miami heat. the ride this afternoon led by lipper on james. it is red shoes. if has long brought
6:47 pm
in company after a slow start they're on fire. wayne wade and james. i think of the the best one-2 combination in the late. and bosch, was as good for basketball having three all stars conspired to be on the same team? so far so good in terms of fan reaction treated with brought in he practiced in san francisco today before making the trek across europe oakland. james did not speak to the media. as we said the miami heat on fire. it won six straight, appear to have righted the ship. james scored 30 points or more in three victories including an impressive win over the northwest leading utah jazz on wednesday. he's averaging 34 points in the last five games against the warriors away wave like to
6:48 pm
play here they keep looking to improve the 16-8. >> not sanguine not going have any challenges wrote this season, at this point in december were jelling and play well together. hopefully we can keep topping keep everyone healthy. >> or explosives at home. it's a dynamic style, was 22 fast break comes a game and that's makes mrs. sunbreaks. they're running out so tragic be there for them as most weekend. >> the warriors come and having lost 10 of their last 11 games. though be out without stephan currie has an injured ankle. it's definitely going to be an uphill task tonight. the warriors as we said when things are going away, you need to rise to the challenge and the miami heat will certainly provide that tonight. here's your head coach keith smart a few minutes ago.
6:49 pm
>> if you start trying to use every game to get for one game you up to many in between what you going to do about those. trotted the players understand shore, you know kind of gave it is you're going to try and compete and outperform. i don't try to put any emphasis on the importance of the game. >> the new motors this is a big night for them. of course joe and peter fizzing with general manager riley carried this is the first time since opening night to when it was announced it bought the team and that they really can say hey? look half going on. a big hollywood producer of course relishes this. it's going to be a lot of fun and we'll have the tag off here in oakland about 7:40 p.m. even though i'm here to take my wife will miss e-mail night? are you kidding she will join us in a few minutes. e-
6:50 pm
mail's from oracle when we return in a moment. p@ 2
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it's called e-mail's from oracle alisha as she waits for james. >> the warriors' season is over before christmas. i guess new owners don't matter. and >> there only 22 games and. these guys have everybody on an audition this year. these millionaires are not going to be patient if indeed the warriors don't have a market improvement see a lot of people around here i guarantee you. these guys will not be patient. let's see what happens. >> these seem to think raiders' fans are not any better than cities. have you been to a game lately? >> i really sensitive about nfl crowds. he got any place where there's 60,000 people and alcohol in large
6:54 pm
substances being consumed your honor find wild and crazy guys. if the raiders get a lot of attention because their people to paint the face dress up or costumes. if you think of the worst in the nfl there's about 29 other teams that are close second. >> there cheater looks a little greedy can you blame them read the paper was agents fault. >> was his fault for letting the age and talk for h everyone likes derek there's no use in pretending to find fault with it except that he let the agents say we want this, what that oros were going to look around that's the deal. what the agent in the room let it cut the deal for you but publicly, the athletes should always talk not let someone whose primary interest is getting money gets big for you. >> ryan, a baseball salaries are becoming more obscene tickets, parking and that
6:55 pm
cedras keep going up you think there will be a fan backlash? >> you better with now. especially now all i think people in this economy like the giants, we love the team everybody's excited it's happening you know my working two jobs to buy tickets. if you're not a championship team, why going to spend my last nickel second-seeded team when one, lose one be a 500 club? in this day to better with your house. >> i've never seen a sportscaster let the weather person handle the hockey highlights. what you do that? >> is that i hear there was a guy you can look to be honest to god shoes that i watch, because i want to see jack that jack queen bed it to the hockey highlights. >> it it does matter is look at the face not the name. >> that jack clean bennett she does hockey. that's why
6:56 pm
we have fun. we are moments away from the warriors in miami and this is like the old days to come out to the game, while she gets out of the house. >> it's amazing filling up as we speak. >> the ticket scalpers were out and courtside seats are going from $84,000 a pop. the warriors more than likely will be on the short and by a big margin. it will be tough to beat this team especially without curried. it will be a lot of thought will have the highlights for you at 11:00. from oracle arena for jason applebaum, police shot and jeff pierce work of us went for pam more end dollars and who is here. quick to the lasting ill see is dollars and reporting on a shot areas ladies and gentlemen. anyone can show you look ron james this is voluntary had quickly 10
6:57 pm
seconds your thoughts. >> going to be a nice game. >> tonight from oracle. [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say boursin? in depth on today's big celebrity headlines. i'm lara spencer. "the insider" is on. >> i've never seen a welcome like this in my life. in my life! >> oprah down under with extra security called in. did something go wrong? michael douglas back at work since his cancer recovery. >> i've gotten stronger and better. >> what he looks like and sounds like. >> nicole, are you excited about the wedding? >> all the secrets on nicole richie's weekend wedding. is dad lionel footing the bill? let's find out in tonight's star watch. palin in progress. the "time magazine" investigation. is she seeking, fame, fortune or the presidency?


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