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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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from today shows extensive due for wedding to bakersfield. that is pretty typical for this time of year. will see temperatures, boredom while similar to what we sought to the upper 50s fellow '60s. if it was not for the fog we would be a lot, and probably in the '70s for today. that was not the case though. we've had dry weather for a couple of days that this will change starting to my we have a star insisting moving into the north coast right now. this is going to bring a chance of rain after 10:00 tomorrow night. in the meantime, another foggy day with lots of clubs. bricks of sunshine to.blake's of sunshs
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appears to be light rain to modify, heavier rain coming in later in the week. i assure him of that coming up later on. >> authorities from virginia update us on the missing. winter weather means a change of plans for two nfl teams. it's not the local boys. alcatel is will be featured in a new sci-fi tv show. i will give you a snapshot of the best digital cameras to gift wrap this holiday season. these are still some of the stories that are just ahead of kron4 news.
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detectives from virginia attracts the missing girl all whites have francisco and to the suit best to be. the research you for 120 brittany's smith who was found friday at out of safeway and ocean beach. the investigation is shifting from a missing person to a murder case. of jeffrey easily with the mauls boyfriend she was turned up dead. they've begun atoll's what's new on the
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investigation. >> abuse or the detectives who flew in from virginia on friday. detective john talked about the investigation of easily. >> since arriving here yesterday with the assistance of the s f p zero, we have been able to visit the area for brittany and jeffrey were located, prior to the discovery of riding. that area is believed to be adjacent to the supermarket. on sunday, the detectives interviewed both easily and bernie smith. details of the investigation. the tech detectives plan on returning with pretty possibly on monday. easleys remaining custody expert pending extradition proceedings. for these detectives finding britain is just one element of this
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case be installed. >> has to know everyone school for the past week has been finding 12 year-old renee smith, and reuniting her with her family. now that she has been found will be heading back to home soon, the focus now has shifted into the murder investigation of her mother. it is very important that we give justice to this family. in san francisco kron4 news. >> the niners and traders may have losing records, but coming up we will show you what they are both in the hunt for a playoff spot. >> snow is on the way for the sierra and lots of rain for the bay area. i will lead to what's come to know what's coming up
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the operators are guaranteed pay raises. a similar deal could and should the workers for $3,000 bonuses this year. muni would like
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to temporarily halt the bonuses that would go out at the end of the year, unisys it would save the company $3.5 million. however union officials told the chronicle the muni has a legal obligation to make the payments. if they do not make the payments they will be legal fight. san francisco 49ers have though losing record, but they're still hot for a playoff spot. today they look like a team that could possibly pull this off. quarterback threw for 255 years and three touchdowns. seahawks could not keep up. the niners won 40 to 21. they're now 5 and 8 for the season sitting behind the rams and the seahawks in the end of soubrettes. jason campbell started as a quarterback for raiders nearly paid off, the raiders lost the game to the jacksonville pa 38 to 31. less than we took to the giants of the vikings game
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was postponed. now the game has been moved after more than 17 in. of snow have richter the roof. april williams has more on the clubs in the winter and summer dealing with this weekend. >> this amazing video shows a blizzard when in the battle against the inflatable roof at the metrodome. but hundt veteran snow that accumulated on the roof came pouring through. making the stadium unusable for the game on sunday. >> we had three repels shropshire, which provided for deflation of the roof. the game will not be played monday evening. it will be played at another stadium. >> minnesota wisconsin and iowa all hit hard by the subsystem. there was no conditions prompted officials to stay not to travel unless you had to.
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this man's skin wisconsin man needed help for a stock car, but he had decided of live. >> will get you out of your memory flied out to. >> minnesota. >> out of the key will get their it today. >> and the metrodome was not the only city of the needed attention, in chicago these crews are working on soldier field. in for williams kron4 news. >> a kids having fun on the slows the bay, augusto but this was not in chaco, this was in san francisco. it was the open house at the city hall today and they set a place apart was cent of their true as well.santa was th6
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percent of santa rosa of 55 at sunnyvale, said francisco as 55 degrees, and oakland at 53 degrees. in the sierra snow is on the way, future cast showing snow coming for tuesday into was a. but the time once they get here perhaps a foot of snow from the storm that a portion onshore for tonight. a winter storm watch is in effect for tuesday. snow levels initially starting above 7,000 ft.. but falling to 6,000 ft. by tuesday night. along with some strong winds that could possibly produce without conditions. here is future cast we're looking at rain now, it is gathering of the bay area for tomorrow afternoon near ukiah of 6:00 p.m.. by 10:00 p.m. it will start to show up in in north bay for santa rosa and points to the north. it is pretty light, but spreads to the south overnight. into
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tuesday morning it will cover the entire bay morning commute. the second vendor rain will come in tuesday afternoon, this should be a little heavier but still above the light side, what it's all but perhaps a quarter of an inch of rain. tomato another foggy start for the morning commute, clouds and visibility is perhaps lloyd quarter mile. temperatures mid-40s for the north bay, upper 40's and '50's there the bay. but the afternoon the clouds are really having a heart on clearing out once again. perhaps a few bricks of suds on temperatures in the upper fifties and low 60s. tuesday once again a chance of rain they will be like, once they have played, that we will start to turn towards a you went in and settled weather pattern. chances of praise thursday and friday have potentially heavy rain and strong winds by saturday. we will have to
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watch the storm of most closely with the next couple of days. >> jaybirds is working on a new tv show that will be shot in san francisco. is called out could trudge awoken contain that historical joke. it is presences about escapees who disappeared in their time and reappear in the present day. abrams is known for his actions sci-fi tv shows such as loss, alias said in french. harry potter has finally been booted from the box office. the 3 d fairytale pulled in more than 14.6 billion for the box office this week in stockpot lodge the movie but taurus.but tourist walked away h
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$17 million and willinto winning the weekend the voyage of the don trotter $24.5 million. pushewin yourself on camera just isn't good enough, will coming up we regard to showing how to take pictures like a pro. the hottest holiday gifts are next.
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time now for tech talk with kids like. >> here's what's hot right now in the digital camera world. fuji film is a first camera maker to get a camera on the market that takes three the pictures. in is called the 56 real three d w one. it costs $400. it is
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cool and who to take three pitchers, but to view the pictures she needed three be laptop r three d t b which both cost over $1,000. or fuji does make it three d a gains eroded display frame, the cost $600. so little expensive right now you might want to wait till next year. this camera the sam's song 3 d viewer take great pitchers. it will play animati's like this one of a dancing have become. . i am always being asked what is a good s l r professional high end camera with big lenses that look like this. but they're not just for professionals, so my recommendation is for good sl are is the sony a
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55. because $850. it is a good solid all-around sl our camera. it is very popular right now is back ordered on many popular web sites check on the amazon. if you want your young want to keep those early. the fisher- price kit tough camera is a great camera for kids. it is surrounded with the crow rate to be dropped many times to continue to work. the kid top camera cost $40. if you're looking for just a good digital camera across around hundred dollars. i recommend going with sony cyber shot are castillo tx series digital cameras. you cannot go wrong with these. they're just good digital cameras. games like kron4 news. >> so-how is the weather picture for tomorrow? >> is some fog clotting of tomorrow morning. other was the bright sunshine rain is
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