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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 13, 2010 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> a 60 year-old has for schoofor difference cold fractures---four skull fra ctures >> and in napa state hospital still was flowers placed in memory of the murder. two months ago, and employs toby, off camera that many employes of a nervous. -employees to tell
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me, that donna crows was strangled in october. a physical therapist the the entire staff is on edge of her two different meetings. and sean pucci, that one of reason is that they're understaffed. six employees for every 45 patients and they are in jeopardy. and especially nervous with one on one. how the maintenance area custodian has reported that he is going to look for an additional work elsewhere. and and napa valley, dave guingona. kron 4 news. >> the 12 year-old from virginia, brittany smith is on her way home after spending one week and protective services. the family came and retrieving her, and the accompany her what she will be reunited
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with family members. >> she was in custody, and protective custody, through airparkairports security and we're working closely with the airport---law officials in virginia. >> and the suspects will remain in custody and extradited in virginia, later. he is still a question of weather or not he's a suspect of the mother of pretty smith was felt murdered. >> and many operators-a-the mother of. the smith was found-murdered. >> and muni operators, water i this about >> >> what is is all about? >> and with this memo. it outlines the physical problems that they are facing . are and
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fiscal also they are able to offer some of money. and what we're talking about. and all of this in the past would pay out to operators about $3,000. and this year, the cap on this was 33.5 million >> i wish that i was a muni drivers so i could get the bonus is the half that issue. and ask anybody, the transportation is something that you can rely on. perhaps i cannot perhaps rely on muni. >> maybe that would be better on the smaller bonuses, and >> i do not think they deserve it. at least not the drivers. they are appallingly brood. >> and i think that you should give the dedication to the transit workers. it
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is christmas, they need it. the money, say that it could possibly be used for other things. restoring services. perhaps cutting service in 10 percent, in september, the restored 60%. however, late-night owl lines and others that are not typically used. full restoration = 2.2 million. this is just a drop in the pocket pam what is the union is saying? >> and who were not able to reach them infuriated and the city charter says that were not able to reach them --and in this charter, it that they have to fund this trust. and there could be a fight. >> the cell of california court of appeals has issued an order-the sale of 11 state office complexes to
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private investment groups. this means that the arnold sports and a gramm administration cannot move for reversal of the state properties. arnold sforza makegovernor arnold schwarzenegger cannot move forward with this sale of california 11 state office complexes to private investors. >> and this just in, people are expecting that this have a public official would not run and he has several opponents. >> and with most of the rainfall, missing us to the north. the stormtracker 4 reader, it is pushing through sacramento. stormtracker 4 radar, with a storm approaching approaching, and with cloudy, cool, this evening and no rain in just yet.
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how it will push in, and through the afternoon, and by 3:00 p.m., it will pushed through two ssouth bay, and it will possibly impact your at tomorrows afternoon commute. removed a beer can abroad a siegel. >> animal activists have successfully removed. canon's all around. can the beer can around the neck of area they siegel's. >> and 150 dogs with unwanted pets at a local animal shelters. thicken no longer afford them and the
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numbers of dogs is overrun in these facilities. they can no longer afford them. in these crowded conditions. >> and they say that they cannot afford red regular food or basic care or veterinarian care. >> 9% increase from the month of november from last year. and the number of cabs has dropped because cats are less for the owners to care for the test a number of cats donations has dropped [ bell rings ]
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instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. at&t is making high speed internet more affordable than ever at only $14.95 a month. one-year price guarantee. >> a controversial plan is coming to a vote. congestion
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pricing could generate $8 million in revenue for san francisco. the board of supervisors will continue to study needs or to shelve this idea, indefinitely. and jonathan blum will show us. jonathan? >> this could cost drivers and politicians are pretty angry. toward the drivers to go across the county line between standards, and drivers are pretty angry. and even lawmakers are even pretty angry, coand exactly what is lying. you could beat charged-dollar-sign, to get out of the city, in of the city, $three. --and $3 and, $3 out. hall hot
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ocand a third plan would charge you of the northeast corridor. and if you came in on the 1 0 1? the 80? it would still peek $3. and typically, east fun, and you would still pay $3 to leave the city. they're hoping to reduce downtown traffic patrol person, and also increase revenue! and some people, including drivers are not happy. and representatives, cherry hill from san mateo county. he is proposing a retaliation his name is terry hello. and through san francisco, and jerry hill for fifth
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imposing a $6 fee, lightning fast. lightning strong.
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verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. the >> and national news, support for president, with this tax proposals and it could make it to the senate
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as a early as tomorrow. years reaction from president obama. >> i've been speaking to several people and people nb saw the political spectrum are happy. with this package and i understand that those concerns. and i share some of them. that is the nature of compromise. sacrifice something that each of us care about to move forward. and that is one of the economy, and also creating jobs. among the highlights will extend tax cuts to the wealthy for the amount of two years, and jobless benefits and change real- estate tax and extend earned income tax credit. >> thank you. the president took no questions and this compromise will do good things for the american people. the senate passed this, and put in one day before the bill will moved to the house. and then, a final showdown between the presidents and liberals of its own party that think he
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is giving away too much to the rich. pam? >> a child nutrition bill, and president first lady, michelle obama. and $4.5 billion will expand free school meals for low income families. and a pledge to make them we health care-- >> and been healthier school meals. >> this tool of cool air is going to push through. and this plume of cool air is going to push through. and by 9:00 a.m.,-noon it is going to be heavier to the north. by 3:00 p.m., it is going to continue with pockets of heavy rainfall. towards the south bay by 5:00 p.m. that rainfall will taper off. and the rainfall
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totals are not going to be that impressive tomorrow. and with the north bay, perhaps three-quarters of finance and one half = the central bay. -three-quarters of an inch in the north bay. and one half of an inch in the centra lockinand with what we can expect for lake tahoe, with even 12-inches at 6,000 ft.. and below 6,000 ft.? less and colleges, and gusting conditions, with the storm, and look at this with gusting winds, and less than 6,000 ft.? if will have less than 1 ft. of snow. and for california, sunday a little but a below. and later on sunday into monday tapping into this moisture blasting.
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that deep red is indicative of very heavy rainfall expected. with:conditions callem saturday, monday are going to be the strongest. for the rainfall for this weekend into next week. >> much of the nation is indoors as a winter storm is crippling northern indiana. and a state of emergency with highway crews are trying to clear the roads. and much of this blows right back onto the roads. the northern states are better equipped, the seven states are having difficulty. roads are i see! with the-seven states are having difficulty these slick roads through national the southern states. 10 our
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backups on the highways. 10 hours, ofte the a and into the reporter, kimberly sakamoto has a lookit this look at and the dramatic completely caved in. this is you tube video has gone of viral. and when did this has collapsed, different pockets of streams of snowfall coming down. the roof is completely buckling under the pressure. and at the moment, right here where that comes crashing through. one more time. and it could not handle all that snow. this is after that proof completely keeping an. and that radio-of that roof caving in, and of 1 million,
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that was 1 million abuse and < and 24 hours. million abuse holcomb on flat
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>> it will% increase on online shopping since 2009. >> 80% increase on online shopping. and cyber monday, a 12% increase on online shopping cents last year. and the business day in history, fedex is going to ship 16 million packages today that is up 0% from last year and double the volume of a typical day. and that is up 12%. december
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>> at 6:00 p.m., an alarming attack. multiple stabbings, and the suspect is only 14 years old. >> he is crazy. and he does things a normal person would not do. >> and with a team of reporters on covering details. >> and the 8 year old was rescued on a sexual assault instead of inside of a wal-mart- >> and a land of snow, highways are difficult to drive in the stadium roof
6:01 pm
team scanned. >> and stadium roof it's kept in, and don king! what alerted security. >> the kron 4 news >> a business is an attack. a 14 year-old boy is facing attempted murder, sexual assault. after police say he raped a 13 year-old and stabbed her baby brother. dan kerman. >> pamela, that 14 year-old is in custody but is still outstanding is his motive. >> this is the high school with a 14 year-old suspect is believed to intended. >> i think it is sad. >> shocked students. >> this is just shocking to see the 14 year-old to win the bet that gold would be done.. and younger people
6:02 pm
are calling things that they should not be going. they're getting their hands dirty. >> the 14 year-old entered the home, and woke up the 13 year-old, stabbed her three times, and stabbed her 18 month-old when he woke up after he raped her. and she was able to escape and one the police arrived the suspect was still inside a home. he was arrested on two counts of attempted murder and sexual assault. >> the suspect's mother who does not want her face shown on camera says that her son is innocent. he got into trouble for drinking and went off with three other teenagers and they are the ones to blame. >> they took him over there, and porsche him on the floor, and once they went into the house, they-porch to montfort. and he said
6:03 pm
mom, they grabbed me, and they pushed me on the floor, they pushed me on the floor. and then they threw me on the bed. >> and maureen kelly went into this auspex neighborhood and she got input from neighbors the suspects neighborhood. >> these neighbors did not want to appear on camera but this young nadler. >> he is not stable. he has threatened his own parents. he has been in/out of jail and he is trouble, he's basically trouble. >> he is yelling at cars in the middle of the night at 2:30 a.m., alone and throwing up gaining signs he is sick in the mind in these to be locked away. >> and the gang signs--and run up those >> and she admits that he
6:04 pm
has recently spent two weeks and juvenile hall for punching walls in her holes in her walls. >> david st. wal-mart, and the san leandro, in a year- old was sexually assaulted by carlyle put his hand down the little girl's pants. and tried to escape that is when the good this american the stepped in. and malcolm mason spoke to the phone and what he did from carlyle from getting away. >> and i said that could have been my daughter, and i looked around and the growth was crying. and once i saw that that little girl was crying i said i'd better get him. i ran up on him. and he tried to run out the front
6:05 pm
door and i just stayed on him. and if he is touching a little kids to pleasure himself? i think that he should go down for that. and i have cousins, and a little daughter. >> investigators say a number goodness american held him down. and in another good samaritan held him down with committing a lewd act on a child, aggravated sexual sexual assault, and he is expected to be in court later this week. >> and if you recall this and similar! with this dollar tree in union city. but this man, pinned down a two year-old girl, removed her diaper, straddled her after she wandered away from a family members. and eugene ramos was rested and he was
6:06 pm
also tackled by good samaritans when he tried to flee. he will be in court in january. the 18th month toddler has died. he fell into a lobby fountain at the grand cypreshyatt regency >> and from san francisco. >> and police several this an accident? >> police several this an accident. video from inside of the hotel. you can see the fountain with a little boy fell into. that bottom a trough of that, did he was with his mother, a twin sister, the nanny on wednesday there were in the lobby looking at christmas decorations. he wondered a way and ended up in the fountain they found unconscious--they found him unconscious. >> and what is the hotel responded with this?
6:07 pm
>> and in the 33 plus years, they've never had anything like this but there reinforcing the area are run the fountain, and training inches training-the level of water with their training the level of water. their training trainin, i'vthe are lol of the water inside the fountain. >> the stormtracker 4 radar, pushing this to california, oregon, and even to the bay area. and through tomorrow, starting to push through the north bay early in the morning. and things are going to stay dry, cloudy, cool, and low 50s. morning by 8:00 a.m., the rain will be pushing through the north bay and pushing self. by
6:08 pm
tomorrow afternoon, it should affect your evening commute by the south bay. we will time it out on futurecast in your weekend forecast is bringing storms. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible.
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>> national news, a federal appeals judge in virginia has blocked the health-care overhaul. the judge ruled the the requirement for americans to carry insurance is unconstitutional. kerry a. national template-it could carry. national template. and this judge is being scrutinized for the health care reform. according to government reports, according to this judge, he reareceived dividends and the firm's
6:12 pm
biggest plants are republicans and are trying to overturn health-care reform. in her response, the-firms has only has stock and no knowledge of the day- to-day operations. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is in canada of working with canadian and mexican leaders on north american issues. with the economy, and the election fraud in half td, and the drug cartel and problems in mexico, and the election fraud in haiti, the cholera outbreak. on the new don't ask, don't tell, through military veterans filed suit against the government and federal court. they want the ban on openly gay troops to be unconstitutional and they want to be reinstated to the military. they're hoping to pressure lawmakers before new congress is sworn in. >> a painting by controversial british graffiti artist has been
6:13 pm
removed at 8-ashbury district. and he is internationally known, completed six buildings on buildings from the city. the football of a raft wearing a police captain. and eight- feet tall of a city rat wearing a police have talkejesus falcon - >> adorations with and arraignas are made with a local art gallery dealer to restore the painting
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lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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>> cloudy conditions, but we're going to be getting storms. with rainfall, in the north bay early. if and the main band at 9:00 a.m. will drop in. towards the golden gate bridge .by noon. and as the storm progresses it and pushing south. by 3:00 p.m., heavier through the central location and then the south. it will
6:17 pm
impact your afternoon commute. with light shower activity tapered off. the north bay is expecting three-quarters of an inch, and only one half in the central bake. perhaps one- quarter in the south but that is nothing! folks, a very strong storm. tapping and from troubled moisture this will be pushing through 6:00 a.m. on saturday with wide-spread activity. . and it will only intensify as we progress through saturday. that is dark red is indicating a very rare heavy rainfall. downpours! to portions of california and even to the bay area. a lot of of a lull on saturday but that storm will pass with that tapping into that tropical moisture. by 4:00 p.m. on
6:18 pm
monday, that deep, read over the bay area. heavy rainfall, that the color red on our radar is indicating that it will be right over the bay area on monday. and timing this out, as it gets closer. and taking a look a your extended forecast, read baltimore but nothing compared to this coming up weekend. and the and taking a look a your extended forecast, rainfall expected to more but nothing compared to coming up this weekend. saturday-monday will be the strongest of the storms. again, we will keep you posted. >> in national news, and 11 fatalities of the record- breaking winter storm in through the midwest. it has spent arctic air as far south as florida. >> and indiana, dozens were trapped overnight as blizzard shut down a state highway. this person took
6:19 pm
refuge in a fire station. >> and it is slicker than oil on a doorknob. >> and bone called for schools to close in several states. minneapolis said its fifth heaviest snowfall, ever. and at the metrodome roof collapsed. he and cameras are showing this right on camera. and after inspection of damage and meantime, the vikings/giants wished shifted to detroit. and it grounded several flights to chicago o'hare. and the heavy rainfall for the pacific northwest with mud slides. >> and i remember that it does look like winter but it is still officially fall season. where does not officially start until next week. >> and a teenager was hittinwriting into a truck she s
6:20 pm
riding in a truck and of the 16 year-old and the other passenger had minor injuries. and the father is furious and she said he said that she could of been killed, the somebody to a trek through the windshield of driving. >> a brick was thrown into the truck. >> and this is a police chase ended in a robbery. and that baby girl survived! inches expected to be okay. >> san francisco has until friday to put a deal to host the 2013 america's cup. the golden gate yacht club put that deadline in the letter. and this calls for for this to rest for the america's cup defense authorities. the yacht club is hosting this for the yacht club america's
6:21 pm
cup, and--the aqaba's hosting the america's cup. and they're thinking of changing the location from the southern waterfront, to the northern waterfront, and that will help with taxpayer money to police a billionaire crowd. >> we think it is a very good deal and dutch police a billionaire crowd. moving that and b&w/oracle and should respect that b&w b&w bmw/oracle should support this, and any rumors of this peace we heard deal should be evaporated. >> they will have a meeting on tuesday and the couple's 40 has spoken with rhode island, italy and even the middle east in case the san francisco plan will not be
6:22 pm
agreed upon. we will be back after the break.
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>> in the fuzz. miley cyrus- in the buzz--and she seems to be smoking this out of a class on. and many people have specifically asked for this stuff that " miley cyrus was smoking. and it is already illegal in several states but not in california. the second years in a row, president obama is looking uon the lakers with nation's capital, to buy the washington blizzards, tomorrow. >> and boxing promoter, don king had a bit of a hold of but the cleveland airport.
6:26 pm
they said they found ammunition in his carry-on. and an airport spokesperson said it was confiscated and he was continued to go through to his flight without charges. he has represented the greatest fighters in history, mike tyson. and mohammad ali. >> and hackers grab law can credentials from several-log and the credentials from hackers. looking in credentials. >> and other hacker websites what this looks like with a warning at the top. that users, that gawker is encouraging everybody to change their password. kron 4 gawke
6:27 pm
>> on gawker and change other passords that are connectd to gawke. and the hacker go by the nmae name.. and is a targeted diet scam and the title. acai--stay with us.
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now at 6:30, our top stories. more news crews, more stories. here's our top stories. >> off 14 year-old rape and stabbed a 13 year-old, and started attacking the 18 month old. >> and neighbors and not surprised. >> he does things that normal kids do not do. >> and he has recently had run ins with the law, after punching wa halls pulls and his mother's walls. >> and a good samaritan is coming to a screaming mother sexually assaulting for a year-old daughter. >> and i looked out the door, and i could not believe that this eight year-old daughter was the
6:31 pm
victim of this 29 year-old carlyle pleasure of himself. a lewd act on a child at this wal-mart. and false imprisonment. hand and the san leandro, kron 4 news. >> and the toddler the was found unconscious in the fountain at the hyatt regency died over the weekend. wednesday, the nanny, the twin sister, the mother might inside looking at christmas to expirations the boy wandered off. nobody could find them. and there are looking at- decorations--and the official several ruled this and accident. in they have lowered the level of beewith what--water level for safety, and for the smith
6:32 pm
was spotted near richmond safeway by its american, and she was being taken care of by child protective services until virginia police arrived over the weekend. and he will be staying in san francisco awaiting extradition back into virginia. , a life news conference with this case of britain is meth. >> a live news conference. brittany smith. >> and britain would not be alive today and i am sure that i could not have made it if-for denise smith was not alive today soared want to thank the good samaritan. c'm >> and what do think by pasteur,i want to thank my pastuer he has been such a
6:33 pm
tererrific - tremedous friend. prayer is a powerful thing. it happened this past week. it is nothing short of a miralc. eanybody who does not believe there is a god >? they should go back to the beginning of the end of what we've been through. i thought the happiest day
6:34 pm
of my life was wehn my daughter was born. tonight has taken the number one spot. i have so many people to thank, my family, we prayed many a night tog ether, and tonight will be tears of joy. and the media, especially the media, keeping my daughter's photo posted at all times. we
6:35 pm
appreciate that. and the law officials, never gave up, working 20 hour days, never gave up. never gave up. we greatly appreciate you. and last, teresa chandly, my her.o. there is not anything that i could say how my heart feels about you. a live news conference,
6:36 pm
thebfather of brittany smith was missing for more than a month. the boyfried, is in custody. the mother was found murdered. a big weather story, the steady stream of moisture. the rain started overnight in the futurecast is showing light precipitation activity in the morning. whites productivity before the main band of rainfall pushes in at 9:00 a.m.-with widespread activity--before the main
6:37 pm
band of rainfall pushes in at 9:00 a.m. and before this brick support by 5:00 p.m., some heavier rainfall through napa, san jose, and this heavier rainfall. and then by 7:00 p.m. it will taper off. and as will look into tomorrow, we are going to see wednesday, thursday, a very strong storm system pushing into friday, saturday and then it is going to stall. over the bay area with heavy winds, gusting winds, and thunderstorms. we will keep you posted as this gets closer. stay with us. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. at&t is making high speed internet more affordable than ever at only $14.95 a month. one-year price guarantee. >> now, here is a stanley
6:41 pm
roberts who found people behaving badly. >> between 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. m a-f you cannot ride a bike, skouras wors scooter and-r skateboard. through uc- berkeley. and that these signs are blatantly ignored by students and on students. >> hey! >> you cannot read your bike. >> really? i did not know about. pemmican not stash of ride your bike. >> and they are-you cannot ride your bike and there is issuing warnings. however, this had a possession of marijuana. and how he was talking to one student, others were passing by and not aware. >> may i ask you a quick
6:42 pm
question? >> yes. >> were you aware that you are not able to ride your bike through here? >> no. i did not know there. >> and also, only approved by capstans can be securing bicycles. >> $250. >> and remember! bikes are on this the californai vehicle zone and just as a reminder, if you are going to ride your bike? perhaps leave the weed at home >> and playoffs! and highlighted by a coach tripping. gary radnich has all your sports, coming up 7 7 lightning fast. lightning strong.
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verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. >> good evening everybody, and the brette favre not
6:46 pm
starting the game, he has a shoulder injury that will end his career. three remaining games, and when you think about it, consecutive starts. every game, the object is to knock out the quarterback. yet, is not missed a game since 1992. brett favre and a sense to 37 other quarterbacks. have-sense-237 other quarterbacks. and he will not start the minnesota vikings/new york giants game. >> 49ers are won the game out. alex smith. first of the incompletions were booed and crowd went nuts! and the 49ers left 27-7 in the
6:47 pm
second quarter. smith. the highest of a six year career. and leshaun with the other way, and hustle back was lousy. 49ers victorious. >> and we are in the playoffs, that is all that matters. the and i consider this. we had a victory yesterday in will move forward from that. we will try to get a victory on thursday. how so, that is all i could say right now. fed >> and i would give him credit. since the water got in deep. at the 49ers might be going in another correction? >> a nice, mellow, not a big talker. and because the 49ers division is so lousy if they have a chance to have victory in the san diego on thursday? and then, they could be tied for first. the raiders got stung! they played well. and
6:48 pm
if mcfadden was like an old pro. and going back and forth, looking at mcfadden to his own thing. the most entertaining game on an n f l sunday. 209 total yards, three touchdowns, and maurice red-hot this little bitty guy. and there he goes! the jaguars, 38 dutch rwanda's 24, victorious. - jaguars. >> we have a nice plan, and we were prepared and we played our tails off. and >> . difficult for the raiders. >> the jets coach got the reflex. >> apparently he tripped dolphins player and i'm not going to make any exe excuses but look of this,!
6:49 pm
>> and he says he has apologized. and he was fined $25,000. >> and i've come into contact with a lot of good people in the building every day, players, staff, coaches. and i'll let everybody down with my actions. my actions were inexcusable. >> and he did the right thing, he made a mistake. and it will be interesting to see if he will be on another team next year. player on player autographs on the field. michael vic and the eagles, who have won last night and dallas. and first, let me show you when timber shawn jackson? >> oh my gosh! >> and do you remember, sean jackson, he was a showboat personality and looked at this! this was fun for this but if you see that ahoy
6:50 pm
unbelievable! and he's getting a lot of heat. and here is the deal, if you are gambling on this game? and you say the cowboys, the eagles. and this " brugge luv? that could perhaps rob you are wrong brotherly love--. and then, i will say this again, nobody would get mad and left your hungry and nobody is hungry in pro sports. does that bother you? pam? >> perhaps they could do that at the end of the game a bit and we did the end of the game. >> to go into the locker room, and then get your autograph. however, on national television ever but he's going to live in an opinion. and you are paying $100 per ticket to one of the illusion that those cold voice. and the " hate each other ". -that illusion. -
6:51 pm
cowboys. >> and yesterday, have seen this video? the metrodome in minneapolis. 17 in. of snow. and this expires and this is perhaps at the time for the vikings to build a new stadium. the fue-and to look it is caving in? the giants moved to detroit. tonight. >> yes. >> and you know, those people going to freeze! >> absolutely. >> and it is even sold out! >> and also we're going to have the world series mvp signed with the a's. and the plea for the angels last year, and apparently he is walking out. and i did not watch rob black. annyalso, a
6:52 pm
suey is quick to come to the 80s. when we return, the kron 4 audience. interactive. and get used to it. interaction. they will talk to me. i will talk to them and i will even sign autographs. and i will ask them for their autographs is interactive, kron, next.
6:53 pm
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>> jason applebaum. question for the host. >> hey gary, what is going on with the forty-niners and the playoffs? >> and i guess that they are lucky. there were placed in a bed division. and they are in a bed division-bad division and it is difficult to believe. that division,
6:56 pm
and will play the rams and the arizona and if they look? and if they win? seattle, and the st. louis rams. the 49ers could sneak in with seven wins and >> and hey gary? gable as coach of the raiders? >> and sometimes, just to spite people. and he did that last season. if there raiders finished up? that and i think they are going to do when two of the last three. seven-nine? they might get something somebody else. >> and hey gary? tooting of these negotiations going on with the contract should be private or if the world should know. >> that is always a good question. these players should tell the agent to work a deal but did not come out publicly. said ericka cheater, by-- derek jeeter
6:57 pm
>> and perhaps he is now on the better for publicly discussing his contract details. and he is caught with egg on his face. and everybody tonight could night, join us later [ female announcer ] safeway talks holiday favorites.
6:58 pm
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wow. i love the way she plated that roast. yeah. i said "plated." he's been watching too many cooking shows. mm-hmm. [ female announcer ] serve a main course brimming with comfort and joy. safeway. ingredients for life. it's time to take you deeper inside tonight's top story. i'm lara spencer. >> "the insider" is on. this is what happens, if you heard this -- >> oprah's mid-air scare in australia. >> was she left panicked on the top of this sydney harbor bridge? >> the helicopter runs out of gas. >> police say mark madoff committed suicide by hanging himself. >> the 46-year-old was found dead in his apartment. >> bernie madoff's son, suicide note, the body bag. >> and inside ruth madoff's rage today. >> i think mark was probably trying say, look what you've done to me. >> then sarah palin versus kate gosselin. >> sarah, this is where our likenesses end. >> the shotgun battle.


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