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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 14, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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you're watching kron 4 morning news on tuesday december 14th top stories ya who planning to lay off 700 employees will tell you why. >> holiday shipping is in full swing. >> and tsb will release a report on december no gas line explosion later this morning. >> weather and traffic this morning as of rain has begun. a live shot on van ness ave dark so you can see but we have the james lick shot a moment ago and it was raining good. >> you could actually see
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the rain on the golden gate bridge wet road ways a bit of wind scattered showers will continue through the morning hours by the afternoon we could see downpours that rain could pick up. there rain tapers off by this evening. here's a look at your radar showing what's going on quite a bit of wet weather in the north bay from san rosa southward through and that was well vacaville getting heavy downpours that this hour and also trimaran by 1 01 through the valley. in to san rafael also picking up rain as well. the along the peninsula the rain based isolated showers your san francisco and san mateo up bin to the east is well. oakland bringing us rain drops this hour. your current temperatures sitting in the '50s in most locations 54 san francisco, 55 oakland, 56 mount, as we take you through the next
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few hours will continue with this weather pattern but we could actually gather strength by the afternoon by 2:00 p.m. all the yellow shows us where you can see cells embedded with moderate downpours discontinues 3:00 hour by your evening commute the best chance of heavier rain in the south bay. then it looks like a better chance of actually seeing rain taper off by the evening. it 7 day around the bay of cool forecast for tomorrow and thursday as well dry partly cloudy conditions. keeping our eye on the weekend your friday through the week ended the beginning of next week. it looks like it could bring heavy rain strong winds, lots of snow in the sierra wet weather wet weather continues to next week. >> here looks like we dodged a bullet on 580 and westbound direction or the truck accident in the early morning hours that did manage to back up traffic towards to 05 and tracy but this beats have improved now
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that the accident has cleared. the rest of the traffic here looks good added to livermore yes there is some slowing but this beats have picked up dramatically. it looks as though we do not have any ongoing problem here. it is not as bad as start as the debt may have been. you're right to the bay bridge could expect to see things change within the next 25 minutes yesterday the meter lights were activated as early as 613. so far they have not been kicked off once they are you can see back up for the west bound bay bridge. what that they sometimes like to slow the meter flights down more which believe and not it is somewhat counter into words. the heavier does this lord acton and mugs and therefore you would think the less risk of accident. san mateo bridge commuters against 92 still not paid for the west bound ride but we should start to see increases
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within the next 10 minutes. you're right to the golden gate 1 01 southbound no problems here but that the room are part expressway on 1 01 south. there is a stalled truck blocking rain accounting for half mile back up on 1 01 south. >> the bay area unemployment rate over 10 percent now more layoffs to tell you about ya who is where we will start. they are laying off 700 employees as early as today. this according for a person familiar with the plans it represents 5 percent of the work force and will marking the fourth mass layoff of three years. this round expected to be concentrated in the products group. and the first nine months of this year the revenue growth growth has appeared compared to other companies such as cool and facebook. wells fargo says they are closing their wholesale mortgage lending
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in concord it will eliminate hundred 37 jobs the bank says it will help those losing jobs find positions other where if possible. >> sussex's processing a lot of packages for the holiday season in fact a huge rush today as a token the packages yesterday they deliver them today will tran live now at the fed ex in oakland. >> is not the north pole but it just as busy. this is something you don't see every day exclusive shops of the fed next building you can see them getting parcels off of the plane. i've learned from the time gets off the plane to your house probably 45 minutes. here is video was shot of this big hub 8 them a mile away from the shots they are born to
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process 250 boxes today this is a sign of the economy improving yesterday they ship more than 60 million boxes that's up 12% from last year. that's an all- time record with a lot of retailers offering free shipping and people just using fedex more and more. this place is so busy they have 1400 employees making this all happened. by the time it's over darya, if so christmas they will have shipped 223 boxes the seven set december 17th is the last day you can guarantee your shipment by ground will we each grandma's house after that you'll pay more. the cut off for express is december 23rd. they cannot give you a price on that because it depends on destination as well as whites they encourage people to go out
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>> so december 23rd you can get it there on time still. >> december 17th is a cut off for a ground shipments. >> 223,000 did you mean. >> i meant to hundred 23 million from thanksgiving to christmas eve. that's an all-time record. yesterday 16 million was an all-time record for this company that's been around for quite some time. quite a feat. >> other stories we are waiting for 10:00 a.m. it will release a new report on its investigation into the pipe line explosion that report will be posted on the agency's website a news conference will follow this september 9th them explosion killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. >> fall on wall street stocks actually turned
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positive here in the last couple minutes in reaction to news were received in our last update showing retail sales rose for five months air road. that is the strongest advance we have seen in two years. wholesale prices when you excludes food and energy road modestly wall street reacting positive to that futures all pointing up. we will see if they stay that way when the opening bell rings at 630 this morning. six 08 a.m. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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6 and of a.m. aunt think it'll and store that affects our 18th coverage of all weather and traffic. alive coming through the north bay into san francisco lead
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an update on whether or one of our big stories this morning were tracking several storms and moving through. let's go to one more solo reporters yoli watching conditions from the skies and roadways in iran. the looks nasty and by looking drives. >> we are attaching a small break their rain has lightened up lot. if intel the cars leave story behind them. it tends to paddle
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around here. it and say there is some standing water so be careful of your when you drive. >> day before the up de yoli. let's get the full forecast update. not just watching today but storms that could come in on the weekend. >> you can see why yoli was getting a break their isolated showers here and there at this point it looks like we are continuing to see showers moving through novato and over to fairfield also and the author, concord, heavier downpours as well as through san rafael light showers at this hour. down along the peninsula looks like a this point the heavier stuff is red with the epa, san mateo bridge into fremont. doublings, pleasanton a few drops this morning of been to the sierra it can see
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heavy rain here sitting along the peninsula and also snowfall aren't 80 and 58. we have a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 p.m. snow levels getting down to 4,500 ft. along 80, 50. 9-18 in. of snow by the time the storm passes. does the of to 15 mi. an hour. we will continue with spotty isolated showers throughout the morning hours gathering more strength by the afternoon. by 2:00 p.m. all this yellow here all the pockets of moderate to heavy downpours continuing drear afternoon event in early evening. early evening could bring heavy rain and the san jose. you're evening gives us the best chance of staying dry. 7 day around the bay by tomorrow, thursday catching a break cool out there with temperatures topping out upper 50s but by friday
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that's when the rain comes back again. we could pack a bit more of a punch with this storm lasting through the weekend heavy rain, heavy snow, heavy wind. when wendy through sunday and the beginning of next week. for looks of things they have kicked the meter and lights on at the toll plaza westbound. we see the beginning of a back up starting to form heading towards the upper deck of the bay bridge. yesterday was a meter and light back up the pushing back towards the macarthur maze we may see the stand again today. looking at your ride to the san mateo bridge an easy one here and somewhat lighter than usual traffic at least to these tired allies it looks like things are a bit lighter and westbound direction. doesn't seem to be as many cars as usual out there and no indication of problems at the interchange peter out of san leandro or heading out of union city. we still have problems for
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the north bay commute through ron apart were the expressway southbound a stalled track backed up traffic for three-quarters of a mile. you're right through san francisco let's pick up are james let him ride you can see volumes are building. coming from octavius street expressway and off the skyway more traffic now heading toward the peninsula. >> watching weather across the country hears the view from ohio. they had two major snowstorms and last weekend is not in the winter yet is stored on the 21st the mayor's says this is an ass the amount not something the residents are used to. >> the florida city is not used to it either if is a feeling like with winter there frigid temperatures were in florida this week as they have the unusual cold snap continuing a wind chill advisory is this place
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for orlando. it is 29 degrees right now. >> out of washington and the tax cuts the bill to extend the tax cuts has cleared the critical hurdle and may be approved as early as today if. shh they have for than the 16 votes needed it pass the preliminary test spokeshave sparking present at all, her to say it proves the two parties to work together. in the house democratic opposition could be easing house democrats plan to meet this evening to discuss the plan. >> the plan to sell off state buildings have been delayed the court of appeals have issued an order stating the sale of 11 stable office complexes to private investment group. the order means they can no longer move forward with plans to sell the properties that
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sale was one to close tomorrow. >> university will have jaques work longer as a board of regents approved a plan raising the minimum retirement age after july 1st from 50-to 55. the changes are needed to address $21 billion shortfall in the retiree pension program the university says they have to negotiate a new plan within its employees. >> san jose could be the largest county to ban disposable plastic bags. they will vote on the measure and also our retailers from giving away paper bags. retailers could charge customers for paper bags. it is to encourage people to use reusable bags. this ordinance would go into effect in your first of 2012. >> this mar meter
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controversy william devereaux he resigned last month after ending he used a phony name to monitor on- line discussion groups by activists opposed to the smart meters but despite pg&e claims he acted alone internal documents show the information was shared with employees at san francisco utility. a series of e analysis p japanese sent them to monitor a demonstration and october. we'll be back as the morning news continues after the break let's check in the bay bridge back up all ready to the end of luck.
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and they're expected talk about problems include new security and trade yesterday
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haiti dominated the meeting they said they wanted to work harder on the daunting problem including the call rob out bricks. >> and visiting their great bear wrote we before they head home to episodes of a bridge show was part of the susan appeared this is not costing up red dawn australian government picking up the check $5 million for the trip. >> golden globe is echoed your there up for best picture drama either opened or just opening this weekend in the bay area's a watch that that is what you might expect to see at the oscars this could be a good film spirit was check out the best picture musical
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comedy, hollis and wonderland, upper class, kids are all right, red, and the interest. >> will be back after the break. alive looked at walnut creek dark and wet this morning traffic moving smoothly. ♪electronic santa song ♪electronic santa song
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we are seconds away from the ringing of the opening bell on wall street stock futures did turn positive is to looks like we are positive for muted start. here's a live look from the floor of the new york stock exchange they're ready to rent that corporate news best by fell that is now $37
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a share in pre-market trading after they said the income fell more than expected. hear something from blackberry research in motion and amazon launched amazon m p three and you have the gives black very smart phone users to amazons the entire music catalog of 40 million songs for purchase or download. that is the latest. in any case a positive start but i don't off it's going to get high today. >> we want update weather conditions be free and out the door because we are seeing some heavy rain scattered but heavy. at the golden gate bridge we have seen net at and flow. it is slowing while roadway is wet and traffic is heavy for this time of morning near the golden gate bridge. you probably will leave earlier in these conditions. >> a shot from james like
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slick roads and it will continue as we head through the morning hours and into the afternoon in the afternoon occasional downpours may feel heavier than we we see this morning by the evening rain is expected to taper off overall the highs today getting up into the '60s is some more locations here's a look at storm tracker for we are seeing a change at this hour cadging a break in the north bay starting to notice showers pushing onshore get through the day the bay and the nest. pushing through petaluma all the way down to novato into san rafael. as we take it over to vacaville picking up raindrops and antioch as well and along the peninsula at this, and it looks like we are picking up showers through palo alto the dunbarton bridge, hayward, palo alto picking rain drops up. rain through redwood city budget started to taper off at this hour. over the livermore valley
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pockets of showers through dublin interchange we are getting rain as well. as we take it to the sierra heavier rain through the foothills snow fall around 80, 50 a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 p.m. current temperature in the 50s across the board and its release this weekend we're keeping our eye on today getting us warmed up for wet weather ha ahead. by friday the rain said then it will last for a good portion of the day sent for saturday. that heavy rain sunday, monday wet weather and windy weather continues as well. we have quite a bit of rain ahead of us. >> with george and my cohort in the traffic center we wanted all you about this problem and a potential hot spot in oakland northbound
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880 a market where the sap fast lane is blocked. it's not yet created a problem it could be a hazard if you're headed that way and if they don't get it cleared quick. we'll keep an eye on that see that turns into a problem or hot spot. from here to the bay bridge were we do have a back up already forming as a meter lights have been on for 10-15 minutes this pattern very much like yesterday emerging a meter and light back up no incidents on the span. lets had to rent for 1 01 ride the north bound ride at lucky drive this is a commuter drive for a 1 01 pass lucky. we usually see high standing water in this area you can see a fair amount of spray be kicked up so far this southbound ride is not slowed or delayed as you had pass is seen at this been good news. earlier problems 41 01 the redwood highway but this was in
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sonoma county and the northern portion of the ride this was that the road apart expressway a stalled truck blocked the lanes it should be cleared now but there could be some residual slowing for southbound 1 01 ride. >> 6:34 a.m. bad news to tell you about ya who is about to lay off about 700 employees the notices are going out as early as today. sources say the cutback represents 5 percent of the author whose work force. it will market the giants' fourth mass lay off in three years. this round of production is expected be concentrated in the u.s. products group. yahoos revenue growth has paled compared to other companies >> the stars were following fedex getting very busy as the russians on ship packages for christmas kron 4 as will tran gives us are rare look inside of the fedex facility in oakland. >> this place is so busy
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they have their own section at the oakland airport for their planes to land and go. the workers are here waiting for the next plane to land so they can take the packages off the planes put them on the tracks and on the way to your home. i learned this morning that process takes 45 unless that's all. we went inside the facility which is a huge warehouse it's about 1/8 of a mile from where we are located you to see all of the shipments on the conveyor belt. yesterday it was the busiest shipping day in texas history it was 16 million shipments yesterday up 12% from last year which was a record at that time. by the time it's over mark between thanksgiving and december 23rd. they will have shipped 223 boxes present and letters it will be on its way and also couple of days to keep in mind. december 17th is the last
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the consent something by ground which is cheaper and guaranteed to get to the home by the 23rd. if you wait longer it will cost you more on the 23rd it is the last date for express that will cost you more. that will guarantee the shipment on christmas eve. >> did you say 223 million packages? >> yes. between car thanksgiving and christmas eve. they say the fact that they're receiving more boxes than ever is an indicator that people are shopping particularly on line with a lot of retailers offering free shipping as we saw on cyber monday. >> they are an economic bellwether. >> the pipe line explosion at 10:00 a.m. just a few hours from now they will have our released on a new
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report from its investigation into the blast that report is going to be posted on the agency's web site and then there will be several news conferences following so we will bring you those live if possible and get you information as soon as it happens. >> we will be back as the news continues the bay bridge toll plaza back up towards the end of the lot.
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a lot of luck from blocks or to show you the traffic and not too bad. and is moving ok up a marin county but it is early for the north bay commute. leave extra time because you can see how what the road as you can see the rain intensifying at times. >> extradition hearing for jeffrey scott the man arrested in san francisco
6:41 am
friday connection with the kidnapping of 12 year-old brick basement. the girl was on harm to the mother who was her boyfriend was found dead home on december 6th. they consider her death, the boyfriend this suspect in the murder bridge is father meantime any smith was so happy he had trouble finding word after finding out his daughter was coming, in a conference he thanked the san francisco woman who spotted britain with the accused of dr. and called police. >> my hero. there's not anything then i could say.
6:42 am
to describe you the way my heart feels about. a simple thank you and god bless you. >> he says he wants to focus on what's ahead including help bay bridge may deal with a mother's death. >> wikileaks founders going to appear in court today he is fighting extradition for some crimes he's trying to secure bail after being held for weekend of british prison the australian was held by a judge at a hearing last week. he is wanted for questioning after two women accused him of sexual misconduct in sweden over the summer. >> we will be right back as a morning news continues.
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yah hoo preparing to lay off as many as 700 employees those notices could go out today 5% of the workforce.
6:46 am
>> joining us now to talk about the situation is run. so why hasn't come to this this is the third round of mass layoffs >> lay a hot young who lost its vision microsoft tried to buy the company they bought microsoft off and then finally got a ceo out of engineering that surprise had no idea how to run a company. a series of bad mistakes resulted and what is an unfortunate lay off at the worst time of year. >> ceo has been on your on for two years is she the layperson to turn this around? >> she is ranked as the most highly paid under performed see go. that's not an indicator of that she's the right person for the job. >> to see this as being
6:47 am
successful, their way to profitability or did they need to revamp their structure? >> andy says you can't cut yourself a out of a problem like this and he's absolutely right. this destroys the loyalty employes has and makes it harder in the following years. you can't treat people like machines and when you do they will step up and perform. i think this is attacked a column decision and a strategic goals mistake. >> is ya who accompanied that could stand on its own debt or does the need to merge? >> i think it lacks leadership and that means they need to bring it a new executive team or be torn apart by somebody who has the skill set and there's
6:48 am
two companies facebook, a well, and one of those could merge with or require the farm. >> it doesn't seem like that many years ago ya who was coming at gen fun. it seemed that the fund and what happened? >> that for la business they ran. when they look over and see somebody doing well and they think cuomo would be great to do that and they decided to chase kugel not realizing you can never be as good as somebody else in their own market. they gave up all the opportunity that they would of had which is a lot closer to where they were. in choosing google the missed opportunities. >> thanks for the inside as we wait for word on ya who. >> 6:48 a.m. traffic and weather. >> we a getting a break out
6:49 am
there in fact are shot from downtown in the july at this hour. we have been dealing with rain all morning you'll probably you sure when shall lepers as we head into the afternoon better chance of heavier downpours and then a big storm on the way by the weekend. you're later showings us we are winding down or catching a break right now in fact the north bay in the clear we've been seeing rain all morning and now we state see some raindrops pushing and also moving into the day the bay moving towards 1 01 interim rent. to the east of 80 we are seeing showers push east right now the raindrops we deal with along the peninsula san mateo and palo alto san jose as well every through fremont. in to the livermore valley we see rain drops as well and we will continue with wet whether for good portion of the day right now seen plenty of
6:50 am
snowfall in the sierra by 1:00 p.m. we could get close to a foot of all snow. about a foot of snow by 3:00 p.m. even more than a flood as we head towards the evening. by 11:00 p.m. we could get more than a foot of snow in the sierra. more in the weekend winter storm morning until 10:00 p.m. snow levels getting down to 2,500 ft.. 9-18 in. of feet and winds getting up to 40 mi. an hour. future cast 4 shows us as a little showers through the next couple of hours not until the afternoon the storm gathers strength bring more rain from the north bay southport all this area of yellow and orange indicates moderate to heavy downpours through the afternoon your 2:00 p.m. hour by the evening a good chance of getting heavy downpours down in three san jose and then it looks like we will clear it up as we head towards evening. you're 7 day around the bay tomorrow thursday we
6:51 am
could catch a break partly cloudy. friday the wet weather comes and a series of storms making himself known to the weekend in fact we could see heavy rain through the weekend into your sunday, monday, strong when the assault. 6:51 a.m. check gone to meet with george. >> we had a hot spot there was an accident in green bell it cleared quickly before things had the chance to back up. it is sluggish through altamont and there is some slow traffic getting into ever more but the rest of the ride actually not too bad. typical morning for 580 commute a little slower for 680 south but it is only a short stretch between dublin and pleasanton. the south bay freeway looks good right now i will zoom out and lookit this to 80 ride north found no real slowing yet through the downtown area or out towards west valley that looks good. 101 no. the only
6:52 am
slow traffic is between the freeways and that is between 80 and the 28680 chanter interchange. let's pick up a camera in san jose 1 01 north this is leading towards trouble occurs and is sluggish there but no major problems yet. you're led to the golden gate bridge 1 01 south looks good coming from our accounting no problems to report for the ride in san rafael alway down to the bridge. from novato into san rafael for the south on a stretch of northern marin ride. >> 6:52 a.m. we will be back with more in just one moment alive look at the back up awaiting new to join the bay bridge toll plaza. will be right back.
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time now 657 will be back with more than a couple minutes a look at the bay alive shot of the bay bridge you concede there is a way stretching pass the parking lot. not huge puddles but it is wet at the bay bridge. we will be right back. [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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good morning in one minute before 7:00 a.m. ya who is about to lay off 700 employees will tell you why. >> this morning up preliminary report on the san bruno, the gas line explosion. >> rain falling around the bay tracking the storm with lisa.


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