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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  December 14, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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the last time near the city of san francisco making unanimous vote, but still by unanimous vote of 11-0 the city supervisors have approved the bid for the america's cup. in about a half-hour from now on inside city hall the mayor is going to sign the resolution at a news conference. this as he mentioned was the one step closer to hosting the america's cup. this would take place in 2013, as you know the negotiations have been going on even as late as last night. the city has changed the plan a little bit when the race facilities to the northeastern waterfront from the central waterfront did in going back and forth with larry ellison's team they're the ones who won the last race. they get to pick or the next one is going to be. everybody wants it so it's in everybody's best interests. this is convinced the plan they have on the table that the mayor will be signing, is in their best interest they say the city will not only break-even will make money in the deal was bring in all this
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prestige of the america's cup does bring to a city. mayor set to sign the proposal then it is shipped off to larry ellison's bmw racing team, and then it is matched up against the other areas that are bidding for this and then san francisco will simply have to wait and see if ellison think this is a good bit as they do. the latest reporting live and services the city of the anchorman kron 4 news. >> the man suspected of kidnapping 120 pretty smith in virginia and bringing her here in san francisco before being apprehended, was in court today for his extradition hearing. jeffrey easily is expected to be in virginia within the next 48 hours. he will face charges of kidnapping and credit card fraud. he also remains a suspect in the murder of parties mother who was found dead last week in roanoke. the woman who recognize pretty smith and her kidnapper from a television news report is to resell. she is a severed his good
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native who live near that safeway where she spotted the two. she said she saw the report of thursday and then saw the girl and her kidnapper the grocery store on friday. she spoke to kron 4 dave. >> it was her brown eyes and it was her aunt that i saw first i was asking for the return of brittany to bury her mom and be there for christmas. i forgot dog food and decided to hit the safeway on 48 that the which i rarely go to. as i drove in i saw a man's with the young child. my intuition is that something's wrong. as i walked up to them pretty captor eyes on asian ever lost she met dr. head but her eyes state of mind. i couldn't reach her, i knew
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the hair on my arm stood i knew some things wrong. i did want to speak to work because she was someone that was taken i didn't want a tip him off and then they leave. someone inside the nest a clerk to dial hurt the local police which was richmond's station this book to the police officer and said it's the and croat side with the white male it just doesn't seem right to me. she had the same brown eyes as the crop from virginia. m was there instantly it was amazing. what came out to he was in the police car she was speaking with the police officers. >> was it your maternal instincts kicked in? >> yes because you do have that mother think that something's not right. i just went by the hair on my arms are a few people have done that to me and she did. if this is what the lottery
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feels like i would love to win the lottery. just that a child of one child was saved. maybe after this more more people will start looking at children and listen to their instincts. if the situation doesn't seem ready to call police officer, the worst that will happen is the officers say banks now that the child is safe. this a big part of my to my daughter's life for the rest of our lives. >> she said she wants to invite them to san francisco to show them the city in a proper way. >> areas of heavy rain pushing for the bay area at this hour right in time for the evening commute. let's take a look at where the heaviest rain is. the state this fall there is right there in the peninsula you see the yellow on your screen he also the coastline, and east bay. and some rainfall totals are processed. san mateo was getting a good over the past couple of hours, san carlos
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getting a quarter of an inch of our, palo alto getting heavy rain, half moon bay getting a quarter of an inch of rain in hour. it's a little later in hayward about a 10th of an inch an hour at this hour. if we see areas of heavy rain push into the peninsula and the state over the next hour or so. so right smack dab in the middle the to be a. what's been pushing for you notice we have dryer conditions earlier this afternoon and out of widespread rain falls through the bay area. the north bay not getting as bad as san francisco. forcing a decent amount of snow in this year rate now you conceal the blue there and your screen. that snow fall the continue over night and bring about 6 in. of snow below 7,000 ft.. but the winter weather advisory effect also winter storm warning and that's 6 in. of snow below 7,000 ft.. as for the rifle with dancing here, it's picking up in intensity in places like oakland about a third of an
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interest there right now. santa rosa hasn't changed little over a quarter of an enchanting in mill valley. nearly a quarter of an engine that bought san francisco in concord are picking up steam its the right over us now. will talk more about the rain fall, plus as we get a big star said pushed wrote will talk about that in just a bit. caltrans is going to install four gigantic pieces on to the bay bridge. these include tower sections as well as roadway our round- the-clock work to install the components will begin this thursday and if all goes well it should be finished by christmas eve. the work will not require caltrans shut down the bridge as it that as happened when other projects happen. >> there's nothing going on with the existing railway it will be the same commute. obviously though, will be lifting this thing over 300 ft. in the air will be visible. the previous that we've done as getting information out early to voters has insured we haven't had too much a
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problem with traffic on the stand. >> caltrans expects to the pieces to arrive earlier but the project manager said it action works out for the better because traffic on the bridge is lighter during the holiday season. the new bridge should be completed by 2013. does it look outside at traffic right now on this tuesday. this is in san jose the headlights' on highway 1 01 or southbound traffic is medium to have the southbound right now. seems very light on the northbound side. we'll be right back. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done?
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nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible. google is focusing on personalization with the habit of its android voice recognition software. kimberly tells us how it works. >> making voice recognition software were corrected is hard. all the times that your man or woman everyone has a slightly different accent. google is working to improve that. take a listen.
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the museum of science. >> as you can see how works you say something, you're searching for something and that it listens to your voice and no bring something up for you. who is working on a tool they just launched a that will literally trained the google voice recognition to work better with your personal voice. it the way you have reformation, your speech at let it slowly but surely the voice recognition software will recognize your particular voice and work better each time he said. read out the new software is only available for android headsets running on and try to 0.2 or 2.3. stay with us will be right back after this break.
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this is in china last night, it's an 8 story building and witnesses say they heard explosion, investigators believe that a container of natural gas may have caught fire. riots
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erupted in the streets of italy today after the prime minister survived and the parliament and tend to get him out of office. he survived two no-confidence votes. his time in office has been marked by sex scandals and corruption charges. critics call in the destruction to the country during tough economic times. today lawmakers refused to pull out and angry protesters. >> a live look at side from a roof cam overcast skies over san francisco at this hour, were seeing right for most of the bay area. if a look on storm tracker 4 radar, cells of the golden gate at this hour, north bay is in the clear. a steady stream of areas of heavy rainfall indicated by the yellow on your screen. the rainfall lights in the yellow, according to an inch an hour or so really coming down. especially redwood city, palo walter right now coming over the hump and heading down toward those areas. also streaming into
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the east bay, hayward rescind heavier rainfall and now it's a little lighter and pushing it through pleasanton, livermore here in the next 20 minutes. taking you wide picture of what's been going on we have drier conditions earlier before the base of question. it brought as widespread rainfall for most of bay area. were also seeing stop in the sierra, expecting up to a foot of snow by 7,000 ft. this evening as the storm pushes through. with a steady stream of moisture sitting off shore. i don't see the showers debris off for several hours into the overnight hours and likely more, are. here's a look at night into tomorrow. this evening continuing rainfall, temperatures will stay in the '50s as the rain since overhead. depending on how quickly this clears up, we could see areas of fog that there tomorrow morning, in places like fairfield, our inland valleys, pleasanton, livermore it could approach to the fog tomorrow morning. depends on how much clearer will see. is to disguise their wrote later this
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evening and in the inland valleys of to the fog tomorrow morning. it to the afternoon, cloudy and cool conditions temperatures in the '50s. it will be called for the next couple days become this weekend, were going to get hit with the blast of rain. take a look at this on future cast. what rain start on friday, saturday look at the intensity of this rain over the bay area and also through most of california. the a lot more generous green indicating widespread moderate to heavy rainfall. this will continue intensify into saturday. but mr. the malcolms it's gunna get a healthy dose of snow over the weekend. if you're planning on having a tall you ought to be careful and may even put it off because some of this year that the rain will continue into sunday morning. the snow and the higher elevations very intense. sunday law will still see rain but notice forcing a steady stream of moisture again headed right for the bay area. its tapping into this tropical moisture that's what's making the rain so intense into monday, you will notice widespread heavy rain at
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enter the bay area. this is a long way to computer models with his heavy it rain is landing section shut down in the bay area as vehicles to the actual storm. who could oppose it as it gets closer. heavy rainfall for northern california. if your travel expense stay tuned to these details. over the next couple days and will be called thursday morning, come trotted the returns. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday will see a series winds. saturday and sunday look especially impressive. several inches of rainfall in total by this is time it's all 700 >> time now for tech talk with gabe slate. >> this holiday season top computers are hot, add in a cricket spot expense of bonds. when you began your options entry at it the best deal. yet that was the first have to come out and is still the most popular. it works really well. an entry-
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level i pad is $500 but here's a hot tip on apple's website their offering certified warranty to refurbished 16 gay guy passed for 4 $29. one other thing about the ad had it is expected that apple will release a new one next year as early as march or as late as june just a you know in case you ought to wait. the next at its tablet is the samsung galaxy captured it runs on android it is smaller than the i pad about half the size, so easier cold and carry around. it features to cameras one on the back of one of a friend for video chatting. i like this one was like using a giant entered smart phone is basically i pad is google version. the tax costs $600 if you sign up for the two- year 3 d service planned unit for $4. here's a hot tip british act is offering it for $50 less than other retailers. you can buy it there for 529 or 3 and $49 with the to your data plan. lastly the dow's strength
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tablets the only topping it so far that's also fall. it will smaller than the ad after galaxy, it's a 5 in. tablet so even easier to carry around but it lacks the screen size for watching videos that the i pad in galaxy offer. it runs and the android operating system, the self all part is offered by at&t i made some vocals with it works fine. at the galaxy to have it hasn't worked and front facing cam of the del street is $3 and then you have to pay for the at&t's offer plan. check this out right now you can get an incredible deal on the street on best buys website. the other offer it for $99 with free shipping. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> tuesday traffic, the san francisco the commute here you can see the ground is wet, the cars are still moving well. at the top of your screen moving toward the lower deck of the bay bridge, that is at a standstill right now. traffic on 101 at the bottom of your screen, moving relatively well. we'll be right back.
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the social network has received critical acclaim knots from the association of when the year's top from us. the entire social experience of college. black swan, the fighter, inception and the king's speech. natalie portman and nicole kidman are up for best actress and a drum up. jeffrey eisenberg, calling for the mark walberg are among the nominees for best actor. johnny depp is up against himself in the category of best actor in a comedy or musical for his roles in alice-in- wonderland both movies were also nominated for best comedy. on the tv side some familiar names are back. at last year's best drama that man has made it again. along with dexter, the good wife,
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amc the walking dead and hbo's empire. last year's winner in the comedy or musical category believe is back for an encore accept against 30 rock, big bang theory, the big see enders' jackie carey had held the ball went to call the statue for best actor in a comedy last year. it begins to believe that you or send an emmy winner jim parsons from the big bang theory. british comedian bert will keep your base is coming back he's returning to host the show which airs next month. >> today facebook released its list of top status trends for the year. a kimberly tells us what it on to the less. >> a couple the middle less were expected but there are couple that were a little surprising. no. 10 was 2011 seems like people are looking in the future, number nine airplanes things to songs by gop and number
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eight was minors people were really glued to the news after those 33 chilean miners were trapped underground for 69 days. seven more games at facebook, six was just an bieber. no. 5 kate, for i pad and i phone, #three movies dominated the conversation, number two world cup when the four games for started they landed 1.5 million mansions and a paisley during the game up to half of all status update for focused on soccer. no. what you might be wondering what age and you wallet's web blanco for hit me up. >> tonight at 5:00 a soldier killed, a deadly weekend in afghanistan, six soldiers killed what the bay area native. tonight is grandparents' speak out. it's like something of a movie at a major loss vegas casino robbed. at the criminal gets away with millions. great gadgets, on holidays series continues tonight and look at your
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kron 4 kate thompson shows us what economic analysts expect for the u.s. economy heading into the new year. >> the delta added to your high today. finishing the day at 11,00476 things to a rally this morning due to better than


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