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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 15, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> skin morning 4:00 a.m. on the kron 4 morning is, when the morning, do the week. if history wet, rain overnight, let's see what the weather has in store good morning louisa. >> to morning james. , after weather, we bring in the fall. full little bit of dense fog. alden and a lot not in bad, staying cool, dry, the wet weather moves in towards the end of the week. all little bit of all but the often in will be cool and dry. we bring in the wet weather towards friday. visibility, this area of orange, that action
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shows is the visibility is less than 1 mi.. from response, novato is seeing visibility less than a quarter of a mile. current temperatures are shrill little bit cooler than they have been, for reasons 50s. no. they come the low forties for santa rosa, napa, said it, mountain view 49 degrees, 50s and marseille 48 livermore. satellite or radar sharing your words going on clark air route there but by the end of the week we have a series of storms systems pushing through something quite a bit of moisture heavy rain in wind come this weekend. afternoon highs, we will tap out in the '50s. 57 san francisco, nev., napa
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and fairfield. temperatures reach 60 degrees in our view. 58 crown view and morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show as we head towards the end of the week bring in that kids of heavy rain on sunday, but this will looks like it could be the wettest and heaviest rain sunday, wet, windy weather continues and the beginning of next week for 02 a.m. here calcareous be good morning, no problems to report traffic is still light, westbound 80 the approach to the bay bridge just a couple of cars headed westbound. the ride is good for all approaches. once again to pay kids how to rate meter and lights are off. san mateo, westbound, east bound 92 no problems to report still lots of space between cars, no rooms getting to the bridge, now back at the toll
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plaza headed during southbound 101 to the golden gate bridge, a couple of cars around road south mountain to san francisco, headlights moving at the limit, nev. but city limit 23 minutes. albert e. short freeway, traffic is moving to albany. not really too many cars making their way to the s curve. no problems to as you cross golden gate fields. james. >> to you righ thank you, we win with a story out of walnut creek where police are investigating a hit-and-run accident injured or cilantr 40 5:00 a.m. a person at 12:45 pmam. another developing story, the senate will hold a final vote
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today on president barack obama is planned to cut taxes for everyone in to extend jobless benefits they expected to pass. it will then go on the house words expected to meet stiffer opposition from democrats. they believe the present give away too much. they're buying to make changes. speaking of the president, and meeting with 20 top ceos to talk about perking up the economy, he will meet with them, some from the bay area. they will hodge about, the president wants the private sector to use its record profits increase employment. the ceos include obama backers and members of the advisory boards. quick check on the latest of wall street stocks are down-start to the trading day, barely a this morning spain's credit rating may be downright graded because of credit
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woes. the federal report on inflation, at the retail level, the latest figures on industrial production. best buy agrees to buy three and $99,000 rebate $399,000 to settle a connecticut lawsuit accusing them of deceiving customers and over charging them. new details, school closures are living in mount diablo. budget cuts have left them $1.5 million in the whole as rob flood about reports schools are going to close, people are right to lose their jobs, some parents say they will pull their children at the district. >> or speaking against the school ordure, >> trusties are facing tough questions from parents and others there are going to have to cut costs that would mean closing or
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consolidating several schools. a closure committee is studying nine different scenarios. >> there would be a process for how we would determine which students were aware what stockwell where and how we would make this transition process. it could also mean layoffs, that has sparked angry protests. >> the close four schools not only will they lose the office managers, secretaries, they will lose the custodians. some are threatening to pull their kids out of the district if they're forced to change schools. >> it's ridiculous, let's be accountable for you guys are spending i'm tired of driving into the district saying benz, bmw is our work in a closed his goals. sneak final recommendation to the board sometime next
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month. >> mayor gavin newsom will sign a resolution today adopting the host city agreement for the america's cup, expected to bring thousands of jobs, jonathan bloom experience what it's and it's as there is doing to win over organizers. >> sentences there is government has done something or the ever does agreed on something unanimously. the borders are rises in the mayor however agreed on a bid to host the america's cup. they're competing with other locations all around the world the mayor says sentences cause an unfinished because its waterfront is the part of trees to watch. they would give substantial things up to the organizers including long-term leases on the piers. in a row for them to build the infrastructure needed to watch the race. they could find out by december 31st if it will be the site. >> meanwhile oakland is
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moving forward on a possible no, for the athletics. they voted 3-1, spending up to $50,000 to conduct an environmental impact study. the vote on the measure next tuesday night the proposed site is a few blocks to the south of jack london square and is called a victory square. the giants world series trophy is on display today at city hall, it will be on display in the south lake coeur from one-3:00. the giants say they will be making a major announcement about the trophy prior to going on display will have to wait and see what there will be announcing. we will take a break, let's go outside a quick look this morning as we go, james lick freeway traffic is moving well. we will be right back..
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in the air back here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. this the break in the lane if you anything to do this the best they. temperatures in the '50s cooling off and to friday's crowds roll in, rain comes back heavy on saturday looks like the chance of rain will pass the weekend keep it here and we will keep you updated. earthquake, the u.s. geological survey is running a 2.4 which is the area 2 mi. north. it was located east of coverdale. 24 earthquakes of to or larger have occurred around the geysers with three of those occurring in long past 24 hours. other new details about horrible accident that took place about barbara. 18 months old or over the lighter the weekend after falling into the lobby
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fountain last week the boy's family was there taking pictures when the child witnessing for 15 minutes. yesterday the nine are on call was released. >> hello 911 emergency? i lost my son 1/2 years world i'm at the hyatt regency in the embarcadero are hereby to maneuver. >> we will send someone out there, how old is he? >> 1.5. >> we're taking pictures of the tree now i can find them. >> to you can talk to me was going on. >> we can find anywhere. >> and this is 991. >> and crushed red >> yes. speaking it is not
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clear exactly how long the boy was in the water cpr russian to the hospital where he was placed on life- support he did not survive. to other callers alerted by an and when no one reported seeing him fall into the water. >> the 14 year-old boy who attacked a 13 year-old girl and her baby brother in her home at your the not guilty plea. cullis server on test will be charged as an adult for raping and stabbing and grow more than 30 times. he's accused of stabbing her 18 year-old brother walt times the boer war to rate years after hearing a list of 15 charges he faces including attempted murder, sexual assault and numerous other charges. the ntsb released updated findings on
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the gas line explosion. investigators say the pipeline should no signs of corrosion and was not dented or leaking but the report did confirm that it was riddled with a rope while that seems which contradicts piccinni's that the pilot was seamless. the company did not explain why did not disclosed it was halted. they still have not determined what caused it to rupture. >> we will take a break, let's go outside give it a quick look this morning traffic is light.
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a lot of them stuck on the side of the road. here is a look at, uh, 50 ski run. a whole lot more snow is headed our way. louisa is tracking it. >> awful lot is probably an understatement we are expecting to see it really start to pile up a shot this morning of the bay bridge, clear, dealing with some fog this morning especially up and to the north bay visibility is pretty low in some spots. cool, dry for this afternoon partly cloudy. by the evening the fog rolls back in again. right now visibility's are actually down to about 1/4 mile. this area in on shows as were the visibility's are less than about 1 mi..
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novato visibility less than a quarter, half mile in your napa at this turn our. temperatures and the cool side. in the 40's. 43 santa rosa, napa. livermore temperatures in the upper '40's. satellite, radar their share of the rain pushing down into the south leaving us with some cloud cover. it is really the weekend were expecting a system to roll on through tapping into a lot of moisture it will continue and for area friday, saturday, sunday. this will be a significant storm bring us a lot of wet weather, strong winds. today, to new highs 58 center rosa, 57 novato, fairfield, said big, temperatures in the upper 50s this is like san jose, 57 your hayward in livermore. here is a look at
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your 7 day around the bay. partly cloudy the next couple of days, your brother or do anything you need to get done outdoors today or tomorrow, friday we have a string of what weather that last friday, has become a heavy rain. at this point it looks to be the heaviest rain, sunday wet and windy weather. it continues reed and your monday, tuesday the first day of winter weather certainly plays its part. >> for those of you having at the door you will run in the slow and traffic moving. quick lead looking at your bridges, westbound 80 those cars are streaming down by. henning towards the placates. pretty easy conditions as to make free up the incline and ask for it. san mateo, a good alternative, no problems to report, easy conditions in
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both directions. taillights in both directions moving their way to foster city. bright lights on the left have defended their word and no qualms getting to the bridge on 80 or 101 no back up at the toll plaza. golden gate bridge, nice, light no cars within camera shot very easy conditions across the span, i just check route centers well above 50 mi. per hour. quick cooking a trend of san francisco, across town, no problems to report very few had lights are heading towards the peninsula. 101-80 that ride is under 15 minutes. east bound to the lower deck is a problem for commute. james. >> thank you, national news a horrifying scene caught on video at a school board meeting in panama city florida. a gunman pulled out a weapon started shooting at or members from a few feet
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away amazingly no one was hit. we have the video, just a quick warning some of you might find it disturbing. >> this is a problem. please don't. please don't. please don't. >> heart stopping moments from the members in panama city tuesday amazingly no one was hurt except the gunmen, 56 your clay duke he died after shooting himself. in the moments leading up to the shooting news cameras were rolling as they normally do, do stood up and predicted a red circle and tv and told everyone except six borrowers to get out. speaking you can leave. you can leave. >> moments later a board member tried to knock the gun out of its and with her purse or the upper stop.
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>> the person your driver reason recounted the terrifying our dear. when he turned around and then again you could see in his eyes, he just had that look, you knew that he had something in mind that he was right to do. >> authorities now try to determine what caused clade duke to go on a shooting spree which ended with his own death. >> meanwhile but here in california detectives are investigating a shooting that killed the woman, a mother, she was with her toddler, injured five others. it happened at the fly cut and styles barbershopper. two men rushing in, opened fire, to people inside fired back, the gunfire still dent in the parking lot that's went straight bullet hit a woman the mother was letting her
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to europe into a car seat she was killed. they believe that one of the victims will turner to be the suspects. >> the suspects killed by vallejo police has been identified. a 35 year-old man was shot and least once saturday after running into an alley and then returning malden again. officers responding to reports of him showing a firm to teenagers. of which will schedule tonight.fourth we can n francisco board of supervisors agreed not to make nominations for an interim mayor to replace lieutenant governor of a checked newsom. he's expected to leave his post on january 3rd though he is allowed for the possibility of delaying his inauguration
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to allow the export of supervisors to make a selection. they also gave final approval of an ordnance to require city residents be hired firmness pole construction projects it will require 20% local hiring in the first year increasing by 5 percent each year to 50%. the sponsor of the legislation has a call to the new deal for san francisco that will bring more jobs to economically pressed the neighborhoods. san jose has become the largest california city to bands that disposable plastic pigs. last night approved a proposal to ban single use plastic pigs and are retailers from giving away paper ones. taking charge for cut paper did it to encourage the use of their reusable sachs. schedule to go in effect jennifers of 2012. we have another live shot, a look
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its differences, drive for now policy dry until tomorrow, strict credit storm system headed our way for friday, saturday, sunday. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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and we're back, click bridge check bay bridge approach, was studied here looking pretty good, just a handful of headlights same story for salmon tell, light traffic and 92 and about directions. to me
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directions from the ss and 101 as you can see might be different right way it is easy to get around. not bad for this hour. >> world headlines, the suicide bombing near a mosque in seven chiron has killed dozens. the attacker struck outside the mosque in a city near the border. dozens more injured, officials say a wooden boat near the island was carrying 70 asylum seekers when it smashed apart. the 27 bodies have been discovered, 41 survivors bart from the seas one person has been
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needed to shore. it was a people smugglers' boats, it is not clear where there were from. south koreans have called under shelters during the biggest evacuation drill today's exercise comes after the attack killing twos civilians. on to 12 million people were expected to join the training during the drill. such a transfer of rask to evacuate well as dozens jetfighters simulated air strikes. tensions getting a bit high. new details regarding julian has gone he will spend the least one more night in a british prison cell. and they appeal against a judge's. he ordered him released on three and a dozen dollars bail prosecutor's challenge
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that this thing yet to be held in custody to the outcome, the man has spent one week in prison following his surrender to police over swedish sex crime warrants. he denied wrongdoing but has refused to surrender to sweden's request to extradite. >> democrats are making their final push for approval of an arms control treaty with russia. time is not on their side democrats are looking to begin debate on the new start treaty proponents say it's a sideshow because of the expressions to russia. opponents say it would limit options and say it's insufficient procedures to verify the entrance to the treaty. >another break, much more
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strict had your latest overnight headlines + weather forecast changing one today probably it dry and unclear. it will be the case at the end of the week. warner minute.more in note minu.
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in may at bat, a live look from our roof camera lets get the latest, we have quite a story, louisa. speaking big changes by the end of the week. get ready for a series of storms bring is wet weather, strong winds. but for today,,, dry. a few cut to the pitcher in morning fog up to the north bay. by the afternoon and stay cool, least we're dry major storm heading our way
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by the weekend. perini is considerable amount of rainfall. the visibility try give me an idea where the problems are a quarter mile novato, 101 stretching from petaluma towards the golden gate bridge some patches of fog. into vallejo as well. on the cool side, a clue that we were yesterday low for is for santa rosa napa. also down and to mountain view 50 for san jose, 51 in san francisco. temperatures into the 50s. 57 richmond, santa rosa. 56 novato and napa. again as james mentioned is the weekend there we're keeping our eye on and thought the end of the week, by your friday some spring goes into the
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early morning hours, lunchtime will actually see the intensity picked up as we head into the evening all of this yellow shows moderate downpour's the really pick up as we head into friday evening, saturday a fairly large storm expected to stay heavy. all of this yellow shares as the heavier down or, keep around for much of the date in towards your afternoon. we could even see the intensity picked up by the afternoon into the evening. saturday brings a strong rain, heavy winds, continue to see rain into our sunday as well. what it shows this is a catcher rick for the next couple of days, friday wet weather, heavy rains saturday, wet and windy to the end of the weekend. into the beginning of next week. next week, a
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string of what days as well. opprobrious considering tuesday as the first official day of winter. >> the benefit of waking up this early is easy conditions on the roadways. no problems to headed to the bay bridge westbound 80. just a few cars on the road, all lanes are open along the upper deck, meeting lights off. san mateo, same story, no qualms to report in either direction. nice, like conditions of the directions of '92. no proms getting to the bridge. same for clothing kate, golden gate, heading into the city no problems. novato to city limits in 23 minutes. highway 37 to the east bay short a minute trip. bypass bay area traffic headed north to the sierra keep those genes handy because you will need them for interstate 80. also for
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highway 50, highway 88 from do job to look for it. james. >> thank you, news story police some walnut creek investigating a hit and run the injured person. -12:45 pm just said about right here road. it was first reported as a vehicle sideways, no word on the extent of the injuries we do understand that police did up arrest one person on suspicion of driving under the influence. the senate will hold the bat and a vote today on the plan to cut taxes for everyone. most insiders expected to pass. it will then go on to the house where is expected to meet stiffer opposition they see the president give away too much. they're battling to make changes. the stock futures are down setting up to a negative start for the
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trading day early this morning we had spain in forms that its credit rating may be downgraded because of debt problems that drag down the european markets were seeing the same effect here. federal government reports on inflation at the retail level the latest figures on industrial production lower news, agrees to pay three and a $99,000 to settle a lawsuit that accused them of deceiving customers and overcharging. >> a bill moving toward approval of the senate would increase by 60 days the amount of time to determine as to do environmental and safety reviews of offshore drilling projects it would extend the review. from 30- 90 days. they say an extension is needed to ensure rogers are adequately reviewed. starting today a amtrak passengers will be allowed to register firearms
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for travel. they must call to register their weapons 24 hours before traveling, the guns must be unloaded in lofton and improve container all indigenous be securely pact in the original container as well. that's new. school closures are looming and mount diablo, state budget cuts have left the district with one or $5 million shortfall. the district says it will have to cut losses, the only closing or consolidating several schools a committee is sending nine different scenarios. there would also mean layoffs, the committee will make its recommendations next month. stanford's as communism was signed a resolution adopted home city agreement for the 34th america's cup expected to bring in thousands of jobs. jonathan bloom explains what animal they're
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rarely happens san francisco local government has agreed on something unanimously. that something is a bid to host the america's cup the biggest race. >> we do not believe there is a better city for racing in the world. >> standing together with the board of supervisors to rear a hazardous and a but. newsom signature cut them in the competition for the race with other cities like run, spain, valencia totals to the next race. there's something missing, spectators. >> wonderful place but it was 4 mi. off the coast. you couldn't see it. in san francisco you can't miss it. they were 4 mi. off kobe 40- 50 ft. of our short. will
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you have christie field, for mason, golden gate bridge, >> to the scenery and the strong winds make san francisco a natural fit, for the final decision rests with the team won the last race. they did not like the last proposal which senator appears your at&t park. the new plan would moving north to fisherman's wharf it would cost the city millions but the america's cup could have over $1 billion and thousands of jobs and to the economy that is good news matter what side of the island you're on. >> thank you, everyone on starboard and courtside of supervisors. >> mayor newsom says the city will know by december 31st whether or not it will be the house, although the board of supervisors and the mayor are still detained already after that the mayor says he's, less people in charge will carry out the promises. >> the sitting together at
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the board of supervisors to frequently opposed him mayor newsom or + 8 aggressive bid. take a listen. >> of a war and had more back coming up in a bid. moving on, oakland is moving forward on a possible new home for the athletics. the economic development committee who voted 3-1 to approve spending a disordered $50,000 to conduct an environmental impact study. along the city's waterfront. the vote on the measure next tuesday night, the proposed site for that 39,000 seat stadium is said of jack london square at victory square. the world series giant their trophy will be on display ads san this is city hall. in will be on display in the seventh quarter from one-3:00.
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they'll make an announcement prior to going on display. we'll take another break,, and a live shot from our east a camera in albany headlights' headed westbound interstate-80 just before golden gate fields. traffic moving goods. we'll be right back.
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andrea back here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today, to mock probably the mildest of the next seven we have some sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s come friday the rain is back, it gets heavy on saturday with temperatures dipping a bid on friday at the mid '50s warming up slightly on saturday. with that is all that rain which will stick around sunday, monday,
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tuesday just a white stretch ahead. world headlines people in the u.s. need to fly to haiti i've cleared for take up. american airlines has resumed its schedule of your series of cancellations since last wednesday. american began operating on a full schedule with four flights in south florida and one for new york. flights were grounded when demonstrators took to the seeds of the capital protesting last month's elections. crises' tried to cope with another strike over freshly approved a labor force. greece, though it is work stoppage has grounded flights and disrupted hospital and transport services. security is tight in athens where to demonstrations have been plans. you may remember the purchase in may that killed three people inside a bank torched by writing demonstrators. today's is the seventh organized this year by unions appalled at the way the prostrate
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members and diplomatic their worst financial crisis since world war two. the labor department is adding one dozen countries to the list of nations use of forced labor. global economic crisis could cause an upswing in the exploitation of children and other workers. products involved coffee, sapphires, the latest series of reports include hundred and 27 different reports were forcibly or child labor or use. the total number of child laborers fell by about 3%. the rate of decline has slowed. the west african neighbors friction of donna has began pumping oil for the first time in his become the world's latest or a producer pumping crude for the first time in the gulf
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of donna. the president of gonna broadcast live off the coast. but here in california governor let jerry brown has warned educational leaders to be prepared when he unveils his 2011-2012 budget proposal. he gave no specifics but said the fiscal crisis is worse than he thought. this attendant asked him to avoid further cuts to education and religion to spread those cuts more evenly across the agencies. new report will serve the number of school teachers has reached a decade low is getting less attractive. the report shows that they have boosted classifieds, interfered red teacher training and reduce support from kron4 as a nurse's aides. the number of
4:44 am
teachers is just under 300,000 that is the lowest number in decades. they have formalized an arrangement to use nasa technology to manage wildfire disasters five-year deal between nasa's research center did the department of forestry. the scanner gathers real time wildfire imaging data over a large scale disasters in the west and relays it to managers by satellite. tool, we will see how play zero. we will take a break, another live picture upside, will have their side to the golden gate bridge traffic in and out is moving well. no word of any promise or marin county we will be right back..
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in the eye back, the university of minnesota is preparing to host an nfl game wednesday night. the
4:46 am
metrodome is still unavailable after the implantable roof collapsed. here you see some of that cleanup case said yesterday the damage to the ceiling was worse than they thought the vikings were forced to play in detroit on monday because of the damage to the metrodome reports say they lost 4 1/2 million dollars and traffic revenue as a result. michigan couple concord story to tell about the birth of their baby boy the blizzard that blasted much of the nation kept them from reaching the hospital in time so their son was born in the car on the side of the red in the middle of a blood search. the mother doesn't remember there were other so much she just drew murmurs the pain the most discomfiting moment was when paramedics arrived, the paramedics did an amazing job and everyone was brought home and doing well. back here in the bay we're dealing with not this note,
4:47 am
for today will be nice, it is the rain towards the weekend there will be a problem for a lot of folks. louisa. >> as winter approaches serve as the weather coming is a shot of the golden gate bridge, as we head north is- a credit of morning fog socked in their novato. afternoon, expecting cool weather but dry. fighting conditions, the fog returns care. cool as he headed the evening temperatures down into the 30s for the first time in quite some time. visibility, this area of orange, visibility is less than 1 mi. stretching from petaluma, san rafael, nev. we are seeing visibility less than a quarter mile from problems into the napa valley. current temperatures cooling off, low 40 santa rosa, napa. 50 san jose. after june highs
4:48 am
in the '50s, coal into the afternoon 56 internet, 57 richmond and vallejo. 58 san has a. keep your eye on the wet weather kicking in first by the end of the week by your friday, wet weather for a good portion of the day widespread, chances of everyone seeing showers and your morning commute, just light. we will work our way into the heavy stuff because your friday we'll keep it light, afternoon to get a little bit in the into the evening as well heavier downpours but it is saturday that will pack quite a punch. very strong winds, heavy rain it will last a good portion of the day, 3:00, we are talking about heavy downpours expected to stick around for several hours certainly could be some concerns. strong winds
4:49 am
could knock down some tree limbs, power lines certainly something to keep your mind, chances are showers and to the picture, not quite as strong as saturday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it did show a break from the wet weather for the next couple of days. take advantage, come friday in a string of wet weather. tuesday the first official day of winter. erica. >> no hot spots to contend with still dealing with nice, easy conditions all around the bay area project, was muddied zero the purchase bay bridge, a couple more cars the results on the the gulf still nice, easy to conditions as to make your way to san francisco from me during my talks, across the span sure you can see traffic moves well to the oscars. as s-curve. heavier traffic on the
4:50 am
right-hand side of your screen that's traffic moving toward the peninsula to foster city a little bit of a way that the toll plaza, bumping up your drive times by one minute. 14 minutes from end to end. golden gate, coming at a grin, no problems to report traffic is moving up the limit. walnut creek, big hot spot, no problems to as yet. i know it is a dark shot but those headlights north front without any problems on the right hand side of restraint traffic headed says spencer walnut creek, westbound 24 looks good no problems. james. >> thank you, headlines around the bay marin county prosecutors had decided to drop their case against a high school tennis coach accused of molesting students it tops a four your ordeal for 46 year-old norman for gross who was fired while awaiting trial and jury deadlocked on
4:51 am
charges, sending the case back to prosecutors. he was accused of touching as many as five students while giving the sausage or five tests in the locker room. his lawyer argued that the character was gabe was targeted because of homophobia. >> berkeley city council has put up about on whether to pursue out your status on a soldier who released because the right information to wikileaks. this city council of this voted tuesday to postpone the decision on a resolution praising carter first-class broadly manley. some council members are concerned with the way it was written and live more time to work it over. a plan to implement congest and pricing for drivers heading into sin and cisco has been tabled for now that after strong backlash from the
4:52 am
leaders of neighboring communities. here is the heated scene inside the city hall. >> 8-3 vote supervisors give the county transportation authority the gore had to keep studying the idea of charging people who drive their cars into the carter center of this group. the board made one change falling several negative comments from a variety of county officials including assemblyman jerry help. >> is the gateway design option here today is approved by moves toward i will introduce legislation to prohibit local governments from charging tolls at the border. >> the object to the idea of charging as soon as drivers cross from san mateo into san francisco because it would create what they call an arbitrary troll. the agreed, voted to drop this plan for further study. >> a final decision on
4:53 am
whether not to implement pricing is 2-3 years away if that happens it likely will take place before 2015. since his city hall, dan kerman, kron4 news. speech still falling the latest with yahoo, a source inside the company said they expect to lay off 600 workers which represents 4 percent of the work force your who has been strewing for while and see numerous layoffs and the vast arrears' it is an example of federal leadership. >> this is not who dying slowly. they have the wrong cl running the company. the firm is dying. >> this ceo carol barts hill was blood in to rescue yahoo it's been going back before the weather not she's been successful she came from a different corporate culture and she says that
4:54 am
she has failed to solve their promise. workers in a run the company will not talk on camera but they have told us they know about the layoffs and have known for about two months. we will take a break, back with more of a few minutes another live look at this time from your bird or an island by island you can see the tower that they're building for the new span we'll have more on that story coming up.
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indiana back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today, tomorrow, your best bet if you what to do and the nets had given them. friday the clad syrian, rain starts to fall. saturday is the heaviest those, 70, monday, tuesday wet stretch. this is coming in, facebook founder and ceo has been named time magazine's person of the year. yang that,
4:57 am
yesterday \ / \ yen debt. at ths wethers include no, george bush, president barack obama. so, is dr. bird * person of the year. we will take a yebreak, shot of the golden gate bridge traffic is moving well. otherwise, i'll starmild start. we will bet back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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5:00 a.m. on the kron4 morning news, top stories president barack obama is meeting with top ceos to talk about perking up the
5:00 am
economy if the senate is expected to hold a final vote on the tax still details coming up. >> mount diablo facing more budget what decisions they have to make. city age dramatic scene in florida as a man pulls out a gun and opened fire at a school board meeting more in a moment. bay area weather, a live look here at the bay bridge light traffic, a break from the rain at least for now. louisa. >> make the most of it the next couple of days we will stay, but after that all bets are off, a shot of the golden gate bridge, looking at some fog. north of the golden gate visibility's are loaded places like novato cool, dry for this afternoon major storm headed our way this weekend in fact a first-round moves in on friday. visibility's are fairly low in places like novato. aid to the mile in 2
5:01 am
napa. elsewhere you're ok a special on the peninsula better visual of what's going on, it is serious in orange risibilities less than a mile. petaluma all the winter san rafael we are seeing a better father.a bit of9 degrees and your mountain view, hayward. 50 degrees this morning. san jose. school this afternoon, 57 santa rosa and vallejo. 59 fairfield, said bay up to 58 and places like san jose, los gatos and mountain view. but sure you the rain. friday we're just talking light, fairly persistent so we should see a few sprinkles morning commute, by the afternoon still seen the rain hanging around
5:02 am
widespread. fairly light until friday night that's what we see the heavier downpours it looks like saturday is really just going to hammer us. adm preens some moderate downpours into the picture, take a look at how long it sticks around, morning into the afternoon, into the evening, heavy rain really strong winds, freer saturday, wet weather into sunday but it looks like it should taper off of that.a bit.e is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the next wet blood they strike, and neighboring unerring, lasting to the weekend into next week, in fact by the time we hit christmas eve we can get to 10 in. of rain. tuesday are properly is the first day of winter. as you heard on our air yesterday
5:03 am
the planned installation of the remaining sections of the suspension bridge or originally planned to start tomorrow. >> but they have move to the schedule up be up because of the weather we will find out more later. they are planning to do their work today instead of starting tomorrow they've moved the schedule up by 24 hours, this will be the site of the work. this is likely that this could have some impact on the bay bridge right we may see some locker commute times in bigger backups. so far the traffic coming in across and heading into the esker is moving pretty well light traffic as well at the bay bridge toll plaza too early for any big impact. later on this morning it could change the dynamics for the bay bridge right. san mateo looks fine, no, let's see if it's available? speaking as is.
5:04 am
the ride looks good, this side of your screen as the westbound traction, trucks great, golden gate, no problems in bound from marin county. a strain is rolling fine no delays, no drums are with no early morning delays as the position trains run the system. >> thank you, , new details on school closures better living. state budget cuts have left the district $1.5 million short, they're trying to have to make some cuts that is going to mean closing or consolidating several schools our committee is studying nine difference in areas they would also mean layoffs. >> if they close four schools not only will they live is the office managers, secretaries, they will lose the custodians. some parents are even threatening to pull their kids out of their district of their forced to
5:05 am
change schools. speech is just ridiculous, let's give accountable for you guys are spending. irish start of driving into distancing mercedes, bmws the were in a close the schools. >> developing story other fairfield or the pulmonary hiring for two others charged in the deaths of their four children in a fire last april. laetitia and tara they investigators say they're unable to determine if the apartment fire was started accidentally or intentionally. the issue is crucial because they are challenged with four counts of manslaughter. the two went outside the apartment before a fire started, the family was using candles for late because the power shutdown. >> investigating when man pull that again and opened fire at a florida school
5:06 am
board we have to warn you the video you're going to see is graphic, a clay do just that up in front of the school board last night, spray-painted on the wall. and then opened fire. he apparently it was blaming the board for his wife losing her job. at one point to that the woman who tried to knock again that a visit and she felt and the stands in front of the board he fears point-blank, continues to fire, mrs. the security guard was in and shoots him grinding him. duke then took his own life. it was clear that he knew what he was doing. speaking minute is mine, you could tell he was going to die, my concern was taught people as a going to take with him. when he pointed the gun and meat and pulled the trigger i thought
5:07 am
i was shot. but then, i think yet a combination of place and road bullets. since his death i don't think it's an hour matter but i think there is combination. >> the cannot believe that he was fired back, didn't die. luckily no one was hurt, besides the gun and killing himself. other stories, the u.s. senate is voting on a final vote on president of ron was a tax plan. extend jobless benefits and keep jobs in place if they will expect an easy passage it will go to the house of representatives is expected to meet stiffer opposition. president give away too much in negotiating with publicans and there are to make changes. >> president barack obama is meeting with 20 top ceos talking about perking up the
5:08 am
economy some from the bay area will likely have different agendas the president wants the private sectors to use record profits to increase employment while executives on the ease of regulations too tough on the businesses the ceos include obama backers and members of advisor. >> keeping an eye on wall street to see how markets react, futures are down renounce that is up for a negative start to the day of play one last plea never know. sabine has been told it its credit rating has to be downgraded because of budget problems that brought down the european market is in turn bring down the u.s. markets. also expecting the latest government reports on the consumer product numbers. the espy is an assignment that will pay three and a $99,000 to the
5:09 am
state of connecticut over charges that it misled customers and overcharged them and some businesses that is some of the latest news coming and forestry. more of deeds as the market opens up. we'll be back with more adjustment. in just a minute.
5:10 am
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new details, starting in 2012 san as a sharpers will be able to get past it begs says it is the largest city in the country to draw in the band lawmakers approved last night as will tran reports it takes existing plants to a new level. >> unlike other cities that are have the ban in place san jose's law allows stores like cbs, say to continue using paper bags but they would charge customers for it, a torchmark we're not sure. the carriage as testers cheesecloth banks which are reusable. the stores like cbs and safeway can still use plastic bags to rat meat
5:13 am
and medicines as well as restaurants to use plastic bags for takeout because they can be messy. supporters say the plastic bags just tran the environment they can take up to a dozen years to bring down. will tran, kron4 news. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's take a live look to the james lick, dry rainout and very few cars.right now and jusw cars. we'll be right back.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
welcome back, 5:16 a.m. you are looking at the james lick, clear conditions in downtown san francisco have been dealing with some morning fought a special debt and to the north bay, starting off in the 40's and '50's, often in cool, dry partly cloudy. fokker turned into this evening if it will get pretty cool overnight. satellite, radar shows all
5:17 am
that wet weather from yesterday pushed the south leaving a few clouds out there. but we are trying to flee into the week. currently little bit cooler than yesterday in low forties for santa rosa, napa. south bay upper '40's, 50 degrees to san jose, 48 livermore. staying in the '50s, call this afternoon, 57 santa rosa, 56 novato. opera 50s to us that is, san jose, mullen view 58 degrees. friday that's when the changes star we will start to notice a few sprinkles for your morning commute lasting for a good portion of the day even the afternoon continues to bring widespread chances. light rain, persistent to last a good portion of the day. it's not so friday night that we know it is the rain really starting to pick up for a all of this yellow
5:18 am
moderate rainfall from santa rosa all the way down the peninsula. these bay as well, saturday, this is expected to get humble by strong winds and heavy rain. in the afternoon the rain will pick up and continue through into evening. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., taper off, bringing in chances of the rain for your sunday as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. try a couple of days, friday that's when it all begins it does not look like it will let up. continue with heavier rain, strong winds into the weekend and next week. tuesday happens to be a first official day of winter. george. >> thank you, bay bridge as we reported there will be a press conference this morning at 10:00 a.m. to talk about the work to place the sort third section of the self anchored the suspension tower. in his
5:19 am
schedule to put a press tomorrow. there was a report saying the schedule had a low debt. however we still like getting in the actual confirmation from caltrans that they have to schedule. it certainly looks like things are going on but there's a question on whether not they will start the work today or tomorrow. in the case, scheduled to start after the morning commute at 10:00, continue for some time and of the sections repression in place. there are four statements here so there will be for peace is that will form the third section of the tower and and one additional section of segments that have to go in. in the meantime bay bridge toll plaza, light traffic, no back up, no delay. same
5:20 am
for the san mateo bridge, could rise later than usual traffic. things will not heat for another 40-50 minutes. golden gate from marin trouble-free incident free no delays for highly 101. the area. >> the 14 year-old boy police say attacked a 13 year-old girl and her baby brother on sunday morning entered a not guilty plea. he will be charged as adults, accused of raping, stabbing her more than 30 times and stabbing her 18 months old brother multiple times he wiped away tears at one point during the proceeding at this hearing were the 15 felony charges were listed. his bail was set and $9 million. >> latest developments, i
5:21 am
should get in a strip mall parking lot killing a mother with her toddler injuring five others. officers say this happen here at the cut ends of barbara shot. two- man russian opened fire. two people inside fired back, the gunfire spilled into the parking lot, that's when a stray bullet had a 30 year- old mother who had just loaded her two year-old into a car seat, she was killed. taught child is ok. three men taken in hospital before it raised, please have not made in the rust they believe one person was shot and alternates to be a suspect. >> mayor gavin newsom has pledged in excess of the bid to bring world class sailing to the bay. he put santa is going competition for a race with other cities and cutting rahman and valencia spain. >> of valencia is a wonderful place but it was 4 mi. off the coast you can't see it. santa and cisco you
5:22 am
can't miss it there were 4 mi. off will be 40-50 ft. off or shore line. you have christie field, fort mason, golden gate bridge. >> the scenery and the strong winds makes a difference is now a natural fit he says but the final decision rests with the team who won the last race. >> oakland is moving forward on a possible new home for the athletics, 3-1 to approve spending up to seven and predicted thousand to conduct an impact study for a new stadium along the waterfront the vote on the measure next tuesday the proposed site for the 39 peasants seat stadium is a few blocks of of jack london square. >> other news, for the fourth week and no the board of supervisors agreed not to take nomination for in intermarriage replace gavin newsom. he is expected to
5:23 am
leave because he's taking over, he will be second-in- command on january 3rd when he becomes lieutenant governor. he has allowed for the possibility of delaying his inauguration to allow the next board to make the selection. >> to the board of supervisors gave final approval for an ordinance is a city workers have to be hired from construction or projects. 20 percent local hiring in the first year increasing by 5 percent each year and tell it is 50% in the seventh year. john of los the sponsor has called a new deal for san francisco that would bring more jobs to the neighborhoods in the city. speaker will be back as a kron4 morning news continues someone robs the adagio we will show you the video coming up app ray, i live look at the golden gate, a quiet for now.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
payless at the here is a look at your 7 day around the bayhere is a look at your 7y around the bay., 58, 57 for the high so we have pretty good days to dry it's out there. could news, we will end the week with rain probably rain on your commute, heavier rain, fridays at a big deal does constant, steady light rain. if saturday as wednesday heavy rain with wind windy on sunday. more of the weekend looks messy. >> video at a loss vegas an armed man rocked the crops table at the launch you're getting away with 1.5 in chips, here's the video as the man pulled a gun and demanded chips. you can see him as he kicked his motorcycle helmet on the entire time police believe this man is behind a similar route rask week at another casino. >> the gag order where the
5:28 am
million and a half dollars. so he could slowly cash in those chips. this is bigger watch for this. but hardly to is that. >> to the will look for a guy with the murder site, it. >> pretty incredible. it and instead of cash, others mayor barry, all the precautions we are with money but the chairs. i know. >> starting today amtrak passengers are going to allow it to register firearms for travel on the plane will be allowed on the trains that offer a checked bags. the point is passengers have to call, registered 24 hours ahead of time and again have to be unloaded, locked in an improved container all ammunition must be securely packed in their original container. >> will be back in two minutes as the news continues the latest on bay area weather, a chain requirements in the sierra check out 80 east bound,
5:29 am
allows no showing up on their ride away a lot of fresh powder coming this weekend.
5:30 am
5:31 am
welcome back, it is the, before the storms wet weather returns on friday not letting up for quite some time today, tomorrow expected dry, this morning it clear shot of the golden gate bridge. all we're hitting a few patches of fog, cool, dry and a major storm headed our way for this weekend. right now the fog choses visibility is down to about 1/4 mile through novato, a half months into rosa. napa improving getting over 1 mi. for visibility. here's a look, give you an idea of where the fog is at this hour, this area of orange
5:32 am
indicates about a mile less visibility from petaluma stretching to novato into portions of san rafael seeing this fog develops. this morning temperatures our little cooler the where they were yesterday, 43 degrees it rosa. 49 in your mind you, 47 redwood city, 46 half moon bay. afternoon happen to the '50s, staying at of the '60s. talking it out around 58 degrees. chance of more weather comes in on friday. light showers rear morning commute, pretty persistent for a good portion of your day, for the rain is expected to stand the light side until the evening. 9:00. with tunney
5:33 am
about widespread heavy rain lingering over to send it as well. sunday looks to be a bit with care rain as we head towards the evening. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the next couple of days' stay dry, parlay cry the rain was in on friday not letting up wet, windy weather prevented the end of the weekend to the beginning of next week, tuesday is the first day of winter. george. >> a look of traffic around the area, no hot spots i want to tell you there may be one in the making eager remember yesterday's commute was a tough one because of an early morning accident we're just getting word of an accident on 580 westbound at the dublin interchange. maybe a vehicle on inside if returns are to be a serious problem it to be the beginning of a big backup.
5:34 am
they could even affect the livermore ride at 580 west we will let you know when we get more details. bay bridge toll plaza, no problems, delays the western ride looks good great starts are far, some reports that we may see some construction work that was scheduled to begin to mostar today it is not likely but we will know more what we talked yoli. san mateo, here's a look of your ride heading westbound, and traffic looks good henning and towards the high-rise still not at peak volume so it's still an easy trip not only on the span getting 2 at the approach of 92 coming from 800 look good bayshore freeway for the counter flow direction. golden gate, trouble-free, i just checked the logs from the california highway patrol there are no incidents reported to between novato and the golden gate bridge. free and easy ride. sierra, a chain
5:35 am
conditions they are in place for interstate 80, in place for u.s. high 50. also on 88. isn't that lovely name on dewdrop. make sure you have your chains with you. and of course this weekend promises snowy conditions in this era if you're headed up make sure you got them. darya. >> knew this morning we have some drama and the mystery over the bay bridge is the new tower on the rise or not? caltrans is getting ready to move news sections of eastern span in the tower into place when that happens it could be a distraction to drivers to bring you more news faster we turn to yoli she is alive, you're taking a look on it is anything going on? >> it doesn't look like much is going on that is basically have a leg up. we're trying to confirm whether they did move up or not. some sources are
5:36 am
saying the move did that for today instead of tomorrow. we have not been able to talk to barmaids, as soon as we get a roll of him will find of a to happen. in any case, it may be a distraction for drivers so they're really asking people whether they do tomorrow or to they focus on the driving on the work that story to be happening.that is happening. its almost at eye level as you're driving, it probably will be some attrition on the lower deck. this is the third section that they are placing on the tower is made up of five sections is the third section those furs to have been bolted down. they're ready for the third section that will be heading up three here. as it stands, the tower is already almost a little over halfway of the
5:37 am
ultrahigh which is 525 ft. you're adding zero hundred and 1 ft. to this will be the third section. it might be hard not to look at it. >> look away, look away. you were drawn to this spectacular an impressive. will slow stop rocket pods. >> i know we will >> to burn a is a little later be speaking to barmaids later on. >> kron4 news recalling the story just in the last few minutes authorities have shut down the subway station at the pentagon when they investigate the suspicious package. listening to the local media their reporting the packagers found in one of the trash cans at the station apparently some kind of blinking lights. trains
5:38 am
are bypassing that stop while technicians investigate we will be back with another update as soon as to find out more. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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5:41 am
national news, horrifying scene, and on video at a school board meeting in panama city florida again minister of shooting at board members from just a few feet away amazingly no one was hit by the bullet. still want to warn you what you could see could be found disturbing. >> this is it worth it, this is a problem. please >> please don't please don't. >> >> heart stopping moments from the district school board members in panama city amazingly no one was hurt except for the gunmen play duke police say he died after shooting himself. in
5:42 am
the moments leading up to the shooting news cameras are rolling as they normally do, he stood up and straight to the red circle and levy told everyone except six or more hours to get out. speaking believe. you may leave. >> a board member tried to knock the gun at his hand with her purse or or ourselves for our stock. the superintendent the hurt trying to reason with him and counter the terrifying ordeal. >> when the driver that then you can see in his eyes he had that look, he knew that he had something in mind that he was going to do. >> are there is a trend a determined what caused him to go on a shooting spree that ended with his own debts.death. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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5:46 am
welcome back, 545 a m we're starting off with a clear shot of downtown denver does go there is some thought to the north bay. we are expected to stay dry today, it will stay cool into the afternoon. it's the weekend that brings us the wet weather at all starts on friday. upside, visibility less than a quarter mile to novato, a model napa. improving 1/2 months santa rosa. plot is developing into the north bay, petaluma, visibility's less than 1 mi.. current temperatures on the cool side 40's, 43 santa rosa, upper 40's east bay, said bay 50 degrees50 degrees san jo, no 60 degrees, upper 50s for
5:47 am
fairfield, 57 santa rosa, 56 san francisco, 59 and fairfield. san jose 57. keeping our eye on the end of the weekend into the weekend starting on friday a few sprinkles in the morning hours, fairly persistent. wet weather continues stang widespread, very light, heavier downpour's as we head towards the later part of your day in fact by the evening that's when the rain is expected to pick up, this will be the trend through saturday, heavy rains, strong winds. blasting a really good portion of the day, 3:00 heavy rain, lasting several hours at a time. said they could get pummeled. sunday, keep the chance of rain into the picture, lasting into next week. a long string of wet weather days ahead of us
5:48 am
wednesday, thursday dry, freddie rain, heavy saturday. wet weather continues into next week. check and your commute. george. >> thank you, accident we just heard about on interstate 580 the dublin interchange it is a little closer to geordie road. california highway patrol confirmed the lane is blocked, they've issued a special traffic advisory s i g larry meaning one lange is blocked for 30 or more minutes. the sensors have not yet picked up a backup there is sell low late in them after all it's likely we could see the beginning of big delays. there is also on the nimitz freeway northbound 80 are 29th dry land is still blocked from runcie's be at sat down all lanes tocharian accident
5:49 am
jackie sissel is checking the nimitz, here's a look at his shot. i believe it's available here. no there. this is the northbound side of the nimitz freeway, we're at the coliseum at least the traffic is not backed up to there. i will switch back quickly, here it is slow coming up from our high street. the back up has not reached all the way back to the coliseum. says bound traffic on 800. in the skid. bay bridge toll plaza, ride looks good, still no palms or delays for westbound we're still 20 minutes away from seeing meeting lights we will check quickly senses go as elected james lick, light traffic in mount not enough to cause any delays were emerges with the skyway. the area. >> thank you, , new details the borders risers' has
5:50 am
voted to scrap a proposal to charge a toll to motorists entering san francisco from the south. they're exploring other congest and pricing possibilities including charging commuters headed downtown. >> sentences goes diversity in the nation to mandate drug disposal programs. companies will now be required to set up a fund and operate our program for people to drop off their unwanted and expired prescription drugs. such a program to reduce accidental ingestion by children living teenagers access to plain killers and stop people from flushing and used to the sink or a toilet. >> kron4 vote on whether to bestow hero status to a soldier released classified
5:51 am
in relation to wikileaks. the famously liberal famously who voted to indefinitely postpone the decision on the resolution that would raise roughly manning the analysts believe to be the one who leaked them to wikileaks. cows among those are concerned about the way it was random and they want more time to investigate other said, berkeley is not the place like this anymore we don't believe it. live alone. >> gillian has on will spend the least one more night in prison, officials say an appeal against the judge's decision will be heard tomorrow in london, yesterday they were ordered his release on treated thousand dollars bail sweetest prosecutor's challenge that the 39 year- old australian has followed a surrender over accusations of sex crimes and sweden. he denies any wrongdoing but
5:52 am
has reissues to surrendered to sweden for questioning. >> a wooden boat nearing an island caring 70 asylum seekers smashed a part of taking drugs. look at that, he seems were heavy, 27 people were killed, 41 survivors were plucked from the sea. a doctor says three of 30 injured people were critically hurt. it's not clear where there were from australia is a prime destination for people from 4 and war-ravaged countries. >> suicide bombing, killed the dozens and i ron. the attackers stabbed outside a mosque. dozens injured. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's give a live look at tahoe, at 267, norstar. you can see
5:53 am
that the roads are pretty strict. we're looking at chain requirements, if you can have their for the weekend saturday they will get a ton of snow. maybe too much. (laughter) we will see will be right back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome mat, national weather agreed over the eastern half, and snow in minnesota. snow showers around ever as well. cold weather down towards florida. parts of the midwest dealing with some of the worst parts of winter, northwestern indiana did out for more than 2 ft. of snow. many roads still blanketed with snow. for the first time since sunday the roads are able to be driven on firefighters have been working around the clock to rescue drivers stranded in snowdrops. >> the giants world series trophy on display today at city hall, it will be in the
5:57 am
south lake torch from 1-3:00 p.m. the giants say they will make a major announcement about the trophy prior to going on display what would they say? >> it's going to sonoma on the 28. >> maybe the ear during to tour around the bay area, free pictures from? >> is that unique? >> ezra's i know. >>as a bar as i know. time magazine's person of the year: mark zuckerberg, co- founder of the omnipresent social-networking site facebook. then renee keep us the honor last year before that barack obama mark was named about one hour ago * person of the year. >> we'll be back with more than just a couple of minutes, in the calm before the storm dry weather, a live look at the bay bridge, we have i trained on the bridge to see if they end up doing any work on the tower
5:58 am
if it happens today or tomorrow. we will be back with more.
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