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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 16, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> deborah: and be sure to join us tomorrow. we're going to talk with the lady with that awesome left hook. we'll see tonight. protesting cuts in public transportation. dozens of people take to the streets to demonstrate against the proposed cut backs in ac transit and then they made their voices heard. tonight kron 4 looks at the issues and when the cuts, if ever the cuts will be made. reggie kumar has the details. >> reporter: two dozen bus riders began protesting at 14 14th and broadway wednesday. most of them wear these shirts with acce on them.
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some held signs that said create a free student pass and no service cuts. all of them walks to headquarters where a board meeting was about to start. once inside she stood in front of the board and demanded they stop cutting services. the board started the meeting and allow them to speak. we talked to her after the protesters left the meeting. >> we are recommending they work with us. we want to extend the transfers from 2-4, and a free pass for students and restore the services they have been cutting. >> reporter: board members reached an agreement last month with the drivers and mechanics which reichs them to contribute
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to their health and benefits plan. the board now has it to decide whether to make another 6% in service cuts to help pay down the budget deficits. because of the agreement made with the bus drivers the board decided to postpone making a decision on the cuts for now. >> that's up to the board for now. the board can do whatever they choose to do in that regard. they had said previously there was a possibility there will be future budget cuts. probably as early as march but nothing is set in stone. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. mostly clear skies this evening. cooler temperatures. 30s in the north bay. 39 in santa rosa. 39 half moon bay. low 40s out there. temperatures will drop off. we are looking at freezing or
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below freezing. 31 in santa rosa. 32 in napa. because we have so much moisture, fog and frost a possibility. 36 in red wood city. 37 san jose. here is a look at tomorrow. chilly start to the day. you saw the morning temperatures. and the fog and frost. afternoon, increasing cloud cover. cool temperatures. as theclude cover inhibits warming tomorrow. because we are seeing a storm approach, it will hit us this weekend. boy, is it ever. we will see tons of rain this weekend. new tonight at 11:00 a teen is dead after a stabbing. this is the scene near seeder boulevard. that's where police foun the 17-
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year-old. he had been stabbed several times and pronounced dead that scene. two young males were seen running from the area. an emotional candle light vigil for a man who -- a man shot and killed by police. 34-year-old guy was killed five days ago. tonight the individualt was cut short after his mother spoke. kron 4's jonathan bloom because there tonight. his friends say he devoted his life to stopping violence. >> i am sorry. i am sorry. breaks my heart. >> reporter: choking back tears, friends gave their condolences. guy was helping friends shoot a music video just before he was
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shot. his mother travel -- travels from new orleans. >> this has been be made right. i need you to fight with me. i need you. i don't want violence. i just want justice. >> reporter: police showed up to detail him after they heard he was brandishing a gun. but he ran and an officer fallowed him. police say the officer fired and struck him in the chest. >> for him to point a gun at an officer, that's not in his character. >> reporter: friends say they didn't even know he had a gun. >> i saw, i saw the police officer that shot him. >> you saw them shoot my baby? >> seconds actually. they wouldn't let him move.
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they kicked him. >> they what? let them say what they did to my baby. >> come on. >> reporter: friends had to revive her and help her back to the car. >> i will continue to come until the spirit of my son can rest. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. the department of justice is being called in to investigate the shooting of an unarm manned on november 8. police responded to a domestic disturbance call regarding derrick jones. no weapon was found, now police chief decided to call in the fbi to conduct an independent
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investigation. spokesperson explains why. >> we understand that the public needs further outside investigation and we are open to that. we want to make sure the public feels comfortable with the findings so we are inviting the fbi. >> police will give the fbi complete access to whatever they need during the course of the investigation. second person died after a shooting in sacramento and police are searching for a suspect. it happened tuesday afternoon. the man was hit in the chest. a mother was also killed. she was loading her child into a car seat and considered an innocent bystander. police say she used herb body
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to protect her child. police identified the shooter as lonny mitchell who is still on the loose tonight. they say he is armed and dangerous. major distinction for a y
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sheriff deputies will resume their search for a pennsylvania man. he car has been parked outside the state park since saturday. shis this is a picture of jonathan frank. inside the car police found ammunition. he is 5'7", 150 pounds with brown hair and green eyes.
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the city of santa cruz has a new police chief. kevin was sworn in today in front of officials and family members. the 23-year-old veteran het positions in each of the departments ranks. and served as interim chief since august. he is the city's 21 chief. dry conditions out there tomorrow, but rain to return this weekend. it will last
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a bay area techicon is time magazine's person of the year. mark zuckerberg is one of the youngest people to ever win the title. kron 4's gabe slate gives us a look at one of the top. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg is the second youngest person of
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the year named by time magazine. mark zuckerberg is one of the youngest billion airs in the world. $6billion. he is a self made man. grew up in new york. his father was a dentist, mother was a psychiatrist. he has three sisters. here is a picture of mark and his family. his family was raised jewish but he has described himself as a atheist. he attended harvard university where he created facebook. this is his girlfriend. they have been dating since 2005. they live in palo alto. governor schwarzenegger inducted mark zuckerberg into the california hall of fame.
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the movie social network is expected to be nominated for a oscar. he donated $1 million to new jersey schools. and he pledged the majority of his wealth to charities. gabe slate, 123489. "don't ask, don't tell" was repealed by a house vote of 250 to 175 today and now moves to the senate. the policy bars gays from serving openly in the military. they hope to get a vote before the session. a huge labor protest against a
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greek government today in athens. 20,000 protesters marched unhappy about financial reform. they clashed with riot police, smashing cars, flights were grounded, factories closed and hospital service disrupted. storms continue to sweep across the nation. five people died on icy roads in the southeast. three in mississippi alone. classes canceled in alabama and as the storm moves east towards atlanta a number of crashes and back ups were reported. we also have a big storm on the way heading into tomorrow. warmer drier air which leads to fog and frost in the morning. one more dry day. but the storm is pushing into the coast line. it is going be a big one. friday, widespread showers and lasting through the afternoon.
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early in the morning on saturday some of the heavier rain starting to pick up, continuing into saturday nights. you can see the rain there you the bay area and heavier showers approaching. sunday, a low leap from sunday into monday. the storm will be tapping in to tropical moisture. tuesday morning, widespread heavy rain, continuing into tuesday evening. the timing can be uncertain. it can waffle back and forth. stay tuned as we get closer to monday and tuesday. will be a big rain maker. 3 inches in the north bay. mountains 3 inches. east bay and south bay inch and a quarter. it will very because of pockets of heavy rain. also the sierras will get a lot
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of snow through the weekend. on friday 5,000 feet. as we get warmer air in, temperatures bump up and snow levels bump up to 7,000 feet. 12-24 inches. higher elevations 6 feet of snow. it will be windy saturday into sunday. try to get up there on sunday. 7 day around the bay forecast, chilly start to the day. friday the rain begins. not as heavy as what we will see on saturday. but steady. winds pick up, 30 miles per hour. sunday we will see rain but showery, monday and tuesday a heavier rain picks up again. the a's bring back a pitcher who brilly once called the most talented he had ever
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seen. and a match-up featuring
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. all right good evening everybody. the sharks continue tonight. did you see the game? >> no. >> sharks 2-1 lead. this segment used to be popular. >> sorry to disappoint. >> back comes nashville to tie the game at 2. and in the third, wilson, 3-2 nashville. they are at dallas tomorrow night. warriors off till saturday in portland. no kidding. nba basketball much better when new york has a good team. and stoudemire and the knicks looking looking for their 9th
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straight win. stoudemire was great tonight. 39 points, 10 rebounds. look at this throw to beat the buzzer and new york is on fire. 26 points, 14 assists and lee strutting again. 116 at the finish. pierce step back. game over. pierce had 3 and 10 rebounds. 118-116. wright of the warriors adopted five families and presented them all with gifts. each family came up with a wish list and he purchased the gifts on his own. again, we knock these guys anytime they step out of line but there you go. the warriors doing their thing.
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bob feller passed today, 92, won 266 games. american hero, serving on the attack in pearl harbor in 1941. 121 hitters in his career. when he was 60 years of age, if you remember this, used to come san jose giants, san jose bees, he is one of those guys that just kept going. paid a dollar to see him break glass with a football. he is gone that age of 92. rich was on the texas rangers. he was expendable and was
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pretty good with the a's. thank you. pam has one foot in the car. first off, what happened to you and the hockey? >> i have things to do. >> this segment made you. >> how many times did you say it's going to be cold. last two nights nothing. >> i will start to watch hockey again. >> you have no interest. i don't blame you. i don't have interest. >> that is not true. >> when i said rich -- there wasn't a lot of bounce. the trip gates. >> you didn't say anything when i said about "don't ask, don't tell" and a couple other things. >> i believe in keeping my political views to myself. >> we had many stories tonight. >> i didn't hear you comment on the weather. >> eight years ago. reggie kumar did a story
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tonight that i thought it was effective. rain, friday,
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