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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 16, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, 4:00 a.m., kron 4 morning news thursday, live the james lick freely traffic is moving and all in and out of san francisco. erika will be up in a minute. other. >> could morning, this is our last dry day for some time get outside and enjoy it, here's the golden gate bridge, cold start today impact you'll notice that cooled down just ahead of a major storm moving in by this weekend tomorrow the way rain really sets in. current temperatures sharia how cold is a lot more
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authorities in the pictures there did yesterday. 35 and now back from the upper 30s through the span hundred city. 40 mountain view, fremont, san jose. 36 livermore. this is how much cooler temperatures are this morning than about 24 hours ago and 11 degree drop in temperatures that's enough to notice the difference. same for napa, half moon bay at 13 degrees cooler, 10 redwood city. eight fremont, what we are watching is a right now we are actually in the clear making for some cooler morning temperatures, into the afternoon sunshine still staying cool or watching is a series of storms expected to pressure and your area bring more weather first on friday, the intensity picks
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up on saturday. wet weather continuing into next week. seeing that storm door is open. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain sets and tomorrow, heavy rain on saturday wet, windy weather till the end of the weekend into next week. it is no surprise that the first actual official day of winter is tuesday, the weather plays its part in the continuing to be wet, windy and next week. 4:02 a.m. commute with air cover. >> thank you, clara accident, incidents on the traffic clogs. no promise to report traffic settlement all-around the big, indicated here were started zero the approach looks very good. no problems to on the shore for a way as human nature way to albany. 800 looks good. pretty empty toll plaza, no weight at the
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pay gates. san mateo, no problems to record in either direction of '92. now back up at the toll plaza pretty good 13-14 and is from end end. golden gate, 101 year, no problems to report on the bridge or for your ride during county. james. >> thank you, developing story investigators will be back on the scene of a deadly stabbing the to the life of a teenager after years to afternoon near birch tree that's where police say they found a 17 year-old justin in the street stegosaur times pronounced dead at the scene. two young males or were seen running from the area we're told he was student of the new york school district. santa cruz county deputies were resumed their search for a pennsylvania man this
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morning his cars are seen parked there outside the big basin redwoods grow apart. been there since daughter named roger have a picture of a person in question, jonathan frank. inside his car they want a smaller amount of ammunition to at the research, we will pick up their search of early this morning he is described as 5 ft. 7 in. from 15 0 lbs., brown hair brown eyes. check out this video of a car that crashed through the former store and several this group. it happened just before 10:00 a.m. hundreds of people in the area. they kelly and no reports of anyone injured. the causes under investigation, the condition that the driver is still being assessed. it has been closed since 2009. new details, simper and a pipeline, we're told three
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more homes have been demolished falling the explosion that killed eight people. the turtle number of homes 38. 55 other homes were damaged. the standard our city council deemed to the three eras as to jammers to occupy pg&e will foot the bill to demolish those loans. thousands of san francisco's will ratify the new way to travel to school. because according to the paper the board of education voted to cut bus service by more than 50 percent it will affect roughly 3300 general education students. the cuts will be phased in over the next three years, could save the district $2 million a year. across the more hundred thousand dollars annually to run each of those yellow buses. new for you, a transit riders should
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brace for changes ongoing construction of the terminal and enters its second phase. source for certain bus lines will be relocated. they will be moved to beale street, riders can hop on those to pick up the mainstream. passengers looking for the 882 x and 81-x can find them at main and howard. passengers bound for treasure island, still picked up from veal, the drop off is now morning. paratransit services will move from folsom to power it might be confusing as this transition takes place. >> to dozens of people to to the streets to demonstrate against the proposed cutbacks in ac transit the meeting occurred in a public meeting. reggie kumar looks at the issues and when if are these cats will be made. >> the instructed wednesday
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night's briefing here headquarters demanding that the transit agency stopped making service cuts. they ask them to wait tell the public hearing to >> out but the protesters refused and continued shuttling telling the board to find the money to close the $9 million budget somewhere else. protesters are warned of more service at their cuts are made they will be back. speakin >> massive tax breaks to save americans millions is headed for votes even as democrats complain that it is too generous to wealthy crash. on opposing a higher state taxes than the one negotiated. the senate of raleigh passed package yesterday now the president is urging the house to do the same without changes city to sign it into law before the end of the year.
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meanwhile, the said it will get one last chance to dismantle the military is done * tell policy before going home for the year. they send senators legislation that would end the 1993 law that forbids them asked about a ventures from dodging that they're gay. supporters say there might not be enough time left to get the bill through before the end of this session. no time has been set for a senate vote. >> present in all, as expansion of the war in afghanistan has eroded the power of the terrorist attack them back to those in one the resurgent military institute can recover. according to the president's government or view just released this morning. it ensures that he will stay the course but they forced german air war to 2014. the same time line
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that the president promised a year ago, he is upheld in recent weeks. he's scheduled to >> about the rear and a news conference coming them. will try sell out to live as it comes down. >> honda is recalling more than 1 million this sub compact cars. to fix defective wiring. all of the vehicles on the said it would recall 143,000 cars in the united states. 734,000 in japan. unknown number in europe and asia. it will cause the company in japan nearly $42 million. honda said no accidents have been reported to the defense yet. >> will back with more headlines in a moment he looked back at site, a live
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look from our roof top camera is called you will notice that the second you had at the door. you might see some frost, i stunned your windshield. give yourself little extra time.
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andrea are back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and as louisa had earlier today is probably the last good the to be outside. partly cloudy, center and this afternoon mid-50s, chile but at least the sun is out. starting small clouds iran, how trains are bought. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday clouds. wet weather and at least for the future. temperatures singing around the upper 50s low 60s. other news, the number of u.s. homes repossessed in november fell buffalo's level in 18 months as the result of foreclosure freezes. following
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allegations that evictions there were during improperly they had your review of that. realty taxes home repossessions trent 20% from october. the 67,000 for under 28 lbs. for clothespress month are the fewest since may of 2009. it is the highest annual tally did the back to 2005. several airlines have raised fares by up to $10 per round trip. this started the increase by boosting prices on flights over 500 mi. by $5 each way or $10 roundtrip $3 each way and 6 t for shorter trips. , a spokesperson says the increase are dictated by supply and demand. there are matched by united, continental, southwest and
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alaska. late payments for credit charge dropped in november, the top six credit card issues are were pierre berge relate which is good news. indication that fewer loans will have to be written on off by cut incredible. quick check on wall street, see what's to stock futures are down this morning continuing yesterday's slide, two key aspects of the economy are due out for some status updates. first labor department's new claims for jobless benefits allison looking for an increase. do is data on housing starts for november which economists say they're necking for gains. twitter has raised another $200 million to help fund its gross the value twitter at $3.7 billion. we will take a
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break, or headline straight ahead and other live look at that as we go this time the red the bay bridge approach, was studied zero note issues at the toll plaza know, at the span. we will be right back.. welcome back to the
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kron 4 morning news, starting off this morning was and chilly temperatures out there, for much cooler than yesterday. mt. tam, clear conditions here but we are dealing with low cloud, patchy morning fog today if we have a major storm keeping our eye on for this weekends. current temperatures, chile, and temperatures in the 30's. off 34 santa rosa, 35 napa, fairfield. 38 redwood city, at christie's bay. 37 half moon bay, los gatos. 40 not you, san jose, fremont. it
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is 11 degrees cooler in san francisco same for napa. 13 half moon bay, redwood city, the fremont san jose and santa rosa. a system is expected to drop down bringing in a lot of moisture, starting off with rain on friday to continue into the weekend into beginning of next week. today at this current hour in the clear. future cast the timeline early friday morning, but of your raindrops and a factor morning commute should be a wet one. light rain, you leave your windshield wipers even at lunch time still expecting to see this ring continue were taught about the persistent rain, very light. it's not until the evening hours that we can see some heavier downpours through sonoma, north bay possibly into the napa valley. saturday
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morning continue with that rainfall. intensity level could pick up, special diets to this update. 9:00, moderate downpours. and into the evening hours seeing some heavier rain for records to the sober. sunday, the chance of rain run-through the day, next week as well. once the rain stops it doesn't look like it will let up for quite some time. breaks here and there by keeping the chance of rain parade around your next week. it just happens next tuesday is the first official day of winter. erica. >> great news for thursday, no problems to or more all- around the bay area getting you out the door with a quick bridge jet, was bought 80 no grounds here just very easy conditions as you make your way towards the gates, meeting lights of all lanes are open san mateo, a good alternative,
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easy conditions along the span, traffic on the right- hand side those taillights heading into foster city, a bright lights headed towards you east bound to the hayward, easy conditions as to make jury towards the bridge on the nimitz freeway, high winds or one. golden gate, 101, very few headlights' headed southbound i just checked road sensors, no problems during county. speeds of 50 m.p.h., south been no hot spots. a live look north and southbound ring at the trumbull the liquors, very easy conditions within this daylight to that santa clara. no backup on the 87 interchange. heading up to the sierra, you will lead change for highway 88. >> james. >> another update the pulmonary hearing for seven people suspected in the assault and rape of a teen growth continues. dan carman was in the courtroom in martinez and has the update.
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>> shares department dna analysts took the stand wednesday afternoon as the prosecution sought to draw a connection between the 16 year-old high school girl and the seven men who were accused of sexually assaulting her. he testifies that the source from the victim contained semen that matched john crane and an unidentified male. swabs from the victim's mouth contains semen that match john crane and ortega. sperm found and other parts of the victim's body as was her dress are also linked to craig and sperm found on the use a condom at the scene also linked to crane. the analyst is expected to be on the stand for the rest of this week then the prosecution has won final witness to call. at the corridors in martinez dan kerman, kron4 news. >> and emotional vigil for a
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man shot and killed by police officers 34 year-old guy jerome was killed six days ago last night's vigil was cut short when his mother collapse after speaking. jonathan bloom was there. >> i'm so sorry. air brakes merit. speaking friends give their condolences to the mother die as you see in this video was helping friends shoot a music video just before he was shot she traveled from new orleans to stand on the spot where his son read his progress. >> this is a wrong that has to be made right. i need you to fight with me. and i need
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you, i don't want to violence. i just want justice. >> police certitude detained after he was brandishing a gun at teenagers he ran into this valley, where officers followed him and claims he read the corner facing him with his gun drawn, the officer fired and struck him in the chest. >> for him to point a gun at officer that spot in his character. >> french city did not know we had a gun. >> eyes of a panic in the faces, i saw the police officers shot him. >> you saw the shoe my baby. >> of us saw seconds after, there was another move, the kid to ride a little. >> let them say it. let them say please. let them say what they did to my baby.
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>> , on. they had to revive her and her upper back to the car she says she will be back looking for answers. >> i will continue to come here and to the spirit of my son can rest. >> also making headlines, santa cruz has a new police chief he was officially sworn in yesterday in front of city brussels, the 23 year-old veteran has held the department's ranks and has served as interim chief since his predecessor retired. he is the city's 21st police chief. stay news, new details on this tuesday street mall shooting the sheriff's office is looking for a 24 year-old lonnie mitchell, they say he is armed and dangerous officers say he was a rock with the violence but that can save you as the shooter
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that killed a second person that died after 20 romance etc. barbershop and a third your mother was wearing hurt gerald cantor kersey. the fate of victims in the shooting, police say she used her body to protect child. the charges ok, five men injured are expected to arrive. >> documents reveal that the city of bell received tens of thousands of dollars from plumbers, carpenters and others by seizing of vehicles for code violations then crushing their honors to pay the fines. it took place for eight years, eight current and former bell officials have been charged with misappropriating fire and a half million dollars in funds. air quality regulators are poised to adopt the most sweeping regulation to give power plants, refineries and other major polluters financial incentive to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
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regulators in 2012 would force a new cap that would limit dropping measure. it expands to in crude refineries in 2015, paying nearly 2020. the state supreme court allowed california to go ahead of the border proved overhaul of primary elections putting all candidates on the same ballot in the first round, much in the top two vote getters regardless of party in the runoff. it takes effect in january passed the 54 percent majority in june, a lawsuit trundling jeanette was fired by people unaffiliated with major parties. >> another break, and of a live shot years ago, but james lick freeway traffic headed south on 101 those headlights are looking good, nice ride down the peninsula. we will be rid back.
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nearby, headlines we will begin with an ugly mix of of sleet and snow. will we will do is take a look at some of this city of your seeing on your screen, is pretty scary, this is christmas island 20 people died after a boat smashed apart on chicken rocks. the near-term our australian islands we now know there was caring is 70 asylum seekers 41
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survivors parked from the scene one-person obligated to short. the vessel was a people smugglers' boats but it is not clear exactly who was responsible. >> also this morning, the latest wikileaks said judge is deciding whether the fans vergilian has launched will be free or remain in prison. julien hassan is wanted for questioning on the rate of two women. he is refusing extradition a london judge is spreading expedition but prosecutors are trying to keep him in jail. >> mexico governor is in north korea today as part of stepped-up u.s. diplomacy to try and cool tensions on the korean peninsula he's a frequent unofficial envoy to north korea and his visit comes and events of talks between the u.s. and china
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regarding increased use that war could break out on the peninsula. president barack obama is taking a step towards a major foreign policy accomplishments as the senate debates that u.s.-russian new compact. the move by democrats to bring the new start treaty up for debate reflects confidence that they can deliver approval after the t. brady appeared stalled for weeks. revocation along with the tax deal would give president barack obama some victories for both his foreign policy and the mast across the just weeks after his party suffered steep losses in elections. republicans say the site should wait till next year. we going to take a break, much more straight ahead, another live look outside. this time let's check or mount tam camp. we will be right back..
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and we're back, cold morning
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at their reports of the north bay experiencing frosty conditions i can tell you we see it in the state to. more news faster solar reporter jackie sissel is live in nevada wow! jackie, that shot was always cold up there. >> it feels like me. they have rosten certified, you can see how cold it is we haven't seen call like this and a couple of weeks, i know the rain is coming but this morning you will feel it as soon as you come out, on up here in the north bay you can see the frost is on the car's third year, the car lot when i went out it was completely covered in ice. i'm sure a lot of folks would grant the same situation this morning, rain coming this weekend but this morning the immediate problem or issue, whether haori want to say it is the cold. then add that extra layer, put those gloves on i know my cabezon renown i'm still cold. >> thank you, for that shot let's carry to the numbers,
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louisa. >> good morning, it's not just the north bay that the action strains in these cold temperature hours its also mostly on the peninsula as well temperatures getting down into the '40's. overall a pretty chilly forecast in most locations. looks like this camera is broken but locate rows of emotion. give you an idea of what we can accept, really cold fall little bit of fog, by the afternoon it will be cool, dry partly cloudy in the evening brings in a slight chance of rain once it starts it will not let up for quite some time. pretty big storm for this weekend. temperatures in the 30's even on the peninsula. 39 for oakland, santa rosa. 34, for fairfield, 36 into livermore. the look of a much colder temperatures are
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this morning seven degrees cooler for san francisco, 10 redwood city, 13 half moon bay. overall a big dip in temperatures. right now, all the crowds pressed well to the south, that means clear conditions which is making for cooler temperatures this morning. but, as we head towards the weekend the system is expected to come been a lot of moisture and fact were talking about rain or this weekend. future cast, slight chance of showers early to draw morning we wake up your commute could be a wet one. it will be fairly persistent for a good portion of your day. evening commute, still doing some more weather, late friday night heavier down course. it looks like at this point out to the north bay, sonoma, napa. saturday, still keeping that wet weather around fairly heavy downpours throughout the day, 9:00 reason heavier
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rain down to mountain view, san jose even livermore. 11:00, same story. heavy rains sitting down in the south bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., still well ahead of us, and windy. that wet weather continues to live next week. it looks like heavy downpours through next week as well. first official day of winter august to be tuesday. erica. >> thank you, , quickly rounded up the driver camera is no evidence of slowing around the bay area, very easy conditions for your ride to the bay bridge no way that the pay gate. the leading lights are off. now comes your ride along the upper deck, easy drive time eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze as your porch fremont differences go. san mateo, you may have a little bit more from getting their no. bound 800 connector ramp to westbound 92 is closed. that stuff 5:00 a.m., was hit the
4:34 am
bridge, no drums along the span, easy conditions gray as you make your way up the highways. a perfect conditions back at the toll plaza. golden gate bridge, south bound 101 no problems as your perch san francisco, the entire ride is in the clear, highway 37 down to san francisco easy 24 minutes. across town freeways, san francisco, very easy conditions just a couple of cars on the road looks like a ghost town on 0180 split the ride clocking in under 15 minutes, lower deck along east bound 80, prompt 3. james. >> thank you, new for you, a transit riders in san francisco you need to brace for changes as ongoing construction for the terminal answers second phase, this is a live picture of that facility, stops for certain bustlines
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are going to be relocated starting today, drop boss on the 38 eureka, 71 and their counterparts are moved to beale street. passengers looking for 80, 81, 82 glacier express confinement the islands of maine and howard and veal and hour. passengers bound for treasure island still picked up from veal straight but the drop-off location is now on main. tomorrows service will move from folsom to howard. the examiner is reporting that thousands of schoolchildren will have to find a new way to travel to school, this district board of education voted to cut the bus service by more than 50 percent will affect roughly 3300 students in elementary and middle school, they will be passed on party faced over the next
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three years, saving the district nearly $2 million a year. they say cost about a hundred thousand dollars annually to run each bus. dozens of people took this streets to demonstrate against proposed cutbacks and ac transit. they made their voices heard in a public meeting. reggie kumar looks of the issues. >> of a group of about two dozen bus riders began protesting the 15 percent service cuts this year at 14th and broadway. most of them wore these yellow shirts with the letters a c c e standing for lines of california's for community empowerment. all of them belong to ac transit headquarters where a board meeting was about to start once inside a protest organizer of the at phelps stood in front of the board demanded they stop cutting service. they asked for the stop and wait to >> during public comment.
4:37 am
she refused, the crowd got louder. >> essentially the bird started reading and allowed them to >> . we talked to her ought to the protesters left. >> we're recommending that they work with us. were we want to expand the transfers from 2-4 hours, for you the boss buys for student at the shop to pay to get an education, restore the service that they've been cutting. >> board members to reach an agreement binding attrition last month. the bus drivers and mechanics, it requires them to contribute to their house and benefits plan they now have to decide whether to decide to make another 6 percent in service cuts to help pay down the $9 million deficit. they would gone into effect this month but because of the agreement made the board decided to postpone making a decision on those cuts for now. >> in his amateur sport at
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the moment they're not in effect, the board can do whatever they choose to do in that regard. they had said previously there's a possibility that there will be future budget cuts. probably as early as march, nothing is set in stone. >> reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> another developing story and investigators will be back on the scene of the that the stabbing that took the lives of a teenager. that happen near cedar and bird street, this the crime scene, that's where police say they found just as a follow-up in the street. stabs' several times, pronounced dead there at the scene. investigators say to young males were seen running from the area we're told this morning he was student of the school district. shares deputies to resume their search for a pennsylvania man his car has been parked outside the redwood city park since saturday. you can see his
4:39 am
photograph, his name is jonathan frank, inside his car police say they've found a small amount of the ammunition they searched yesterday, did not find anything they will resume their search this morning. described as 5 ft. 7 in. tall, with a hundred and 50 lbs., brown hair, green eyes. >> new details, samper in a pipeline explosion three more homes have been demolished following the explosion that killed eight people. this brings the total number of homes destroyed to 38. 55 other homes damaged by the blast, according to the examiner of the city council deemed the most recent three houses to. pacific gas and electric company will fit the bill to abolish those homes. video, this is a car that smashed the rosters of the former surgeon megastore near market and stockton last night. he got all the way
4:40 am
out to the escalators. that happened just before 10:00 p.m. hundreds of people in the area, no one was hit or injured in this accident, the cause is still under investigation the kitchen of the driver has not been revealed the virgin megastore was closed second 2009. honda is recalling more than 1 million fit kind cars to fix wiring in the headlights it will recall 143,000 in the u.s., 734,000 in japan. honda says that it recall in japan would cost the company about $42 million, they will also recall them in your bed a share, they declined to give further details no accidents or injuries have been reported. we're right to take a break, look from our roof top camera showing is san francisco a mild day in terms of the rain, a that
4:41 am
but it is cold as you head out the door. more on that in a minute.
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and we had that, the wife of the men who had a school board at gunpoint says he was a gentle giant. he was frustrated over her losing her teaching job. he was the man in who ended up killing himself after a shouting at school board members. we have gotten hold of the 911 call coming in from the incident. listen. >> police just got here, they're trying to get into the boardroom. companies now. >> ok. you're doing fine, just stay with me ok. >> i'm staying are not going anyplace. speaking during really good. i'm ok. i'm ok. >> police are getting
4:43 am
everyone on the ground amid their in with their guns. speaking how many people in the room with you? >> half the buildings here. we're ok. >> we now know that clay duke had been planning this for some time police say he had the day circled on his calendar is facebook profile indicated he didn't expect to survive. we will take a break, be read back. >>
4:44 am
into the air at 4 4:04 a.m. at the mix of sleet, snow, freezing rain all of that transformed roads into ice rinks, this is video of what they're dealing lead, a
4:45 am
cruiser up really early this morning spreading salt doing their best to keep roads clear, pushing through bringing down the cold air from canada. let's get a look at our local for gas, coal but not that cold. >> good morning james, temperatures in the '30s, very chilly, much colder than yesterday. the city's north bay, 36 and rafael, 30 oakland, redwood city, los gatos. we're at 40 in through mountain view, san jose. much cooler and it were this time yesterday red across the board, we're seeing those drops in temperatures in fact temperatures down by about 11 degrees in san francisco. future captures is waking up to a few sprinkles tomorrow morning. the morning commute should be a wet wind, light rain last until lunchtime it
4:46 am
could be fairly persistent we're just talking about a drizzle, light rain pretty much radon today friday. seeing the wind, rain really pick up as we haven't decided especially the saturday evening. 9:00 heavier downpours done it to the sense they come in livermore. sunday, still keeping wet weather around, it will be a very wet weekends wet into next week as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. that storm tracker 4 is wide open and come friday. it is one wet day after another after another. first official day of winter happens to be tuesday. the weather is playing its role here. check and your commute. >> wrapping up with no hotspot or from spots. still enjoy and light traffic all around the bay area, westbound 80 maybe a couple more cars than we saw 10 minutes ago. still pretty easy conditions as you make
4:47 am
your way to the pay dates. no grounds for your ride along the upper deck, 8-9 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze to fremont san mateo, northbound in a three-way, overnight construction still in effect. no. but 802 westbound 92 is close, in effect of 5:00. want to get to the span it's of no problems. light traffic in both directions of '92. golden gate, nice, easy just a few cars on the road south of the to san francisco no crumbs free ride along the span, the entire ride is in the clear. novato toward san francisco still 24 minutes. public transportation, a great start, no ' or for a drink, bart, muni. james. >> glibly area ranks near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to communing, according to a survey by
4:48 am
bungalow commuters which includes oakland and fremont spent 55 hours a year stuck in their cars, the issue of about three of its $69 a month on gas and other expenses for the vehicle. that lends them 77 at of 90 regions surveyed. their loss next ahead to dallas. the best commute or again, they get around their pretty easy. very attached icon is now time magazine's person of the year. facebook founder is reported one of the indus people to ever win the claim to title. gabe slate is a closer look at one of the top of entrepreneurs. >> at 26 years old mark is the second and this person of the year named by time
4:49 am
magazine. >> the mongoose was charles lindbergh a 25 in 1927. he is one of the end is billionaires' in the world, has net worth is around $6 billion, self-made man born in 1984, grew up in new york, his father was a dentist, mother was a psychiatrist he has three sisters, here's one of the randy she worked for him facebook. he's a picture of him at his family. visiting the were the very order and orlando trip he's raised u.s. according since he's described themselves as tedious. he attended harvard where he invented facebook in his store. he dropped dead of harvard in 2004 heading for silicon valley, this is is your girlfriend there been dating since 2005, the liberal palo alto. and earlier this week they inducted him into the california mile of fame. the movie social network came out earlier this year, it
4:50 am
was based on him and his creation of facebook it's expected to be nominated for oscars he has donated $100 million to the new jersey public schools. joining the giving fletcher started by bill gates to apply to the majority of his wealth to charity over the course of his life and death. >> he might seem like the type not have a sense of your but he was booed gunnison sons and a volunteer to voice cemex character or so. >> happy to meet new friends. >> the on-line business web site glass door .com has raised the new list for the top 50 companies to work for several bay area companies made the list, facebook came in no. one followed by shedder fly, the survey asked employees to rank their company by a live-work to balance. that everyone tries to manage, a professional environment,
4:51 am
confident, management, work satisfaction we asked employees white stratify is a grid is tortures of the estate. >> tons of services, they give is koses to choose from, for shot, people are great, passionate, not too big, not too small, some of the challenges are growing our fourth quarter is very seasonal, there's a lot of ramp up towards the fourth quarter this time of year. it can be a challenge sometimes but is in joint. it's fun. >> they have been in business for 11 years, 600 employees and most of them work in the headquarters in redwood city. >> new free this morning a strange story lee harvey ours world often is hitting the auction block in l.a.. the auction house says it will sell this simple pine coffin in which the assassin of john f. kennedy was buried for 20 years it will start of a thousand dollars but the item is expected to
4:52 am
get strong interest from museums and collectors. the coffin was under the in 1981 after legal the spread between the widow and his brother. we will take another break, another shot of side, here's a look from novato where we have a really cold temperatures some spots getting down to the freezing mark, a lot of frost on these cars more on your forecasts coming up and just .... just a little bit.
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5:00 a.m., here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we have temperatures in the mid-upper 50s, partly cloudy sunshine, paula the last really good day to do anything outside, look at that starting to mount into next week nothing but clouds, rain heaviest those saturday. temperatures really never get above 60, cold, wet weather free their foreseeable future. the bay
4:55 am
bridge approach, looks good, headlights' building still moving the seven eproms, no issue on the span. highway 92, san mateo as we take a look there, pretty good about directions, no, the california highway patrol your ride from hayward to foster city lives at the limit. golden gate, just a handful of headlights coming setback on 101 no word of any problems from highway 37 all the way down into san francisco. >> baseball, news for you a place roll legend has died cleveland indians' pitching great bob feller died at the age of 92 he was healthy at until recently when he developed leukemia which took his life. he went to under 66 games, 18 seasons all with the indians, he was part of irritation that helps them win the world series back in 1948 he pitched three no-hitters, 121 hitters, inducted into
4:56 am
the baseball hall of fame his first year of eligibility he was an american hero serving as a gunner for the navy. giants fans got to get up close and personal with the world series trophy, here is video of the above, people are so the record's been behind the trophy. pictures with the team's big prize, yesterday announced the trophy will go on tour starting junior force. it will span the bay area from santa cruz to sonoma. it will make a few detours stalling in arizona for training and then in new york were the team was founded. it will come to an end that at&t parked. arlington tx mayor and is putting on the giants' t- shirt during a community
4:57 am
service, the mayor from the home town make good on his way dirt with mayor news some day yesterday. wow! was the loser had to fly to the winner city put on the team shirt then do some community service. both mayors come as the junior giants used baseball team even attended a news conference about the church to church. >> it was a fair bet, i lost, i still went because i get countries introduce produce and community service, i have to wear their jersey but of farley's the to do a better great team, six innings they want. >> the mayor said the sureties the warring couple little edgy but he managed to run long enough to fill that. quick break, be read back, but there forecaster ahead.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
top stories, police searching for suspects in the stabbing in near that left a teenager dead. >> santa cruz county sheriff's deputies resuming their search for missing man at the big basin redwoods state park. the senate will get one last chance dismantle the " don't ask, don't tell " before going on for the year. it is cold that there this morning, the rain is on the way, we're dry but deftly will feel the chill. a live look from our roof, dark, it seems fairly clear it's hard to tell i know parleyed friday skies but how about this temperatures? >> very cold there, much colder than we have been. the authorities even along the peninsula. you can see the golden gate bridge a little bit patchy fog, but a very cold start. toward the weekend all the details on this major story editor way
5:01 am
first french hunters, the thirties, this is how much cooler temperatures are at this time, then 24 hours ago on a 11 degree drop and temperatures. 10 into redwood city. 11 degrees cooler. then yesterday. were keeping our eye on is the wet weather expected to push run through early to morning picking up a few sprinkles, light showers in the morning hours. then by lunchtime still keeping weather runs. light rain for a good portion of the day winds expected to pick up as well. gusty winds coming towards the evening rain for your saturday, friday, into saturday. looks like we will see some heavier downpours seven to assess big, portions of livermore as well. sunday, wet, most of the day on sunday widespread rain chances around. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. is this your highs
5:02 am
they only topping and in the mid-upper 50s, clapton in. partly cloudy, friday and increase in those clouds, rain really kicks in. heavy rain expected saturday, wet and windy rate add to the weekend. continue to see whether stretching into the weekend. first official day happens to be tuesday. >> quiet start to the commute, no hot spot to proms, dense fog around. the specially being reported that nicotine is bridge, across the courteous straight. the the side of the advisory is just report from viewers about every fraud, bay bridge toll plaza, no problems easy ride heading west across the upper deck all approaches look good. your read the san mateo bridge is fine as well, no drums here on the span are on the purges coming over from 101 to 92
5:03 am
interchanged tuesday mateo, traffic is like to hayward in the commute direction approaching 92 north and southbound. freight traffic is light rain now. golden gate, 101 southbound looks smooth, no problems between 37 and the waldegrave. traffic to the constructions everything is moving pretty well. no delays reporter for public transit, should be a pretty good ride all-around. >> more on the cold as to what temperatures, 34 santa rosa, 36 novato. the wind chill is that 30 degrees, to get to more news faster let's turn to jackie sissel live in nevada. jackie. >> i am feeling every degree of that until you can see the s collecting on a car out here, i know winter doesn't officially startup tuesday that the first day. it feels like we came about a week earlier out here.
5:04 am
definitely it is as cold as we felt that any time so far this winter we are starting to see that hard freeze going on in here. i know the rain is coming but at least for this morning folks will have to deal with this cold before the wet. >> at least that means of the little sunshine. >> developing story of newark, a 17 year-old boy is dead coming as clear as lawyers are still on the loose, it happened at 3:40 p.m. the victim was waiting for best to arrive, kron4 is will tran is there. >> police are looking for two men wearing dark clothes, possibly hedy's seen running from the area. here's video of the scene where it took place, it was just behind the mall at a bus stop across from the house has cooled. apparently the boy gets picked up after school yesterday his mom was unable to do so forcing him to catch the bus. reportedly the boy's mother believes he
5:05 am
was attacked because of what happened at a recent party where he stepped in after seeing at least two guys beating a cheerleader. police believe the information officer will be here possible updates. reporting from that police department will chan, a kron4 news. >> sheriff deputies will be resuming their search for missing pennsylvania man this morning that part of jonathan frank has some parked outside of the base in records eight parts and saturday, you can see is but to their coming inside his car police found a small amount of ammunition. this is part, picking up the search again this morning, described as 5 ft. 7, hundred and 50 lbs. brown hair, green eyes. speech at at this video of car crashed through the virgin malls. with that, write to the grass stores, the last
5:06 am
bitter and unnamed, hundreds of people in the area at the time. the store has long been closed, nobody was there. believe it or not, no one was hurt. they're investigating the cause of the accident, we don't know the condition of the driver. the virgin store has been closed since 2009. >> the senate is getting one last chance to dismantle the " don't ask, don't tell " policy before going home for the year. the house yesterday approved legislation that would end the 1993 law that forbids recruiters from asking about sexual orientation and knowledge in that they are gay. >> we have got not 60 but now 61 members of the u.s. senate, publicly committed to the repeal of " don't ask, don't tell " all that will stop the repeal is a totally unacceptable refusal to bring our measure of in a timely may. we have to get
5:07 am
this done, we can get it done, it's an injustice of the time for to go. >> supporters in the senate to there may not be enough time left to bring it to the floor, for a vote. if that does not happen it is unlikely that " don't ask, don't tell " will be repealed. there'll be more republicans in the house and senate, over 13,000 troops have been discharged. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. ben usually has red curly hair, just like me.
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wait a minute... wait a minute. hold on... hold on.
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5:12 am
to this detective lange hand the affected vehicles how this is a we recall hundred and 43,000 in the u.s. tariff board volume of 700,000 in japan the recall in japan will cost the company nearly $42 million there will also recall them europe, asia but declined to give any more details. james. >> wall street, futures are down continue in that same trend that we sought to develop yesterday where the market ended the day down. a few key aspects of the economy will come much today. labor department will
5:13 am
release its new claims for jobless benefits this morning. plaza to data on housing starts for november, but economists are looking for gains in building permits. both of those expected to come out in 30 minutes. corporate news, twitter raised another $200 million to help fund its growth, that values twitter at $3.7 billion, the last round was about 15 months ago, then they were valued at about 1 billion tripling its value in just one year. kron 4 morning wxoo
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, january the weather is worse, louisville ky, tend to not as cold as the year in the bay area rain is coming down, " but here this morning look at the latest on the forecast
5:17 am
with louisa. >> it has not been as cold in several weeks, temperatures down into the cities in many locations. you can see are shot tundish a year of a little bit, little bit rain and a higher elevations. below freezing for the debt that. 55 for an afternoon high. current temperatures, the 30's in the picture this morning, 33 santa rosa, 34 napa. about the east oakland, redwood city, mountain view. 36 los gatos. temperatures at this hour are much cooler than there were about 24 hours ago when looking at this temperatures down by 11 degrees in places like san francisco, ending a to see this temperatures stay cool for the next couple hours
5:18 am
compared to 24 hours ago but 11 degrees until now back, nine your oakland, north bay, santa rosa 8 degrees, 13 to half moon bay, 10 redwood city. keeping our eye on the to the rain, it starts tomorrow early morning we will wake up to a few sprinkles lasting to lunch. even into the evening. a fairly persistent light rain picking up into the evening on your friday, keeping rain chances around too much of the day on saturday you can see the heavy rain to the south bay. redwood city, monday, san jose to continue to see wet weather freer sunday. your weekend will be a washout. continuing with the wet weather as we headed to next week as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain moves into full gear friday, saturday, sunday river and through next week tuesday happens to
5:19 am
be the first official day of winter. check and your commute. >> first official five advisory, we mentioned your reports of dense fog on interstate 80 across the cattiness straight, the california highway patrol has issued a fog advisor a. there is a word of an accident just passed the accident, reports are that a vehicle traveling in extremely high rate of speed struck a truck, hit the senator ride for a while it was reported that it was in flames and is on fire. it appears to be extinguished, there is accident debris across all of the lanes of interstate 80 we could have a hot spot in the works. bay bridge ride, and no problems here, there will be construction at the bridge, it is likely to have an impact as it did yesterday. san mateo, no problems, like
5:20 am
traffic still for the ride across the mid bay transit, erected golden gate 101 north and south no problems to, still problem free through marin. still no promise for the peninsula, 101 looks good. darya. >> 5:20 a.m. transit riders in san francisco should brace for some of changes there's ongoing construction of the temporary trans bay terminal stops for a bus lines will be reallocated starting today let's turn to our team of solo reporters yoli hill is alive and then it is good. >> high, if you been dropped out before but before that might change is only a few lines. so let me get to that, of show that, if you'd been on the 38 or 71 your pick up will now be main street. the drop box will be
5:21 am
veal. if you're on the 80-82 bay shore express you will find them on the island on main and howard. if you're heading out to treasure island to you will not get picked up banville car dropped up from maine. those in just a few lines changed, the same by freddie anyone who takes transit woman road from boston to howard, this might be confusing for the first day so what they're gonna do is have a customer service person out here during the peak hours to try and help people who are lost as to whether to get picked up or drop box. >> i was wondering since her up there, in addition to that were criticized uc to see a sign posted talking about this? >> these things are marked on the marquee, you will see
5:22 am
a i think it's as 81 x as kind of hard to see, there is one over here that did notice that they are marked rate their so for example the 81, are not sure where was dropped off or pick up but it has changed, you'll just have to look up of some of the marquise, they do are the number so you can find it. there's supposed to be a person around here and try to keep my eyes there for them and see if we could maybe possibly charge them a little later wrote some of the changes. speaking very good. >> the preliminary hearing is taking place in a richmond gang rape it will continue today as the incident happened last year after the high school homecoming guns. a dna expert testified that he found dna linking 14 people to the crime scene. he is likely to remain on the stand for the rest of the
5:23 am
week one other witness to testify, then it will be up to the judge to determine if there's enough evidence to hold the seven suspects for trial. >> a judge has ruled two sisters will stand trial on a host of felony stemming from a villa apartment fire that killed their four children. deputy district attorney argued that both of them both james sisters attentively and willfully left to their children alone with candles burning inside the apartment that night for their arraignment is set for tomorrow. the naacp will hold a hearing to discuss solutions to brutality of the rights violations carried out by a oakland law enforcement coming after our investigations have been arrested by police chief to examine the recent un officer rod shooting at happened on november 8th, oakland police were responding to a domestic servant and robbing their
5:24 am
jones. he was shot and killed by two officers, they alleged he reached into his waistband that turned it to be a scale. no weapon from. >> we'll be back with more just a couple of minutes.
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
all that cold in the bay area to cut the storm lackey's snow from minneapolis to chicago, icy conditions have moved through the midwest very cool weather, check out the video at a kentucky, an ugly mix of sweet, slow are slippery in the area, a cruiser about seven trying to keep the roads clear up to 1/2 inch of ice is expected to accumulate. alabama, five people have died in accidents on icy roads as the winter storm swept through the southeast to alabama to deadly accidents, one the 17 year- old lost control and hit an 18 wheeler the second one an
5:28 am
emergency worker died after being hit, three killed, two separate accidents after their pickup flipped over, causing a traffic backups as you can see let's check of the atlantic, icn that that debt has rain for is on the street just at the height of rush hour. dozens of accident, shut down some of the freeways, they're expected to end in the next few hours. >> we had grown cold temperatures to contend with it is chilly, it grabs some coverage and a jacket, a coat even simmons. we'll be back with more team coverage of the weather. it's so cold during townie a live report from their and taking a look here at the golden gate bridge, very quiet right now up in san rafael it is 36 degrees a high of 53 later this afternoon.
5:29 am
5:30 am
welcome back, bay area
5:31 am
weather this is the bay area, it's cold, jackie sissel one ever solo reporters as live, jackie. >> cold, that's the temperature winter came five days early. you can see the frost, hard freeze that's going on at here. obviously we have that wet weather coming wet weather close, warm clothes, this morning it is definitely the warm clothes get bozeman's, skullcaps out because it is doubly as cold as we've seen it all year long. i've been with the temperature is but this is about as hard a freeze as i've seen so far this year i know the wet weather is coming bellies for this morning you deal with the cold before the wet. >> even the wind chills below freezing in some spots. it will be a lot warmer this weekend but it will be wet, windy. louisa. >> good morning, very cold start, you will notice that
5:32 am
when you step outside. patchy fog out there as you head towards the afternoon, cool conditions will continue but will be dry, this last friday for some time. like chance of rain was in for this evening, cold temperatures this morning, and 30 degrees. below freezing in fairfield, 33 santa rosa. upper 30s red and the east bay. redwood city, via the 39 degrees. how much cooler? quite a bit, seven degrees in napa. the 13 degrees and there have monday. 10 for redwood city. overall, a drop in those temperatures we are expecting rain in to tomorrow. timeline come to my morning early morning of hear raindrops, by 7:00, morning commute a half-inch
5:33 am
of rain in places like san mateo, more than that says bay. more than that, by lunchtime really adding that those rainfall totals, you can see the heavier rains out bay, this will continue into the evening. and backed by about 11:00, up to three- quarters of an inch of rain in san francisco about an inch done this those bay. as we had to your saturday really picking up those turtles, for the end of the day on saturday already have more than an inch of rain in places like san francisco, oakland. san jose as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. which does show that wet weather continues wants to kick sent to mop three saturday, sunday, monday even into the beginning of next week as well. >> highway 4, we met to an accident occur while ago, california highway patrol is
5:34 am
issuing a special traffic advisory. they say lanes will be bob walked there for probably next 30 minutes or so. perhaps little longer is the two left lanes, the sensors have not picked up many delays traffic is still pretty late in that direction. as you approach the scene of the accident at a vallejo, problems with it, will let side the map but. i will surely the bridge, in the west, east bound directions a fog advisor has been issued. mark is telling me that i will 37 along the north bay, i waited seven along the north bay you can see you go see any indication, fog is pretty dense. less see a project, still very light, no delays in the westbound direction. the right to the san mateo bridge still looks great
5:35 am
both through hayward and san mateo 410180. the golden gate bridge ride is problem free, looks good all the way down. >> thank you, , developing story investigators this morning back on the scene of a deadly stabbing that took the life of a teenager this happened yesterday afternoon near cedar bogart, that is where a 17 year-old was in the street, stabbed several times, pronounced dead at the scene investigators say at least two young men were seen running from that area he was a student at your school district. >> new details the 13 year- old grocer ride a vicious attack on sunday is said to be improvement. that's word is coming from the girl's father. the 14 year-old suspect is being charged as an adult for raping the
5:36 am
girl, stabbing her more than 30 times, also occurs to us that in the girls' 18 months old stepbrother. the girl's father who did not one appearing camera caesuras after learning about the 15 felonies. eight of those are sexual assault including forceable rape of a child under 14. >> this is a nightmare, this what everyone is there to kill someone if they did that to my daughter. i know the justices shawm, but if i see him or his family i don't know what i will do. i'd hate the justice system needs to charge him as a doctor something wrong with him. i hope he gets the maximum. >> both victims the 13 year- old girl and her 18 months old stepbrother police are looking into whether those
5:37 am
stabbings are connected to the fatal shootings of two men last month they were shot to death then an apartment on williams street two days later they arrested the 16 year-old brother of the stabbing victims on suspicion of supplying drugs. >> new details on the pipeline explosion, three more homes have been demolished following the explosion that killed a back into to #this brings the total homes to 38. 55 other homes damaged by the explosion. according to the examiner the san bruno examiner does plan to dangers to occupy pacific gas and electric company will pay the bill. >> we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes, r.i. is on the weather is cold out there. clara, shot drive the san mateo bridge, was spun 92. folks are starting to get up
5:38 am
and head out to work this things are moving at the limit. we will be read back.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome back, 267 looks like a little snow on the runway chain requirements as we head into friday, today freezing fog is going to be snow on friday, saturday only get some heavy rain here it looks like rain at lake level skill levels rising well above six dozen feet probably closer to 7-8 ft. heavy rain on lake tahoe during the day on saturday is expected to change practice known sunday. when gust over hundred miles per hour. >> the senate will get one last chance to dismantle " don't ask, don't tell " policy before going home. the house passed a bill that would end lot democratic majority leader's secede foretops about what they do. >> don't ask, don't tell is a policy that forces bridge
5:42 am
men and women to lie about who they are. a compromise is the core value of integrity every day. we want our men and women to tell the truth, but ironically we put many in a position and say to them, don't tell the truth. and as costar country the service of some 13,500 gay and lesbian troops your uniform with honor. that is the key, individuals who served with honor. >> the bill to repeal has a slimmer chance of passing next year which will have a larger republican may get. 13,000 troops have been discharged under that policy. >> we will be right back of the kron 4 morning news continues, a little bit of fog, temperatures are cold. 30 degrees rain now, in the
5:43 am
'50s. sunshine before the storm. >
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, 5:45 a.m. your waking up to a chilly start to the morning. downtown san francisco is clear, patchy morning fog, visibility one- quarter mile and places like novato, a major storm this weekend, wet weather friday, first we'll start with your current temperatures, chilly out there, here's a look rain now as a ticket to the day today cold, patchy morning fog, a cool, dry the in a slight chance of some rain. 56 san rafael, 36 san our fault,. 33 santa rosa. there be fairfield, there is all the way down to redwood city, mt. view, los cotter's. here's how much colder it is compared to yesterday. 11 degrees
5:47 am
colder, you will certainly notice it. napa the same, seven degrees in san rafael, nine oakland, 10 degree drop and your redwood city. as we take it to the day tomorrow, will bring in a chance of rain coming today dry temperatures now warming up more than 50s. 53 san rafael, 55 richmond. temperatures arrive 56 or san jose, morgan help. livermore around 54, 55 hayward. future cast waking up to some showers tomorrow to some light rain expected to persist through good portion of your day on friday, when is really picking up as well, rain starting to increase towards evening, bringing a chance of what weather to the pitcher throughout much of the weekend as well. towards evening heavier downpours in the south bay, livermore on your sunday chance of rain kept around for much of the
5:48 am
day. weekend will be a wet one. it doesn't stop there continue to your work week. tahoe, looking at today freezing morning bob, snow and to the pitcher, quite a mess on those rays. saturday, snow levels to rise a bit kind of get a mixture of rain, snow on your saturday with a high temperature around 41. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., today is the last dry day that we have, much more wet weather to come. george. >> a fair amount adults and a father this morning, bay said along highway 37 and here at the mount of adulterated the carotene is straight california highway patrol is churning with caltrans for fog advisor year and here at the benicia bridge. dense fog across things coming in from
5:49 am
solano. interstate 80, quite remarkable that we have this alert in effect for 20 minutes with lanes blocked in the westbound direction but still no back to putting down the hercules and highway 4. a high-speed accident occurred blocking the two left him lanes. debris across the rest of the lanes as well. bay bridge for literature ride, westbound, no proms or delays pretty smooth commute as you can see still heading in from the maze and the san jose ride along 101 still looks good into santa clara other downtown. heading north. darya. >> thank you, it doesn't stick to the streets to demonstrate against the proposed cutbacks on ec transit. ac transit has cut 15% of its services year, demonstrators gathered here in oakland to a to voice their displeasure with this.
5:50 am
protesters walked to ac transit headquarters where a board meeting is happening. >> we are recommending that they work with us. we want to expand for two-four hours free use and thus pass this should not have to pay to get an education. restore the service that they have been cutting. >> the board has to decide how to pay down its $9 million budget deficit. >> to the board can do whatever they choose to do an hour guard. they had said previously that there was a possibility that there will be future budget cuts probably as early as march, there's nothing seven stone. >> to those cuts were gone into effect this month but because of the agreement with the bus drivers they decided to instead postponed the decision on the cuts for now. >> this just into the newsroom, the latest on the economy to reports have just come in, the first one deals
5:51 am
with jobless benefits applications for jobless benefits dropped steadily to 427,000 they're dropping 27 weeks, a hopeful sign that the job market is improvement, some construction edged up after two months of declines they broke down on 4% more homes than they did in october we will see how wall street reacts, opening bell said to ring at 630. >> we'll be right back as the news continues after the break, a live look at the bay bridge, a good so far from a cold up there. oakland, 39 degrees, mid-50s today increasing high clouds before the storm front tomorrow.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
while we're getting ready for the rain, we have to do with a sweater on it is cold. the high is only 1956
5:55 am
today, partly cloudy some sunshine like we did yesterday just the little cooler. it will be pretty bad this weekend, starting with the rain the roles and to rock, heavy rain plus it gets windy as we move through the weekend, that lenders red on to the next workweek. >> giants fans got to get a close-up of personal with the world series trophy. if you didn't get to go don't worry the announce the trophy is goi on a grand tour starting genera for at san francisco city hall, it will span the bay area from santa cruz to sonoma. it will make a few detours stopping in arizona for spring training and in new york where the team was founded. it will come to an end to at&t parked for the home opener on april 8th. for a complete list and were you get your picture taken for free got a check under the news linked. >> talk about being a good
5:56 am
sport, here you see arlington tx mayor road clock putting on in the junior giants jersey. speaking it was a little t- shirt, the mayor from the hometown of the texas rangers made good on his from the richer about the world series with mayor gavin newsom the laser said it would fly to the winner receives a part of the jurors a.m. then do some community service both of them scoke coached the junior giants baseball game. >> it was a fair bet, i lost, i still win because i get to come to san francisco to some community service, i have to wear their jersey, that's not real easy to do but they had a great team, to cities who've never had a world series. >> the mayor says, this is his " it assured out little itchy he is wanted to take jobs. >> will you back into
5:57 am
minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m., on live look from novato, temperatures are near the freezing mark with a wind chill at 30 degrees, cold out there, santa rosa it is 30 degrees of the actual air temperature in the mid 50s this afternoon as temperatures are on the increase. chance of rain before real stars ride across loud, sunday. quit bridge deck, live look at the bay bridge, quiet for now, is the next 15-20 minutes where the trouble begins to build. san mateo bridge, of you brake lights in the distance as you make your way towards the high- rise, golden gate, no major delays showing up a little bit of thought, cold temperatures bay area wide.
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