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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  December 16, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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that the failure of pg&e to provide adequate procedures or the pg&e personnel to follow established procedures has resulted in safety risks the politely not been created have secure regulations been complied with and ". the six page letter, that pg&e failed to comply with the law. with various leaks of pressures along the gas lines. the utility company was even on the where it was doing so. pg&e calls this letter a snapshot in time. it was not referring to the same type of pipe that exploded in san bruno. a spokesperson for pg&e says the thick and aggressively this issue. >> the bottom line, that anytime we find something that could an impact our customers we address it, right away, take action and develop a plan. and communicate with the commission on that.
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>> christine connolly. >> the reactions from pakistan for no dan kerman. -the reaction from the san bruno neighborhood-- >> correct, but boarded up homes. tomorro you can . >> the reaction is have from outrage, anchor, and people are still not even to a near-- >> and it this san bruno neighborhood, the reaction from no surprise, to operate, and anchor,--nger >> nothing surprises me anymore! and flabbergasted. i cannot believe the lack of honesty with people losing their homes, family, friends, " and the like? >> it is terrible that new
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people and some of the information got lost or it was not acted upon i think it is terrible that it has to be a tragedy to get information out. and acted upon. >> and she lost her home shake up at least. >> and i am hoping that at least this will be a shake up. motion plenty of reminders, within the space is. >> with three months after the explosions, plenty of reminders, of these spaces, and the ion homes boarded up. >> and with this letter, that if this could have all been avoided. please just shows that there are people out there that nothing was done. so, my community is just upside down. we all suffered.
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>> residents are hopeful that somebody will be held accountable in some will really make an effort to see that this does not happen again at some morales. reporting live in san bruno, dinner that this is not happened, somewhere else. >> safety improvements are been talked about for a four and one of the coming up with? >> catherine, let me show you from the public utilities community is asking it pg&e to make these changes, to reduce the maximum allowable pressure to 20 percent of all pipelines. in high consequence areas. and before january 1st, 1962 that have not gone to the hikers tacthydrostatic testing d also--to test the integrity of each pipe with a camera and x-rays. and also, to repress rise in the gas transmission line. retesting.
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>> that sounds like it is a lot of work. how long? >> they are recommend a thing that pg&e but these in place, immediately. >> and these are recommendations that they cannot force pg&e to do? >> exactly. >> new details, of witnesses in the stabbing death of a teenager when state. they found a body near intersection of cedar boulevard and birch st.. that 17 year old he was attacked last september and protecting and others to and from an assault. the family put up a moral, his mother says that witnesses will come forward to put up a-- memorial toward them and if somebody out there just knows something? to, forto come forward. and dashed if they
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could come tford for the sake of the community in the sake of our children, the safety, to come forward. and my son all the to was good to school, come home, and go to school, and go to church, and do his chores. i did not understand why this happened to my son. >> please do not know if there is a connection with this incident last september. he was protecting a cheerleader who was getting attacked at a party. >> and antioch, they're rolling off six more officers bringing that forced to the total of 98. 30 less than the recommended total. and already 10 murders, and 30 breach, windows and burglaries. and antioch-is the 100 dangerous
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cities in america. 30-rapes. over 1000 burglaries. >> with the stormtracker 4 radar, you notice of the light shower activity off the shore. and so far, just a few sprinkles through san francisco. and a look to the wider view. a steady stream of more to point towards the bay area with plenty of torture embedded in this system. as we go towards the weekend sunday of moisture. apps we are in the fifties for the most part, w45and as we go towards the morning, that is when the short really picked up. by noon,
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widespread shower activity. the intensity will pick up. widespread rainfall by 3:00 p.m. and continuing through the evening. and even more in intensity on saturday. . time it out on futurecast, the cirrus, the snowfall, and your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. this year as a debt- >> and with good weather,- sip the sierras. >> and with wicked weather. >> and why this truck pushing down the street is not doing anybody a favor. >> 5:55, a great gift ideas for the tech person on your list. under $30, coming out.
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>> wikileaks founder, julian assagne out of jail, and sweden is still cuttry to get him extradited, and the could face charges in the u.s. for leaking secrets.
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and he left a court room with a line of flashing cameras out. after solitary confinement, he said will make it clear to continue his information on his website. >> i hope to continue my work and continue to protest my innocence in this matter and to reveal... as we get, which we have not get, the evidence from these allegations. >> and he is going to a 10 bedroom mansion. and he will observe a curfew, have an electronic tag in check-in with police, every day. >> with terror of threats from al qaeda, and homeland security are alerting law enforcement to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. to check on security measures and these warnings to not include information on specific plots.
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>> well, if you have travel plans? you better plan on this rainfall. nonstop to the weekend and through next week with several inches in the full details, coming up. >> a quick check on traffic, left = west. and traffic is flowing well. stay with us. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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verizon 4g lte.
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rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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>> wicked weather, by sue roads, and this is happening everywhere from the deep south to the nation's capital. one >> the lincoln memorial was shot down as crews with snow blowers walked on-were-on up those steps. with icy roads causing traffic nightmares and hundreds and thousands of accidents. this was early in atlanta or raleigh, n.c.,
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the same, with ice. and this fountain in raleigh, north carolina became one big block of ice. just how cold it is. and one georgia neighborhood, sheets of black tights. and there were just abandoning their cars, up sheets of black-ice. that did not always work. >> i'm going to walk it. >> please be careful. >> she was startled but not hurt. >> also in georgia, through a long wait on this bosthis school bus >> and i felt that we were sliding in and work on there for three hours. the minneapolis, a difficult finding of another lesion in their roof. >> and the 40's, that are still trying to get a 40'--
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authorities are still trying to rescue these people. >> and this is through which you brunswick, with homes, businesses. >> and we had to show you with this lighthouse on lake erie! encased in ice, this is what happens when crashing waves and icing temperatures combined at the cleveland harbor. through the west pier lighthouse. it looks like a big, beautiful ice sculpture. >> we have our own wicked weather on the way, with the stormtracker 4 radar. and with the scattered light rainfall pushing in. most of this is a drawing this before it hits the ground. and the showers will not move in until overnight. the stormtracker 4 radar is showing steady stream of moisture coming in from the
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coast and pulling and from the tropical moisture. and that will continue to get steady shots up moisture into the weekend and next week. futurecast, as you head of the weekend, we are going to be seeing widespread shower activity. and picking up in intensity. heavy rainfall. santa rosa, and by 6:00 p.m., pockets of heavy rainfall located through. by 11:00 p.m. on friday, santa rosa, continuing to saturday morning. saturday afternoon, widespread shower activity. and early sunday morning. these computer monitors are- these computer plottemodels are just showing that it is going to be heavy bursts of rain fall in between with widespread expected consistently. however, by 2:00 p.m. on monday, shower
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activity and heavy rain fall on tuesday. 1:00 p.m. on tuesday, moderate/heavy towards 9:00 p.m. widespread through the night and then quite a few rainfall the south. and then between now and sunday, 2.5 in. in the north bay. over 4 in. in the santa cruz mountains and nearly 2 in. in the central and east bay. and over 2 in. in the north expected. and will let pretty intense conditions in the sierras this weekend i would really avoid going in there. winter storm warning including lake tahoe. with heavy snowfall expected with two-4 in. per hour! that is really intense, and really, the possibility of avalanches. and with accumulations of above 7,000 ft., 3 ft.-8 ft., and the roads could be impassible.
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and the chp is recommending sleeping bags, and water, food in your car if you are going. i would not recommend going. >> and with it kron 4 7 day around the bay the gusting winds, with 30 m.p.h.! sustained. with monday, tuesday, several inches of rainfall through your extended forecast. the new details on the missing girl found in san francisco. jeffrey is beckone va.-easily te shot was his check-in on virginia. bricks a. smit. denib
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smith he was spotted by a shopper at a safeway. and he is being extradited back to virginia. his connection with the mother of produce math. he was the boyfriend. her mother was murdered. the teamed her name is pretty snath. >> and there is rumor of a brace mthere is a rumor of a serial killer on n.y., long island. craigslist, as courts services victims are to ou >> and this is not doing anybody any favors. >> and internet reporter,
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kimberly sakamoto that a look of these pictures on the website. >> catherine, it was recently that this home was robbed and as facebook posting that his son was most heavily impacted. that his ipad, face and you have to take a look at this, on the facebook page. with the stolen a laptop, the fee posted a picture on the sun's facebook page. all 400 friends could see, leaving comments, that this is a rubber, is this for real? this-is this a proper? and even the thumbs up given. with cash, and that is the death new jacket. that is the father's new jacket--and that is a rubber. that is a rubber. that is a proper
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that is a picture of a robber. he is protestinobvious
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live, from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 5:30. >> our top story, termination with the shooting in east bay city.


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