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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 17, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>> 4:00 a.m. it's friday the end of the week. louise is tracking rain. >> let's just embrace it and welcome again. grain crops on the camera will be a typical picture as we head towards the weekend and next week. let's go ahead and show you where we have the most rain. north bay catching a break from petaluma, ran on through highway 37 in toledo. picking up raindrops' all along the peninsula it looks
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like three daily city southward through half moon bay, also pacifica as heavy selling narrow right through san mateo. the dark shaded area here picking up heavier rain. in through dublin interchange we're picking up raindrops. also portions of livermore valley. 47 for san francisco, 45 interest and a rosa, 44 livermore. 7 day around the bay it shows you a wet weather pattern. wet and windy through the weekend and next week as well. it happens tuesday is the first day of winter. smack in the middle of all the days of rain. >> happy friday is wet weather's not causing back up or delays. a
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bridge check your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza which a pass that pay gates over night constructions. i checked the sensors not producing any slowing so easy conditions and to make your way to san francisco. san mateo bridge this morning no problem another direction of '92. all the space on the right-hand side that is traffic headed toward the peninsula, foster city 12 minutes between 88101. golden gate bridge ride nice and smooth 101 barely any cars on the road no problems through marin county and quickly looking at the approach the shore freeway. nicely as to make your way through the s curve as you reach berkeley emeryville and the bay bridge toll plaza. >> team coverage of the bay bridge. washo roads are the
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biggest concern. a lot of people hope strategically placed sandbags will help. x >> we saw them stomping on simex. >> make sure the car the covert are cleaned out and make sure water can drain out and help for the best. >> your son is filling sandbags when even a do with them? >> we need about a >> hundred. 100 may not be enough we may get as much as 10 in. of rain in santa cruz mountains over the next several days. they're using bags to keep it from washing out third driveway. >> i want to build up sandbags right here so when it's the curved it can go down to the old dream.
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>> the water jumps the road here. it jumps there road and goes over and hits the curve. then it slashes down the driveway. >> that done it was back to the sample for another load. they will be added until dark. >> with the rain forecast that will last all weekend and next week's severance cisco encouraging businesses to sweep up leaves and debris. just to prevent storm drains from being clobbered. that may add two additional flooding fifth. you can pickup free sand banks you have to bring residency prove to get the sandbags. any up police are discovering a stabbing around midnight. a man was exiting one confronted by
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santos the two began fighting and santos stabbed the man several times in the chest in the back and in the face. he was arrested at the scene and transported the victim to a medical center his wounds do not appear to be life-threatening. manioc is laying off six police officers despite the fact burglaries' and that's our up all from last year. tetons and reports a short staffed please department could mean disaster for the city. >> and the hawks play murder rate doubled from last year from 5 to 10 murders. the most recent included net to year-old getting shot ahead well inside the house. and a woman tried to her death by a man driving a truck. >> is getting rough. >> they're dealing with this
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serious financial crisis the police department lobby will be closed for 10 days this month earlier this year 20 community service officers were also let go. antioch was renamed the 11th most dangerous city in california. >> you want to save going shopping just to the grocery store. it's not safe >>. it's not getting any better. i don't think cutting copses a good thing at this point. it's getting worse >>. if the city in the union can come up with some concessions those six police officer jobs could be saved. kay thompson kron 4 news. >> making headlines a developing story out of capital held months of tax package is on its way to the president's desk for his signature it would extend tax cuts for families at every income level. it would renew
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for it would enact a one-year cut in social security taxes now would benefit every worker the nerve to waive. it just passed the house and the senate. now for check of wall street stock futures are mixed after finishing up yesterday. we will find out where the economy is headed the board will release its index. if you plan on shopped to more expect company shopper traffic predicts that it will be the second or third busiest shopping day indeed of the year. on the corporate from oracle has jumped it was the biggest increase in another sign the companies in general are spending more on technology. m 4:07 a.m. we will go back outside a wet one out there this morning-make your way into work or were your are going away a shot of the golden gate bridge
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this is being repeated just about everywhere around the bay. we will be right back.
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for 09 a.m. storm tracker 41 we say it's one out there we are not kidding all the green representing rain coming down. north bay south bay it doesn't matter. if the south bay looks like we're getting a break for a moment but everybody else in rain it will be like that for the rest of the day. if you haven't seen this 7 day we will show you that a minute. out of tall i believe the shot. all the shot just one way. there is a winter storm warning for the sierra bring change if you plan on heading up the and this morning. and we'll have more on
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your forecast coming up. new details the dmv worker who sent a letter to a trend center woman is leaving his job. thomas submitted his resignation wednesday he was put on leave after amber filed of lawsuit that is the victim appeared she says she got a letter warning her of eternal damnation after reporting a terse exchange on her driver's license. dmv will release its own investigation. a santa rosa man has avoided a prison term but will be spending some time in jail. william peel has a record of drunken-driving for 44 years he was then six months in jail for his latest of finance the 65 year-old man was sentenced to jail even though they wanted a prison term of two years. he was convicted seven
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times in 1970's five times the navy's, four times in the '90s, and once again 2002. avoid from driving campaign kicks off today so chp and law-enforcement will be open force keeping an eye out. an update on the developing story all westbound lanes of dumbarton bridge reopened this morning after being closed for several hours that after car drove the wrong way and caused a major injury accident. the accident was the first reported just before 9:00 a.m. last night. one person was severely injured and had be extricated from their vehicle. traffic was backed up for past and 30 last name. art is considering running later on saturday night. the board of directors is pushing the idea that would extend service the
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idea would be to provide people a chance to go home. most are trains. they want board managers to prepare reports of modifying the service hours. we will take another break at 4:12 a.m.. it is a moderate are shot of san francisco traffic 101 headed south toward the peninsula at is what they're, of the wet and he spake, more detailed lookit forecast coming up in a minute.
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for 1:00 pm alive look from the sierra 89 at 28 you can see still on the road they have all whole lot more headed their way.
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today snow levels are down low. back at the bay area is the rain we are dealing with. a lot look of san francisco luzon hodge has been keeping a truck on it. pamela mt. tam picking up a few raindrops in some locations light rain but fairly persistent so your radar right now is actually all lit up. some areas getting heavier rain. in the north bay we are seeing shores up your santa rosa, novato, more rain towards 101 so should start picked up within the next hour. 80 through back the bill as well. from the peninsula looks like it's south san francisco as we head down to 80-1 01 as well picking up heavier rain drops as you head toward san mateo. san mateo bridge right now actually getting quite a bit of wet weather. up and his hand at san ramon we're put option hours as
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well. current temperatures in the '40's 45% rows of 463 napa we are actually picking up the degrees in the south bay. in this era for the weekend lots of snow falls the system that is moving through tapping into a lot of moisture. it will make for heavy snowfall. bill lowe late global small levels for today and then they will rise into the weekend. they will get up to 6,000 ft. dusty it could get up to 70 mi. an hour in terms of gust. 12-24 in. of lake level. for-6 ft. above 7,000 ft. here's a 7 day around bay is shows us a redundant pattern certainly opening the storm door and it won't shop for some time. through the weekend it will be wet, windy. temperatures in the '50s for your afternoon
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highs. it will stay cool as well until sunday and monday. keeping a rein in the picture and breezy time every night, in as well. the first day of winter through next week we will continue with the wet weather pattern. let's get a check on your commute with arafat. >> friday light no hot spots low spots or problem spots. using conditions westbound your approach to the bay bridge nice light traffic from all three approaches. overnight construction until 5:00 a.m. rain near treasure island. traffic getting by just find still looking at eight minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont san wet weather not causing any problems yet not tracking the back up but the toll plaza we don't have any trouble getting to the bridge along the nimitz freeway 1 01. golden gate bridge
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7101 no problems here coupled cars on the roads up on to san francisco your entire ride down to city limits is clocking in at 23 minutes. 27 to the east by clocking in at 9 minutes. we don't have any hot spot to four yen and one in san jose this is near term occurs no problems here is the tail lights headed northbound into santa clara. >> for 5:00 pm the deadly gas line explosion in stamford on neighborhood. a letter shows state regulators warned pg&e about pipeline safety problems more than a year before the explosion. christie: shows us when the letter was sent and what it said. >> more than one year before december of gas line explosion state regulators and the strongly worded letter to pg&e
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warning about problems. the letter dated febris 13th 2009 is from gas safety inspector. he says it's apparent to us so the failure to provide adequate procedures or the failure of pg&e personnel to follow established procedures has resulted and safety risk that would not have been created since had saved deregulation been complied with. the inspector says pg&e failed to comply with the law when it ranked up gas lines would different pressures. in some cases it was unaware was doing so. pg&e calls the letter a snapshot in line. it was not referring to the same type of pipe. a spokesperson says they've aggressively address the issues which will reported by the utility. >> any time we find something
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that will impact safety we address our right away. we take action to route corrected and we develop a plan. >> kron 4 news. >> the commission has made recommendations and response to the investigation following that explosion kron 4 bridget kumar tells us what the company is being asked to do to prevent a similar disaster. pamela >> this is a letter sent december 16th in it there are recommendations the utility company being estimate after the explosion three months ago. the first one as pg&e to reduce the maximum allowable operating pressure on each pipeline in high consequence area by 20 percent. especially pipelines install before january 1, 1962. examine the is integrity of the pipelines through hydrostatic
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pressure test, a camera, x-ray machines, and a camera called smart pig. pg&e must have authorization before repressor arising any pipelines. some residents say the safety measures are win or lose situations. especially for those who were not affected by the explosion. >> if they have to reduce the pressure on the lines it will increase them in another area. it will be another community that will have the same problem we had. it's great they have to do that. there is a need for gas. >> meeting was and regulators next week to discuss these recommendations. as well as the need to do a thorough inspection spirit ridgy kumar kron 4 news. >> of vigil last night for this young man 17 year-old justice
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was stabbed to death wednesday near the intersection of cedar and perch in the work. jonathan blum attended. >> thank you for giving us this opportunity to come here and mill down one more time with just to >> and. by the dim lights the you'd each just been a quiet teenagers that had a quiet spirit and a gift for football. >> is that he had to go like this 17 years old so young. full of your life. >> he was found lying here bled to death from a stab wound. two men were spotted running from the scene. a day later there were no work our rest. they believe there were multiple witnesses bar are on willing to talk. >> i love justice because he touched me. i know he touched
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everyone out here because you guys are all here. >>, you back time of year. i've been calling your phone call me back. when i you can arrive apply to my text. a michigan man. comeback man. whatever the family. mama's issue.mrs. hugh. >> in new were john of the bloom kron 4 news. >> more news in a minute let's go outside and heavier live look the suddemoving nicely but a biw
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because of the rain.
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and bridge tax no problem at the toll plaza. san mateo bridge
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similar seam. those taillight stuff foster city. the golden gate bridge the situation isn't changing and will occur anytime soon. if the missile forecast lloyds will be up voluntarily. and the latest documents released reveals now u.s. peer of lax security at indian laboratories. it was sent in 2006 said the guards can be bribed with the back of cigarettes and the people come in. no labs could be targets for terrorist looking for weapons that could easily be taken out of india. north korea is promising as go about
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retaliation if they go ahead with live fire drills. seoul says one night exercise will happen saturday and tuesday. it is part of routine and justified exercise. beijing is accusing japan of irresponsible remarks targeting china for the minister it potions spokesperson says china is a force for peace and development in asia and threatens no one cared they announced tokyo needs to focus on the rise of china and not the cold war threat of russia in defining its security goals. the space shuttle discovery will be checked out to insure its damaged fuel tank is next. they will check the see of the cracks in the fall in covering have never felt correctly. several launches have been scrubbed because of launchers.difficultie
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earliest it could take off now is very third. we will take another break for 20 6:00 a.m. let's go back outside and remind you it is raining intensely out there. it only place getting a break is the south bay and that's where this camera is 1 01 year 87. but again as i said delays will be up and mama and wait till you see storm tracker for we have lot of rain out there right now.
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a lot look checking conditions out there right now. it's west. that is the just of it. a lot of ran out there this morning we have been looking at the heavier cells could morning. >> we are starting off with wet
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roads. most locations getting some rain this morning. widespread light rain continuing retreat morning hours. it could actually pick up litter in the day we could actually get gusty winds over night heavier rains and by the weekend here is a look outside at the rate are not giving you an idea of been to the north bay along 1 01 from santa rosa through petaluma, sitting raindrops. gray now the heaviest rain actually looks to be south san francisco and san mateo bridge. right through the airport is heavier downpours. so certainly a bit heavier there. or at the livermore valley as well picking up rain drops. for the most part we will continue to continue to see scattered light showers for the morning. current temperatures in the '40's 45 concord, santa rosa,
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san rafael, up 40 is in the south bay. mount view and san jose 49. future cast 4 same time o'clock hour a bit more moisture pushing through a heavier still by noontime pushing through san rafael also oakland right through downtown san francisco as well. by 1:00 hour you can see the heavy rain through santa rosa, not also fairfield, keeping the rain widespread through the afternoon and by four-5:00 p.m. intensity picking up in the south is well. your evening commute will be what one continuing to keep their rain around for your day today also if you're headed to the sierra keep in mind there is a winter storm watch starting off with this snow levels of 4,500 ft. they will rise by saturday we get our brains nomex. we are expecting gusty winds as well so we could see what conditions as well 12-24
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in. expected at lake level 3-6 ft. above 7,000 ft. expect trouble police and some road closures. 7 day around a bank wet and windy weather 3 recant. it does not stop there we will continue with the wet whether it could taper off becoming lighter into monday the first day of winter kickstand tuesday. time now for 31 any of a commute with america. >> traffic moving at the lemon we are not seeing significant delays but the solos but now it's beginning to pop on the traffic clogs definitely be extra cautious making your way around the bay. getting a quick bridge check westbound 80 just a few cars headed towards a pan gates westbound and dissevered cisco you won't run in delays throughout the bay area towards the shore freeway. no. down 80 pretty clear what you make your
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way past the pin gauge you won't run into you will run into over night construction but it's not producing any delays just talking eight minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont street san francisco. san mateo bridge is a good alternative no problems there in either direction no backup at the top plaza 13 minutes across this ban. no problem getting to the bridge in either direction either. the golden gate bridge 101 no problem is a long span we do have an accident reporting right before the walled old town also will spin out the cars on the inside it's sitting on the right-hand shoulder it is not producing any delays because is not blocking lanes of traffic. an ambulance is headed to the see the injuries have been reported. up in the sierra today won a pass traffic altogether make sure bringing chains highway 50 you'll need them
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highway 88 you will need them and all soak your chains for interstate 80 if you're not been agreed. if you're wrong in four- wheel-drive you don't need any chains. public transportation no problems yet it looks like ace train, puny and art are at the start. >> team coverage of the weather today more news faster let's coated jackie's assault in san rafael with the whether there is i assume wet. >> good morning james the north bay is the first to see the storms today is no different. you can see it is starting to rain. that's our real heavy rain right now it's a heavy drizzle hard to explain but i can show you from the streets out here the streets are wet getting water by the moment. we're waiting for the cells to move through the north bay. >> we will keep an eye and ear
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cameron check with you often. the storm is expected to bring every rain this weekend and jeff bush shows what the city using carlos is doing. >> this is one of the most important things you can do to prepare you can see this backhoe was taking all of this debris that has been dead out from this great. it is clearing away so the water can flow through and not get back up. this is all the stuff pulled leaves and branches. crews said they have pulled all kinds of things out. that's why they're getting ready now. the diverted workers from their normal jobs and put the monster or control. they have put extra people on standby so they can go into action if there's an emergency. city workers cannot be everywhere at once in a manner possible to people to take matters into their own hands. anyone can step by and of a shovel people were
4:35 am
coming to the year to fill state sandbags they are free a storm is now time to take chances. >> people should take advantage of this. >> we have in kurdish people who have had flooding in the past or excess rain took talked to. >> the stand and bags will be left out overnight. in san carlos kron 4 news. >> there rain is corn to last into next week's inferences go encouraging people to sweep up the leaves. they don't want the dreams to be flooded with all the rain and you could pick up free sandbags at the department of public works operation yard. you have to bring proof of san francisco residency. for 30 5:00 a.m. new for you this morning in
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the up police investigating the stabbing outside cruiser's saloon at midnight this morning. a man was exiting the bar when he was confronted by 33 year- old santos. they fought the suspects that the man several times in the chest, back, face. sandoz was arrested at the scene. the victims' wounds do not appear to be life- threatening. it is despite the fact that police are born to be laid off. in yocks murder rate doubled from last weeklast year there has been 30 rapes, 460 aggravated assaults, 983 burglaries, 823 motor vehicle
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thefts, it is the 11th most dangerous city in california. the tax deal is on the way to president barack obama his desk to sign. it would renew jobless benefits for long-term unemployed and enact a one-year tax cut in social security taxes which will benefit every worker that earns a wage. it was passed before midnight yesterday. two cia contractors to water aborted terrorist suspects are having their legal fees paid by the cia as part of a protection agreement. cia will pay $5 million in legal fees. it is the first identification of those who carried out the water boarding. typo of drowning used in interrogation. now for check
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all wall street stock futures mixed at this hour they finished up yesterday but this morning their shaky. we will can update on where the economy is headed the conference or will be releasing its index of economic indicators. analysts will be watching those. if you plan on doing a shopping to marks but company worst research firm predicts saturday will be the second or third busiest shopping day of the year. on the corporate fund net income from oracle jumped in the last quarter it was the biggest increase in two years. another sign companies are spending more money on technology. for 30 8:00 a.m. let's take a break of live look at the wet conditions. treasure island looking back at the bay bridge you can see the construction under way for the new single suspension span tower
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they are erecting. if you revenue weather pictures of your neighborhood this morning in you have a lot of rain flooding, what ever. send it to us we will incorporate it. we will be right back.
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a lot look at storm tracker for we have a lot of rain out there. we have rain in the north bay a lot of showers and it our way. this is what we have been dealing with rain off and on it will be that way for today and into the weekend. into the next week as well quit a wet spell had more details about that in a minute. but continue our coverage today more news faster
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yoli is standing by at the island again just checking on the bridge. how was your driver crossed? >> just as i was getting on the bridge that's when the rain came down. it rained up until about five minutes ago so it shows you the next wave is coming is started already and that's why i'm actually out here checking out the work here on the bridge as well. they only had these last two days of trying to fix that tower. or put in place the third segment. before the rains came in. they are working right up to the last minute as the rain comes and. they're still working on this tower. they said it would take 30 hours to complete the job from beginning to end. lifting, placing, bolton. they're trying to beat
4:42 am
the rain. >> you said yesterday the wind would be a big factor as well. how was the wind? >> is not very strong at this moment. it said in a storm there would be strong winds coming in with the rain. trying to get the job done before that hits. >> and you for that update at 4:42 a.m. out of town hall we have pictures of the rain turning into snow today and the weekend as well this of a look at 89 kron 4 as we just cause is going to be there this weekend here in this live reports in higher elevations we will look forward to that. in other news washington d.c. looking look a winter wonderland. road crews busy plowing of road keeping streets as safe as possible.
4:43 am
stairs were needed shoveling. by last night to inches fell at reagan national snow airport. more than a dozen states received warnings and advisory's so we had nasty weather moving its way. tennessee seeing it as well freezing rain is causing trouble thousands of people in eastern tennessee were left in the dark after power lines from that's how cold it was kerr's also had to deal with pipes froze in as well they have been working to try and get the lights on but they say that might not happen until sometime later today. hopefully we can keep the heaters running in the meantime. let's go back outside and have live look at the golden gate bridge. but what commute no matter where you are. we will be right back.
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welcome back to kron 4 time rain
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now is for 44 area bufor 40 4:0e seeing heavier rain currently sitting over the san mateo bridge we show you the radar giving you an idea of where the heavier rain is at this hour. north bay shores her petaluma, san rafael is well up into santa rosa. we will watch a cells and in offshore pushing through. we are looking at possibly heavy rain through some francisco. watching us all move through 1 01 moving to the east bay and also you can see through livermore and also san ramon breakthrough dublin pleasanton interchanged getting heavier down doors as well. the north of 580 having heavier rain. right now what we are looking at as
4:46 am
low pressure system to the north this is basically a hoist of moisture pumping rain into our area. continuing with system after system pushing in more and more rain. this certainly will be a wet weekend future cast 4 set into motion showing us by the afternoon the rain will pick up by 12:00 heavier downpours through oakland and downtown san francisco as well. by 1:00 hour heavier rain through napa valley and the delta. by 4:00 p.m. we could get heavier downpours in the south bay. from fremont south rebuking keep their showers in through the evening. so we've also have a war storm warning in effect from 10:00 a.m. until about four snow levels and 6,000 ft old lake level today than rising toward
4:47 am
saturday a mixture of rain snow saturday. it could crosspiece like up there on the road three-6 ft.. 7 day around the bay shows the wet forecast not just for the weekend and into next week as well than tuesday is the first official day of winter. >> we have quite a bit of accidents out there so definitely be extra cautious making your way out the door. we are following a couple of accidents at a marin county one of them sat down a bridge way boulevard is so low spit out the vehicle on its roof it is not blocking lanes and we actually have another action closer to the wall built tunnels and store their solo spinel ambulance headed to the scene no back up yet but this could be ya potential hot spot for the morning. closer to the golden gate bridge no problems they're
4:48 am
easy conditions along the stand no problems for this right through 1 01. a really good a factor drive time. done through the south bay would go we do have reports of roadway flooding bid to 80 connector major reports are broke away flooding. this is highway patrol so this is your route be extra cautious or find your way around it. no problems on the bay bridge toll plaza it easy conditions towards inferences " peter and i still cycled on we are dealing with over night construction to laugh lines are shut down but it's not producing slowdowns still looking at nine minutes from the foot and a maze into fremont said street san francisco. no problems here across town freeway a couple of cars on the james lick rid at the 1 0180 split making your way through the airport 15 minute trip.
4:49 am
>> days after san francisco submitted its bid there is no word the city by the bay is not the only u.s. contender. talks between city officials in rhode island and the deciding body of the america's cup. money is the biggest sticking point. organizers in san francisco say they have to invest more to have it here. san francisco says the upside to their bed is the gives organizers long term development right. >> this is unrealistic just for the race its great to reinvest in. >> a final decision will be december 31st we will let you know when we know. tomorrow will be the third busiest shopping day of the your retailers hope
4:50 am
you will spend big bucks. did slate tells us about some text guests under $30. >> hear some gifts for $25 or under. this remote control the works for most tvs. it has a built-in bottle opener you can open your soda from your couch without missing a second of the game. the clicker is $25. flynn was candles is a nifty gift. they are as bright is real candles scented and battery powered so the last a long time. they are safe no fire danger. many brands of for many sizes for under $25. they seem to work well. the luggage scale is a great gift for the traveler friend or family member with airlines charging over sermon wait this could help your route
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attachment lifted up and wait for the deep to see the weight of your back the. whenever a person you're digging for has a gadget that difficult case to get for smart phones, ipad, people are using these devices to use video pick to be tiring to hold them so case with the kickstand when make a great gift there dozens of brands sold the most electronics stores brands are recommended by skin, and, their bills solid and offers for $25. for the super g techie person in your life it is the start tracking enterprise pizza cutter. it's $25. lastly an idea for a last resort you can do the itunes gift cards. most stores
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sell them. for more formation goethe kron 4 and look for my text page. >> we will take a break at 4:51 a.m. look aside as we roast focus on weather. the bay bridge and the lifting of the final segment before they can finish the project. in any event we will follow that in your forecast of a moment.
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for 50 4:00 a.m. storm tracker 4 we have rain in the north bay. in san francisco as well. we have some moving toward in oakland as well. another batch headed towards the city. we have another batch down by san leandro sun a matter you are you will see light-moderate showers all day today. as we pull storm tracker for lookit how widespread the rain is now.
4:55 am
that's the way will be for a week. wait till you see the 74 best. the white two piece suit that john lennon wore on abbey road will be auctioned in connecticut listen a month after the 30th anniversary of his death. the suit he wore in the imagine music video and the chrysler station wagon are among the pieces at the auction on new year's day. larry king has put the wraps on 25 years as a talk- show host. he went out with the bank this is video of the guest list that was arriving for the party after the show. his last interview featured a segment from president barack obama and bill clinton. he was serenaded by tony bennett who performed the best is yet to come be
4:56 am
remote from louisiana. king will host for specials a year and here's part of his farewell speech. >> is not very often that i've been with the words i want to thank everybody special with this program all the people behind the scenes when the in the staff, everybody who makes a possible human the suit at the top. i love them to appear when i started 25 years ago in a studio in washington d.c. i never thought it would ever last this long. or come to this. i'm going to go on into things are will do specials on cnn seen other places as well do some real work. here on baseball. he will see me go away. but you're not to see me here on the set. for two weeks on going to be
4:57 am
planned highlight shows. i don't know what to say except to you of my audience think you. instead of good by have along. >> he got choked up at the end. 53 years in broadcasting thousands of interviews and a number all worts the 77 year-old is not fading away he will be hosting specials a year in accordance with an agreement that he set with the network. another break following the whether it let's go back outside a live put pictures showing you of wet roads that everybody is dealing with full lookit forecast coming up.
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coming up on 5:00 a.m. morning news' top story preparing for the storm rain hitting the bay area we are tracking for cells coming in wet and windy weekend. >> tips and how you can prepare for this storm those coming up. >> rain here heavy snow in the sierra rain in this year as well keeping our and the forecast in tahoe as well. >> are live coverage with louisa and i know it was no. i had more and then as it closes in here if fizzled out. >> we can see a cell approaching the golden gate bridge at this hour. we are dealing with wet weather everywhere however there's a gap south of san mateo actually drive whether there. right on through the north bay is darya mention from santa rosa down 101 as you head toward the golden gate bridge. it will be a
5:01 am
wet ride for you and i. she can see an approaching self from the golden gate bridge and we are seeing some heavy rain throughout alameda also skyline drive redwood, san leandro we are seeing heavier rain there. san ramon valley as well you can see 680 has been getting heavier rain as well. satellite radar shows us what going on low pressure to the north of us a jet stream continuing to pump and a series of storms bring us wet weather three weekend. wet weather expected for quite some time future cast 4 as we head into the afternoon we could see a pickup appeared we might catch a better break. rain expected for the afternoon down and to san francisco. the guilty and
5:02 am
heavy rain in the south bay in the four hot-5:00 or evening commute will be 01 rain will stick around three evening hours as well and also of your headed to the sierra snow fall expected. three-6 ft. above 7,000 ft. this is just for the weekend we are expecting more snow as we head into next week as well. 7 day around debate kind of shows are redundant forecast for your wet and windy through the weekend. first official day of winter is on tuesday. >> it is not often we see problems on waldegrave in marin county in fact not often we see accident the marin but there's
5:03 am
one this morning in the southbound direction. and we will call it a hot spot well we will. it does have lanes of traffic block an here is the only good news the traffic in this hour is so light 4101 that it is not likely to create a big back up. fire crews are with this vehicle near waldo tunnel where the southbound lanes are affected. emergency crews are on the seen the vehicle overturned so it's the emergency crews that have the lanes blocked. tow truck is on record. it may be for the next 30-60 minutes they will have lanes closed. if they get that cleared by 6:00 a.m. that may mean we will not see a problems through the peak of the commute for u.s. highway 101 south. at present censers are not picking up the back up reports are traffic is flowing
5:04 am
past the scene again near the walled boat tunnel just out of rodeo. golden gate bridge ride shows you conditions are pretty good reconfiguring the bridge right now to open up the second northbound lane you see how light the traffic is in both directions not a whole lot going on for the golden gate. south bay there has been flooding reported on the connecting ramp between 280 and the guadalupe parkway. chp has had reports they have been no checking. they are convinced some more there is they're northbound or the other way around their not sure but they are checking back ramp. checking the bay bridge ride westbound no backup for july for your trip headed to or across the upper deck. >> continuing weather and traffic coverage the heaviest rain in the south bay that's
5:05 am
where we had the flooding we are also watching things in the north bay with jackie's is alive and san rafael. >> as usual north bay is hitting first the rain is starting to pick up in intensity here for most of the morning it was a heavy drizzle. it has definitely picked up in downtown san rafael. streets are what freeways are peddling this is just the beginning we will see much more of these cells move men and they will be heavier is the morning goes on. >> will tran what to check things out in the east bay. >> (inaudible) (inaudible) so far there's not pounding rain but it is coming down and read and clearly see it in front of these headlights. >> you can see the water splashing authors already standing water on the road was.
5:06 am
the rainfall is being met by the occasional dusting of the to pick up speed as the morning moves along driving conditions will be that much tougher. in fremont will tran kron 4 news. >> public works has steps to prepare for this storm a sweep of police and debris from sidewalks and curbs that will prevent the storm drains from clogging. inspector street for trees for on stable lambs. use sandbags to protect flooding, start emergency items flashlights and portable radios and as a high place. in case you do get rain coming in are some flooding. call 311 to report any down tree limbs or any flooding. >> don't forget our web site a great tool for you not only can you track or the problems are on
5:07 am
the road because of spanish or accidents but are whether tab you give you great resources to appeared on the right hand side putting your zip code scroll down to one see the seven days of rain is for the i concede. the heaviest cells right now we have all live the storm trucker imagery. don't forget to send us your weather pictures to get any standing water in its running hard take a photograph, shoot a video, breaking news or read in gold to the whether tab out our web site and click here to send pictures and video. >> we well i in no massive tax package. is on its way for his signature. this measure will extend tax cuts for every incoming level. it won't renew
5:08 am
jobless fund benefits for the 13 months and will in act a one- year cut in so security taxes every worker is getting a 2 percent raise next year as your paycheck will go from 6.2% to 4.2. it was passed before midnight by the house after the senate passed a wednesday. >> 50 a day and we will be back with more in a moment let's get a lot look right now actually we are born to look at storm tracker for you can see heavy cells. the downpours are in the yellow and the dark green. right now in east bay and into san francisco some heavy downpours. we will be right back.
5:09 am
5:10 am
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watching the weather this snow starting on 50, i mean 80 rain now. heavy rain around
5:12 am
sacramento. let's show you this scene 80 and truckee where snow is in the area right now. we expect a change in the sierra today appeared this thing about this storm it will be running at levels throughout the day tomorrow although three-6 ft. of snow expected about 7,000 ft.. >> new this morning in the act police investigating the stabbing that happened outside a cruiser saloon about midnight this morning at 36 rural man was going out of the bar. he was confronted by a 33 year-old named pedro they fought and then santos stabbed the man several times. they arrested him at the scene and transported the victim to the medical center. the city of antioch is laying off six police officers despite
5:13 am
the fact that the murder rate, burglary all up for this last year. and the ax murder rate has doubled from 5-10 murders appeared in 2010 there has been 30 rapes, 460 aggravated assaults. 823 motor vehicle thefts and antioch was named the 11th most dangerous city in california. >> the worst weather expected over the weekend watching things on treasure island reports out there is the work continues to raise that single anchor suspension tower.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
welcome back 5:16 a.m. covering weather and traffic we turned to yoli she is live at treasure island taking a look at their
5:17 am
current conditions yoli i know you're focused on the bay bridge because they have worked there. >> there against the clock. they're trying to put in the third section before the rains and. rain has started it is very light. not when the where ibm but it is a bit windy out there. you can see the current on the bay seeing the water the current seems to be bad. i'm guessing it is much more windy where they are. where they are doing the work. it is quite an ordeal. they have to place these legs on to the top of the third segment and they're trying to do this before the rains they say they will take 30 hours and we are two hours away from 48 hour period. they are working on the third leg but it's kind of hard to tell whether it's the third
5:18 am
or fourth leg. just because of the position i'm in its difficult to see. it looks like it's maybe the third leg. we are trying to get all of the spokesperson and see how the work is coming along. we will see whether they are making that time line of 30 hours. >> yoli says it is raining lightly but we are looking when it comes to the bay bridge at the wind. this is bringing wind but mostly tomorrow? >> the wind is light at the current hour overnight the winds will get gusty so in terms of wind its light. widespread showers right through the north bay and the peninsula and through the livermore valley as well. santa rosa down 1 01 as you head towards the golden gate bridge it will be a wet ride and then as we head towards your downtown sampras's coach for the golden gate bridge the bay
5:19 am
bridge picking up shores as well heavier rain pushing through the sunset, " in the park and seeing some heavy rain through the east bay as well. maroc avenue highway 13 and 580 picking up shores there. also through a gamble. as you head down 680 from down bill and to san ramon rain picking up their down the south bay seeing some showers at this hour. current temperatures in the 40's 45 center rosa, temperatures in the 40's as you head into the south bay as well. " there this morning future cast shows us we will continue with wet weather through the most of the morning in the afternoon as well. by noon bring moderate downpours downtown san francisco we of continuing with showers toward evening hours. your evening commute could get more wet than your morning commute. by 5:00
5:20 am
p.m. moderate downpours through the napa valley and all the way down into the south bay as well. continuing with wet weather as we you wrap up the evening most of the day today will be wet forecast for you. 7 day around the bay and what it shows you wet and windy continuing right through the weekend and next week. tuesday is the first day of winter and for those of you heading to the sarah and james has more on team coverage. >> and we will see a lot of snow particularly for today and tonight. the graphic here were built for you and showing you the highlights snow levels at 6,000 ft. lake levels know for today going into tomorrow than level rises to 7000 some more rain at lake level saturday. most of the common accumulation will be today at lake level but
5:21 am
bring it change you will clearly need them traffic delays are almost a certainty at this point. it will probably be a long trip back as well because we have this whether headed sunday and into next week as well. the latest with your traffic with george. >> we did have reports of flooding in the south bay and it was reported to 80-87 interchange. all those ramps have been cleared of sledding they did one last drive-through they checked. northbound 87 to now and brown to 80 suffices to say no problems now. or we do some problem is marin county on 1 01 south originally the location was near the walled old tunnel. it's closer to the base of the waldo grade. if you're headed pass high we want and the sausalito on ramp and head up the waldegrave there will be
5:22 am
emergency vehicles on the right- hand lane. the accident occurred balls a vehicle leaving the road where you will see the vehicle in went down a ravine after the shoulder. emergency vehicles has two right lanes blocked they will be for the next hour. will they try to polls that car up from the side of the road. it may take more than one tow truck to do this that's why the emergency vehicles have the right lane shot down. a bridge check for the sake of continuity let's check the golden gate bridge. the wet lands again so we have sprinkles they have recently reconfigured the bridge so they have the second lane open now offering the northbound direction. it took them longer than usual because some kurds were tending to the crash. said on traffic you can see is light that is why despite the to lanes being closed not much of a back
5:23 am
up. bay bridge westbound no problems here and the san mateo bridge commute not there but here looks great. it and see the westbound direction still very light traffic. >> 5:23 a.m. new details and a newly released letter shows state regulators warned pg&e about pipeline safety problems more than one year before the explosion in san bruno. the letter sent in february of 2009 from gas safety inspector with public utilities commission. they bring up concerns about testing for corrosion and train for inspectors. harris says the failure to fall you follow procedures is safety risk that would not have been created have the regulations been complied with. these issues weren't was smaller pipes which eroded into people's homes not the high
5:24 am
pressure bagpipes' like the one exploded in december now. pg&e calls and a snapshot in time and they have work to fix the issues. >> one recommendation as p.j. need to reduce the allowable operating pressure at each pap pipeline in hike consequent areas and especially the pipelines that were installed before south 1962. >> we will be back with more a couple minutes our team coverage and expanding coverage of the weather and
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
watching what's going on across the nation back east everybody had snow waiting for major storm to form on the eastern seaboard. mid-atlantic looking at a nor'easter forming off the
5:28 am
coast within the next 24 hours. possibly far enough all for the big cities. snow and traffic accidents there washington dc. in washington clerk keeping the roads clear as possible. reagan had to ground some flights yesterday. >> our team coverage continues on kron 4 morning news starting up the weekend wet all around the bay and getting wendy. by tonight and more to add to it. it will be a tough drive this morning a tough drive home may be even harder to get on tonight. the bay bridge does look like the puddling is too bad.
5:29 am
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it could be a rough ride in tahoe. you will need chains. 80 at truckee. you can see how slow the traffic is moving. you will still be hit by snow and rain. we are being hit by rain as well. >> most locations you will need your windshield wipers. for the most part rain is situate from the golden gate bridge north at this hour. piercing rain in the south bay. as you have towards the central valley as well. furlong 101 down and talk novato into san rafael. given over to vallejo if you're high was 37. in downtown san francisco right now picking up or raindrops but it we are getting a bit of a break from south san francisco a few cells ran through this morning bringing heavy rain. for
5:32 am
right now we are in the clear. oakland and emeryville continuing showers this morning as we head through 680 danville as well. so right now your current tempters on the cool side in the 40's through the board 49 into mountain view, san jose, future cast 4 we are going show you continuing to see rain fall into the afternoon hours. by 1:00 p.m. napa, fairfield, santa rosa seeing heavier downpours. your evening commute a wet one fervor but is a chance of rain widespread we are seeing heavier downpours in san rafael and all i hope. and on and the south bay as well we will continue to keep wet weather around up until the evening hours even to 11:00 at night and saturday as well. 7 day around the bay we will continue to see wet and windy weather. tuesday happens to be the first day of winter. smack in the middle of
5:33 am
these rainy days. we will also sees no fall in the sierra. term right now is 5:32 a.m.. >> still tracking a hot spot that doesn't have a big impact on the traffic. they have a singular. the standards are one or more lanes blocked for 30 minutes or more. it is expected at 7:00 a.m. the lanes will be blocked. at the top of the hill a car left erode way they have to trucks and other emergency vehicles standing by if they block the to write him lanes to give room for the tow trucks to work there was debris is prone across the lanes some tree branches in that kind of thing when his car left the road. as we mentioned the traffic is so light green out through marin in
5:34 am
has not created such a big back up the potential does exist is days there are long. the golden gate bridge since we've been talking with the waldegrave. this is a volume southbound that's why the incident accounts for a slowdown pass the seen so far no back up yet. continuing bridge check with the bay bridge light traffic here probably what our way from the metering lights activation. it is a smooth trip across the upper deck with the work going on we have seen some delays through the peak of the the commute. san mateo bridge ride looking good in the west and east bound direction spiri. >> no change required for i 80, highway 88 from cook station to would support, highway 50 from twin bridges to myers. we are
5:35 am
following the santa cruz mountains one of the biggest problems facing residents there is 8 in. or more of rain in the mountains. washed out roads. a lot of people hoping that out sandbags will help. >> valley churches united that's where we found mike and lynn stocking up on sandbags. >> make sure the coverts are cleaned out and the roads clean out and the water can drain down along the sides of the road. hope for the best that's all you can do. >> that your son filling sandbags. >> we will need about 100. >> 100 may not be it in off forecasters calling for 10 in. of rain over the next several days. they are using the bags to keep the rain from washing out there dry void. year-old long all or road. >> i want a buildup sandbags
5:36 am
here so when it hits occur aching go down to the old dream. in no time flat and then the water jumps the road. it just eroding goes over hitting the car. then flashes to sell the drug fight. >> that tonneaus back to the same pile for another load. >> another developing story police a new worker looking for suspects in a fatal stabbing of a 17 year-old folk all star. he was stabbed near cedar boulevard and birch. here pictures of him his name is justice he was stabbed to death wednesday while he was waiting for the boss. damask devastated friends remembered him as candlelight vigil. they said he was a quiet teenager with a gift
5:37 am
for played football. >> i love him because he touched me and he touched everyone out here because you guys are all here. >> i love your brother and i want you back. i've been calling your phone never center gone you never call me back. when mary and a reply to my text. i miss you. comeback man. >> watch over the family mom loves you and mrs. you. >> police have made no rest they believe they her multiple witnesses but people have been unwilling to talk to >> a pennsylvania man that was missed in the mountains they found the body of jonathan fred gluck yesterday near bear creek falls. that is the same place of park rangers found his station
5:38 am
wagon two days ago. investigators say there was and didn't single gunshot wound. frank's wife said he had been depressed after losing his business. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes big story today weather and traffic is a storm hits us for the first day noctilucent its grip for by a week. the hardest through the weekend so pretty widespread rain as we look at a live shot of san francisco. if you have pictures snapshots or took a video the weather in your neighborhood today on your way it worked. it said them to kron news by going to are breaking news. or go to our facebook fan pages well. we will be right back.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
all live look at tall hall. the roads are covered with snow they are going to be covered with water. it will be raining
5:42 am
instead of snowing as well as lake level. today we see a bit more snow tomorrow the snow moves up hire we see more rain at lake level. you can see 12-24 in. totals 3-6 ft. above the. the problem this weekend is going to be the wind. gust to 70 mi. an hour so travel delays the road back on sunday could be closed at times that could make trouble tough they may have a burlesque in say saturday skiing. >> north korea is saying it will retaliate if they go ahead with live fire drills in kron 4 call reappeared the one day exercise will happen between saturday, tuesday. as part of the justified exercises. beijing is
5:43 am
accusing japan of making irresponsible remarks targeting china. a spokesperson says china is a force for peace and development and friends no one. the japanese guideline says tokyo needs to focus on the fight of china. >> his career will be checked out today to make sure is damaged fuel tank is all repaired and ready to roll. it is going to see if the cracks in the foam covering have all been filled correctly. several launches have been scrapped since november because of the problem discovery is supposed to deliver several items including some spare parts. the earliest it could take off now is february 3rd. >> we will be right back more on the storm that is starting in the bay area.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
tracking the storm and continuing team coverage we have solo reporters out in the rain for you to check out the directors and the conditions. yoli is at treasure island taking all look. we have a wind and rain it is crucial. >> they are trying to beat the worst of the rain that is coming they're trying to get the work done. the thought it would take 30 hours to get all four legs up. this is the third segment they are working on. this is the third leg they are lifting. as far as conditions are right now. there is a light sprinkle the wind is not bad. i came guess where they are doing the work they can feel the wind more than where i can feel. just because you can tell by the water the curd is moving quick.
5:48 am
things are going along i placed a call waiting to hear back to get an update on whether they will beat the deadline. in the meantime the conditions are not too bad and continuing to work. >> so taking a look here light rain but the rain has been heavier in spots. they will intensify into the evening. >> rain will intensify for the evening commute. the heavier rain is in the north bay center rosa, petaluma all the way through golden gate bridge. we are actually picking up heavier rain reger richmond san rafael bridge. also down through wall mud creek city can see heavier downpours through concord, will migrate as well also antioch. over 80 at this hour from fairfield inn to vacaville we are seeing rain and light green
5:49 am
also in to san jose los gatos along 17. very light rain in most spots this morning. satellite radar shows you what's going on the system and cloud covers with that jet stream continuing to see the pipeline of moisture rolling into the area through the weekend. so we have a good dose of wet weather had our way. future cast 4 set 4 to p.m. set we can pick up 1/4 mention san francisco as we head towards 4:00 we could hit half an inch in downtown san francisco. three 10th of an engine san jose and then by the end of the day today we will actually be more than three- quarters of an inch in san francisco is recorder greenwich's south bay. we could see more niche in santa rosa as we head through the evening by your saturday, same story an engine san francisco on by your
5:50 am
sunday we are really starting to rack up those rainfall totals. the south bay and the north bay more than 2 in. of rain expected. 7 day around the bay keeping us what through the weekend of one not on there we have more wet weather had our way on monday, tuesday, wednesday, up thursday as well. plus for many folks headed to the sierra they will will have trouble place. >> we have quite the storm system of a winter storm warning from now until next sunday night. what to get up there will be fine but getting up there and getting back will be a nightmare. we have temperatures dropping in to low 20s snow coming down quite a bit of it today actually. we will get accumulation of one-2 ft. at like level but 3-8 ft. in higher elevations. all we can long it
5:51 am
will be snowing above 7,000 ft.. move that with no wind 70 mi. an hour winds even stronger the higher you go. mix that was no and you have potential of what notes.white out. bring some blas and power bars as well as you could be stuck on the road for hours with all but still coming down. let's get the word on traffic from george. >> here's where caution is required 101 southbound the accident we were talking about at the base of the waldo grade. two right lanes shut down you see the tow truck at work trying to export keep the vehicle from the shoulder when often to redeem. this is a suspect inside 1 01 at marin county at the base of the low-grade. think fully with the destruction
5:52 am
traffic is light enough to the set by indirection we do not yet have a back up. this is not created a problem here except for the motorist whose vehicle went off the road. and for the emergency crews responding. lucia relocation as special advisory issued because of lancashire's that are likely to be in place a while longer. jackie will have an update for us from the scene. they hope to get it cleared by 6-615 we will see what kind of progress they are making. the bay bridge for the west bound ride they have of all checked out fine even gold in a bridge. meter and whites have not been activated so the conditions are good. the south bay on san jose it was hard hit this morning by rain and we did have some flooding reports in the very early morning hours for 280 at guadalupe parkway it's all completely cleared out
5:53 am
there's nothing reported there now. >> 5:52 a.m. we are covering other news aside from traffic and whether bart is considering running later on saturday night. the president of the board of directors of part is pushing an idea that would extend service on saturdays the idea would be to provide people borrow saturday night leaves and chance to take part home. most trains stop operating at sevenmidnight >> the metropolitan transportation have delayed the use of the copper kurds in san tram's their delays to software issues they have to operate software de upload should start monday and should be finished by wednesday. >> all lose lawsuit has been filed against hoover's the suit
5:54 am
alleges hooters markets to children but offer sexual entertainment the suit claims the chain fares to fails to come play with. >> thomas admitted his resignation wednesday he was put on the industry of leave she claims she got letter from the dmv, warning her of the eternal damnation after reporting her change on her license. >> 5:54 a.m. the coverage of weather and traffic in a moment.
5:55 am
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good morning and it is by 50 7:00 a.m.. check out this massive sinkhole that opened up in florida. it started on tuesday and it was a deep depression about 5 ft. deep and then it expanded to 75
5:58 am
ft. wide and 50 ft. deep so that is about four and a half stories going down. there is no word yet on exactly what caused this ankle and it might still be growing. >> we will be back in two minutes with kron4 news continuing and will be tracking the storm that is hitting the bay area. the heaviest rain in the last hour of living near the golden gate bridge through sausalito and we're getting some heavier showers on the 680. more rainfall to come and we'll be following the latest for the weekend, as the kron4 news morning continues.
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