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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 18, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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earlier the storm left behind evidence of its strength with all registrant san francisco. debris hit power lines throughout the bay area which knocked out temporarily to power for customers. chocolate but it is tracking the storm tonight. ball with heavy showers, just like rain falling in the bay area. >> a few sprinkles also through east bay, and weigh up to the north and santa
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rosa. here is what is quiet on and san jose, light sprinkles. the rain is going to pick up in intensity as we go into the overnight hours. right now just a few sprinkles over oakland. a wider view over california, sometimes heavy showers out to the south and central california. ask that the stream of tropical marchers bringing us plenty of rainfall for california. as for the current temperatures, although mild side, with temperatures 60 degrees at san jose said, too. right now little children in the north bay 53 in that spot. here's what you could expect to market. heavy rain and wind. possibility of thunderstorms at 7:00 a.m.. so you have any plans out there for the morning delayed until about 10:00 when things start to improve. at noon to
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scattered showers' about 3:00 to some showers. we will not be done with the rain when this pushes through, more into next week and will have those details coming up. >> >> but at this point,
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they're gonna say they're going to keep their eyes on this, especially on there website. to make sure that this doesn't happen again. ballet shows by heavy rain in the santa cruz mountains. >> the rain has been pouring here, it has been coming down nonstop since friday. you can see the down branches behind me. people who live in the amount say they are well prepared for the stars. >> with the i had to do this morning is clear the pine needles of the gutter's visit would stop the mob. our driveway is slope, and we have some little trenches, i had to clear the ups and we don't have a lot of water. in the santa cruz
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maunds i'm dai lin kron4 news. >> term other and more of the bay area saw heavy downpours. kron40 peer strap put stars to several of the hardest-hit areas. >> saturday sporadic showers became a day of recovery in preparation for the next storm coming in and those specific. the flooded sections of highway 880 in oakland that held up traffic, as the crew struggled to allow blood could storm drain in hopes of preventing a another occurrence. just outside the gates for home owners were
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concerned about the water about to descend on the bay area, charlotte young care in the allotted 20 bags of work are just in case. >> destroy enemy sure everything is protected in covered, and no extra drain is going anywhere that i know what to. >> in marin county the lake reached its capacity. instead of some of the creek still remain at manageable levels, the downtown businesses had already placed sandbags around their businesses. were confronted with reality when could happen when winter storms happen. >> the experience shopkeepers were preparing their defenses against rising waters. and even in marin, stained storm drains had to be cleared to get ready for the storm that assumed to be upon us. >> you can get the weather
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any time on our web site, we have forecasted temperatures a library or dislodged a kron4 of homage click on the weather. >> none a significant day for gay servicemen and women, it's appears that will they will soon be able to be open and. the president is expected to sign a bill that was passed. this led to a celebration in san francisco today to cheer on the bone washington as well. did you go was there when they got the news. >> they nervously watched the said go on tv, tried to keep track of the numbers as each vote was counted. then the moment i arrived when the vote count was then. then the lots that was under do not ask do not
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tell, was to defeated. zoe dunning served a total of 22 years of active duty and reserve, she was an open lesbian for 13 years and her career, for this was a victory in a battle but she had been fighting for two decades. >> 22 years i am glad to see the end to this destructive policy, these are tears of joy am so happy to be here with you guys today. i've always dreamed of this. we will continue to fight and tell every openly gay and lesbian service member can serve without peer. >> navy retirepeople who was oe duty today, should be extremely cautious, do not come out of the a. >> , green said that for the military this is a big
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weight off their shoulders. >> we can get letters from our partners are their girlfriends or of her boyfriends. without warning about there being any kind of ramifications. whether it's a lieutenant, r r gaudery sgt. that is the last thing they need to worry about. >> in san francisco dave component. >> senators made their cases to date for our gains the new law. >> repealing this policy will make a military stronger. some said this is not the time to repel this policy, their right to should of been done yesterday. >> the marine corps, said that he believes that changing this policy this white, will cause disruption among the marine corps to that point that he is worried about increased casualties. >> the first casualty in
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the war iraq was a gay soldier. the mine took off his right leg. and that my dad took off his right leg did not give a darn whether he was gay or straight. >> that is not all the senate voted on today, a bill that would grant to citizenships on documented at a college tree university did not pass. senate republicans turned it down. it needed 60 to be considered for a final blow. >> still ahead on kron4 news a man convicted for the murder of a woman 20 years ago by its to be free because of all unused evidence. a new study suggests living near a freeway could lead to autism. doctors talk about the benefit of a dark chocolate and we should do some cool stuff that's $25 or less. these are just a few of the stores that are still ahead on kron4 news.
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a judge has overturned the murder case involving a cent francisco man. he was found guilty of murder over 20 years ago, in all the time he has maintained his at innocence. 1991 a jury found this man maurice caldwell guilty of shooting julie costa during a drug deal at the lme housing project in san francisco. his second degree murder conviction relied solely on one witness, who first full police should not see costa but changed her mind after seeing caldwell's picture at the police station. for more than 20 years he has claimed that he did not commit the crime. his case eventually wound up with linda star, or northern california edison's project. both woman decided to take the case because they believe he is innocent. and say another convicted killer that serving a life sentence in the bottom of admitted to killing her.
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>> the wrong person is being held responsible for this. he wasn't even outside of the time, he's been saying the same thing since before he was convicted, who the actual perpetrators were in it did not include them. he did not have anything to do with this bill to look at the other perpetrators or investigate them. to see if in fact he can demonstrate they were the perpetrators. apparently neither did the police and district attorney's office. we do have lots of investigation to do but nobody had ever done. what the actual perpetrators didn't and fought confess that he was the worst in her shot cost of. and he said that he is done with others that did not include mr. caldwell. >> the family believes otherwise, they say that the jury found him guilty, and the only witness rest her own life by coming forward to tell the truth.
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>> she was the perfect person, not be related and coming forward. she was given an award from the city for be one of the top citizens for doing that risking her life. >> my cousin was with three of his friends, and they pointed out to us that he was the three of the shooters. so we're exploring that they can afford to help us, to make sure that the d.a. will give justice to our family. >> on monday caldwell's the terror that news will request bill perry and the d.a.'s office said that they will request the judge did not appeal request. the d.a. has 30 days to submit an appeal. >> come up by creditors be where, we can share how basic bicycle loss coulplus rane
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week. we will take all that coming up in just a few minutes.
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just a few light showers across the bay area at this hour. storm trackers showing a few showers pushing it to santa rosa. a few sprinkles right now, this will pick up as we head into the overnight hours, a steady stream of tropical moisture taking aim at california right now. we're going to continue to see heavy rain down their pickup in the bay area over night tonight. this take a look here at our future cast, by midnight rain picking up in north bay. heavy rain started to make their way back into the forecast. overnight hours the rain becomes more were widespread. and scattered pockets of heavy rain. at 5:00 in the morning widespread light showers, into the 7:00 hour ban on
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plenty of moderate to heavy rain pushing through. we can be seen some thunderstorm activities as well. heavier rain along the coastline and also in san francisco and oakland hour. down through livermore pleasanton, santa cruz mountains everywhere is one to begin in early tomorrow morning. a lot of clock continue with scattered areas, into the wall cold water clock hour the heavier rain will be there still. all we to the early afternoon. by the evening it will just be scattered rain. so we've already picked up 3 in. plus in the santa cruz mountains and an inch in our bellies, we will see more rain is we have into tomorrow at 2 it is to happen in north bay. to inches + in santa cruz mountain, do not be surprised to just 3 in.. into tomorrow plenty of rain expected to make its way through tomorrow morning.
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first of stock about the sierra, a winter storm warning is in effect for the entire sierra. periods of heavy snow will make their way through. tooted 4 in. at the heaviest point about 7,000 ft. accumulation of 80 in. of snow which could-the risk of avalanches what that much so coming down that fast. very when he was zero visibility. a look at your extended forecasts, out there tomorrow morning gusty rinse a lull in the afternoon rain will pick up early monday morning. into monday night and tuesday morning allow all, before we see another round of heavy rain into wednesday morning. there's a friday which could seek out and catch a break, but christmas we could see rates on that. >> congress goes into a last minute session how what
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they decide affects gays in the military. young students looking to stay in america.
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now here's stanley roberts to down some people behaving badly. >> between the hours of 83 6:00 p.m. monday to friday, you cannot riding bikes a board or scooter through uc- berkeley plaza. primarily for the intersection. their signs all route including on the ground. there are signs upper ignored by students and on since july. >> to do have some idea on you, >> know i do not. >> police issue warnings, and check friday. it turns out this writer was in possession of we. which turned out to be a ticket for the we. but even while he was talking to one writer, another would pass ignoring the camp is dismal
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policy. >> most people i spoke to were not aware of the policy. >> master quick question? are you aware that you're not allowed to write your bike inside the plaza? >> nell >> here's another world being ignored, university police for handling out $220 tickets for people who were ignoring the bike roles. >> and an please read the signs, another noted you just after a ride your bike in the dismal zone, you might want to leave the week at home. uc-berkeley stanley roberts kron4 news. >> if you have a common our story idea, e-mail us at people behaving badly at kron4 dai,. >> will take your around the bay for areas that have the heaviest rainfall,
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please do not ask do not tell we will talk to the fate of gays in the military. and what could also be behind autism and kids.
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we are tracking the storm across the bay area tonight. sporadic rain and strong winds went down the street and oakland. collapse into a house tonight, looking for the homeowner is just did minimal damage. crews are cleaning it up for the next or rise, and they will tell us when it is going to be chuckling, >> the picture might become another tomorrows for going to see another round of heavy rain and strong winds. right now storm trackers for radar shows a few showers in santa rosa. and also down towards the south morgan hill you'll notice and heavier showers at this hour especially gilroy near the 101. this is
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going to pick up and become a lot more widespread as we head into the overnight hours, notice here as we pull out and take a look and southern california is getting hit hard right now. we're only seeing light showers right now, but there's this extreme tropical moisture that will change all that overnight into to mar. as far temperatures, current conditions pretty mild 60 degrees in san jose and same with found you. to 83 in napa, 52 is santa rosa 57 in san francisco. tomorrow morning have you wind and rain expected its of thunderstorms as well. around oakland and san francisco around the 10:00 morning. by noon scattered showers will come down bit we will still see some pockets of heavy rain. by 3:00 things will be much colmar, though you will hit
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some more into more rain going into the week. >> reggie kumar is live in san, he is tracking a storm as the no. baguettes ready to deal with the rain. >> yet there's always a lot of residents here who are concerned about this krieg's overflowing its banks. right now you can see it is moving at a steady pace, but this party at about 430, you can see the line right under the bridge house i was this morning, that was about 5 ft. it did start receding. it has continued to do that coz the rain had stopped falling for now. fire officials say they're not concerned about it overflowing and delegate get about 10 in. of rain does this great can hold 13 ft. of water. the last time it overflowed was in 2005 ended a flooded a lot of businesses. kron4 stall lin spoke to some residents in the santa cruz mountains
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that are concerned about the river during the same thing. >> i am in this community in the santa cruz mountains were a lot of people are keeping a close watch on this river. the san lorenzo river that has a history of flooding. neighbors are worried this time does the ground is already saturated from the previous stores. and more rain is on the way. >> in a stressful, you gotta make sure the lawyers that this move. or you could come home from work and everything is flooded. so you really have to think about it before you leave huge paper work. >> as a saturday night the level was about 6 ft., once it reaches 14 ft. that is one this river floods nearby streets. with several more days of rain the neighbors here know they are not out of the woods yet. i and all lin kron4 news. >> you can get the weather any time at our website. just log onto kron4 dot com a click on the weather tab.
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>> it appears to do that ask don't tell will be overturned. in a recession that set it voted to repeal this controversy all measure. and that's not all the lawmakers worked on, shall be lin take a look a congress's last minute session. >> the house resolution 2965, is adopted. >> stated ends a military policy of but discrimination, democrats hailed the repealing do not a don't ask don't tell. >> after today known to be added this mr. asked to stop their service because of their sexual orientation. >> opponents said that this would be a distraction to the truth. >> i can only tell you those in close combat units, have the most concerned about killing this policy. >> president barack obama applauded the boat and the white house will sign the measure was passed in the house on wednesday next week. >> the joint chiefs of
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staff also voiced support after the repeal was approved. >> well and the debate to the dream at, was blasted by republicans. >> we will signal to the world that we're nothat worst fs about a loss of orders. >> with the peace of mind, the congress would pass another aftershock to them, people protested. democrats said they will keep fighting to pass the dream act. i am shelby lynne reporting from a lot of. >> they all home for the holidays about 2000 sailors and marines reunited at hamilton. they aid flood victims in pakistan in. they also spent seven months away from their families will serving. san francisco said
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allied ordnance is now in effect, the ordnance makes it illegal to sell a lot on public sidewalks from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.. several dozen people protested the new law and sent francisco. they said it is an infringement of people's rights. voters passed a law overwhelmingly in november. a spur citation could be a fine of $200 multiple convictions can bring fines of up to $500.10 days in jail. coming up the war in afghanistan, will see of sending in marchers is helping or hurting. plus the season to give, we have the latest and cheap as high- tech toys.
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in and against them the white house is evaluating the effectiveness of the troupe's third. they say the surge is working after 30,000 charge more were sent into afghanistan. gates's claim, appears to be accurate with one very big condition. >> and one stores are busy,
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shopping malls yes new shopping malls are doing brisk business. in a city where just a few months ago there of the telegram was rampant. not so now. >> an audible >> in deed to ever we talk to, from the roadside puncture repairmen, to the east lawmakers all told us security was improving. >> this baker who is turning out more biscuits, told us it's all done to better police, a new government and more u.s. troops. it is a boost in confidence that is being felt beyond the city. outlining districts, want to assure the security. >> but better days in
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kandahar have not come easy, the governor is not sure if they are here to stay. >> candy's insurgents come back to the city and regain a stronghold of what they had before. >> maybe yes, maybe know. >> he is not alone in his uncertainty. from sells phone salesmen, two mechanics and baker's no one is afraid to say that security is better. but listen to what happens when they see what they think about it caliban. can it tell them come back here? >> and i don't know, i am of businessmen i am not a politician. >> in is the question most people would rather dodge. i don't understand he says he smiles and turns away.
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recent history is not encouraging, >> he is committed more troops, more experts and there will not be any drawdown out until at get security forces are ready to take over. >> if i leave here and we still have not been able to stabilize, we will still have one that is most important in this city. >> well many people here think he is and hope he is right, they are used as edging their beds.that's.their
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>> starting lean results may show toward childhood autism, the greater the close to look to a height with a greater chance mr. chubb corp. being brought with autism. >> we have at met and robin here, margaret a giamatti has two sons, about a year- and-a-half ago she was worried about her littlest one. not to and a half years old. >> we notice out was not developing the way other kids his age were. he was used in an autism spectrum diagnosis. >> shoes not advocate and would like to be involved in as much research as possible. a study says that finds living near a freeway may be associated with the increase autism at birth. >> response to the children born at a residence near a freeway were more likely to have autism.
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>> actually, twice as likely if you it was approximately three city blocks from what free way. 600 kids between the ages of two and four were looked at. >> the first thing to look at is the association between air pollution and autism. >> dr. larry yen, says they have ideas, that do not but don't know really know what causes autism, genetics may play a role but so can the environment. >> is the more congested freeways are less congested freeways, at what about an interchange. is not time to panic, is really just the time the same may be there for it. >> the autism light does not extend to major roads, that was tops charge in san francisco and los angeles. >> we are still all in the rain right now, a few white sprinkles also downer said
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jose and morgan hill. we're seeing some heavier per showers' otherwise we're dry, we do have some oysters and the bay area storm out to the north is driving this into the bay area. southern california's been hit pretty hard this evening. that will continue into tomorrow will also see heavy rain make its way back into the bay area. tonight at around midnight, heavier cells, but still no widespread rain. by 2:00 the widespread showers' start to return by 5:00 a.m. every will pretty much be in full sprinswing around the bay area.i actually think will have the possibility of seeing thundershowers in the morning as well. around 9:00 a.m. you see the dark orange right over sentences go near oakland and vallejo. good chance seen thunder and lightning possibly some small hail as it pushes through. heavy rains coming
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with this type of conditions. continuing to see heavier rainfall and been continuing to scatter around 1:00 hour. later on in the afternoon things will start to improve quite a bit. we are going to see quite a bit every ball, through sunday we're going to add to or rainfall totals an inch and a quarter, in the north bay in the santa cruz mountains we've already seen three pluses inches of rain at another to what tomorrow morning. also this year will see some snow, winter storm warning remains in effect. some can be dressed conditions out there tomorrow. this does wrapped up the possibilities of an avalanche dangers, about 5 80 in. of accumulation of snow. with gusty winds and zero visibility and impossible roads at times.
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>> looking at to kron47 day at around the bay, heavy rain and wind in the morning. at break in the afternoon have the rain returns monday morning and late monday afternoon more heavy rain on tuesday into wednesday. it will just keep coming and going over the next several days. thursday and friday we might catch a bit of public some rain possibly into saturday morning. >> authorities are warning people in the east bay to keep an eye out for packages that you order, speedsters still in packages offer front porches. >> agreed to sell this holiday season, and he doesn't look anything like this, instead they travel in cars and they strike out. this surveillance video out of texas captures the man's stilly packages from a person's front door. >> we've had treated four recent cases where ups packages have been stolen all the people porch's after they were delivered. concord
9:50 pm
police say the most recent that happened thursday. someone saw a man speeding off with two packages. >> is very difficult, you need a neighbor riding down the license plate number, we don't have any packages in here. this concord men made sure that he is not an easy target after witnessing the is running off with someone else's as packages a few weeks ago. >> we saw a ups guy come in pushing a dolly, a drop of some packages in front of the upper limit, as we're driving out from the underground parking we notice does right from the other end of the building caring the packages. >> some but those believe that these actually follow the delivery drivers, concord police have not confirmed that. they do know that the thieves have struck neighboring sittings like walnut creek some defect detectives and we're trying to see of the cases are connected.
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>> christmastime, and you're taking away someone's door and happiness. >> in concord dolling kron4 news. >> new families of oakland received a head today. there is a shopping speak at a department spree. the families l also be served a war mail and one lucky local family will take home a christmas tree. >> in this time for france family and food especially for this week riding other than valentine's day, the pollen is a prototype for chocolates. >> chocolates are especially to of the holidays. yet it seems the darker the better. pheresis studies show the dark chocolate to be good for us, but go easy on them. you too much chocolates can lead to to indicate obesity even diabetes. >> keep your sweeter extra
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boost to 10 percent of your calories every day. >> dark chocolate is chock full antioxidants. these are the subsystems in food that help prevent damage to heart and arteries. but what switcher buying, the more process the dark chocolate if you're the health benefits. >> the lease process cocoa, is the one that is quite have the highest health benefits. >> the best source appeared dark chocolate is dark local power. . the swedes that you enjoyed during the holidays, will be good for the heart as well for this week to. for today's health minute by minute sosa. >> coming up last-minute gifts on a budget, we have high-tech toys under $25.
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time now for tech talk with games like. >> i want sherries and techie gift ideas for $25 or less. like this programmable
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remote-control that will work with most tvs. what is unique, it has a built-in bottle opener. it's called the clicker, it is $25. chlamys elie de campbell's make for a nifty gift, they are is bright as real candles they are scented and they are battery potter so the last a long time. desperate they are sick no fire danger. there are many brands offering different sizes for under $25. i'd use a couple from enjoy lightning they seem to work lot well. with airlines not charging if your luggage is over a certain way, the land that can help about, you attach to your luggage looked up and wait for the bt see the weight of your bag. what ever person you're getting for, probably has a phone are gadget that there
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is a cocaine should he get for periods also owns call people are really using these devices to watch video, but it can be tiring to holding your hand, so the case with a built-in kickstand to prop up the device would make a great gift. there are dozens of brands sold in most electronics stores, brands i recommend our tasters 0, or potter case. and for the super geek techie person in your life, check this out it is the star trek enterprise pizza cutter. awesome it is $25. and lastly for a last resort cheap easy gift, you can always do the right to his gift card. most grocery stores sell limb. for more information on these products that i have shown you go to kron4 dai, look for my tech page gave slight. >> it looks like there rain is when to be a hit and
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miss proposition. >> absalom argosy more rain going term sunday monday and into wednesday morning. >
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