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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 21, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> did morning, here is a live shot of the james lick. you'll notice that their roots are a little glass of this morning. today's tuesday december 21st. i say that because of the first day of winter and don't think about putting away your umbrella you will need it. louisa will tell us how much longer we will have to have it. >> at least a couple of days a roll. this morning shot of the golden gate bridge, dry, still dealing with some scattered showers. taking a licking your radar give you an idea what you expect asea brown to the day. there's some spotty showers, up to
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the north bay. san rafael picking up a few raindrops. novato was well. down 101 and a richmond san rafael bridge. dry cells sitting offshore expected to move in toward san mateo portions of daly city so san francisco. napa and a few isolated raindrops. nothing heavy. just some very it light precipitation. karen temperatures, cooler today especially around the bay 49 degrees 48 san rafael, oakland, hayward 50 degrees. huge asset for noon, sharing is a continuous scattered showers. then it's really as we head towards evening that things start to change 9:00, a better chance of rain into the picture up to the north bay we could see some fairly heavy rain
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moving in in the overnight hours. wednesday, to give heavy rain, thunderstorms. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. another couple of days with the wet weather thursday, friday partly sunny. saturday, christmas, that's when the rain returns. continuing to the end of the weekend to the beginning of next week. erica. >> good morning, a quiet start around the bay area no accidents or incidents to tell you about, no delays of the approach, in no way that the big gates. california highway patrol has issued a high wind advisory your ride around the upper deck. san mateo, and no arms to report either direction and 92, traffic is clear. right now lots of space between cars. that is traffic coming toward the peninsula towards foster city. 13-14 minutes
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and 800-101. your ride to the golden gate bridge, 101 problem free, just a couple of cars on the road, your entire ride from 37 to the waldegrave is in the clear. herodotus and is there 24 minutes. will. >> thank you, , police are still searching for suspects they say shot a man near highland hospital. it happened around 2:30 p.m. in the 3300 block of 13th avenue this morning one suspect is that coming to of losing custody and the fourth is still on the loose. jonathan bloom has the latest. >> oakland police say they were pursuing the four men after the chase ended one man shot and killed, two more rested, fourth daughter way. >> the person is argentina
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reached. >> this red terror in october and interest will fleeing from police. it's the same car police believe was the raw the shooting last week plainclothes officers got a tips party and head for the freeway the radioed for hope. >> you cannot case unless you're marked vehicle. we're waiting for mark police vehicle. the activated their lights, sirens the vehicles started to flee. but for the pursuit started. >> they began to follow the car, officers and a march are caught up with them. chase them into east oakland and then back down the free to 13th avenue revered into a neighborhood crushing interest. the four men jumped in and scattered. >> one of the documents were shot by our officers, we had two officers the desire on the person. there is a
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handgun found in the vicinity of the suspects. >> pronounced dead at the scene police arrested two others are covered in this program from the car. dozens of officers some regards, the neighborhood could not find a fourth man. as night fell the blood and a helicopter but after five hours you still large. these men are to continue searching into the night. >> six officer of of shooting in their gorman this year. 4 have been fatal. oakland, jonathan bloom, kron4 news. >> a judge is expected to decide today which of seven defendants will go to trial on charges of gang rape. during an interview after the alleged attack he would not consider anything he said during the interview. he also says he has concerns on whether not there's enough evidence to halt
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smith end of this to answer on the charges it suggested that the evidence against the other five would be enough to bring them to trial. >> a third reason antioch researching for suspects to shut a man in the head, leaving him in critical condition favor of life. officers responded to this section are rocks bring ray by 15 last night they found a man in his early 20s lying on the street. they believe the victim drove to the area to meet with people who were in a dirty 1990's or dark green two-door ford escort. as soon as he got into a car shot for the victim was then shot from the car, suspects to cross. >>to across. police took this man into custody early sunday morning in san mateo investigators say he shot and killed david lewis of
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the coastal shopping center back in june. louis was an outreach worker who co- founded substance abuse treatment center. the two new to their but it's not clear how long. he was late to a car matching the description of the sedan seen leaving the area after the shooting. police are warning residents of to propose that attacked a woman ran from the rear house. happened around 630 last night. in the 3000 block of white sand drive. neighbors called police say to direct great leap polls were attacking a woman she severed major injuries but is expected to survive. the dogs that have not been captured have clipped years, may have late response. >> new details prisoners ron was expected to sign the repeal of " don't ask, don't tell " into law today. the u.s. military has are in started mapping of how it
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will put the new policy into effect allowing gays to serve openly in the military. it will not dictate how the jurors feel about it, they will strictly enforce how the act on it. >> the census bureau is expected to release the first results today from the latest once a decade cover minkow. expected to show the ones toward population growth of dropping to new lows level in seven years. figures will be used to reapportion the four injured 35 has seats. republicans are expected to gain from a steady migration. >> the treasury department wants to go paperless, they settled on the dates when millions of people will be able to get their social security benefit checks by mail. their severance brought it except paper as payments starting on may 1st or next year. three months later than first rose, those already on searches security
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off until march 1st to make the switch to direct deposit or debit card. an amazing set in the night sky, a total collapse of the moon last night in started a record 1030. there is passing directly between the sun and moon cast is a giant shadow. look how beautiful love this. it happened on the same day of the winter solstice for the first time since 1638. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, new details and the massive tear the recall will tell you why the auto maker may be paying for its mistakes. i live look at senator san francisco roof camera still dark at this hour, keep your umbrella handy you'll need it today and the next several days more honor weather forecasting just a few minutes.
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here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. 60 degrees- that's on thursday, pretty sunny, partly cloudy. clearing out thursday and friday. saturday, christmas rain returns. much more on this and a minute. tot has agreed to pay the government $32.4 million in extra fine spirit it will settle the investigations into it recalls on how the steering really robs a and for better months. that is a man is on top of our more than $16 million fine to do it paid earlier in a related investigation really troubled kennedyit brings the tl
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penalties even higher. >> iran officials say by the year 2013 americans will burn nearly 20 percent last gasoline than they do today despite millions of more cars on the road. experts say the search for gasoline is shrinking as cars and trucks become more fuel- efficient. industry officials say u.s. demand has declined for years and narrow, it will not reach the 2006 level again even when the economy fully recovers. >> the number of californians who smokes cigarettes continues to drop. according to the public of 13.1 percent of adult california's worst records in 2009 down 0.2% from 2008, 26.7% from 1985. the director of the public health is confident the state will need a federal
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goal of 20% by 2020. ranking second only to utah having the lowest percentage about all smokers. not much change, wall street ahead for christmas, the dow lost 14 points, s&p rose three points and the nasdaq gained more than six prints. wells fargo agreed to modify adjustable-rate loans made to nearly 15,000 people by lenders that are acquired. they also agreed to pay $32 million to thousands obverse for lost their homes to foreclosure. the deal applies to payoffs adjustable rate mortgages made by certain banks. the judge has approved the bankruptcy plan for the national enquirer. the company's publications account for more than one- fifth of the newsstand circulation in the united states and canada. they
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sought a vacancy last month with $870 million in debt. it says it will merge with a stronger capital structure, less debt, and improved cash. still ahead, whether, it played a big role of your traveling by air, we'll tell you what you need to know if you're heading to the airport this morning. let's set aside, forget about traveling as far as flying, was sure you are driving, a little bit rossi on the golden gate but no proms if your driving across that area. you ever have
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welcome back, from san francisco to tahoe, here is easier at truckee, what did that it's beautiful. the snow on the ground, caltrans has 30 cleared throwaways. he knows done a pretty well, louisa, she's been up there quite a bit. she can tell us so we can expect in terms of
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snow as well as rain. louisa. >> the kidneys to the folks in tahoe looking at a white christmas. at least someone will get that. today, what christmas. for today is the first partial official day of winter kicking in around 338. today is the shortest day of the year. scattered showers continue this morning, rain expected to begin tonight, and to tomorrow. radar, refuse marty showers. nothing compared to we are seeing. a closer look, you showers out to the north of san rafael. let's go ahead and take it down, you can see is some of his pushing into the peninsula also to the south of half moon bay. through the duct, a few showers of been to wrap your vote. and your current temperatures
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sitting in the '40's and '50's, 49 san francisco, 52 oakland, hayward. still can of chili in livermore. noon, same story, starting showers, and our washup. by the end of the day, it will gather a bit of strength, heavier rain to the north bay. overnight ended tomorrow as well. tomorrow, looks to be your best chance of picking it some raindrops, heading towards the latter part of your wednesday, it looks like it will dry out, heading into the thursday and actual day without rain. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. barely steady on thursday and friday. christmas, rain. rain continues by the end of the weekend into next week. check and your commute with erica. >> for those of you attending at the door, no
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hot spots, palms was to contend with. traffic moving at the limit. westbound 8 tyrannize and light, as you make your way towards the big gates. this is a strong wind advisory issued for your ride along the upper deck by california highway patrol keep both hands on the wheel. your ride, san mateo, no problems, easy conditions about directions of '92. those taillights headed towards the peninsula ports foster city) lights coming towards you east bound in hayward. still not tracking the back of the toll plaza, no proms getting to the bridge along highway 101. no problems to contend with, nice, like conditions registered to road sensors no problems to rear entire ride. a source a teacher hiring 37. since we have
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been talking about snow so much. if you're heading to the sierra, no problems to you will need genes for interstate 80. you do need them for 50 a and e eight. >> most californians have one common westbound break from intense storms. record storm, rain, mud slides have crows rose an first some to have a dozen people to evacuate. >> i have never seen nothing like this before. speakers of read our motion to southern california baker said the surrounding are taking the brunt, as much as 10 in. of rain has served the region over four days and more is expected to tomorrow. >> hopefully it stops. >> of their revered severe
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flooding has forced them to shut down to major high- rise. nearly two dozen residents were told to get out as lead orders rose to dangerous levels. >> we're trying to avoid having the flood come in and then start popping these people. >> the evacuation order was lifted after cruz major was a for residents to return home. further north, the story is no, as much as 10 ft. could fall the control and are out virtually impossible. more snow is on the way, in the rose, reporting. >> the bad weather continues to cause delays at airports across the country. we're told this morning there some delays for arriving flights to chicago that means flights out of all three bay area airports heading to or here are delayed at least
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two hours. quite a scene yesterday as it was one of the busiest travel days. it should be just as busy today, christine connolly shows us the situation for us a vote. >> take a look, i've had to speed up the video of this line just to show you where line ens. here ago, here's the end of the line with these folks are in so far as treasury book their flights, it's bad but there's something even worse, >> i waited in this line this morning i got my bag on the plan the play went nowhere the semi big backer here. >> in get sfo, to get this right he will leave as 7:00 a.m. tuesday. >> and exhausted, tired, i can't think about what is your eye on enough. speaking as much as southwest, as you take a look at his departure board you can see the
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delayed or flights triple those the runtime. her flight has been delayed 12 hours. speakers no courtesy, there's no courtesy of four ventures, and no towels, and transportation. >> again flights all of three-year area airports coming to chicago or there are deleted least two hours, using my rights even if you going to a place like honolulu, call ahead that airplane leaving chicago could also be delayed getting to see you regulate kedging that the same. s morning, jerry brown is eliminating the office that acted as a watchdog over seeing the spending of stimulus money. they sent a letter yesterday saying the
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incoming and frustration will close their office. the move will save more than $700,000 in the current fiscal year, the inspector general says the closer was unexpected. >> another story closer to the bay area federal regulators are investigating the circumstances of mark hurts for syringes nation. h-p says it is cooperating with the investigation, appeared resigned after a former contractor accused him of sexual harassment she said he told her about hp's new $14 billion acquisition of electronic data systems. h-p is there world's biggest maker of personal computers. coming up, a big earthquake hitting are around killing seven people we will study the destruction and my
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officials fear the death toll could rise. a greeting from one of our soldiers or overseas. >> my name is timothy dalton, and kuwait, i would like to say hello to my family and my sister. i love you guys, happy holidays. >> on in iraq, on to say hello to my mother and brother. i love you and miss you. >> john shad's and sin. of the holidays. of the dead.i lovu dad.
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world news, and magnitude 6.2 earthquake ahoy 33 people reported injured, homes have been damaged, telephone lines cut off, located on poland's come up from two years grace, is france's elle least one side there is to make every day. more snow and bad weather has forced frankfurt airport to this is video flights were suspended their unclear when in my resume. 139 arrivals, 36 departures were canceled. hundreds of
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cancellations of the next couple of days because it deception elsewhere in europe. heathrow is operating at reduced rates. an island and are still some of last month. fighter jets can destroy necessary today. by death threats to strike the south again. within sight of north tree insurers. american commanders in afghanistan want to launch special operations raids into tribal areas of pakistan against militants, unnamed officials in washington d.c. behind the story. the coalition says there's no truth to a report. with the help of the
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republicans some progress had been back several gop the amendments. the treaty which resigned in april would reduce nuclear weapons and, a two-thirds road is needed. the illustration is stepping up efforts to gain the votes they need. a good to captivate the schedule today. coming up,
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if public transportation after pretty good start, no bombs tracy, muni or. will its peak police still searching for a suspect who shot a man in a hospital at 2:30 p.m.. and the 3300 block of 13th ave. whawas suspect dead to invest the
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one and lose. >> police searched into the night for the suspects to away after the police department chased the suspect shot one, rested too. police amusing their helicopter to track the suspects. the corner of a huge area including a freeway. police say they are considering that suspects armed and dangerous to be armed with assault rifle. the suspect shot and killed had a hand and. speaking of the judge is expected to decide today which of seven defendants will voter trial on charges of gang rape. they believe is laurie current sergeant violated 16 year-old cody's marin rates. he would not consider anything he said during the interview. the judge says he is concerned on whether or
4:34 am
not there's enough evidence to heard smith and his fellow defendant to answer on the charges but suggested that the evidence against the other five would be enough to bring them to trial. >> police are looking for the suspects involved in the shooting death of a 30 year- old man in it is the business area. it happened just before noon in an alley between florida and kaolin the streets. he died and his way to the hospital he was vallejo 17 homicides so far this year. authorities in antioch searching for suspects who shot a man in the head, leaving him in critical condition officers responded to a section of rock spring way around 515 loss nine wow! demand in his early 20s lying on the street is gunshot runs. they believe the victim drove to meet with people who were in a " dirty 1990's dark green two-door ford soon as he got into the car sharks are hurt
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the believe the victim was shot from the car, the suspects to talk. a 30 say he's fighting for his life this morning. police say they've made arrests in a june fatal shooting of a palo alto community leader. they took him into custody early sunday morning in san mateo investigators say he shot and killed david lewis bought in june. he was an outreach worker who co- founded a sentence evers' treatment center. the two knew each other but they don't believe they know how long. link to a car matching the description of a black sedan seen leaving the area after the shooting. police arrested a 23 year-old pleasanton and following a three month investigation into allegations that the man interaction with a four year-old girl. michael carr had been working as a driver for the gross family he was booked at the jail yesterday. police are
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warning residents of to put holes in that area that attack the san jose woman rain from our house. the top forensics their dress night. 3000 block of white sand drive neighbors called leasing to dark gray pinballs were attacking a woman she suffered serious injuries is expected to survive. they say the dogs which have not been captured have clipped years and may have light gray spots. new details, president barack obama is expected to design the repeal of don't tell don't " don't ask, don't tell " into law. the military has started of mapping out how it will put the policy into effect allowing gays to serve openly the new rules won't dictate how they feel about the change just how they act on it. some who
4:37 am
fought discharges plan to attend the signing. >> so emotional. fighting for the social injustice. for some unknown, i'm not sure i will be allowed to contain myself. they will be a celebration. 13,000 + people are stationed in the military. this is justice for all. >> of the next several weeks military officials will examine 87 page implication plant them both defense secretary and chief will each have to certify the repeal and then another 60 days will be needed before there're feel especially active. the census bureau is expected to release the first result today from the latest once a
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decade government town. expected share america's once toward population growth dropping to the lowest level in 70 years. they will be used to reapportion the 435 proceeds among the 50 states. republicans are expected to gain from a steady migration. the treasury department wants to go paperless they've settled on the dates when millions of people will no longer be able to get their social security benefit checks by mail. new recipients what do except paper this paper runs starting on may 1st. which is three months later efforts to propose. those already on security will have until march 1st of 2013 to make the switch to direct posit. an amazing say in the night sky at a total eclipse of the man last night. it started about 1030. theories passing directly between the seven and a man casting its giant chart. that is
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beautiful. and that within the same day of the winter solstice for the first time since 1638. coming up, something football fans in minnesota have not seen in years. we will share u.s. banks or vikings game against the bears. a live look of an era, we will the u.n., or how much over the next few days louisa will tell you more about that coming up.
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welcome back, bridge check, first let's start of the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is very late in a properly be light all week a lot of people taking this whole week off for christmas vacation. san mateo, looks like it's even easier, the taillights the ec those carries a gun from him or to the peninsula. sylvia are busier than you can see it's not. pretty easy getting to that area as well. one final
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bridgeport, golden gate, no problems in either direction. probability to 20 minutes to go to nevada to the city arizona is following the traffic situation not just for those three but for bay area traffic all over the place. should it is an update and a few minutes. >> this just in the '30's and pr say u.s. national guard helicopter was seeks people crashed in route to a neighboring islands. because kurds as to the passengers were prosecutors with the local justice department. the other four were officials with the national grid. to read from members can helicopter was headed toward a trade when it disappeared name monday. upon the change its route because of bad weather. >> the weather and the bay area's moving into the mounds lease and change bush to the sierra to show you. >> i'm up in the sierra on-
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line and state aid 0, you can look interstate 80 is open with a very wet conditions on the drive up share the rain was falling at lower elevations, the conditions were such that there was a lot of slushy snow it was a very slippery with the visibility was a little difficult, when cars in front of me what to get this note, the dirwould pick upd the dirt it would get our my windshield. this guy is great, lower elevations the weather was more rainy, here red service brings it started to snow. choose no, not mix in with such a step. like i mentioned before through conditions on interstate 80 are wet. i can only presume that at night those wet road conditions
4:43 am
can turn i see. >> snowy conditions there and in minnesota, this is something of football fans have not seen in 29 years. the first-round game my doors. they face the bears in the last time game of the season since the matter from was damaged last week. they've played minnesota, the games drew more than 40,000 people which of about 80 percent of the stadium. last outdoor game they played was 29 years ago to the date. as and give 40-14. coming up, much more weather, traffic lots of things going on including travelling, we will tell you about the conditions at sfo. before we get to that, james lick no problems in that area.
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welcome back, as you raindrops on the storm tracker 4, not a washer. you may need your windshield wipers. light showers over to the south. ) and along highway one season showers. portions of marin. mitterrand did golden gate park, said. and golden gate bridge. richmond through novato. just a few sprinkles, very very late. redone due fairfield, vacaville. right now in the 40's, '50's, 48 degrees for san rafael san santa rosa. nine view, san jose reed around 50 degrees. future cast, today, continuing with
4:46 am
some heather moore showers. as we head towards the later part of your day rain is expected thunderstorms as well up into the north bay, heavy heavy rain. same for to arm morning, the later part of your day we should start to taper off in terms of that wet weather. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., and got charged they rain and thunderstorms to mark. partly sunny conditions for thursday, friday, saturday that brings the rain back once again, pretty white christmas. if you're in this era it could be a white christmas. sunday, rain tapering off. same for monday. let's get a check and your commute with their care. >> later on the bay area and expected to be the rest of the week, enjoy your ride wristband 80, still only tracking rates you cars your
4:47 am
reminder, the upper deck, strong wind advisory issued. be extra cautious. not affecting and dried thyme 8-9 minutes between the five the mes and san francisco. san mateo bridge, no drums in either direction of '92, still light conditions among his taillights. still lot tracking in the back up at the toll plaza no way getting to the bridge along highway 101. same story for the golden gate very few cars across this land, still not tracking incidents, accidents no delays through marin, highway 37 to the grave in the clear, looking across and freeways in san francisco, no problems to, like conditions on james lick well. >> not many people are crazy
4:48 am
about this rain but there is a good part with the rain coming in and adds to our reserves robin thought about tells us about it. >> this is an ocean beach and san francisco hours after strong storms cover the bay area. it's a beach were millions of microscopic skuas craig what looks like brown foam. it's a place where you can find trash what strong start. trust me russian region is known to be clean. across the bay to strictly, totally different story. >> on lot of stuff washes out. >> this is gonna try he walks his dog in the syrian president he notices >> pocket rivals, garbage. before i go any further it's important to know if you see a sign that reads leads to the bay believe it appeared just read everything and syria is a direct result of
4:49 am
trash that made it a church or in print and then to the bay. a lot of not all of it is harmful to the wild life. the bay area is a beautiful place except for the fact that the carelessness of the few people trash it. remember this, for every action there's a reaction. take a look is trickery, this is their reaction. in berkeley, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> obviously that was not rob, here's rob. he's telling is the zero mining to rows rain curbs. speaking here in the foothills surviving santa clara belli near gilroy the first big storm in a series of storms saturates the ground. but to the rain from the next run
4:50 am
simply runs off into this and other reservoirs' and the timing of these storms is perfect, there is money remain now. the 10 reservoirs here which relies on the path that are just under half full. the release or to water harvesting is good in terms of the fact that it helps water managers make decisions like how much will be needed to be imported and how much if any needs to be put in place. >> you can track the storm on our web site code for a real time radar. if you still have some shopping to do, there's still a few days left, gabe slate takes a look at last-minute gift ideas and the tv world. >> tvs are a common item on the holiday gift restless. i want to show you what is hot, and he wrote. check out this deal i just found i might get this is a gift for
4:51 am
myself. 32 in. or busy go is going for $298, no tax, free shipping. with such an amazon rain now. elie de tvs are a new thing, they run a couple hundred dollars more than plaza but they are more energy-efficient, the dinner, a brighter and lasts longer. 3d tv's hottest new thing expensive depending on the size, 1500 to $3,000. for now you have to watch them with three glasses. there's not much contact espn and discovery your 3 d channels and there are few 3d bloom ray davies. but to my want to wait on the season when there's more content and the prices come down. however, google tvs are new, they work well and priced fairly. you can get one for $600 at the 1300 depending on the size, do a
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tv as regular with the internet about in a kid to the web by new tv. almost anything you can do, view, watch for the internet on a computer you can do in the google tv. the remote- control is a keyboard for easy taping. >> there is a cheaper way to get a good look tv, you can buy the illogic set top box for granted dollars connected to an end to existing hdtv it turns the tv into a google tv. is the same thing is buying a tv with about than just a different, a cheaper way of doing it. >> coming up will tell you about flight delays, versus trade the bay bridge toll plaza, it does look like traffic has picked up during the 4:00 news class, raleigh will be that way through the morning.cast probably will be tt
4:53 am
way through the morning.
4:54 am
welcome back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. look at the
4:55 am
temperatures, it doesn't get into a 60 degrees until thursday, partly sunny, ran off and on for the next several days, said it doing there for christmas the rain returns. louisa will tells all about the weather in just a few minutes. sfo, a live shot from there, you can see looks like their roadways are glossy, people busy, this is obviously a very busy week for people, if you're heading to the sfo give yourself plenty of time. we're told there are some delays for arriving flights to chicago that means flights at of all three bay area airports heading to chicago are delayed two hours. national news, an actor from spider- man is in the hospital after falling 30 ft. during a show. police say the actor was taken to a local
4:56 am
hospital with minor injuries, this is the fourth time after has been hurt in connection to this performance. the official opening day has some fresh back to january to february 7th. we're told, she night train is engaged to a business executive frederick e. bought. first reported by you as weekly, they began dating falling their divorce from her husband to have an affair between the bob's right. no word on when or where the wedding will be. vince vaughn and his wife of in their first-round laughlin arrived at 7 lbs., 2 ounces per inmate 2 in. long. in song and his wife the canadian real estate agent mary back in january. coming up, slate delays, tell you about " don't ask, don't
4:57 am
tell ", here is a live look from sematech traffic still very easy so far. probably that way for most of the day. george motive is a traffic update when we come back.
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good morning, 5:00 a.m., a top prize at this hour a fourth subjects in the deadly of troubleshooting. >> a decision to come down on which of the seven defendants will go to trial in the richmond high school gang rape case. les coming up can >> another storm is on the way, we're alive as well on the right-hand side, you can see flight delays, keeping
5:00 am
track, on the left the pri to the bay bridge, choir rain now. once the storm moving in? >> spotty showers at this hour, as we head towards the evening and into to tomorrow that is somehow the best chance of some rain. this morning is the first day of winter, 3:38 p.m. this means is is the shortest day of the year. scattered showers, rain, which means into to mormon night. radar, showing you some spotty showers. right now is contained to one area, very, very late. san rafael, heading into mill valley, highway-one spotty showers. a few showers move to the northern portion, it's tapered off. now just a few stars but never in vacaville. karen in the '40's, '50's, 49 san francisco. 48 have today. 50
5:01 am
half moon bay, hit or miss showers throughout the morning, as the head towards the evening and the later hours, the shares registered to pick up. rain is expected late tonight into it tomorrow. the later part of your wednesday will start to drive out of it. then we will see a few days dry. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., thursday, friday rarely sunny, with temperatures climbing up into the 60s in some spots, sunday, christmas that's when the rain returned to be a pretty wet christmas continue to keep showers the pitcher sunday. monday. check and your commute, george. speaking the possibility of a wet christmas and a windy commute. bay bridge, the ride is a little sluggish, on the upper deck. you don't see it here at the toll
5:02 am
plaza but there's a high wind advisory party in place for the bay bridge in the westbound direction. lower deck is not as much a problem. san mateo, traffic is moving well, as you can see the right hand side of your screen heavier them is that the bay bridge toll plaza, yesterday there was no black back up for other. that may been a monday or it could be there were already under way with holiday light traffic. here to the golden gate, southbound you see those flashing lights, those are bridge cruz reconfiguring the span for the morning commute, taking away the center lane they will add a their southbound lane to the two northbound lanes. >> here red and interstate 80 the westbound ride is very light later than the sorriest bay. now back to press ahead towards the shore from the upper. very.
5:03 am
>> continuing our team coverage of weather and traffic, including air traffic jackie sissel is live, taking a look at any delays, a lot of people headed out hi jacki. >> the next couple of days long lines, at the ticket counters and all over the place. what makes it was complicated is this winter weather that is not only here on the west coast but in chicago, o'hare they're expecting major delays, delays all over the country for the last couple of days you can see some of these lines this is over and the american counter 10-18 minutes ago you can see how long it is, anytime you trouble give yourself a little extra time especially now. napa leery having is long lines because so many more people travelling but whether issues. if your coming from us about oakland to san jose, the best thing
5:04 am
to do is check, and here is some time there expecting delays. anywhere to the midwest check ahead. but rate now here is the security gate, not too bad, starting to see the peak hours, really the congested time will be out here all morning checking lines. speaking what to check for the international terminal to terminal in europe than all of that snow. if you're lucky enough to trouble for your for christmas and light from >> unless you're going home, a lot of people come over here for the holidays this is what i get back home. yesterday we had a guy who was stranded but to your bed had to wait three days. major delays. >> mark. the view from europe, pushed thousands of travelers are still stranded. i regret still
5:05 am
continues from london through france to germany. you see them try and clear of the runways, and cancellations persisting today and many european airports. not just he joe also having train problems him as the aerostar connecting belgium and france major delays. he throw more than one half the flights. >> back here in the bay area developing story, oakland police are still searching for a fourth suspect in involved in a deadly officer of all shooting. it happened after four people led police on a chase yesterday afternoon in the 3300 block. that went on for about 3 mi. before the driver crashed. four people jumped from the car police opened fire. one suspect dead, to others in custody the fourth is on the list. this the sixth officer of shooting in oakland this year.
5:06 am
>> the judge is expected to decide today which of the seven defendants will go to trial on charges of gang rape in the case of the 16 year-old richmond high school student who was raped that her mom coming dance. the judge said lori caron appears to have violated a 16 year-old cody's miss marin their rates. after the attack. he would not consider anything said in the interview. he said he had concerns about whether there's enough evidence to holtzman and a list run tests to answer to the charges which suggests the evidence against the other five would be enough to bring them to trial. >> any of the third is a searching for suspects that left a man shot and had fighting for his life. officers responded to a section of rocking way 5:15
5:07 am
p.m. a man early 20s line on the street. they believe that the victim drove to the area to meet with people who are in what's described as " a very dirty 1990's dark green two-door ford escort " shots were heard, the victim was shot from the card the suspects to crop. >> new details in the fatal shooting of unease palo alto community leader, police have made an arrest in the june murder. take a look, and grigory alarms of pittsburgh. he will be arraigned today. taken into custody early sunday morning in some detail. investigators say he's the one who shot and killed david lewis at the hillsdale shopping center louis was an outreach worker also co- founded a substance abuse treatment center. the two men knew each other but is not clear for how long he was linked to a car matching the description of a black sedan leaving the area after the shooting. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. live
5:08 am
look your from the james lick, dry conditions scattered showers in the north bay [ female announcer ] safeway talks gift ideas.
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what a mac, and norris are surrogacy air. to and are meant only on 50 and 88. winter storm watch for the western slope with more snow on the way. as crude crews are trying hard to keep roadway is clear. 10 ft. of snow expected in the mounds of over the next few days, southern california mammoth lakes has seen nearly 90 there's no less than 24 hours. here's a look at the conditions, the backups, accident as people pull over to put on those genes. no change 780 but james on 50. >> bakersfield, not snow but rain is the problem 4 in. of
5:12 am
rain hitting the bakersfield area since last friday but emergency officials have closed dozens the roads because of flooding. there's a risk of rock slides. 2000 people have been evacuated from their homes. the worst is not over predicting another storm tomorrow. >> in california mcfarlane, people have been evacuated to the mudslides and flooding rain expected to continue today with rand for christmas day. >> as san bernina tiny woman is in good condition after being rescued from mecca to track, being swept away in rain, a 21 year-old martinez says shoes cussing the street last night when the waters rushed for run away. when it disappeared two founders of the release. if
5:13 am
your car a quarter mile downstream she used her cellphone paul for hull. as the water started to rise and set her car. they put aero costa creek canyon, and product safety. speed we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. if you miss the eclipse of the men we will show it you coming up next. a very busy travel day. slates' camps across europe, delays to the midwest will have more and live report coming up.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
amazing said it and it's got a giant shadow it happened on the same day as the winter solstice the first time since 1628. if your way, to check it out. they say it would go through
5:17 am
these colors, i had to go to the bathroom i lucked out. i some of the clips. then i went back to bed. it was printed. >> is certainly something to wait out to a gorgeous sight. the first official day of winter. it is going to be the shortest day of the year to date. spotty showers, serrano washout just a few sprinkles. still seeing sprinkled along highway one. also in san rafael. fairfax and novato. highway 37 picking up light rain drops. granted the delta, live showers, for the most part in the clear. staying mostly dry today. rain to canada tonight. forties, fifties return to amtrak as a to do that, and
5:18 am
enormous, the better chance and seeing some rain is in the evening. 9:00, all of this yellow moderate downpours. heavy downpours tonight into early tomorrow. 6:00 a few sprinkles for your morning commute. by the later part start to dry out, dry days for the end of your work week. sierra, more snow. winter storm watch. snow levels of getting data for a dozen feet, pretty low. a few sprinkles, light snow, 4,500 ft.. 4-8 in. above 6,000 ft.. about a foot of snow in to the sierra as we head into tomorrow. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you can see a little bit of a break on thursday, friday, a christmas brings the rain
5:19 am
back into the forecast. what they are christmas continue through sunday, monday. but the team, commute, george. >> aken check and your bridges, bay bridge first even though we did have a meeting late activation they did not stay on for the entire drive, we never really had a backup in the westbound rate commute for the bridge over the same conditions for today of your one of the ones who lost to make the drive. here is a look at the ride across the san mateo bridge, a little heavier than last time we checked that perhaps a restaurant 5:00. things have settled down, and no time yesterday do we have any problems on the purchase bridge. the right to hayward on highway 80 approaching 92 was much, much lighter than usual. golden gate, still looks good. we can figure
5:20 am
that least partially to lanes available no. none. one in the says one direction. three lanes in the sense bound. it is 37 for the seventh and ninth. an easy trip across the span with no problems or delays in marin county, pretty late in easy ride. mark. >> thank you, as a traitor recall they have agreed to pay the government $32.4 million in extra funds. the drama and says the civil penalties will settle investigations and tell how they dealt with recalls. the to get trapped in the formats. and the rods that could lead to drivers losing control. this is on top of more than $16 million fine the decade earlier. it brings the total penalties to over 48 million. >> organizers of the next america's cups in newport is
5:21 am
the top contender. a golden gate yacht club board members said the organizers are serious about halting that contest in newport they're competing with san francisco and other locations to hold the competition and a decision is expected by the 31st or december. newport used to host the competition from 1930 until 83. speaker what could be the most ironic story of the week julienne hassan is complaining that someone leaked a police report of its sexual offenses. two women accused him of rape, he is claiming that the newspaper was selectively publishing cards and question the timing of the leasing it was given to the favorite day before his belt. >> new this morning, census
5:22 am
bureau is expected to release the first results from once a decade count. they're expected to show the ones toward population grow dropping to the lowest level in seven decades. the figures will be used to reapportion the 4235 s seeds among the 50 states. expected to gain from a steady migration to 7 on the west. treasury to are ones to go paperless. this setup on the dates when millions of people will no longer be allowed to get their benefit checks by mail. they will have to get the papers. three months later than they had first proposed. there is already on social security will have to march 1st. that's in 2013 see you use direct deposit or debit card. >> to run our away from the opening bell, stocks opened higher after a mixed close yesterday. a couple store is where calling modify all
5:23 am
adjustable-rate loans making lenders that required. 32 million to thousands of cars that was their home to foreclosure id applies to those pay option made by what soviet and loan savings banks. a judge has approved a bankruptcy plan for the national enquirer american media. they account for more than one-fifth of the newsstand circulation united states and canada. it says it will merge stronger structure, less debt and improved sales. we're beinwe wie right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
max here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. a system begins to pursue wednesday afternoon, scatter charts clearing out
5:27 am
wednesday afternoon, drive thursday, friday the christmas day storm on saturday will be bigger them with coming through later tonight and during the day and wednesday. world news, a magnitude 655 earthquake has killed seven people in chiron. when 33 people injured. homes damaged, you can see the rubble, telephone lines cut rock. located on seismic fault lines and prone to earthquakes it experiences 1 north creek every day average. >> you get to see what happens in taiwan. a man drives his car over three children. i'm and assure you this knowing that children are ok, there were hurt but they're ok. do you see the man just drive in over children. people can hardly believe it, they rushed the car, to stop the car, the charter open it but a burst of flames turns out the man
5:28 am
had poured gasoline all over himself. he is on fire. they're not done yet, they want to get this man, stopped him-is around the car, they start to try the lifted, as they are lifting the car, their wheels began to spend again. the man apparently had not died when he was set on fire, the car starts to try to move again. you can see the tire spinning house in the smoke. it turns out, the kids were able to be pulled from underneath the car because they lifted the car, got the kids out. to come to a hospital. 0 kate, the driver has burns over his hands and face but he too is expected to arrive. speakers will back into minutes at the kron 4 morning news continues after the break.
5:29 am
5:30 am
welcome back, light traffic
5:31 am
all around the bay, here's a shot of the golden gate bridge, focusing on the weather once again we're expecting to get hammered again by rain, yesterday pretty good down car in my neighborhood. >> this morning and isolated spot showers not read much in the way of wet weather. expected to really pick up late tonight, early tomorrow. right now san jose, you can see that camera bouncing around quite a bit. quite a bit of a breeze in san jose officially the first day of winter. at some luster to around 3:38 p.m.. the shortest day of the year to date. scattered jurors this morning, rain tomorrow. the radar is not showing much of anything. we have a cell rolling on through kind of some isolated showers on your radar just kind of spotty in nature. not much on your radar. the inventively interview, there is, a few raindrops pushing
5:32 am
into the north shore ran along highway one just to the set of inverness. reid gunter novato, picking up some raindrops. rain now, in the forties, right up to san francisco, north bay. 57 redwood city and 50 this morning in mountain view and san jose. satellite and radar you can see that first and separate into seven california for us were seeing a second wave pushing up through, bringing some rain. some showers question to our area as well. bulk of the wet weather is to the north, also to the south and loss angeles. here is a look at future cast, to key to the day, hit or miss showers expected it is really the evening that brings us a better chance of rain and heavy rain and back. but to santa rosa. moderate showers. early morning, this
5:33 am
wednesday if bringing in a good dose of what weather. september of your day on wednesday, a strip start to clear up with it. and forcing some nicer conditions. winter storm watch in effect in the sierra from tonight rid of your tomorrow. getting down to about 4,000 ft. pretty low. anywhere from 4-8 in. above the six dozen feet about a foot of snow. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a break by the end of the week, then your saturday, christmas day that is when we bring heavier rain beckon to the forecast. george. >> thank you, new incidents report that could turn into a hot spot that is here on the connector ramp to san mateo from eastbound highway 92. the heading from the hills of the 101. one of the concerns is an accident that occurred on a connecting
5:34 am
ramp ended up in flames according to the california highway patrol. there is a vehicle fire their close to the passing vehicles. this could create a visual hazard for 101 northbound it's on the connecting ramp from east bound 92 selects coming down from the san mateo highlands. from interstate 280 and then tried to join 101 northbound. that does see some traffic and the early morning hours of course most of the traffic is on the other side of the connecting ramp. there may be enough going on the day might have to shut it down for awhile think he's that happens hillsdale boulevard will probably be your best route around it. otherwise, pretty good for your ride to the san mateo bridge, which bridge check with the bay bridge for. still pretty light traffic guest even with the meter in rights act of fidel back up, will see
5:35 am
how it unfolds this morning. san mateo, still looks good, the incident in san mateo at the 1 01921 likely not affect the traffic on the same retail bridge that may slow the traffic a little like getting on to 101. your ride to the golden gate bridge, lane changes over, conversion is completed for lanes of fun to lanes no. but still no delay or back up. mark. >> thank you, , continuing our coverage of weather and air traffic. jackie sissel is live sfo. we could have some big plays on a busy holiday travel date. jackie. >> good morning marc. you can see is starting to extend out, you talked about you should expect delays today and probably for the rest of the week not only are we talking about whether on the west coast but across the country. specifically in the midwest you combine that
5:36 am
with the heavy, heavy traffic that is expected for holiday travel, san francisco international airport is expecting a 4% increase of holiday traffic combine all those forces together you rarely get long, long lines like you see here at the american ticket counter earlier this morning. i did check the board, there were no delays 15-20 minutes ago or expecting to see delays specifically in the air, all here, all three airports in chicago are expecting some delays today so if you're traveling anywhere in that area call ahead your provider. meant anyone who travels this week or next week or the week after that should expecting some sort of issues, obviously as beginning to the heart of the holiday it kind of coincides with that but weather, if your a troubling this time of year you should expect delays, call at, make sure your carrier's on-time give yourself plenty of time. >> didn't we just do this
5:37 am
for thanksgiving? >> yes. the near really noticed, a lot of families traveling. folks with carriers lots of little kids. it will gum up the works a little bit. it will slow process specifically here at the security check- in point. give yourself the extra time try not to rush. >> thank you, call and check and your fight, to are delays are arriving flights will also have delays at heathrow with more so. >> please are searching for a another suspect, he shot a man nearby highland hospital the shooting happened around 230 abstract noon and 3300 block. we have a map to show you the area, this morning one suspect is dead, to others in custody like this said, they're looking for a
5:38 am
fourth. jonathan bloom house leaders. >> oakland police say they're pursuing the four men in connection with the shooting that happened last week, after the chase ended. one of the men were shot and killed by police, to more rested, the fourth got away. >> that person is armed and dangerous in the middle of what showers, and the record corn crop and a manhunt underway. after this red car ran off the road and into the house will slowing. same car police say was involved in the shooting last week. when officers got a tip, spotted heading for the freeway they radioed for help. >> you cannot trees mature march vehicle. we're waiting for a marked police vehicle before they did the stock. the activated their lights, sirens they started to fleets. that's in the pursuit started. speaker they follow them officers and a march are caught up with them case them in the
5:39 am
east oakland and then back down the freeway the 13th where they veered into a neighborhood and crashed into us. the foreman jumped out, scattered. >> one of the occupants was shot by our officers. two officers that the fire and the person. there was a hang and in the vicinity of the suspects. >> he was pronounced dead at the scene police arrested two others, recovered a a solemn and from the car. dozens of officers sums with dogs, to the neighborhood could not find him. as night fell police brought in the helicopter after five hours of searching he was still at large. they've got to continue searching tonight. >> sixth officer embarked searching that happens, for have been fatal. >> we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
5:40 am
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iman, a live shot at norstar, 267 you can see the
5:43 am
road looks dicey coming you do need chains to get to and from town hall.tahoe. tahoe bute nice and no end of this firestorm and probably more to come. >> other stories, this just in italian news reporting an explosive device has been found in a subway car in rome. found inside a train during a stop on the outskirts of the city it was cleared, disposal experts are examining the device, it was left in a church rebec. as we get more information and we'll bring it to you. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. as the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m..
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
automat, by 40 6:00 a.m. storm tracker 4, mostly dry.
5:47 am
in the north bay a few isolated showers and showers into nevada, highway 37, just talking about it drizzle is that. really really late. temperatures in the '40's to san francisco, north bay, though 50s. after a in the '50s. will this afternoon 56 santa rosa, 55 through vallejo. opera 50s through los gatos, san jose, mt. view. we do have wet weather had of our way, you can see it pushing to the south of us. showers into last angeles. a second wave is pushing through being a few sprinkles. tonight, a better chance of heavier rain and early tomorrow. future cast, sharing is hit
5:48 am
or miss showers for today watch as we head towards evening, known as all of this yellow that shows as moderate downpours late tonight, or early tomorrow this second part of your day to mock could stay dry, continuing to see dry weather for thursday, friday. winter storm watch in effect for tonight. through tomorrow. down to about 4,000 ft., about a foot of snow or so and the 500 ft.. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it did show a bigger break by the end of the week, saturday, the rain will return in full force. wind continues sunday, monday. check and the commute. >> first reported as accident police found a high 92 on the 101 tran said the accident on the connecting ramp this westbound. from san mateo onto 101
5:49 am
northbound. that means backups' getting off the bridge likely to reach as far back as foster city. even onto the span. as this ramp is definitely a lot of heat. a vehicle fire reported on the ramp, likely that this ramp is virtually shut down. blocking of the traffic from westbound 92 onto 101. originally reported in this direction which is our roof boards are concerned, this is a horse of a different color, likely to have some impact on the northbound 101 ride. if you normally commute san mateo and then head north on highway 10 when he might want to rethink your options with the reporter of the vehicle fire on the connecting ramp it is likely that it will take some time for this to clear, some reviewers have reported that it's completely blocked, no
5:50 am
alert has been issued yet. so far, siemens him, you'll see that there's no promise yet, noticed this changeable message signed this is an accident at west end of span right lanes blocked. affecting the traffic coming off the span. whether or not it is going to back up all the way across the bridge that'll allow unlikely. certain possible i do think we will see slow traffic coming off of the high-rise leading get along this section true foster city. again the accident first reported in the opposite direction confirmed it is westbound onto northbound 1 01. problem reported in san francisco, it was initially reported in the northbound direction, most of the traffic here is likely to be sub found we could see some dilemmas rate around 280 interchange where a car struck a tree. san
5:51 am
jose, 101 no problems, except the wind, you can see is windy enough to be shaking our camera around. check the hot spot, the ride in san mateo, the connecting ramp from the bridge 92 westbound on 1 01 northbound block for the multi vehicle accident. >> president barack obama is expected to sign the repeal of " don't ask, don't tell " and allow tomorrow. they voted to end the band over the weekend, the military has very started mapping out how the new policy will be put into effect. speaking of virginia lawmaker plans to introduce legislation to keep gays and lesbians from serving. yet to introduce it at the next assembly session in january. he believes keeping gays out of the military will result in less distractions when it comes to running the war. >> your ground troops, the zeroth term was against this
5:52 am
disturbs that the person in the foxhole next alum may decide to sexual assault them under certain circumstances that could distract them from dealing with an enemy across the field. >> his idea has sparked controversy. several groups are speaking out, the governor issued a statement saying saying the congress might fail to rise about it. >> new details, recalling a lot of bottles with a cholesterol drug laboratory because of complaints of the nine characters to order. it announces the fourth such recall over similar issues. the bottles were supplied by an outside manufacturer, the company made changes in august to fix the problem, the law currently being recalled were shipper for
5:53 am
the changes were made. >> the number of california to smoke cigarettes continues to drop according to the california department of public health, 13.1% of california's were smokers in 2009 that is down 0.2% from 08, down 26.7% if you looked at the 1985. should the director of public health was confident that the state will meet federal goal of 12 percent smokers by 2020, their ranks second only to utah in having the lowest since u.s. adult smokers. the state began its tobacco control program in 1990. lot of lot of smokers in california. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look at the golden gate, dry for now, scattered showers in the north bay.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
at that at a live shot, as
5:57 am
set up, bad weather continued cause delays at airports around the country, that an admirable a fax for your flight in the bay area, we're told there are some delays in getting over to the chicago o'hare, flights l all streak heading of chicago are delayed by about 1.5 our we also understand the delays still going to europe, britain has been a mess. you're going to want to call ahead and your picking up, dropping of writing it europe. so, we do have delays. we have our own rain that we'll be watching, a disease that afflicts lloyd's just before christmas a lot of people travelling. >> weather in the day, if you're staying at home, rain showers today another bout of moderate-heavy rain hit into the first half of wednesday. wednesday afternoon still a chance of a thunderstorm. thursday, friday dry, a big christmas days from looks bigger than the one coming in tonight clearing on sunday. we will
5:58 am
be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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