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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 24, 2010 7:00am-11:00am PST

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set the clock on the kron 4 morning news on this christmas eve day. top stories, retailers are calling black friday the sequel a area stores many of them open right now. many staying open late. while a live report coming up as people are hitting the stores for the loss when it gets. our rush of bay area airports to continue this morning with added security. we'll have details on that. try for now in the bay area, as we take a look at live pictures the bay bridge top right, as in the lower right were waiting for christmas storm. leeson has the latest. >> the storm comes up this
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morning adjusters to highlight they cleared dry conditions when of the last friday's record as he in some time. : joe this morning some areas of fog but not quite as dense as yesterday. editions of the next chance of rain moves in light tonight, early tomorrow. here is the forecast is going to be a wet one. we're expecting to see light rain into the morning picking up as we head into the late morning and afternoon as well. expect heavy downpours in gusty winds so sandy said i could have a bunch oa bumpy rid. temperatures in the 30's and '40's this morning, as we tickets for the day here is a time of what to expect. early morning best chance is a shot in the north bay. by 10:00 hour heavy rain expected for the north bay down along the peninsula as well. if the coast undamaged portions of the south of play. was the intensity level of moderate to high as
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we head trader afternoon as well. he can see at 1:00 heavy rain in the north bay, hayward is while to scattered. by late evening though, looks at the storm will move off to the east of course delivering stock and easier, when the advisory in effect for tomorrow from the early morning hours to about 10:00 at night right around the bay. at the southerly winds will pick up 30 mi. an hour. those are sustained winds, gusts to reach 45 mi. per hour. your 7 day around the bay, with rainy, windy and showers will continue into the later part of the weekend. more stormy weather certainly ahead of us were not dealt with yet. time right now was set out to a.m. let's get a check with george. >> what can you? there is none of traffic out there this point to call the commute. he may be driving to work later on and if you are you of light traffic or of your heading. the 580 ride in the livermore valley and pass into the
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castro valley, 580, the richmond center fog bridge the problems. interstate 80 coming at a vallejo across the bridge and all the way down in the bay bridge will be one of the latest and easiest ride you will have any time you drive a during the morning hour. at the san mateo bridge ride, equally ride with no delays. it there's no commute here for the san mateo bridge. i think even the toll takers are going to be a little bit or this morning. looking at your ride to the golden gate, 1 01 southbound. uc an easy trip in from marin county, in this hour there's more traffic than we seen any other time in terms of the number of cars per minute. we workout in less than 60 for the first two hours that we are watching this morning. if you like to take the you lars berg ferry they have reduced if service today is to keep that in mind. for a trip but highway 1 01, the bayshore freeway northbound, sells about along the peninsula of the list of problems. mark.
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>> a lot of retailers open already hoping to catch the last piece of economic recovery at the shopping season. there accommodating the less the choppers were out. let's go to jackie he's live it was ross. if they did not there all night. ? >> was not procrastinators out there, still haven't finished your christmas shopping. to address open on december 21st it has a close since. i got hear for amr, there were people inside you can see this woman here with a basket full of guests. she said she wanted to beat the lines and was arrest is not alone. especially on this christmas eve, many retailers are opening the door for 24 hours places like the gap, old navy, toys r ross, wal- mart. was the people spoke with this morning basically said, i want to beat the crowds i know was quite a crowded so i decided to get up early and go. i spoke to
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one person is morning in talked about why she was out here. >> are you out here at 6:00 a.m. christmas eve? >> to beat the crowds. yes, >> to get this early christmas eve to deal less than a shopping? >> no, less than a couple of city to grab figured i'd be here before anyone else. >> harshly mark, the tell me i was coming out to shoot people shopping in this was at 3:30 a.m., who will be shopping? this parking lot is filling up quickly out here. you can see, there's probably 25 cars and people continue to roll in. i know it's really late 70 down but there are people here at 4:00 a.m., obviously a lot of people wanted to get those last against was rest is still open in the be open until 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> thinking for the update from san or file. they're
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predicting the holiday sales will reach 451 and a half billion dollars this year. that's up nearly 3 1/2% from last year. would be the biggest one-year increase since 2006 and the largest total sales of a record of 4 and 52.-589934589 years ago. this thing a strong finish though could put 2010 on top. the rush at bay area airports continues this morning, flights that the area airports on time but there is that what there was no expected in nashville, and nine plus inches in iowa. that could delay flights to cities. as rob shows us on top of the latest there's a new risk at this security checkpoints >>. heard sfo the annual holiday travel getaways underway, the report very busy. 120,000 people flying in and out of sfo that's up from the usual 100,000 are so. good weather for the most part here and across the country, has led to few
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are many delays. home and security as modified air travelers that passengers big blunder extra scrutiny because of the insulated water bottles. no specific threat was mentioned, the bottles saw a lot through security empty will be given an extra look by screeners going forward. the bottles have not been banned, they are apparently on homeland securities list of things that possibly be used to smuggle explosives onto an airplane. more informations on all this can be found at t.s. at sfo rob kron 4 news. >> pierces main airport, waiting for us a gift from santa they need a supply of de-icing liquid to get or plans of the ground. the aviation authority asking airlines to reduce flights out of paris airport by half. several hours this morning there's a shortage of the liquid, the order comes just as the backlog of
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passengers waiting for passengers for the two main airports 30's. there been delays of the last few days to 4000 people were stock at the airport. in britain, a major airports there are back to normal right now. the country is to starting to thought out from several days as to whether. it will break that is kron 4 morning news continues, coming up the latest on the flooding situation in southern california. which way the latest photos incredible pictures coming out from southern california has the clinton continues. verizon 4glte.
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12 mi. stretch of beach around is now close to does store overflows. summer: the storm system that is one in a decade. he sees car stuck in the mud flow, came down the hillside there is another vehicle in the home as well covered in several feet of mud. another car here with the mudflow and debris up on its side, the fact that inmates were held sent to help big cars out. a lot of water rescue taking place in the flood waters as car stalled out in the rain and high water. he see this one being rescued. here's some flooding around the beach, as the rain finally came to an end the reign showing up here in the sanford and a valley. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. coming up of the latest on the investigation on this which fell in marin county.
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it was a caused by sabotage? what the latest details including the new estimates cutting in on the amount of sewage build and how people are reacting.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, 7:16 a.m.. here's a look the golden gate bridge, a lot of clout cover we action started out pretty cool. partly cloudy conditions it will be a similar day to yesterday. exclaim expect rain tomorrow free christmas day going to be wet 1, also wendy as well. for sunday chance of showers in the picture as well. here's a look right now outside at how cold temperatures are because it's chile. santa rosa at 36, 39 december fog, 38 not but in fairfield, 37 in livermore and the south bay temperatures in the low '40's. but afternoon '50s
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and '60s, 57 percent rosa, 56 into richmond and will talk out on the '60s in places like redwood city and on view also san jose as well. it could warm up a few degrees today down to the south bay. here's a look right now we have a wind advisory in effect for christmas day. early morning hours right for about 10:00, you can see much of the bay area under the wind advisory. southerly winds tomorrow expected to get up to 30 mi. an hour. gusting at up to 45 mi. an hour. satellite writer shows as all of the what weather to the north and northwestern part of the state. that's expected to drop south as we head into tomorrow rain heavy snow fall into this year tomorrow. we have a winter storm watch in effect for late saturday into early morning sunday. snow levels could get down to about 4,000 ft.. here's a look of your 7 day around the bay. rainy and windy tomorrow,
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what we get ahead of us, slight chance of showers monday in more stormy weather ahead next week. if you're struggling to find someone to give for today and i recommend an umbrella. george. >> top-quality umbrella is a hard thing to find. let's start off with the survey of traffic today. it's been a late morning, no problems, no hot spots and no incidents and really no traffic. take a look at san francisco it's a ghost town out there on the freeways, the san jose ride for both to a the and what a wine is light. no backup or wait even with the metering lights on on the connecting route from the guadalupe parkway. out in contra costa out walnut creek looks great, that almost forced to show the line of the freeway, leading down from 24 toward alamo, there is no way are back up. in fact this of that traffic is his leg is the north
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bound ride which would on a normal baby and then on to new direction. >> let's go live to san francisco as they continue their annual toy drive to collect toys for kids who are really expecting to get any presents this year. kron 4 will tran is live with more. will. >> what to show you the bins, they're completely full at this time but there's still excepting presence because they need 15,000. we showed to the bands they complain all morning, but did take a break after nearly three hours. you come down here all morning in fact, until closing time to o'clock tomorrow morning to drop off your guess. a lot of people so far have responded, i want to introduce you to a wonderful family. this is their third year coming down in contributing. here's cuddly you have your young daughter up and your husband and daughter to come down here, tell me why you do this?
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>> it's unacceptable that their children out there that have not enough this year. the fact that there 15,000 toys that are still needed is a crime. three years ago we heard on the radio they needed i believe it was only 5600 more to always and it just broke my heart. i looked in our christmas tree and said this is excessive and i grabbed have are toys and i got everybody out and i cried and said it in the car were born in san francisco. >> had a five year-old daughter mary kay to give up some of for toys? >> were tried to teachers better to give them to get a we have a very comfortable life in there's no reason why we shouldn't help others in need. >> start to mary kay, lost 1 1/3 to this morning. shamir to. she just lost it this morning. barry k. can you tell me why you do this?
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>> because of the poor kids don't have any toys to play with. it feels has no toys and i feel special that i give toys to kids don't have. >> she's going to be the president of the u.s. with that generosity, if you want to be a world beater but you don't have transportation you call the cab company this is the first time the businesses offering that. koppell sought by house free of charge, pick up the toys from your house as long as it's on wrapped. here's the number on the screen if your busy stop what you're doing take a look into screen give them a call now, throughout the day only in san francisco however, by the way if you don't have any gifts to give enough cash come down here for breakfast will take that as well. a
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lot of the workers said the go across the street to walgreen's and other shops down here and do the shopping for you. back to you. >> waiting for santa claus and the off to a very tonight? >> is it to ferry stops by to that as long as santa claus? >> yes. >> this is a great story of the year that we do every year. >> thank you until 2:00 a.m. you can drop off and on raw present. " rebecca's to kron 4 morning news continues. verizon 4glte.
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lake tahoe, eastbound 80 acting bill roadway so much try for now. clear at least, expecting heavy snow and wind up in this era tomorrow. it developing story were following in learning this morning, 3 million gal. of sewage spilled into two separate marin county incidents
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friday. that after clogged pipeline backed up and forced the sewage overflows from manholes. this morning as crews worked, federal investigators are looking into claims of this bill may have been an act of sabotage. jonathan bloom has the latest details for marin county. >> you're on the banks of corta madera creek sewage district workers are burning the midnight oil, sawing out sections of the pipe that needed to be removed after ruptured spilling sewage into the creek and down in the bay. those workers have already covered 2,300 ft. of the 3,000 ft. section that needs replacement. after was discovered the material the pam pipe was made of certain can hold up to the debris that was found in the sewage line, possibly because of vandalism. they say they're confident they can fix the pipe in time for christmas and over the weekend of the leading some bypasses in place just in case anything goes wrong. the be taken up by passes out of the road on monday, those hoses that are blocking traffic will go way
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then. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> the latest development on an error on line our web site the san francisco 49ers have announced a tentative deal is constructed city of san francisco if to keep the team planned to candlestick park for the 2014. the agreement was reached monday that settles a $60 million claim that the forty-niners had filed the beats the city over upkeep of the stadium. the agreement has to be approved by the parks commission import of supervisors, the forty- niners are still planning to play in a new santa clara stadium in 2015. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, if he avoided if unsure holiday shopping there's still plenty of time. if a lot of stores are open today. a live look at the toys rest in san or fell. you can ring in the new year with kron 4 news, will bring you the biggest and best part is of the bay area tune in and at 11:30 p.m. for
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what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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if you want to track santa on the website its norad's said also tracking the weather release has more on storm for christmas. >> good things and is equipped for this because it will be a bumpy ride coming and leaving as well. for the most part tonight was the cool and dry and the morning, in the afternoon partly cloudy temperatures could get into the 50s and 60s. chance of rain set in late tonight and tomorrow just in time for your christmas. in fact, your christmas will be a wet one. like showers in the morning and picking up as we head into the late morning and into the afternoon as well. fairly gusty winds also expected an even
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thunderstorms as well. if you're headed up to this year at the expected amount of snowfall in fact, we could see heavy snowfall home over the peaks as special as the latter part of your day tomorrow. folks heading into this year and expect a white christmas. it should stay that way for good portion of the day, dropping southward as we head into the evening burning right into our area. were starting up this morning with cold temperatures santa rosa 36, 38 for napa and fairfield enter the livermore valley temperatures are in the upper 30's this morning. the afternoon to bring as temperatures into the 50s and 60s, 57 santa rosa, san francisco and concord coming in at 58 degrees and warm up to 60 in places like redwood city, also in the amount you as well in san jose. along with the rain tomorrow, were also expecting some pretty strong winds as well. looks like will see a few sprinkles in the early morning hours tomorrow, in
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fact, continues for the afternoon even 1:00 showing heavy rain to the north bay to the east bay and dent into the south bay. by late evening it should take perot, we do actually have a wind advisory in effect for tomorrow from the early morning hours right on through till 10:00 p.m. for much of the bay area. southerly winds those are sustained winds had getting up to about 30 to 45 m.p.h.. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay shows a wet weekend ahead, we could catch a little bit of a break on sunday but more stormy weather continues for the week. >> santa might have a hard job it's fun of course, no one has an easier job than i this morning. talking about this right here at the bay bridge toll plaza or around the bay at all. in fact, no traffic comes to describe this morning. if you're heading out you have an easy trip regardless of where you're headed. but the bay bridge ride, there been
7:33 am
holiday mornings in the summer we've had more traffic than this for the westbound bay bridge. you're ride to the san mateo bridge equally light, in fact, it's rare to see even get on a holiday, in the westbound direction traffic is light on the west outside as it is here on the eastbound side. for your ride in from marin county no slowing from 1 01, through sonoma county through santa rosa down novato and for novato down to the golden gate bridge, like traffic once again. very few cards heading through the toll plaza this morning. if i am so bad for the toll takers they of so little to do this morning. public transit some agencies, are running at a holiday schedule like how train, like the clarksburg's ferry, a stream in the running holiday that means they have no service because of the commute lighter. part today is running at normal schedule but instead of running shorter trains during the midday hours, the run commute like trains just to
7:34 am
handle extra shopping rush they may encounter. >> new this morning a real shift with retailers, try and help people out of course and make a few last- minute dollars themselves. recalling today black fretted as equal as a lot of stores open early, many opened late and some just about all the time. kron 4 jackie is slated to address in san >> tell george if he wants to fund the traffic come on out toys arrest that's where it is. if you really want to see the hardcore shoppers, look this idea got here at 4:00 a.m. to charity had a full basket, she had all her presence done. his dresses when many retailers that decided to stay open 24 hours. this is like old lady, gap, wal-mart and toys rest to his restaurant opening of december 21st for 24 hours. there to get those last minute shoppers and folks who have procrastinated to the last minute. today there will be open until 9:00 p.m.. i
7:35 am
talked to some shoppers thought got hear route 6:00 a.m. and asked what the heck they were doing up so early. >> why are you here at 6:00 a.m. on christmas eve? >> my son's birthday is today and if you the last of a christmas gifts. >> this is down to the water though carried >> i'm used to getting up early though, it a chance to beat the crowds. >> a lot of folks are expecting the crowd today, black fretted the sequel, more like frantic friday. if you've got those as yet you will have a couple hours left. >> thinking for the update, a lot of stores open until the late evening hours. the russian airports this morning, wet weather in parts of the nation have led to delays, i'm just checking with the faa there no major delays reported. sfo oakland and san jose met at 0 are all on time. however there is a new risk at security
7:36 am
checkpoints at hamel lynn security are concerned about insulated beverage containers. possibly being used to transport explosives, they don't have information about a specific threat involving the bottles, but airport greeters may be taking a close look at those containers. new details of their purses died after a drive-by shooting in south san francisco earlier this week. the victim was shot along with five others wednesday night. a candlelight vigil was held yesterday near the intersection for of linden avenue. investigators still looking for a motive for the shooting. residents and friends in the area they say they are nervous. >> it makes you nervous, i could of been you. it's scary their kids it happened early at 7:00 a.m. so it's pretty sad. >> please are looking for suspects, three hispanic males are looking for they say. there were last seen driving a chevrolet impala, a dark color and in early
7:37 am
2000 model with tinted windows. coming up on kron 4 morning news, a secret service revealing a situation at the first family's vacation home in hawaii. we'll tell you whether the president of first family were ever in danger. a live look here at the san mateo bridge as for keeping our eye on holiday traffic.
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welcome back a recall the tell you about southern california company recalling 4,300 t of frozen fish at type of smelt, the fish is contaminated with botulism they say consumers should meet the product even if it doesn't look like a spoiled. the recall affects 540 cartons. there were sold nationwide in restaurants and retail stores between september and december. botulism is potentially form of food poisoning. the company said no incidents have been reported. the latest on toyota's trouble the automaker has agreed to
7:41 am
pay $10 million to the estate of a family of four killed in a runaway luxes crash. that led to the recall of millions of the automaker's vehicles. we ought to try to keep the amount of some confidential but several media outlets are to the public interest in the case out way confidentiality concerns. up judge agreed the model was released, traders said they were disappointed that the amount was made public. all wrong size format truck the accelerator and caused the 2009 crash. u.s. secret service has a man fleeing from local police, drove through an outer perimeter track set up by president obama is a vacation home. they took pictures to conceal secret service agent at the vehicle pointing her gun at the driver. officers said the driver wasn't aware where he had crashed into a barrier. he didn't get into the interior barrier near the president's home. please in the area saying he was trying to evade arrest on several warrants related to
7:42 am
driving violations. president barack obama was not at the vacation home at the time, he was playing golf at a nearby marine base. coming up on the kron 4 morning news will continue to track santa claus, will speak to norad as they continue to track this and all around the world.
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today they have a special admission and the tracking santa claus. joining us now with norad is john. good morning john. >> for you? >> could were sent the? >> looks like he's in albany australia. he is he has a tendency to arrive from locations around 9:00 and midnight. it looks like he's right on time. >> it's a great story how you guys got started doing this.
7:46 am
>> when of imagined that in 1955 a little girl would be responding to a misprinted bad in a local newspaper and managed to call the operation center for the predecessor organizational called. the operation guy on duty to of the phone call and after realizing someone was wasn't pulling his leg he realized it was a little girl was try to find out if she could talk to santa. he said i'm not santa but i can tell you areas. here are 55 years later still executing see trucking santa program. >> a lot more sophisticated now using facebook and google earth. >> absolutely there's a bunch of different ways to find of the whereabouts, you can go, you can give us a call love to get calls from boys and
7:47 am
girls out there that number is 1-877-hi-norad. all those are ways you can find information on santa claus. >> john with norad and for all you do especially the extra work to do on christmas and a merry christmas to you. >> very christmas to you. >> please duchies trucking a storm, >> was told hold specifically by the producers to where these gloves. it's kind of christmas eve. will keep them on all year but it's fitting for to date. right now gloves are going to be pretty useful because temperatures are pretty cold out. it's a cold start temperatures that in the 30's as morning partly cloudy conditions as we head for the afternoon. christmas day will be pretty rainy also gusty winds and a chance ocean showers moving and by sunday. here's a look
7:48 am
at your christmas forecast. it will be what one, starting off with what rain, heavy rain by late morning into the afternoon and pretty gusty winds and fact with the storm. we could even see thunderstorms heavy snow also for the sierra. you could see santa flying on by in fact, a bit of a of your ride the cold front pushes through late tonight and into tomorrow morning. really tomorrow that's what we have the best chance of the right moving in. right now showers and to the west portion of the state in current temperatures are chilly about 36 in. santa rosa, 38 now bought and fairfield at about 37 degrees and to livermore. it right across the board temperatures are cool. in the afternoon will bring a lot to the '50s and '60s similar in fact what we saw yesterday. 57 santa rosa, 56 san francisco in richmond. we could reach the '60s and redwood city and san jose in mt. view today. overall temperatures will be on the mod site, you will wind
7:49 am
advisory in effect for tomorrow. all of this blue area high lighted in much of the bay area brings as that would advise raid from early morning to late tomorrow night. you could see southerly winds to about 30 mi. an hour. it's could reach 45. >> as to what one tomorrow rain wind, a slight chance of rain on your monday and more stormy weather ahead of us for next week. george. >> will start off with a rag at a look at the 680 or high with 24 the north bound ride to walnut creek and southbound ride from walnut creek. itself down from pleasant hill data walnut creek no delays in both directions on 24 leg and traffic moves well. as a dozen san francisco where there are no delays on any of the crosstown freeways, the north bay and james link, the westbound sky way. heading east bound to the lower deck of the bay bridge heading over to oakland airport right now you of an easy ride. heading to sfo
7:50 am
there are no traffic delays for either 101 or interstate 280. if you're heading to san jose airport this morning, christmas eve is a great time to travel especially christmas morning another great time. everyone's a good mood and is used and not a lot of crowding. it certainly not on the freeway as you can see here the guadalupe parkway there are no back up on to 1 01 northbound. mark. >> we continue to cover as they continue to collect toys for children in need. to businesses and san francisco are teaming up a city firefighters to have one. but go back to will tran he's at the annual toy drive. >> the route to a good start at the beginning in the morning they were looking for 15,000 toys they are on their way there. you can see the bins full of items as people watch our broadcast and they're coming down here. what they're doing is they're making sure that every kid in san francisco
7:51 am
gets one. this year on the previous year's it's even worse. last year was about 10,000 kids with lefty o'toole. he said this is worse than in previous years? >> this is the first time we had 15,000 kids who go without a toy. what i heard that we have to pump up the volume here. rescue people to stop by, you can call the cab company to get the pick up. we have our little else out there to help pick up the toys. you come and have breakfast drop off to what every like. >> as much as would like to talk to we have santa here. mark this is the world- famous santa that the one that used to work at macy's and how he works for next year and he just showed up. look at the little girl giving him a hog. santa's about to pass the present anyone to come down here the taking presence of the way
7:52 am
until 2:00 tomorrow morning. he does talk about luxor caps helping out. it's only in san francisco mark, really quickly if you don't have a gift but you want to come down and talk about the take your cash anyways. the figure cash and have workers across the street at the well crayons and a lot of stores at union square into the shopping for you. back to mark. >> accepting toys until 2:00 a.m.. will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues after the break.
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welcome back, watching the weather not bad on christmas eve. on saturday christmas day, rain and windy throughout the day. scattered showers on sunday we could she a shower to on monday in the were back in with the wet weather pattern and it continues tuesday, wednesday, thursday with more storms headed to the bay area. you're heading out for last minute christmas shopping as we take a live look your toys arrest which is open until 10:00 p.m. tonight in san or fell. a lot stores open late. stanley roberts however
7:56 am
looks at some shoppers not following the rules in today's edition of people behaving badly. >> welcome to union square in san francisco where less than shoppers are doing whatever it takes to get parking. drivers try and get inside the union square parking lot have to wait in line, inside the orange cones. if all the ballet and business owners are allowed to drive through the column. if they show this white card. that doesn't stop people from trying.
7:57 am
>> this is a police man who let me cut across the other day. >> all i wish she was here now. >> while mary christmas. >> angry is the new happy were santa claus has a bit of advice from the shoppers. remember a teacher of the vegetables, remember to be good, remember to hydrate daily but most of all and this is the big one, remember do not behave badly. >> and san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. we'll be right back in two minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues until a lot o'clock p.m. while the latest on the airport delays. a live look from our roof cam in san francisco and i start to this christmas eve morning. will be right back
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coming up on 8:00 a.m. on this christmas eve day top stories a lot of stores open today on this black friday this sequel. some stores open early, some late, some 24 hours. the rush continues at bay area airports on this christmas eve day with added security measures. thousands of toys are still being collected for kids in need. a live report in san francisco were to businesses are teaming up with firefighters to get presents to kids. right now whether the dry day here rounds have francisco and the bay area of but the clouds starting to build an. we're getting ready for christmas storm. >> this is the last friday as we head towards tomorrow we will see the rain moving into the picture. this morning as clear shot cool and dry start for the day. a winded 534 tomorrow so
8:01 am
along with the rain on christmas day there will be gusty winds. this morning cool temperatures we are in the 30's in some spots. taking a look to your current temperatures mid 30 santa rosa, san rafael 37, 36 morning for fear fell to and livermore as well. this afternoon the temperature is get into the 50s 574 richmond actually in the south bay we may see some bright sunshine warming us into the 60s for redwood city, a mountain view, send us a as well. the storm will drop in from the north bringing us ample rainfall for tomorrow and also strong winds. we have a wind advisory for christmas day. early morning until 10 saturday in much of the bay area under the wind advisory southerly winds king get up to 30 mi. an hour gusts up to 45. rain to the
8:02 am
north of us expected to drop down as we head toward early tomorrow morning late tonight. we have a winter storm small watch it pushes through the foothills of this year bringing quite a bit of snowfall. the heavier stuff the later part of your day saturday but we can actually pick up snowflakes in nearly morning hours as well. snow levels dropping down to 4000 the we could get a foot of snow above 7,000 ft.. if you are headed to the sierra best time to leave is probably today we should stay dry fairly easy ride up there. saturday morning might be ok but come saturday afternoon and evening snow will pick up snow levels to 4,000 ft.. sunday snow showers as well. it will definitely be a white christmas. 7 day around the bay come tomorrow wet weather days lasting into next week. >> it is getting a lot to look lot like christmas at the bay bridge toll plaza. i don't think
8:03 am
the be less traffic there tomorrow christmas morning and there is here the day before christmas. surprising i expected light traffic but i bet i'm surprised by how light it is at the bay bridge. all along the shore freeway that 80 corridor coming down from solano county there's just no traffic this morning. great if you have to make the drive. san mateo bridge because there are few lanes it looks a little more crowded but in truth it doesn't. this is remarkably like traffic in both directions. there may be more cars in the non commute direction which is east down this morning. the golden gate bridge ride an easy one dry debt which is of great relief for those of you driving at but very light traffic. we haven't been able to count 50-60 cars for this ride. look at how many cars
8:04 am
are getting a bite or how few cars are coming in. if you want to take the locks very it is on reduced schedules. >> easy traffic and easy shopping today a lot more stores are open much longer hours on this christmas eve day. hoping to lure and last-minute shoppers. jackie sizzle has been live at toys r us jackie what time did you get that? >> there were shoppers here at 4:00 a.m. think the bill be nobody out here. they sent me on the story and i thought nobody would be shopping at 4:00 a.m. just like. this is what i saw this woman coming out with a basket full of guests and presence. she said she wanted to beat the crowds. she certainly did. tories are ross are not alone many decided to open it up 24 hours a day toys across have done it since
8:05 am
december 21st. places like the gap, an old navy were open all night last night hoping to lure and people who need to shop at 2-3:00 in the morning i talked to on this morning around 6:00 a.m. i wanted to know why she was here? >> aunt wanted to avoid all the crowds. and it was pretty good. they are out of a lot of stuff but i maneuvered in and out of the aisles as opposed yesterday where was crazy i just woke up and thought i might go out. i got about 5:00 a.m. and was here 5:30 a.m.. are you done >> yes. >> you have 14 hours to get your final shopping especially if you're at toys r us their closing at 10:00 p.m. so the clock has started. >> thank you for the update. the
8:06 am
holiday sales will reach 458 one-and-a-half billion dollars this year that is up 3 1/2% over last year. right now this is the biggest one-year increase since 2006. the largest totals since they hit a record in 2007. if we get strong shopping today 2010 could wind up ahead of 2007. the rush of airports continues no delays at s at all, san jose, oakland. checking water across the country on usual snow as far is the nashville tennessean no major delays at airports across the nation. there is a new security risk as, and security are concerned about insulated beverage containers possibly used to transport explosives. officials don't have any specific threat but airport screeners may be taking a closer
8:07 am
look at those containers. problems in europe paris's main airport as they are out of the icing liquid to get the planes off the ground. they are now being evacuated because of too much now on the roof. aviation authorities are asking flights to be cut in half for several hours this morning due to a shortage of de-icing. they expect more shortly. this came as a backlog continues and people sleeping in caucus 4000 people were stranded at paris's two main airports. in britain airport problems easing as this snow finally lets up. that country for thawing out from days of snow. we will be back as a morning news continues. from the golden gate bridge quiet and sunshine.
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
live to let the zero duels as
8:11 am
they continued to collect toys for children in need on this christmas. kron 4 as will tran has the latest as the toys common. >> keep bringing them and they will be here from 2:00 to collect the presence they are off to a good start. more people showing up dropping off toys these pins have gone so fall they brought in more bins. 15,000 toys today and that is up from last year when they only needed 10,000. they said part of it is the economy of people cutting back. they are looking for specific presence. sports items because they want people to go out and exercise as well. this morning we have seen young and old command. video of this family that started the tradition three years ago. she heard there was the kids out there looking for toys and she started tearing up she grabbed
8:12 am
stuff from underneath the christmas tree we have so much in this world there are those who need it more. they came down every year if you can't come down for the first time the cab is getting into the mix volunteering their cabdrivers. they will come down free of charge. make sure they are on route to they will pick it up as long as it is in san francisco. they said they are getting phone calls from all over the bay area this is only san francisco bank. if you want to donate cash they will take that because plenty of shops. they said they will do the shopping for you. much more from this place later throughout the morning. >> thank you we will check back. a live look from san francisco.
8:13 am
actually san jose sunshine of very light traffic on 1 01 north and south.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
welcome back clean-up continues as they were slammed on a series of storms 1 ft. of rain fell here. they are scraping away the mud after all the rain came from the help. and slammed into 200 businesses. you could see sandbags as the clean up their on going. heavy rain and flooding prompting gov. schwarzenegger to declare a disaster. laguna beach close to two-suiter. we have pictures coming in check out the mud slides in high land. cars are buried even and the homes and garages. even inmates helping out trying to dig out cars. this
8:17 am
is photos of them digging out the vehicles. a lot of water rescues took place over three days as well. a minivan stall the out as rescue workers rescued this woman. when the rains finally ended a rainbow showing up in san fernando valley. whether around the bay area sunshine here now and high clouds are moving in and waiting for the christmas story. >> take advantage of the dry weather because tomorrow it changes today cool and dry areas fog in the north bay afternoon expect partly cloudy and dry and then a chance of rain sense in light in the evening. for your christmas we expect showers in fact waking up to light rain in the morning heavier rain late in the morning into the afternoon as well expect a gusty winds even thunderstorms as well. heavy snow expected for the sierra. in the sierra expecting
8:18 am
to have of white christmas. current temperatures meant 37 rose a chilly at this hour 39 in napa about the same as san rafael over fairfield's 37 and deliver more about 38. tydeus through the day to give you an idea what to expect the activity probably starting off 8:00 in the north bay and by 10:00 p.m. picking up heavy rain but the heavy rain in the north bay all the orange i indicates heavy downpours that are expected to persist for several hours at the time. we could get an inch of rain as this storm moves through. this could stick around in the afternoon as well and then by the evening papers scattered showers even passing showers that time and then by the evening we will start to dry it out. not the case for the sierra quite a bit of snowfall in the higher elevations. when the advisory for christmas day
8:19 am
until 10:00 p.m. for much of the bay area southerly winds expected to pick up 30 mi. an hour. gust get up to 45 mi. an hour that makes for downed trees, power lines, if you're headed to the crs winter storm watch in effect late saturday early sunday. that's when the heavy snow is expected to come down. your 7 day around the bay it will be a washout. heavy rain for christmas day, showers sunday, more stormy weather next week. george. >> incredibly light ride just know traffic problems to speak of this morning we had a hot spot for delays. no backups, no problems. if there is a stalled car rug there it's not affecting. san jose traffic 1 01 north at the guadalupe parkway in fact this is where 87 marches onto 1 01. metering lights at
8:20 am
the end of this ramp it's usually backed up trying to connect on to the bay shore. light enough even with the lights on no back up or delayed. 101 ride is problem free from downtown san jose in fact out of the coyote valley into san jose and then from san jose past santa clara all the way to palo alto, san mateo really. san francisco ride as we pick up our camera the gyms like freeway look at this inbounds central freeway for get back up or congestion there's not even any traffic here. in walnut creek has been a great ride for the commute here into and through the san ramon valley northbound and southbound traffic problems read all the way down in fact to the dublin, pleasanton interchange. no delays through san ramon and a pretty good ride even northbound coming up from a
8:21 am
low-cost a into san ramon. 24 through the caldecott clear shot to the macarthur maze. >> we are learning more about the sewage spilled now it is up to 3 million gal. of sewage that spilled into separate incidents since friday. that after clogged pipeline backed up forcing sewage to overflow through manholes. as a clean up the mess federal investigators are looking to claims that may been sabotage. jonathan blum has more. >> the lights glimmering had nothing to do with christmas. there the giants flood lights allowing workers to stay up all night repairing the ruptured so pipe that spewed nearly three- quarters of a million gallons of raw waste water into the creek. 3,000 ft. long piece by nightfall they replace 2,300 ft. leaving 700 to go. one section at a time they dig up the old
8:22 am
pipe several feet in diameter cutting it with a chainsaw and replacing it with a new pipe that is much tougher. the old pipe broke after someone dumped massive amounts of construction debris into the source system everything from ash called to helmets. it could be vandalism and the fbi have been notified. because to spills the first on friday when sewage came shooting out of a few manholes near marin. the second spill near the creek happen wednesday. until we get the pipe replace workers set up three bypasses giant poses a run right down the middle of the road caring raw sewage around the problem. those poses great a problem up their own i road hazard that slows down traffic, and requires workers to constantly keep watch. some of the pumps serrate in the middle of intersections. a spokesman told us these workers should finish in time to take christmas off but over the
8:23 am
weekend they will leave the bypasses in place just in case something goes wrong. if everything holds up they will take the giant hoses out of the road on monday. jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> a quick break as the news continues until 11:00 a.m. a lot from the sierra road way clear right now but a lot of snow expected tomorrow.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
high unemployment and million of foreclosures played 2010. still signs of growth shows hope for 2011. >> the year began with the battered economy some glimmers of hope but still the missing piece. jobs. >> it's easy to get depressed in my embed and stay your pajamas and watched tv all day. unemployment rate temper sent millions of people are out of work. while the recession is
8:27 am
over the president took hits for not getting the economy back quickly. >> there's no quick fix to these problems. >> lack of confidence in currency leak make school to go through the roof. food and energy prices should up and a computer glitch sense the dow jones tumbling 600 points causing panic before the shot back up again. mortgage mess had foreclosures of foreclosures are hot halted as officials looking into whether banks took control with no paperwork. federal reserve gives banc a boost by giving bonds. behind the move long-term interest rates to avoid another propose sure disaster the credit-card reform act goes into affect the bull protecting you from deceptive practices and making them safer but consumers still have to read
8:28 am
the fine print. slim down gm cut costs to shows it doesn't need to make monster sales. gm earned 2 billion and launches a whopping ipos sale to raise 20 billion to pay back federal bailout dollars. before leaving the end of the year the senate approved a tax deal president barack obama brokered with senators. the gift for all tax practice your taxes day lower. some signs of life scum back one thing is certain there is still challenges ahead. >> as we go to break a programming note to bring in the new year will bring you the biggest and best party in the bay area at 1130 new year's eve. new year's live is presented by.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
you've been going on norad we are tracking the storms >> plenty of cloud cover cool and dry some areas of fog in the north bay but better in terms of visibility than yesterday. partly cloudy by gaf new chance of rain this evening into tomorrow as well. christmas forecast will be wet morning showers and then actually see it up. as we head into the late morning and afternoon making it had leak test it was as well and evening thunderstorms we do have heavy snow also expected up in this era. in the third is
8:32 am
right now really chilly 35 santa rosa, napa 37, 38 for livermore. temperatures now and to the mid- 40s warming up slightly when advisory in effect for the bay area. southerly winds picking up 30 mi. an hour along with the rain we also have winds gusted up to 45 mi. an hour. winds to do have the potential to down trees and power lines. we have that story in all the moisture into the north part of the state expects the cold front the six south headed through the later part of the day and tomorrow. expect more to be a wet one if you're headed to the sierra by the time to leave will be today but if you have to leave tomorrow leave early morning because that snow will thicken up toward the afternoon and evening. snow becoming heavy overnight on saturday in your sunday. snow levels down to 4,000 ft. in fact it winter
8:33 am
storm watch in effect for the evening tomorrow. also sunday. we could actually get up to a foot of snow above 5,000 ft.. over a foot of snow above 7000. just getting up to 60 mi. an hour. seven days around the bay at rainy and windy tomorrow and that is the trend. today will be the last what dry day and we will continue next week to see wet weather. >> believe it or not it is lighter traffic than 5:00 a.m. when i started watching. it was a matter for about look at the bay bridge toll plaza there have been no metering lights this morning no reason for them but truly there is less traffic here now than there was at 5, 6:00 a.m.. if you need to get across the bridge shopping to do is there francisco it will be crowded at union square but
8:34 am
getting into the city is not a problem. getting over the foster city on highway 92 of your headed from hayward is like traffic headed from san leandro through the word down to union city no delays on 880 around 92. trouble-free in marin county and on the golden gate bridge all morning long. a beautiful day out there a bit dim on the debt but pavement itself basically dry. no problems with the drive in from marin county set on 1013 marin has been trouble-free and no problems along doyle drive. >> we continue to fall over teleshopping of people out at the stores. the stores are doing extended hours this friday headed into christmas and jackie's this all has been watching toys r us and that started early this morning. >> tell george i don't know where all the people are but all the procrastinators are the
8:35 am
parking lot here getting a last minute against it started early this morning i got here at 4:00 a.m. there were people inside shopping. people with full baskets do it over night shopping. this is one of many retailers decided to go in 24 hours a day. the gap, wal-mart, old navy. toys r ross started on the 21st so they have full steam ahead for couple of days now. i spoke with one person today who told me why he got up. >> why are you here at 6:00 a.m.. >> my son's birthday is today and a few last minute christmas gets. >> this is taking it to the wire though. >> it is it is. it's a good opportunity. >> bottom line if you have to get the last barbie or the last lego set you still have a few hours. this one is not closing
8:36 am
until 10:00 p.m. if you shop at 9:30 p.m. on christmas eve bad news. bad news. that's procrastination at its best. >> when it sailed in the presence and you didn't get what they like you can go out and get something they like. >> merry christmas to you watching travel as the airports are getting the holiday rush all bay area airports are on time right now no delays showing up nationwide. sfo no major delays. the woes in europe continues as does the winter weather. coming in from germany dozens of flights canceled here the ice is causing slippery conditions for those travelling by road. disruptions affecting a large part of europe. heathrow and frankfurt getting hit but london
8:37 am
is recovering big problems at charles de gaulle. we have reports coming in and they evacuate the terminal for fear the roof could collapse under the weight of the snow. the health run out of the icing as well. >we will be right back as the news continues. filter sunshine and very light traffic.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
rather morning we've been going to let the zero tools. they by by choice. and collect toys for children in need. >> san of when he's not on his late the rights the cab is a company helping out today its the first and san francisco's
8:41 am
oldest cap company is participating. they will stop by your place as long as the gift is on route they will pick up right down to let the ovules. they are looking for 15,000 deaths more than last year when there were is 10,000 all lot of people affected by the economy they hope this bush will get toys they need. you can see a lot of people out here already. firefighters thing but left the zero duels are helping out. the people showing up serving breakfast you could not look forward more fun place to beat. if you don't have a gift you can drop off cash and you want to they will shop for you. mark speaking of shopping we are down from union square. all lot of shops already open including macy's. you'll come down here be generous but be warned. rain and
8:42 am
thick jacket. i'm all little cold right now. all of the fun is having a great time. they will collect items until 2:00 a.m. at closing time delivering the guest tomorrow. >> thank you for the updates we will be right back as the news continues. light traffic this morning.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
your holiday forecast brings us partly cloudy today but by christmas not the day to do barbequing. if you want to do it get a tent. it may have traditions you want a step too. best it wins and sunday keeping chance of showers in the pictures as well. we are starting to get off pretty cool
8:46 am
mid-30s in santa rosa, 39 napa, san rafael, 37 in through fairfield 383 livermore. afternoon highs in the '50s and '60s in some spots. mid-50s san rafael and 56 for richmond. in this set a better chance of rigs of sun so it could warm up to 60 in the afternoon through around you and redwood city. down to san jose as well. future cast 4 shows us crinkles stars and an ap am mainly in the north bay and we bring a brighter chance of their medicine shores by 10. heavy downpours this area of orange indicates heavy downpours that are expected to persist during the portion of your early morning in to your afternoon as well. all the low shows heavy downpours in your o'clock hour. more scattered in nature by the evening and then as we head into the late hours to we are
8:47 am
clearing out bring wet weather of into the sierra for white christmas there. wind advisory for the bay area tomorrow all the blue shows places could be affected early in the morning all the way till 10:00 a.m. southerly winds 30 mi. an hour and these are sustained winds. fairly persistence fast getting to 45 as well. headed up to topple best time to do that is today dry weather expected today if you have to leave tomorrow best bet is to leave early might pick up a few snowflakes but the heavier stuff moves through late saturday night into sunday. 7 day around the bay wet weather moves and tomorrow and it stays put. continuing rate for next week. more stormy weather wednesday, thursday. >> an easy ride as you can get around the bay area certainly the case through and to walnut creek. 680 traffic here cameras
8:48 am
out of 24 and we're looking at to and from alamo, san ramon, you may be less because those of you who drives this freeway as market i have observed its our race way. you love to drive fast. >> is the audubon. >> yes you're right the audubon of the west. watch out for chp they could be out in force. now delays getting into walnut creek or 24. the ride through san francisco in but central freeway so light there are no delays or congestion here at the march with the skyway and the james lick. san jose ride has been great out of the coyote valley. good from downtown all the way to santa clara up into palo alto, to 80 san jose no 8 delays
8:49 am
nothing but green showing on the sensors indicating speeds above 50 mi. an hour. >> new details third person dies after dry by shooting in south san francisco this victim was shot with five others wednesday night in a candlelight vigils held near the intersection investigators don't have a motive behind the shooting but friends and residence in the area say they are nervous to be at the scene. >> it makes everyone nervous. >> it's scary when there's kids and this happened early. it's sad. >> police are looking for three hispanic males their last seen driving in as chevy m plant in palo with a dark color. we will be back as the morning news continues after this break.
8:50 am
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8:53 am
it's christmas eve day it is still have last minute against to get we have a gift ideas. >> of course the countdown is on and for all of you procrastinators who still have shopping to do we have ideas that might join has is the expert and fifth expert. >> you have popery wonderful thing for everybody. >> a safe way to enjoy your fragrance. all you do is plan, and some left to us how long, collect all the inside notes the wax. sam cassell is this is a scandal. >> these are at least this is penny the peg six friends to choose from she holds a pack in
8:54 am
the back. the smell so good cent be the same for 3 and up. she is $25. now here's an idea go to get card. with a passion as lacy's causing get for your mother-in-law best friend or boss. they it are six different styles and finishes they come in the classic ball point pen, role of royal, and found a pan. >> where everybody is using a keyboard to get back to pen and write notes. >> and to write with a nice pen and it feels good. >> if you have the wind all over this is a compact version is called venturi travel.
8:55 am
importance to the creator and brings out your wind to it's full of flavor. still living of breed. this comes in this little trouble taste and you can swivel of open and close like that it weighs 4 ounces talking into somebody's purse or pocket. even a stocking stuffer that runs $50. i think he was talking about the wind (laughter) and gives the whole family will love of cordless phone and dec six. all the cool thing about it did has a question top feature. it turns the cordless into walkie- talkies system for your house. no more shouting for the kids and pluses stylishness leak it will go with any decor. best
8:56 am
buy, sam's club about $100. >> another person is. ben love is a are a limited selection of recycled and legs. they are made with m&m's candy wrappers. they got together and they keep 5 million of these candy wrappers out of landfills every year. earth friendly if you can find for about $21 to tear it to can be a pan or a change occurs. scare absolutely queued. >> these are made by the stakes? >> printed or overrun and wrappers. we're playing with this callous about it. >> you can find them at macy's but it's a funny if liberals love m m m candies. >> sits for get above the low
8:57 am
(laughter) liberals is slated and it's really affordable between 15th-$35 in gimmicks and match. finally american express gift cards have gone up they have a sweepstakes going on and call this season of surprises. to under $50,000 up for grabs including $100,000 grand prize. it just enter at holiday 2010 your crowd could be worth a lot more money. (laughter) >> those are great ideas. >> we will be right back as the news continues up-to-date on the forecast tracking conditions today rain developing christmas day heavy at times and windy into a christmas night. maybe the public monday before the rain continues tuesday wednesday, thursday. tracking
8:58 am
santa he is just leaving china on his way to russia.
8:59 am
9:00 am
coming up by 9:00 a.m. kron 4 morning news on this christmas eve day top stories the stores are open. many have been all night. let friday this sequel has people out shopping for last-minute gifts. russia had bay area airports with added security measures the latest on that. thousands of toys being collected right now for kids in need in san francisco. 15,000 kids who have no presence and a collection continues right now. businesses in the city teaming up with firefighters a live report coming up. the drive that the bay area san mateo bridge we have been green on the way.
9:01 am
>> good news for last-minute shoppers and travelers today should be the dry day not the case for a christmas. a list we have some time with some dry weather cool and dry this morning some areas of fog in the north bay not as widespread as yesterday. partly cloudy into the afternoon the evening brings us the best chance for raindrops. the christmas forecast looks to be a wet one a few sprinkles in the morning getting heavier towards late morning into the afternoon. barely gusty winds expected it could make it a bumpy ride for set-evening thunderstorms could be a possibility. if you're headed to the sierra expect heavy snow the later part of your day white christmas certainly for tahoe. mid '30's and santa rosa upper '30's for napa, concord. in the south bay bound u.s. san jose mid-40s your afternoon highs today getting into the '50s and '60s as well.
9:02 am
the 56 novato, napa, south bay more bricks of sunshine today left in the way of cloud cover warming it up to 60 redwood city mound you in san jose as well. here saturday forecast brings rain and a day at best chance for the north bay them by 10:00 a.m. the orange indicates heavy downpours in to the late morning hours. afternoon as well as continuing to keep the intensity level moderate to heavy even in the afternoon. by the evening more scattered. we will clear out by the evening bring in a better chance of precipitation in the sierra. when the advisory effect. gust u.n.'s in fact we could get a southerly winds up to 30 mi. an hour for much of the bay. thus actually picking up to 45 expression downtown san francisco. you'll notice the wind out there. for
9:03 am
your tahoe forecast if you're headed up their best time to leave it is today if you're headed up tomorrow make sure you have changes with you and best idea to leave early morning hours by the afternoon evening this snow is expected to thicken up and over night temperatures getting into the single digits this weekend. sunday snow showers continuing. 7 day around the bay went rain and wind that is pretty much the pattern through the weekend into next week. george. >> there's nothing stormie about the commute is as mild easy ride is you will find. it would be if hard to find later traffic tomorrow on the christmas holiday then we see this morning around the bay area. believe it or not in the 8:00 hour actually 9:00 hour now there is less traffic than there was at 6:00 a.m. this morning. i don't know how that's possible but it is sold. easy ride regardless of
9:04 am
your approach. you're right to the san mateo bridge also pretty good as you can see no delays here like congestion actually no congestion and light traffic. the golden gate bridge ride is problem free although we are seeing a few more cars than right now than at other hours. i don't think we had 50-60 cars per minute headed south across the bridge. it is a dried-up and a beautiful drive. is problem free from 37 down to the toll plaza. if you normally take the ferry from marin they are on a lighter schedule than usual. >> and retailers are calling today black friday the sequel a lot of stores are open with extended hours. let's go to our sole reporter jacki sizzle live at toys r ross and san rafael.
9:05 am
>> it is filling up fast i got here at 4:00 a.m. it was practically empty but you can see the parking lot is filling up. parking lots are part of the premium out here. they said i was going to come out of 4:00 a.m. to shoppers and i thought to be here. there were plenty of people out here. toys arrested open 24 hours on christmas eve day. in fact toys r us is been doing it since 21st. other places like the gap, will navy decided to open up their doors for last-minute frantic shoppers out here trying to get last- minute deals. we spoke to shoppers at 6:00 a.m. those were the late arrivals. try to get a sense of why they were shopping early. >> the question is why are you here at 6:00 a.m.. >> beat the crowds. it. but mit
9:06 am
you get up this early to do last-minute shopping? >> know what clause minute couple gifts i have to grab and i figured be here before everyone else. >> you're officially on the clock procrastinators have 13 hours before this closes at 10:00 p.m. mark. >> we are also seen a rush to the bay area airports. wet weather to the east we are getting heavy snow from iowa down to nashville. right now the airport are operating on time. sfo and oakland. no major delays at any airports across the nation right now. there're the national retail federation predicts that holiday sales will reach $451.5 billion this yearog
9:07 am
scrutiny of thermoses and other insulated drink containers at security checkpoints after intelligence suggested they explosives. tsa says there is "no information related to any specific or imminent threat" . as a result, passengers flying within and to the united states may notice additional security measures related to insulated beverage containers in coming days. ungulate of all this snow tell laura, and out of the icing and quit half the flights have been canceled as charles de gaulle is experiencing a major delays because of the snow and a lack of de-icing fluid. they have been cleared out 4000 people were stranded there many sleeping on cots. he throws in london they are getting back to normal today is close runways are open after heavy snowfall last week. we will be back as a morning news continues to live look from our roof camera and severances go sunshine on this christmas eve today.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
there are thousands of people
9:11 am
that don't have a presence. the fire department and mubarak luxor cab and lefties are trying to change that. >> could morning mark this is an update they are off the pace a lot of people showed up initially thought they were doing so well looking for 15,000 present its there once again asking people if you want help about the children by all means come down to lefties and it will to its presence they are looking for sports items for kids they want the kids to enjoy the great weather and get some physical fitness. to help things out santa is down here to encourage people. dig deeper into your pockets and really feel the heart fell barrett of christmas. santa your thoughts on what's going on? bam we are needing a lot more toys than we
9:12 am
have gone so far. we are going to need another 30,000 toys. just to cover the people in san francisco that need toys. it's desperate people need to come down and bring us toys that we need to distribute to the children. it is most important. >> this is your first year i left the keys don't work at macy's this is a blessing right. that is a bad word. it's marvelous. it's wonderful to be here. they treat me like a king. at macy's they wouldn't provide santa with the dressing room. >> let's send it back to mark. >> was sent back to you as the news continues.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
up the morning we have been tracking santa claus joining us
9:16 am
now from norad is john. by john. where is he now? >> santa is crossing russia again. >> where's he going next? >> i don't know we just try camorra rico's. >> out do we anticipate him coming to the east coast after sunset? >> we expect him around 7:00 p.m. over on our coast that's what we've seen over the years now we don't expect anything different tonight. >> a lot of people wanted tracks and that threat the evening tell us how. >> bunch of different ways go to the web site norad, track centel's through breughel earth you can see where he is and where he is that and where his next up is the number of gas delivered. call us, talk to live
9:17 am
santa tracker here who will provide that information or you can send us an e-mail. >> when you're not tracking santa tellus the important job they do and your mission. i appreciate that. norad is responsible for aero space warning and control of north america. a mission would take seriously here. we are able to do that with satellites and radars. airplanes and a lot of other things we use those same sensors today to help track santa but the rest of the year we are keeping our eyes on terrorist threats and making sure the error is safe and the sea approaches are safe and we
9:18 am
take that seriously. >> thank you for all you do in thank you for tracking santa in addition to all of that. >> think you and mary christmas. >> bay area weather lisa watching what's going on with the storm that's about tennis. >> good thing there is a sturdy slay their it will be a rocky ride. chance of showers late tonight into tomorrow morning tomorrow will be a white christmas for you. up in the high country actually a white christmas. tomorrow gusty winds expected so mix of wind and rain sunday it chance of showers continue. a look right now your current temperatures within cool morning with temperatures in the '30's amount many locations warming up into the upper 30's for santa rosa, 48 san francisco starting to warm up in the '50s in oakland, hayward, mt. view as well. 48 san jose. your afternoon highs will get us
9:19 am
into the '50s and '60s. 56 in richmond, in the south bay a bit more in the way of sunshine warming is up to 63 redwood city, mt. view, san jose as well. future cast 4 to give you an idea of the time line of when we expect wet weather. by 8 a.m. best chance for some sprinkles being in the north bay it may be a few sprinkles through the golden gate. by 10:00 a.m. everybody seeing rain and heavy rain at that. the orange indicates those heavier downpours. by 1:00 p.m. continuing to see intensity levels high we continue to see heavy downpours through the afternoon by the evening now it tapers off just becoming more scattered in nature as that story east toward bringing snow fall. wind advisory in effect for christmas day right around the bay. winds expected to get
9:20 am
up to 30 mi. an hour of those are sustained winds that is even stronger. but the potential for tracking down power lines and trees. if you're headed to the sea are the best chance to leave would be today if you have to leave tomorrow make sure you leave early probably see snowflakes just some scattered showers but as we head into the evening that's when the snow is expected to pick up becoming heavy and we will continue to see snow and your son is well. 7 day around been a rainy weather tomorrow and that's not the last day. it looks like more storms expected next week as well. 9:20 a.m. let's take a look at your nonexistent traffic. >> and you might be headed out the door pretty soon in your thinking you're not connecting counter too much traffic and you are right. but you will still be surprised by the house looked like the traffic is i know i
9:21 am
have been all morning long. san jose ride the it is always like traffic in the southbound direction brought rare we see it so light on the northbound side. metering lights were deactivated at the guadalupe parkway on ramp. even among they were on no slow traffic. 680 ride has been so light all morning long that we never did see a back up in the southbound direction. no problems to look on your route you come with restrictions at alamo. no. bound ride looks good no problems highway 4 and 24 on 680 or 242. you're right to san francisco and down on the central freeway very light no backups or delays all the way from octavia trade expressway. no. down right is clear and if you need to get to s f all across over 380 will get there in record time this
9:22 am
morning no traffic delays. >> the sewage spill lot of boring county we are learning this morning the total amount could be up to 3 million gal. into separate marin county incident since friday. that after pipeline backs up and forcing sewage to back up over the manholes. federal investigators looking into claims this bill could be sabotaged. jonathan blum has more. pam here on the banks of the creek sewage district workers are burning the midnight oil sawn off sections of the pipe that needed to be removed after ruptured spilling sewage into the creek. those workers covered 2,300 ft. of a 3,000 ft. section that needs replacement after was discovered the material the pipe was made of could not hold up to the debris that was found in the sewage line. possibly lead to to vandalism. they're confident they can fix this for christmas
9:23 am
and over the weekend they will leave bypasses and just in case. they will take those out of the road on monday. those hoses blocking traffic will go away. jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> we will be back as the news continues until 11:00 a.m..
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
the christmas eve and bethlehem. thousands of people are there. >> it's christmas eve in bethlehem just outside the church of the nativity thousands of christians from across the world have flocked to as the city to come to a place where jesus was born. but according to the mayor of bethlehem up 64% from last year 1.4 million have come to the city this year alone. he says around 90,000 expected over the christmas period. according to a is people
9:27 am
are not coming for our to book coming for night or two and all the hotels are full. >> the citizens of bethlehem this is what we need. pilgrim staying in our hotel is eating in our restaurants. this way the coming in of the taurus are breaking down walls of separation thrown up. >> it's a bit of his suit but it's great to. >> we are seeing not only yes chooses we are here, we are all brothers. >> it's amazing all the things the country has been through to make sure people friend and warming it's a lovely thing. >> many penicillins are saying they are spending another christmas under israeli occupation. in 194880% of the
9:28 am
city was creche and. 35 percent now is christian. many pan nest billions are worried about the building of its security barrier. what palestinians call a land grab. one shopkeeper have taken a humorous tone when it comes to this barrier and incorporated it into the nativity scene. there is wonderful what their record tourism numbers and shopkeepers are hopping that will show. cnn bethlehem. >> we will be back as the news continues into minutes james lick like traffic and sunshine over san francisco.
9:29 am
9:30 am
nice to have a dry conditions and sunshine on christmas eve day. we're waiting for the next door as we see sunshine from san
9:31 am
francisco to walnut creek and san jose on the top rate. loewy's that has been tracking the storm. >> it will last long dry weather in time for the last minute christmas shopping for some of those toy drives out there. the bay bridge approach you can see sunshine outside as we head through later tomorrow that's when it sets in. there rain and wind sense and we have a wind advisory in effect for tomorrow there rain expected for the good portion of your christmas day. christmas forecast to let you know what to expect light rain in the morning heavier rain expected late morning into the afternoon as well. slight chance of thunderstorms and heavy snow. for those folks in tahoe getting a white christmas temperatures in the 30's is an rosa however much warmer in san francisco 4854 oakland and 52 in hayward opera '50s sorry upper
9:32 am
'40's and '50's in the south bay. bring is in the '50s and '60s day north bay over 57 percent francisco as you head down the peninsula the first off more sunshine today warming is up to 64 redwood city down and the mountain view and san jose as well. keep in mind more won't just bring rain but it will bring wind. wind advisory early morning until 10:00 p.m. we could get southerly winds up to 30 mi. an hour sustained winds and those gust 45 mi. an hour. if you're headed to the sierra expects to fall as well for this weekend. most of the moisture is to the north expecting that cold front 26 south delivering rain by tomorrow. tahoe forecast for those to you planning to go up for the weekend. today is the best way to do what it should stay dry. by tomorrow if you have to go up tomorrow best bet is to head up until early morning hours. snow will be
9:33 am
lighter thickening up in the afternoon. lookit how cold it gets sunday night down into single digits in tahoe. plenty of fresh powder for christmas so white christmas there. 7 day around the bay to more the rain sets and and does not let up. it will be a slick ride for the folks over the weekend and into next week. >> plenty of debt available room here we have not seen any crowding here or congestion for the west bound ride. we may see something in the next half-hour seems a shame to pay six bucks now when you could pay for in 25 minutes. make it 27. even so i don't think we expect any problems. even it later in the day i don't think will see a back up at the bay bridge there are no special events and of the people that need to do any
9:34 am
shopping are headed toward san francisco many of you are in route so i think we will see a light easy ride all day long. san mateo bridge it is very much the case in fact the traffic has been this than in the westbound direction for the last three and half hours. it was a little more thought crowded but all morning long has been much lighter than usual. no problems here at the golden gate bridge enough to handle the north bound ride for lane southbound seems almost too many. >> on shopping watch all through the morning as many retailers college black friday this sequel. many stores have extended hours open some stores until well into christmas eve. jackie system has been live all morning long. >> look at the traffic jam in the parking lot that's where all the cars are this morning. everybody doing last-minute
9:35 am
shopping. toys r ross was open 24 hours. they gave me the assignment saying i was unissued shoppers. and i thought really? i got here at 4:00 a.m. i was greeted with this woman walking out with presents and gaps. she got up early or stayed up late and did her shopping toys r us is one of many retailers taking advantage of she last-minute shoppers. you can say they started this 21st of december staying open 24 hours trying to get those last-minute shoppers i talked to some folks around 6:00 a.m. to try and figure out why they got up so early to shop. >> why are you here at 6:00 a.m.? >> my son's birthday happens to be today. and a few last-minute gifts. >> this is taking it to the wire. i'm used to getting all open and it's a chance to get
9:36 am
shopping with the crowds. >> you have a couple more hours taking it down to the wire 12 and a half hours of shopping at toys r us they will close at 10:00 p.m. so you have not got it done now is the time to do it. o >> in san jose police they're looking for a man who wet for robbery and other attempted robberies. this man went inside the store in the valley fair shopping mall. pointing a gun and demanded money. he didn't finish bribery he made his way into the parking garage for another attempted robbery he tried to steal a car but was unsuccessful there as well. he stole money from a clerk at the men's wear house and he then he carjacked a victim nobody was injured but they are looking for the stolen car. watching what
9:37 am
they're not just here in the united states but in europe. pitchers from germany dozens of flights canceled as northern europe continues to be in the grip of winter weather. we just learned charles duke guard has evacuated a terminal and friends with so much snow fall on the roof they are afraid it will collapse heathrow in london which has been backed up all week finally returning to normal with both runways open. we've seen a lot of problems across northern europe and the problems continue in france where have the flights have been cancelled. we will be back as the news continues of programming notes. we're bringing you the biggest and best parties in the bay area tune in at 1134 new year's light presented by e m d.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
we want a go back to left field tools thousands of toys are being collected for kids with no presence. today more news faster yoli live throughout the morning where the toy drive is under way. >> we just got a good donation right now from the fire department on 16th street this is why looks awful now don't let it fool you they definitely need more toys they are short this year it's been tough for everybody they are asking for people to come down and participate in their toy drive in cahoots with the fire department. because they say there are 10,000 children without joy this morning. they are trying to get as many toys out here today they will be here all day long accepting toys up until 1:00 a.m. so that they can deliver it later on christmas
9:42 am
day. we have santa out here another way if you don't have a toy you could actually come down take a picture was sent out for a donation of $10. that will be put towards the toy drive the era of plenty of ways to help. one other way if you can't make it down to give a toy you can call luxor cab they will bring it to lefties. >> 15,000 children have no presents this christmas. we will be back as the news continues we continue to track santa up on all attacks sent santa rainout at mount everest.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
watching weather at the bay
9:46 am
area. and then across the street. clear skies here alone through the beach. 4 in. of mud in downtown dozens of homes and businesses have been damaged the heavy rain and flooding stating it out state of emergency the 12 mi. stretch net closed due to sue our or flows summer column the storm the biggest one in a decade. fatah is coming in and of what happens when california over the last few days. the mud flows and came down the mountainside. all these cars and homes covered in mud as the mud flowing debris pushing carts on their sides. inmates were brought in to dig out some of the cars. flooding across los angeles to rescue workers saving this woman from marquardt.
9:47 am
flooding here at the beach. our rainbow came out in the san ramon valley. another storm coming always has more. >> christmas forecast because we are expecting light rain come tomorrow heavier rain headed towards a late morning hours in the afternoon. gusty wind expected evening thunderstorms as well and heavier snow expected in the sierra especially the latter part of your day. current tempters starting to warm up somewhat wearily on a 305 an rosa, a performance for san francisco starting to work for way into the fifties in oakland and hayward. down the south bay tempters into the upper 40's and '50's as well. taking it to the afternoon warming and the '50s, '60s 55 san rafael 56 richmond the south bay we will see a bit more in the way of sunshine since the storm system dropping down rain clouds to the north
9:48 am
bay. warming it up to 60 degrees in san jose and mountain view. not just expecting rain but we expect to really gusty winds. southerly winds up to 30 more miles of our those are sustained. that means a wind advisory for the bay area. not just rain but the wind of whipping things around. call ec with online now the wet weather staying to the north into portions of california in the pacific northwest called friends sagging south headed late tonight into early tomorrow morning bring the chance of rain into the picture for everyone. snow in the sierra and if you're headed up there for christmas into the high country best time to leave would be today. dry today and if we do see snow tomorrow sorry if you do well lead to more you will leave early morning hours later snow expected heavier in the evening. snow expecting on
9:49 am
sunday as well. 7 day around the bay shows rain and wind 3 weekend slight chance of showers monday more stormy weather ahead of us next week. the sierra we have ours no bomb scare report for you kirkwood conditions look like this based up 60 in. 11 up open and 38 runs. tom hall along highway 50 base depth of 48-124 just 10 lifts open and 44 runs. if you're headed over to squally based up to 120 in. 28 lifts open 110 run. memorex snow expected over the weekend. >> gorgeous conditions close to call and the bay area before we talk about that if you we are driving to the sierra snow chain requirements for 80 in san
9:50 am
francisco and u.s. highway 1010 light easy ride on in on central problems or delays getting to the james lick freeway. easy drive to sfo if you have to get to the airport and air-traffic delays away you. here ride in san jose 1 01 north has been an easy trip all morning long. no traffic to slow u.s. all. east bay ride checking out the commuter muckrake 680 northbound, said on looks good here easy driving to pleasanton in coming down from martinez no problems even the highway for ride has been light. >> the 49ers they've announced to deal with the city of san francisco to keep the team playing at candlestick the agreement was reached monday is settles the $60 million claim
9:51 am
the 49ers claimed over keeper of the stadium. the sauce to be approved by recreation and parks commission and the board of supervisors that what expected to begin until jan. they are still planning to play in necklet said clara stadium into 2015. secret service says a man fleeing from police drove through an outer perimeter checkpoint set up for the president is vacationing in hawaii. photography's took his pictures she's drawn her weapon pointing the gun at the driver of the driver wasn't tried to get near the president or his family used for any of 80 rest and several warrants. the driver did not go near the security barricade that was los closer and the person was arrested a short while later. the president was playing golf at the time. >> up we will be right back alive look outside the golden gate pretty stark for christmas
9:52 am
eve day.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
thus months and then went onstage monday night this sector fell 20 ft. seriously injuring himself he's a fourth factor her calf during stunts during the stock show. this is the most expensive musical. $65 million a years appeared they will have to sell out every show for the next few years to break even. as we get to get things hollywood 2010 got off to a bang at the movies. the 3 d ed venture avatars earned 2.8 billion at the box office becoming the highest grossing film ever. it won three awards. forget the laughs it was the drama that
9:56 am
dominated late night. the move jay leno back to his original timeslot conan o'brien who had been hosting the show protest did but eventually agreed to a $45 million deal to hand over his time slot to jay leno. he launched his notion new show on cbs. it was a year for health problems for bret michaels. you underwent an appendectomy then a brain hemorrhage and underwent more surgery weeks later he had a warning stroke. diagnosed with the hole in his heart. he is expected to go a heart surgery in 2011. >> on not taking this as a joke it's my life. lindy lindsay law hand was what sense to jail for. the actress spent 13 days behind bars before she was freed because of all or crowding. the
9:57 am
september she was sentenced to a month behind bars for failing a drug test. the actress was on bail after 14 hours using court ordered rehab until january. a custody dispute between mel gibson and box santa go from bad to ugly. she files our restraining order alleging assault. gibson has to need night assault abuse. meanwhile series of recordings hit the internet claiming to show gibson in the midst of a pilot red. we have not am definitely verify develop the of those. she hosted in may earned her sixth emmy for her parents appeared perhaps no words show drug more
9:58 am
than lay the dog got stressed during the music awards. she got her award in a dress made of raw meat in its time people stand up for what they believe in. kron 4 morning news continues will tran will continue after the break we hope you have a merry christmas.
9:59 am
10:00 am
10:01 am
it is cold but what tomorrow. light rain in the morning heavier rain in the afternoon gusty winds and even thunderstorms in the evening. we have heavy snow definitely going to be a white christmas tomorrow. all white christmas the top halt. conditions outsider chile still sitting in the '30's and said rosa low 40 server san rafael and napa, 50 degrees surmounted you in oakland 49 for los gatos. topping up upper 50s% rosa and napa and a bottle. 50 sisters san rafael and fairfield 54 concord further south in the
10:02 am
'60s on the board. redwood city, mountain view and san jose 58 for more help. wet weather there will be windy conditions. wind advisory through the bay area all the blew indicating where it is in effect. southern winds to 30 mi. an hour gusts 45 if you are outside hold unpure umbrellas for those of you headed to topple you probably will want to drive up today because it will be heavy snow tomorrow. definitely change are required and we will see snow showers left over on sunday. here 7 day around the bay showing us dry conditions today but then rainy and windy tomorrow those conditions last into next week. >> we enjoy in holiday light in friday lead on the roadways. no problems or accidents or hot spots. all drivers are taking it easy westbound adr persian the
10:03 am
bay bridge problem free very car few cars the same amount as on the fourth half hour. no problems for many approaches. westbound 580 or northbound nimitz freeway problem free conditions were traffic moves that the limits. san mateo bridge ride no problems to report your light conditions in both directions across the span no back up at the top cause appeared the golden gate bridge southbound 101 very few cars and to make your way towards it francisco. if you're headed downtown no problems under ride from marin county. the only person with the rough commute is and santa he i don't have a drive time for him yet but i am working on it. >> new this morning have a theory on why traffic is so light because thousands of cars
10:04 am
instead of on the road they are in the parking lots. when cartwright park the black friday this equal stars cashman of laughter last-minute shoppers. joining me now is jackie's isolde's san rafael at this toys arrest to shows conditions. tell airport at this alert is over at toys r us shopping center they happen open all night. i got here at 4:00 a.m. there were people inside doing their shopping retailers across the bay area decided to open for 24 hours straight. toys r us started it december 21st. they have been open 24 hours a day since. the gap, did the christmas eve 24 hours. i spoke with shoppers at 6:00 a.m. to figure out why?.
10:05 am
>> where he very 6:00 a.m.? >> beat the crowds. >> and you get up normally to the last minute shopping? >> no last couple gives i have to grab and the urine before everybody else. >> the countdown clock has started 12 hours before this toys arrest poses if you have not got it by now get out there get it. the clock is ticking. ben might jackies is so bringing us live pictures that if you want to get here there's a place that is more than happy to get it from you i will tell you about it in a few minutes. the russian at airports to the wet weather could lead to flight delays but for now bay area airports are running on time.
10:06 am
u.s. authorities are warning air travelers to expect greater scrutiny of thermoses and other insulated drink containers at security checkpoints after intelligence suggested they could be used to hide explosives. tsa says there is "no information related to any specific or imminent threat" . as a result, passengers flying within and to the united states may notice additional security measures related to insulated beverage containers in coming days. paris main airport port could use a gift from santa as supply of de-icing liquid to get planes off the ground. it is now being evacuated because of too much snow on the roof. they have asked airlines to reduce flights out of paris's airport by half for several hours today because of a shortage of the liquid used to to deice planes. the orders came just as soon 80 east after days of major weather related congestion at its height 4000
10:07 am
travelers were stranded in britain major airports larger largely normal as the country thought out. coming up on the morning news bad news for councilmember we will tell you why he was arrested coming up.
10:08 am
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
the secret service says a man fleeing drove through an outer perimeter checkpoint set up near president barack obama is a vacation home. they took the picture of an agent sprinting toward the pickup truck pointing her gun. officers say the driver was not tried to get near the president he was trying to evade arrest on warrants related to driving violations. he did not go closer and was arrested a short time later. the president at that time was playing golf at a marine base. coming up on the
10:12 am
morning news latest on the investigation into the sewage spill in marin county was it caused by sabotage? will have the latest the telson.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
store we are following out of san francisco if you have extra money in you want help of needy children go down to the union square of where there is a toy drive right now is started weeks ago but it really kicks off at 430 this morning. they are looking for thousands of toys more this year than in previous years. joining me now is santa. >> could morning how are you? >> how are we doing with this toy drive. >> we have toys coming in all the time. we need about 30,000 more toys than we have. they
10:16 am
overwhelmed us with children in need this year. we need to get a lot more choice. everybody who can bring them down or luxor cab will pick them up at their house and deliver them here. >> people came come down and take a photo with you for $10 donation. >> it's the donation for the firefighters choi fund. >> you used to work data san francisco business and you are here at lefties in has been a blessing in disguise. >> it is wonderful. it has been amazing for me. it's like standing in the ocean up your ankles and looking up and see a 40 ft. tsunami wave coming at you. it's been incredible.
10:17 am
>> thank you so much they will collect toys until 2:00 tomorrow morning if you want to go down its 333 geary st. in san francisco just up the street from macy's. they will take toys or cash. they will shop for you i can tell you they are looking for sports items. they really want the kids to get exercise. speaking of going out there it's a great day to get to exercise. >> it is our last day of sunshine there is a storm headed our way tomorrow starting off cold today and fax still in the 30's through santa rosa, 43 san rafael and napa, upper 40's in the act and we have 50s at their 50 through oakland and around you. temperatures opera's 50s through places like santa rosa,
10:18 am
napa, 57 san francisco today 58 concord, we will see some 66 the redwood city, mt. view, san jose. that rain headed our way for tomorrow we may wake up to some sprinkles them by about 10:00 a.m. widespread showers. this orange indicating heavy rain. we will see that into the afternoon. as we head into the early evening hours it will taper off. and then by 10:00 a.m. we will dry out. but a chance for showers again sunday. there is also wind advisory from 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.. p.m.. take a lookit utah coal forecast you'll probably want a dry up today today will be dry on saturday will be heavy
10:19 am
snowfall in the afternoon to the evening than snow showers sunday. your 70 around the bay showing us the last friday before rainy weather headed our way saturday, sunday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday morning rainy weather headed our way. >> a quiet day on a road around the bay area and no problems to report headed through the san ramon valley into dan weil traffic is moving at the limit. 24 clear shot for the caldecott tunnel. the same can be said for san francisco and such a conditions north and and southbound easy conditions here very few cars. headed toward santa clara no back up whatsoever on the 87 interchange. crosstown freeway in san francisco looks good fewer cars on both the james lick and that in down central them we track all morning long.
10:20 am
the ride looks good making its way toward ups building and towards sfo. an update on holiday trances schedules. cal train will be running holiday schedule for the today meaning not as frequent train service. we can schedule four blocks per and there are no ace train service today. >> developing story we are learning 3 million gal. of sewage spilled into two separate marin county incidences' cents friday. that after pipeline back up forcing sewage to overflow into manholes. as a new work to clean up the massive federal agencies are looking into it the fact that it might have been sabotage. >> here on the banks sewage district workers are burning their midnight oil sought off
10:21 am
sections of a pipe that needed to be removed after a ruptured spilling sewage into the bay and the creek. workers have click convert 2,300 ft. the needs replacement after was discovered the material is made of could not hold up to the kind of debris that was found in possibly because of vandalism. workers say they're confident they can fix it in time for christmas and over the weekend it will leave bypasses in place just in case something goes wrong. they will take those out on monday leaving those hoses will go away. in marin county kron 4 news. >> stay with kron 4 news as we continue to cover the sewage spill you can also find the latest on our web site. their addresses kron 4 .com. we will be right back.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
tom hall 80 at soda springs a postcard shot its beautiful out there. caltrans have already
10:25 am
swept the roots of snow. snow is headed that way a bit of full- time to ski up there. in world news italy says in our caucus who sent mail bombs in chile and with switzerland wanted to avenge blows against their movements. small packages exploded seriously injuring two people at the rome embassies. the swiss were targeted because intensify its west italian cooperation led to recent arrests of several anarchist the chileans were targeted because last year and anarchist died in chile. immediately after into rio's minister said they were the likely bombers. four men they believe to enter moving by to carry out terrorist attacks officers say they've found credible information for men belonging to the militant
10:26 am
group blamed for the 2008 moved by siege has entered the city. they are believed to believe plotting the attack during holiday season this 3 day siege of the financial capital in november 2008 left 166 dead. officials are reszkes say the lower house will not be allowed to give its full approval to a yes treaty until next month. the legislators today will only pass the gratification bill in the first of three required readings. the new start treaty ratified wednesday by the u.s. senate would limit each country's strategic warheads to 1550 down from the 2200. russian parliament says it needs time to study the legislation. christmas eve for most creche as they are celebrating in bethlehem ceremonies are being held in the town believed to be
10:27 am
the birthplace of jesus. thousands of pilgrims across the city streets on the way to the church of the nativity. coming up if you waited to the last minute to do some shopping there is still time left the clock is ticking this is a live look at toys r us is san rafael and the parking lot. parking spaces are premium. a live report a few minutes. bringing in the new year with kron 4 the biggest best parties in the bay area to nanette 11:30 p.m. for new year's life it's the only local new year show and the bay area's favorite way to celebrate stiffly.
10:28 am
[ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience the next generation of television service? at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before at a really great price. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $39 a month for six months, dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. u-verse tv lets you record and play back your favorite shows in any room. and you can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. maybe that's why u-verse tv is ranked "highest in residential television service satisfaction
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in the west" by j.d. power and associates three years in a row. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $39 a month for six months, plus dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before. at&t. we are following santas' movements because a lot of places its already christmas and we learned santa is in the moon by india his neck stop will be
10:30 am
the tosh much halt. for those in the bay area we one know what the weather will be like when he arrives at midnight. i wanna make sure he gets to us at around midnight and probably that time it will be raining is that right? >> late showers tonight we will stay dry today chance of the charts to night and then rain tomorrow. light rain in the morning heavier rain later to the morning as well as the afternoon. wind gusts tomorrow as well as thunderstorms in the evening and heavy snow for the sierra. it will be a white christmas in tahoe. temperatures outside 39. 48 in san francisco right now 47 antioch and 49 los gatos. topping out in the '50s and '60s today 56 novato average tariffs 7% francisco and 55 for fairfield as we head for their south '60s for mountain view and
10:31 am
san jose and morgan hill will be topping out at 58. there is a wind advisory tomorrow along with the rain through the bay area so southerly winds will get up to 30 mi. an hour when gust 45 mi. an hour so hold onto umbrella and toward their hair. for those of you in top drive today it will be heavy snow tomorrow mostly in the afternoon and evening then left over snow showers sunday than lookit here overnight low sunday getting down to 9 degrees. we will take a look your 7 day around the bay showing that dry conditions today. char's moving it tonight and rainy, windy conditions tomorrow. more stormy weather headed our way next week. >> if you're headed out the door for last-minute shopping no traffic to contend with if you're headed to the bay area towards san francisco you can see a few cars on the road no
10:32 am
problems for many approaches than those metering lights are still cycle off. san mateo bridge a good alternative west and an eastbound nice light conditions about directions across the span problem free throw the morning of back up back at the toll plaza. 12-13 minutes to cross this band. all look at the golden gate bridge someone 01 no problems to report. i checked the censors no problems road marin county novato to the city limits 23 minute trip. earlier we said he said dell was in india making its way to the cosmetologist i promised you that drive time. >> there is a double out there he is in maryland are sand is being joined by rain gear and jet skiing grinch. he is going through when it is not on his ladies in the water having a good time. the airline will be
10:33 am
nice as well. not as nice tomorrow because the rain is headed our way. today is the day you have to go out and enjoy sunshine. for those of you that are procrastinating the clock is ticking we want to go to san rafael where they are calling a black friday the sequel. you need to get in some shopping for yourself as well as family members kron 4 is jackie's this all is at this toys arrest where jackie it looks like parking is a premium. >> it's like this alert that allowed to pick you hear. that's the clock ticking on last-minute shoppers. i got to toys r us at 4:00 a.m. this is what i was greeted with shoppers inside toys arrest decided to open its doors for 24 hours as did a
10:34 am
couple of different retailers. toys arrest has been doing it since the 21st hoping to get last-minute shoppers. giving them ample opportunity to buy last-minute gifts. why would you come in at 6:00 a.m., we talked to some of them to find out why. >> why are you here at 6:00 a.m.?. my son's birthday happens to be today. and if you lost ifs. >> this is taking it to the wire. >> it is i'm used to getting up early and it's a good opportunity to shop without crowds. >> down to 11 1/2 hours this toys r us is closing at 10:00 p.m. if you haven't got it you better get it now. by the way well merry christmas. >> be safe to you and your family.
10:35 am
>> let's try to break the record here. the national retail federation predicts that holiday sales will reach $451.5 billion this year, up 3.3 percent over last year. that would be the biggest year-over-year increase since 2006, and the largest total since sales hit a record $452.8 billion in 2007. a strong finish could even give 2010 the crown. the national retail federatioif you helped them fing we could get the all time crown. snow continues to come down in germany causing delays on flights and cancellation this is video from cologne fog airport the eyes is causing slippery conditions for those travelling by road severe trouble disruption affected large area of europe. heathrow and frankfurt the worst hit. a third person dies after drive by shooting a year earlier this week the victim was shot along
10:36 am
with five others wednesday night. a candlelight vigil was held yesterday near eighth lane and linden avenue. investigators don't have a motive but residents and friends say they are nervous to be near the scene. >> it makes me nervous. it could of been you. >> at its gary it happened early so it said. >> police are looking for three hispanic males. their last seen driving a chevy impala dark colored car, early 2000 model with tinted windows. coming up the latest on the flooding situation in southern california will show you latest voter is coming in and from a victim showing the aftermath of that storm. we will be right back.
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10:39 am
we want to go back to a national harbour were san out where he's not busy making gifts and flying
10:40 am
all over the globe in is a break too. you can see him jet skiing with his else and his reindeer. having a great time. santa needs to be careful look at those waves. he could easily go into the water and we might not get our guests in time for christmas. but we are monitoring the situation. if he goes down to southern california center will be drenched laguna beach is cleaning up after the storm that dropped a foot of rain. more than two dozen businesses have mud and water damage to some of the mess on the street. heavy rain and flooding got the governor to declare a state of emergency in nine counties including orange county. a tall mile stretch is closed because of sore overflows. some are calling it the one in that the
10:41 am
biggest one in a decade. the first pitcher car stuck in the mud the other one stuck in the parking lot of his own home. that was in high land. there's a pickup truck on its side. all purity all over the place. inmates helped out by clearing the mind. where was a muddy it was wet and applauded. the minivan stuck in there. a beautiful shot a rainbow out of have a look beach. in this san from and a valley. we're monitoring that situation in southern california letting you know what's going on down there. coming up thousands of toys still being collected this christmas this is a live look at a toy drive under way in san francisco this morning. we will tell you where it is and how you can help out.
10:42 am
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10:45 am
amerada now to an 40 4:00 a.m.. light rain in the morning heavier in the afternoon as well as later in the morning. gusty winds evening thunderstorm. for days reverences go topping up upper 50s% arose as well as novato and up mid-50s your fair share of an san rafael 57 for san francisco is to head south 63 redwood city mound u.s. san jose. 58 for more help. let's track the rain we may wake up to sparkles to morning by 10:00 a.m. we will have widespread showers and then this indicating heavy rain. heavy rain through the afternoon and early evening
10:46 am
hours by 6:00 a.m. rain taper off becoming more scattered as opposed widespread into the evening of will trail. there is a wind advisory along with the wet weather tomorrow around the bay area. winds getting up to 30 mi. an hour wind gusts could get up to 45. there is a winter storm watch love falls getting down to 4,000 ft. take a look at the spirit 1 ft. of snow above 7,000 ft.. 7 day around the bay shows us dry conditions today and then that wet weather sets and tomorrow into sunday. more stormy weather headed into your next workweek. for those of you had it to topple take a look ayers no bomb report starting off the sugar bowl 60 in. 10 lifts open and 90 runs open. heavenly a base depth of 69, 27
10:47 am
let's open, 94 runs, squaw valley 120 in. of bay base death. 100 and let runs open. >> running up the are with no hot spots or slow spots we've enjoyed a quiet morning it is see traffic moving at the limit on a lot of cars at about our north and in san jose. this is near the trembled the lookers exit if you're to guadalupe expressway or to 80 in the south bay trouble-free conditions where traffic moves at the limit. sampras's go across town freeway has been quiet all morning long. a couple more cars than was off 50 minutes ago. no problems pass 1 0180 split as you go towards the peninsula. your drive time clocking in 15 minutes. wrapping up with a quick look at conditions a moment creek no problems north
10:48 am
or south bound you can see traffic on your screen headed toward san ramon valley toward saddam build a problems there. clear shot through the caldecott tunnel we have been tracking santa all morning long he's in new delhi making his way towards pakistan with a great drive time of 3 minutes. >> if santa is in st. louis a lot of our time getting around. you can see it as a white christmas blizzard conditions getting around will be very difficult. flight delays are happening there. if you're taking off from san francisco or the bay area airports call ahead if it is to lay their it will be laid here. that's how the domino effect starts and that's when it backs up. it seems like all flights right now are on time. you can see from live pictures 8
10:49 am
could have problems in our area. let's head to san francisco where right now that toy drive is taking place at lefties in union square. they have been collecting thousands of toys for weeks. they wanna make that pushed because this year they are more desperate donations are down. today more news faster yoli is bringing us live pictures telling us how the toy drive is going. >> it comes in waves. you'll get one of the fire stations driving up in a truck and dumped off toys but then this been his fault but then this one is empty. not completely empty but we will need to overflow they are 10,000 toys short they are trying to make a big push to complete the goal so every child wakes up tomorrow and has
10:50 am
a toy here in the bay area or in san francisco. they are asking to come down and drop off the toy unwrap to and donate. if not take the picture was sent to us if you haven't done that yet you could take a pitcher with the donation of $10 that will be given to the toy drive and they will have officers who will go out and buy more toys and put that towards the fund. they are asking people come down and if you can't come down you have callebs who are participating they will it your home pick up a toy and as long as it's on route to they will pick it up and bring it down and put it to the fund. just one last push so every child can open the present and have a toy. >> thank you for reminding us there are other people the more needy than last. they will
10:51 am
accept donations until 2:00 a.m. if you want to donate here is the address 333 jerry st. san francisco just up road for macy's. as we head to the break a word from our soldiers. >> my name is donna horton i'm in kuwait i would like to give a shout out and happy holiday to my family and friends in san francisco california. my mother dorothy, father donald, my sister eva and tanya, brian john and tony. my son brandon unissued i love you i will be home soon. happy holidays. >> hi the winter's family sing at merry christmas to friends and family in the bay area. >> merit christmas merry
10:52 am
christmas to all. and to all of that night. >> bad debt iraq happy holidays to my parents in california and the view and i will see you soon.
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10:55 am
enjoy today this will be the last sunday but it is cold. the rain returns saturday, sunday with a slight chance on monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we will definitely be getting more wet weather. today get out in enjoy. when you go bring a jacket is cold. let's head did tahoe. eastbound 80 look at how beautiful it is. caltrans have clear the road. if you're headed up it will be a great weekend more snow is headed. if you're headed for christmas shopping
10:56 am
there are few hours left today because a lot of stores will be closing earlier than usual. stanley looks at shoppers not following the rules in people behaving badly. >> welcome to union square in san francisco where last-minute shoppers do what it takes to get parking. drivers tend to get inside the parking lot have to wait in line inside the arch cones. only ballet and business owners can drive through. if they show this white card. >> i can't open this because they put these men. you have to go around and get it . >> you just let somebody else to
10:57 am
go. that is valley. he works at the garage. >> there was a policeman of let me came across the other day. >> i wish he was here today. >> while mary christmas. >> and gray is a new happy and worsen the clause has a bit of good buys. >> its feature vegetables, be good, i'd trade daily but most of all and the big one remember do not behave badly. family >> that is that for the morning news remember you camacho's tomorrow christmas day it begins at 7:00 a.m. until then sent it is making his way around the world if you want to see santa
10:58 am
ago to lefties they are having at toy drive until 2:00 a.m. for new needy kids.
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