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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 27, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> welcome to the kron farm morning news, current temperatures as said this morning, sitting in the 47 to the north bay. 46 san rafael. 51 san francisco, south bay upper 40's. we're looking at little bit of fog as he headed to the north bay visibility less than a quarter of a mile. also in to the napa valley, the fog stretches up to the delta s c had a long i 80. looking at his abilities visibility is a quarter mile. clear skies
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and san francisco. acton and eyes open to the '50s, a 57% to rosa. east bay, at been the upper 50s. 59 oakland, hayward. overall april nice state is action going to be a dry day partly cloudy however, maureen and the forecast comes tuesday. the rain moves back again. showers wednesday. a little windy by midweek, cold temperatures start kicking and thursday, friday to a good thursday's overnight temperature down into the '20s. the weekend, starting off 2011 with a chance of showers. erica. >> good morning, a matter where you're headed monday we have your commute
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covered, no hot spots. quick bridge check, westbound 80, bay bridge toll plaza you can see just a few cars streaming on life. we are seeing more cars than last week. as you make your way towards san francisco. no overnight construction all lanes are open. drive time of 8-9 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze toward san francisco. no problems to reported in either direction of '92. clear traffic, traffic is heading towards the peninsula tortes foster city. the bright lights headed east bound to hayward. i want to assure you the golden gate, 01, no problems to can't even see any cars. i just checked road sensors, your ride of novato pass tyree 37 clocking in at under 23 minutes. checking a couple of other cameras walnut
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creek, san jose looks good, south bay 101 a couple of cars on the road, no backup on the 87 interchange drive times of 14 minutes from san jose making your way up toward santa clara. walnut creek, looks good, no problems to reported those headlights headed better walnut creek, no problems reported a wetter, was bound to for is a clear shot to the caldecott. ceric, interstate 80. you will need this jeans.those chains. public transportation, no problems to report from any. >> thank you, , dry today but that is that the case for the rest of the country
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blizzard warning in effect for today through delaware. the storm is causing accidents on the roads. 12- 16 in.. wind gusts of 50 mi. per hour could craig much deeper snatchers. the weather prevented many people from making it their loved ones in time for christmas. for those who did their learning it could be days before they can return home. patricia has more from new york. >> is something air travelers are not used to. empty airports. speaking there's no one here. >> a major storm decorated blizzard conditions has grounded hundreds of flights. in new york 15-20 in. of snow. wind gusts of 55 m.p.h. are expected all air traffic was halted. it could be days before the
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backlog cleared and travelers gunfire all. >> when you're ready to go, you're ready to go, but there's nothing you can do about did you just be patient. >> amtrak was forced to stop some of its service sunday. in pennsylvania, the weather caused cancellation of sunday's nfl matchup at lincoln financial. those snowplows and salt trucks are being put to work to make conditions a little safer. east coast officials message is similar. stay put tell the bad weather moves out. >> i understand a lot of families need to get home, please don't get on their roads and lacher after. >> dozens of flights are canceled in the bay area almost everyone looking to the east coast is grounded. reggie kumar has more on how
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the cancellations have impacted passengers are at sfo. >> as a the says it does not know when flights will resume to that part of the region. many passengers say they're frustrated, hoping to catch a flight as early as monday morning. they say they may not be able to until tuesday. >> for the latest on flight delays in your area you can go to our web site we have linked to the faa's website. other developing story, forty- niners head coach has been fired. just hours after this game the team lost to st. louis. singletary learned he was let go when he returned to the bay area, there are big questions about who who will coach the team. da lin
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has been following this story and has more. >> the firing was not a big surprise for many sports fans, and back are a lot of people believe that the only way he could save his job was not only to make the playoffs but to go deep in the playoffs. obviously, that not happen. the forty- niners were eliminated after losing to the rams and sunday morning. highlights from that game, entering the game there is a heated exchange between singletary enforcement. there have been a lot of added pressure on singletary in added weeks. after the team got back last night, the 49ers president, ceo announced that he fired singletary. he finished within 18 and 22 record, two plus seasons. the character released a statement saying the coaching job was one of his greatest experiences. he
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that the family for giving them the opportunity he also thanked the fans. he said he was sorry that he could not get the fans more defensive line coach tim has been named interim coach running the team in the season's finale. now there will have a press conference later on today, the niners are quite a few positions to fill. they needed gm, head coach, perhaps a new quarterback. >> coming up on the kron4 news the latest on how the weather is affecting the economy and holiday shopping numbers we will give you the details, live look at side of san francisco roof camera, bring you the latest on our weather in the bay and tell you what you need to know if you're flying back east.
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welcome back, four on 9:00
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here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. dry break as we headed small, rain set in again in fact, bring in the new year bring it in with some wet weather. other parts of the country's massive snowstorm slams parts of the northeast, here's a shot from carolina well it might not look like a blizzard there's a fair amount for the area. roads are pretty dangerous for drivers especially those headed out on morning commute back as possible, drivers urged take it slow, stare the roads if able to. connecticut, one of several states getting slammed. blizzard warning is in effect for the state as they brace for the first row of the season many people are taking officials and by staying off their road,
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hartford are prepared for people suffering with tertiaries, the national guard members are on standby. weekend snowstorm in these mayor deterred from people from hitting the day after christmas sales. shopping experts say this is been the best holiday season for retailers since the recession began. shoppers had been the credit department stores looking for a post this christmas deals. dalian join them. >> a lot of people spend the day after christmas of a shopping center. many malls were very busy. the west for a shopping center, a lot of folks were looking for bargains, some raising give kurds from prisoners. >> 50% off, the prices i get i don't get in mexico. it is good deals. >> that's what they're looking for deals. deals like 50-75% off. shoppers
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coming in for some sunday. this man says he's a big surprise that the prices are better than his own country. >> this said don't get in my country. >> another shopper was happy to shore up the bargain his wife found sweaters, $80, $20. she brought three of them. >> while shoppers unhappy about saving money shopowners were to throw the people were spending. experts say holiday season spending is on track to rise 3-4% the best increase since 2006. shoppers agreed they say the malls have been very busy. >> bigger, younger crowd, a lot of shopping going on. >> some people were exchanging gives, at the national retail federation says almost one-third of americans will return at least one gift. >> in market headline stocks
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began a week between christmas and new year's day at their highest level since 2008. the last day of trading before christmas it was like a mixed. meanwhile, a few major economic reports due this week, beyond the regular numbers one of the highlights comes tomorrow when the board releases its consumer confidence index. also tomorrow, snmp will chase tom price index for october. we will be right back on the kron 4 morning news, coming up the latest on the situation and the east coast after mass of blizzard hits the area.
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welcome back, our weather is, compared to the rest of the country right now temperatures in the 40's, 50's authorities in the north bay. fairly madeleine san francisco, even seeing some patches of clear sky 50 degrees hayward, said the upper '40's, some brahms's visibility especially after some showers yesterday. visibility is less than a quarter mile handing it to the north bay along 101 from san rafael towards petaluma petty debts dense patches of fog. a little fog settled into the delta. visibility numbers, less than a quarter mile in places like novato, napa. peninsula looks good, santa rosa. fairfield 3 mi.. afternoon highs up into the fifties, maybe in the '60s.
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57 santa rosa. 56 san francisco. south bay, topping get rid around 60 degrees. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. dry day today, come tomorrow that rain really set in again it will be a fairly unstable week ahead of us shares, wind, cool temperatures for thursday. temperatures down into the '20s. the '30's for friday, a ring in the new year with more wet weather. >> good morning, no major problems to report on bay area roadways we're hoping to keep the sea traffic into this week. bay bridge, no promise of the westbound direction. just a couple of cars heading toward san francisco. those metering lights cycled off. all lanes are open along the upper
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deck no problems getting from the shore, 580 or the northbound, drive times the minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze stored several discos. san mateo, westbound, east bound, like the noise, like conditions. nogales getting to the bridge, not tracking a back up at the toll plaza. nice, easy 12-13 minutes from end to end. golden gate, south bound, no heavy traffic in your way just a few cars across the span. i checked road sensors no brahms, traffic and well above 50 mi. per hour hearing tire ride. for your entire ride. no promise was golden gate as your bridge berkeley in emeryville, i wanted to
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share using francisco traffic, no promises or more in either direction as you make your way to the lower deck or heading towards 101. >> thank you, driver is a feeling the effects of the powerful blizzard take a look at this crash in drylands. as snowplows slammed his car sending it spinning elated on that side amazingly no one was hurt officials are worried that this scene will repeat itself as the weather gets worse. expecting a foot-18 in.. highway crews in new york were busy treating the roads hours before the worst of the snowstorm was supposed to head a blizzard warning is in effect tonight, up to 16 in. of snow. the city has deployed more than 300 salt spreaders more than 1600 snowplows. all 4800 sanitation workers
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on the job working 12 hour shifts. this is like an allentown pennsylvania driving conditions there, they've declared a weather emergency for major highways forcing drivers to slow down. the speed limit is lower to 45 mi. per hour. richter's promise to walk around a clock, there are asking them to stay home and a possible forecasters predicted a to 13 in. of snow off the blizzard warning remains in effect until tonight. >> whether standing passengers airports across the country. dave guingona takes a look. >> all day on sunday there were stranded passengers standing in the airline.
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renovator and headed back to these cows. this couple were originally going to be in europe by sending night. >> about another flight, were triggered chicago. french. >> for new york we want to go to the marty yet. >> rent-a-car, a tricky a train if it's not about to. speaking to seven hour flight becomes their to be about a train our fight. >> because of all the flights of this couple are stuck here for two more nights. >> or suppose 3:11 p.m. tonight. but now, hopefully, where boats and 11:00 flight to run my. there are supposed to get back 7:00 a.m. on tuesday. this couple is for to do
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thompson in that robbery to get there are red. speaking thursday to allow this non york the chances of us getting their due in tehran or slant everything is boats. we may have to stay a couple of days here. >> dave guingona, kron4 news. >> for the latest underlays in your area new converter website we have a link to the web site. >> news around the bay of victim shot and killed along with two others on wednesday has been identified. hector flores was found in critical condition from a gunshot wound. he died on thursday three men are still and large. a dockworker church still in his client's jury is scheduled to appear in superior court today. 32
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year-old nicholas r. bennett katz is church receiving jury words or more than $5,500. during the time that he worked for them between october and 2009. there is an alleged violation of probation. 19 prior dri convictions since 1996. violated his most recent operation by having alcohol in his house. could be sent to prison for three years. also, do your eyes are down, see eaccalifornia highway patrol has arrested 47 people between friday, they the number is down from last year's total of 53 drivers arrested. genet 58 drivers have been arrested on the right charges crossed the state between friday and saturday. coming up, the
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latest in our world news including the word of a package bomb in italy will give you the latest on the situation there, bring in the new year with kron4, one of the biggest, best parties in the bay area tune in for kron4 is new year's live. it is the only local new year's show and the bay area's favor way to celebrate.
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welcome back, 4 2:04 a.m. a
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quick look at bay area bridge's first bay bridge, you can see traffic is moving smoothly. also had it ever to san mateo, few cars that there, the taillights heading westward, san mateo, we have a shot of the golden gate. just a few cars. traffic is moving smoothly. a live look 80, soda springs locked in the snow. of course that's the light for this skiers. more snow to come of your planning and heading out for new year's your best time to leave would be today, to draw more snow sets in midweek, were talking about a lot of that is now adding up in the ski resorts. tahoe is with a few places led by
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white christmas. a package bomb found at the greek embassy. three days after mail bombs exploded at two other embassies. a 30 say no one was harmed in the latest incident in part because of heightened security measures are to be put in place. mail bombs exploded friday at a chalet in and swiss embassies. banneker's group was reported ties to greek interests claimed responsibility, pakistan and intelligence officials say there's another in this series is expected missile strikes. the missiles deck of vehicle and a tribal region killing six people that area has been a target of the ramp that missile campaign. british police say they have charged nine men with their related conspiracy nine of 12 men arrested last week will face court hearings in london on charges they conspired to cause explosions in the u.k.
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and other terror related offenses. police say the other suspects arrested during a sweep have been or were released a third charge. it started october 1st, continued to december 20th the day of their arrest. they're arrested at a time of extreme concern in europe over a number our recent terror related bonds. >> coming up the latest on the winter weather smashing into the north east. we will tell you what you need to know. more on the weather in our area coming here's a look good side james lick, downtown san francisco getting little bit of clear, apache's guy, we will let you know more coming up.
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what am i to the kron 4 morning news, downtown san francisco, a dry shot, it looks like we will stay dry, throughout the day today more wet weather on the way. current temperatures, '40's, 50's not too bad. 48 santa rosa. 46 san rafael, san francisco, temperatures low 50s. visibility, we are looking at some fog especially dense as the head up 101 to the north bay from petaluma, san rafael the lowest visibility's. napa as well. a little bit stretching out to the delta. visibility's, less than a quarter mile in through novato, napa. the peninsula
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is looking fairly good in terms of fraud, afternoon highs and to the '50s, dry today. friday. 57 santa rosa. novato. east bay opera 50s, could reach 60 from monday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. dry weather for today, this last from, rain on tuesday, wednesday showers. windy weather once again. thursday, cold. but it is in line lows 28 to trees. below freezing temperatures for some of the inland locations friday, rain. rain could bring in the new year. there could. >> no problems to report as you head of the door. westbound 80 the bridge toll plaza, no problems towards san francisco a couple more cars there was at 10 minutes ago still not pushing any delays. if your lights are
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off, your ride at the san mateo, westbound, east bound 92, just a couple of cars on the road. this taillights headed westbound equally good conditions on the left- hand side rhyolites headed toward to be spent in their words. golden gate, 101 problem for real on the span. no problems to roaring county traffic moving about 50 mi. per hour no promise was tyree 57. clear until you reach waldo says bay, no hot spots. a live look at the northbound, says bound run 01 right near troubled the lakers. now back up, traffic moving at the limit. sierra, he will major chains today for inner-city 0. also for highway 50. keep those genes handy for your ride along a eight from him
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station. louisa. >> up blizzard warning in effect from delaware. the storm is causing many accidents on the road a total of 12-16 in. fell across oliver drylands. when guests created much deeper snare drums. presenting many people problems of making it to their loved ones and for those who did make it, they're stuck hanging out with them longer. >> i don't know which is worse. >> this is the reason, rough weather has several airlines cancelling flights at airports like laguardia, new york no flights in or out of the airport. >> dozens of flights are canceled here in the bay area. almost everyone looking to the east coast is
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grounded. reggie kumar is said sfo with how the cancellations have impacted present troops. >> canceled due to weather, that's the message. delta, united, american, a jet blew have all grounded flights headed for northeastern part of the country because of a powerful winter storm. passengers are urged to call their airline carrier before coming to the airport. >> many flights canceled. it seems a generally they're able to contact the passengers at a time. so we don't have a lot of people that to spend the night. they're getting for warning. >> there's hardly any waiver be been needed to >> to an agent, a looks as though passengers called ahead to find out the flight was canceled. this man is fluent his banesto trying
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to broker a fight for last eight hours. both fights he is scheduled to take off on or grounded. he's hoping to get a flight at 5:00 a.m. on monday. >> maybe ought to go back to boston. international flights, most are not affected. but, it is best that you check with your airline carrier. reggie kumar, as ever, kron4 news. >> as a for was hit hardest by the cancellations it was a different story in oakland, the all lin reports many flights there were on time. >> quite a few happy passengers at oakland airport because this airport experienced the very few delays, cancellations. here's why, the disease carrier is southwest, most of its flights were flying from or to other cities.
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there were not affected by the weather. and that the bill which is written hymie does operate at of this airport, it did have a few direct flights between oakland and new york, those flights canceled. were only talking about a handful of flights not the kind of memory status 0. in oakland, da lin, kron4 news. >> for the latest on flight delays, to go to our web site kron4 .com. new details the body of a man who disappeared after he fell overboard from his sailboat earlier this month has been recovered. the speed was spotted by a bird watcher and a wetlands area near the marin county community of strawberry. he disappeared on the night of december 10th when he fell overboard while the 32 ft. sailboat was injured. near to brown. mike singletary
4:36 am
has been fired as manager or after two disappointing seasons. the team made the announcement late yesterday several hours after san francisco was eliminated from playoff contention with 2517 loss. defensive line coach tim sul the has been named to the coach in terms. he finished with an 18-22 record into plus seasons. in a statement he said one of the greatest experience of his life was having the opportunity to coach the forty-niners. >> coming up, the latest on some world news but first, the holiday season is here, many of us. >> currently stationed in
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turkey i want to wish a merry christmas, happy new year to my mom, dad. i hope to see sen. >> i meant 08, i want to wish my family and merry christmas. >> i'm in germany i would like to say hello to my wife, i love the baby. hi mom, dad. i love all you guys.
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the mat, time may now is 40 8:00 a.m. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. partly cloudy, staying dry, it's not tomorrow that that rain sets by ken and could be a fairly unstable week. windy weather on wednesday, cold temperatures thursday.
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inland down to the '20s. rain continues, say goodbye to 2010, hello to 2011, more rain. will. >> and we are going to continue to see rain in the forecast for a good portion of the work week but as you can see as we head toward saturday, sunday that rain is scattered showers towards the weekend, for most of the week it will be fairly well. highs expected to stay into the 50s, lows along the coast, the bay in the '40's. inland those expected. a live look to the bay bridge, a few clouds. part of me cars. we are expecting to see the traffic to get up, rain now we're seeing just a few cars. in world news,
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wrote later parker is on the attack, we have slowed it down to show you what happens when villagers in india tried to scare the animal off. instead he strikes back, reporter travis richards takes it >> i rode a leopard attacks villagers. the residents saw there are bridge loan and. the charity scared off. but the plan backfired. the feline leads from this grass and charges towards the crowd of people. reports say the big cat has injured seven people, somehow scars to prove it. the hunt is on
4:41 am
for the animal, said to come by air force reserve. the leopard remains on the leaves. travis parker, >> a female suicide bomber detonated heard suppose the best in a car waiting for food stamps and pakistan. telling a least 41 people. the attack appeared to be the first suicide bombing stage where woman in pakistan. no group has cayley and responsibility. officials saying it _ it the military groups. in the tribal belt despite ongoing operations. a 4.9 earthquake has struck grace church new zealand. no injuries are reported so far. this quake is a big aldershot. the region has been experiencing a series of top jobs since a jumper. coming up, the
4:42 am
latest at the weather in the east coast. let the sun, a clear conditions from albany, we have a dry day on top for today. not the case for to market details coming up.
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welcome back, starting off with dry weather this morning, current temperatures, 48 santa rosa, 44 napa, that the 47 into fairfield, 50 san francisco. south bay, the upper '40's. 48 degrees in tears san jose. all of a flawed, it contained the north bay, limiting
4:44 am
visibility's to petaluma. into the napa valley as well towards the delta so visibility's as well. less than a quarter mile into novato. napa. peninsula looks good. clear skies and portions of san francisco. afternoon highs, up to the '50s, 57 for santa rosa. novato. 56 and san francisco. could reach about 60 degrees and your mountain view. the week ahead, more rain. your best bet is to get which need done outdoors today to mark, the rain is great to play a big part. chars continued, the wind is going to impact the area to thursday, cold temperatures sitting in temperatures dial
4:45 am
of the thirties. '20s and 70 inland spots, rain continues. >> thank you, still tracking a prom free commute around the bay pirat, westbound0 your purchase the bay bridge still looking good. a few more cars on the road that we sought 10 minutes ago the late free conditions just crossed the meeting light. san mateo, a good to go, easy roll into foster city, a word. the terrace on your right hand side restrain address bound, tracking in the back up at the toll plaza clocking in easy 12-13 minutes between 80 and 101. north bay, south about 1 01 traffic is moving at a limit, to lay free conditions a little foggy
4:46 am
not producing anything in the way of accidents or delays. a preacher freeway westbound 80, traffic of the trieste-curved, no promise rask golden gate the ride continues at the limit. will. >> philadelphia, if you think we have a bad, check this out. this is the eagles play their games, scheduled to play last night against the vikings. you can see the blizzard as part in the northeast that caused the game to be bridge back into to tomorrow because there's just so much snow that even the football players that play in everything there for the nfl to pressure back. will monitor it as far as the blizzard and how is a virgin traffic all you need to do. speech news around
4:47 am
the bay, the fired or responded to a fire inside the dispensary on the ocean in capitol ave. the small fire was put out quickly, and no injuries reported. california street cable card will be running continue to july they will upgrade the entire track from downtown to van ness. among the changes the electrical and mechanical to make the system work will be in place, starks will be compared to comply. the entire project will cost $16 million during the shutdown uni says it will provide bus service along the route. dr.
4:48 am
mom is facing eviction from armonk. the man who owns the property is going ahead with the proceedings. he says the mother of 14 rose $450,000, he believes she has the money. she has lived in the house since her famous octuplets came home from the hospital nearly two years ago she has to the end of the year to pay the balance. hugh hefner, is to engage again. he proposed a girlfriend, playmate christopher harris. he announced the news on twitter. this is their marriage for the fourth world his divorce from kimberly conrad finalized last year even though they'd been separated for more than 10 years. he's 61 years older than her. little fokkers has grabbed the no. 1 spot. the third installment of the ben
4:49 am
stiller series earned $34 million. true grit came in second 26 million, drawn a legacy 20 million. coming up, much more weather, traffic, news, falling possible delays at aggressive foe because of a blizzard in the northeast. we will let jan know how your flights could be impacted. ring in the new year right here with kron4 biggest, best parties in the bay area from your living room, tune in 11:30 p.m. for kron4 is new year's live presented by elite md. it is the only new year's live show locally and the bay area's favorite way to celebrate.
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here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. in a state today, starting off not cold, i just walked out within jacket. he will not need your umbrella today. trying out, tuesday, wednesday, there's day especially wednesday, the showers, wind will be back. 52 degrees is high, cold in winter is here to say. but, we don't have anything to complain about we do share to video and minorities to they are being pounded by wintry weather. we'll let you know what's going on with that is for the sfo, the other bay area airports for the morning. king bill, you can see snow is on the ground, they look like they cleared out some of the order rate as a lot of people are waking up from their christmas holiday, heading back from tahoe
4:53 am
hopefully safe journey when they come back. following that situation as well. >> sat unused airport jeanette marie known as the ivory queen of soul has died at the age of 54. levitt grow, square biz, fire and desire. she's saying during the other songs like portuguese love. to allow law, she was not the first white singer in soul music, she was arguably one of the most is to come respected. clearly embraced by black audiences. she lived in southern california cause of our debt, known, bottling prescription drugs for some time. right now, no-fault it i reported probably the cause is natural. we will let you know. over the past
4:54 am
year we are bombarded on all sides of media coverage additional, nontraditional so we brought together a short clip of some of the top most and treated stories from your tv set and computer.
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again morning, top stories at 5:00 a.m., a blizzard warning is in effect in several ports of the north east as a strong storm sweeps the area closing down three major airports. northeast from causing dozens of cancellations here in the bay. like the s&l update coming up. 49ers' coach was just fired. after a last night's game, who have the details coming up. lots of stories, we are also
5:01 am
falling another story the weather. golden gate, faulty. babfoggy. is the rain coming our way? >> the good news is the rain is not coming our way today, but tomorrow, the rest of the week coming into next year you'll have rain. take it manages a dry day today. so often to the golden gate, northrop, most of the then sought to the north bay. the rain is expected to return tomorrow, wet, windy week ahead of us starting off with the current temperatures, chile this morning to the north bay, napa. 50 degrees to san francisco, 45 redwood city. temperatures in the suspects upper 40's. visibility, from cnn felt petaluma, napa
5:02 am
starting to get a bit more dense as to how long 80 toward sacramento. visibility less than a quarter of a mile to novato. half mouth in the napa valley. god is starting to drift into the delta. elsewhere, not too bad. most militant peninsula or action in the clear. afternoon highs, upper 50s for center is a common napa. east bay, temperatures in the upper 50s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., same story, 60 degrees to mountain view. chance of showers come to rob, starch up early in the morning to the north bay. as we head towards the afternoon the chances increase along the peninsula and the state. this could get pretty heavy towards the evening. to the north bay, very heavy
5:03 am
downpours from 6:00 to the evening. then a clock, very heavy downpours. especially for the north bay, a peninsula. continue to see heavy rain, overnight tuesday, the early morning wednesday. the latter part of the day, showers falling and there. crawling out of ther. another key element, cold temperatures, and thursday, overnight lows. rain is expected to continue to the end of the year ended to the beginning of next year. george. >> thank you, pretty quiet morning, we don't expect much traffic this week about that is to be as late as last week. stop all those presently supplies and i'm sure you are with how easy it was to drive around the bay area. so far, light
5:04 am
traffic for the westbound red. i'm not even sure in a call this commute yet is there so few curse. san mateo not much different. lighter than usual for the westbound ride. a lot of folks off this week as well as last. 7 bound, once you're one of the fog expecting the ride into both directions. the bridge has not been configured yet. national weather much different than what we're experiencing, louisa. >> affect a lot of folks who had rounds these terrorist over holidays may be the main lobby but to return or send their holidays over because of the stars. rain now the bulk of the snow is in central and northern portions. to know from maine to vermont, portions of new york. in looks that as
5:05 am
though every head to the next couple of days we see it dissipate. some of those flights hopefully running on time. >> and nasties) is rain and winds, storms and little visibility to workers. you can see a lot of people just having a hard time getting around to this weather. this car, the wheels of just spinning out. a lot of people try to clear their roadway. faa a website, tracking flight delays, let's start off with arnett of the woods. the sfo, 15 minutes or less, pretty good. let's go over to the east coast, a lot of the back up already. look it is, due to snow it is close. so one amr time, the report is expected to reopen at about
5:06 am
1:00 p.m. our time that's about a 12 hour shutdown. philadelphia, to elicit even than the football game was pushed back from sunday to tuesday. it looks like the eastern seaboard over here they are dealing with a lot of problems. all of this snowstorm that is coming. i'm sure thousands of people will not be at work. school canceled. a big mess over there. tracking the situation. back in the bay area, flight so far look good. dozens of people already shrine to go to the security checkpoint heading back to their homes after the christmas holidays. jackie sissel is at the airport. jackie, how the things look? >> it stage of bill all over again. we're talking about as big storms, especially in
5:07 am
the northeast. of the tree near airports are closed, for the temporary basis at least. we're seeing some delays, cancellations out here to fight to minorities. get the flight here. a lot of arrivals are being cancelled i just checked american airlines three flights to new yorker canceled coming in so if you're expecting people coming in use it deftly be aware that there may be delays baba they may have to rebut. as the day goes on the weather in fit condition to improve or decline that could have an effect. there are weather delays, back there, there is a flight to boston that was canceled. traveling anywhere dobie like this guy, he has to sleep in the airport call ahead. make sure it's on time that will be a big, big plus. making sure were ever
5:08 am
you're traveling their flight may not be affected, obviously, there's a ripple effect. they may not be going to the northeast, but there may be a connecting flight that will affect every going. call ahead, make sure there on time. >> to thank you, jackie, live on as a row. david if your flight to a sunny destination that flight might have come in from boston, so the airport that slates delayed so your continuing flight will be delayed or affected. was continuing flight will be delayed or affected. was this your the morning. f2&
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
a comeback, a developing story this morning for the niners had courage has been fired. here he is coaching his last game against the st. louis rams. the straw
5:12 am
that broke the camel's back for the team was the fact that had the one who's been named, all they have to do was to go back and players and across had been known next week they would been in the playoffs. singletary and he was let go when he returned to the bay area from san louis. the questions about who will lead the team. or will it all lin has been falling story. >> the firing was the big surprise for sports fans, and backed a lot of people believe the only way that mike singletary could save his job was not only to make the playoffs, but to go deep. obviously that did not happen. the forty-niners were eliminated from playoff contention after losing to the rams sunday morning. highlights from that game, during the game there was a heated exchange between singletary and tradesmen
5:13 am
there have been a lot of added pressure in at least. after the team got back to the area last may, the 49ers president encino announced he fired him he finished it with an 18-22 record into the seasons, he released a statement saying the curtain drop was was one of his greatest experiences he think the family for giving them the opportunity he also thinks the fans. he said he is sorry that he could i give the fans more jim tom silva has been named coach in term, he will run them in the season finale. check your come a time soon that will have a press conference later on today the niners have quite a few positions to fill. the fighting in gm, head coach, a new quarterback. >> coming up on the kron 4
5:14 am
morning news big storm hit the northeast, rain is on its weight to the bay area of will chuck are more and traffic coming up.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
but how much rain we have, it's nothing compared to the northeast where drivers are feeling the effects of the blizzard pounding that area, take a look at this crash in an oven the snowplows tangent that are sending is spinning, landing on its side. amazingly, no one was hurt. connecticut, slammed by the monster storm was a warning is in effect as they brace for their first winter storm of the season, many elected officials nice thing off threats. hartford are for the most part empty. a few cars, people scurrying connecticut police and national guard members are on standby. still photos coming out of a blizzard in
5:18 am
the northeast, you can see people getting behind car, pushing down the street. but in all the snow, windy conditions. it almost looks like this scene from a movie. eiders rask ride that woman is even outside. drivers were out there, talking to each other because the pros hit each other. looks like they're exchanging information. for those people and they don't need to be out they should stay indoors. no matter how about we haven't the fog, rain, windy conditions and it's nothing compared to what they're seeing there. >> all those westchester's to one from for the holidays are actually thinking them that they live here in the bay. they get to go home to
5:19 am
this map that. clear conditions, partly cloudy. we should do dry much of the day to day. tomorrow, the rain sets in. we're not talking about snow. 50s in francisco, new 53. high temperature 56, low 50s by endicott. forties, north bay, east bay. redwood city mountain view. then as a mid-upper '40's. a bit more mild than san francisco. visibility, a problem as you had at 101 fairly dense fog from petaluma to san rafael. fog along highway 37 towards laying out. your visibility numbers look like this, less than a quarter mile for novato. half mile to napa.
5:20 am
peninsula, not as bad. areas of clear that there. afternoon highs, 50s. 57 santa rosa. upper 50s the east bay. a chance every insets and once again tomorrow. expected to bring quite a bit of what weather. mainly to morning is the best chance of morning showers for your commute to the north bay. peninsula, afternoon, as we head towards the evening the intensity really expected to pick up. notice of his orange, red fairly heavy rain. mary, heavy downpours especially up along the north bay, as he had on to san rafael. very heavy rain in san francisco for a good portion of your night on tuesday early-morning wednesday. continue to see
5:21 am
the storm really hammering us to the early morning on wednesday. wed morning commute. we're not getting rid of the rain a to be a fairly wet week ahead of us. thursday, temperatures down into the '20s. george. >> a dialect of forecasts. bob, plenty of it, we noticed it at our shot of the golden gate, there are now fog advisor is out for a number of bay area bridges. chretien is, the ride in from solano. but also for the benicia bridge. same crossing at a solano. southbound direction for interstate 680, dense fog for both of those, in the bay bridge. it wasn't as much in evidence, we check to the last report a big
5:22 am
change, in the last 15 minutes. plenty of fog at the toll plaza. dense fog advisor for the span. san mateo, not any fault as an issue. pretty clear heading out toward the high-rise locale like the traffic is. you're for the 5:00 hour, very few cars. golden gate, fault, not enough to warrant an advisor 3. no problems reported for the marin county ride on 101 southbound. >> thank you, i like all those bridges to show those with no traffic. coming up, an update on market conditions but before we go to rate let me tell you what can happen at 1130 this friday. programming note, you can ring in the new year right here with kron4 biggest, best parties in the bay area from your living room, tune in 11:30 p.m. for kron4 is new year's live presented by elite md. it is the only new year's live show locally and the bay area's favorite way to celebrate.
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we're calling the weather, you can see by the blur of data in getting pounded by the wintry conditions delays as far as fight's all of these cows especially new york, they are not have any flights until 1:00 p.m.. d.c. area is getting pounded, philadelphia, this is rare they had to push back a football game scheduled for sunday night until tuesday because their stock in was snow. bay area airports to call and had a lot of times even if you're flying to a sunny destination because that plane might of taken off from new york, when it arises as a poet could be late, so your fight to some lovely sunday blaze could be pushed back. market
5:27 am
headlines, stocks began to weaken behind at the highest level since august 28th of 2008, trading was light, and experienced a loss dan training or for christmas after reports true small improvement in consumer spending. few major economic reports due out this week beyond the regular weekly numbers one of the highlights comes to mind when the conference for releases its consumer confidence index for december. the s&p schiller home price index for october will be released. thursday, the philadelphia fed releases its manual a luxury service. >> halt to others shot in sub symphysis go-identified 20 year-old hector flores. found in critical condition from a gunshot or near the intersection of aid and
5:28 am
linton. it took place around 7:00 p.m. he died on thursday afternoon police are still looking for at least three men on that shooting. the body of a santa rosa man who disappeared at tree fell overboard from his sailboat earlier this month. has been recovered. pcs de was bought by a bird watcher and the wetlands, on friday afternoon. speed disappeared on december 10th, he fell overboard while the 32 ft. sailboat was anchored in richardson bay. coming out, overnight news from san francisco 49 years we will let you know who will be their coach for the next game, who they might be looking for in the future. a live look good cited the james lick. traffic is still light. it might even be light today as people are slow to return
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
the matter, let's start off with the project, the bay bridge toll plaza you can see, what action you can't see any of the traffic really because all easier headlights at the very last moment because it is so socked in with fog. fortunately, no rain, louisa will be clearing out day for us today. the rain is headed back our way? >> as we head into to mark, today a bit of a break. as he sought from will shot we are dealing with a dense fog especially along the bridges has yet to the north bay as well. clear conditions along the peninsula to some crabs hang around some patches of clear as well. dense fog for the north bay, rain expected to return tomorrow. heavy rain. wet, windy week ahead. cool temperatures and are
5:32 am
forecast to. current temperatures, forties and the most part. 50 degrees and san francisco as one of the warmer spots such as bay temperatures upper '40's. visibility shirt, as you head up 1012 san rafael towards petaluma visibility's are decreasing. napa, starting to see that fog to thicken up into the delta. visibility is less than a quarter mile to novato. quarter mile or less into fairfield. elsewhere, visibility is not a problem. into the afternoon, temperatures and to the 50's legacy of his sixties. 56 san francisco, 57 santa rosa, nev., napa. sure you the rain chances, the next chancellor rains set in early to morning, to the north bay, bringing that
5:33 am
chance of rain along the peninsula. heading towards the afternoon. check this out to heavy downpours, strong wind potential for thunderstorms. " 6:00, heavier stuff to the north, 10:00 this year continuing to see that intensity level very high. all of this purple, as heavy as you can get. we did it continue to see heavy rain overnight on tuesday, early morning on wednesday. continued heavy showers 3 morning commute, and it's not tell about noontime that we see some clearing. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. would take to mark, showers, ring continue wednesday, cold temperatures as we head towards the end of the week. dipping down into the '20s, rain is expected to leave is for 2010. it continues to 2011. >> you are a lot of fun this morning louisa. (laughter)
5:34 am
no hot spots rain now, a quiet around the bay area, fog is the word for traffic. dense fog advisor is for three bridges cortines, benicia, the right of the solano for westbound interstate 80 and southbound 680. the family in effect. in the toll plaza for bay bridge westbound. the fog continues as we watch this morning, the coming liquor. as we move toward sunrise we will see it get worse rather than better. dense fog advisor is here but not for san mateo bridge. light coming easy ride volume is building but weigh less than usual. no fog advisor 3. but it is clear that since our last check, there is possible that we could see it coming go with a good ride during towny. at roland
5:35 am
in zepa and direction there's a stall rocking left lane traffic is so light it is not having any impact. >> thank you, highway crews in new york city were busy treating the road yesterday afternoon hours before their worst snowstorm was supposed to head a warning is in effect tonight without 16 in. of snow. the city has deployed more than 300 salt spreaders, 1600 snowplows. all 4800 sanitation workers are on the job working 12 hour shifts, city officials and urging people to staff the roads, use a mass transit if they need to leave their homes. this is a look from pennsylvania, the driving conditions there, not much better they have declared it whether the emergency from major highways are forcing drivers to slow down, if you don't need to be a outside why deicide? an hour for the
5:36 am
turnpike. many interstates in that area. road crews promise to work from the clock. authorities are asking people to stay home if possible. forecasters had predicted 14 in. of snow around philadelphia, blizzard warning remains in effect stamford, conn., you can see how windy days. and how deep this address are blizzard warning in effect for much the northeast. flight delays up and down that area. laguardia shutdown their plates until when yet as cell, international, a a lot of people looks like they're probably saying to themselves why am i going back? a lot of people in this headline is leaving the bay area and jackie sissel is there to bring us these live pictures jackie, have you noticed any delays?
5:37 am
speech yes, we've noticed a couple. he's not too bad, the republicans on the board. if obviously with that huge storm we will start to see the ripple effect. >> that is the big board, that's what the travelers live and die by. starting to see the delays, cancellations especially on the east coast with of being close.d. the lines and not so bad, as that day goes on we will see more, more of these lines. and airlines has three cancellations for arriving flights. those flights are not leaving so they'd. been canceled. the ones going ahead of sfo back to new york those ones are delayed. still waiting for
5:38 am
weather to clear. try to time and so they can get back there. the best thing you can do is if your traveling anywhere is call ahead. nature your flight is not somehow affected. you may not be going to the northeast, you may have a connecting flight, some sort of related issue with the fight they are on, check had. rain now, not too bad plan starting to see the piece or a sharp chocolate essence of mr. to see this delays take effect. >> thank you, 25 months ago he said he wanted winners, this morning he has been fired. mike singletary has been fired as coach of the san francisco 49ers after more than two seasons of leading the president and ceo jed york announced sunday after the 49ers were eliminated from the nfc west playoff race, the eighth-consecutive season without a postseason appearance for the team. san francisco lost to the st. louis rams on sunday to drop to 5-10. the 49ers needed to beat the rams and the arizona cardinals in week 17 to advance to their first playoff in years. defensive line coach jim tomsula will take over the head coaching job when the 49ers close out
5:39 am
their season at candlestick park on jan 2. you can see him getting into a fight. had the there's one, they would have been in the playoffs. that is one of the reasons that prompted them to let him go. 18-22 in two seasons, in a statement he said one of the greatest experiences of his wife was having the opportunity to go to the niners. coming up, much more weather, traffic, news. weather here, the major snow storm heading minorities. let's set aside, the golden gate bridge, traffic is light coming easy.
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welcome mat, a king of kelso dark at this hour but i can assure you there is no on the ground nice seeing in that area if you ahead up there a lot of people returning back to the bay area after a great christmas holiday louisa, how much snow is forecasted over the next couple days in a few minutes. >> d. wise are down this holiday season from last year. california highway patrol arrested a total of 45 drivers on suspicion of deride. between friday- sunday, that number is down from 53 drivers. a total tendered 50 drivers had been arrested on d u eight churches across the state between friday and last night. coming up, falling a situation at the bay area airports, but to know what's delayed and how long, in the wintry conditions in the northeast and how they are
5:44 am
dealing with all of that snowball in their area. join the jaguar platinum celebration ! come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your bay area jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer
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you're falling minorities cleared >> we are following the north east blizzards, you can see this bus is doing is been out a lot of people are stranded because, look keas stock. summons tran ". the authorities have been busy trying to make sure people are safe, this car lost his temper completely. here is lincoln financial field, they were supposed to play on sunday night, that was pushed back till tuesday that is rare for the nfl because they take pride in bullet passing in rain, snow, sleet alike mailmen. patricia is following this situation from rolling
5:48 am
guardia. >> something air travelers are not used to, and the airports. >> there's nobody here. a major north sea storm creating blizzard conditions has granted hundreds of flights. >> in new york where 15-20 in. of snow wind gusts of up to 55 mi. per hour expected all air traffic at three major airports was halted. days before the backlog clears, travelers can fly home. >> when you're ready to go home, you're ready to go home. be patient. >> from jean de due to new england, same songs not only in the air but on the tracks and the roads. amtrak's was forced to stop some service on sunday, pa. the weather caused cannot cancellation of the eagles, likings a matchup of philadelphia's lincoln financial field. >> those snow plows and salt
5:49 am
trucks have been put to work to make conditions safer, most east coast officials is similar, stay put until the bad weather moves out. >> and to stand at a lot of families need to get home, after we get away, please do not gather roads in this chapter. >> but here in the bay area, foggy, rain on the way for tomorrow, the sun will be at in an hour and a half. when it does you can see, the fog sitting on top of us. that's probably good news because whenever i see fog, that's what i hear it is commute pretty good day. >> dry day, we are expecting to see some fog hang around for a good portion of the morning as we head towards the afternoon, partly cloudy, dry. then as we head towards the evening, increasing clouds ahead of the system expected to bring a simmering for tomorrow. >> temperatures in the
5:50 am
40's, 47 santa rosa, 50 san francisco, 45 oakland, 48 hayward. 43 livermore it, fairfield inn concord. visibility, along the bay bridge, golden gate, 101 towards petaluma. napa, doubt that, fog is really picking up. a quarter mile of his ability to novato. napa half mile. elsewhere, not too bad, see that fog building to san francisco as well. 57 santa rosa, napa, novato, vallejo. 56 san francisco. 59 fairfield, hayward, fremont, morgan hill. few sprinkles to the
5:51 am
north bay, by the afternoon better chance of the heavier stuff late afternoon, early evening. 6:00, moderate- heavy downpours expected for a good portion of the day especially to the north bay. expected to get hammered as we head towards four-five hours into the evening, 10:00 you can see just about as heavy rain is seeking debt. thunderstorms, strong winds, expected to last overnight tuesday, wednesday. heavy downpours expected to this update, or early wednesday morning. your commute could certainly be a wet one. showers moving on out as we head towards the afternoon, moving back again on thursday. unstable week ahead of us, a couple of things rain, windy weather for your wednesday. thursday, check out this overnight lows down into the '20s. wrapping up the
5:52 am
workweek, at 2010 with showers. >> we will welcome the morning commute with light traffic, fog advisor is for several bridges, no hot spots, and it congest and no problems. westbound highway 4 looks amazingly light. fog advisor is in place for here, cardenas, was founded zero and so the down interstate 680 ride. san francisco bay bridge is also coming out fog advisor. as we watched as several last 55 minutes you can see an increase at the toll plaza expected to be more dense as you had crossed the span. in its 800, let's take a look at the short freeway, this is the upper east shore, fog is not an issue on the commute. coming from the upper to the lower is
5:53 am
still a pretty good drive. no problems to the suspects, to its 0, 101 even 17 is doing good. the key to a sharp break, be right back on the kron 4 morning news.
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5:56 am
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain is not headed our way for today's tuesday, wednesday, there as they not only will be called on wednesday, showers and very windy. ollie 52 degrees inland, or then 2010 canelo no, but will wake up new year's day, is clearing out. it is going to be not too bad especially compared to what we are seeing in the north east. no complaints at least for me. let's take a look at the box office, a little fokker's as crowds the no. 1 spot. the third installment of the ben
5:57 am
stiller series of in lot comedy earned $34 million over the three day weekend, a true grit came in second taking an 25.6 million, last week's bomb top spot tron legacy to it and 20 million. motown's singer tina marie was known as the ivory queen of soul has died at the age of 54, known for hits like lever grow, squared is, fire and desire. she was not the white house the first racing and sold which was arguably one of the most gifted, respected, thoroughly embraced by black audiences. or fall in the weather conditions that here in the bay area batteries as well, overnight call meant involving the 49 years james fletcher will take during just a moment. we're here tracking flight delays and cancellations a live report
5:58 am
from jackie sissel and a few minutes.
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