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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 27, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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and north east getting hammered with some forms and wind hundreds of flights canceled thousands of passengers stranded. will have a report on the strength bemba hours after being eliminated 49ers fire that had cut. a we are also attracting local weather rain sitting on the horizon an early start on that and traffic will begin with liza haunch. >> 7 day around the bay once of fog dissipates will have partly cloudy conditions dry their rain returned on tuesday and it returned with full force. heavy
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downpours details coming up. >> like traffic in the bay area although we have on the visor is for the bay bridge, and the nietzsche bridge even with those traffic is light enough that so far is not created any problems. when conditions change will be here to let you know. >> it's been called the nightmare after christmas a snowstorm going up the east coast having people wishing they had another day off. wreaking havoc on travelers stranded airline boss and train passengers trying to return home from politics. storm tracker for show you the storer systems moving into the eastern seaboard. on the right-hand side video lot of north carolina and connecticut showing you what conditions are like to try people trying to get out about.
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they could get 16 in. of snow on the mile and hour winds could create deeper snow drifts. all that snow and ice forcing cancellation of flights. they continue causing ripple effects all across the country including bay area. today more news faster kron 4 jackie sizzle. you concede cancelled flights popping up. i can tell you three flights from the east coast on america are already cancelled
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going out for the most part we are seeing mostly delays obviously they are trying to time it so the planes taking off she can make it into the east coast in time for when those airports open back up. many flights are weather delayed. if you're traveling today you don't aunt and up sleeping in the airport fessing to do call ahead find out if your flight is affected. you may not be going to the east coast by your flight still might be affected connection flights have our role. if you are traveling today be aware of what's going and on cross in the country. if you're traveling call ahead. we will be visiting with jackie through the day getting a handle on the situation. the other story many people on the bay area are talking about the fact that
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might has been fired by this san francisco forty-niners after two disappointing seasons. they made the announcement yesterday after they were eliminated from playoff set contention with a 25-17 loss at st. louis. jim has been named interim coach and will run the team in the season finale at home against arizona. the finish with an 18-22 lead into plus seasons. he has already issued a statement. a portion of the statement. one of the greatest of experience in my life was what made it so special were the players. today were some of the most outstanding and i have ever been run in my life. the crowd coaches for a truly professional, i wish to 49ers nothing but the best. we want to know what you think about it as
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well. one of our watchers says they have often awesome players and o'clock coaching staff.but h facebook fan page we will share your comments read the date. a lot of fog out there this morning. >> all i'm saying is don't; about the weather this week it's not going to be great. today could be one of the best is we see all week. dense fog however we see at filling in through the bay bridge approach and a very dense fog up and to the north bay. rain returns and to the pitcher tomorrow. heavy rain wet, windy weather for most of the work week. here as well.
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your current temperatures in the 40's for the most part in san francisco upper 40's, 46 san rosa, 43 napa, 4211 more, mid- 40s in the south bay. visibility looks like this. from san rafael to petaluma very dense, napa valley into the dell done now starting to slow down and the east bay as well. visibility numbers less and 1/4 of a mile in novato and concord. fairfield starting to improve a mile and a pass. san rosa not too bad same with the peninsula as well. we are same dense fog through san francisco. afternoon highs upper 50s for novato, san rosa, not fog, valley of the, no. 57. in the south bay getting up to about 60 degrees in mountain view, 59 is a, #there. showers
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to gain an early tomorrow really starts to pick up in intensity towards evening hours. 6:00 p.m. moderate to heavy downpours from the north bay stretching down through the peninsula this could last for several hours at a time. we are talking about getting hammered into 10:00 p.m. you can see very heavy downpours along the north bay coast line stretching through the golden gate bridge. downtown san francisco as well. overnight into tuesday and into early morning wednesday as well. first part of once it will be what one should wake up to some showers for you morning commute and starting to drive by the end of the day bringing showers back again by the end of the week as well. it will be cold mornings thursday temperatures into the 20s rain expected to ring out the new year as well. >> we will take a quick break alive look at the toll plaza as
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we go a check of the heavy fog making your way into san francisco at this point no delays on the bay bridge itself because of the fog but we'll let you know if there's any backups. we will be back with more in a moment.
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we are back 6:10 a.m. the golden gate bridge out of marin county of fog . to we will get more on your commute and forecast in a this. the market sicily. markets mixed at this hour early hour. we are headed towards a net negative open during they start at the highest law all since august 28th of 2008. it was light and mixed on thursday the last day of trading before the christmas holiday. meanwhile there are few economic reports due out it will
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be a slow one. it will be on the weekly numbers. one of the highlights come tomorrow when consumers' confidence index comes up for december. home price index for october should be released. thursday fed releases its federal fed. opening bell will open in 15 minutes. we will take a break at 6:12 a.m. back in a moment. albany those headlights westbound in jamaica your way towards the 580 march. traffic building but still moving. we will be back a moment.
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central park in new york showing all of us know. they will get a lot more of it the east coast got hammered over the weekend. a blizzard. j. f. k. closed lower
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40 opposed, major flight delays obviously originated on the east coast rippling through the country as far as the bay area. coming up more on that. but let's talk about the weather in the bay area. we're dealing with fog and rain on the way for later. >> could morning james on sure a lot of those people stuck in the east coast are saying i want to get home. but they're stranded in the schools. areas of dense fog this morning in the north bay and the spain now we're starting to see a move in. the afternoon will bring as cloudy conditions but dry. dry expected for today the last friday for some time now as we head into the evening increasing clouds and ahead of rain that is moving in my tomorrow widespread '40's across the bay area 46 for san rosa, 49 sentences, and 40's for
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the south bay. visibility looks like this. up bin to petaluma and the napa valley and into napa. we are seeing in in antioch and concord as well. visibility less of a quarter of a mile for napa, and we are having problems with visibility in concord as well. it's actually not too bad through sfo. our afternoon highs will be into 57 for the north bay, interesting francisco 56, 57 concord, in the south bay upper 50s may be a 60 degree raising reading in mountain view. your rain forecast looks like this tomorrow morning i picked up some sprinkles in the morning hours for the north bay better chance for sprinkles into the afternoon. early evening light afternoon the intensity picks up. notice all the more engine
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red indicating very heavy downpours this could last for several hours even by 10:00 p.m. notice the intensity picking up more. heavy showers overnight into the early morning hours of wednesday. wednesday morning commute could be a wet one we're talking about heavy downpours and windy weather as well. it will last a good portion of it when states bearing up by the afternoon. you're 7 day around the bay shows wet weather continuing for a good stretch this week. cold temperatures on thursday, rain continuing into the last day of 2010, rain into 2011 as well. >> thank you for that great forecast. here in the traffic to permit a very quiet morning no hot spots and we don't even have much in the way of slow traffic for you drive around the bay area. we do have a father advisory's in place for the cortines bridge and of the nature of bridge. coming out of
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solano on 0680 and 85 advisories'. bay bridge of august the visor is well. as we've been watching this for about the last hour and half we have seen an increase in the amount of fog the bay bridge. it will be worse around the island than it is here. san mateo ride it is problem free and fog free and lighter than usual traffic no delays on att through a word and the golden gate bridge ride is an easy trip through marin county and we have seen the fog coming go no fog advisory issued for the bridge. you will from time to time see fog on the span it started at 5, by 540 there was no fog, and now it's back again. >> the weekend storm system may have deterred some people from hitting the stores but experts say this has been the best holiday season for retailers
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since the recession began. in our area they have been crowding the area looking for deals. dahlin joins the thousands of bargain hunters. >> a lot of people today after christmas at a shopping center. many malls were very busy including this one the west dale shopping center. a lot of folks were looking for bargains. some more redeeming gift cards. >> 50% off and prices i don't get in mexico. it is the deals for us. >> and that's what they're looking for deals like 50-75% off had people coming out sunday in force. this man said he was surprised prices here were better than his country. >> i don't get it in my country i get this for $50. >> another shopper found a good bargain.
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>> at this $80 sweater is $20. she bought three of them. >> shop owners were thrilled people were spending money experts say holiday season spending will raise three-four%. the best increase since 2006. shoppers agreed the malls have been very busy. >> bigger crowds younger crowds a lot of sales to be had. >> some people were exchanging the gifts they received. one- third of americans will return at least one get to. in san francisco on dahlin kron 4 news. >> we will take a quick break and want to give you look out of san jose and 1 01 up by the 87 interchange. a couple of headlights a bit more traffic northbound george keeping an eye on your holiday we commute. more on with him in a moment.
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6:24 a.m. today not bad in the afternoon just to get through the fog. temperatures will be near 60 on average around the bay tomorrow that's when we have the rain moving back in primarily in the evening hours. intent showers expected tuesday evening. wednesday showers and wind continue, thursday, friday much the same. it looks like it will impose on loan on saturday to run in the new year. a detailed look to your forecast coming up. following the latest on the east coast in terms of the weather. alive look in connecticut they are expecting 16 in. of snow out of this. they have much more to deal with. in world headlines package bomb was found at the greek embassy in
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rome three days after mail bombs exploded at two other embassies injuring two people. nobody was harmed in this incident in part because of heightened security measures. mail bombs exploded friday after julienne. it injured two people that open them. great anarchist claimed responsibility for those bombings. nine of the fault men arrested last week will have court hearings in london today conspired to cause explosions in the u.k. and other terror charges. those charged range in age from 19-28 years old. the conspiracy started october 1st and continued until the day of their arrest december 20th.
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trencher rains across australia leaving some towns flooded. this is the latest video 11 in. fell in 24 hours. flooding roads and stranding travelers. officials say a dozen people were evacuated west of sydney the storm is the aftermath of tropical cyclone talk show. wikileaks founder says he has signed a book deal worth 1.5 million. he told time's paper the money will help him defend himself against the sexual shawl allegations. he is out on bail after being arrested in london. wikileaks has been releasing u.s. diplomatic messages. >> we will take a break back with more moment.
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and we'll back 6:29 a.m. seconds
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away from the ringing of the opening bell. markets. there is. markets have been close since thursday. we ended that month mixed. this morning we are negative with nasdaq 0.9-we are looking for low start for treating not whole lot of trading expected this week. we will be following reports but not much in terms of information coming out today. we are talking about the whether the big story following this morning a truck for storm bringing severe winds, heavy snow, low visibility. all of that working. thousands of travelers still trapped stranded in airports. this is out of queen's new york. we have a blizzard warning in effect continuing until this afternoon. new york city could get 20 in. of snow. jfk shut down right now
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because of the weather. drivers feeling the fact of this blizzard. this is out of rhode island you can see big rigs, cars, everybody having a hard time keeping wheels on the road here. snow plow slams into that car. amazingly nobody was hurt in that accident. connecticut's getting slammed was all this snow blizzard warning in effect there. that state prices for its first storm of the season. many of them calling in to date for the to work state police and national guard on sat standby to help anybody who night might need rescuing. the flights impacting the nation. east coast whether cancelling hundreds of but flights. people stranded in new york and people that are stranded here trying to get back. today more news faster
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jackies this all out of sfo. >> could morning james as usual the big board is what they live and die by. good news-bad news for people travelling in and out of asset out. the duty manager give us the lay of the land. for folks that are traveling back to the northeast not good news. those folks for the most part were seeing cancellations five flights back to new york-boston area cancelled. all lot of flights coming from that area. they're all being cancelled they're not leaving the airport any time soon. they are starting to get a sense that later those flights will reopen. we talked to the duty mansion manager and he gave us the lay of the land of what travelers can expect.
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>> it's constantly changing right now the northeast the storm is over and they are starting to get all the snow out of their runways. they are estimating they will start accepting flights sometime around 4:00 p.m. eastern standard time. all flights that take note of out of here will be able to in order for them to land it will be late morning before they can depart. we have five departures cancelled. 25 or rivals. this afternoon they will reopen the airports as long as this storm continues to be abating. >> and that is the key as long as a storm is downsized. you can do the math here if you're a traveler supposed to be going back to the northeast today. as he said those airports are expected to open three, four,
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5:00 eastern time. whenever is supposed to leave here in has to make it no sooner than 4:00 p.m. eastern time. if you have an early flight not good news if you have an afternoon flight or an evening flight you should be alright. the key is to call ahead. check with the carrier. people should make sure they should call ahead to make sure their flight is not affected. with all these delays and cancellations connecting flights will be affected across the country so you definitely should call ahead. >> the thing to is the flights for the rest of the week should be jam packed. remember the people that mr. flights they will have to be revoked. jackie thank you for that. if you would like to check statices we have a link there so we can get information.
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let's look at our local weather today a dry day compared to the rest of the week. >> could morning that fog is thickening up bin east bay through the north bay as well. a shot from downtown san francisco and currently temperatures are mild. dense morning fog and we are expecting rain to really take into full gear tomorrow. heavier rain at that wet and windy week ahead of us. today the last friday your visibility shows us where we are seeing problems this morning dense fog reduction in the north bay from the golden gate bridge. these basic fog as well in concord, and he ought dealing with fog and rain on i 80. visibility less and a quarter of a mile through nevada, napa, concord as well. 1 mi. and a half through oakland. widespread 40's across-
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the-board 46 degrees for san rosa, 43 napa, 42 livermore, the south bay mid-40s. by this afternoon into the 50s 574 napa, san rosa, partly cloudy conditions expected we will stay dry for today but temperatures could get into the '60s in the south bay. upper 50s in san jose and morgan hill. as a key through an expected to come showers. by the afternoon we should see some sprinkles but its relief evening hours a late afternoon hours when the downpour as are really expected to pick up. intensity levels lasting several hours really heavy rain by the north bay. pretty much as heavy as you can get in terms of downpours. thunderstorms and windy conditions it will continue through your overnight hours into early morning wednesday. expect wednesday morning to be a wet one. the later part of the
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day we will dry elk upbringing chances and to the picture by the end of the week as well. it looks like we will ring out 2010 with showers and bring in the new year with showers as well. >> fog of course is the word and traffic this morning overall very light traffic around the bay area 580, the major corridor commutes much lighter than usual. as are the bridges. fog advisory's for three bridges the venetian bridge for the right across the beach and then bounced up from solano county with. the venetian art bridge is also under fog advisory as well. chp and caltrans with of fog advisory so you will find its heaviest not at the toll plaza but around the island. severs cisco ride 1 01 fog free and light traffic in town center looks as though we are
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beginning with something akin to the traffic we saw last week which was some of the latest i've ever seen for a week. >> the other of water coolers story might and the fire in fact that he was fired. mike singletary has been fired as coach of the san francisco 49ers after more than two seasons of leading the president and ceo jed york announced singletary's firing on sunday after the 49ers were eliminated from the nfc west playoff race, the eighth- consecutive season without a postseason appearance for the team. san francisco lost to the st. louis rams on sunday to drop to 5-10. the 49ers needed to beat the rams and the arizona cardinals in week 17 to advance to their first playoff in years. defensive line coach jim tomsula will take over the head coaching job when the 49ers close out their season at candlestick park on jan 2. you finish with an 8922 record fifth this is his statement "one of the greatest experiences of my life was having the opportunity to coach the san francisco 49ers. we want to know what you feel about him being fired. some people
6:39 am
saying too little too late. some people say it's been a long time coming. redress on facebook vendues or our twitter account. the raiders not so hot there will be no bay area team making the playoffs. they eliminated their playoff hopes manning through three touchdown. the raiders finished out in kansas city next week. we will take our break and 6:39 a.m. we will be right back.
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in san jose traffic moving temperature back at 59 high as sap and 10th by the looks of this shot the fog not as bad here the golden gate bridge
6:43 am
seeing some how big of right now. the you will irs are now chp say they are arrested 45 drivers between friday and sunday. that number is down from last year's total. there were the toll of 258 arrested for drunk driving across the state. san mateo bridge traffic moving ok in both directions the word on it with george. police of standing by with your forecast as well.
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at new york's city look all the snow. jfk closed, live or india closed. causing major ripple
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effects through the country. jackie is out there we will hear from him. blizzard warning in effect today the delaware to the attention of maine. out of philadelphia you concede crews trying to clear of football field its lending field in made it impossible for sunday night football to play it was bumped until tuesday. off-16 in. of snow expected a major snow system current that's why airports are closed. otherwise nothing but fog. some partners bad. >> can i say i'm jealous of the people plan in the snow. especially if you don't have to work. james lick this morning. a bin of fog this morning through downtown san francisco. the
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north bay, east bay the fog thickened sauce and visibility is less and in this morning. afternoon partly cloudy but dry. increasing clouds expected as we head into tomorrow. visibility is low novato, through the napa valley and the delta bream very low does visibility. a quarter mile of visibility for novato and concord is welfare field a mile and a half this morning. right now on the 40's chile is used to post at the door low 40's from napa, livermore, 49 in san francisco your afternoon highs will be in the '50s today 57 san rosa, 56 for san francisco. this house bay we might squeeze out 64 mountain view, that rain moving in tomorrow it looks like we might pick up sprinkle some to the early morning hours in the north bay. the afternoon brings us a
6:49 am
better chance of showers. heavier rain by early evening. several hours of time. i tend p.m. we could see very heavy downpours in could continue overnight into wednesday morning. wednesday morning to you will probably be a wet one to burn off wednesday but still keeping a chance of showers in through the picture until thursday, friday as well. thursday the overnight lows into the 20s in and lend spots so expect a couple of very cold nights ahead of us as well this week. hopefully you have your hat and it's ready. seeing showers and to last day of 2010 and into the beginning of the new year as well. >> lisa i don't have any men's i'm going have to work on that. there are no problems this morning and light traffic around. there is a fog advisory
6:50 am
for the benicia bridge we will check the bridge this this morning it is light traffic on the approach to the bridge coming down from solano county on interstate 80. 684 the benicia bridge also foggy advisory. we will show you some traffic out here some 680 ride into concord, pleasant hill. nothing in the way of traffic. as we've often said you can talk about lighter than usual traffic you'll always get some slowing on four. while some bugboy not much. a short stretch word traffic drops below 50 mi. an hour. that right through it in an act in the hot. alwayalways slow through their carry we could be in for another week of really great conditions for
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those of you driving. san mateo bridge lead unusual with no delays on 924880 approaching 92. cooling gate bridge ride coming through marin county 1 01 south no slowing or incident. easy ride across the span. >> over the past year we've been bombarded with media so we put together a clip of the most and tweet did and talked-about stories from your tvs and new computers of the year. images you might remember. >> what's up! (music) >> around about >> (music)
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>> i will protect you no matter what. >> (laughte(music) >> this is an francisco writer of their there is people smoking weed. >> he flung his eye off he said i quit my job and i'm done. >> he grabbed years from the galley and slit his way into the front page of new york tabloids. >> something here resonated with people. >> perhaps a new low >> you will not seeing angry adds. >> many women don't say i was
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part of your family because he never treated me like i was. >> 3 gb barack obama. >> i believe so. >> i think she is happy in alaska and i hope she stays in there. >> this is not a political rally. >> you want the number are my therapist? >> i'm his grandmother. >> (music) >> on not taking this the drug. >> the house told will be paying for the wedding. >> how can i go back (cheering) >> if they wanna see they are welcome to. >> the movie does not want you
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to see. >> (music) >> here is stress (cheering) came out since 1954 the giants are world champions. (cheering) >> well still basking in the glow may not be the top story clearly it was a huge story the giants' season of torture and triumphed. we will be right back with more moment. still free at programming note, you can ring in the new year right here with kron4 biggest, best parties in the bay area from your living room, tune in 11:30 p.m. for kron4 is new year's live presented by elite md. it is the only new year's live show locally and the bay area's favorite way to celebrate.
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