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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  December 27, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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experiencing about 35 departures that have been canceled. 20 are rivals, most of those going to the jfk and newark. do not think yourself if you're not going to the east coast or in the clear because there are also fog and other issues at the sfo that have lingering affects on other flights here. initially the video footage. they have been experiencing one-two hours a system delays. people going to places like l.a. earlier this morning because of fog at the sfo they had to reroute some flights. dozens of the more it read breaded as far away as monterey. they're still recovering from that. the passengers and have had to wait and long lines and ticketing. they are saying you need to get early to deal with it. >> when i showed that i was willing to check in and and obviously i am not. i missed my flight. i was delayed
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three times so i am trying to figure out my neck strategy. when stay here and other night? can i talk to a manager? can they help? i've no idea. >> there's those to be bad weather tomorrow said that could cause problems at the sfo as well. on top of that you have everything going on in the east coast. the best device is to go on-line and to check out, some people are not getting it alerts to let them know that delays and cancellations. you need to be proactive. >> it looks to be of good
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storm coming in with rain and wind. we're checking on storm trucker for board the train is moving into your week. eight ended to you quite this evening. it should be dry. it is going to pick up the intensity. let us track the totals into the bay area through tomorrow morning fine. i knew he will see trace amounts into the north bay. tomorrow afternoon and evening with rain and heavy at times. by wednesday morning you can see an inch of rain in the senate a with 2 + inches in the south bay. you can see it an inch of rain in san francisco. there will be more rain to talk about what is expected in this era, the snow on the way. more coming up >> thank you marc. the snow is going to take a bite at a post holiday sales, we're taking a look at a frosty forecast for retailers and what shoppers can expect for them to make it to the store >>. shoppers across much of
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the country are headed back to this doors to trade in goods like sweaters that do not fit or may not fit their taste. the blizzard that walloped the east coast is still in the big blow from but the retailers. they are being buried under heavy blanket of snow. the day after christmas is usually one of the six biggest days of the year for retailers. much of it has been lost. they are planning to expand their sales for next review days with some shoppers finding fewer bloats sales than they expected. analysts say that this is because retailers did pretty well before christmas and they do not have a lot of inventory to dump at regular price. that shoppers are spending more than they expected. especially on line. according to polls they rose more than 15% from helene to christmas eve compared to last year. >> it is not as big as cyber monday but the shopping continues on the first day back to work after the
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holidays. that is predict that online shopping will rise the it numbers of people out shopping from work. gapes late it is quite give us a look at the post holiday online shopping trends. >> here's some good news for the economy. the online retailer section is quite that strong momentum for error metrics and tracking firms. the sales are up by 11 percent compared to last year. that is only counting since christmas morning and it basically a day and a half. it should raise even higher when people seek shopping on the job. this rise in on-line post holiday sales is thank-you to give kurds. they are very popular. they're convenient it's endemic is so easy to shop online. some of the big gift cards online retail winners at this part art target and best buy and amazon. amazon barnes and
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noble, google and other online e booksellers have reported a rise in the book sales for christmas morning which makes sense. they were a big seller this is christmas season. the big board after christmas season in those that have at a catchy name like black friday but is a productive day in the office. people are at work in front of their computer and doing their gift returns online and regular shopping. the online retailers are offering a big post holiday deals. too much temptation. i think eventually, that is a first day back to work shopping online after christmas it will have an official name and the only one i can think of is " give great ape " this is not very catchy so if you can think of a better name let me know. let us name is unique shopping day. please e-mail me at slate act signed @ kron4 news. com
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>> christmas is over and they are starting to take up room with the christmas trees. but stich a look at what they're doing to recycle crusty trees. >> they are trying to see what their record to do it the christmas trees in this city. it is an effort between the city's environmental department, private recyclers. the trees will be collected and put into a chipper. the chip that part with any bills will be split up for different uses. some of the chips will be blended with other types of wood and organic material to make molds for the city parks. the rest of it will go to the recycling plant in tracy and used as boiler fuel that will generate electricity for the plan. here's what you need to know. you need to clean all of the utensils and lights off of the trees because they cannot be recycled. these trees will be collected a starting monday. they need to put their country's it on their normal trash days. the workers will be running up
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and down the street chipping it beat trees into bits of right there, on the curb. there will be picking them up until the 13th of gen worry. if you missed the mid-month deadline you can't take your old trees 83 different locations. one is that market. one is in baby it at third and upper heat. i am just push for kron4 news. >> just getting a look at your afternoon commute there is a flip-flop on the bridge pier people heading into this city, it very crowded. heading out? it better shape. we will be right back. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone
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or 40 6:00 p.m.. your point to get caught up on the storm that is dropping in. each computer session earlier tonight end wednesday. taking all look you see the rainshowers making their way to your request. down to ukiah. probably within the next 10 hours. we tried to get more rain in the ukiah area and it will drop into the bay area. the tampa is showing sunshine and fog out there. here comes the next storm. quiet for tonight and down
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to san francisco goes into some detail. record to get light showers. from noon-4 in the rain will start to move into bay area. pick up the intensity and we are expecting heavy rain into the north bay from 4:00 p.m.. watch what happens from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.. the rain will move in, heavy rain to this the, the coast. 8:00 p.m.. they will sustain heavy rain from midnight to 5 in the morning. there is localized flooding in the bay area after as 6-8. . very heavy rain coming down. it will finally try it. tuesday evening will be of a rough ride out there on the roadways. by wednesday at 10 showers with a breeze. increasing sunshine and dry, it is looking alike showers before it nears. in much
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alive. . rainshowers art and the afternoon heavy after 4:00 and he read the seven day forecast when you look ahead into the storm, one big storm over the next seven days. tomorrow night into the first half of wednesday. thursday morning is cold '50s and a high on their state. as we head into friday it will cloud up again. you're going to get skimmed into the system. a few showers into saturday. but unlike the are going to see tomorrow. the showers in in the year. the out whether it wet pattern will continue as we look ahead. the following week will try it out and that storm is appointed, tomorrow and to the late afternoon. vicki? >> police say they now know who killed an oakland man. michael banks killed and
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shot the victim. he was shot in the head while getting into a car with people he knew. his body was later dumped. when in the new year with kron4 news it where we are in the one of the biggest and best parties. to into kron4 news at 11:30 p.m.. it is presented by a leash and the. it is the only in the years it show and the best way to celebrate.
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and it does, actress natalie portman is pregnant engage. they confirmed the news that she met her fiance at benjamin it millepede on the set up for new film blacks want. hugh hefner is to engage again. he proposed to his girlfriend and playmate over the weekend. hefner announced the news on twitter. this is the first marriage for that woman who is 61 years younger than him. there's a christmas day
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a baby. his name is quite of downfall. according to her all are happy and healthy. whenever we take as stop to take all look at the year that has been hollywood always pops out of the source of laughter, drama and keep us talking. >> 2010 got off to of and at the movies. >> you are not on in kansas anymore. >> at the chart raise all lot of money at becoming the highest grossing film ever. it won three academy awards. forget the last eight was the trauma that dominated it late night. a mood and jay leno from primetime back to his original time spot. conan o'brien at the hosting a show for seven months protested that essentially he agreed to a $45 million
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deal to hand his poverty level. he left the network and set his own show. it was a year of health problems at fort robert/reality tv star brett michaels. he underwent at the emergency and density and suffered a brain hemorrhage. weeks later he had the doctors what called up one and stroke. he was diagnosed with a hole in his heart. the is expected to undergo surgery in 2011. >> i am not taking this as a joke. this is my life. >> nancy linde was put into jail. she only spend 30 days behind bars before she was freed because of overcrowding. in september she was sentenced to one month behind bars for failing a drug test. she is out on bail after a mere 14 hours. she is in court order we have until january. at a bitter custody dispute
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between mel gibson and his girlfriend goes from bad to ugly. they it fog of restraining order against the of dirt for it has sold. gibson denied claims of abuse. >> do want the number of might start this? >> meanwhile date show that he was in and it's of violent riots. we could not verify the within city of the recordings. there was a guest and distinguished by on saturday night live for betty white. she hosted a mate and earned her sixth emmy for her appearance. >> lady got up. >> no betty and more. she except the wrong word in raw meat. she said it is time to stand up for what you believe in. >> and kron4 news at 5:00
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p.m. is next.
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(music) live, this is kron4 news in use at 5:00 p.m.. >> travel troubles across the country. hundreds of flights were canceled for the second day and about leaving thousands of passengers scrambling to find any way to their destination. this is a reason for all of the problems. and nasty storm with lots of wind and snow. the storm eddy's is a problem for the entire country. anybody looking to head it that way has been set for they are including many through the bay area. we start with kron4 news christine connally was live recipe as set up with a look at things are going there. >> here is the listen to some of the statistics. 35 departing flights have been canceled so far.


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