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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 28, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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today. we will see you right back here next time. cacacacacaca one of the busiest travel times of the year. gets hit with one of the biggest snowstorms of the year. thousands of flights canceled. >> i have to stay here. >> we have team coverage of the travel troubles and how it's effecting travelers in the bay area. we begin with kron 4's jonathan bloom, live at sfo with the ripple effect on stranded passengers. >> reporter: we just talked to the manager, there have been 31 departing flights canceled today. 45 arrives canceled. that is all of the arrivals coming from the east coast. tonight there is a glimmer of hope here at sfo.
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four red eye flights are still slated to take off on schedule. if you are not on one of though those flights you could be in for a long wait. >> reporter: some are stuck in san francisco for days. >> we don't know if we will get home today, tomorrow, no idea what to do. >> our flight is delayed by three days to new york. >> they don't have another flight till the 30th, thursday. and our return flight is saturday morning. we ended up canceling our trip. >> reporter: american airlines offered them a refound. united has a special line just for that purpose. >> now i am standing in line and i don't know when i will be able to go home. the line might be a better option than the phone. >> they will get busy signals.
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>> they have such a high volume. >> due to severe weather conditions there is no agent available. >> reporter: some with laptops try taking matters into their own hands. >> trying to find a flight to hartford, connecticut. >> reporter: any luck? >> no. most are canceled are booked. >> reporter: a top complaint, the lack of information. >> they ask for all your contact information, nothing. i haven't -- i never gotten notified. >> my flight was at 10 am. and they are telling me 10:00 p.m. 12 hours delay. >> reporter: some could end up strag spend the night. most say they won't pay for
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hotel rooms. but it is a small consolation. >> can't wait. >> reporter: tonight officials are hesitating to comment on what could happen tomorrow. it del depends on the weather. but even if the weather is just fine tomorrow it could be till mid-day when all the planes are back in their right places. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> thank you. now to the epicenter of the trouble, new york city. all three of the airports were shut down from last night until this afternoon. and the mess will take dize untangle. >> visibility issues, weather dishes we are stranded on our plan for 9 hours. >> this is what the blizzard looked like. >> 20-1/2 inches of snow on staten island. a lot of snow every place.
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>> reporter: a man recorded this time lapse of the snow fall in his backyard. while the weather outside was frightful, conditions inside the airport, not exactly delightful. >> i guess the best word is -- no control that we have over the situation. in fact, jfk is starting to run out of food. >> reporter: travelers spent the night on cots. >> they are not comfortable. >> reporter: thousands of flights were canceled. the ripple effect stranded travelers across the country and across the atlantic. >> i have no place to go. >> reporter: most of the travelers in new york are facing another night in the terminal. the reopening was only a symbolic gesture. >> the airlines have already
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decided to cancel all the flights today. >> reporter: the blizzard also stopped amtrak in its tracks. couldn't get traction. getting around manhattan proved to be a challenge. >> rough. didn't do a good job plowing. weather back east and here in california. snow totals, 20 inches in central park in new york city. 19 in boston. a foot in philadelphia and snow drifts 3-5 fealt and there you see, snow. gone as well as the storm. back here in california, we are watching our own storm. heavy rain in the eureka area and we are expecting very heavy rain in the bay area tomorrow night. we will have the latest on our forecast coming up. stay with kron 4 as we continue
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to cover gyps. we have more resources including links to canceled flights on other stories. the dead body of a woman found hassine identified. jill marie abbott of richmond. police say they receive adenine 11 call from someone who found her body on the ground near a walking trail. a friend who did not want to show his face told us she was struggling with drug addition. >> she said she wanted help but when the help was put to her, she would deny it. she had a lot of pride and when you have a lot of pride sometimes saying yes, i need help and admitting your faults is not easy.
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it's not. she needed help and wasn't able to get it. >> how jill marie abbott died remains a mystery. the autopsy did not determine a cause of death and now a toxicology test will be performed. the body of another woman found has been identified. the victim is jazz mean jordan of fresno. her body was found last tuesday. investigators say she had been stabbed to death. officials say the two deaths are not connected. a trouble couple of seasons for the san francisco 49ers and the man in charge of the nfl team is fired. mike singletary will no longer be head coach even though the season isn't over. a look back otmike singletary time as
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. world headlines, a bomb found that greek embassy in rome. now others are inspecting other packages, days after the mail bombs were sent. police believe they are related. 9 men accused of plotting terror attacks were charged today in london. they were arrested last week. three of the arrested have been released. they will not say what the targets were but said the arrests were necessary. the man responsible for leaguing hundreds of thousands of classified documents on documents on the internet is getting a million dollars book deal. julian assange is writing a book due in 2011. he is writing the book to pay
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off legal fees. we will be right back
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the sale of twenty four state own buildings has been stopped for now. a judge issued a stay today. governor schwarzenegger pushed the sale which would raise money to balance the state budget. under this agreement buildings would be sold and the state would rent the space back. authorities sued to stop the sale said it was an unlawful gift of funds. gavin newsom and his wife jennifer siebel newson are expecting their second child. they are expecting a baby boy in june. the two already have a daughter
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montana. jennifer siebel newson scheduled to be sworn in next month but expected to still live in san francisco and commute to sacramento. big storm, heavy rain. pretty looking night over san francisco. mostly cloudy with patchy fog overnight. tomorrow, cloudy skies. a few rain showers, especially in the north bay. rain increases from mid-day on. the real concern here is going to be tomorrow night. from 7:00 on, we can get heavy down powers dropping around the bay area as the storm strengthens as it approaches. few showers popping up to the north, few rain showers making
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their way in. could pick up 2-4 feet of snow above 5,000 feet. tomorrow morning, a few rain showers. noon, scatters. it's around 4:00 we get rain, steady around the bay. 8:00, heavy rain around the bay area. pink showing up, extremely heavy rain from 8:00 to midnight, down powers. flooding around the bay area, flood advisory and close to getting a wind advisory issued as well. heavy rain and strong gusty winds from 6:00 tomorrow through 5 in the morning. the storm exists quickly. 10:00 on wednesday things clear out. windy. discerned weather wednesday into thursday and a weaker storm is coming our way for new year's day and saturday and
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sunday with light showers. so for tomorrow, temperatures in the 50s. rain developing. but not heavy till the evening hours. 7 day forecast, very heavy rains, strong gusty winds, especially tuesday night into wednesday. heavy rain will be falling during the overnight hours. clearing on wednesday, sunshine. nice day on thursday and light shows for new year's eve day and new year's day. watching gas prices. highest since 2008. the national average at $3.04. average in the state $3.30. around the bay area, san francisco $3.38. oakland $3.31. and san jose $3.32. >> reporter: the pain at the pump felt by drivers who stopped in at chevron. >> creeping up. you don't notice it and you
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look at your bill and it gets higher and higher. >> reporter: how is that effecting you? >> makes you want to drive less. you got a lot of bills to pay, makes you think twice. >> i assume it's standard fair market influences. market is high. gas companies see an opportunity to make more money so they are charging more. when i fill my tank it costs more. >> especially during the holidays we are spending lot on everything, traveling to see family and work, it's hard. >> reporter: the general consensus is, if you drive a car there is nothing you can do but grin and bear it. shuttles are running in place of the cable car. it has been shut down till july. they will upgrade the track and
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among the changes, electrical and mechanical components and sidewalks and ramps will be repaired. the project expected to cost $16 million. during the shut down muni will provide bus service. well, mike singletary is out but the season isn't over. more reaction on the firing of the 49ers coach and the warriors do something they haven't done in two years. vern glenn coming up with sports. and ring in the new year's with kron 4, tune in 11:30 for new year's live. the only local new year's even
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. mike singletary could
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motivate them, just couldn't coach them. 49ers in such a state after their loss sunday. fired last night, 18-22 in 41 games, never got the taste after an 0-5 start. 5-9 before the loss. back and 4th with the quarterbacks. got to move on. >> it's not about hiring the flashiest name, it's about making sure they are working together. >> jim says you can't put all the blame on mike singletary. >> mike singletary is a friend. madison square garden is a good man -- mike singletary is a good man. okay? everybody in the locker room, we all -- we all own some of it. >> he taught us a lot about life, as well as football and
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guys -- you know, at the end of the gay, i am sure they appreciate that. >> performance cost mike singletary -- will it do the same for the raiders. raiders 7-8. eliminated from the playoffs. colts got them. boy. colt beat them 31-6. how about cable's job security? >> it's really -- farthest thing from my mind. we will have a couple three weeks period where it's time for that, right now i want to concentrate on winning the eight game. >> raiders sunday. saints back in the post season. atlanta falcons, made them work for it. davis, goes the rest of the
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day. 14-0 falcons late. brees put together a 13 play drive. hit graham here to win it 17- 14. saints again in that post season. college football, unwatchable, trust me, independence bowl, air force outlasted george tech, 14-7 in louisiana. take my word, bad game to watch. stanford on the move. loaded them up. orange bowl a week for today, play virginia tech. big time moment for big time players. >> very excited. very excited. you want to have a lot of fun. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> morbusiness than -- more business than pleasure. >> cardinals favored for those who follow that. >> first time since april of
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20009 the warriors won three straight games. warriors against the sixers. ellis, the western conference player of the week. 2nd quarter action, nice spin move and the bucket. 22 points, 12 assists. wright got off. three pointer for him. he had 28 points, 5 trays. warriors win 110-95. first three game win streak since april of 2009. sharks leaving. kings wide open. onslaught in the 3rd period. stern, bottom of the screen, against his former team. 4-0, snaps the shark's four game win streak. the sharks, boy, tell you what, holiday cheer. tough to get off the couch after
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