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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 29, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, top stories the wind, rain, a power outage in the bay area the rain has caused minor flooding on northbound 101. water is getting deeper, be careful. it seems that rain is not an issue, the wind is whipping around. louisa how long will last. >> good morning, concerns and wind, expecting strong winds continued threat the day to day. there's a few sprinkles when you step outside the door today.
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still dealing with laughter rain. radar, take them out, issue its car and on. right now golden gate just a few raindrops as he had further south, east we are seeing is some wet weather in the forecast, radar shows body showers radon through places like fremont, danville, further south portions of san jose and morgan hill. sierra, a cake tin. continue disease snowfall for a least a couple of hours. widespread 50s across the board, as we take it on to the remainder of the day spend the day drying out, a catcher break from the wet weather heading into tomorrow, friday another storm moves in bringing us
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on showers. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing as to date we will continue to see showers, when. drive over the next couple of days cold morning said then around freezing for some of those overnight in spots. saturday, chance of showers. >> earlier this week we told about the fog advisor is, today a high wind for cortines, of benicia and bay bridge. take a look at the bay bridge plaza club is new in will prove up the incline. california highway patrol ask the keep both hands on the steering wheel and reduce your speeds. high wind advisory it san mateo, you can see the changeable message signed asking you to watch your speeds because the high wind advisory
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camera and shake around, other than that traffic is nice, light. golden gate, about 101 no problems, roadway is a little wet as you make your way toward san francisco. just check to road sensors no proms passed by with 37 down towards the waldegrave. ta that runs here travel, you will need to change if your head a bit to tahoe also, i retire zero very important reminder highway 88 is shut down between pay attention to heavy snowfall. will. >> wind, wind knocked the charge more than 40,000 customers 64 under pacific gas and electric company customers in the dark. we both the paramount, this is pacific gas and electric company .com, just private
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my mouse clicking on some of the times. here's daly city, the estimated time of civil clock they don't know how many people are affected. i removed around here in here's another spot, mill valley, their power was knocked around to 40 6:00 a.m.. they don't know when it will be restored. it is all over the place in a jose, fremont milpitas. there's run out at 12:54 pm cruz art scattered they do not know when power will be restored. we talked about castro valley, customers lost power around and 30, people in the darkened hayward. and in other parts of an account. pacific gas and
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electric company is out there working to restore the power no estimate for when the power will be restored. along with the wind, rain is also flooding. jonathan bloom reports from mill valley or the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch. >> early reports warned of flash flooding. though the creek state well within its banks there is enough water coming of the sky to make drivers extra cautious, this service of discussion creek is not all that different from the surface of highway 101 with water sheeting across at his longtime trouble spot driver slowed down, some and not enough. this driver who forgot to turn on the headlights. adding to the prom the wind sending waves or water across the freeway spring rain everywhere. trees were
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wet, a strong gust nearly blew the target of the fire was. utility check out and about looking for a damaged power lines. there was an eruption of water in the air each time they hit the off ramp. highway 101 flooded near shoreline were sold on dry roads cut similar surprise. down below, more flooding tran per into a shallow lake. signs warning of the problem is left drivers to figure out how to get around it. travelers getting around had to move their cars before loading luggage so they could avoid having to do it. we overran, they're still dealing with blizzard come as no trouble so far over, look at the mess, look at the budget track having a hard time getting around in the streets, you're driving
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through snow wherever you go, slow going cabs are buried in all of that snow, you know it's taking a toll on the economy will allow people not going to work. monitoring that situation. as they tried to get a rope from underneath that blizzard. >> officials say could be new years before the transportation mess is the tree in their in new york. 24 hour shutdown of three major airports is causing ripple effects. airlines say will take a few more days to read a book passengers whose flights were canceled. hundreds of abandoned city buses, ambulances still sit in the middle of all that snow. if you're flying at sfo, you could see more cancellations. because of the rain, bill lizard's
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slamming the east coast. some flights delayed 1-2 hours 1 faced much longer delays he told us how chaotic it's been. >> i've been here since 6:30 a.m. canceled, delayed, delayed from 8:00 a.m. till 10:00 a.m. from 10:00 a.m.- 12, 12-1, then canceled. i got put on standby then i got them by another flight. that transfer to a flight on the 30th. to washington. then finally tomorrow and 9:00 p.m.. it could be awhile before he leaves sfo because of the backlog. we just checked the web site, no delays at the bay area
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airports reported at this time we will let you know that changes. >> you can also check for yourself at we have information on the weather, flight delays, cancellations. we will be your back.
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a live look can tahoe, 80 soda springs, it's hard to make out like an italian the snow is coming down. there should be more snow headed that way louisa will tell us how much more in a few minutes. all of this rain is good news for the water supply. the drought the military every year the first no survey shows the snowpack is holding nearly twice the usual amount. that means the state could boost water deliveries that there with the drought the last couple of years, it's not
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definite yet they will survey of four more times before a decision is made. a defeat for governor schwarzenegger as he winds down his administration that had blocked his request to allow california to sell state buildings and properties. in a petition to allow sell in hopes of raising money for the budget deficit that included selling several bay area properties including the civic center in queens is sales cannot go through before january 3rd at that time, it will be up to jerry brown to the side of the state will stretch 7 again. >> check the market, 2010 is winding down. the dow gained 21. , s&p one point, nasdaq leg with a decline of four ports. oil above $91. it should, reports the
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may short third week of u.s. crude that's not good demand goes up so the prices. krugerrands board has authorized local site to raise up to 92 to mundo dollars in spending they will try to by the chicago company for five-$6 million but was rejected. the company said it may issue up to 30 million shares at $31 to to 9¢ each. >> if they raise the full $950 million there be worth $6.4 million. air fares on the rise several airlines confirm raising prices on many routes by $10. even as passengers remain stranded in new york city airports,
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united, continental, delta are raising prices immediately. american is also doing that. it has not responded to requests for comment. they just a suggestion that southwest not really go along with prices raises the possibility that the other airlines may back down. we're gavin newsom is giving the go at the city's first target. final permits have been issued. the 85,000 square foot store will make it home on the second-floor of the metric on building. the city estimates the store craig about 600 construction jobs 700 permanent jobs, $15 million in economic benefits. coming up the latest on the rain this is a
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live look at what roads on the bay bridge, the looks a little glossy the rain is not really an issue i can tell you if it is windy. be careful.
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one of them back, i'll live to near a city you can see all of that snow is still on the ground, live pictures from above. a lot of cars pretty much going nowhere as they're buried in snow. the airports in that area slowly getting back to normal but it could be days, but to tell a dozen flights nationwide they been canceled because of all of this note. bay area, we are
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now to do was no but we do or to deal with rain, wind, why not louisa. >> good morning, when is a contender in the weather department take a look at this camera shaking around. getting fairly gusty winds right now into san jose, this morning continuing this dusty winds and a few scattered showers into places like san jose. trying out towards the end of the week. tomorrow, friday a different picture, right now these are sustained winds, much progress. right now sustained at 28. 16 mi. an hour winds for concord, 18 in livermore. right now the rain we seeing is spotty scattered isolated showers. right now a few
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raindrops october to livermore and as you have gone to palo alto, san jose and portions of morgan hill looks like they're getting the best batts or wet weather. sierra, a winter storm warning still in effect in this year to about 4:00, all in all 3 ft. of snow and some of the higher elevations, windsor not just a prom in the bay but in the higher elevations. wind gusts of a hundred miles per hour. typical. gust to get to 55. right now in the '50s for sears's discover, 54 oakland. satellite, radar shows as for that friend is his passing your area continue to drive it today, tomorrow stay dry. all this clear in the pacific batts whatever way clear for tomorrow, friday.
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another chance by the weekend. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. it does show once the showers and, the sun comes out those overnight temperatures will plummet. dipping down into the thirties. near freezing as we head into some of the inland spots continue to see a chance of showers into next weekend. the aircraft. >> high winds, what order is to contend with be extra cautious especially here westbound 80. traffic is moving well from all three perches once you make your way up the incline and upper deck high wind advisory issued so, they are asking the reduce your speeds, keep both hands on the steering wheel. san mateo, a good, high wind advisory issued in affect for your ride along 92, traffic nice, light
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really hasn't been a factor taillights headed towards foster city, the bright lights coming towards you the start to hayward, i guess the winds san mateo bridge, no promise to report for golden gate sub bound 101 traffic is moving well barely any cars on the road approaching the toll plaza yesterday, accounting the golden gate as a hot spot. not from this morning all lanes are open. updating crosstown freeways, nice, light conditions on the james lick, ind bound for a camera shot media reports are risks letting rainier cesar chavez. be extra cautious drive around it if you can. east bound direction to lower deck problem free. no problems reported just yet. off to a good start for capturing, d.c., and your >> me. term while on the
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tarmac, when did winter weather kept tons of passengers start on their flight. some were there for 11 hours. i run the country travelers caught in the blizzard's passed directly or indirectly are going nowhere fast. >> the meeting to york, then they spend long grueling hours trapped on the plains the problem there. i lot of people on the plane crying. people getting frustrated no food, it was really tough. >> they spent 11 hours start on a pacific said the crew got there from vancouver to jfk, the pilots could not pole into a gate. >> every hour there is no where we could go no staff.
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>> they weren't alone, british airways spent seven hours, airbus cars six hours. airline officials said weather caused the chaos and an airport spokesman blamed the airports without flying in. speaking runways clear, once again when it comes to these incidents is with a lot to look and see what happened before making judgments. >> other passengers never got that far. nearly 10,000 flights cancelled since christmas day. officials say could be days before flights return to normal. >> we're told today that pacific airlines issued an apology to the 1100 passengers stranded. the spokesman said the airline was acting to get passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible it could not handle the proms treated
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by the weather. the news release did not specify how passengers might be compensated. new details, in the ski resort incidents were reported yesterday. two inspectors have been sent to sugarloaf to find out what caused the ski lift to fail. it happened yesterday, eight people ticket hospital including three children. here's what one witness had to say. >> we made it 20 ft. of the chair lift, then it stopped. the list are unsafe. everything was very hush hush. thus from we started seeing lots of snow on bill show up, lots of snowcats. judging by my experience i knew something was wrong. >> its and unclear at the accident was mechanical or
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wins related. they started the day on a winter rolled but declared safe to operate. the recently passed inspection is inspected daily as boat. a sonoma man was found dead at a popular snow research after family members reported him missing. 20 year-old to perk of windsor when snowboarding in whistler and never returned after going off. officials say he fell through snow into a deep creek his body was found on christmas day, 15 ft. below the surface of the snow. head under water. helen m. board on his body. a 70 year-old man crushed to death by a tree in scarts raleigh. the victim was using a chain saw to cut and the tree when it rolled over and pension to the
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ground. pronounced dead at the scene, the tree came down in the strong demand is trying to cut it for fire. coming up more weather, traffic, news. calling the windy conditions and massive power outages thousands of people still in the dark, we will let you know when their power might be restored. a live look and san francisco, it is quite windy out there. if you're driving on the bridges to hands on the wheel.
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welcome back, to rebury area bridges, bay bridge, toll plaza, the ground is a little slow but that should not be an issue if your heading from the east bay in to san francisco. especially want to hop on to the bay bridge, windy. i mean when i drove on to work i felt like a little boat on the water deathly two hands on their will. the bridge, san mateo, oftentimes it's even wind shear than the bay bridge. traffic in that area, still very light. golden gate, surprisingly a little bit busier than normal. you considerate raise all local laws. no matter where you are taking it easy, no restaurant ideas up any time. >> sprint is touting its new
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ford she found, they say it's four times faster than 3 g. we put it to the test, gabe slate test drives the 14. >> this branch for g los the webbs' base is much faster, hands down. forties' fast enough for real-time video chat most are from he can only do that in wifi what with sprint's public for the g you can do a video chat out and about. it does not cost extra benita for g smart phone. it's live and san francisco, oakland, parts of san jose and palo alto and in 71 markets across the country including l.a., new york, boston, chicago. >> san francisco mayor gavin newsom has announced residents of the city's
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public housing units now have free access to broadband and wireless and the net. it's an initiative between the technology in the housing to expand internet access for low- income, sr., a disabled residents. it includes 33 public housing sites. they committed $95 million to the project, where cows are it began, hunters do in the bay view will
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and welcome back, top stories of course the wind, rain. power and riches in the bay area the rain has caused minor flooding on 101, here is a video that we shot last night, a lot of flooding going on that was just of sivas of cesar chavez. water is getting so deep hydroplaning all over the bay be careful. i can tell you it seems like the
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rain is not an issue at least it wasn't for me coming in from the east bay. the wins, whipping around cars, they almost feel like their little boats on the high seas bouncing around. a live look to golden gate, traffic is light, fog is not a concern, windy conditions are. louisa. >> hopefully you didn't try to put the sale of one your car. (laughter) here's a look better san mateo, camera shaking around a lot of our camera shot or shaking because winds are fairly strong. especially over the bridges. we are seeing a few scattered showers. it's the ones that of the biggest problem in terms of the weather. starting to see some changes in the weather. tomorrow, friday do things their doors, will come out,
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changes. here's a look at your wins. 20 mi. an hour winds at sfo, sustained winds much stronger in terms of those gust. 23 along the coast, hackman day livermore 18 mi. an hour winds, 16 for concord. strong tracker of use by the showers left over also as a ticket at a place like palo alto, san jose, morgan hill. the sierra, still blanketed in snow along 80, highway 50 we have a winter storm warning in effect for clock today if your heading over the past is you are expecting to see quite a bit of that snowfall we could get to 3 ft. of snow and some of the higher elevations. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. showers, with continuing look at the sunshine for tomorrow. cold
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temperatures will set in as we get clear overnight conditions, saturday 2011 will bring a chance of showers. erica. >> when is the word in the traffic to permit as well. high wind advisor issued for the curtain is coming benicia and here westbound 80 as to purchase the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is moving nice, light at the limits. what to make your way past the paid strong wind advisory issued, a california highway patrol is asking the use extra caution both hands on the wheel, reduce your speeds. savor san mateo was did east bound, strong wind advisory their you can really see the camera or rocking and rolling. cars headed in the westbound towards foster city other than the wind advisory no problems yellowback but the toll plaza, 12-13 minutes. wet
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road race at the golden gate, not affecting traffic. nice, light no problems to report for your entire ride if your ride to bypass bay area traffic instead had to the sierra, chain requirements in effect for interstate 80. in the distance for highway 50 as well. really important out highly 88 shutdown from silver lake to pick its junction. well. >> a lot of people will wake up in the dark, wind and rain knocked out power to more than 40,000 customers last night 6400 pacific gas and electric company customers in the dark. apple the website here's pacific gas and electric company .com, you can click on the tabs, start off with castro right now, the power in that area will be restored around 11:00. this morning the
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power went out around 824. let me go to another place, mill valley, it is so bad they don't even know when power will be restored they lasted about 2:00 this morning. one more place, south bay, here's alice hill. they lost their power at 133 this morning. because crews are scattered they also will not know when their power will be restored. castro valley customers lost their power last night. people are in the dark in hayward, near see is you, and in parts of alanine the county pacific gas and electric company is out there working to restore power there's no estimate for when it will be restored because they have crews all over the place. along with the wind, rain there's also flooding in the north bay. jonathan bloom or sports.
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>> it's causing drivers to slow down suddenly when they realize that cars are sliding. a little ways down you can see subject to flooding it is true, this parking lot is somewhat of a lake, warnings issued in the areas or urban creeks although we did not see any of those flooding we did see water sheeting across, the driver slowing down to take notice. >> premarin to marin county where look, there's still buried under the the blizzard lots of people still stranded. that track is just spinning its wheels going nowhere. there's so much snow, getting around is difficult tabs which rely on people moving they are still buried in the snow. they have taken a hit financially as well as the entire northeast region. as much
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as 10,000 flights have been cancelled since this blizzard started. they say could be new years before the transportation mess is strained out. the 24 hour shutdown of all three new york area's major airports is still causing effects across the country airline say will take a few more days to rebut passengers whose flights were canceled the weather brahms' go beyond the airport, hundreds of city buses, ambulances still sit in the middle of all of that. if you're flying at sfo, more cancellations, more delays sfo yesterday because of the rain in the blizzard slamming the east coast some plans or delayed up to two hours, we checked the web said so far and no delays at of the three bay area airports have been reported. we will let you know that changes. >> you can find all of this at your fingertips just go
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to our website at we have all the information you need. news around the bay, sam and his police are asking for witnesses after the shooting killed the man in the city's bayview the shooting happened around 7:45 a.m. officers report to of a victim, they found him dead gunshot runs, to his head. san mateo police have released a sketch of one of two men suspected in an armed robbery. two construction workers at an on occupied home and the 1300 block of maple street or confronted by two men toting a silver handgun and night. after taking their personal possessions they fled the scene, suspects described as hispanic between 20 and 30. each
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weighing 180 lbs.. cemetery police have identified a man who strong to home in santa clara with a rifle. robbing store at gunpoint and forced nearly a car. he has been identified as 28 year-old joseph jenkins. police believe are in dangerous after the robbery he show stroke a nissan with lice and fleas six n d a. sought by san jose and santa clara police because it sits on the border between the two cities. >> coming up, following the big news, the wind, rain, the fighting lot of things happening in terms of weather. let's set aside, a live look at richmond san rafael high wind advisory, a live report from that area and a few minutes.
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let's take a look at storm tracker 4, here is the radar, this green spots where light rain is happening fortunately we're starting to clear out from all of this rain, big problem are the windy conditions all over the bay area especially at the bridges. louisa will tell us how long these conditions will hang around. >> let's head to news around the bay, shootings are down 50 percent in east palo alto according to the police department 20 tens of the lowest murder rates since 1999, one homicide occurred. officers have responded to 39 shootings in 2010, down 54% from the a.d. five shootings reported last year the city also experienced for homicides compared to eight last year the chief to intimidate it to the
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community and police are working together. meanwhile police in richmond are reporting good news, they say crime is down dramatically compared to last year they say the number of homicides has dropped to only 21 this year. assaults have gone down dramatically, officers credited beefed up police trolls at projects in the more dangerous parts in the city. >> we're thankful that the police department is up to its numbers. the local politicians the newly elected ones are doing their part, we would like the community to know they're doing their part as well. i think that is very important for all of these entities to be involved. this is the iron triangle a notorious for seven-eight
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murders rate in this area since we were able to partner with the city in california there have only been two murders in this area. >> city redevelopment and the community to place police department are credited with reducing the problem. world news, and he is dealing with a deep freeze, some people to die. the capital reported its lowest temperature and five years, ran across the country is pushing temperatures passed to the freezing point. most parts and of northern and western china will experience with us over the coming days are over the next three days. a fresh round comes as parts of the north are still digging out snow fall, dropping temperatures have caused havoc to traffic across china. road, railway and air traffic are congested. as people began
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heading to, they don't veneers holiday most trains are crowded reserve streets are fully booked for trains, traffic congestion expected to peak tomorrow. coming up awful weather report from louisa, she will let us know when the rain will leave. here is a live look at the james lick, traffic is light not just in that area but almost every place in the bay.
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tokamak, of said to the richmond san rafael bridge, it is not raining at this time will look like a but there's a high wind advisory for trucks and cars. lot to stop bridge but of the bridges. jackie sissel is like giving us these pictures looking you tell us? >> you can probably hear
4:45 am
it, it is all over. i did travel there 10 minutes ago i can tell you the wind was very high, i came intermark and leaves, branches blowing all over the place. for the most part a looks like the rain has specified, high winds will be the issue. with the saturated ground in the high winds following we will probably see a lot of issues as you go. there's a high wind it was three here, richmond is san rafael, bay bridge, martinez bridge. if you're traveling any bridges be aware especially if you're traveling in a higher profile vehicle. >> you drive around in a live truck which is probably not a perfect example i drive a smaller car i was being batted around. what is your advice?
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>> slowdown. so that, that's the big thing. i don't have the wind gauge but i would guess it's gusting 20-25 mi. an hour range. when you get to the middle of the deck, especially in the upper deck. you are really going to feel like that. high- profile vehicles will really feel it. >> thank you, . wind, obviously huge issue this morning. louisa how long will we see these conditions? >> windy weather today, a few scattered isolated showers this morning. the good news is as we head into the next couple of days some changes. distance morning. in fact, this is our camera at the bay bridge approach. usually we don't see this camera shaking at all. a few scattered showers and we
4:47 am
are gonna try it out. big changes by tomorrow, wind speeds, sustained winds, much stronger gust. sfo 20 mi. per hour. were jackie was the guess maybe upwards to 30. 26 to novato. along the coast, have monday 20 mi. an hour winds. ribbon of rain stretching all the way down to san jose. to the livermore, portions of trees see. still seeing some left over raindrops. kingston was snow on 80. winter storm warning is still in effect, snow levels getting down. the morning hours will bring the heaviest rain, by the storm the storm passes two-3
4:48 am
ft. of snow above 7,000 ft., certainly a lot of snow. what the satellite, radar as that cold front sweeps down leaving us with clear conditions in our area. clearing out today, tomorrow, a lot sunshine. it looks like the next chance moving into the picture will happen on new year's day. 2011 will bring with it another shot of showers. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. erica >>. high wind advisor has been cancelled for the dunbarton bridge. still affect westbound 80. you are seeing more cars on the route that we saw 10 minutes ago. metering lights are off, not much in the way of delays. high wind advisory still in effect, camera and shaking around a little bit. those hands on the wheel.
4:49 am
>> 7 tell west indies bound that camera is really shaking this morning it has not cost anything in the way of accidents. be extra cautious. other than that, traffic is moving at the limit. such a bad 101, no advisories', nice, light conditions. traffic maps, i want to alert to the problem on highway one, out of pacifica between devil's slide, the entire stretch is shutdown due to an mudslide i believe. >> new york city the entire place is a hot spot because of the snow. a lot of new yorkers are angry over the slow removal. this city
4:50 am
council has even called for an investigation into why so many sidestreet are very well that snow. to a checked busy pulling cars of the streets. this woman says that plummeted to their street, it hit their vehicle and a broker at the whole thing on video. >> the cold weather has caused $115 million in crop damage, that was before winter began just a week ago. a spokeswoman it will go up. get this, he allegedly struck a teenager because the team would not turn off his iphone were other plane was taxiing for takeoff. the southwest airlines flight was rask was biggest a boise he told police he refused to follow directions on the flight crew, according to the police report he smacked of
4:51 am
whites with the back of his hand officers they left a bar, miller was taken into custody when the plane landed. i'm sure during the fight the two were separated. the pilot who posted videos criticizing its security has come forward and he shocked by the uproar they held a news conference yesterday to defend the footage as we first reported you last week devoted is said to show how easily kron please can enter secured areas. the pilot says he was aware so many people want you to and he was never seeking attention. >> i want to make it perfectly clear, i have the almost respect for the ground crew and the people working at the airport. we're all a team and our goal is to protect the american public. all i
4:52 am
wanted to outline was the disparity between upstairs and the lack of screening downstairs. zz >> the dss says it is confident in the security sfo and is looking into whether not he revealed sensitive information. good m bat sons of the economy though none then invaded the market. the dow rose 20. nasdaq, snb stayed even, retailers are happy. numbers top $34 billion of 15% from last year. consumer confidence dropped. they're concerned about finances. troubling news about the housing market sharing jobs in every market, the bay area was one of the few
4:53 am
bright spots. concourse. >> nationwide home prices fell an average of 1%. the measure it. six ranging from seattle to miami posted the biggest month-to-month jobs and the peasants from began. bay area home prices down as the two-person. overall, up more than 2%. one of only four areas with year-to-year increases. the area retailers says local home sellers will be better off waiting. speaking it's going to be tough if you have to sell any bought recently, it's not good news. effie bought 1015 years ago, is still probably ok. some hotshot. against san
4:54 am
francisco where 2005 prices reno. >> still ahead, following the weather conditions this morning very windy outside. a live look in san francisco, the sun will be up in two hours, trying out a tentative parentage is through the bay area.
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here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. drang had to date, sunny day, that's good news because a lot of people are waking up without power. they will need sunlight. a lot of them is no word on when that power will be restored louisa will tell us more. let's head to
4:57 am
honolulu a chalcedony is right there, it's good to be the president. you can see him playing golf, it is on the other side of honolulu, great time followed by the secret service. he did net due to bad he loved it, he's gonna go back to washington put back on his suit and tie back to work in all of us know. in the meantime having the time of his life, he was there taking in a bit of swimming what is there. coming up, following the big story the weather. we'll let you know some the spot to need to watch out for including here at the richmond san rafael bridge. you consider camera shaking around a live report from jackie sissel in a few minutes. ha ha ron,
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tim, transportation's been still in the northeast, it continues to leave thousands stranded by way of flights. it is a clock, and check on the weather conditions. 8:00 a.mfive a m louisa. >> the camera and shaking around this morning. but a clock, and gusty winds plannin
5:01 am
>> 5:00 a.m. lots of sunshine in your forecasts look for it to is a sustained winds, a guest instructor. drive a mile an hour and 26 no matter. 24 and oakland a bit stronger than that in hayward. 21. >> or in some much harder than we typically see, storm tracker 4 here taking up a few pops out char's left over from yesterday. showers into livermore, morgan hill. but, plenty of snowfall in the sierra. the next few hours to bring the heaviest of the snowfall starting to taper off by the afternoon breeze some scattered snow showers we do still have a winter storm warning in effect until 4:00, snow levels around 5,500 ft. could get around 3 ft. of
5:02 am
snow. treating some what conditions at possibility. satellite, rain and sharing that cold front. starting camera 7 and california. drive today in this tomorrow. current temperatures, pretty warm because it dialect that i cover trapping in the heat. the next morning, take a look at how cool temperatures get thursday, friday overnight close to freezing. saturday, bring back a slight chance of showers. continue into next week. 5 02 and george. >> the weather has done a certain amount of damage to the drive on highway 1 and mud slide has shut down highway 1 is not going to be opened. caltrans says 10:00
5:03 am
is the earliest a high note in my oakland. that will create some eggs for the folks on the coast. it will put a lot of pressure right here on halloween 92. that is another route that you can take. highway one a shutdown and will be through the entire morning commute. other problems, the wind advisory for bay area bridges there was an advisory for the current team has, it's been canceled. bay bridge, richmond cinephile, benicia. mill back up, no delay. your ride for the san mateo, should be available here. there's the camera shaking around, there's the
5:04 am
changeable message to run with a high wind advisory in place. you can see it's wanted here for sure. golden gate, no report. light traffic for the seventh bound 1 01 ride now comes from our end. from other dry pavement, nice driving conditions at least to the city. will. >> you talked about the prez's let's head of to their richmond sandra file bridge.san rafael bridge, jackie sissel is out there telling us the conditions jackie, i can still see the flight is blowing. it's still very windy is now? >> in this. you can probably hear it in the microphone as i pan over to the toll plaza, if you can see the extent of the winds
5:05 am
california flag is wrapped. george talked about the win the prize ring i drove across the bridge, i can tell you it was extremely windy especially as he got to the center. windy all over. branches, leaves everything was blowing. it is going to be a concern today. as a gun throughout the day and the wind continues because the ground is so saturated, it will be hazardous out there. the saturated ground could potentially cause lots of problems, combine that with the high wind, what roadway is slowdown, especially if your going across any of the bay area bridges. spiegel a little bit earlier i did hear the wind tore across, for now is it raining? >> not a cloud in the sky.
5:06 am
clear as day you can see the moon in the distance. no clouds, it doesn't look like it will rain soon. it can see the pedaling still exists. >> thank you, , that is jackie sissel giving us a live report. >> us stop this morning storm tracker 4 this is for the what rather house moved. it is really hammering the southern portion not only are they dealing with rain, very strong winds up over the mountains. thus in the '50s ritter loss sanchez and other counties. with the really strong winds and the rain-soaked ground, it will be very common for downed trees, power lines. certainly continue to see very active weather. speech let's say down there, where
5:07 am
there are risks of more mudslides with the new storm. forecasters say most of the rain for the new storm will fall and a 4-6 hour. expected to be falling with widespread rains cold temperatures tonight to tomorrow. warnings are up along the entire california coast. city officials in orange county say last week's flooding the damage estimate towns as forecasters project maureen and potential for mudslides. coming up, the latest conditions out of the northeast are there still trying to get out from underneath the blizzard conditions. slowly getting back to normal. we'll tell you all about it only come back in a few minutes.
5:08 am
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5:11 am
let's had to brooklyn, to chase something fun to look back, especially for the driver. those wheels are spinning, he is going no where he is not the only one lots of people are buried under all of that snow there's controversy on why is taking so long for the officials in your city to clear out of the snow. obviously, they depend on getting around traffic because they're not going anywhere it's hurting them financially. officials say could be new years before the mess is strained out snowbound new york the 24 hour shutdown of all three airports is still causing major order affects not just in our region but pretty much all over the united states, airlines say it will take a few more days to read book passengers whose flights were canceled. the weather problems go beyond the airports hundreds of
5:12 am
abandoned city buses still sit in the middle of all that snow. bay area, more cancellations today especially for heading the sfo there are more delays yesterday because of the rain, a blizzard slamming the east coast some flights were delayed up to two hours. one traveler face much longer delays he told us just how chaotic it's been at the delays just kept coming. >> up been here since 630, canceled. the late. also it was delayed from 8:00 a.m. till 10:00 a.m.. 10-12:00 a.m. 12-1:00 a.m. 12-3 cancelled. i got put on standby for another flight that got stand by another flight. then i got transferred to a flight on the 30th. to washington to chance for the kennedy, the
5:13 am
31st, finally i've got tomorrow at 9:00 p.m.. speaking it could be days before he finds himself light is so backlogged. we just checked the web site, and no delays of the three bay area airports. of course we will let you know such changes. all of this news re your fingertips, weather delays, power outages the rain, the wind all of that, i have to do is go to we will let jan know anything and everything you need.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
the temple 80, snow conditions will be there for the next couple of days if you wanna go out there for years he's become the august rainfall all, i am sure there's a lot of fresh snow. lee said.
5:17 am
>> there is a whole lot of white, you can see the snow coming down. it looks like they're getting the total for the snow. some of it this morning a lot of wind as well, 20 mi. an hour winds are as above. 24 oakland, 20 mi. half moon bay. these a sustained, iss about 36 mi. per hour. right now, storm tracker 4 shows as we are trying out if used by the showers by october but it looks like for the most part they're pushing to the south. 7 california experiencing all the wet weather we had yesterday the sierra, snowfall on 80. 50. but the storm warning in effect of 5:00. snow levels 5,500 ft. as we head above, check it out, as the storm
5:18 am
moves by a two-3 ft. of snow was the storm is over. gusty winds getting up to 55 m.p.h. which could actually see what their conditions. satellite, radar shows the cold front pushing to a son of bringing all of that wet weather down. 7 california is experiencing strong winds, we will spend the day trying out but again, residual effects of misspeaking went, fairly strong winds. currently in the 40's, 50's. 51 san francisco, often in highest in the '50s, calling at much. charry, windy today shuns and comes out tomorrow. drive break tomorrow. cold temperatures said in. overnight temperatures and low '30's, near freezing. heading
5:19 am
toward saturday, see a few scattered showers. any kind of scattered showers will be light. george. >> >> tracking closure i went on devil's slide. shut down last night about 1030. a state of alert was issued, this because of a mud slide. when crews get out there, they decided to shut the roadway in both directions. there had a bulldozer working overnight, they've managed to clear most of the mud. all that they're really waiting on is the tanker trucks so that they can watch the road way down according to the california highway patrol. the current time of reopening is 10:00 a.m. which would mean no chance of it being open for the morning commute, however if this truck arrives it's possible that we could see it open. you cannot count
5:20 am
north on highway one it closed a landmark. restricted their, required to use highway 92 via interstate 280 speaking of 280, red december no gap where 280 and 380 meet there's a high wind advisory that's right here in san bruno. in addition to a high wind for bay area bridges, we also have a wind advisory issued for the 280380 interchange. i've never seen anything like that. i've never seen no windy advisory issued for a free ride. when the advisory hear, hear. also for the richmond san rafael bridge. in the benicia bridge but not for the cortines, no official
5:21 am
wind advisory for the golden gate bridge. we are looking at very light traffic conditions for bay area freeways. will carry its peak ending the year with a 14% drop in violent crime 90 homicides compared to 104 homicides last year this is the city's lowest rate since 2005. san francisco, murders cover on the same rate as last year 48 compared to 45. that was less than half the figure in 2008. economic woes may have played a case, this year san francisco sold 42% of the city's orders compared to soda pop style monster. homicides, shooting down 50%, according to the police department 20 tens of the lowest rate in these palo alto since 1999. just one murder by the year. >> officers responded to 39
5:22 am
shares in 2910 down 54% from the shootings last year. they also experienced for homicides this year compared to eight in 2009. they distributed the decrease to the community and please working together to implement aggressive progression and enforcement. true to employees reporting good news, crime is down dramatically in their city compared to last year richmond had 21 homicides, down from 44 last year. basalts with firearms dramatically reduced. officers credit beefed up police patrols in the most dangerous parts of the city. and the redevelopment. new this morning one person is dead after the wind and rain knocked over a tree in sonoma, the santa rosa fire departments as the tree fell on the tent pinning and
5:23 am
killing the occupants. the 400 a. wildlife preserve is home to 400 exotic animals people can rent tense and stay overnight. coming up, still following the date story this morning the windy conditions. outside, james lick freeway. looks pretty peaceful, col. not exactly if you're having aired in the bay area to land on the wheel. there windy. u=b(b]@@
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
a comeback, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showers, when the today. clearing and they especially after all of that rainfall that we saw last night. we'll definitely need disenchant lots of people this morning are without power pacific gas and electric company crews are scattered all over the bay area to try to restore power it has gone so bad they didn't even give an estimate on when it will be
5:27 am
restored. an accident with the ski lift to ski inspectors haven't sent to sugarloaf to find out what caused a ski lift to fail plummeting 5 cheers 25-30 ft. below. that happened yesterday, eight people taken hospital including three children. here's what one witness had to say. >> we made it 20 ft. out of the left, it stopped. no one was saying much, everything was quiet. we were sitting for a long time. that's what we started seeing lots of snowmobile show up and lots of snowcats. judging by my experience working in a ski area, i knew something was wrong. >> it's unclear if the accident was mechanical or wind, this chair lift started the day and a winter cold because of weather, later declared safe they say
5:28 am
that reflect recently passed inspection and is inspected every day. coming up we are following the weather conditions as well as the rain or lack thereof. the rain even know it's gone has left a lot of damage. live to the richmond san rafael bridge, two flags are just blowing in the distance, very windy, high wind advisory on many bridges. quick programming outprogramming note, you can ring in the new year right here with kron4 biggest, best parties in the bay area in 11:30 p.m. for kron4 is new year's live presented by elite md. it is the only new year's live show locally and the bay area's favorite way to celebrate.
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5:30 am
people rip welcome back, favors toll plaza, while
5:31 am
lick glossy but you will really have to deal with any rainfall. will the right side richmond san rafael bridge, jackie sissel says it is clear as a belt. but, the big issue the windy conditions, why not to louisa. >> good morning, we're getting the residual affects our that cold front as it passes through. slick roads, strong winds. gusty this morning, scattered showers as we continue to the day. starting to dry out, by the end of the week we will keep dry, china's well. 28 mi. an hour winds at sfo, gust of the 30's, a 26 marauder, 24 for oakland. these are really strong sustained winds. storm tracker 4 shares the bulk of the moisture to the east and to the south, cold front is
5:32 am
kind of split down bring all of that wet weather down to seven california, strong winds there as well. certainly concerns there, our area staying dry as we had run over to the foothills. snowfall on the passes of 280, 50. winter storm warning is in effect until 4:00, anywhere from 2- previous note. lot of that snow piling up just-in-time for new year's. satellite, radar at the pacific all of this clear wet weather headed our way. the clouds indicate cold temperatures, cold air rushing in overnight temperatures dipping down the next couple of nights you will certainly noticed a cool down, on the warm said this morning with all the cloud cover trapping in the heat, 52 degrees in oakland, said bay low 50s.
5:33 am
upper 40's for santa rosa, into the afternoon pretty much going to stay the 50s. 50 for santa rosa, san rafael. 52 vallejo, temperatures stay in the '50s, not much variety of all. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., china and the picture for tomorrow. cold overnight loans getting down to 32 degrees. right there freezing on friday into saturday, a slight chance of showers. as we leave 2011, very light if you see any precipitation. george. >> a lot of wind advisories and we did have a closure on highway one. it is possible this may have been reopened. when we checked with california highway patrol, i will see about, we checked with the california highway patrol, about the closure. there are of an opinion that despite this 10:00 time the you see here they were of
5:34 am
the mind and that once they had a tanker truck out there they would be able to get the lanes reopened well in advance of that 10:00 time. in fact that is what has happened all lanes are now open. it was at 10:30 p.m. that they shut the road way down, shut down the southbound lanes. ha all lanes are open on devil's slide highway one. we should mention however, in san bruno rate here there is a high wind advisory it's been issued for sambar now trade at the 280380 interchange. rate in the center of the crap. it brings so much thought to sfo. from here, to the bay bridge. a look to arrive at the toll plaza, when the advisory in a plus for a number of bridges and
5:35 am
this is one of them. so was the san mateo bridge for your ride here heading east and west bound, a couple things part of the indicators that confirm that advisory, when is the message sign on the right side. the other is the fight to the image is bobbing around because the camera shaking in the wind. if you're heading away to the sierra, interstate 80 is open, a chain requirements. highway 50 is open, a chain requirements as well. highway 88 is closed. >> thank you, let's head bactericide with kron4 is jackie sissel. he is at the richmond san rafael bridge. this picture says it all. it is still very windy. is it? speech yes. george was
5:36 am
talking with the wind advisory, this is one of the bridges at the richmond san rafael bridge under wind advisory i travelled across about an hour ago i can tell you they were extremely strong gusts. somewhere between 25-30 mi. an hour. if you're traveling across the bridge be aware that. especially if you're traveling and a higher profile vehicle off the roads are still extremely slick, that will play a part also. the promise morning is these high winds. the ground has been saturated over 24 hours with the huge amount of rainfall obviously we will see more and more problems as the morning progresses. so, if you're driving up here today be aware of it. jackie, the rain is it there? >> note. there's not a club that i can see. no clouds, it doesn't look like any rain in the near future.
5:37 am
>> thank you, jackie sissel giving us a live report from the richmond san rafael bridge. from there to california where there's risks are more mud slides from a new storm. forecasters say most of the rain from the new storm will fall in a 4-6 hour. . no. san diego county, winter storms have taken a toll on the cliff side. this is san give away to a large chunks of falling dirt. home owners are hoping a pair of sea walls will prevent them from crumbling from under their homes. engineers is is that the two homes are not in danger. coming up, falling the weather conditions, traveling all over the bay. at this time should not be too bad, of course there's a lot of cleaning up taking place as well as restoring power to thousands of people still in the dark. some cars
5:38 am
are getting around, there clearing out from their winter storm. it's really delicious, mom.
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welcome back, snow coming down this some of their roadways, good news if you're going skiing, with all of this rainfall you got for 12-18 hours there should be a lot of snow in that area. good news for us, we depend on it for our water supply. here is video, snow pack is holding twice the usual amount of water. that means the state could boost water deliveries to cities, farms that were done with the drought for the next
5:42 am
couple of years. not definite yet, they're not saying it's ok. the state will serve in the snowpack four more times before a decision is made whether or not to deliver more water. bmw are called racing says bmw is ending its sponsorship by mutual agreement, they have been part of this and again since 2002, or " racing is owned by larry ellison. he's also a billionaire. i defeat for source snigger as he winds down his administration dale will allow california to sell buildings that had petitioned to allow the sale for hopes. it included several properties like the civic center in means and
5:43 am
the sales can not go through before january 3rd at that time it will be up to jerry brown to decide if the state will sell the buildings again. coming up, more weather, traffic, news following the power outages throughout the bay area thousands waking up in the dark, we will let you know when their power might be restored. san mateo bridge, a look at the camera to shaking a little bit, quite windy not just in that area but all of the bay area. if you're heading across the ridges, two hands on the wheel pity's.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
but the mess the kron 4 morning news, 5:46 a.m. we're still dealing with wind, are shot a san jose along 101 camera shaking around fairly gusty winds. a few scattered showers
5:47 am
leftover the we're dry and today we will continue as a head to the end of the week, were dealing with is as winds, future cast give you an idea of what you to expect. when the dust as we head towards 8:00, san francisco 35. 32 into san rafael. we could even see them pick up by 11:00 up to 40 mi. per hour start to continue to see them dissipate less debt as we head towards evening. still remaining strong for a good portion of the day today even up until 10:00 gust of 25 mi. per hour. overall windy day. all of that moisture is pushed off into the south. that cold in southern california and bring plenty of rainfall, very strong winds. closer to the day trying out a few isolated pop the showers.
5:48 am
sierra, 80, 50 a winter storm warning is in affect tough for clock, snow levels 5,500 ft.. as we had over 7,000 ft. 2-3 ft. of snow. sydney trading weather conditions. heading to tahoe, snow potential for snow stars for thursday, friday really late if we do see any, friday best chance kicks in into the evening. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it looks like we'll catch a break for the next couple of days light showers in on your friday. into early saturday morning, keep the chance around into next week as well. check and your commute with george. >> sierra, the changes on conditions there interstate 80, 02 in requirement is the
5:49 am
same, u.s. tie 50 has just been shut down. it is closed between twin and myers. as is 88. well we mentioned 80 is still open, a chain requirements still in place. from interstate 80 tuesday line. 50 is closed because the power lines. no indication of when all be reopened. bay bridge, when the price freeze up for a number of bridges. this is one, so is richmond san rafael. here's a look to the san mateo bridge, you can see the camera is shaking around. the wind is blowing the camera around trade at the toll plaza. san jose, south bay, this is one of the latest commute ever. that is the case again this morning at least for 280, 80
5:50 am
and 101. >> news around the bay, police are asking for when this is after shooting took the man. officers responded to reports of a gunshot victim in the 200 block of kashmir street. the that the scene done to run against his head. >> san mateo police have released this sketch of one of two men suspected. in an ira robbery of two construction workers. they were in the 1300 block of maple street by two men with a handgun and a knife. after taking the possessions of both fled the scene, described as hispanic men between 20 and 30 years old
5:51 am
each weighing 180 lbs.. police have identified a man who stormed into the rallies all with their rifle, rob the strike and. before stealing a car at knife point. the suspect identified as joseph jenkins. there's his pitcher, police believe he is armed and dangerous. after the robbery he stole a nissan with license plate six n d a 586. sought by san jose and police because it sits on a border between the two cities. a man was found dead of a popular canadian snow resort after family members reported this note order missing a day earlier. 20 year-old super parks low had gone snowboarding ad was let in british columbia on friday, never returned after going off the trail. officials say he apparently
5:52 am
fell through snow, into a deep creek in a forested area. body found christmas day 15 ft. below the surface. with his head under water. hamas, port still on his body. 70 year-old man was crushed to death by a tree in scotts valley. the victim was using a chain saw to cut an oak tree when the tree rolled over pending into the ground pronounced dead at the scene. the tree had come down in a storm, the man was trying to cut it afire word. a live look good side for new york city, still soft in with all of that snow, you know it is bad when big trucks like that are going nowhere. when it resumes in i saw several of the tires spinning out of control, there's still trying to clear out in that area. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. u=b(b]@@
5:53 am
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some technicians to tell you about, sprint is touting its
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new 14 phone, it's 10 times faster than treaty which rise in the most bran funds used, we put it to the test kron4 s tech reporter gave slate test drives the network. >> sprint has launched its 40 network in the bay area. here it is, the symbol of the next generation of speed. you can see, on this new four-cheese prints found. sprint claims it is 10 times faster than preachy. i tested it i know about 10 times that would take extensive testing i will say this is fast. the notice we fostered are loaded wet pages, videos, almost everything happened to it next to no loading time. here's a comparison the federal rate is of 40 and this is the rise in georgia tech's running on 3 g, this brand los much faster. for gee's fast
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enough for real-time video chat. most profound economic do that in the hot sun. with the public for g cell phone service you can do a video checked out and about. it does not cost extra but you need is more fun. the is live in san francisco, oakland, san jose and palo alto and in 71 markets across the country including l.a., new york, boston, chicago. >> let's set aside, here is the richmond san rafael bridge you can see our camera is not raining. what is a concern are the windy conditions, live report from jackie to the sissel coming out. before then, quick programming note. programming note, you can ring in the new year right here with kron4 biggest, best parties in the bay area from your living room, tune in 11:30 p.m. for kron4 is new year's live presented by elite md. it is the only new year's live show locally and the bay area's favorite way to celebrate. we will be
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right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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