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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 29, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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6:00 a.m. fast moving storm most through the bay area over night leaving minor flooding and mudslides. this morning is the wind we are focusing on. high winds advisory for the bridges. live picture showing you the shaking cameras. >> san mateo bridge you can see it the shaking this morning sustained winds have been seeing strong. a list of winners for you at sfo 26 mi. an hour those are sustained winds we are also getting passed. have made 22 mi.
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an hour, hayward 18 mi. an hour, mountainview as 13 mi. an hour, fairfield 26 mi. an hour. we will take you through the time line by 8:00 a.m. we are seeing desk at 30 by 11:00 it could get up to 40 mi. an hour keeping them strong in the afternoon, evening commute will bring strong cast in the san rafael, 29 interest in francisco, they will stay consistent into the evening as well. it will be the day of strong winds through the day. the wet whether sarin to taper off celt isolated pop-up showers. for the most part in the central valley, that a cold front of pipeline in southern california. our area we are trying out in continuing to get snowfall in the sierra. 80-50
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getting no fault. winter storm morning until 4:00 p.m. snow levels in and the 5,500 ft. they could ge. if you're headed to te today not too bad may be a few snow showers. friday looks dry and then we could get snow showers in the evening. new year's eve could get sprinkles other. 7 day around the bay we could see some light rain friday into saturday bringing a chance of showers. nothing as significant as yesterday but that chance of wet weather out there. >> u.s. highway 50 in the sierra currently closed not chain requirements, shut down because of a downed power line between my ears and twin bridges. we have not heard an estimate on
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when it will reopen that road. u.s. highway 50 currently shut down because of a power line. 80 is open but chain requirements are in place. closer to home we have winded pfizer is for bay area bridges. as we check the commute here the golden gate bridge does not have an advisory but it is light traffic there as well as here, as well as the san mateo bridge which has the wind advisory. as we talked about is in evidence by shaking of the camera, and the changeable message you see on the right side of your screen. the rest of the commute looks good san francisco as we picked up our camera in town. uc led an up traffic on the imm on central freeway and no backup, or delayed. but for the wind that is still reported in is also by the way it affecting traffic onto 80 ride at highway 380.
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also highly 92. there are gaps in the mountains that allows us to penetrate. chp is advising high winds 4280. >> we continued team coverage of the monday whether jackie sizzle is live at the san rafael bridge toll plaza where the flags sit all. >> i was going to say you don't have to guess what they have the wind advisory just look at the flags at the toll plaza. you can here in my microphone to. i travelled across the bridge earlier this morning and on the lower deck and i can tell you the wind was whipping off good down men between 25-30 mi. an hour. combine it with the rat wet road lies in made treacherous crossing. as much rain as we have gotten over 24 hours the ground has been
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saturated you combine that with the high winds the recipe for trade problems. i'm sure we are going to see that some branches and leaves all of the place. if you're in the area be aware of it. if you're traveling across the bay area bridges definitely be aware of the high winds specifically gems if you are in a high profile of the local like these trucks. she definitely be aware of it. >> continuing with the winds making dangerous with down trees and everything a new story. one person is dead after the wind and rain and knocked over a tree at safari west in sonoma county. the fire department says it fell in on attend connection, killing the person inside. it is not uncommon for people to run camps and stay overnight in the park.
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pg&e crews working to restore power through the bay area wind, rain knocked out power to 42,000 customers last night. at last check the still at 6400 customers without power. there are more than 3000 in the north bay without power at this point. no estimate on when the power will be restored. this as we hear we will let you know. out of tahoe at e.d. acting build you can see snow coming down expects northrop the day today and the weekend to. chain requirements are in fact, winter storm warning is enough fact so there's a lot of things to be careful about as you had to the higher elevations this coming week. the first snow survey was packed with could news. snow pack using twice the amount of water for the december survey. that could mean water deliveries
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may be boosted. the state will server in the pack four more times before the decision. will take a break alive look at the bridge and is a nice ride.
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we're back 6:10 a.m. a lot
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lookit san jose traffic moving well but the carrier is that some around, i winds to deal with, sustained winds through the day at the airport sfo 26 mi. an hour winds, happen bay 22, 18 in hayward, 13 in mountain view, fairfield 26 mi. an hour sustained winds right now. high wind advisories for good number of bridges. on the news with the mayor is keeping busy is last weeks in office. according to the examiner the lieutenant governor just cut $20 million from the budget and plans to release a blue print to close the remainder of the deficit sometime next week. by hiring freezes and labor cost reductions will be included in the blueprint. a fight about the budget will come after he leaves office. a check gone markets
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2010 winding down in quiet fashion the dow gained 21 points, s&p added a point. nasdaq four points. crude oil is hovering near $91 per barrel. a sign that the demand is improving. grew bonds authorized the coupon side to raise $950 million in funding. google tried to buy the chicago company for 5 billion-$6 billion but that officer was rebuffed. they said it may issue 30 million shares at $31.59 apiece. if they raise the 950 million it would be worth $6.4 billion. air fares
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are on the rise several airlines confirmed they are raising prices on domestic routes by $10 one-way $20 round trip even as snow bound passengers remain stranded at airports. they say they are raising prices seem effective immediately. fair to compare .com says american is raising prices but the airline has not responded. they suggest southwest may not go along with higher prices which raises the possibility the other airlines backing down. 6:12 a.m. back with more and moment. it's really delicious, mom.
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all come back to the morning news 6:16 a.m. to look at the witness out there. is there a strong 24 mi. an hour winds at sfo, 22 in novato, 25 over the
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east bay through oakland. gossaert stronger than that into the 30's. storm trucker for shows the strength out if we feel any rain it will be isolated pop-up showers. for the most part it has pushed to the south and happened to the high country. seeress' seen plenty of snowfall this morning we have a storm morning in effect until 4:00 p.m. today >. we could get 3 ft. of snow above 7,000 ft.. strong gusts could cause without conditions. it looks like snow showers are expected just slight chance of it. lookit have all those temperatures will get later up you could actually dip down below freezing. - 4 for a overnight temperature thursday night. a satellite shows us a
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cold front sliding down to the south bringing heavy rain and winds down in southern california. in the pacific you can see the dry weather. we will stay dry through tomorrow, the popcorn clouds shows cold air moving into our area. the next couple of nights will be chilly out there. tanager right now in the '40's and 50's as we head through the next couple of mornings we seen the lows dipping down into the 30's. getting down to a freezing friday night, a slight chance of showers late friday in here saturday. >> looking at a lot of women the bay area this morning so advisory's for bay area bridges like the richmond san rafael bridge. here the traffic at the toll plaza for vehicles like this it will be a special consideration. there's a box back truck right there. i wonder
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advisory for this richmond san rafael bridge also the bay bridge this morning. now producing delays but it creates difficult driving conditions for high-profile vehicles. windy advisory for the san mateo bridge. but again we are looking at lighter than usual traffic loads on all of the bay area burgess. on the freeways we don't see slow traffic on highway 4 corridor westbound interstate 580 quarter, westbound 80 ride coming down from hercules to berkeley still a 12 minute drive time. traffic is moving at 60 or better for that the short stretch. >> 6:19 a.m. southern california risk of more mudslides. it is getting worse. storm tracker for showing you the intensity moving through the l.a. area. the video on the right hand side of the effect of
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all rain. forecasters say it could fall in four-six hour period. it will be followed by a potentially strong damaging winds. gale warnings are up along the california coastline. city officials and laguna beach says $10 million damage to private and public property the damage comes as a predict more rain and the potential for more mudslides on already saturated soil. breaking no news just an bomb squads have rushed to the u.s. embassies and the vatican city after suspicious packages being found. anarchists had sent three mail bombs to run in the past week to have exploded injuring people who open them. more on this as it develops.
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back in the bay area and avenues and is going ahead for the first target retail store. the mayor says the permits have been issued to begin building the store. in the downtown area. the 85,000 square foot store will make its home on the second floor. it will create 600 crew construction jobs. it will open in mid 2012. oakland is ending the year with a 14% drop in violent crime and 90 homicides compared to 1 04 last year. this is the lowest rate since 2005. in san francisco murders hovered around the same rate as last year but 48. that was less and half the figure in 2008. unfortunately economic woes may have played roles in the cases.
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they saw 42 percent of homicides compared to 72 last year. i look at our roof camera, it is windy out there but a lot dry year. hopefully an easier ride as you head through the bay be mindful of land. we will be right back.
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the pilot who posted videos on criticizing secure day has come for it, is shocked by the uproar. they held a news conference to defend the footage. as we reported last week the footage shows how easily ground crews can enter secure areas. the pilot said he wasn't aware so many people watched and he was not seeking attention for himself. >> i want make it perfectly
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clear i have the utmost respect for the ground crew and the people working at the airport. we are all a team and our goal is to project protect the american public. all i wanted to that line was the disparity between the screening upstairs, and a lack of screening downstairs. >> gsa says it is confident in security at sfo and looking into whether or not we revealed sense of of information. two inspectors went to sugar to see what caused the ski lift to fail. it happened yesterday it people were taking a hospital including three children. it is unclear whether was a mechanical or when relented. it started on a wind hold because of the blustery conditions, later it
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was deemed sadoc operate. it passed did state inspection and is inspected on a daily basis. wildlife officials as a threatened species of salmon has completed its falling run to a dam in record numbers. salmon have reached the ban scarsdale dam on the eel river. we will take another break at 625 back with more moment. an update on the frustrated east coast travelers and residents as they continued to dig out. we will be right back. bay bridge toll plaza wind is the story of the baby will be back in to minutes.
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629 a. and moments away from the ringing of the opening bell. we have been tracking stock
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futures. have been positive poised for an end bans on wednesday morning. there is the bell. trading will be quiet during the rest of the week a lot of investors closed their books for the year. we are coasting to the new year and no economic reports due for today either. we will let you know if any of the numbers do any unexpected swings. but to check the window. >> of those are the numbers this morning not the temperatures but the wind. james lick downtown san francisco starting off with gusty winds. a few scattered showers mostly tapering off and trying out as we head towards the end of the week. right now wind is 24 more miles an hour 22 novato sustained winds. 25 mi. hour winds 23 through have been made. much stronger than we typically see this hour of the
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morning. we are drying out if we do see any rain it will be isolated. for the most part this snow settled in in the sierra. snow continuing to come down the morning hours will be the most heavy snow that we will see today, 2-3 ft. of snow above 7,000 ft. today and the gust, the state of the high country. we could say what conditions because of that. tahoe forecast looks like this snow for today, if you're headed in to this era your best time to go will be tomorrow or friday morning. we could see snow showers but they looked like they will be fairly light compared to what we are getting right now. it's the overnight temperatures that will drastically dropped. for below zero thursday night and only getting up to one on friday night. overall it will be a cold beer see for you if you're headed to the high country. satellite radar shows us a cold
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front that swept through yesterday now pushing down into southern california bringing heavy rain and wind. " we are dealing with his clear conditions we will bring sunshine into the picture for tomorrow. all those popcorn looking clouds indicates the cold air rushing into our area. tahoe will see a cold temperatures, so we. it could be a chilly new year's eve for you certainly but left it to plan on the outside. there's a chance of late rain friday as well, at to scattered showers through the weekend of fairly minimal. 632 let's get a check gone care can be with george. >> holiday like conditions in the bay area and high winds. there are wind advisories. at the bay bridge westbound ride you will be under the influence of some heavy breezes,
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especially out near mid span and the island. not so much of the toll plaza. light enough traffic conditions there are no wind or rather metering lights on. no hot spots for a driver on the bay area's we continue with their bridge check, another wind advisory here for the san mateo bridge, there had been one early in the morning hours for the done are bridge but that was canceled. a wind advisory for the richmond san rafael bridge as well as of the nation bridge, but not the cartoonist. the court regarding gate bridge light traffic 41 01, redwood highway is still problem free. as for the sierra changes would chain requirements if 50 was opened it would be changed but it is close right now because of downed power lines. once it reopens chain requirements will
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still be in place. as they are 480 between baxter, 88 is also close to. >> from this year back to the bay the wind as we said that's what we focus on this morning that's what will affect you as you drive around on purchase a specially. jackie says alive. jackie still blowing pretty good? >> that's why the wind advisories are in fact we have one of those wind advisories here i travel across the bridge earlier this morning on a lower deck heading eastbound. i can tell you was glowing really strongly i can only imagine what it was like on the upper deck. 25-30 mi. an hour, combine with this like roadways treacherous driving conditions. with as much rain as we have gone over 24 as the ground is saturated, we will see the trees at issue this
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morning. i saw a lot of branches, leaves blowing around, high wind that will be the big problem. i don't see a cloudless sky at this point, a significant rain is over but that wind will cause problems. >> i wouldn't be surprised about power outages, pgm need restoring power to thousands of customers who lost it overnight. and of walnut creek the power outages we see 42,000 customers at last check war without power. the majority of them looked like the castro valley area. we're also seeing in the north bay 3000 residents without power. at this point no estimate on when it will be restored. >> 70 year-old man was crushed to death by a tree in scotts valley yesterday. he was using a
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chain saw to cut down and out tree when it rolled over and pinned him to the ground. he was dead at seen. it came down in a storm and he was cutting it up for firewood. blizzard conditions are hampering the search for a woman who went missing well snowboarding at the lake tahoe seat ski routes sort. they have been searching for a 25 year-old suggestion afternoon her boyfriend said she became separated well snowboarding at the resort. a nightmare on the tarmac at jfk and hundreds of travelers spend hours trapped on planes because of the storm that crippled the east coast. the worst ways happened on a pacific jet where they waited 11 hours to the board the plane. >> i just said get me out. every hour they said there was no way they go. there is no staff to
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receive us. >> that passenger was not alone british airways flight spent seven hours and a similar situation, air mexico was on the ground for six hours. weather caused the chaos but a spokesman said the airlines flew win without checking to see if the gates were available for them to pull into. we will take a break back with more moment.
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6:39 a.m. alive images from southern california, they got ahold nasty storm system moving their way. on the right-hand side cycling through the camera's in l.a.. i can tell you it's packing a lot of powerful winds, rain, snow. from l.a. into the mountains, at this
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point no damage in those areas appeared risk of mud slide. authorities keeping a close eye on highland in december and dino county were they have 50 homes evacuated after last week's mud in a dated a drain canal. it was nasty. we are following that let you know if we learn more. america's cup oracle racing says german automaker is ending its sponsorship at the into the air. by mutual agreement. bmw has been part of it since 2002. it is owned by larry ellison this ceo of business software oracle. gov. schwarzenegger state supreme court has blocked his request to allow selling estate property and buildings. they had petitioned to allow the sale in
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hopes of raising money for this year's budget deficit. it included several buildings including pacific center in san francisco. in means a cells cannot go through before january 3rd. at that time it will be up to jerry brown to decide if they will sell those buildings. we will take another break at 6:41 a.m. keeping an eye on tall alive look from 80 i can tell, we are talking about a lot of snow. all lot more falling. we have one route blocked right now because of them call airlines. we will follow that as well.
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6:45 p.m. wet weather move past the bay area but now bringing snow in the sierra, that means road conditions are tough, it has closed down roadways in tahoe. joining us now chp with
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more on the condition up there. >> it is getting better up here i don't know what's going on in the bay area. we have a lot of snow falling right now. it is heavy wet snow we refer to as crs cement. it causes a lot of problems, it is so heavy it gets on the trees causing trees to fall over and propeller lines. we have that happening right now. if you look coming up here postponed until later in the afternoon when the storm passes by. we start getting some of that whether you are probably getting about now. if you insist on coming make sure you have chains, the right ones for your vehicle. make sure you know how to install them. yesterday i was talking a lot of people put chains on and really poor locations. make sure your along straight away and as far what is possible. it will make it safe
6:47 am
for you, it will allow people to pass by you on the left. >> it is gust dip their what are the ones like? >> we are getting gust it's not sustained but we lot of when it comes heavily all once, the good thing is is when you have the good snow like this it does not blow this snow off the snow banks. it blows this snow that is falling. visibility is not quite as bad but it can be really bad over donner summit is like arctic up there. >> so i guess bring chains, plan extra time. thank you so much for joining us. of course we will keep you updated as we get closer to the weekend. let's get over to the weather right now. >> those winds plan role in our forecast this morning in fact more than one the wet weather. the camera shaking around the san mateo camera sustained
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winds 24 mi. an hour, same for have been bay, hayward the same, down in oakland 26 mi. an hour winds and gusts are stronger than that. future cast 4 gives u.s. idea of what to expect by 8:00 a.m. gust into the '30's from san francisco, san rafael. by 11:00 p.m. 40 mi. an hour in san francisco, the afternoon taking strong gusts. by year afternoon commute still not as strong as this morning. it doesn't look like the wind will subside today we will continue to see strong winds, and us today. storm tracker for shows just trying out if we see any rain it will be isolated. it looks like for the most part we are trying out. in the sierra there is no coming down long 80, 50. there's that winter storm warning in effect until
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4:00 p.m. so once this storm passes through we could see 3 ft. of snow in some of the higher elevations. a foot of snow below 7,000 ft.. the accord forecast looks like this if you're headed up their lead tomorrow or early friday morning. this snow showers will taper off a bit bring in more chari on thursday, make sure to bundle up look at these overnight lows. thursday night for below zero, up friday getting down to one. it will be very cold overnight for your new year's eve and you will need to bundle up. satellite radar shows as a cold front bring is all the rain yesterday, now pummelling sun during california. what we expect is dry weather. you can see a break from the wet whether all the pop corn looking clouds dropping down from the arctic. we will see some cold temperatures over the next couple of nights. a look to your
6:50 am
7 day around your bay shows you how all those temperatures will get. dent freezing inland lows on friday night. new year's eve could be a cold one. we have a slight chance of showers late on friday. it will be nothing like we saw yesterday light showers, keeping a chance are run to next year. >> still looking at light traffic all around the bay area. no hot spots but we do have wind advisories as we've heard about for the bay area bridges. at the richmond san rafael bridge, san mateo bridge, benicia bridge. the commuter otherwise not too bad. next up we will still take you for the look of the ride on 1013 san jose. here you see camber shaking round so indicative of windy conditions in the south bay as well. the wind advisory still in fact here. what mike craig and a look
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at interstate 680. note taillights southbound direction toward all mall because traffic is so like there's no backup for delay. 6:50 a.m. we will take a break and be back with more after this. join the jaguar platinum celebration !
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jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your bay area jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf. never we look at the year that has been hollywood always pops out as a sign of blacks, drama, stores that have us talking. the year we've seen in entertainment. >> 2010 got off to a bang at the movies. >> you are not in kansas anymore. >> avatar quickly became the highest grossing film ever. it won three academy awards. for it labs the drama dominated knit late night. jay leno from pipe
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prime-time to original spot. colin o'brien who had been hosting the show for seven months protester but agreed to $45 million deal to hand over his time slot to leno. he answered with his own show. it was a health problems for bret michaels. first he underwent at appendectomy then a brain hemorrhage and underwent more surgeries. weeks later he had what they call warning stroke and was diagnosed with colon is hard. he will undergo heart surgery surgery 2011. >> i'm not taking this is the joke it's my life. >> shoes sense for violating her probation on drunk driving conviction. she spent 13 days behind bars before she was freed because of overcrowding. the september she was sentenced to a
6:56 am
month behind bars for failing a drug test. shoes out on bail after 14 hours. she is in court ordered rehab until january. mel gibson and ex-girlfriend box >> go from bad to ugly. she filed a restraining order against the after alleging assault. he has denied abuse. >> you want the number of my therapist? >> recordings showed him in the midst of violent rants we have not verify the authenticity of the recordings. she hosted in may and earned her sixth emmy for her appearance. >> no award shows done for more attention than ladies god does stress that the video music awards. she accepted the award
6:57 am
in a dress made of raw meat same people stood up for what they believe it. i'm sandra and out reporting. >> i still don't get address.tht address. hi break but friday evening as you're ready to bring your new year will get a sprinkle or two. we will be back with more moment.
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top stories fast-moving storm moves through the bay area over night. minor flooding, mudslides all that to deal with this morning. this morning is the when we are focusing


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