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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  December 29, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. >> there down trees, all the power outages a mess out there. he's history behind a home, crews all over the bay working clean up the big mess from the storm last night. we have team coverage let's first get a look conditions right now with mark. >> still scattered showers out there right now but things starting to wind down a bit. forgetting that cool northerly wind dropping and as he sees storm tracker showing scattered showers that showed up in the last few hours. fairfield had a few showers over marin to san francisco. but the shower activity dying out now. the winds of investing with the storm last night we had storms casting to 60. these are when gas from
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today with the wind coming in out of the north last hour at 45 mi. per hour, 43 in half moon bay, 41 in san jose and sing when gusts of the 30's from the rest of the bay area. what a storm that came through with about 5 hour to period of heavy rain we were word about the santa cruz mountains or 4 in. of rain there. in the north they were concerned as well to pick up this amount of rain in a short period of time that's why we had all the flooding to a half inches of rain in mount salina, over to an canfield in oakland over 2 in. and that over one as recorders. in a valley with heavy rainfall totals even san roseanne's nfl. dissenters in more than three-quarters of an inch. or watching over the next 24 hours with a slight chance for another shower or two. the cold air is filtered in from the north a marketing our eye on the next storm system and that will be coming into looks like for new year's eve. well more in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> one woman is dead because
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the storm a tree fell on her tented the safari west wildlife preserve. gale was visiting her granddaughter, they were staying at a luxury tent there. in the tent was killed instantly when the tree came down her granddaughter was not her. in san francisco crews in the castro district cleared away a huge country which came down. it does damage to cars on 19th street. it came down behind the building, crews have cleared the way. we continue team coverage of this storm aftermath with kron 4 de if he's in the north bay. >> in novato you're looking at pg&e crews for restoring power to customers due to a tree that is blown down during tuesday night's storm. here's what happened at a bar on 4:20 a.m. the strong winds from the storm knocked down a tree that's at the end of this walk by. it landed on the truck and damaged another car and in the process that took out to power lines knocked out
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power to almost 3000 customers. power is restored to the customers with a few hours leaving some five customers without power for most of wednesday. pg&e expects to restore all the power in the neighborhood by early evening once did. here's a closer look at what happened. this is what's left of the tree that fell over. here's the truck fell on top of. as a tree was falling it kept on this power lie which was connected to this one for the artistry. a spokesperson said it was the high winds after the initial ransack cause the tree to fall. in novato dave kron 4 news. >> to adjourn 45 pg&e customers in fremont lost power during tuesday night's storm. as spokesperson from the utility company told me on underground power failure is responsible for the outage in the wet weather possibly being the cause is under investigation. by 9:00 a.m. more than half of the pg&e customers had their power restored with the remaining 107 customers here in the canyon heights neighborhood having their power turn back on by late
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afternoon. in fremont kron 4 news. >> coming up at 4:03 p.m. will track the weather and a live report on conditions at sfo. it was a look at some the best pictures from the aftermath both here and nationwide. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of travel trouble you go to for links information on flight delays and on cancellations. commendation in san jose turned into a plea shooting late tuesday. authorities are not trying to unravel with the suspects are and who might of been in the wrong place at the wrong time. as craig's clarke's plan >>. san jose police say three men entered his home just after 11:00 p.m. on a home invasion robbery when police were called the scene they arrested two suspects coming to the. a third is on the losing concerned armed and dangerous. and of the man is by boat by police fitting description of the suspect. he ran from police and jumped into an accurate
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by third year-old. police say she drove the car toward police to open fire. and officers offering any injury while avoiding the car. the officers arrived on scene at this location and detained one male subjects, this male subject suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. >> police say his task was centered about the gun shot wound. another said she and the man had nothing to do it the home invasion and there in the neighborhood raising religious. it's part of the investigation is interconnected to the case. >> san francisco is getting its first target store. the target of takeover the second-floor on market street. construction beginning next month. kate thompson is here she's got more on the jobs that this could create hopefully a lot of them. >> this will great hundreds
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of jobs, it's a complete overhaul of the net tree on carried the lot of work there the be tripling the size of the food car. a lot of hundreds and hundreds of construction jobs going into this. >> to they know how many? >> were going to break down for you curious 600 construction jobs, 700 permanent jobs for all the new stores they create it and about 200 to two under 50 jobs will be just permanent jobs for target alone. >> they have an agreement that most jobs will go to local residents. >> a lot of jobs will go to san francisco will residents they have an agreement with the city that preference will be 50 percent of the jobs and the construction jobs will go to construction. priority is going to be given to san francisco residents who live in that area. >> the construction beginning soon next month
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you say? >> it will finish until mid 2012. they are going to rework the whole building. >> were looking at the james lick on this sunny afternoon the traffic moving fine, headed toward the peninsula and a little slower headed for the lower deck of the bay bridge but flowing well. stay with us. it's really delicious, mom.
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the stocks closed a slight gain in the dow rose about 10 points, the nasdaq gaining four points what we come to the close of the year still looking pretty good right? >> this is the best december since 1991. it's fantastic, all over 6 percent. it's stunning. were like 17-3. i wish we could call jan. dec. part to. it's been good. important stories today mortgage index hit a two- year high taking out those lows. as did the dow and the
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s&p 500. apple hit 20% of the a glorious year to allow people sing a two-year run of looks at the third is coming. keep your fingers crossed first half of to the sullivan looks good. >> mortgage rates starting to climb, so an area to concern? >> you know we had a want to be the going to figure things out first, point job it's a sign of better times. higher interest rates mean better times, hi eric gas means better times. these are things he wanted to know what hell at the same time. it still looks like a huge mess, we saw that s&p index, yesterday i hope not here on tuesday was in good. our house looks it's going to double dip again. >> that's not getting any better. gas prices did you hear the guy a former shell president said gas could be $5 a gallon and your soul?
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>> when you look at european gas rights in the amount of money they raise in taxes from a, it would offend me it means higher it world economy. $5 gas without hearing the interview it's probably tied to china in india's middle class when you do that you get cars. car consumption just keeps going up with that said it will drive gasoline prices higher. >> china in particular everyone wants a car. and now they're getting cars. >> oil is $91 a barrel string great this year it's bad for you and me it's because the big gas for winter heating. we want to see the world activity so we want to see oil slowly go higher. i saw the airlines raised prices on airfares. they too are feeling that higher gasoline and higher oil pan to the trend passed on to you in may.
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>> real fast something odd, amazon is boasting about how would selling tons of candles and is so happy about this but refuses to say how many which people find that odd? >> this is what is think about the amazon candle it's a dinosaur its extinct it's dead on arrival like video cameras are. like the i pad in cellphone seconded the video camera as well. amazon is queued it's nice it's great to see at its a close devisable time the candle. i know people will leave home without it but it's a dinosaur it's not going to last. >> alright thank-you. stay with us will be back after this break.
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on the heels of last month's tuition increase, uc regents are been fraught with a lawsuit in this is not by the students since by the university's highest paid executive. the senate want
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to retirement benefits and increase in their promise that more than a decade ago. dan curman is here but kind of nerve rate now to be asking for more money? >> what they say is this is all about competing the public university competing with the private university. that's what they're saying this is all about. what this is looking at more specifically in and offered to sweeten the deal and attract top talent university of california went to the irs in 1999 to get a waiver so they give increased penchant to those making more than two in $45,000 a year. eight years later in 2007, the cap that up by that time the university was in fiscal trouble. there's no forecast a pension plan a lot of money down the road plus reforms are made as a result this policy to increase the pension was not implemented. in its december meeting as part of the residents formed resolution their intended to make it clear there declined to establish a program to increase the pension of those making over to adjourn
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$45,000. as you see the proposal was crossed out before the meeting took place why? because several days earlier the regions received a letter from 36 uc executives telling them the university committed to increase domestic to it. in a letter they say many senior employes join university or remain with the university based on this to clear policy which was viewed as a condition of employment. retroactively denying approved by the regents would be unprecedented. right now door also threatening a lawsuit, so now it's up to the university to decide today denied the increased pension and face a lawsuit or do they go ahead with this, or find another alternative to keep going the top talent here. they felt like they needed this to get the top talent this was done before they were tough fiscal times. now they're caught between it. >> the top guys are saying
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not so fast. we wanted. interesting. >> conditions in zero years a look at 267 in the traffic light. all the snow there they picked up 2 ft. of snow in the last 24 hours. when does store morning been lifted but a lot more snow on the weekend. taking a look on storm tracker there you see snow showers continuing on 80 and 50 would chain requirements required. what a great season we've had for skiing. check out your snow bomb scare report in the next hour. watch the direction, its strong northerly wind is bringing cold air. a few showers popping up it will be really cold tomorrow morning especially freezing for the inland spots. a few scattered showers when a pop-up today. tomorrow down and freezing inland and by 8:00 a few showers, the storm is behind this is done in the '70s but the years of stable enough to get a few showers around 8:00 tomorrow
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morning in a showers here there you can't pinpoint these pop up showers. there will be if you hear they're like we saw today was scattered sprinkles around and blustery weather in chile in procedure the afternoon. the next organized our system on friday, not nearly as bad as this storm that came through last night. fretted 2:00 p.m. a few showers in the north bay and looks like rain for new year's eve. friday showers from the bay area looks like to pick up intensity in the latest model runs from about 7:00 until 9:00 just as your getting out and about for your new year's eve plans. heavy over oakland and san francisco. at midnight you can stay home and watch new year's live here kron 4. " whether run the bay and saturday the first of the year few scattered showers around and looks like will dry out a little more as we head into next week. the next week from the catching a bit of a break is to get expended. . highs for tomorrow in the '50s and again may be a pop-up
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sprinkles his to the shuttle's been cast does are those fast oven clouds around the bay area. 7 day forecast, taking us in for the year as we look ahead to a sprinkle tomorrow, showers developing friday afternoon and evening, rainshowers for your new year's eve plan the lead again not as bad as what we saw. the heaviest rain will be about eight to 10:00. sunday we could see a shower again but again nothing as bad as we saw last night looking ahead. but said a tryout monday, tuesday and wednesday. inland will beat just above freezing for the week coming. he was elected supervisor of district 7 that was in 2007 and he resigned in 2004 because he became executive director of the treasure island development authority. it was far from the job in 2005 he claimed it was a political move orchestrated
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by in a year newsome. he sang in a statement tonight he's just beginning it reached is not a final decision on whether he's going to run the next election on november 8, 2011. stay with us will be back after this break.
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in york the blizzard is over but there's a new storm brewing because a lot of people are furious that streets are clogged and tighter neighborhoods noted. the cdc in storms a lot worse but call this the most dismal city response they can remember. these applause during what they can this was today in brooklyn. driving conditions and york are awful action a this is brooklyn again. some people had to get shot to get the car going. and a story which holds about yesterday, one northeast mayor is taking to twitter to clear streets and get supplies to people. newark mayor is been responding to twitter messages from people who knew ploughing help. we have a look now at how he's
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responding even doing some traveling himself. >> state of emergency new jersey. are you try to go straight? go ahead. twitter feed to let residents know what's going in the camino what's going on. we've got and diapers to people, food to a pregnant woman who is going into labor or thought she was would get there before the ambulance as good a reaction could an ambulance on stock. we have a major snow plow here stocks they originally needed it for the city. this is a point of leverage share. looks like we're making progress this is one have a guy. if we can get this one dropped out they can go on and help dozens of other blocks tonight. if you
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let done yet to give a lot to do it. and giving up asleep today and functioning back after a few more days. i'm inspired because whenever you see a crisis you see the best of people. so many people are coming together near york average of stock to help people more and more people help jump to push a car and help people get unstop. it's a lesson in snowflakes, individually world will little weak but we stick together there's a lot of strength and that. >> good for the new work mayor. looking at golden gate bridge the traffic heading into this city it looks a little slow but overall moving somewhat well. however mitering in the year with us kron 4 will bring you one of the biggest and best parties of the bay area. a student at 11:30 p.m. for new year's live it's presented by elite md only locally your show and the bay area's favorite way to celebrate. stay with us
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will be back after this break.
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