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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  December 30, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the alameda county cracking down on the white drivers. >> the was a warrant-8 warrant and cracking down on the d y drivers. >> and we do not want them to violate this holiday season. >> and not only was this an arrest but some of these people were irresponsible. also in driving under the influence and the summit not been able to start this process of attending class is, and paying fines, and we do not want them on the roads. their responsibility could cost them and their life, or somebody else's like. >> this suite began december 17th and will begin this sweep began december 17th. last year, over 900 and the
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wise were served over the holiday season. and their irresponsibility could cost them their life, or somebody else's life. 7 7 >> a mostly sunny day, and from our roof. some arctic air mass over the bay. mostly cold war, with temperatures dropping into the 50s. by midnight tonight, '20s and the coldest in the spot. , mostly sunny with a few clouds. patchy frost. and with inland areas will be below freezing. and mostly freezing around noon with the increasing clout activity. eventually, the chance of rain with increasing-called active it dand with breaks of sunshine, with increasing cloud activity. not a complete washout perhaps haland all of
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your details coming up for your new year's forecast. >> thank you, brian. >> and chp officer is joining us, live. >> and it could not be a great show without speaking to you and how is it looking? >> wahl, this morning it was on the one degrees. several eyespots' particularly if anybody is traveling on interstate-80 from the bay area. please be aware that all of these off highway ramps are a picy and some of the side streets you will need chains. make sure that you need tire chains, and with jacket, and with blankets. and a full tank of gas and be familiar with how to put those on. the reason is that when you get on the side streets, the
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tire chain laws there are no installers. the installers are only on interstate-80. at sure verbal, the minute that you got out of that resort. you have to install those tire chain laws and these are packed! they've sold out by 10:30 and if you need to get up here? try to get up here earlier. you will of a better experience. >> tony oroszko from 0 from the c h p, thank you that is a live look at interstate- 80. >> arraigned turning to ice slush snowfall. nudist nevada state line. >> this is not been plowed.
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>> this is been three days. it is not been selling since monday. >> these are streets to brooklyn. >> several sanitation workers that they have ordered to slack off in a protest to get budget cuts attention. >> this driver was allegedly asleep on the job. biblical bromberg has admitted that the city is not done a good job-mayor michael bloomberg look a flophousand we are going to do n investigation to make sure that this did not happen. >> the count on coming to year's eve, 1 million people are expected to go to times square. trucks are taking the snow south to 38 st. it is going into snow melter. and with 60 t of snow per hour, it has been working around the clock. it >> in new york city, there were practicing for the new
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year's celebration. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, " happy new year " >> and they flipped the switch, and you can see that this is going to turn back on. the waterford crystal come with 12,000 lbs.. when million people are expected to jam that area to watch that. >> preparations for years are always all wonder already-underweight-and embarcadero, kate? >> well, under way. >> the news in celebration, and the focus on the security and safety. >> a heavy focus. and with these large foot fences and barricades all the way on the embarcadero. they are blocking the sidewalk getting people frowith one half
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million expected to pour into the city. it is going to get quite crowded. we have video. police in the san francisco police chief spoke that they're going to be flooding the city with officers in uniform. zero tolerance. open containers, public to drunkenness, and under age and driving under the influence. the white checkpoint in this city. they're telling that to toward them from driving with a dui checkpoints. and aalso through embarcadero, and union square. many of the city's nightclubs. >> and with a higher concentration of nightclubs, one of the things we would like to encourage. with people having an opportunity for drinking. and hopefully, they could have a clear message of not
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driving. >> and obviously, with one half million people expected to come into san francisco. officials are asking to take public transportation. if you are even thinking of the idea of driving? remember that tomorrow is the first critical mass of friday evening. all the bicycle drivers gathered in front of the federal building. and people will be going into the city. there are expected to cause quite a traffic nightmare. and if you're thinking about driving? perhaps think twice. reporting live, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> transportation agencies bay-area wide, free rides. and extended service. for the 11--11, from caltran, was freed after 11:00 p.m.. bart is also
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coyne of open trains, until 3:00 p.m. and-park will also be open with offering extra trains bart >> in four people that are offerin-and triple a is offering free towing. just call this number, and it will help out. rain in the new year with us. one of the best ways to celebrate. >> softball league, traffic moving very well in both directions. >> southbound.
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>> castro valley, a cow was stock in the well. jeff buspierce >> this cow was delivered by its own owner, and now with the element a fire department. >> a 1,000 lb, that has fallen into this well. with 15-20 ft. deep. this water level is about three- quarters, full. when we arrived on the scene, fat there was a rope from the cow was neck. >> and here is the voice of the translator. >> and with all the resources the alameda fire department could bring. >> and using the pump. to extract the water out of the well. preening in a train from alameda county. from the county work division. and is extracted this call from the m
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>> and also, that this was the fate reserve for such animals. >> sentimental. >> and he did not make any big business or deal of anything. he was really able the animal. >> troy, she is a fortunate, and castro valley, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >> the lot aside, that is the next storm system. that rain fall-the left system. with the left side, showing the next storm system. your complete forecast, coming up.
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well, we've a storm offshore. a nice day but it was cold this morning. below freezing, and chilly with high temperatures only in the low 50s. some places only in the 40's all day long. this system will bring us a chance for rainfall and
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those fireworks could be perhaps delayed. and with the increasing chance of rain fall right around and midnight. perlite to start and heavy as the morning progresses. it-fairly light to start. temperatures in the 40's, and been the clear skies in a sunny day. and that will change into the afternoon. the storm system moved in and bay-area wide by 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. those clouds will continue to thicken for the evening. and here comes the rain fall! 10:00 ap.m., to midnight, light rainfall. ritter round midnight with heavier rain fall to 6:00 a.m.. the yellow is showing pockets of heavy rainfall. and it should be like her. and
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saturday morning, off come on, showers for saturday afternoon. still wet weather continuing for saturday and sunday and monday. temperatures with relatively clear skies. livermore, los 30's. antioch, concord, with upper 30's, low 40's close to the they. a chilly start, and a chilly day. with the struggling temperatures of upper 40's, low 50s. and the chance for showers continuing on new year's day. and also on sunday. showers continuing on monday. not a wash up showers on/off two of the weekend with a break of sunshine. it is not going to be completely gray. be the chance for rainfall will be
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out towards thursday, friday of next week. >> catherine? >> thank you, brian. from war heroes, and a lot of well-known people died this last year. here's a look back. >> we are more than dust a debt of gratitude, we owe it to troops the best of what this country has to offer. >> this is a fundamental. >> with real things, bring brought to jail by a loss. >> as long as we're together, the sisterhood of civil rights.
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>> i was torn to be on a show with " the duke ellington, and that was me. with all those great stars. >> the only thing that was on five days a week, 26 years was you. >> the golden girl. >> i would not say that my life is exciting but is not bend dull. >> i love the sun, it was the premier spark a genius. memo i am not an easy guy to work for because i am the boss but i do not expect any more from my players and i'm
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willing to do, myself. >> and i represent this land, the people that love of alaska. >> and as soon as i saw this i said that is for me. >> and yvonne had a job in the movies, to leave it to beaver. and she was a great woman, and she was a state home, grandmother. >> and my routine was to get up early, and >> sometimes the treatment will keep you down.
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>> if you'd like to begin the year with a movie. here is a preview.
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>> this week's films open in limited release. with michelle williams, running gusting play a couple tried to find and send their love. --ryan gosling >> and it is already been nominated with several golden globes. and blue valentine is rated r >> tom, terry, hello. >> critically acclaimed another year opens in limited release. he happily married couple to run by a miserable people. a documents there life. premises tracking their life. >> and kimberly. >> viral videos. >> 7-10, with a few singers
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that hit it big. and a campaign to help suicidal teens in the lpg tea and a controversial sesame street episode that never at airtime. >> [music] i will always love you [music] mammal i remember saying that would ever choose the sly? you know, i would choose this like. >> there is nothing you cannot do as a gay person. >> c'mon elmo! >> tell! >> do you want to play? the with the we want to withdraw so close. >> them episode it was her outfit of jate
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oerrt katty perry. more laurel videos coming up
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live, from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news of 5:00 p.m. >> and another officer involved shooting in san leandro. dan kerman >> this happened last night on the pan croft. in oakland. to mr. cross was san leandro border. two different officers were in pursuit of the stolen jaguar when the spawn and crashed in this location. the middle passenger got out and that the bill officer state behind the wheel. >> one of the officers was tried to take the suspect into custody, and the driver kept revving the engine. the officer feared that she was going to run over the officer saw the


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