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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  December 30, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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officers a the and shot the driver. >> that the battle was dea and l driver was dead. >> the field driver was dead. >> she did not >> the female driver was dead. >> she did not deserve to die over a car. >> earlier, that he offered the two suspects a right. outside of this liquor store. they wanted to do some shopping. >> he said he took them to this safeway oand when he returned to the car, it was gone. >> i could not believe that when you give somebody a ride. where would you take from them? >> the oakland police is investigating the shooting in the san leandro is investigating the vehicle
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theft. and from the liquor store, with improper procedures or proper procedures were followed. in san leandro, dan kerman. >> and also, an officer this happened this morning, the first officer on the scene said it that somebody pulled a weapon and made a threat. the officer opened fire. and the hunting knife was taken and they are not releasing the suspect's name, or the officers of identification. the home invasion is still on the loose and armed and dangerous. and aminiasa ofa is one of two suspects, that residents were growing marijuana, and making it the rubbery target. and two different men were on the scene but they got away. >> other suspects that fled the scenes are no longer
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considered suspects for this home and ba invasion. --to this woman martinez was the getaway driver. she drove right at police and the police shot at the car. she was later arrested, and there was an arrest warrant for drug possession for the passenger and she is charged with assault. >> san francisco police chief that an officer in the portola neighborhood yesterday was acting unlawfully. here is the video. the teenager confronted them with a scalpel-like object. and the 15 year-old girl was stabbed and that as we opened fire. the chief is holding a community meeting to talk about the shooting and will have a live report coming up. >> a man, a woman, a three- year-old were killed in an apartment fire this morning in oakland. it started from
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an electrical overload. and you can see that it is running club burned unit. neighbors say that the residence-running that extension cord to provide electricity for the family and that of our apartment. pg&e shut off the electricity. from december 2nd, and the building was in foreclosure. the family runs into the burning family and saved all local girl. >> shield that seven year old girl come out. she ran next door. and the next-door neighbor helped out. and then they ran back inside and they got trapped. jumped out of that back when no smoke detectors. >> and a woman was found snowboarding in lake tahoe.
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25 year-old shante willis got separated at alpine ski resort. [music] >> a cold day of their, brisk wind, and tabs only in the upper 40's, low 50s. - temperatures. livermore checking in at livermore and fairfield, presently is 45. one of the cold spots and will be cold tonight upper 20s, for the inland valleys. a chilly evening. mostly clear skies. , a patchy frost. and areas that will drop below freezing. and near the bay, not as cold but mid upper 30's and a lot of places. for tomorrow, mostly sunny, and in the morning. increasing clouds for the afternoon. this weather system will approach the bay area with a chance of more showers. the
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twenties will be in the cool spots indicated by the pink. and 30's for the bay-area wide. and we will give you a detailed forecast coming up. >> thank o'bryan. and these chilly temperatures are creating problems for brodrivers. and forth through vallejo and possible oil spill. and once they got on the scene, there are dealing with black ice. crews were closing lines through san leandro with three accidents reported. >> this the man convicted oscar grant, will not be facing any more prison time. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room at the prosecutors are not going to appeal the gun and has been charged. and that could have given johannes meserle and additional 10 years. >> new at 5:00 p.m., 5:20,
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holiday spending is up, the good, the bed for retailers and the accompany. and-t- cut, and what you can do tomorrow night for news see to celebrate. and the last roll of kodachrome is to develop. coming up. it's really delicious, mom.
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>> the fifth homicide in antioch this month. overnight, a killing overnight at an apartment complex. 12 homicides total this year. and you can see this was on katrini road the firefighters were trying to clear brush. >> and these roads have been..
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>> and also, these waters have been that close for over one week with unsafe levels of bacteria. lake shore park, they've been closed on december 22nd and closed for rockridge is told use until a further testing. at least until monday. governor jerry brown is staying silent. budget deficit despite reports that he is planning a special congressional election. with the budget 2012 fiscal year, and he had to do this by january 10th. the l.a. times, the sacramento beat are a sighting on nhe will be extending taxes that will otherwise expire by july. >> a weather cell system or
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the pacific. it is heading our way. >> and the left it was west towards the toll plaza. plenty of traffic. stay with us. we will be back.
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>> we are looking at the golden gate to the left. plenty of people heading into the city. the right, the san mateo bridge, the right is flowing. and on this chilly, clear night. brian has the latest on our forecast, brian? >> yes, catherine. another cold night with below freezing. inland valley, san jose is going to also get cold. today, they sell a high of 53 degrees, right now, 50. pleasanton, also at the degrees, and one of the colder spots at a 46. 2 the sierras, snowfall for this weekend, ended near its
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6:00 a.m., we can see it that green. and some snow showers expected for early saturday morning. it does not look too bad. and it will pick up some in the morning hours with above 3,000 ft.. on/off social worse for the sierras. kwan/off snow showers for the sierras. >> on/off snow showers for the sierras. >> and it should just arrived in time for the new year. the 6:00 a.m., clear skies. the greenback is indicating the clouds with late morning it agreed is indicating the clouds the green is indicating the clouds. and the greenback. and with light rainfall beginning to appear. gray-- is indicating clouds, and as
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this represses. . 6:00 a.m. on saturday, with pockets of heavy rain. the heavy should be done on . on/off slush like trouble into sunday. and again, as were mentioning, and other corn night. downright cold. and the upper 20s, patchy frost, and livermore, close to freezing. concord, antioch, san jose will be done to a 36 degrees. mid upper 30's. the highs tomorrow be increasing and going to of a difficult time warming. upper 40's, low 50s as good as it is going to get. the rainfall for tomorrow night beginning a round midnight. and saturday showers, on/off, and a slight chance for showers.
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and not a huge rains but perhaps one half inch to all of this rain coming in for the weekend. and tuesday, wednesday looking better. >> this week has further providing difficulty for pacifica. and gives us a closer look of the damage. >> and with a large circuit, this was sitting on a cliff with the foundation and not supported by anything. and with one building, city leaders are trying to figure out what to do. the owners have come forward with nothing. and so far, there still is in imminent danger of the building toppling over but some type of plan. and they're going to miss meet with the building owners to see what the next move should be. daniel villareal >> in pacifica, kron 4 news.
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and with snowplows to try to keep up. a number of high winds and shut down including interstate-90. on a crash on wednesday night, one half foot of snow reported. gusting winds, of the 26 mph with 1 ft. of snow could be in flagstaff, arizona. san diego county, 800 people effect would with a sinkhole threatening eight apartment complex 12-18, under part of this building a foundation. nobody has been hurt in the building manager has been advising tense state of a get this fixed. and flooding from the recent storms have caused at least $7.5 million in redwood damage. he could even get high year, preliminary estimates that
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repairs will take at least six months-one year. >> new york. michael bloomberg the response to the blizzard that dropped 20 in. was in adequate, and unacceptable. today, the city's actions will be reviewed. and the sanitation department let it with abandoned cars, blocking the way, and new yorkers, politicians have been complaining that the city did not clear neighborhood quickly enough. >> a flight from detroit- phoenix had emergency landing in colorado springs. this delta flight had problems with injuns, to 25 passengers for evacuate it. and you can see that the boeing 727 had hot brakes. the faa said a fire also had a reporter flier and the landing gear area. and tof
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the passengers were taken to the hospital. two of those passengers were taken with minor injuries to the hospital. >> and with a relatively hot season for retailers. a quick " dumb things to go stores. >> each year, how much-a quick will done things to the was storms-- >> and with shoppers, to close their wallets right before christmas. the next year, spending was down and it's state downed. this year, after post- thanksgiving at the spending bounced back and the trend was looking up. and the blizzard of 2010. as the mercury dropped, the up sales were also dropped by 24 percent down. due to 5% in the midwest, 46 percent in the east. and the south, and the west the drop was smaller. this monikers business and shopping mall and it estimates that the snow storm probably
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monitors--monitors perhaps bond before $1 billion. with sales for the rest of this holiday week sales to be regained. >> and just like reporting an earthquake. >> yes, several calls investigating. >> and it earthquake, that was in the central indiana this morning. no great shakes. with the camera, and what is unusual is where this happened. this part of india has never experienced any seismic activity at all. this 3.8 quake caused no damage, and a corn field in kokomo, that it crack in the earth. to bring into the new year. tune in at 11:30, the crelocal muir's show--in the
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bay area. it a favorite with to celebrate.
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>> investors are cautious, with stocks a bit lower. s&p was also down, and the nasdaq lost 4 points light trading. new unemployment claims have dropped! with 388,000, the week ended christmas day. it is down from the week before, it has a lot with temporary work for the holidays. and when those workers leave those jobs the claims could go back up. >> today, amazon was releasing the most popular. >> catherine, the item that everybody got this christmas and is this the video is the amazon kindle
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third generation. it topped all lists and it is the company's best selling product in history. and next, the top with the girl with the draw contest to. that was the best selling and most wished on the kindle this year. and the girl who kicked the a hornet's nest was also on the top. for the tangible, this non-friction with the most popular gift was delivering happiness. with passion, purpose, with a visionary ceo of zappos and also, the decision of george w. bush. in the next piece of video, the town's growtwest r story 3. tucker reach /+, and the blindside was also the best story, and inception was the most wished for. and the most interesting, dashed for stor-4 story, and the decore
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planters was the most popular item. >> clear, cold for tonight. we will see those temperatures dropping to the 30's and even the twenties. we will let you know more about that, coming up. >> the james foundatibridge, wht perricos and sloping towards the bay bridge. stay with us. very slow-approaching debris bridge. one of the the bay bridge. paris slow, approaching the bay bridge. stay with us. >> very slow, approaching the bay bridge. stay with us.
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