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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 17, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, 4:00 a.m. following leases in. one more note here this morning, the latest in a murder-suicide investigation a cold case filed coming back to the surface more on that coming out. one last look to the golden globes the big were the winner, the facebook movie. dr. barack, a live look from our roof top camera this fog is major.
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>> this morning fought very dense. were not just talking archetypical thought rod we are socked in you can see from our bridge camera all- out fraud pretty much everyone around the bay dense fog advisor in effect for the north, some of this group remedies. visibility less than a quarter mile in fact we could see them dropping nearly zero today be prepared for sudden reductions and visibility. a good idea to leave the house bill little early today. less than a quarter mile in redwood, as a row 0.1, napa 0.2, delta 0.2, san hours 8.25.san jose 0.25. socked in a
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special debt to the north bay. could be one of the solo workplaces to burn off today. in the 40's, uppers. 50 degrees for half moon bay, 48 redwood city, st. oakland, sadly, radar staying dry today a little bit of rain to the northwest, in terms our area staying dry free of cloud cover making for some fog it should burn off into the afternoon leaving us with plenty of sunshine ones that fog does burn off. pretty warm day some of the warm response 68 degrees. fahd expected to move on to the pitcher this evening. expected to become a problem again tomorrow morning. wednesday it wins, sunny, mild as a head and to the
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rest of the week. >> fog is the word in the weather and traffic, i noticed it when i left my house reaction have dense fog advisor is issued by the california highway patrol bay bridge approach you can barely see those cars snaking their way westbound they're asking that you watch your speeds be extra cautious. so far and no major accidents. nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze to steer francisco. dense fog advisor for san mateo. not at the golden gate bridge. even though this matter fog advisor 8 be as cautious. we actually do have a hot spot on our hands free ride of benicia. overturned but the
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track, you can see all of the red beginning to build the new strain this is a sailor the good news is they did open and one lane so you should see that back up begin to dissipate. if this is your commute a liar several lectures time. james. >> thank you, , police are investigating a shooting that killed the victim and from every church that happened after 10:00 last night on east 15th street in oakland officer say someone shot the victim in front of the church. no details given about the victim or the marcos officers say it is a hot spot for prostitution the location is a block away from a shooting that killed a person last year. san jose police are continuing to investigate the double shooting happened there as centipedes coffee shop we reported it to you as
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breaking news saturday night, this morning we have more details including the connection to this woman who was murdered a decade before. >> and san jose police are best getting a murder- suicide that happened saturday night authorities say the suspect is the brother of a woman who was murdered nearly 10 years ago. sanchez shot and killed his sister alleged killer at this coffee shop and then turn the call in on themselvesturned the gun on him. janine disappeared drawing national attention it detected and a charge of 42 votes in a woman who went missing after spending an evening drinking want this man, was last known person to see her alive. they met
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the night air july 27, 2001 they went back tehran, she was never seen again. he told the investigators to that, late last night and that was it. that was last every summer he claimed he had nothing to do their disappearance. detectives did not buy it three years later they arrested him and charged him with the murder. even there were body was never found investigators say was this rock tunneling tend to the killings. it was janines rock they said they found it and then dumpster. they said fibers matched the ones found in the cargo bed of excess uv but a judge dismissed the case, prosecutors said there are prepared to go to trial. the technician who tested the fires built proficiency tests. he was released in 2007 never convicted of the
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crime. >> san as they could have a new police chief soon the man in charge of oakland police department says he would take the position. he's one of two finalists to take over the job and then i say, the other is chris more. san francisco police are also asking for a defined suspects may been involved in the shooting that killed the young man's atom morning louis was with friends at a lookout point on twin peaks police say the man and his friends exchanged words of another group people that someone in the other group opened fire. many people were drinking alcohol, officers say you left in a white honda odyssey. new details regarding pacific gas and electric company. the company has been increasing
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the pressure on some transmission lines since 2003, as the chronicle reports of include december no pipeline. experts are expressing concern that the intentional surges that force levels to legal limit on 10 lines in addition to san bruno could vote weekend that the pipeline pacific gas and electric company has acknowledged that it did increase the pressure but would not identify the locations of those lines. we will take a break, the latest on the shooting rampage in arizona. latest details on congresswoman gifford. close watch on the fog, a live look outside the bay bridge were just a door every roadway is inundated with heavy, dense fog. more on this in a moment.
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and we're back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. thought once again in the mixed today. we
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sought all weekend. again the dense fog advisor is for pretty much the entire bay area. tuesday, wednesday the fog continues in the morning maybe the wind picking up on wednesday for the futures sunny, mild. today with around 11:00. temperatures look good mid-upper 60s. headlines, doctors are still expressing optimism and caution about the remarkable recovery so far of congresswoman gifford her condition i upgraded from critical to serious. the extent of her recovery remains uncertain because it's rare for people to retain all of their abilities. president barack obama is marking the martin luther king holiday with community service him and michelle will pitch in at a location in washington. the
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president has eagerly embraced the idea of honoring that leader buy parts to help this community last year he served hot meals to the needy. in a statement marking the highly day he said king dedicated his life to others in ensuring justice for all the as all americans to observer by volunteering. happy birthday to the first lady michelle obama turns 47 to date.y. that will be going on in washington today, here were parishioners singing as a predictor. creek check on market headlines, stock futures are fixed after ending positive the markets will be closed today for the holiday. when traders return to work tomorrow corporate
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earnings will be the name of the gain delta air lines come city group, ibm are all due to release their results tuesday. the national association of homebuilders releases the jean-marie housing market. toyota says it's developing a new type of electric motor to cut its dependence on overall cost. it will help free it from the line on china which produces 97 percent of the world's output of rare metals. the man in charge of group-on is apologizing to its customers opposed to the apology and the online coupon provider offered a deal for a traditional new year's real. many of the 500 orders arrived late and those on time were in terrible condition. a wave of
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customer complaints and criticisms, they acknowledge the company really messed up. will we come back the america's cup will sail through the bay in two years but as the city prepares some businesses could visit their venue and be forced to move. the fog is a big issue today here's a live look at the golden gate dense fog apparent here in the shot with its latest with louisa in a moment.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, for 2:00 pm a look at the shot in the bay bridge approach. case in with fraud, very dense fog visibility less than a quarter mile in san francisco, same for a oakland novato, santa rosa promises visibility mountain view half mile. we dividends
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fog advisor in effect to about 11:00 that's are expected to start seeing that fabre of a bid. we could see that visibility dropped near 07 the a good idea to give yourself some extra time when heading of the roads especially if your going towards one of the bridges plenty of thought is settled than here's a look invisibility this on showers is working at a mile or less really contained to the north, napa, delta and into the peninsula from some visibility until about 11:00. right now 49¢ a stroke, 50 half moon bay, 48 oakland and redwood city. a lot of clubs moving up and over. once the fog burns off nice bright sunshine. temperatures warming up into the upper 60s. this
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afternoon pretty pleasant lots of sunshine. we will stick with this fog for quite some time. by tomorrow we will see that fog roll in once again start to see a burn off in the mid part of the week. erica. >> i called it is a hot spot, all lanes have been cleared no more problems, just a little bit of slowing in the north parent. no problems in our record. we still have a dense fog advisor jury the richmond san rafael you can see that slowing beginning to build because people are watching their speeds. your ride to the bay bridge is socked in barely see the cars westbound into the city aside from the fog no other problems to contend with no accidents or incidents.
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carefully watch your speeds extra cautious. golden gate, no fog advisor is it should get you can see it is very foggy the a little more careful on your ride southbound still tracking pretty great conditions at of novato down to waldegrave. james. >> caltrans crews will be closing the posy to between lme that. the east bound to the runs from i mean it oakland will close at 10:00 reopening for 30 tomorrow the royal be closed during the same hours starting tomorrow night in to run state. in two years the america's cup will sail through the bay now planned to accommodate their race will mean a massive remodeling along which a fisherman to work. its zero businesses could be forced to relocate. 80 could be
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forced to relocate. >> this is the stretch of the embarcadero were many businesses have made a name for themselves some may have to be gone by the end of the year to accommodate plans for the upcoming regatta. plans are to utilize your 19-29 some of the businesses include the dinner show whose tenets have occupied it for over 20 years. seven sisters are brought to move this one, hours limousines has been house there for over 23 years, carry hours as yet in here to any requests. because he understands how born there will be. he's run his business there for 23 years.
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his yeti's receive official notice but he did give a message that is least would not be renewed. he's prepared to move faster. >> it seems unceremonious booting. i assisted for permits to operate that are opposed to that address. moving those licensed and the bureaucracy in rob to is an act of god. >> they've yet to reveal exactly which businesses will be moved. they have said their plans to develop the area after the competition. >> espn reports former raiders coach. he was dr. hundred and 20 dozen dollars related this year didn't say why the report says of davis
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was upset with the team lost practice time because our rules violation. his contract was renewed. saturday night we towed to about the reality show starring the giants that debuts in april. dan's are buzzing. >> fans are excited to get beyond the locker room doors to learn more about the band of misfits that brought the trophy hunters ever discover especially the link the long eared star pitcher. it starts and ends with the freak, came one guy episode one guy. >> many fans are hoping the show airing higher premium channel means that get to see more about his after hours activities. >> our more about his party and myself. >> i think they need to let
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him smoke. i want to know more about the panda. >> the one player the most abetting translates is the beard feared around the world. >> the biggest character on that team. >> is not just as fair share their want to know about this character named the machine. he's appeared behind brian wilson during interviews including this one you're on fox sports. >> mustering the more attention will be good for the city and the team there's a fraction that worry the show could make their hometown heroes international joke. >> i don't want them to become the new sticky. >> coming up hollywood hits
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the red carpet will take you to the club's sure you the stars come in the movies that walked away winners. he might want to allow some extra time to get around this morning. the labor not this is a shot of the san mateo bridge so foggy you can't see the cars, light, nothing. the latest in weather and the day only come back.
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and we are back, for 20 3:00 a.m. a live look at highway
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24 those highlights headed westbound towards the tunnel as you can sheet is a whole lot of thought. we're dealing with that obviously not just here in the valley. pretty much everywhere. satellite image of the fog from earlier this morning california, the bay area there is the central valley. just look how much fog is they're pretty intense. there is the bay area the fog we're dealing with, look how much of it is in the valley inundating the delta for the bay and beyond. it is just massive. we will deal with this to the better part of the morning there is a dense fog advisor in effect bay area wide. although over the weekend into the past 11:00 to burn off. >> when it does a lot of
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blue skies and sunshine. temperatures into the mid to upper 60s. again ridges had to get rid of arafat. meanwhile what made it big at the box office? >> the green hornet came in no. one stirring says oregon. the green hornet pull than 34 million. second spot the dilemma, 17 million. true grit and 11 million. that's the modern restaurant speaking of hollywood, the golden globes were last night. quickly looking at some of the big winners the headliner social network pull than big movie price it was a turtle for prizes best, and director.
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natalie portman to call for best actress for her role in black swan. as for the male side of the evening colin firth pull the and when for the king's speech unlike his character he had no problem taking the crowd it went into the night with the most nominations but only one that won awards. we had commissioned well, the best supporting actor for his role in the fighter. the kids are right that movie also won for best drama. boardwalk empire to come the best drama. police captured the best comedy. we'll be right back. oakland police
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investigating the shooting that killed someone rain friend richard will have the latest on that coming up. watching the latest on the fog around the bay area here's a live look to the golden gate million know when the fog my left.lift.
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welcome back, 428 a m monday january 17th, martin luther king jr. holiday. the bay bridge approach, heavy fog. louise is keeping an eye and it. good morning. very dense fog this morning here's our shot a downtown you can't see much any of our cameras this morning we do have a dense fog advisor, by the action and once appearance of lots of sunshine warm temperatures the fog is expected to roll back in tonight as well. outside
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giving you an idea of where the fraud is blanketing the ec at a long 101 down towards the golden gate and along. it's moving right to the gap also through the delta. really just socked him the fog advisor in the fact 11:00 visibility is less than a quarter mile we could see some of those dropping down very dangers on the roads give yourself all little extra time. visibility give you an idea where the problem spots are this or insurers as visibility less than a quarter mile per were talking about in most spots. tens of a mile visibility in san francisco also enter oakland. your fog shows us as we head towards 8:00 the fog is expected to thicken up with the receipt to the coastline as we head
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towards 11:00 batts milosevic should burn off still seeing some hanging along the coastline by the evening here evening commute will notice that fog settles in and once again to mock the very foggy day. 47 now back, 50 acclimat napa, 50 half, we're staying dry for today, but dry for a lot of the week. dry weather around a little salt tomato windy midweek senate, mild as a rat the work week. 430, check and your commute. >> we have fought all around the bay area a few accident sprinkled throughout it's no doubt because the fog, dense fog advisor is issued for the california highway patrol in effect pretty much
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every ago richmond san rafael aken see the yellow begins to build people are reducing their speeds driving with extra caution. of course it's in effect for the bay bridge you can barely see this car's air outside was started to san francisco the more cautious of the cars in front of you allow yourself some extra time. in addition to the bridges with evidence fog advisor for san mateo as well public transportation a couple of changes muni is running saturday schedule same for bart. there is no alameda ferry service running on a regular time. >> now to news story, oakland police are investigating a shooting that killed the victim in front of church. avedon to 10:00 on east 15th street on
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oakland, someone shot the victim in front of st. anthony's church. new details given about the victim or the motive. officers say this is hot spot for prostitution to location as a block away from a shooting that killed a person last year. san as a police are continuing their investigation into shooting. reported as breaking news. now we know the identity including the connection to a woman she was murdered a decade ago reggie kumar tells us how the death is at the center of this weekend's investigation. >> san as a police say the murder-suicide haven't at pizza coffee, a note on the door says business is closed. as soon as officers arrived they heard the
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gunshot believe to be. didn't realize he was the brother of murder victim harms was killed 10 years ago sanchez confronted this man confronted this red robin accusing him of murdering his sister he knows sanchez and his family she can't believe this happened. >> when i got a text for my neighbors sang it was wayne eye to started crying. i had to come george ritter words what i have heard is that is really depressed, his sister went missing, they believe she was murdered and the suspect never got convicted. they have to go through all of this all over again. >> after he left the red robin he came back and confronted the killer to the speech, free where investigators say he confronted him again and shot and killed him. he then turned the gun on himself.
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reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> janine harms disappearance to national attention at the time she was last known person to be seen live the met at every in campbell this is human home that night and that was it. he claimed nothing to do with her disappearance. three years later police arrested him on charges that he murdered her. investigators linked are ruck from home to him he was found in part to me the rug was found in the dumpster. the judge later dismissed the case after the technician who conducted the test failed proficiencies and cairo analysis on a later test. he was released and never convicted. san jose, it could be nothing
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for in the busy street the man in charge of the police department says he would take the job. the chief is one of two finalists to take over the drop in san jose, the other is chris more. severances code laser of 05 the suspects who may been involved in the shooting to kill the young man saturday morning. lewis the negev's was with friends at lookout point. police say the man and his friend's recess strange words with any other group someone from the other group also begun opening fire. police hundred people were there may have been alcohol involved. the man left in a white honda odyssey. pacific gas and electric company has temporarily been increasing the pressure on some of its national transmission lines since 2003. that includes
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the same brno pipeline that it started less than two years after we intentional surges that pushed them to the legal limit again including san bruno could have weakened that pacific gas and electric company has acknowledged it had increased the pressure but it would not identify the locations. we will take a break, we come back on the kron 4 morning news the rain keeps coming down in brazil causing major flooding will sure use some of the latest pictures and study of this at the end in sight. fog is a story in the bay area, has a live look from the golden gate bridge. full look coming up..
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in the the airbag, a pritzker which the toll
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and we're back, san mateo bridge, normally you would see headlights. taillights on the right-hand side here you cannot see a single thing. a dense fog advisor issued there as is one for the golden gate where we have heavy heavy fog headed says bound to san francisco will track where of this fog is and how long it will last and what the weather will be like once burned off. forecasters say more rain is on the way authorities in washington state have begun investigations to the risk of flooding. emergency personnel are going door-to- door through sullivan low- lying areas telling people to leave their arms. wherever will likely rise several feet above slate stage.flood stage. similar
4:39 am
conditions in oregon or heavy rain and mud slides are causing headaches for drivers yes, there is our roads or wherever. cars are swamped and water, mud, debris trenching rain is causing severe flooding in parts of the northwest flooding is not the only concern is also causing landslides. >> it broken since my wife. it will be all right. >> several high-rise including highly 6 closedown because of this mudslides will fall the latest, keeping an eye on brazil. there is no end in sight for the reins and misery. the devastating floods have claimed more than 600 lives. the toll could climb much higher you can see why, look to these voters coming out. the continuing rain is doing helicopter rescue to people
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you're stranded. if the astros also warned that residents are at risk for waterborne diseases. several dozen vaccines have been distributed the rain is predicted to continue. meanwhile the debt toll following and natural gas blast in china is up to three. 20 people injured, all hospitalize. firefighters were trying to contain a fire after the explosion ripped through an apartment building. the investigation is under way because of an explosion that caused the bus. it injured a driver in this role boy. it happens in middle-of-the-road in east china no smoke was seen after the blast the best addition rosa possibility of
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a man-made explosion no passengers, flung into the air fell into a pit caused by the explosion. most chinese believe relations with the nets is worse than last year. the bland washington. the officials published in the newspaper, had of chinese present state visit to the right paras his trip intends to restore balance. this part of our human rights, a dali lama, arms sales. >> coming up how to avoid one of the leading causes of child deaths, we will show you how something as simple as a seat belt can be a lifesaver. the fault likening the bay area a live shot at of lafayette those headlights westbound towards the caldecott the
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latest on your forecasts coming up in one minute.
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and we're back, live shot through our roof camera. you can barely see a thing. we have really dense fog of the around the bay area tonight louisa is following that. visibility's pretty bad. >> absolutely, the shot from james lick one of our better shot, were just talking about dense fog contained one area less than attend the smile for san francisco, oakland. quarter mile for in a bar, santa rosa novato during a bit better in
4:44 am
places like hayward, livermore also less than a quarter mile. all the fog is socked in to the north bay rate and to the san bruno gap, delta. we will continue with this dense fog for several more hours. dense fog advisor in until 11:00, this ability sting less than a quarter mile. we could see that visibility dropped their zero. it's a good idea to give yourself some extra time when you stepped outside the door we could hit some sudden reductions and visibility. you can see all of this area of orange juice as an idea of where the prime spots are added to the north bay, livermore, along peninsula college record gives an idea of the time line of one that falls expected to burn off. we will notice it taken up
4:45 am
becoming more widespread 7:00, a clock we will continue to hold onto that thought it will continue to share of the area and the 10:00, 11:00 will notice a difference will see it burning off into most places around the bay that's when the dense fog advisor it is lifting come this evening rows back in again continue to see problems into this evening possibly your evening commute as well tomorrow morning some broad. temperatures in the '40's, '50's. 48 degrees and redwood city. satellite later showing clouds to the north by the afternoon was the shot the son trent comes out temperatures in the upper 60s. pretty pleasant by the afternoon the police for several hours before the fog rolls back and tomorrow, another foggy
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morning windy weather expected midweek. mild as we wrap up the work week into the weekend. check and your commute. erica. >> thank you, all of the fog is having and in fact, you can barely see the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza because the fog advisor has been issued by california highway patrol. rocking the watch your speeds, or allow yourself a little bit of extra time, 9-10 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into san francisco. traffic maps, other spot, traffs to and from richmond san rafael yellow on your screen is indicating speeds dropped around 45. alliance of some extra time traffic is lower this morning. another spot, no fog advisor is issued, it is so far get there you can
4:47 am
barely see cars these headlights headed westbound along highway 24 towards the caldecott traffic is nice, light watch your speeds as to get around the bay area. james. >> congresswoman gifford is listed as serious that some improvement after being shot in bad nine days ago to work for colleagues are often at odds will make a symbolic gesture of unity shelby lynne explains. >> >> to receive something different later this month from obama. in an effort to road discourse charles schumer and tom cooper said on meet the press they would sit together at the speech. >> i do think we as officials have obligation to try it down, boy carted down. maybe the media will
4:48 am
be less. >> this comes one week after congresswoman gifford were shot in the head. she is in critical condition six others were killed 22 rob jared loughner mark is in custody charged in the shootings. based on our mind coatings they believe he is l, a profile of the congressional medal house says it's time to put more focus on mental health care. >> it's something we don't talk about discuss because of the stigma we need to address that. >> according to one cash raab's states have come more than $2 billion from services. >> according to the american academy of pediatrics each year thousands of children are killed or injured in car crashes stanley roberts writes with the police department of the california
4:49 am
highway patrol as they look for children not properly restrained. >> what's going on with your seat belt? >> stay in the car. >> the of serbia's the door not one but three church and in the van. all three ages 2-3 were not securely fastened as our bylaws. will this look for was in her car seeing her seat those not fastened. the mother to be this reason. >> i am driving, i can't be doing this, i will cause an accident. >> she could finish it to reach it tickets for each child. the california highway patrol decided to give the driver a break. >> a citation. and for the no insurance.
4:50 am
>> to ever warning for the other two kids. every chance of ages 0-6 must be in improved car seat. there's a 50 and the taxi with other car seat on asper was the grandmother said >> it is in a mother's car. from other didn't bring it to me this morning. >> shoes issue the ticket and given this advice. >> your grandmother her body is not fully developed. by stopping are in the sea like that with the see both coming across the neck and of your crash her body is not gonna do is stand force. she could be injured severely or fiddle. >> seat belts are required for our run in the car it the child is over 18 the
4:51 am
driver is responsible. >> a 17 year-old and his six road were not secured in the as tv. plus, >> highly of him a license? no. >> the driver was issued a ticket for both goods and not having a license. >> a licence or will come to the car. >> the ticket for not having a child restraint in olney net is a round one and should do dollars. it's not a moving violation. >> for more affirmation on car seat safety contact the california highway patrol office if your comment or a story idea for stanley said in an idea. more restaurants are happy to have a steady clientele kron4 find one that seeks fame and fortune.
4:52 am
>> we open two years ago our goal is to become world- famous. >> after his appearance on the food network share beverages through his latest creation has taken a long way. >> and store the other formats from berger. after a year i need something else. so i made a sixth round of blood. six states, ham, cheese hot link burger patty. to biscuits. kroll to 15 ounces of gravy. >> with us stunned consciousness and n. snyder and to greater heights. to 5 lb. they are the scum of rebounds. a double decker. in the whereon 10 lbs.. >> will be back with more in
4:53 am
the minute obviously the latest with the golden globes will tie you came up the big winners as we take a look at today's big story the fraud. we have dense fog for just about every bridge, valley, not from our cranny.
4:54 am
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in the air back, be careful out there we have 5¢ less than a quarter mile and a good number of spots around the bay more on that coming out. the stars gathered in monsanto's frenetically it, humor. the 60 daniel goldin called zero words kicked off at the beverly hilton creek black reports on the biggest wins. >> it is going to be in that out partying, heavy drinking. (applause) are as charlie sheen cause a
4:56 am
breakfast. (laughter) it was an evening of jokes, jobs, honors. the best offerings in movies and television. >> the golden globe goes to the social network. (applause) >> facebook conspired from a social network swept up taking on for hours. (applause) >> the golden glove goes to leaglee. (applause) also winning best supporting actor, >> i think i stopped my car. heart. >> trouble ballerina black swan natalie portman. colin
4:57 am
firth and won the king's speech. >> other noteworthy winds annette bening best actress for the kids are right time best motion-picture for musical melissa leo best supporting actor and actress for the boxing fell to the fighter. robert to narrow the pre just award. we will take a break, the latest in the gas line explosion of including an investigation about pacific gas and electric company behind that along with the fog. a live look at lafayette, have led to address bound as you can see the fog is extremely thick their mom and your brother in a moment.there. more on yourr in a moment.
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5:00 a.m. on the kron 4 morning news on the smart lines is the king day pleasers searching for suspects in an overnight shooting that left one person dead near a church. details coming up. >> oakland's top cop could be moving to another bay area city will tell you where coming up. police are investigating a murder- suicide how it could be connected to the tenure of murder and rustication details ahead. big story around the bay the fog, stockton with fog advisories in effect, a live look from the golden gate and our roof camera i think i can even tell were those pictures are it's so foggy out there louisa has more. >> dense fog, a lot of that fog widespread ride across the bay visibility's really down this morning in fact
5:01 am
visibility less than a 10th of a mile at this turn our lots of sunshine ones that fog burns off pretty pleasant for least a couple of hours before the fog returns into the evening. right now here's a look to were dealing with, dense fog for the north, a peninsula, east, south been as well. visibility less than a quarter from mild we could see those drop their zero just be prepared. we could actually hits and seven reductions in visibility here's a look your chart to give you an idea of were the prime spots are sfo less than a 10th of a mile this morning about the same and oakland less than a quarter mile to the north bay, a delta san jose in fact we're starting to seem that fog thickened up a bit about a half a mile visibility for livermore and concord. to many of were dealing with
5:02 am
problems less than a mile. right now started to notice that fog thickened up to san jose, livermore by about 6:00, notice that fog getting a bit more dense it a clock, continue to keep the fog around and backed it will show the bay area until about love and a clock, that some will see it lifting sunshine to the afternoon before that fox starts to roll back in for your evening commute be prepared for another evening of fog. currently in the 40's, 49 seconds as good. iraq to minimize into the sixties once the fog burns are again by about 63 degrees for seven sisters same for santa rosa over a oakland a warming up to 66. better chance of getting the upper 60s today. more fog in store for from windy by mid-week.
5:03 am
sunny, mild conditions persist. in order. >> pretty quiet, dense fog advisor issued for a number of bridges including at the bay bridge right along the upper deck barely make out there is cars headed westbound the california highway patrol is asking you drive with extra caution be mindful of the cars reduce your speeds, accident freed the bay bridge nine minutes from the foot of the maze in to san francisco we dividends fog advisor issued for your ride towards the san mateo and not hear the golden gate pretty foggy you can only see a couple of cars headed south into the city of the we don't have a dense fog advisor still drive with extra caution traffic maps show dense fog advisor is issued for the cortines, your ride to and from richmond san rafael if your taking public transportation most systems running on a normal schedule
5:04 am
although barr, muni running on a saturday schedule. mark. >> thank you, , team coverage of the weather, traffic continues yoli is live with an update on the fog. >> good morning, you can see it's kind of foggy this looks good compared to other parts of the freeway where the visibility was to cars distance your gonna wanna get of the house quickly. this fog is going to slow you down adding to your travel time. >> thank you, , god is the around the bay more coming up. another developing story out of oakland the search continues for someone who shot and killed its version of run average church this happened or 10:00 you see the location in the 1600 block of east 14th street kron4 is will tran is at the oakland police department. >> at this point we don't have a motive for the shooting or description of
5:05 am
the victim here is video that we got right after it took place in happened right in front of st. anthony's church is the same location about a block away from another murder took place last year. we understand the victim died scene, i put a phone call and as soon as i get more information on this case of possible long. >> will trent, kron4 news. >> big story out of oakland the man in charge of the police department could be moving to san as a chief anthony batts is one of two finalists to take over the job saying he would take the position if there was offered. the other is the current acting police chief chris more. new details in a murder suicide at age shopping center the shooter had accused the rectum of murdering his sister. two men 52 or elaine sanchez and more reason not to make or
5:06 am
having a conversation other red robin at this shopping center around 9:20 p.m. sanchez accused him of murdering his sister janine harms the went missing in july of 2001 sanchez followed him to a near riot by coffee where they continue talking they believe they heard a gunshot found him dead in the parking lot. jeanine harms' disappearance drew national attention. reese was last person to see her alive the medicare birdie in campbell. he told investigators he went home that was the end of his story he claimed he had nothing to do with her disappearance detectives did not buy it three years later they arrested him charging him with her murder. they'll need a rug from our home to him that red was found in a dumpster at the time of her disappearance fibers were
5:07 am
found in the back of his us to be but a judge dismissed the case after the technician built proficiencies. he was released in 2007, never convicted of a crime police continue their investigation. >> new details pacific gas and electric company is temporarily increasing the pressure on the line since 2003 as the chronicle reports that include san bruno that exploded less than two years under the pressure was increased. experts are pressing concern that the end surges which pushed levels to the legal limits in addition to the san bruno could have weakened the integrity of the pipeline. pacific gas and electric company knowledge and had increased the pressure the would not identify the location. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. alive record
5:08 am
psychodrama very foggy toll plaza visibility down nearly zero. fog advisor rate is posted near a tent the mile in san francisco, a quarter mile and a daughter, sandra is becoming a worin the amount , santa rosa. h8 california should be proud.
5:09 am
5:10 am
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5:11 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news bay area fog, fog advisor in effect for the entire bay area taft driving out there a live look from my 24. other stories, the government is accused of trying to assassinate gifford was not on any watch it turns out there's not a list in the u.s. for people like jared loughner there as his case in to its current messages bizarre behavior and college costs as and videos, he
5:12 am
was suspended in september after police found a video claiming his college was illegal. the city was are hardly enough to raise suspicions. face the nation this week that turned gun laws need to be addressed and demented. >> the pressure from interest groups, take a look and say it is any citizen protecting themselves do they need a clip that was 33 bullets or cancer or ignores record are. nation spirits has to act quickly henry and state to ban on these large magazines these clips. >> doctors are expressing optimism and caution about the remarkable recovery of
5:13 am
gifford her condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. the extent remains uncertain because it's rare for people with gunshot runs to the head tree and all of their abilities. will be right back.. yye [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch.
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5:16 am
welcome back, a live look from the golden gate jackie sissel how has the fog been? >> its testing in and out, one of the heaviest fought area's in the golden gate bridge right now the fog is setting up a little bet as i've politic here a little bit. you can see the towers, the fog is extremely heavy. coming up the waldegrave i would estimate visibility was less than a hundred feet. it was as thick as you can imagine coming up 101. sausalito,
5:17 am
only when i got the golden gate has started to let up. >> i had a really rough riders sonoma and marin allows well little slow going with the fog on the forecast with louisa. >> less than a hundred feet that's no surprise that the amount of clock. fairly widespread not contain to one area in fact san francisco, visibility is less than 10 per mile. oakland quarter were mild, novato a bit of improvement santa rosa half mile. fleiss and a quarter mile in love you, san as they. satellite, stockton pretty much every where you go run the bay area dense fog advisor retell 11:00 is visibility's continuing less than a quarter mile also occasionally dropping even further. seven productions
5:18 am
this visibility, good idea to give yourself some extra time for your commute. use la usually we see this area of orange contained to a few areas now is widespread. the the the south bay, fremont, livermore, delta looking of visibility less than a quarter mile. we will continue to keep the fog and total recall, 11:00 some improvement in should low of, a window where a couple of hours and should break through temperatures soaring up quite nicely the fog returns once again. your evening commute you notice that fog. right now, a sitting in the 40's for several sister, 500 -- how come bay. if the fog burns off
5:19 am
temperatures into the fifties. san francisco 63, south bay warming up into the upper 60s. tomorrow morning, another foggy day, windy midweek, sunny, mild weather will continue towards the end of the week. erica. >> fog is definite word in that they bridge road plaza stockton with fraud, you can barely make out as headlights' west mounted to the city we have been free of accident incidents certainly drive with extra caution out there be mindful of the cars in front of you drive time 12 minutes. now i have not been showing this brochure your live look from the san mateo. i got the
5:20 am
camera is down. but if you look closely a little bit of movement. a dense fog advisor is issued. the traffic in the seventh one direction, he can't see any cars on the span britisher froggy. drive with extra caution drive times look good your dry time of the rather 23 minutes. we do have several other fog advisor is issued for the grittiness and benicia. >> president barack obama is marking martin luther king day with community service he and the first lady will be pitched in and add it to be named location. the president has embraced the idea of honoring the memory of the civil rights leader through projects that the community last year the president dropped by washington to prank serving hot meals in a statement
5:21 am
marking this holiday the presence of dr. king dedicated his life to others. the president is asking all americans to observe today by volunteering. >> more than 1000 riders are expected to participate and caltrans and of freedom ride. the tradition started in the '80s to remember dr. king's march from selma to mark emery in 1965 it was a 54 mi. march, there similar rides across the country but the bay area is one of the few areas where this train lives on. it departs and 9:30 a.m. stopping in some detail, palo alto and cemetery. arriving in sent to scuttle 11:00 a.m. for the your progress in the center because it's so popular caltrans is urging people to buy tickets and events causes $10 roundtrip.
5:22 am
events to celebrate there's a free entrance to the museum at the king of five events at 1215. in oakland the dream lives on celebration rally, oakland police chief anthony batts was given an address. mary jean quan will >> at union hall. in two years the america's cup will sail through san francisco bay plant to accommodate the raise will meet massive remodeling are around fisherman's wharf. 80 businesses could be forced to relocate and they're planning on holding the americans come from pier 19-29 utilize in the
5:23 am
property on the northwest side of the bay bridge. among the business is is in money. the tents that occupied them for 10 years we spoke with one business owner says he got a message saying is lease will not be renewed. >> it seems rather on ceremonial building. i've 65 permits to operate nationally that are all opposed to that address. under the regulatory scheme moving those licensing and the bureaucracies involved in moving that to a new official location is an act of god. >> their plans to redo of that area afterwards. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues light traffic on this dr. martin luther king holiday. fog is very thick rotted by st.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
and we're back, 5:26 a.m. a live look at highway 24, taylor it's headed west towards the tunnel, a lot of thought get there, heavy in some spots fog advisor 3 until 11:00, who had to wait and see it timing halls throughout but hopefully it will clear by then, reduce visibility quarter mile in some spots, heavies portions we can see visibility's now near zero be very careful, try using your low beams, not high beams. the take away the heavy fog, visibility greatly reduced. mark. >> to record some of the abilities, a live look from our roof camera transamerica pyramid and the mark hopkins, visibility is down near 0 with a quarter mile or less dense fog san francisco, oakland,
5:28 am
tenenbaum of visibility less than five is the novato come santa rosa visibility is a quarter-half mile and you come hayward dense fog. following the fog we'll be right [ man ] i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox, then my squirrel... and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built.
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welcome back, five city a.m. february looks often was fog the shot of the left, bay ridge occurred to concede all that fog, on the right to golden gate but we're doing the fog written to the north, south, livermore. certainly fog is a problem this morning keep that in mind and your heading out the door he might want to give yourself some extra time. this afternoon sunshine, or that fog starts to return into this evening, right now here's the bill looks like the fog is often to the north, though the stretching of the way down
5:31 am
to the south bay as well as the dividends fog advisor in affect everyone around the bay area toll of a clock, visibility less than a quarter mile we could notice those dropping year's zero. it certainly could expect a sudden reductions on the road this morning. visibility is less than attend some of sfo, oakland, napa and now into this as they as well. here's your visibility, it is less than about a mile later on the peninsula, east bay, livermore by about 6:00, continue to see that thought that the net. we'll keep them around blanketing the entire bay area until 10:00, 11:00 some improvement that summer expected to see the fog left a couple of hours of a break before it starts to seven again as we head towards evening that fahd will be part of the weather picture even in to tomorrow
5:32 am
morning as well right now 49 degrees for san francisco, 50 half moon bay, by the afternoon warming up to the '60s. we're action going to say a bit cooler to the north bay was left was expected to burn of slower. still a warming at the upper 60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow morning so flawed. mid-week little noticed the wind is really picking up thursday, friday sending, mild in to the weekend partly cloudy upper 50s. erica. >> thank you, , fog advisor issue for a number bay area bridges it will hit to pretty much wherever you go a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza socked in the fog you can barely see this headlights westbound to san francisco aside from the fog no other major problems. the metering lights are still cycle of all lanes are open. over to the traffic
5:33 am
maps following those fog advisor is benicia bridge to and from the cortines the richmond san rafael bridge, san mateo and dumbarton. very foggy of their california highway patrol is asking the watch your speeds and be careful of the cars in front of you. a live look from san francisco, a clear shot, don't be fooled is foggy. no problems on the james lick you can see cars flowing freely headed southbound toward the ups building drive times 15 minutes from this camera shot in to san francisco airport. taking a look at your holiday transit schedule, you become a part saturday schedule ac transit said the day's schedule no service from the oakland alameda very. park. >> ref going on roadways yoli has been live on
5:34 am
highway 24 has a gun worse, but as did the same press mark >> it depends some where you are. this is a good example rate here you be able to see the freeway go straight and then turned, you can see how these lights just disappear into the fog. it looks pretty clear here. you have to get out early you will run into some relief that pockets that will slow down your travel time on your way to work. >> how was it for you driving? >> at was the what? >> to the drive. >> it was really a bit, going through 580, 24 all of it was very thick. rape before you go into the tunnel heading east bound it gets really clear. and after that really thick fog.
5:35 am
>> yoli and jackie are around the bay area will keep getting updates from them. another story is the latest of oakland police investigating a shooting that killed the victim in front of a church. that happened at 10:00, 16 under block, officers say some shot the victim in front of st. anthony's church next to a catholic school. new details about the victim or motive, that area's the hot spot for prostitution its subroc away from up shooting that killed a person last year. >> the man in charge or oakland police department could be moving to stand as a chief bass is one of two finalists he says he would take the position if it was offered. the etiquette of that is current acting police chief chris more. police are asking help that
5:36 am
fine suspects the command saturday morning 23 rob lewis was with friends at lookout point at twin peaks. the man and his friends someone in the other group opened fire. at least a hundred people update look out many drinking alcohol the man who fired the shots left the area in a white honda odyssey or similar minivan. new details of a murder-suicide edison as a shopping center police say the south shooter accused of the victim of murdering his sister. timman 52 uruguayan sanchez accused maury's of murdering his sister. sanchez shot and killed him before killing himself. have been around 9:20 p.m. saturday night, use a suspect in the disappearance of janine harms to missing the july of 2001 da lin has more. >> jeanine harms
5:37 am
disappearance to national attention an attractive 42 year-old single woman who went missing after spending more and better car, police say this man was the last known person to see her alive. they met at their rock bottom brewery. the net of 2001 generate. the u.s.- backed are all issues never seen again he told investigators he left for home late that night raid that was last time he saw her. he planned to get nothing to do their disappearance. detectives did not buy it, three years later police arrested him charged him with her murder. even though her body was profound investigators say it was this drug that leaked into the killing. it was janine's a rugged a woman
5:38 am
founded in ad dempster right around the time the two missing. the county crime lab said fibers from the right match the one found in his us to be a judge dismissed the case after prosecutors said there are unprepared to go to trial. the technician detested the fibers had felt the proficiency test in fiber analysis he was released in 2007 and never convicted of a crime. >> we will be rolled back as the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m.. [ wheezing breaths ]
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and we're back, west at the terra a perch in the bay bridge toll plaza heavy fog, this is the scene that we will see repeated in the number of different spot, but what the visibility san francisco, oakland and repent of a mile, the novato probably airbus bought in the north bay to cancel a mile, santa rosa half a
5:42 am
mile, napa, a word also showing to attend a mile. novato improving your to miles. the latest trend shows that visibility from 1-2 mi. everyone of steel and heavy dense fog visibility a perching zero. as you drive around be very careful you could hit the really heavy stuff, visibility to-are hundred feet. more updates as retractor at the morning. art. >> thank you, futures are a bit mixed for tomorrow, markets are closed for the holiday traders return to work tomorrow corporate earnings will be the name of the game. city group, ibm, apple releasing their fourth quarter results tomorrow as it is a burning season the national association of home builders will release their junior housing market index
5:43 am
followed wednesday by the report on housing and the news on the housing front not expected to be good. criticizes developing a new type of electric motor their relies less on rare metals. the new technology will help free them from running on china. a new poll finds that 40 percent of those surveyed says they support the cultural field. just after the november election opposition to it stood at 47. as for repeal only about one in four americans sitting on a door where is a complete and its men's coverage to more than 30 million uninsured americans aboard require that most people in the u.s. court jury health insurance. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. is alive and get side and a foggy golden gate bridge. god is the big
5:44 am
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5:47 am
welcome back, sat in the fog every ago, less an attentive and at the san francisco, oakland quarter mile to oakland in nevada. santa rosa, mountain view, hayward 0.25 everyone is doing a very dense fog this is what we're dealing with this turn our you can see the fog to the north bay, rented it brought back. we do have a dense fog advisor 3 in effect to about 11:00 visibility is less than a quarter mile acacias seeing and drop near zero expect seven reductions in his ability as he headed down the road a good idea to give yourself some extra time notices orange which means visibility is less than a
5:48 am
mile normally it's isolated to several areas this morning widespread the entire peninsula less than a mile. sandoz said to the livermore up until antioch as we head into the next hour notice that fought the coming up continue to keep it in place as we had to about 10:00, zero and a clock in receipts backed the, lifting of that, groups of sunshine in the afternoon. the evening commute to the fog he will keep the fog around to tomorrow. right now, temperatures in the '40's, 49¢ a scared, 48 oakland. 47 fairfield says big upper 40's as well by the afternoon we could bring this temperatures to the '60s, 60 san rafael 62 san francisco, a little slower to burn off and to the north bay says bay 68 and places
5:49 am
like los daughters and morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. another foggy day tomorrow when the weather expected to move into the picture by midweek thursday, friday, mild. forget. >> thank you, fog is several of the big story in the travers to permit a number of dense fog advisor 3 issue for bay area bridges including arrive here at the toll plaza take a look at that you can really barely make at this headlights aside from the thick fog the duet to contend with donovan and other accidents, incidents be very careful of your speeds now still looking at a pretty good drive time of about 10 minutes from the fetid amazed net take a look at this, will such a black screen this is-a live look from san mateo you cannot even see any cars and there are that is because the fog is says that visibility is quite poor devil and be
5:50 am
careful when not tracking in the back up still looking at a pretty great drive time 14-15 minutes no dense fog advisor is issued for your ride to and from the golden gate a live look to these headlight's headed in the sector and direction towards the toll plaza the quashes aside from his thick fog still looking at great drive times still looking at 23 minute ride under broader cost 37. mark. >> weekend box office, the green hornet $34,000,000 stirring set as the dc comics hero. second spot the comedy starring lynn swann and kevin j. the dilemma $17,419,000 true grit $11,200,000 the great western remake is calling in coming in tn globes, the social net
5:51 am
workers the big winner, for prizes including best drama, director that solidifies this movie's prospects at the academy awards as a favor. natalie portman taking home the red for a best actress for her role in the black swan. colin firth pulling in best dramatic acting for a movie everyone's talking about the king's speech and like his character he had no prom thinking the crowd it was the most nominations but only one award. >> christian bell took best supporting actor for his role in the fighting. that's the actors went to in net spending for lesbian family story of the kids are right. hbo drama to it in the best from the boardwalk empire and glee chicken does comedy
5:52 am
along with two stores. the kron4 morning news continues, fog is where we're watching not much to see as visibility is down near the zero.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back, a dense fog advisor 3 most of the bay area shaded in orange visibility less than a mile. ha visibility is down of our many parts of the bay area following the latest, waiting for it to left, and dangerous driving conditions around the bay. heavy rain to the north, more on the way, video from western washington state evacuations in one county to to the flooding. emergency personnel going door to door to read some of these areas getting people to leave their homes officials believe flooding is possible along the south, river. this river will likely rise several feet. heavy rains and mudslides and are and are causing driving headache this is from tell amok. this
5:56 am
is our roof matter river, cars are flooded drenching rain causing several severe flooding in parts of the pacific northwest, the flooding is that the only concern rain is causing landslides. >> i a teller will side. >> organ tyree's existing close down because of the mudslides and the weather making headlines seven newspaper headlines, northwestern weather or other odd weekend sec fire crews are concerned about bridges. trenching causes lights, flooding road closures from eugene organ in sec the flooding. longview, washington people in getting around by about, that's the story as if all of the latest. that year in the bay area, sports news espn is suggesting a report
5:57 am
that former raiders coach tom cables off as far old a grievance he was dr. 120 branadopt a hundred and 20 grand they say he is upset because the team lost practice time his contract was not renewed. the we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. to kron4 morning news continues to 11:00 a.m., bay area bridges, the fog is that, the bay bridge the fog advisor posted by the california highway patrol light traffic on the stunned to martin luther king holiday bill we are seeing thick fog. i think this is san jose. wait this is san mateo bridge. look at the fog. you can even see any of the tail lights or headlights. golden gate, no advisory but the thought is that. visibility down to a quarter of a mile we'll follow the fog the latest in
5:58 am
two minutes at the break.
5:59 am
california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes...


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