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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 18, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PST

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moment goes to board walk actress who looks kind of . the new report on muni's performance is about to hit fridays tomorrow. we have a preview of some of the main complaints and changes headed to the transit agency. oakland's top cop to soon be san jose's top cop. what that means for both cities. but first the bay area covered by fog and today's foggy scene is just the beginning. . and here is a live look from san fransisco at the bay bridge and the embarcadero. you can see everything is covered in a foggy glow and you only need to look outside your own window to see a dense fog covering the bay area. jacqueline is here with an advisory that advisory is in effect right now through the
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morning commute. and you said visibility is going to be an issue. it is now and it will be in the morning. >> it definitely is right now. you take a look at our countervisibility, under a quarter of a mile if a number of spots. this will get worse through the night. fairfield, concord, oakland, you just saw that bridge shot of how bad the visibility is. it's going to continue and we have a dense fog advisory in effect for nearly the entire bay area and the central valley into tomorrow morning at 11:00. so definitely give your self extra time to get to work tomorrow. you're going to need it. temperatures though being kept up because of the cloud cover in the upper 40s in some parts 50 in half moon bay. here is what it looks like outthere tomorrow. 7:00 in the morning dense fog drizzle, bay area wide. again, take your time with your morning commute.
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into the noon hour fog persisting in a number of locations out there by 3:00 mostly sunny skies in a number of places although fog could hang along the delta. temperatures will vary wildly from the low 50s to the upper 60s depending on what time you get the sun to come out. take a look at the fog clearing times on futurecast and we look at the forecast. we have changes coming into the weekend. coming up in a bit. oakland's new police chief could be san jose new police chaff. anthony batts is one of two finalists for the job. today in oakland batts and mayor jean quan attended a martin luther king celebration. they both spoke to the crowd and afterward they talked about the possibility of batts leaving oakland for the south bay. >> at this time i'm the chief of police of oakland. i will stay focused on being the chief of police on oakland and make sure we do the best job we can here. >> many times when you are the
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chief of police people recruit you. i will stay focused on and that will be my response to stay focused on the city of oakland. >> his contract is very loose. he can leave if he wants to. i had a very good working relationship. of course i want it to continue but i want a chief who is committed for two or three years because we have to make major changes in the police department. >> the other finalist for the san jose job is interim police chief chris moore. changing jobs would be an entirely different world for oakland police chief anthony batts. we compare the current job with what he would be facing in san jose. >> reporter: he pulls down $25,000 a year. as part of his contract he gets an extra week vacation a year for four weeks plus he was given a bank of sick time, 12 weeks to start. and less than a year and a half go oakland shelled out $10,000 in moving expenses to bring him
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to the bay area. details of san jose offer have not been made public but their last chief earned $261,000 a year. when it comes to crime san jose and oakland are worlds apart. oakland was named the sixth most dangerous city in the nation recently. 93 people were murdered there last year. san jose is consistently named one of the safest cities in the u.s. and had the lowest murder rate in a decade last year 20 people. the city and the police forces are rad chi different but both are face -- radically different but both are facing budget issues. san jose was nearly twice the population of oakland has 1250 officers. the city spared laying off officers hast year, instead having them agree to take a pay cut. . apple cofounder and ceo steve jobs is taking a second medical leave.
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his second in two years. the 55-year-old cancer survivor will turn over day to day control of the company to the number two man tim cook. and says that he will continue as ceo. jobs did not elaborate on the specific health reason behind his leaving nor how long he will be gone. he has battled pancreatic cancer. and a liver transplant. apple stock fell 6%. the share's decline is expected to continue on wall street tomorrow. new tonight at 11 san fransisco's muni will officially release its service report tomorrow. we have a preview and it's not good, is it haaziq? >> reporter: no it's not. in fact the standard report this one i have right here, says muni on time service performance is moving in the wrong direction. being on time from 75% last year to a little over 70% in the first quarter of fiscal year
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2011. however, keep in mind muni's on time performance is 85%. now, earlier this evening i spoke to mtc spokesperson paul robe about the challenges facing ontime performance. >> when you have a system that doesn't have dedicated track when you're on the surface you have to abide by the same congestion and the same rules of the road as any other vehicle you're going to have on time performance that suffers. and so what we're trying to do is find a way so we can improve that and be more efficient and make sure we're the best we can be. >> does it deal with the issues of crime? >> reporter: yes it does. this report says, reported crimes on muni increased from 231 to 268 crimes during the 2010-2011 fiscal year. >> what else is covered in the report. >> reporter: mtc is proposing making changes on the end juneau
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line allowing easier access for muni passengers along that line. >> okay. . all right. we'll look for the full report released tomorrow. new details on the arizona shooting and the can be of congresswoman gabrielle giffords recovery. she went through a successful surgery to remove bone fragments from her eye socket today. there were no complications. she continues to show improvement. she cannot speak because of the tracheotomy but she was able to rub her husband's back and he says she smiled. the young girl killed in the shooting her father says her donated organs are helping others to live. two children can now see after receiving his daughter's corneas. christina taylor green went to the event of the congresswoman because of her budding interest
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in politics. her parents did not hesitate to allow doctors to use christina's organs. a day of remembering martin luther king, jr.. people around the country and here in the bay area took part in many activities to mark the life and achievements of the civil rights icon. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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. tonight's headlines the pacific northwest hit by severe weather in western washington, homes damaged trees downed, two rivers are rising fast the there have been some evacuations. in oregon, many drivers got stuck in water and mud and debris. several highways have been closed. there's one storm related death. brazil is desperate after days of heavy rain, floods, and mud slides there. hundreds of areas are at high risk. some towns are cut off unable to
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get food, water or help. soldiers and doctors are beginning to reach them, at least 655 people are dead. the government is coming under heavy criticism. more unrest today in tunisia leading to a new national unity government that includes the opposition to replace the country's ousted president. tunisia's revolt started with younger citizens. dense fog is settling in over the bay area at this hour. it will continue into tomorrow morning and partway through this week before changes come through into the weekend. i'll have detailin
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wife. and in washington, d.c. president obama and first lady michelle obama worked with a mentoring program, a tradition for the first family. the election of president obama brought dr. king's dream of an intergrated society ♪ at last ♪. >> when barack obama became the first black president 6 out of 10 americans say it would improve race relations. most of those who have changed their minds are white. the washington post asked people how they think obama's presidency have affected race relations. 51% of blacks believe it helped,
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31% of whites agree. most whites and 40% of blacks say there's been no change. the pollsters also asked whether blacks have achieved racial equality. 19% of blacks and 42% of whites say yes. about a third of blacks say it will happen soon. about the same number say it won't happen in their lifetime. 11% of blacks and 5% of whites say america will never reach racial equality. the poll was conducted by telephone over four days last week. more than 1,000 people were in the random national sampling. in san jose today hundreds of people packed the convention center for the annual dr. martin luther king silicon valley luncheon. mayor chuck reed recognized volunteers from the black community for its outstanding contributions to san jose. the group was singled out for his roll in setting up the new
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africa cultural center of silicon valley. [ singing ]. >> and this was the scene today many people celebrating dr. king's holiday by riding the freedom train from san jose to san fransisco. it's a 26-year tradition intended to remind people of dr. king's message of civil rights and equality. as they rode, many sang old spirituals and said the message should never be forgotten. the train continued from san jose to san fransisco for a long day of celebration with thousands of people turning out. . a couple live bird checks out there this evening. first from the golden gate. very foggy conditions, low visibility here. and also from the bay bridge toll plaza. you can barely see the cars
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coming. this is what you're dealing with tomorrow morning. give yourself time making your way around tomorrow morning. the north bay the delta inland valley, central valley, everywhere, reduced visibility under a quarter of a mile in a number of spots. the fog lasting into the morning and afternoon in some places. we saw one hour to two hour dhas at sfo today so expect similar conditions out there tomorrow if you're flying. fog tracker for tomorrow morning, extensive fog from our central valley hoecations being pushed into the bay area. our inland valleys also the peninsula and the coast line seeing the fog through the 11:00 hour. take a look at the fog clearing times. shows it pushing back a little bit in some spots but we'll hang on to it along the delta. today things did not clear out in concord. similar conditions will be tomorrow. the 3 or 4:00 hour it starts to pop out. livermore clears out at noon. same with san fransisco.
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11:00 clearing time in san jose and 1:00 clearing time in santa rosa. the fog will affect afternoon temperatures tomorrow especially along the delta. 54 antioch 54 m concord 53 in fairfield. compared that with livermore where the fog is expected to cheer earlier getting warmer into 62. 62 in redwood city, 65 in napa tomorrow afternoon. a look at your kron 4 forecast, fog wednesday morning but it won't be quite as ebbs tensive as what we see out there tomorrow. should catch a break on thursday and friday and could see some cheering out there in the morning but a little fog should hang on. temperatures will warm up into the weekend and we're looking at low 60s into next week. the warriors and the sharks enjoy a successful martin luther king outing today and the raiders make their decision on a new head coach. gary is next
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. good evening everybody of the raiders have a new coach. this is the sixth gentleman since 2002 that mr. davis has run through here. hue jackson brought in as the offensive coordinator last year to work supposedly under tom cable, and then when cable got so hooked, the automatic promotion, although mr. davis stretched it out until he was the last coach named. here is monte pool, long time writer for the oakland tribune. >> he's on hard times he's tough on his coaches. he doesn't respect his coaches very much. and i think when you look at what he's got with hue jackson a guy who made an immediate impact he did respect that. and i know he wanted to get rid of cable before he brought in jackson. if hue didn't fall flat on his face he was going to get the
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job. >> he's 82 years of age and i guess i wear this out. you think it is his right to do what he damn well pleases? he's been the guy through thick and thin. >> it's his business, his team. you talk to some of the older raiders and they say the same thing. they don't like what is going on but it's his team and he can do whatever he likes. >> the official announcement comes at 1:15 tonight. >> brett favre has retired right? i guess have you to file that deal with the nfl and that's what brett has done. injuries to his elbow foot, chin neck, back, ribs, calf, internet injuries. he's had a lot of different things. but again, one of the greatest streaks in the history of sports will put him in the hall of fame along with all the stats. 297 straight regular season games started. the warriors an afternoon start on martin luther king day.
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>> dr. king's message of equality had a tremendous effect on us all and it's important we remember this special man's accomplishments. >> they had 19,000 today. this is against you know the lowly new jersey nets. david lee had 24 points and 10 rebounds. monte ellis is he going to make the all-star team? you have to have kevin hoff and they're going to be reserves. ellis had 26. curry played 23 minutes at 13. warriors sixth straight win over the net. golden state playing better. they have indiana at home wednesday night. sharks working in phoenix today. marleau's 1,000th game. jackie memories of the previous
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999. >> not many. >> how about this for you. that's patrick's goal here to make it 1-0. we won't forget it. and 3-1 sharks. phoenix comes back. you don't like marleau. >> he's a very nice guy. >> soft as a player. >> he gets it done. >> pam, he gets it done. >> he gets it done. >> he gets it done. thornton got it done on an empty net and the san jose sharks they won two in a row. st. louis on saturday and phoenix today. final 4-2. the sharkies will they make the playoffs? they're in ninth. a long way to go. >> i think they will. >> i think they will too. >> pam. >> i agree. >> you have no interest. >> i'll be at the game on saturday. >> who are they playing saturday? >> minnesota. >> there's all this promotion about the new weather reporter on channel 11, glad you're going down there. you want to see someone do weather with blond hair, jacqueline
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