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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  January 19, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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(music) live this is kron4 news at 4:00 p.m.. with a developing story. >> a state wide manhunt continues for a kidnapper and a four year-old boy. we just received word that the cart may have been found in a canal in paterson. that is where the boy was last seen. the boy and the suspect were believed to be headed to san jose. on the left you can see what it was last wearing. elway and luxury with checkered hat. kron4 news ream kelley tells us what led up to this point. >> he was snatched from his
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grandmother's arms at her patterson harm edge to 13 tuesday afternoon. >> i asked him for help and this screaming. >> the suspect had a previous relationship with the boy's mother but is not the biological father. and ever there was issued with highway signs. up and down this state broadcasting information about the car that the pair believed to be traveling in. a california license plate read 6 h b 445. they've reached to achieve this san jose share county and believe the parent may be headed there because the suspect's mother lives there. after it was determined that neither it the suspect or the play were there that hand what the state wide. maureen
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kelly for kron4 news >> as you can see on our google amount down to the south is where the canal was. it is quite of distance here to the canal. it runs as you can see, to the five men and to the north and south. we have not been told exactly where the boy might have been fun. there are dived teams dragging ropes in the water. the canal is at the high level. the car, they're trying to get it. when we get more information we will let you know. >> turn into this state budget crisis they face drastic cuts with one proposal that calls for ripping out developmental agencies. kron4 news rob looks at how the hampered it plans to bring the open days to san jose and we began
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within crewmen who has more on the widespread. >> the fillmore heritage center and the affordable housing about. this is one example with the consent of that the proposal could go forward and projects like this one will not get built. that is why various we development issues are moving quickly to get projects in the pipeline and vendor contracts the they can go forward. in san francisco kron4 news. >> there is one agency racing to get them approved. rob? >> is impaired one to lose millions of dollars if this date should sound. as a result the city council is
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meeting in emergency center tried to find a way to keep the money here. >> san jose wade developers say that most of their it revenue it is obligated to existing projects like acquiring land for a major- league baseball stadium. they're hoping to buy some parcels of land that could pave the way for a new part ballpark. if they get the green light to move. they also want to lock of redevelopment funds for luring technology companies to the ongoing transportation year as well as in the downtown san jose and finally they hope to keep as much money as possible in an effort to build a new school here in east san does say. >> like other cities there
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tried to come up with the way to steer the millions of way home from the city. the redevelopment is probably the best tool they have for attracting and keeping jobs. we have more for you. >> i live look out side. look at the winds, we are going to be seeing preconditions and right now they aren't showing coastlines. temperatures assure our mild out there. 60 degrees in san francisco.
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iceland said as a. the wins will really begin to pick up the out of the northeast. inland valley as well. once the winds died down the temperature is will die down so it will be at chilly morning with places into the 30's. we're going to be seeing the weather for quite some time. >> federal authorities say that incidence of but lasers have doubled. the bay area reporter bottom of the third most in the country. there are 88 incidents. only the chicago o'hare and loss angeles have more. coming up at 5:00 will go deeper into this story. we will talk to a pilot to had a laser
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printed in his eye. >> 70's play it schools will point out why they have been closed. they will say why they weren't contacted over others. i'm meeting is set to begin this evening. kate? >> we will get back to kate in just a moment for an update on that story. in the meantime let us take a look at the northbound. traffic is a sluggish. moving too well on the other side as well.
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less than two weeks after being shot in the face at point-blank range bibbers has been recovered enough to move to a rehabilitation facility. she is going to a place that is known for dealing with traumatic brain injuries. they have a
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chilling new details about her shooting. >> there is a portion of the tape where they come out of the doors. >> richard katz did door it has is surveillance and video of jerry lot more as he opened fire in the mall parking lot. >> he walks around the 6 ft. table and he does with significant purpose. he walks up to the congresswoman and whips up gun at his face and shoots. it was clear that he was within 46 in. of her face. >> he then opens on fire on bystanders. he is subdued while trying to reload. please a rut minutes later. >> their citizens already holding him down. we put handcuffs on him. >> he offered no resistance
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and no explanation. >> village thing he said, i plead the fifth. he said it to our 3 times. >> is due in court on monday. she is expected to be sent to the rehabilitation hospital. her doctors are surprised with her resilience. >> she is tough. they receive how tough she is from the time she should appear in the emergency room and let the she is today and i am certain that she will be but stronger than ever. >> the t i a r r in the houston facility is name stands for the institute of rehabilitation and research. they treat a live a hundred patients a year. one-third of them have suffered brain injuries. another look at traffic with the at james lick and ed said the standstill period of trying
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to get to the lower deck. the bottom is highly one a one. we will be back.
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chuck reed as san jose is not in attendance. last week we told the web open taxpayers will spend and now we're tell you what it will cause to get the san francisco mayor. you pay for it, the merit it was asked why he believes it of this is a good use of taxpayer bargains. >> and now he is in washington d.c. for a three day conference. here's a look at the it is that expenditure. as you concede this graphic break here, the air travel is costing it $1,200, at the hotel $1,000. taxi is $60. conference fee
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is 1000. the mayor is spending and minimum. giving the fact that this city is facing a deficit every dollar is important. be as the mayor why he believes in flying of the city is the right thing to do. >> it is worth the cost. i will attempt to in every way to make sure that it is worth the cost. i'm trying to make public can help us with federal programs. increase and stabilize. i love them not to cut where they do not need to cut. i have been informed by many
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past editions that they should get to know people so they can call them and let them know. >> at a taking of the people with them? >> he is only going all along. we will check in to see if he concussion to help the city. >> thank you to reset. >> i live look out side. wins our award to pick up. temperatures are in the 60s. dropping into the '40's over night. another mild night to end at the store. as for the ones they are little,. notice by 6:00 the winds are really picking up in fairfield. the picking up in the inner ballets as well. continuing into the later evening hours by 10:00 mile
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an hour. still going in fairfield and dined and by 5:00 tomorrow morning. most places will see it, wins. in fairfield overnight low temperatures will be affected by this. it'll build a warmer in fairfield. we have the ones going. the temperatures do not drop off as much. 3982 out, same thing in that that in san rafael. low 40's and for our bay shore is into the sf bay. as for the afternoon temperatures tomorrow we will not have the winds. temperatures will be vice and mild. same thing in san francisco. it concord end this debate is looking warmer. i look at your kron4
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news it seven day i round of the bay. fog has been wiped out. is one to stay out of the forecast for the next four days. as we head into the weekend that is temperatures bumping up into the upper 60s, it will be a mild weekend. we're keeping dryer conditions into next week if >> the u.s. house has voted to out appeal of the bill. for democrats they voted with eight g o e. the bill taxes americans well killing jobs. in act is quite the opposite. >> my concern is the cost. >> i think it was picking up steam is that it hurts the middle class of the country.
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>> there are lot of disaffected americans that desperately need this bill to remain in tact. it is a job creator, it is to kind of ironic that the name of this repeal is " job killing " >> and national news three fidel adelphi at workers are recovering. look at this video at the fireball was sent in to this guy and all of the victims are in critical condition. nearby buildings and vehicles were destroyed. also an abortion
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doctor is charged with murder. felt patient's liver and then kill the babies with scissors. >> where they at the car wash and 8 ft. pieplant it is rare for those parts was not sure what it was. a scanner or a pair of boots. the do not pose much of the threat but they do prey on small dogs or cats. checking traffic on the golden gate bridge is moving well. we will be back.
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>> as we mentioned this state wide manhunt continues for a kidnapper of
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will look like. the car that the suspect is driving may have been found in at par in paterson. it gives you a sense. joining us on the phone is deputy saying " thank you for joining us " can you tell us what is going on right now? >> we have a guide teams that are in the canal. there are assisting to see if they could locate an object or a part. >> so we were told by other sources that this was in fact the car. are you not confirming the separately? >> we're not confirming that yet. we of witnesses that the car went into the canal and it matched the suspect's vehicle that we're looking for. right now we have not confirmed that there is a car in the canal. >> how much longer before
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you have the carpool though? >> with the way the water is moving divers are in the water and it may take some time to search the canal and find the objects. then collect evidence. >> it is a large area. could you be more specific or the search is going on. >> it is the adults up and l end runs on the side of interstate 5. about a mile north of the town of paterson. the large cannot as a northern california so that has a large full going to right now. >> adair other signs of evidence that you have
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located? >> yes. their tire tracks leading into the canal right where a witness had set the car went into the canal. >> appear we are looking at live pictures. it is near patterson. what is next in this process, how long are you involved in this search? >> it is too early to determine where we will be paired will continue to search the canal until we feel as though we have determined there is nothing in there that matches our suspects' vehicle. that a member of there is still active. we're still actively following steps that will lipolysis is not the same car. >> if there is no indication is rather early that there's anyone in that vehicle. as far as the shares are concerned it is still searching for the quick question >> mark yes.
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>> there is talk that he is coming to san jose >> yes, there was talk. we determined he has a family trip to california they could have contacted. >> think you so much for this update. we're looking at live pictures of paterson near the canal. at car went into the canal and there is concern that it may be the car that was used in the kidnapping for 4 year-old boy last night. and never let is still in effect for the child and the suspect. we will continue to follow developments and bring you more thread our newscast this morning. we will be back.


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