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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 1, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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the streets in egypt. americans have evacuated more americans waiting to leave. we'll have live pictures. >> another brutal winter storm sliming 30 states right now across the country. tracking the national weather. >> decision date for san jose as the city council decides whether to make careers more the new top cop. >> watching dense fog it especially in the north bay. all the details on that coming up. >> not too bad that the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the end of the back up. we do have hot spots on the radar will tell you where coming up. >> 7:00 a.m., a developing story which is the up raising in egypt. tens of thousands of people in cairo filling the city's main square. they are calling for the president hosni mubarak to step hosnimubarak has
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been in office 30 years. ahead of demonstration authorities tried to shut it down or squeeze that, by shutting down the roads and public transportation. train service suspended for a second day. but still the people are going into the streets. the state department still trying to get americans out. 1400 americans will get out in the coming days. they bored evacuate 1200 headed to cyprus, greece, turkey. investors are worried watching this with caution pushing oil prices up. $92 a barrel in asia today. raising the risk a seven p downgrade's ejected credit rating following this week of
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the protests. coming up in 15 minutes, we will tell you about a google executive who was missing in egypt. >> another story a big blizzard is slamming through the midwest right now watching national weather. a big storm from dallas, and i storm shut down the airport for one hour. now reopened, thunderstorms in houston and new orleans. blizzard like conditions in chicago later today. more snow through new england it is blanketed with that snow coming down forecasters say 15 in. of snow could fall along with the blizzard build up. madison wisconsin 15 in. of snow difficult to get around the madison area. a tough morning commute waking up to the porter snow. with the wind gusts of 40
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mi. an hour we could see a dress. you see madison streets being cleared. a blizzard warning in effect. oklahoma city harsh driving conditions. state of emergency has been issued for 77 counties in the state. >> we also monitoring of air travel. dulles airport closed for about one hour earlier this morning. we reopen half hour ago. will tran is live to see how it is affecting flights out of san francisco. >> how it's affecting flights is a lot of people may have to be diverted to other destinations because they cannot get to the east coast, midwest. let me show you an example. we before talk to a gentleman here. he was supposed to take off at 9:25 a.m., it says cancelled, they're headed to london. that has been
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cancelled. he went to the ticket counter, hopped onto the 1025 flight to dallas-fort worth. i did talk to a couple of people, they say even though it is on time right now, anything can happen. that can change instantly to cancel. the made introduce you here to lee. it's going to be an inventor for you today is that right? >> sure. >> what did you think when you saw cancelled? >> they called us and said your flight has been canceled so were we booking you and i'm ok with that. >> did you check out the midwest from yesterday. >> we'll are indiana jones and get. >> if you don't get to dallas and i guess you'll be back here. >> all watch channel 4. it's the
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only tell you watching the only jail you should watch channel 4. we keep your fingers crossed that you make it safely. also let me show you how empty this is. i talked to the ticket counter, normally would be so full of passengers, but there's nobody here except for workers. the reason why, the power of the newest, and have to say kron 4 news they'll watching this column had finding out cancelled flights. that's why we don't see law and wind at this time. >> did you come up on whether with lilly's the haj. >> starting to see the dense fog mark, melt can just a gorgeous shot of the sun rising. you may not be able to see the low cloud cover, release docked in. starting to see it on the increase. breezy today through the doctor, warming trend for
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this week. we have a nice week end weekend on top. starting off were visible it is our report this area of orange 1 mi. or less through san rafael, napa, fairfield seeing the fog allowed iin livermore. redwood y seeing visibility declined as well. not only visibility is less than a quarter of a mile, it could drop near zero. some problem spots highway 29, 101 toward the golden gate bridge. visibility less than a quarter of a mile for redwood city, livermore, at napa, the have a mile in 3 fairfield. satellite radar shows high pressure system rebuilding, warming it up today and not rest of the workweek. temperatures in the 30's, '40's by the afternoon bring in those
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chapters in to the mid-60s. 65 san rosa, 62 richmond, done in the south bay temperatures will get into the low 60s, only keeping those temperatures rising through the work week each day looks like we will see them go up. by the weekend upper 60's, low seventies expected. saturday, sunday afternoon highs of 74. >> we have been tracking this hot spot throughout the morning free ride down in the south bay north at 1 01 near mckee road. to car crashes involving a big break. that long stretch of read it on your screen. speeds are top miles an hour to allow yourself 15-20 minutes attack on your drive time. northbound to 80 as an alternate route. tracking fog advisory's issued for bay area bridges, alive looks locked in at the cortines bridge. headlights a lot 80, we
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have an advisory issued for the richmond san rafael bridge. not their case at golden gate of visibility is poor. definitely watcher speeds, be mindful of the cars in front of you make your way into san francisco. back with more news weather and traffic after the break.
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welcome back, news around the bay san francisco may be the first city to ban the yellow pages. legislation has been introduced that would stop the yellow pages from being dropped off at homes and offices in the city unless they are requested. unsolicited deliveries could have a fine of $500 for each violation. phone book company said it will challenge the law it is approved. of a get say most of books and in the recycling bin. 7:11 a.m., we will be back in a minute.
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>> with the protest but in in in your middle east jordan says he have fired his government. king and tools move came from jordanian came. the turmoil in the dip. now jordan calling for the resignation of the prime minister it was blamed for rise in fuel and food prices. >> date of the protests in egypt. this is the latest video. state department orders the evacuation of all non emergency personnel out of egypt. more than 500 americans have been evacuated so far. five flights yesterday, we do know there 1000's more scheduled to be taken out of the country. >> a google executive is missing amid the protest there. he has
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not made contact with anyone since friday morning in are getting concerned. he is head of marketing for the middle east africa he trouble for conference. he's been there since protests broke out last week his last week was thursday. he reportedly contacted his wife the next day but nobody's heard from him since. >> taking a look at the weather in the bay area. we have on warm up schedules for another. >> a gorgeous forecast for later on this week. even for this afternoon. we're starting off with this very dense fog. in a sock in through the golden gate bridge into the north bay as well. currently san francisco 48, by noon to 10 degrees higher coming in 613 afternoon high.inn
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high. we have coming up fog advisory. the north bay, delta, livermore valley and portions of the peninsula this morning. the advisory goes until about 10:00 a.m., dropping nearly zero and spots. affecting 29, 1 01. if you're headed to the golden gate bridge you may want give yourself extra time visibility less than a quarter of a mile through livermore, concord, and redwood city. as we head towards the afternoon another pleasant one in store. high-pressure rebuilding dominating the forecast. temperatures expected to rise as well. rain that occurred temperatures in the 30's, '40's by the afternoon bring those into the '60s. 65 san rosa, keeping temperatures upper 50s low 60s through the
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delta and vallejo, and livermore. coming in at 60 today, 62 san jose, mountain view. 7 day around the bay of one day after another of lots of sunshine out there. by the weekend warming it up low to mid 70's. >> the backup keeps growing for no. l 10 once hot spot in the south bay. rain near mckee road we had a big rig vs two vehicles. it has cleared over our goal but that long stretch of red. this back up stretching well pass the coyote valley. allow yourself 20-25 minutes for your usual drive time or used to 80, as an alternate route. picking up a camera farther north closer to downtown area continuing to step up speeds. still moving well at 45 mi. an
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hour. not talking too much in a back up on 87 interchange but drive times are up. you can see the camera shaking a bit it is windy out there. 18 minutes from this camera shot up towards and cara. the bay bridge toll plaza camera for you not too bad, the end of the back up passing over cross, 880 over cross also looks good. meter lights were cycled on that 6:20 a.m., but too bad in the way of drive time 60 minutes from the foot of the mason to san francisco. quiet in terms of transportation snow problems for part or me. >> will watching the fog that the cartoonist bridge, road is affecting the commute. i cannot tell this is the nicotine is bridge. >> the bridges in visible right now those headlights coming in
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from nowhere. thick out here it has not let up at all i drove it from san francisco it started getting that can through berkeley, by the time it came over the bridge you could make out the bridge. things are dicey in terms of fog right now, it looks like it will be like that for a while. >> you notice when people hit the fog bank there slowing down? >> not really. people are driving at normal speeds. i people passing me as i was approaching the toll plaza where a park right now. it seems they slowed all little as a day like hit because it makes it worse. as i drove in an hour ago they were not concerned. >> when the sun does come out it does get more difficult to even see in the fog. think you click. >> an appeals court in san francisco upholding the dismissal lawsuit filed by
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members who said this thing shortfall this policy contributed to the death of her father and her two sons. anthony into center again down as a salt in their color. ramos was accused of the murders he is slated to go to trial in june. the family claimed they it said it was negligent in reporting him to immigration for deportation. >> the bay area's largest city will decide if chris mohr will be the new police chief. he is expected to take the job as a top cop. community groups of protest to the selection of more because activists critical made accusation of use of force and profiling. they are afraid in insider would not be open to change. city council will meet with more in a closed session
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and that's when it will decide if they will accept him. >> police chief anthony batts will decide if it will remain police chief. he applied to be san jose police chief. oakland mayor says she will rehire tens of the eight th80 police officed off. >> a state of rain emergency is in effect in oklahoma. the midwest are bracing for this historic snowfall. this horrible storm. this is oklahoma city. it is see the trucks and cars. they are stuck, accidents. more than a foot of snow could fall in oklahoma before the storm is over. it starts moving east. daily crawling into life- threatening storm. this is the
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fda status page. they have a few colors indicating we have problems. sfo 48 minutes alive delays because of our low cloud cover. dallas has been a problem spot it will shut down for awhile but they are resuming operations. they haven't 3 hour delays for flights arriving. that will be a problem. delays in philadelphia, at anywhere from 49 minutes, roughly the same at sfo. that's the way the country looks right now. this nasty weather is moving through a third of the country. we lot more for you bet. will take a break and be back with more.
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of doubled. public galleries have occurred all over town with no connection. >> the husband of violence start to 2011, an alarming number of homicides. last month there are 11 homicides in oakland, and seven in san jose appeared now look at the same time last year. san francisco, oakland had four, san francisco had five, san jose had one. they'll wonder why there is increasing crime, there's no clear pattern in severance is cold, but oakland and san jose say most of the killings have been gang-related. >> we will be right back as the morning news continues after the break. all live look at the fog the golden gate bridge.
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7:29 a.m. a big story is a whether nationwide. this giant storm. this is from indiana, you can see this snow is still falling, accidents all over, this cars flipped outside down. the road very difficult to navigate. this storm system will effect three-quarters of the country. texas is hard hit. this is abilene, this city is getting a mass of storm. it is stretching through the central plains and midwest. it is headed to the east coast. 10 in. of snow expected for central texas. >> trouble delays are headed our way will tran is live at s f o. >> over the past 20 minutes, update if you're headed over to
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jfk, to 40 5:00 p.m. flights already canceled. that will continue as the morning progresses. there's a chance later on the airports in the east coast and the midwest. they might say we cannot handle the volume of flights. so flight a might take off but flight be might be canceled. they are urging people more than ever call ahead. check ahead. anything could happen before you and get to the airport. all lot of people are doing that, this is the ticket counter to an american airlines, a lot of agents are dying for customers, a lot of them have called ahead, normally they would be busy but they are not. they are calling ahead, saying why even bother going if the flood has been cancelled. lets take the camera off the tripod and go for walks. now the residual effect of the
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cancellations and delays, if you're headed to a warm destination, it definitely call ahead, your plane may come in from chicago and if it is delayed, there's a chance your plane may not make it with there. you may need to keep that in mind, it's an intricate system. this is the security checkpoint. i have never seen this, we have controlled a lot of trouble stories. they are all standing around. if you're traveling today is your day, you'll get through no problems whatsoever. >> as we look to have a warm day here today. >> why go anywhere when you have tempters like we expect today. we are dealing with dense fog as well though. james lick and san francisco temperatures in the
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'40's. as we take it through the day. we will warm up nicely. breezy later today, a warming trend for this week. if you liked yesterday it should be similar today and warmer by the weekend we are dealing with fog, where you see the highlighted area shows you the fog. the orange indicates miles or less of visibility, san rosa in this san rafael, the doctor, livermore valley and the peninsula really struggling with problems with visibility. dense fog advisor intel the 10:00 hour. paki in pecking 29 and 1 01. visibility quarter mile for novato, napa, concord and enter redwood city as well. as we head towards the afternoon with the burned off it will be pleasant. our bridge building and we will keep it around for the week which is going to make
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temperatures warm up nicely. renown to the 30's, 40's. upper 40's in the south bay, by the afternoon temperatures mid-60s and some of the warm spot 65 santa rosa, 61 san francisco's, through the south bay low 60s, we will keep the low 60s right through the work week. lots of sunshine in store for us an abundance into the weekend, in fact those numbers are starting to heat up by thursday bid to upper 60s, lows '70s by friday, 74 on saturday, sunday. >> good news for such a hot spot we are seeing a break up in the back up for north l 1 01. an earlier accident actually in the 6:00 hour. a big red vs two vehicles. yellow on your screen so we are no longer in the red. speeds of 45 mi. an hour not behind schedule. the slower traffic is sent to haiti, either
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case at on five minutes to morning commute. potential hot spot on our radar north fell 1 01 through oakland at embarcadero. malty vehicle crash injuries are reported chp emergency crews are unseen. to left and lanes blocked, the yellow on your screen speeds averaging 30 mi. an hour. this is a potential hot spot allow you to off time. or use 580 as the road. slowing down is in francisco at the about central for me to james lick. we have no accidents or incidents to report. just a slow down right at the central merge. the weather problems as a major way southbound towards an francisco airport. a look at the golden gate bridge sock did with fog this morning in the southbound direction. headlights are moving well, no advisory here, but watcher speeds. be mindful of cars in front of you. dense fog
7:36 am
advisory for the richmond san rafael or bridge as well as the carquinez bridge. >> back with more in just a couple of minutes. our roof of van ness ave as we make our way. i don't know where that light in the bottom is coming from. it is see how the clouds are clearing. we will be right back.
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7:39 a.m., tens of thousands of people flooded in to cairo. they are there as they are calling for the ouster of the president. i'm not sure with this video is or what story we want to go with. we have bemocked talking about the story and egypt. the volcano's another mathey are calling for the resignation of hosni mubarak before this the
7:40 am
authorities didn't want all these protesters together so they shut down the roads and public transportation. the train system has been suspended for a second day, buses are halted between sayssaid the spirit in e rose has more now. >> uncertainty is in the air in egypt, the soldiers overwhelmed, the crowds unafraid. the government promises peace. >> your aunt sources is not going to use force against this great people. >> adding fuel to the fire they have stop banks, black-out cell phone, internet service. people are finding store closed. making it impossible to get food and gas. some are sharing with each other despite fears of a this shortage. >> my neighbor gave us food, water and all we need. >> state department is working
7:41 am
to get americans out of egypt chartering planes europe. one family reunited monday night and didn't think this will look what happened. >> i know there will be protests but i didn't know was going to be the worst. with the internet out, the phones out, i couldn't get in touch with my brother. >> 2600 americans have contacted the state department leaving egypt. >> also watching wall street dow jones up 83. right now back to flirting with the 12,000 mark. the s&p 500 starting with the 1300's marquette 1299. we will be back as the news continues. alive look at outside the fog is a big story this morning around the bay area. very thick around the golden gate.
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7:44 a.m., watching the dulles airport. they had been shut down because of the bad weather. still dealing with that, it has light not enough they are resuming service. i went to the web site just to check on their flights. a big block have been canceled. no call ahead if you have flights out towards the part of the country. we are checking headlines around the country this is out of wichita texas. they are stocking up. chris restores are packed with people stocking up stencils. nobody can be sure when they will get to the store next barrett at of the denver post cold front settles into denver region that word says expected
7:46 am
windchill -35. a lot of montana they say snow, snow everywhere. they are on track on the record setting winter. seems like the entire country is bracing for bad weather in one way or another. except for us. >> it has gotten better since yesterday. all the predictions and the forecast are 10-15 degrees warmer. >> starting off with the national map. severe weather in louisiana, threats of tornadoes this morning. closer to show you were the snowfall is through portions of eastern kansas, oklahoma, missouri as well. one- 2 ft. of snow with strong winds blizzard conditions as well. you have this leak, freezing rain, it causes ice storms, expect ice
7:47 am
in illinois, indiana, ohio as well. also in the northeast as well. in our area this is what we are dealing with fog out there. definitely typical san francisco whether it will be pleasant in the afternoon. until about 10:00 a.m., give yourself extra time visibility less than a quarter mile in places along 29 and 1 01. visibility dropping near zero. we're looking at a quarter mile or less for novato, and napa, into livermore. even read what city less than a quarter of a mile. the average of high pressure is rebuilding. once the fog burns off it will be another pleasant day out there. each day will warm up those temperatures, by the end of the week we could break into the '70s. for today we will start off with 30's, '40's, upper 30's north bay 65 in san
7:48 am
rosa, 59 san rafael, 61 expected for severance as good today. south bay expected below 66 saves for the east. warmer in an up by the end of the end of the work week it could break into the '60s spirit friday '70s, warmer by the weekend we will stay dry, lots of sunshine. definitely great weekend. for 48 sorry 7:48 a.m. and will get a check on the traffic. >> the northbound direction of the nimitz freeway is a hot spot this morning. we had a vehicle clash with a motorcycle. chp and emergency crews are on the scene. right now the left-hand lane is blocked. speeds dip down to 70 mi. an hour right near high street. their red and yellow on your screen at last check to the back up stretching
7:49 am
bessie oakland coliseum. you can see the slow conditions are making their way toward san leandro. allow yourself extra time, or westbound 580 as an alternate route. the bay bridge toll plaza for you. not sure what happened but i like it the end of the backup is here, meter lights are cycled on but not a problem. giving you a drive time of just 11 minutes from the foot of the maze into fremont street san francisco. although we cleared out hot spots down in the south bay, north at 1 01. sloan go conditions right near downtown area near trumbull the lookers. giving you a dry and the drive time of 17 minutes from downtown to santa clara. > >> the volcanic eruption in world news is what we're watching out of japan. that
7:50 am
eruption tossing boulders up and to the area. you can see that irruption occurring. there you see the latest eruption. it is a remote mountain rage shattering windows. for miles around the central of the volcano. >> american government employes may not be safe in iraq after the final withdrawal of the military. the report released today also says lynn ring questions about whether some troops will stay in iraq, be on 2011 as hampered plans for the embassy in baghdad. >> the oldest person has died. of jacksonville's florida aunt died at the age of 114. she died peacefully in our home. she was the oldest person based on sense the data. it will be passed
7:51 am
onto hundred and 14 year-old bessie cooper who is 114 and 5 months old. msn 50 1:00 a.m., a top story we've been following the unrest in egypt. day eight currently thousands of the egyptians, are demonstrating in cairo in this. over the weekend 8 year-old saudi national does not live in egypt opposed to the message to the president on >> i would tell him, to remove that lot about letting him be the president forever. let them vote, says if they don't they will just make problems for you when it will be hard for you to
7:52 am
roll your country, you will be on tv forever. then they will make huge problems, you are going to waste your money to fix all the damage. by the way, some of your police officers removed their jackets joining the people. >> incredible eight years old and she has these political thoughts. this video has gone by role in today's it has gone 2000 that spirit >> watching the fog around the bay area, a foggy shop of very light traffic at the bridge. úw
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just under one week into the super bowl, it is expected to draw the largest crowd ever.
7:56 am
this is one of four regular people seeing all 44 super bowls live. he stopped by to talk about the kind of commitment it takes to it that a year like to see in the super bowl. >> i don't have a life, >> the you have children and you're married to your love football. >> i love football. i took my wife to super bowl 11, i told her i go every year that's part of the deal. that's what happens. she bought into it before we got married. >> their attends it to another tube, that have been to every game. >> there are 10 we know of. we don't how many mafia. >> so you're in there with the mafia? kids must be proud. >> they making projections for super bowl 45. this fan is weighing in on sunday's game between the packers and the steelers. the dallas zoo painted
7:57 am
to watermelons and the elephant got to choose her favorite. she stomped on the steelers' letting people know she thinks the packers will win. >> didn't cheat the steelers watermelon because she like sen. >> and we know which is the right signal. >> at all lot smarter than we are. we will be right
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> in a clock, and there news, and dozens of people oakland sledding into cairo. calling for the ouster of
8:00 am
the president to spend in power for almost 30 years. egyptian authorities tried to squeeze them out by shutting down roads, public transportation, train service is suspended for a second day. us this service has been halted. there are still protesters. the u.s. state department says it still working on getting americans out expected to fall by 1400 out, 1200 evacuated. evacuee's heading to cyprus or turkey. investors are watching what's and floating in egypt with the bill places hovering above $92 a barrel. as this chaotic power struggle is raising their risk of destruction. second major credit agency to downgrade its rating on egypt following these protests. >> national weather, another big story, stormy weather
8:01 am
from new york all the way to new mexico. freezing rain, the airport is closed for two hours, reopened, a blizzard conditions from st. louis to six chicago. the storm will make its way to the eastern schuster board. when guests come at light powdery snow. check out this video, a rough ride around madison. tough morning commute. people digging out from 15 in.. that blizzard conditions are worse. oklahoma, state of emergency declared by the governor. midwest, conditions expected to get worse. airport closures, blizzard conditions, the storm expected to affect 100 million people nationwide. >> air travel, ripple
8:02 am
effect, dallas-fort worth was closed for one hour this morning from 5:30 a.m.-6:30 a.m.. will has been live sfo, watching the domino effect will? >> they keep updating the board, you see this come are, in a perfect world they be getting ready for a deep dish pizza in chicago and said he is on line trent to come up with an alternative. he doesn't want to be interviewed but more than likely he and his girlfriend may have to stay or sleep here until this whole thing blows over, this board continues to get more orange by the minute. flights are getting canceled, in the last 10 minutes dallas-fort worth the 1:15 p.m. flights have been cancelled. even though the dallas airport is
8:03 am
open, one reason they are slowing down traffic is because those places might say we cannot handle the volume because of this tough snowy conditions. if you're headed into new york, but to 40 5:00 p.m. flights have been cancelled. a lot of people have been calling ahead. airport workers normally would be very busy but look at this, quite empty as these people are probably going to a sunny destination. other people are having problems this morning. darya. >> thank you, , weather forecast james? >> take a look at the
8:04 am
chopper, mount tam, a lot of thought.fog. breezy later on today, blowing out some fog, clear start tomorrow. warming trend for the rest of this week and into next week. los visibility north bay, dense fog visibility down less than a mile, seven peninsula dense by redwood city, a doubt, concord. 580 is socked in. visibility in some spots is fine. others less than a mile. dense fog issued for the north bay. impacting highway-29-1 01, north bay. visibility dropped to near zero. 43
8:05 am
redwood city, 48 hayward. cooler in the north bay, 37 napa, 48 in san jose. pacifica, not a lot in terms of high cloud, just below cloud, fog. once that is gone, plenty of sunshine. highs this afternoon, 61 in san francisco, 65 santa rosa, 63 oakland, 62 san jose, 63 los gatos, upper 50s delta, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. watched the weekend, saturday-sunday '70s, for much of that day. dry, stain dry, warm into the second week of february. traffic, erica?
8:06 am
>> good morning, northbound direction of the nimitz tracking and aftermat aftermathn accident. california highway patrol has the lanes are open accident was pushed off to this shoulder. long stretch of red. pushing its way to san leandro, hayward tack on an extra 20 minutes to your drive time. or use westbound 580. that is not our only hot spot, south bounce 680, earlier hit and run. rate near the boulevard, center divide, you can still see that long stretch of red, yellow speeds down to just 12 mi., slow and go continues through the san ramon valley. good news, no problems approaching the bay bridge, meter and light still on, not a problem. traffic is flowing freely.
8:07 am
craig drive times to san francisco 11 minutes through the maze. across town looks good, no problems. it is also pretty enjoyable ride east bound. >> we will be back with more in a couple of minutes, a live look here at the golden gate bridge. right? (laughter) it is hard to tell it is really dense fog. major, major fog this morning. i know marin county is on the other side of the shot. (laughter) we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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and a 30-day money back guarantee. ♪ for the bundle that fits your life, at&t. ♪ welcome back, a dow jones is up 0.8%, flirting with the 12,000 mark, baker news,
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s&p 500 that is hitting the 1300 market. >> news around the bay san francisco may become the first city in the nation to ban the yellow pages. legislation has been produced over stopping them from being dropped off. unless they are requested, unsolicited deliveries could result in fines. the fall but companies as they will challenge that lot if it's approved, advocates say most of the book's end up in the recycling bin. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we will be right back with gary and the world according to gary. (music) úw
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>> let's talk what guys like to talk, figures, facts.
8:15 am
statistics. (laughter) >> you want to hear a good one? if you want to talk sports, with your buddies, this, that, if you have to look it up is to much. i have been doing this 30 years, but if you adjust to your report, if you're at the bar, spitting out stuff you had to research. you're putting someone to sleep. >> this is voting, let's deal with the voting, the voting was the media people who vote for top defender. >> he has a lot of hair, a tough not to vote for him. (laughter) >> with that here you notice
8:16 am
him in every play. (laughter) >> do you know what it is, quarterback, offensive position, you look at the stats the ones that can better attitude, defense, if you're good, you have a characteristic that makes the standout you know? >> rate. guys are making lists, just to make lists. the latest is the most disliked. your favorite al davis is on top of. >> is this nationally? >> they surveyed a thousand adults by e-pole. >> i am looking there, you have taggart, a bit, jerry, one thing they are all famous. you can be edger, but if nobody knows you what
8:17 am
is the point? >> ok. (laughter) >> did you see there is a story of this morning that the commissioner of the nfl ticking to consideration the very few if any teammates defended him. >> really? >> he had a really rough go with his teammates. it doesn't excuse anything, condemn him. the idea he had no support. >> look at michael beck, you need to improve your image. these guys are famous but i think vick still little better he's to be no. 2, now is no. 3. al davis is number one. >> i bet you in the history of sports any 81-82 year-
8:18 am
old has topped the list in sports is good. >> e-pole they put this out. there are live son who america's team is, ranked the winning quarterback's, 10 worst seasons, then i saw the bedding. it is at of control, you can bet on the color of the gatorade. >> i make a joke at of it but if you're betting on the color of the gatorade, if you're doing it for fun coed, but if you're actually pacing the floor trying to figure it out you have a problem. >> how long will the national anthem be? how long will they hold the note?
8:19 am
will she single song, is for gate going to dress up like a cheerleader? >> a lot of these are to see who would have any idea? >> they are real bets. i had to weed them out. if you're having fun with it go ahead, but if you are sitting at your desk with a pad, paper trying to figure out how long it will be what the hell? (laughter) >> you guys like your list. >> there are women doing it too. >> i know but i think men are more into it. men want the top 10. >> that is a hot thing, every magazine as some sort of top-10 list. people like
8:20 am
to read list, you think that's just men? >> i think men alike give more. let's show the top-10 wives and girlfriends of the soccer players. >> look get me, let them eat good who cares.who cares for sow the guys to? do these sites they are alone. >> if your blocking, saying it in the middle of the knights its fine. don't think these guys are the epitome of intelligence. >> my question is how many of these football watching guides will watch glee? >> what a lead in. normally
8:21 am
that's done to get a new show off the ground but don't put that there. don't put me in that picture you put me in there with the cast of singers. >> are you going to watch? >> if i am in it. to be honest i am traditional, i want to hear more about the game. i shouldn't even say that, every year for i don't know how many years, i watch half of home, i go to my neighbors for the second half. my neighbor has ed could get together. i can't imagine watching glee. >> we will see you later. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
and we're back, we will be getting up into the sixties
8:25 am
this afternoon, '70s by the weekend. more on your forecasts in imminent. erica. >> northbound 1 01, traffic is at craw. mark? >> jordan's royal palaces the king has fired his government in the street protest is asking an ex army general to form a new cabinet. the move comes after thousands of jordanians took to the street. they are calling for the resignation of the country's prime minister whose blame for rising fuel and fuefood prices. >> look get all of these people the state department is continuing with the evacuation of all non- emergency personnel in means
8:26 am
a lot of flights of more than 500 evacuated about five fights yesterday, you can see thousands still to get out. >> police are asking for bribes to let people get through security. chaos at cairo's airport google executive is missing. google executive wael ghonim is missing in egypt amid widespread protests. a friend said monday that ghonim hasn't made contact with anyone since friday morning. ghonim, google's head of marketing for middle east and north africa, had traveled to cairo for a conference. but on january 25, protests broke out in the streets over the rule of egyptian president hosni mubarak. his last tweet was on thursday it said, "pray for egypt. very worried as it seems that government is planning a war crime tomorrow against people. we are all ready to die." he reportedly contacted his wife the next day has not been heard of since. >> we will be back with more and a couple of minutes, a live look from our mount tam camp, still shaking, wind,
8:27 am
louisa said it would be of little breezy. temperatures have gone up, much warmer temperatures especially by the weekend.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> rate weather here in the bay area, a monster stores term, you can see car wrecks, this car is upside- down, cars are stranded or running off the roads. huge storm, it is hitting about three-quarters of the country. video from taxes,
8:30 am
you can really see a ton of snow. 10 in. is expected in this city as this storm stretches all over the place. all the way through the midwest, on its way to the east coast. no end. >> dallas's airport is closed because of the eyes of a lot of cancellations in the bay will chan has been live. >> an update, over the 10 minutes, more cancellations. boston, that is for the 1:15 p.m. flight, chicago canceled. we talked about dallas, 9:10 a.m. canceled. 10:25 a.m. canceled. it might be ok. after noon fights, 1:15 p.m. canceled. over here, if you're heading
8:31 am
to new york, jfk, canceled. this will be very on to as the day continues. a lot of people taking the warning about calling a head, even the ticket agency normally they would be busier. some people know about the midwest, following the news, if they're calling a head, deciding to stay at home. lincoln cycle of to the tripod let's walk to the security checkpoint of will tell you what if you're heading to a warm place you should call ahead the reason is, if your plane is heading to san diego and the replace it takes off in chicago, and there guess what, it is not coming into sfo, that means you're not taking off to some warm place. everyone is connected. this is the
8:32 am
security checkpoint, look at this, if you have a flight to a warm place it takes you a minute to get through it is not busy. simply, all flight delays. >> dallas is 4 or it is open, 3 hour delays, dallas' love field is closed. a lot of flights go in and out of love. it is closed. >> here is a look at the storm, national radar, the heart of it over arkansas, this is the story of really cold air coming at of canada. they are meeting rate their in the middle of the country. you can see where it is colder, 8 in.-2 ft. 4 the plains. below the line we are seeing the
8:33 am
rainfall thunderstorm severe in fact. a really big band moving through louisiana. they're watching out for that. further to the north east, snowfall in new york, connecticut, vermont and new hampshire. 2 ft. up to buttress up to 10 ft.. good wins, 25-30 sustained winds gusts of 40 mi. per hour. don't be surprised if we here dressed 5-10 ft. high, we will follow this story. flight delays, cancellations. much larger picture with power and riches, millions being affected. a mass of one moving through. in the day, much milder get foggy start. really heavy in the north bay as a look better
8:34 am
visibility down to less than a mile from 101 basically ignored it. pets of the peninsula poor visibility. less than a quarter of a mile. novato = 2 tense..2. it will burn off temperatures mid-upper '40's, cooler in the north bay mid 40's, warm up nicely, fog burning of, low 60s. 61 richmond, 65 santa rosa, 63 oakland. low sixties in livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. better, better with each day thursday, friday upper 60's, low '70's. mid-70s by the weekend. dry weather beyond that. more on that coming up. erica. >> northbound direction of
8:35 am
the nimitz, earlier reoccurring accident near the embarcadero involving four vehicles. long gone from the lanes, stretch of yellow indicating speeds 30 mi. per hour. does lois pride is due san leandro. slow and go, all up and down the nimitz. use westbound 580 or and give yourself an extra 15 minutes. north bay, your read of novato looks good, we are tracking slow spots right near smith branch or road. no accidents or incidents usually slow envelogo. south bend 101 of france as a s i g l laird.
8:36 am
at stake rate is blocking that ramp. california highway patrol is there, they are telling it out of the way. san mateo, accident, incident free. we are at peak commute traffic is moving close to the limit not tracking to much in the way of a back up pretty good drive times 15 minutes from end to end darya. >> thank you, , unrest in egypt. crossing the briers 18,000 passengers are at cairo it is a disarray as they are trying to flee. foreigners trying to get out what our they are running from, what are the tens of thousands protesting? from san francisco state university is a jim ross prof. and egyptian she joins us to talk about it. good
8:37 am
morning. >> good morning. first let's start with the protesters he has been in power for 30 years what is finally reached a head? what did these people want? >> they want to see him step down they would like to be able to elect their own president. the cboe had no choice he was appointed by the president prior that's how he became president. it was really an appointment and never an election. the people want to be represented. >> here in america when you look at the news it seems to come ahead of the live. eight days ago we set people stream into the sestreets. how long has it been building? >> i just got back from
8:38 am
cairo i was there for a month and you could feel that it was building. a massive catalysts a huge information to the people. there was a very popular sentiment that this was possible to put into words people had been demonstrating against unfair elections for many, many years. this is not of the the blue. what was of the blue was the sheer numbers that people are showing up. the way this security are completely taken aback. no one expected the protesters would be at this extent. >> all of these foreigners
8:39 am
by the thousand trying to get out. they see going downhill. when you see the government tried to stop traffic, the crowd of americans, u.s. moving to get people of what you think we're running from? >> people are running from instability, it makes sense. for egyptians, a lot want to stay. it is mostly foreigners that want to leave. they're leaving instability. is very difficult in terms of security. it is difficult because supplies are running up. it is not a great environment for children, most schools got shut down. the whole country is shut down. if you don't live there is make sense to leave. could you weigh in on
8:40 am
where you think this means for the u.s. and its relations? egypt was such a close ally? >> i believe the change is ultimately a good thing for the united states, i believe that a lot of terrorism that have been partly as a result of the political frustration. if they were just able to represent themselves and their own country i think this religious fanaticism could dissipate. >> good or bad for israel? >> ultimately did. i seriously doubt that religious extremists will take over. i really don't believe that egypt is and any position to pick a fight with israel. israel is
8:41 am
nuclear-powered, it can take care of itself. i think we're in for a period of instability. long-term, everyone in egypt i believe will be better off. >> thank you, joining us from san francisco state journalism professor this morning. we'll be back with it's really delicious, mom.
8:42 am
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. rethink possible.
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8:48 am
oklahoma they're bracing for historic snowfall. here is oklahoma city, a car is getting stuck on the road. more than 1 ft. of snow is expected national weather service is calling it a life threatening store. governors are declaring it a state emergency here is a video of the dallas. international airport was closed for over two hours due to icy conditions its now reopened drivers have a tough time getting around to the coding of snow, ice, their advisers weather related in 30 states from new mexico to maine. >> national map, is senate rate near arkansas tracking over the next few days to the northeast brazil moves upward to 2 ft. of snow. and
8:49 am
then comes the eyes, cold arctic air coming down dropping overnight temperatures in a good handful of states below freezing. bay area, fog, dense fog in the north, southern peninsula in the east bay. right now, temperatures in the mid 40's up to the low 60s by this afternoon. 62 in novato, right there among the media bay. the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. forecast, will be the envy of the rest of the country nothing but sunshine. temperatures warm and load- mid-70s by friday, saturday, sunday. everyone in chicago, new york, then there are looking at this forecast wishing they lived here. but they don't, we do
8:50 am
so barry go.there you go. >> north about 580, no. 180 hottest local accidents all gone from the traffic lanes all lanes are clear stretches of red and yellow from san the answer to oakland ally yourself extra time if you're heading there. westbound 580 traffic is up at all and especially toward lake shore that's where speed dropped to 16 mi. per hour up yourself extra time or find your way around both of these three ways. if you're heading out the metering lights are on, no way that the pay gate, a little foggy, watch your speeds, speeds are looking poor because of visibility. northbound-101 sock in with
8:51 am
the fog. california highway patrol is reminding you to watch your speeds. darya? speak-e thank you, we'll be back with more and a couple of minutes. ally of love as the birds slide by with a different picture, and barely any land, and clouds in the background of these guides, we'll be right back. rocket scientists!
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[ laughs ] instead of earning zilch, your savings will be earning three times the national average. three times more? roger that! go online and sign up at what's in your wallet?! where to sputnik? [ chuckles ] >> welcome back, a space shuttle discovery is back on the launch pad. for its final voyage. now set move did ed of its hangar last may it reached the pad this morning. discovery making that last flight we have seen men and of delays after cracks in the field think it is scheduled for that final mission on
8:55 am
february 24th. >> if your not going to texas for the big game kron4 tech reporter has this we need to feel like you're at the big game. >> if you're thinking about buying a new tv here is what is hot and some advice on an new big screen. >> at the dri the new technology. and ladies are brighter, they have a better contrast from dark-light more energy-efficient cc on your bill. the bulbs last longer. they are really thin. let's have been elli e d t e is. because they are the hot thing they will cost two-$4 more than lcd or plasma. my advice aol e d if it's too expensive go lcd you can get a good one for
8:56 am
$600 or right now at places like best buy. there's one thing you should know refresh rate is directly responsible for the quality of the damage. motion like a football game, if you what one that's best for sports higher refresh rate they measured in hertz. look for a number with h c after it, the st. l e d tvs are all the same tv, is 40 in., but have a different refresh rate. the one on the rate is 60, handles a blurry $900, middle who won 20, sharper, $1,300, left is to under $40, crystal clear, $1,500. 4 h ysabel the best is to moderate 40 where it hurts.
8:57 am
what about the 3 d? >> this year's super bowl is not being aired in three d i would say hold off. >> football fans across the country are making their predictions for super bowl 45. anyways, with this large fan weighing in between packers and steelers they put out watermelons' painted with the team's colors jenny the elephant was supposed to choose her favorite, the question is what does this mean for the steelers because she took their mellon some would say she destroyed it. others say she chose it. she likes to read it. there's a light to destroy or eat it. >> i think the big german operas is a lot clearer. we will see after the super roll.bull. \ / bowl. (laughte
8:58 am
>> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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9:00 am
9:00 a.m., starting of our top stories tens of thousands of people in the streets, calling for their president to step down the latest on the unrest. at true winter's storms affecting to their to the u.s.. >> check the national weather, state of emergency is nationwide. >> decision day for san jose officials decision on whether not chris mohr will be there police years. dealing with wild weather, but in california a lot of pot
9:01 am
>> clearing out hot spots we still have a number of dense advisories' issue. i will tell you where. >> back to the unrest in egypt, thousands are in the streets filling the square in cairo calling for the ouster of the president to after 30 years in power there is a huge pressure for him nationwide to step down, the desperation because of the situation of the foreigners trying to get away from the violent scene they are jamming the airport, there has been air employees traveling with passengers, shovelling to get to the office, word of possible bribes. so people can get onto the flight is offered. u.s. state
9:02 am
department is working to get people out. 1200 were flown out are ready going to cyprus or turkey. investors are watching what's happening its effect until prices hovering above $92 in asia, as this power struggle is rated a risk of destruction second major agency to downgrade its rating on egypt. >> back here in the u.s., another major winter storm affecting northern new england all the way to new mexico, freezing rain that moved to dallas this morning causing dallas to be closed for two hours heavy snow, a blizzard conditions expected. we are seeing strong thunderstorms with a potential for a tornado activity to the gulf coast.
9:03 am
oh, oh, boy out, national weather service warning people to stay inside. visibility down years 0 the government in oklahoma is issuing a state of emergency. >> lots of those into the newsroom, here is a shot at a texas, this is where there's a lot of snow not tens of it bad enough to make people reconsider whether not they need to go in to work, same neighborhood, snow and the backyards. this is ed of new mexico conditions that are all little ahead of the good and marordinary for new mexico. this guy is using a shovel to get the job done. the snow, ice is that tough that this group the window with a
9:04 am
shovel. new hampshire, take a look, cars driving by decides to take a photo of an accident, look at that car is is vertical, nose down in the snow. that is something you don't see every day it has you how treacherous the driving conditions are. >> let's see how it's affecting air travel, the dallas-fort worth is closed, will tran is a live he is monitoring the follow. >> let us show you is dallas, this is updated 10 minutes ago the party went ahead and cancel the afternoon flights. to dallas for it because, the airport is no longer in operation. that could change even though it is for 30, 305 there's a chance they could come back on line, that
9:05 am
means you really need to stand on top of your carrier. things could change. chicago, look at that, at 1010, to 15 are the canceled. it is easy to show canceled behind every canceled there is a human story, joining me is and, around there from chicago they are heading back or at least open to but then you found out that you're not taking off what is your reaction. >> is o.k. we'll spend the day and san francisco leave thursday morning. >> what about you, it's and a big inconvenience we are delighted to spend a couple extra days of their the disco. >> their rebut your a couple times. then we said put this on thursday morning we will leave then. >> were looking at the beautiful sunshine did you tell the agent to do is reach out thursday
9:06 am
>> we just figured it would be available thursday. >> you choose to live here rate? >> yes. with all that snow i guess you want a back >> we like it. >> she's stronger than me i'm a wimp. one snowstorm and my gut is packing. back to you. >> thank you, well. >> it is faulty this morning, that is the worse. louisa. >> i don't think he's the only one. (laughter) all lot of us here it gets below 32 and we don't like that. mountain dam, a bit of a breeze, the wind will pick up later today, over the hills. dense morning fog, and a swarming trend by the afternoon. temperatures warming up, it continued that trend rate on through the week. start to off with
9:07 am
visibility in proving, not as bad into places like santa rosa. that fog is situated from san rafael to the napa. novato less than a quarter mile, that is one of the worst spots. elsewhere, visibility's improved. at the '30's, 40's this morning. 49 for san francisco, upper '40's in the south bay, sadly, radar shows as what's going on behind the high pressure system we will stay clear, dry, sunshine. mixture of sand and clouds afternoon highs mid-60s. 62 novato and richmond. 60 vallejo, data to the east bay, says state low 60s, watch the warming trend for this week the sun is around raindrops of the forecast, temperatures not just warming to the mid-
9:08 am
upper 60s breaking into the '70s by friday. erica. >> thank you, , winding head of hotspot mud we are keeping our eyes on dense fog advisor is issued for the bridges. no dense fog advisor 34 golden gate, visibility is pretty poor be extra cautious. we don't see too much in the way of accidents, incidents the ride looks good. 26 minutes from novato to san francisco. south bay, one of our slow spots, we have not had too much in the way of accidents or incidents, traffic is at a crawl. across town, san francisco look good, sunny, very few cars at the james lick. looking at very good drive times under 15 minutes from this camera shot. now i know
9:09 am
a a.m. we will be back with more news, weather,
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
welcome back, the dow jones is over the 12,000 mark over 100 points, nastic of 43 s&p over 1300, much else asafetida, snmp we'll see if they hold on to it. gm saying its u.s. car and truck sales rose 23% in january a sign that auto sales recovery has continued. the largest company says its field i demand for new models. analysts expect u.s. sales to rise 15%. >> bay area largest city is going to decide whether chris mohr will be there
9:13 am
police chief. he's the acting san jose chief. he's expected to take the job officially. groups of protested his selection they're concerned that in critical of the police department, accusations of racial profiling. they are rate debt and insider will not be open to change. it will meet in 15 minutes that is when they will decide. >> oakland police chief is deciding by the end of the week if he will remain chief oakland. he's only been there for 15 months applied to become police chief of san jose he did not get the position. mayor jean quan will rehire 10 of the 80 officers laid off. >> 9:13 a.m. back with more on a couple minutes.
9:14 am
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9:17 am
we're falling arrests in the middle east, jordan has fired their government. there rask the next army general to form a new cabinet. thousands of jordanians have taken to the streets. the turmoil in egypt, they're calling for the resignation of the country's prime minister. >> we want to break down what's happening in egypt, we have a timeline of the events. january 25th- thousands of egyptians demanded end to the 30 year rule of the president. several demonstrations, in the wake of the downfall of to news president. january 26th, please were fighting with the egyptians define the government span to protest. january 27th,
9:18 am
internet and mobile services shut down. january 28th, the present extended the curfew to all cities in egypt. the house to his own cabinet members. in the ninth, the president orders troops, tanks into the city's. in january. mobile services unlocked, the internet is still down. yesterday eat chips or in the new government. today, more than a quarter of a million people have flooded cairo's main square as they continue to protest and the biggest uprise against the government. >> google executive wael ghonim is missing in egypt amid widespread protests. a friend said monday that ghonim hasn't made contact with anyone since friday morning. ghonim, google's head of marketing for middle east and north africa, had traveled to cairo for a conference. but on january 25, protests broke out in the streets over the rule of egyptian president hosni mubarak. his last tweet was when on thursday it said, "pray for egypt. very worried as it seems that government is planning a war
9:19 am
crime tomorrow against people. we are all ready to die." bigger >> here reportedly contacted his wife the next day, no one has heard from him since. >> the skillet the weather, the fog is breaking up, they bred looking a little better. we are seeing less in the way of but, they bridge, golden gate, north dealing with some of bed dense fog. san francisco, 49 degrees, noon warming up to 58, high temperature 61. 50 degrees by 8:00. here's where the pockets of fog are san rafael, petaluma, napa, the layout. places in the livermore have lifted up that fog. less than a
9:20 am
quarter mile in terms of visibility for novato, a half mile napa. add of the 30's, 40's from santa rosa- napa. says bay as well upper 40's for the seventh day after noon has mid-60's, 65 degrees for santa rosa, 62 novato calmer richmond. south bay, up into this '60s. los '60s for these big, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a strain of steady days, ended the week bringing temperatures and the low 70's. eric said. >> thank you, , freeways will do good tvan ness ave rate
9:21 am
where it meets all farrell the northbound lanes are blocked. >> are you on the scene? speak-e yes. >> on vienna's, or pharaoh. up bus slammed into a light pole it is blocking the northbound side of van ness. police are forcing traffic left, is trading craig a. back upcreating quite a back up it's not clear when they will tell it, the bus is smashed into the poll. the tow truck is here, no eta on when it's removed. >> any injuries? >> when i ride everyone was off the bus, no one is talking muni officials are on scene collecting
9:22 am
information no reports of injuries, information is pretty unclear. >> thank you, i will check in with muni to see if i can get more information, then as rate where it means old- apparel binder ways around it. the otheother bay area traffic slowed, ago no reports of any accidents on bay area traffic. 87 interchange is backed up the late drive times of 18 minutes as you make your way toward santa clara. good news, although foggy, traffic is flowing freely. metering lights were off for an hour, same drive times as 4:00 a.m. nine minutes from the foot of the mes into san francisco. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. california should be proud.
9:23 am
we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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>> what the met, police in
9:26 am
morgan hill are setting the alarm about car break-ins. and number of residential burglaries over the last few weeks have gone up. there have been one of seven, the car burglaries are driving all over morgan hill. >> to investigators continue to search for suspects in the weekend shooting of a palo alto man in happened in the 1900 block. the 87 year- old ernesto was pronounced dead, no suspects, still looking for a motive the fatal shooting was the city's first homicide of 2011. >> violence start to 2011 last month there were 11 homicides and san francisco 11 oakland, seven san jose. compared to last year at this time there were five homicides, four oakland, when san jose. one san jose. a r
9:27 am
pattern, pretty mean no clear pattern oakland, san jose a believe that most are gang-related. >> an appeals court has upheld the dismissal a lawsuit filed by family members who claim the city of san francisco's century policy contributed to the shooting of a father and 2¢. anthony and his two sons were done down as they sat in their car. ramos and get alleged to be an immigrant is slated to go on trial in june the family's lawsuit claimed the city was negligent for failing to report him to emigration for deportation despite his contacts with police for direct offenses. >> nearly ran after them rate watching weather in the
9:28 am
bay area and across the nation a live look from oklahoma blizzard conditions to expect today.
9:29 am
9:30 am
in midmorning, welcome back, a state of emergency in oklahoma as the planes are bracing for historic snowfall. their rugs are piled with snow, cars are piled up, stranded, there have been accidents more than 1 ft. could fall in oklahoma before the storm is to the east they're calling it a life threatening storm. taxes, the same system, you can see from the headlights the roadways are coated with snow and ice, earlier this morning dallas was closed down because of the snow. for about one hour, if you're trying to drive its is the recalled. warnings,
9:31 am
watches in 30 straight. from new mexico-maine. >> affecting air travel will trent is watching the situation at sfo. will? >> a lot of people are finding it the hard way their flights have been canceled this is the first monitor all the two flights to chicago, boston, dallas have been cancelled. the other screen, the departures n.y., kennedy three other for flights canceled. all lot of people have tell them ahead, they never left their homes. or their hotels. they know eyeball there, they will be stacked. >> some people don't know, here's a woman, she is trendy get to brazil, through dallas, her flight was supposed to take off at
9:32 am
1:15 p.m. she is sent out her flight is canceled. she is trying to find something, we're not just talking about the perchers but arrivals, here's a video of the arrivals board, let it die, the flights coming in also canceled if you're expecting loved ones, friends coming in there probably not coming in today, it is a domino effect, it will prompt threat the day. >> if you're heading to a warm destination call ahead, especially to date. heat the warning, stay on top of your carrier. >> thank you, . >> no problem in the bay
9:33 am
area sunshine, warm area. because they are so bad, we are better. >> why would you want a warm destination when you have a rate here, temperatures are similar to yesterday as a head directly gorman them. starting up this morning with some dense fog to the north bay. i'll little breezy later today, warming trend this week. and nice forecast on tap, problems with visibility contain to petaluma-san rafael. napa, delta as well. visibility quarter mile for novato. half for napa. mid-40s for santa rosa, cooler than that in san rafael bit more fog,
9:34 am
san francisco 49, says big upper 40's. in the afternoon we'll take this temperatures mid-60s, 62 for novato, 62 vallejo. low 60s to the east, south, 61 per half moon bay, even warmer towards the end of the week by thursday mid-60s into the '70s by friday, saturday, sunday. high of about 74. erica. >> thank you, , refco bought hot spot, city streets, then sbns.a bns ave. we have video where the minibus hit a pole. you can see the price
9:35 am
spread across the lanes. traffic is at a standstill. allow yourself extra time to avoid the entire area if you can. they should be there for quite some time no word from muni. we have no estimated time of reopening the lanes. other across town freeways look good, no problems at the james lick. traffic is flowing freely giving you a drive time of 15 minutes. fungi of the golden gate, southbound 101. --saudi at the golden gate, foggy at the golden gate bridge. mark >> reporter: protest in the streets in what is the largest protest taking place today she has family in
9:36 am
egypt, a journalism professor joining us on the phone. >> good morning. >> thank you, a lot of people are surprised bella level of these protests. >> it really is incredible to see thousands, if not millions are out there in system that the president stepped down. >> we saw this several weeks ago now in egypt, a lot of people are surprised the this is not religious this is purely a democracy. >> absolutely, that is exactly right. from what i am hearing from friends, family this quite remarkable that the protests are not religious. even people praying in liberation square forcing people were
9:37 am
just praying. this is not about religion, this is not about a resolution this is nothing to do that. this is a peer political and economic call for equality. >> out and surrender your family and friends about their response. >> they are very concerned about the crackdown, at the same time that is not stopping them from heading out into the streets. what they were most concerned about is the army's turning against the people it is clear that will not happen the army has made a statement saying they will not shoot people down. there is a definite concern but it is not stopping people, it won't stop until he steps down.
9:38 am
>> he's been in power for 20 years, is there a likelihood that he will step down? >> the hope is that will happen people in egypt are quite disappointed with the united states, and its supporting convenience dictators. they're very enthused that the white house is now taking stronger steps to urge him to step down. turkey has also called for him to step down. the pressure is on i think it's a matter of time at this point. >> thank you, .we appreciate your time. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
9:39 am
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9:42 am
let voters drew aside the direction of the state. kron give the first-aid of the state address yesterday he asked them to set aside their differences for the good of california. >> on our former government it would be unconscionable to tell the electors they have no right to decide whether it is better to extend tax extension to five years or drop another 12 billion the other schools, public safety, university and our system of caring for the most from a roll. >> he wants a ballot measure there would ask them to extend tax increases. >> we will be back as the news continues.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> 9:45 a.m. the bay strain
9:46 am
the whether it is an extreme storm that is rocking in many areas in the country this is from indiana, you can see the scar on its side completely overturned upside-down in this storm driving is horrible cars are stranded or an accident is it is affecting three- quarters of the country. >> newspaper headlines, from montana snow, snow everywhere. they are on track for what looks to be whether scenting, " snow the story of crystal lake " preparing for the worst " stick " snow it goes " the winter storm takes aim at all the, uh, winter weather coming with the dangerous weather expected for the region this is a large storm estimating over a hundred million people will
9:47 am
feel the weather from the northeast. >> are weather, what a difference. double live shots from mt. tam, san francisco our roof on the right, you can see disenchant what you can't see is have fabulous even the weekend .... >> sitting in, fabulous forecast starting off with the morning fog, a bit breezy to the afternoon rate now 49 degrees up to 59 by the afternoon high temperature of 62. 53 by a clock, still with the fog starting to see less of it contain to this particular area from san rafael to petaluma, visibility only at problem around novato, less than a quarter mile. elsewhere really starting to see a good amount of improvement right now in the 40's across the board even
9:48 am
at 50 degrees in oakland and the coast. flirting with the 50 degree mark in places like san as a, san francisco. pies to the mid- 60s and some of the warmer spot. 59 san rafael, a little bit of dog hanging around longer. 62 redwood city, bolo's 68 for the seventh big, east bay. keep an eye on the temperatures towards the end of the week break into the '70s believe it or not on friday. time rainout 948, a character. >> that is right, we do have a hot spot, san francisco right near the kron building. the northbound lanes still blocked, the tropics solidly backed up into the area due to eight muni, accident. we have video shot by one of the producers. you do see the
9:49 am
train, it hit the pole, emergency crews are on the scene. all lanes are shutdown. we are tracking the delays. other traffic, another slow down hotspot says been northbound 101 you can see slow, ago conditions although we are tracking an improvement on the 87 interchange. good news, the bay bridge looks good, meeting lights are on for a good 1.5 cars, no problems. westbound, 5 ft. 0 no problems. . . >> kron4 craig sklar has been out there, it is better? >> it is better, i can see the bridge but the sun is poking through. visibility has doubled. it has been
9:50 am
peace to all morning. i would say the beginning of sunlight is finally coming out. it's felt some light deprived even though i hear it's sunny in other parts, slowly improving. >> everyone will see that sunshine when the fog burns off. thank you, . >> during boulders, breaking windows. a volcano comes back to life. the latest corruption from this volcano. remote mountain region. >> the gala debt and is, a report from th american governmt employees, be safe in i raare rockiroaq.
9:51 am
>> an elephant takes the winner of the super bowl? or does he? a live look from the golden gate bridge. we have lot.fog.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> gate stories covering, the developing and nest in egypt, they ate, tens of thousands are they ate, asking for the ouster of the president. and a hero to does not live in egypt posted a message on >> pilot tell him to remove the law about letting him be the president for ever. let that people live egypt without it. if they don't they will make problems for
9:55 am
you. it will be harder for you to rule your country. on tv for ever. they will make huge problems, you're going to waste all of your money to fix the damage. and by the way, some of your police officers removed the jacket and trent the people. >> i think she might be joining as an analyst. she has a future, she has gone viral in today's hitting more than 200,000 hits. >> space shuttle discovery is back on the launch pad. nasa move discovery out of its hangar, reached that ipad early this morning. suppose to make its final flight back in november but cracks pop up. scheduled to launch the door 24th. >> the elephant that picks
9:56 am
the super bowl, while we will find out if he did. (laughter) this is an elephant in dallas, at the zoo, they painted it to watermelons with the team's cocolors, and shoes for favorite. well, and she choosing the steelers mullin or a she destroying the? >> there's saying she picked the packers because she stomped the steelers at mellon. so i am confused. i think everyone is wondering. it's not a ground hot shot out black and white thing. >> here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. once the fog clears should be nice. warmer weather on tap, highs approaching the mid '70s. >> i on that nowto be no eye anw
9:57 am
up 1 3/6 points. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. great shot lead over mt. tam, you can see the trans america pyramid. (music) ♪ ♪ cadillac cts sports sedan. top-tier status right now get this attractive lease offer on a cadillac cts sport sedan. ♪ cadillac. the new standard of the world.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> 10:00 a.m., breaking news, we're getting reports of a body that matches the description of juliani in a canal some distance out of paterson. did you up to speed what have you discovered?
10:00 am
>> we received in 911 call from the water authority, they found the body they checked the body out, we responded and confirmed it was the deceased body. the description matches that of the missing child. >> have we positively identified? >> know and i believe they will wait for dna. i believe the sheriff's department will be holding a press conference shortly. >> we have any idea what time that will be? >> that will be up to them to decide what time. probably within the next hour. >> any sign of a second body? >> at this point no. yoli but we have found is that of a small child. >> what is next up from here?
10:01 am
>> i believe there waiting for the corner true remove the body. it is the likelihood is the missing child and their investigation will resume. >> what do we know but the circumstances around where the body was found? was a floating in the water? walk us through it. >> that i'm not sure. i was not able to make it out and see but they saw the body floating. the to the use of tool to pull the body and. >> if hopefully more informational with the next hour. once deputies give this another press conference. so that is the latest on the ongoing should search for that
10:02 am
for year-old who went missing last week when he was abducted from the arms of his grandmother in paterson. taken by the boyfriend of the child's mother. jose rodriguez, obviously they were looking for the young child obviously both of them. we have been scanning the bottom of the canal to no avail. they pulled up 14 vehicles before they found the suspect vehicle but no signs of the body that was friday evening. now it is tuesday morning with what may be the body recovered from the water. we will follow this and give you more informational as it comes in. keeping to here. we are following latest out of egypt were tens of thousands of people have flooded into the heart of cairo. filling the city's main square a call for protesters was answered by the largest
10:03 am
demonstration in a week of unceasing demands for president to leave after 30 years in power. now the desperation at the cairo airport is leading to reports of violence as well. we have reports airport officials, for egypt air, at least employees have scuffled with passengers who are shoving to get into the ticket office to secure a seat in the next flight out. they're desperate battle as thousands of foreigners are looking to if lead to chaos. state apartments as it expects 4000 americans to be at of egypt within the coming days after the evacuating 1200 already. it will be headed to cyprus, greece or turkey. again we will let you know the progress of the evacuation. meanwhile investors continued to watch the unrest in egypt as it continues to push oil prices up to. the air above $92 a barrel
10:04 am
today. it raises the risk of the suez canal which is the main floor of their for oil coming out of the middle east. it is the second credit agency to downgrade its credit rating in egypt. obviously ramify collations across the global markets. the storm hammering the nation as the other big store were following. this storm system stretching from the rockies all the way to new england. the massive going through hot up heartland of the nation. snow, sleet, rain, creating white out conditions. the weather service this morning is warning people to stay is that if they can. not to travel the road. the governor in three states have states of emergencies for 77 counties
10:05 am
combined. this is a big storm we will follow. as get to more on air travel. dallas, fort worth, it had been closed for two hours but very limited operation. this is video and out of some pockets of the country seeing nothing but snow falling right now. a lot of major airlines have hubs that go through where the heaviest weather is. will tran live at sfo. >> you talked about dallas-fort worth appeared at the departure board there are one heading cancelled the afternoon flights appeared 305, 4:30 p.m. flights have been canceled, chicago a very busy airport when heading cancelled, the to 3:00 p.m. flights. more flights could be canceled as this poured updates. unless they dig out
10:06 am
from underneath all that snow and ice, that could also add to the list of cancellations. over there on the second screen jfk has been cancelled for this afternoon. a lot of people have been following the news, natalie locally but also going on in the midwest. according to airlines they call the head, made sure they didn't leave their homes which is why all morning we have shown you would has not has been as busy as it normally would have been. a lot of passengers are not shocked appeared we saw a couple but not many they are simply not here. those who are here they are sitting there, a lot of them hopping on the laptops keeping in touch with friends, get on to another flight. a flight that does not take them to the midwest. lots of scrambling going on. the biggest spice stay on top of your carrier, things
10:07 am
could change of heart beat. what we learned last week is even though dallas flights so far have been canceled, but if they dig out from all of that snow and ice they could go back online. then you could be off the ground on the 430 flights so stay on top of your carrier all morning and afternoon. >> think you for that obviously we will keep tabs on that air travel. also whether let's get more on that with john you. >> definitely not dealing with extreme weather conditions, dealing with a dense fog and low clouds, you can see out there. it is december raise as well as the leaves are rustling and wind. mostly in the north bay. they are picking up this afternoon. we will see a warming trend this week. first list take a look at visibility places an order indicating visibility of
10:08 am
less than 1 mi.. closer look at the numbers less than a quarter of a mile through novato, half a mile back up. pretty clear elsewhere a lot better in san rosa that it was earlier this morning. temperatures in the '40's, said rows of little cooler through san rafael or the fog is setting. 50 in oakland, have been bay. upper 40's in the south appeared this afternoon warming it up to 65 in san rosa, cooler in san rafael, 61 san francisco, los 60s vallejo, fairfield, the '60s in the east bay, the south bay 61 have been made not making enough of the '50s in antioch. 7 day around the bay shows us the warming trend temperatures will be warm up, on thursday and then even getting into the '70s on friday. '70s stay in to the weekend time right now is 10 08 a.m. quick break and be right back.
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
we cut back again with breaking news this morning reports of a body that matches the description of juliani cardenas founded neck canal at 730 this morning. they received in 911 calls spotting a body in the canal. this is where the body was found in relation to patterson the original search. patterson to the top of the screen. the intersection of wet work and mccabe. as we zoom in bacchanal falls in a long i five. that intersection in that water that they found the body. 30 mi. south of paterson. the deputy to said the body matches that of juliani cardenas. and the clothing matches what he was wearing. we will follow it live friday evening the suspect
10:13 am
vehicle being pulled out of the water. the car belonging to jose rodriguez appeared the man suspected of kidnapping the child. that was the car the and retrieved from the canal. there were no bodies inside your investigators went back to come up with what their next up was. they thought maybe if they had come loose they would've floated downstream. that had been theirs focus. then they got the call today. they have pulled the body from the water. they're waiting for corner to come to the scene to pauses the deplete identify positively identify the body. we are waiting for the press conference sometimes within the next hour. 10:13 a.m., we will be right back.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
10:17 am
we're back at 10:16 a.m., following the markets we are about the 12,000 point. it is up 148 points. not a bad way to react to the turmoil in egypt appeared today back up to where we were before last friday keeping and the markets. we want a break down the uprising. we have the time line of one events happened over the last eight days. january 25th out, thousands demand the end to the president of egypt. they wanted it and to this 30 year rule. they crashed in a day of wrath. and then on january 26th, police fight with thousands of egyptians who defied bans against. then on the 27th
10:18 am
internet and mobile services were shut down, 28th, he extends a curfew to everyone, and as his cabinet members. then he puts troops or into the streets. on the 30th mobile services are on blocked, they announce new governors, today quarter million people have launched the biggest protest yet. still the situation is not resolved. at 10:18 a.m., a check on whether a traffic let's start with weather. >> taken alive look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. some fog out there. some sunshine later however. 51 degrees, warming to about 60 by noon, afternoon high of 63.
10:19 am
cooling it back down to 51 by 8:00 p.m., visibility as you can see the orange indicating a pocket of visibility still less than a mile. the yellowish showing improvement between 1 mi., 2 mi.. 1 mi. and a napa valley, elsewhere pretty clear. we are starting to warm up seeing '50s outside. 53 san rosa, 50 have the bay, upper 40's san francisco in redwood city, or in livermore, '50s and the south bay as well. radar shows that high pressure ridge starting to build back up off the coast. that will keep us warm and clear. actually starting to warm up later this week. today afternoon highs in the '60s, 59 san rafael, cooler there 61 san francisco, 62 richmond and bought out today, los 60s in the east bay and down
10:20 am
the peninsula. 62 for more than help. 7 day around the bay shows us a warming trend set up for later this week. this weekend in the '70s and keep them around in your next work week. >> thank-you. still tracking a hot spot on city streets in san francisco van ness ave the northbound lanes still blocked off due to i mean the accident. the bus collides with the pull. no injuries but traffic is solid back up in the area. crosstown freeways and steer francisco however look good. alive look at the james lick where it meets the about central no problems at the 1 0180 split. a drive time of under 50 minutes towards the san francisco airport. and the south bay cleared nestle conditions north found 1 01. it is see traffic moving freely, it
10:21 am
no longer clocking this as a hot spot. the back up on the 87 interchange, south bay freeways and no problems to report for 280, 84 highway 17. >> thank-you we are watching the fog at the carquinez bridge. it looks like things are improving? >> all morning i wondered where the bridge was. it's been got all morning. you can see fog hanging over the carquinez strait. it cleared out half an hour ago of course it waited until after rush hour. it is actually sunny and warming up. it is reaching this area. what a relief. it's back to normal here. >> we see the blue sky above temperatures will be nice and toasty this afternoon. as you saw on the for 70 forecast for the four will foreseeable future we will see it nice. will have
10:22 am
the very latest on breaking news, police believe they may have discovered the body of a juliani cardenas for year-old in the canal 30 mi. south of paterson. more on this coming up.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
to the 10:25 a.m., breaking news we told you at the top of the hour. we learned a body has been discovered in a canal 30 mi. south of patterson, the description matches that of four year-old juliani cardenas. this is patterson, the location of where the body was found near mccabe road in merced county. we spoke with the deputy this morning, he walked us through what police will do next. them at this point i believe they are waiting for the corners to come to remove the body, i believe
10:26 am
stanislaus county sheriffs department will take jurisdiction. it is their investigation, to have jurisdiction of the body. >> what we knew the circumstances, was of floating in the water, what the store was discovered. >> i was not able to make it to the scene, i was told they saw the body floating, they used a tool to hook the body, and the body slid and the polluted the water before we got there. that was the deputy with the sheriff's department. he told us that stanislaus county sheriffs department will take lead in this investigation. they have deputies on route. at a corner on the way. we understand we should hear something more from the deputy within the next hour
10:27 am
on the set as our best guess. we will let you know as soon as i come sen. at this point they do believe this is the fact for year-old juliani cardenas they say the body and the close match the information and please god. it has thethey got when he went san francisco saw five homicides last year, four reported in oakland, one in san jose, the different his department's wonder why the up taking crime. they find there seems to be no clear pattern to any of the slangs in san francisco. however they believe some other homicides are gang-related. an appeals court has upheld the dismissal of a lot food they claim the city of san francisco the sanctuary policy contributed
10:28 am
to the shooting of a father and two sons. there shot when they sat in their car. the man accused of the murders is slated to go to trial in june. meanwhile the family's lawsuit claimed the city was negligent in failing to report ramos to immigration, for deportation despite contact with the police for violent crimes will a juvenile. we'll take a break, more on the situation in paterson and a moment. a quick look outside, a live shot as we go. of fog the shot of the golden gate bridge. we will be right back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
10:29 am
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10:31 am
showing you were patterson is and where the body was discovered. deputies got a 911 col. lets the man and you can see where it meets the intersection. this is a canal they found that suspects' vehicle in paterson. that suspect jose rodriquez. they had been seeing each other for four years. that is the age of juliani cardenas in fact he had considered jose his father. at this point now here we are two weeks since the day he was reported missing. apparently his body has been discovered or one that matches his description. we have deputies on the way there as well to continue processing this scene. they will lead the
10:32 am
investigation we hope to hear more within the hour. we will let you know when we do. in the meantime will tran who has been following this in paterson since it first began. will you have had personal contact with the family. you talk to the mother, through this whole ordeal she held out hope st. know he wouldn't do this. tell me about your conversation. >> the reason she did not believe, those interviews were played days after, at first we thought she was in denial, she insisted guiliani would not be harmed. it was the ex-boyfriend of tabitha, she said that he loved juliani cardenas as if he was his own they met when he was 2 years old, his he raised his voice to a disciplined him the
10:33 am
way ya father worked. she never questioned the safety around jose rodriguez spirit and we kept questioning that. this man had shown a tendency to be violent, he's been in jail before, she kept saying not jose, because he has all lot of problems in his past, but no way we'd he heard juliani cardenas especially since the family was about to grow with talbott that eight months pregnant with jose's child. it is going to be a daughter. who knows how she is feeling now. our hearts go out to the family. you talk about it being two weeks. friday when they found the car in the canal, at that time the share of said, it would take two weeks given the current conditions as well as the water temperature it would take 14 days for the dog a to rise up, today is day 14.
10:34 am
>the body to rise up. >> as a parent you hold out hope, as the news comes that they may have found the body you feel this sinking feeling. i can only imagine what the family of both our feeling right now. we've seen his mother interviewed sheet midget emotional as she tried to plead with her son to return as soon as we found out this morning it was like being punched in the that. wheel broken up about this. the day we interviewed touch with the. the grandmother was a lost 1 to see juliani cardenas alive. she says he was ripped from our spirit we went into the house to try to talk to tell the thought and the grandmother. to show you how
10:35 am
sweet the family as. all the reporters are in the house she's going through the darkest times of her life. she made sure offering as coffee, then goes to make sure we where doing okay during that time. imagine the grace under fire that the family went through. during this whole time, when they got a phone call this morning the description matching juliani cardenas the searchers are devastated by this. i got a chance to get to know some of them. there cold, professional, detached. but one searcher said it is very hard for us especially for the ones who are parents who are searching whenever they go out on stories that involve kids. that is why they continued to search that canal. twitter out there saying this is the last day, a couple of times they said yes it's the last day only to come out again the next day.
10:36 am
because they said we owe it to the family to give it to the best. you might notice, they never used dead even after they found the car appeared they said gramm, now i'm sure they're feeling the impact of this as well. >> you were out there at the canal, the body that was discovered this morning apparently 30 mi. south of that city, give us a sense of how that water moves, it's hard to tell, it looks still, but there is a strong current to that. >> there is a strong current. it moves quickly which is why, for the first week up until this friday they did not find the car, even though they searched the siphon system initially. they moved downstream for about 12 mi., that's when they recovered 12 stolen cars, but they always had a hunch is they would return to the siphon system. it was only until friday
10:37 am
this past friday they lowered the water level. turning off the water and brought it down which by then that's when they found that corolla. but normal conditions a moves fast. expression with the riptide underneath the water. obviously the body being found 30 mi. south that goes to show you. his body floated past all that debris, the 12-13 cars, passes- system. it is dangerous and that canal. the sheriff said had that witness, they never doubted that witness. on tuesday, 45 minutes after the abduction he said he saw us over coral lot and a man and boy go into the water. they never doubted his story. on friday when they found that car, they really now believed his story. but they always use the word gramm. now
10:38 am
unfortunately now that they found the body they can use the word dead. barry said fervor but covering the story. it is a very small community, people who stand on the streets sheikh's signs, to draw attention to business. one lady will sign was pictures of guiliani. the community is devastated. >> thank you for your insight. at 10:38 a.m., i will speak bring you up to speed. 911 received a call in merced county that a body that match the body of four year-old juliani cardenas was found in the canal. a corner is on route. we will get confirmation on the identity hopefully this morning, we are looking for an update from the sheriff's
10:39 am
department sometime before 11:00 a.m., we will bring that to you soon as we get it. at 10:30 a.m., we will take a break.
10:40 am
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10:42 am
1040 2:00 a.m., breaking news story of a body has been an additional 30 mi. south of paterson. that description does at this point appeared to match for year-old juliani cardenas. patterson is at the top but the screen 30 mi. out the locator where the body was discovered. we will pushing to get a better idea of the canal. that follows i five down out of patterson into this area here. you can see it was a co-worker this morning amid a 911 col. since i discovered what looks to be the body of somebody. that's when the deputy got out there. he
10:43 am
walked us through when that body was discovered. >> just after 7:30 a.m., we got a 911 call, they said they found the body of a small child. they check the body out put it on the roadway. he confirmed it was in this tesa deceased body of a ch >> have we positively identify the body? >> i believe we will wait for dna to do positive identification i believe we will have a press conference very shortly. >> we now know it is scheduled for noon. we have sheriffs deputies handed to the scene where they will take lead in the
10:44 am
investigation processing this scene. we also have word the corner is on route to care for the body and conduct that part of that investigation. no word on 27 year-old jose rodriquez. he was suspected on taking juliani so far there's just been a body of a child. so far looks as though it is the body of juliani cardenas but that did the negative confirmation will not come until the coroner gets to the scene and makes the determination. more likely through done dna testing to make certain. we will continue with this story in a moment. 10:44 a.m., we will be back with ornament.
10:45 am
10:46 am
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10:49 am
10:49 a.m., an update a body has been found in the canal 30 mi. south of paterson. that is the city where four year-old juliani cardenas went missing two weeks ago. police have discovered the
10:50 am
body of a child approximately four years of age the matches the description of juliani, and the close also match what he was wearing the last time he was seen two weeks ago. as 7:30 a.m. this morning semisoft in the water in the canal. call 911, that's when sheriffs deputies went to the scene and did discover the body. recovered it from the water now we are waiting, a corner and the deputies continuing to process this seemed to confirm whether it is the body of 40 year-olford juliani cardenas. we get a quick time line. >> please i need him home. >> the four year-old son of tabitha was reported missing january 18th, the first ever alert said the kidnapper was driving a silver 2003 corolla.
10:51 am
the next day they searched the delta canal after farm worker reported seeing a car matching that description, going into the water with a man and boy inside. within hours divers found the car, silver but not a match. neither was the second car found. by last weekend to allow for vehicles were pulled out of the water none was the corolla. on saturday that it is brought in them $180,000 sonar device to search the canal site in tunnels where divers could not go. each day brought more false alarms. >> they brought up for more vehicles in six hours of tuesday's surge. >> it continued until of more than a dozen vehicles were retrieved. investigators did not give up, they had the witness. >> we have tire tracks that match what he said. >> one more clue a boy in the
10:52 am
canal was found to have been damaged. >> something pass through that system to damage it. >> last friday night they pull back rollout of the canal. nobody's inside. to date the discovered 30 mi. south of paterson the body what appears to be a four year-old child. we're looking for more information scheduled for noon today by the sheriff's department. let's get a look at the forecast. >> we are taking alive look ahead we can see the golden gate bridge. still soft and by that fog. we did see the dense fog in the north bay this morning. breezy conditions in to the afternoon, we are also going to see a warming trend. as we head into this week. visibility back outside, still a village with pocket of fog in the north bank, if we can get them back
10:53 am
up. the paca fog in napa valley. visibility is a mile, it is actually the warm spot in the bay area. sitting at 61 degrees, the rest of us in the '50s with left it were '40's in fairfield, san rafael and fremont. low fifties for the rest of us down in to the south bay. satellite radar showing high pressure ridge building off the coast here, what that will do is keep things warm and sunny for us as well as clear. we will see a warming trend toward the end of the week. today 65 san rosa, 61 san francisco, 62 through richmond and a bottle, as we go south we will see more 60s. low sixties in the spain the pennant luckier 61 half moon bay. 7 day around bay shows a warming trend in store for us. we will warm up. friday getting into the
10:54 am
'70s. '70s and the weekend and time right now is 10:53 a.m., we will be back a moment. [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool.
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aluminum and we are back to the time is now a, 11:00 a.m., the body of four year-old juliani cardenas possibly discovered south of paterson. location of the city, but also the location of the canal where the body was to keelocated. s 7:30 a.m., the deputies got a call from 911 saying there was a body in the water. the discover the body pulled it to shore. it was a child possibly for year-old juliani cardenas. there's a test press conference and noon today
10:58 am
we will follow that. of course the evening news starting
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