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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 1, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. rethink possible.
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tnt is being sued for overbilling the users are by pat and i phone users and for data usage. tec reported aids is here in his gut tells more about the lawsuit. this does not sound good for at&t. >> this does not sound good. here is what is going on. california vetted patrick hendricks is part of walnut creek law firm. he read in there saying that at&t is a return to camp for his daily usage. 'til usages any time of your phone, web, e-mail, text and upload it. he also says that they are charging for something called " phantom " data traffic. it is being charged for using data when he did use it. made up charges. this is very interesting. the law firm and dependably hired at consulting firm. it they did
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not do any web or e-mail and let it sit on the best actor in a bid for two months with no activity and they claim that the investigation revealed that they were charged for 35 it added transaction spending over 10 days the phone was not doing anything was sitting there. at&t consistently over charges by seven to 14%. but as will the next city appeared here's at&t's response. >> we art transparent and accurate billing. we have tools that let our customers check their voice and data usage anytime during their billing cycle to help eliminate filled it surprises. we have only recently learned of the complaint. i tell you we intend to defend ourselves vigorously. >> how much as is or to hurt them? rises, out of your phone for example. >> the fund. this is bad time because but rise and will have that i phone. charging
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for data and that it plans, at&t stock to do unlimited plans appeared people are really looking at their bills thoroughly and fighting that they have things that are not accurate. it is said that rise and will do unlimited data at flat plan for $30. at&t does not offer that. this seems tempted to rise in. i will not absorbing charge because it is flat dead unlimited. >> thank you very much. you have to pay for almost everything on airlines. there is not one thing you can get for free. face book. this month seven airlines are offering free in-flight internet access for face book. eritrean, alaska, american airlines. it dealt said united end u.s. air wis. virgin american. internet access is free while you're on face book. he wants of deals will you run the web but you still have to pay. >> a look at our extended
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forecast appeared cooler forecast expected to mark. warming up as we head to the weekend. we will talk about it coming up.
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>> and said is as good as those bay it will deal pages could become at the end of the past. it restricted to only of people that asked for them. this will play it a savings. >> 2 t of phone books, this represents a small fraction of the 1.5 million copies of yellow pages that are dropped off unsolicited. he
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brought books shown that where it left it on the streets. >> the amount of natural resources to distribute indisposed the phone books is staggering. it is estimated that over 5 million trees a year are needed to create from books and the states. >> the number of phone books distributed in the states itself is staggering. 5,000,006 start that way it = great pyramids in height. 48 mi. high. it costs money to recycle indisposed as well and it cost the taxpayers about $1 million a year. anybody in this plan could still get real pages, the white pages are still distributed. in san francisco did for kron4 news. >> supervisor it shoot says that he does not expect opposition from the plans up from people that distribute
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the packages. he is confident that this case is legal. the hoax of the 10th day of for your university for some the state high school students might be-. that is because their college entrance plans have been lost. act recently announced that 100 and oakland a high-school students exams have been lost. they took them back in september. some universities say it is too late to retake the test. that is because they need to mail it acceptance letters in the month. the act spokesperson says there is nothing they can do. there asking this do this to plead with colleges to let them retake the test. >> i was buried depended on the december it testing to let them know i could do better on that has been the s 80 because i have a low score on the s.a.t.. my chances of getting into college and most universities are very low. now, colleges are top notch.
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they're looking for top students, not average. >> act says this is the first time they've lost so many exams. apparently they have lost them before. they're offering the students the chance to retake the test later this month but again, this does not help because some colleges are saying but it is too late. >> (music) i look at our current conditions. temperatures are definitely on the mild side. remain in the 60s as the winds keep temperatures up right now. a little breezy appeared 62 now. 62 in concord. 65 = hayward. 54 = have been bay. 22 mi. an hour winds in that car. 28 mi. an hour winds in the north. we will continue to say this in this evening. i would advisory in effect. fairfield, delta, and at the not continued in here. we are continuing to see the increasing winds at of the north and a 20-40 mi. an
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hour range. twins should decrease after dark but they will remain breezy into this evening and slightly to the overnight hours. but is still a good future test. notice probably is on your screen. wind gusts in the 20-30 mi. an hour range. gold was with higher rent as is their filled. relatively, and collins will continue through the morning. into the afternoon. temperatures are on the cold side. 30 degrees in at that. 31 in fairfield. freezing and livermore. notice are they shores which usually keep in the '40's. dipping down into the upper 30's it there tomorrow. into the afternoon temperatures will not warm up as much. on the cooler
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side. a lot of cooler '50s. los 60s down the peninsula into deceptive. a quick look at this seventh day of around the bay. temperatures morning thursday and friday added to the weekend. the bridge is well above average. near 70 degrees. at >> of all cattle that will not quit and about this superable-- >> capt., we are going to jump into it. the volcano, you're going to take a look at this. it erupted again today. it is the fourth and most powerful eruptions. thousands of residences have been evacuated. it has been more than 50 years since they have seen a irruptions and take a look at this. traffic at its side of new york city is nothing unusual but, up plain on the highway is. a small airplane
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landed on the highway on monday. it was headed for at nearby airport but it noted it a loss of filled pressure. nobody was injured but traffic was backed up for miles. jenny the elegant is ready for the game. a huge call for the super bowl. they painted watermelons and is used in the packers colors and the elephant got crushed the watermelon appeared willing to wait till sunday night to see if she's right. catherine? >> you can get more than just books from the san francisco library. the library is offered as be dated of bed. it is the first one happening at 6:00 p.m. tonight. you need to be pre registered. if you prefer it online dating there will be at a workshop on how to make an exciting on-line dating profile next wednesday. we have been telling you about emergency road closure. two right
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lanes on the southbound 880 are closed because caltrans is repaired at all on the debt. it should be repaired by 7:00 p.m.. we will be right back.
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>> there is in this story that says red light cameras are saving lives by helping people remember that read mean stop. the insurance institute for highway safety shows that they have cut fatal crashes by 24 percent in 14 large cities. the cameras were installed between 1996 and 2004. so we send our stanley roberts out. >> if you live or dried in san francisco there is a pretty good chance you'll see a red light to run. there's a choice for the runners. over on the nest you might see left-hand turn red light runners. plan all
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pedal to the metal, i need to be the light red light runners. many actually accelerate to beat the light. for example, watch them go right through the light. now, i am sure if there were red light cameras at this intersection two things might happen. one, this city it might see bedlight violations. there may be no more red light violators. i'm betting on my first is. i wonder who will get the ticket when the police among the red light. in san francisco i am stanley roberts for kron4 news. >> as always if you have a comment or as story idea e- mail us at people behaving badly. had >> kate. i look at the ritz camera watching the sunset. you can see the camera on the right bouncing around.
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it is windy out there this evening. will talk about it and a warming trend coming up at 6:00 days.
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at 6:00 p.m. the search for juliana parties comes to an end. >> we have covered that body of a faraway that it sees the description of our for year-old victim. >> at the commute is coming together. we'll take you the patterson us to get ready for a committed deeper service. >> here in the neighborhood where juliani lives thoughts and prayers from neighbors. that story had. >> i spoke to the suspect's mother who does not believe her son in touch late heard juliani . we have complete team coverage. >> major developments in but each of the uprising. crowds cheered as they say the services last.
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>> test we of time to save egypt. >> kron4 news and covers a wide we have in egypt. she cannot live, this is kron4 news live at 6. >> it has been an outpouring of the election since today when juliani was found. it was found 30 mi. south to where investigators found the car driven by the suspect. we starlike in paterson. case comes in has the latest. >> well, the committee here in best years, spending the last two weeks searching for juliani cardenas. everybody here, really coming together to try and find him. today, the grim discovery of his body. we can show you chopper video from where juliani cardenas body was found. 30 mi. south of paterson spend traveling some distance into the next county. where it was discovered by water department worker are
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around 7:30 p.m.. we can also show you some ground video of that area. if now, they have spent two weeks searching for juliani . they said to to drive teams out for days. they had soter 02. they had called about 12 mi. of this canal. looking for him and the car but him and his up ductor investigators, say it were in when it plunged into the water about 45 minutes after the kidnapping of two weeks ago. now, what investigators have not found is the body of the kidnappers and jose rodriguez. they do not believe that rodriguez is alive. they have not found his body at. until now they are treating this as a murder investigation. >> now this investigation continues. this is a homicide investigation. it is an ongoing investigation. we have issued a warrant for the rest for jose rodriguez.
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and even though we still believe that jose is in the canal as well. we are going to treat this as a homicide. >> investigators have said really, from the beginning that they have believed that juliani and rodriguez and the car were in the canal. that is why they have spent so much time searching it. today, we spoke to rodriguez's mother who says " she does not think she would intentionally have heard juliani . " >> i still cannot believe it. you know, it seems like a nightmare. i will wake up and it will all be over. i know it is not. i do not know what i will do without my son being in this world. without juliani being here. it hurts me all lot. i miss my son. i missed the baby to. i never thought that this would ever come to this. i do not know what made him, you know, do this.
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he was not the type of person to heard anybody. he was a loving father. he was it, you know, loving brother, lobbing son. everybody loved him, wherever he went. >> i do not think he did it intentionally. i think that his mind, you know, it was not all there. you know, it just happened. >> our team coverage continues with christine connolly. she is at the time of prayer service. christine? >> and half an hour they're closing down this circle. this is what it will happen. hundreds of people from patterson are expected to come in for this community prayer gathering which is expected to happen at 7:00 p.m.. joining us now is in berlin hastings. the first thing everything is wondering first off, have you spoken with bob that today? she expected to come to tonight's event? >> i have not talked to top that today. i wanted to give
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them the space that they needed to be able to absorb and comprehend >> the news the got the day. and what was the last time that you saw them? epic it was over the weekend, how are they? >> i/have it and her mom on sunday. they're still very uplifted and having the fate of the hope that we will bring juliani home alive. >> howled when you heard the news, of richmond, this had been planned as a candlelight vigil for tonight with the hope that we would be fighting juliani . when you heard the news today how did you react? >> when i heard the news i have had my heart rate. i do not think there are any words to explain how i was feeling at the moment. i was physically shaken and very, very emotional at that moment that i found out. >> can you talk to us about why this is so important. what is happening here
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tonight, why is it so important for the committee? committee of patterson is a very close- knit community. we need to have the time that we're able to come together. the time of prayer tonight. we need to start the first of healing. our committee has been hit very hard with this. this is our first that it. we just need to come together and to process and, find out where do we go from here? >> thinks so much for talking about this. we were able to speak to some neighbors that live close to tabitha cardenas. they have been following all of this as well. it is to listen to what they had to say >> we have been praying every day. i've candles on for him. you know, i feel very bad for the family. we are all really devastated with this. we really are. >> stay strong. u.s. support from everybody. we're glad
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to give the hugs, mickey feel welcome. supported and welcome to. the >> as we take our livelihoods at city hall you can see people already starting to gather from the community. this is officially started at 7:00 p.m. easterkron4 news will strem everything live from our web site. >> our coverage continues online. we have interviews, these conferences and all of that posted on our web site. just go to our web site kron4 news .com . >> it is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now. >> that as of president barack obama a couple of minutes ago reacting to the announcement from the egyptian president. the
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egyptian leader spoke to the company just before it the night. at a quarter million demonstrators filled the heart of cairo. >> it was not intend understanding for the next elections because i have spent enough time conserve in egypt. >> they watched his address on giant screens. it was not the concession that they had demanded. they want him to leave them immediately. >> go! go! go! >> the center of the city was paralyzed. people trying to reach the demonstration abandoned their cars. what they found was as city within as city. people are erecting tents. bring in blankets. they do not seem ready to leave. >> egyptian history is now. (inaudible) >> i do not think that egypt will ever go back to what they were before.
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>> army tanks are around the square and the protesters have their own security checking for weapons. >> at the elegance are the machine have been sent here to cause trouble. >> each of its military has expressed its supports of the demonstrators as long as the remain peaceful. nevertheless, the obama administration is telling all non-essential diplomatic personnel to leave the country. cairo's airport remains crowded with tourist struggling to leave. those who made it to germany say they were lucky to get on a plane. >> it was crowded, disorganized. >> people were slipping all over the floor. one man had been there two days trying to get a boarding pass. this morning, there were so many people tried to get it out that they were knocking people over. it was chaos. >> it really has been a frustrating eight days for egyptians living in this country. internet connections have been shut down. forcing them to rely on land mines to keep in touch with friends and
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families. just bush shows is that they are encouraged by what they're hearing. >> the city was raised in egypt and has lived in centers is good for the last 12 years. most of his family still lives there and as per dissipating in the demonstrations. >> my brother was in a demonstration, on tuesday he went to the million people marched, today, this is what has pushed for what is happening. hope, it is what direct people and he spoke coming out on the streets. if people did not feel that more numbers were necessary to topple him and, if they did not feel that he was barely holding on we would have stopped doing what we were doing. everybody feels that the international community is watching. and nobody is doing anything. nobody is really going to bring democracy to egypt except the egyptian people. they need to decide for themselves. it is absurd
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homage difference there is between the rich and poor. they're people that are dying of hunger. there are people that are filled beat rich. i was in egypt a few weeks ago, it seemed like things were getting tired. it seemed like things were getting worse. nobody saw this coming. a's, a true revolution. >> and san francisco i'm just push for kron4 news. >> with internet service relate spotty in each of google is teaming up with twitter setting up a simple speak to treat service. >> this service was announced on the google block. it is very simple. you do not need it internet. you just need of fun. he leave the message on an international number. the stake a look at some of the messages. >> this is a message to the entire world. we have earned our democracy. yet been working towards this but we have been held back by
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repressive forces. but those who believe they can stop us from speaking. we stopped the regime in just one week. >> she is a terrorist. he is a criminal. people are yelling, galway, go away. this is what people want to. >> as you have just seen the twitter pages full of messages, i of egypt. people all around the world are voicing their support to listen, go to kron4 news .com and look for our butts on the web section. more news after the break.
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>> of very troubling attack on a teenage boy in was caught on cellphone. this is really ugly. >> at the it is only seven minutes. he said it was the
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longest seven minutes of his life. let us take a look at the video. in it, you can see seven teenage boys. and if they are dragging the boy across the snow. they beat him and tossed him down. he has been dragged upside- down and to the tree. the victim's screams. depilate attempted to escape but they chased him down. >> i tried to get out, i tried to leave an escape. i tried to run away but even when i did that they attacked me and called me again. >> that they could have killed him. and telling him by the neck of that metal barrier, >> please tell me that they have arrested him. >> they've arrested six of the seven teenagers allegedly involved. it is disturbing. they range from 13-17 years of age. they
6:17 pm
face kidnapping and false imprisonment. >> he is right, he could of been badly hurt. >> was the teenager hurt badly?
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really a wicked but there from texas to do inland. still is falling and 3 in. per hour. it is making it hard for it snowplows to keep up. police cars art stop. a state of emergency is declared. dallas is reporting a quarter inch of ice on the roads. tractor- trailers' are having a hard time getting traction. the weather has forced all lot of schools to close. flight cancellations, temporarily shut down until crews are able to get eggs from the runways. forecasters say
6:21 pm
that the heaviest sleet and snow is already on the ground. road conditions might get worse as it gets colder trip the night. st. louis is telling people to stay off the roads. snow and freezing rain is covering the roads and making for dangers of driving conditions. nearly 8 30 in. of snow expected in parts of missouri. awful weather and having an effect in the bay area. flights are delayed. how does a look tonight brought? >> catherine, there are no lines to speak of inside turmoil to the side american airlines. take of look at the video from earlier in the date when a few more people were here he went out and inquiring about the flight whether it was canceled or delayed or in limbo. you can see all sorts
6:22 pm
of cancellations and delays. in fact, i spoke with one man, john paul who flew in from milwaukee for an interview hope to get home today only found out his flight was canceled so he got on board a flight to dallas on his way home. >> i was scheduled at 432 date and that was canceled. i am surprised there was at a night flight tonight. but, i guess there is iced there but conditions have probably improved enough today to get a flight in, 530 a m is the arrival for the midnight flight out of fear. >> i spoke with him here just admitted door to a go and he told me that that flight was canceled as well. he will try and get on flight to milwaukee
6:23 pm
tomorrow. his wife is expecting 2 ft. by tomorrow afternoon so he is hoping to make it home on time to help shovel road. >> well it was a great stay here for the bay area. winds are picking up right now. that disappointed me breezy conditions. napa and fairfield and the north bay hills are seeing increases in it wins. now but is not included in this but when speeds are consistent in the twenties there throughout the afternoon. the winds will continue to pick up this evening. does the up to 40. the wind will decrease after dark. he will see the winds died down. a satellite and radar showing the storms well to the north. notice the canal cut its. we are
6:24 pm
noticing whether into the north. widespread their dues. 30 degrees and output. freezing and livermore. typically temperatures with the '30's. >> into the afternoon we do not see warming. temperatures will cool. mainly in the upper 50s and 60s. 63 and 7 rosa. >> look at the kron4 news is seven day and around the bay. we will resume are warming trend and heading into the weekend temperatures are into the upper 60s, we will continue to seek the dry weather into next week as well. stay with us.
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>> we have been watching in emergencies no closure. it closed this out of 80. caltrans busy repairing a 40-48 in. hole on the deck. it looks like things are better than they were an hour ago. it is marking this list butts. this is expected to be repaired probably about 7:00 p.m.. stay with us we will be back after this break.
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now, at 6:30 p.m. two nights big stories of one big block of days. markers, more stories, right now, our top story. >> and patterson of the body of juliani cardenas was discovered on tuesday morning. i water department worker found it and called 911. police say that the body was it 30 mi. south of paterson. a travel quite some distance and what
6:31 pm
police have not discovered is the body of the alleged abductor but jose rodriguez. they do not believe he is alive. they have not found his body. reporting and patterson kay thompson. >> we are life and, the committee is coming together to show support for the greatest family. they are at side the city center. the mother, a tablet that, did not want the big chill. she wanted the committee prayer. kron4 news will carry the service live on our website. reporting live christine connolly. >> continuing coverage here juliani song, his mother tabitha was very emotional about hearing the news of her son's body located in the canal. she has not come out publicly to talk about all that has happened. she did leave the home briefly to go to a doctor's
6:32 pm
appointment. she's eight months pregnant with jose rodriguez's daughter. rodriguez, the alleged kidnapper of her son. in paterson to reset for kron4 news. >> continuing our coverage i spoke to the suspect's mother here at our said is a home. she is heartbroken over the news that juliani body was found. >> my whole world has crashed down. >> she said she does not believe her son would have killed the boy intentionally and if he did she says that he was not in his right mind. maureen kelly for kron4 news. >> in another big story hundreds of thousands of people are marching through cairo calling for the removal of the egyptian president, he listened to the degree anyway. he said he will not seek another term in office. he says he is going to stay in office did it december elections. president barack obama says he told the egyptian leader he wants to see free and
6:33 pm
fair elections and a government that opened late practices democracy. >> and another big city and egyptians living in the bay area are keeping a close of the developments in the home country. revelation that is going on there has captured the imagination of those who thought they would never see the day were the people would control their own destiny. the images on television of the internet have generated hope and excitement about the big changes that are happening in egypt. it said prices could dip bush for kron4 news. >> here at san jose city hall acting police chief chris mohr is officially appointed top cop of the >> as a place apart. he says he is coy to reduce gang violence and sandoz said. he says it is responsible for recent spike in violent crime. >> the last 30 days we saw three gang-related murders had a triple homicide. the big bend is relatively i've heard of. we have not seen these bikes before. we do not a deal that you can help them faster. we need to get
6:34 pm
them straight on. >> the board of supervisors and san francisco is working on a plan to restrict yellow pages. there is 1.5 million copies distributed every year. >> if piled up the stack is 300 times higher that the transamerica pyramid. almost 48 mi. high. it costs the city thousands and thousands a month and it comes over a million dollars a year. those that want the book can still have it delivered. dave for kron4 news. >> at&t is being sued for overbilling the eye passed and the hype phone for overuse. davis is here. >> it is interesting that they figured it out. california man was looking at his bill and he really believe that he was being overcharged for data usage. data usage as anything weather related, you will,
6:35 pm
the text, the public /uploading. he goes to a law firm and will likely that hires them. the law firm thought it was interesting and he might have something there said they hired an independent consulting firm who bought and i found and disabled everything in data related. no internet or e- mail or alps. let it sit on the phone for months not doing anything and they claim that they would still be charged for 35 data transactions spending over 10 days. their charge for not today anything data related. they said their investigation to at&t who consistently charges customers by 7-40%. this could turn into a class- action lawsuit. right now is one place of but it could go to millions of at&t customers through the country. will have to see what happens. >> so at&t bottom line is divided? >> yes, they released a
6:36 pm
statement saying that the billing accuracy as the top party and they tend to defend themselves aggressively. >> this could hurt them? >> yes because rise and vote is coming out february 10th at present is offering of limited data plan for $30 a month. you do not have to worry. it could be an overcharge. migration from at&t to rise in. the time is bad. we do not know what is going on is just a file a lawsuit we laughed we to see that happens. >> think you gave. >> are big with story for tonight, windy and cold morning. let us take a look at our future cuts. all of the areas with live is gusty winds. this will continue to the 10:00 hour. dressed in 24 filled, it gets into the 20s and said francisco and oakland. as we head into the evening hours over fairfield and just on the shore and
6:37 pm
into the it morning is,. when speeds i got into the 11:00 hour. the ones that we're some are coming from the north. ushering and cold air from the north. temperatures in the '30's are widespread. 31 degrees and senators appeared and in fairfield. freezing of livermore and upper '30's for our bay shores into this at bay. >> i look at. seven day around the bay. it will be a cooler day. cooler than be sought up to date with clause pushing it away. temperature is warm it up into the weekend. it to the upper 60s but some places sitting at the lower 70's. stay with this we will stay with us at the break.
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in the study says red light cameras really are saving lives. red means stop. the insurance institute says that the cameras have cut fatal crashes by 24 percent
6:41 pm
they were looking at 14 big cities. the cameras were installed between 1996 and 2004. stanley roberts was ill looking for red light runners. this is the addition of people behaving badly.. >> if you live and thrive in san francisco there is a chance he will see a red light runners. the choice for red light runners appears to beat the right hand turn. over here he will see left-hand tur runners. over the market is the pedal to the metal. many accelerates an attempt to beat the light. for example, look at this as he beat blow right through the red light. now, i am sure if there were cameras at this intersection two things might happen. one, this city
6:42 pm
might make a windfall court there is no more red light runners. i am betting on the first choice. who will get the ticket when the police when the red light? in san francisco stanley roberts for kron4 news. >> as always if you have a comment just the mellon said people behaving badly. @ kron4 news. com. there is one highlight. during his more easter dead. if the super bowl is not your thing there is alternate programming. live in the studio next. >> and kimberly stock bought out and right now on kron4 news the sheriff's department held a press conference about the discovery of the boy is a body in the delta the canal that matched the description of for year-old kidnapping victim. it posted the whole news conference on line. if you missed any of the state
6:43 pm
of the art speech last night with a posted a in it's entirety i kron4 news it. com.
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>> is a good evening everybody. two years and i have a good-natured jokes, media day were a couple of thousands of jokes--folks cram themselves a in. unfortunately the race close. the majors storm there last night. indeed, everybody showed up and did the bank. if you want some attention the need to dress up. 2 up, all of them. nobody died. aaron rogers did talk a little bit of it media day. the kid from chico. >> last night was excited. same all of the people there. lineups to northern california for the super
6:47 pm
bowl, it is special to be part of this. >> he goes on to say how he grew up his title joe montana, the play with the longest hair it is nfl defense of player of the year. he edged out the pact linebacker. to is the six tailored to be named nfl defensive player of the year. the writer, the defense coordinator from 2004 to 2003 is returning to the team as a defensive assistant, i.e. part-time lay be returning to los angeles. there is the promise of of a corporate sponsor. you have magic johnson fund investing, 700
6:48 pm
million buy farmers insurance to put the name on the same deck. that beats the ball rolling. the shovels, nice press conference today. again, with magic johnson naked and l.a. for 15 years. here is the annual empire state it. they had at the stairwell and they reach the top of the 86 floor. the winner on the men's side furnishes some 50 minutes. the women's winner not too far behind. the record is nine minutes and 33 seconds. unitas, we did not mention the names because nobody cares. >> line, if he is the first layers is free well in 1997 he is slated for the nba all-star game. the sharks are back on the ice tonight. one of the great skaters. we have seen in recent memory.
6:49 pm
boy can he state. there he is with, a smart, who played hockey? >> i grew up here. oh ok gary. i always pick the for winnipeg. >> no, no. the sharks are home tonight against phoenix. this is the all- star break.
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>> all right, this is an unusual idea. ours is one of those guys his game. mark, do remember from channel to it, seems to do that day, but to attract this list holds an end to spend. their history six years. this year, on the far west you go you could have picked a better date. what is the then >> and their badges like julia. just might work.
6:54 pm
house and haverhills? and what it was tried by my buddy but he did not have gear greenwich a while. then i yes, as you see and the previous eight we that we had gone before, it would have helped. dana carvey is a good buddy watch the game with him, he is testing saturday night live. >> i shall go with dana and he said, they're on our show, they try out new stuff before and he has at saturday night live appearance. as you concede, he is very attractive. >> all lot of people showed up. robin williams, the hbo special. it is a nice home for comex. >> really quick, richie it today on the globe? but he is worse there. his pointed
6:55 pm
to come out and hit for it. >> and when he gets prickly wit will blown his ear and say " don't bring him >> i would have to go with the initial reaction shots. johnny depp went like this. >> yes, the ratings were good. do think he will return? >> know. that is it. >> i do think that, what is your lovely wife. it >> yes, i married her. i met her in todd. >> these are shots from an old baker album. rubber chicken. it >> how did the wedding go?
6:56 pm
>>, they say how was the wedding and i say it is 4-5 because the game is on at 5. >> and may the poster. you cannot hold up the wedding. >> it was so cute, joslyn, my wife's name. it is europe wedding night and remember to act surprised. >> here is that the deal, i wish you luck. how many people will show? >> if you do not have plans and you do not want to make sandwiches for your friends. you know the quarterback is that a balanced. >> super bowl kicks off the tree at 30 8:00 p.m.. if you want to know what it is like
6:57 pm
to be there, be there at 8. selah 11:00 p.m.. >> kron4 news program is sponsored by accurate. acura, advance. d
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6:59 pm
halle berry, her sudden custody battle for her the-year-old daughter. what is rally happening behind the scenes? i'm chris jacobs. >> and i'm christina mclarty. >> "the insider" is on. >> halle is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her daughter. >> what the oscar winner is saying about little nahla's safety. >> inside the court papers tonight. >> he's an addict. an alcoholic. they don't have any judgment. >> is charlie receiving at-home rehab? >> did denise just take their children away? >> we are in front of today's sheen fact and fiction. jennifer aniston after the false adoption rumors. >> where are you at in your life right now? >> new brad pitt, katie perry's sitcom debut. and too mean for t


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