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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 5, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> we will work on that. look at these high temperatures. 70's. i put an asterisk on it that temperatures that record highs. there were a number up them up to 80 degrees, in
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santa rosa. adding 15-20 degrees above average. this is not typical. we are usually in the '50s or '60s. for tomorrow as we were mentioning the temperatures are once again going to be added to this 70's. look at the numbers out side. this is happening after it 9:00. readings into the 60s. at beautiful saturday evening at a beautiful day for sunday. here is the future it passed. below shows expansive area of 70's, i again for sunday. sportscast to beat the warmest. oakland, san francisco = 70. not quite as want as what we had to date. things will cool off even more on monday. 70's will fade away. highs on monday = upper 60s.
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i will let you know how long it will last later on. the key? >> cairo, egypt cremains,. the nation's leader our remaining --cairo, egypt remains,calm. >> i human chain was formed to block the military from entering an enclave. tense moments. they were more peaceful on saturday. key members of mubarak's ruling party had resigned. the ndp says the president remains the leader. the ruling or she is fighting against forces they cannot to overcome. >> they're making it bounced. the need to
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understand that this is at clean cut. >> (shouting) date came out for the egyptian president says that be an egyptian regime cannot be spoken for what they do. >> i do not trust what they're saying. >> president barack obama has not call directly for the president, the administration says that the egyptians must chart their own future it but he must honor his pledge is that he has made. that includes not seeking reelection. i am at cherry. >> the egyptian president, if he is to leave before the september deadline he set for himself. >> is a professor was born and raised in egypt until his family moved over there. his entire cabinet step
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down including his son who is next in line to beat president before the uprising. they do not think it will force him out before the september deadline. >> i think that he is now trying to use every bit he passed in order to stay longer. he is showing that he wants to be president. he has been in charge for 30 years. it is difficult for him in the sense to go somewhere else. he decided that maybe this is it. he is trying to keep his dignity. there is no dignity with dictatorship. the moment has come for it have to realize that. he is psychopathic and delusional. peeps realize what he has done.
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>> they don't think that he should be president. >> it appears to me that this am during--and a piece a moment. it is incorrect. they have chosen it the most trusted person where you cannot trust anyone. that he says that the egyptian people cannot surrender, if they want what we have here in america. >> of his demands are simple. democracy. and respect. i have never been so proud of my people as i have been in the last five days. >> it here in the u.s. at thousands of protesters marched across the nation in washington, d.c.. there were rallies in new york and los angel is. jeff pierce joined
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the march. >> (chanting) down, down. >> date marched through the it streets on saturday afternoon. it was a demonstration that spoke not only to the regional conflicts of the middle east but the internal strife of the egyptians demanding their rights. >> at this legend portrait you sort 30 years. the regime may be separate for three years. light to for 30 years. but the best men and women in prison for 30 years. them that this is the moment that is not driven by poverty, not driven by ideology. it is drawn by people that want their rights back. >> this is not particularly attacking anyone. we want rights, and freedom. that they're using communication
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tools of the new technology that served them well fort demanding those rights. >> if it was not for twitter and face book that none of this would've happened. >> this was inspired by youthful idealist jim. that you have no right to understand that egypt will change. but we think change will bring good changes to other countries. we are looking at a completely new era. >> at the least we can do is have our vs it hard. we want people to know if come this far. victory is close. >> the word is watching. in san francisco at jeff pierce. >> more than 100 people have been killed since gen our 25th when the protests began. there's a page being dedicated to those that have lost their life during the demonstration. their 32 games on that side. you concede that those people
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will be added to remembrances, go to 1000 memory is .com . this year the san francisco giants will play games with the title " world series champions " this is the first time it was giants fans at the time to seek the giants since their memorial prayed. parade. elected to a frenzy when they saw their for repairs. >> chapter >> this is a site that is normally seen when it comes to rock stars. screaming fans hoping to get an autograph for a glimpse of their favorite players. players like tampa were being mocked all day. larry barrack is still feeling the body experience. the world series when brought to the people. >> fans say nothing has changed since november. what a great feeling. it is a wonderful feeling being together, coming together and loving life around our
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favor to. >> fans were able to play on the infield and sit in the dugout. to check out the giants' locker room. and of course purchase tickets for the upcoming season. there were touched by the reception that the players were getting from the fans. them that they accept as. they receive as. it is unbelievable. i have felt as the whole way. c-net the fans are reacting like this in the way that they see as is unbelievable. the city is alive. >> cheering >> i get to play here every night. i just want to thank the fans. that is what is about. a contract with them uncelebrated. does not seem like we got to do this in the end. >> the country every to support us. for me this makes a big day. i'm here doing this with my heart. i want to take everything that they have done. this is what makes as we are. >> at at&t brand day for kron4 news. >> to men who helped the 1994 49ers get to super bowl
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are now in the hall of fame. deion sanders and richard dent. there were loaded into debt football hall of fame. they not only won the super bowl at 49ers but he was named the defensive player of the internet for pearson was on the s&p. he's probably more famous for his years on the 1985 bears team. he lined up next to former 49ers coach michael singletary. >> still had on kron4 news, face book could its campus to another bay area city. u.s. jobs are returning at a very slow pace and just in time for the super bowl, our tech reporter has tips for the big screen tv shoppers.
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>> time now for tech talk with capes late. >> the rise in i found is now at presale for existing rising customers to go on- line and ordered the i phone. everybody else has to wait until february 10th. darlan it eat-in t customer is thinking " shall i make
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the switch? " before you do, that there are things you should know. be aware of the cost to leave at&t. a change the place last summer. he bought an i phone from them after june 1st, 2010 it cost $325 to print the contrast. if you buy it before it june 1st a cause $175. the data planned as a little bit more expensive. at&t is offering to cheaper plans for 200 mb of data. if you use less data at the $15 a month plan is great for me to to produce a lot will then rise since an ltd. is not that bad deal. but this talk about performance. fries and does not lead talk on the frolics and surf the web at the same time. at&t will. at&t i phone is more global. eight work
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around 200 countries. fries and only works around 40. if you travel a lot
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am i to men are accused of spray painting at the front of the pizzeria. they happen to be part of another pizzeria down the street. just push shows as more of a pizza war in the north bay.
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>> there are a lot of restaurants competing for business. the competition got at the panthers in morning. the manager in the former peak the former owner of extreme pete said were defaced. the two restaurants are block away. the restaurant manager contacted the owner of extreme pizza from jail. >> he confirmed that he was terminated over the phone. i said " yes you are " that is blast at the top talent. then he is ashamed of what the manager did. but the pain from aids. >> all of the work of all of the effort to come here into the building. the way it was was very sad. >> pete's at orgasm opened on tuesday. is there a war? or down actions of men who should have known better. >> is there a pizza war?
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>> know. you know we have been here for nine years. the competition is great. the fact that they are filling a great place that is vacant is great. >> he has a forgiving attitude. >> people make mistakes. nobody is perfect. >> let us move on. let us get this done. >> this seems like a war that never was is over. people can get back to making pizzas. in cinephile i'm just push for kron4 news. >> what i did. and alamo square in san francisco we're up to 73 degrees. just a beautiful day. blue skies overhead and it looks like nice weather will continue into tomorrow as well. live shot right now from mount tam looking down on the city of san francisco. of gusty winds. 63 mi. per hour. it
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would advisory in effect for elevations above 1,000 ft. in the bay area. temperatures in the 60s and even in the '70s right now. 70's currently in union city. upper 60s part brentwood and at that. right now, checking in at 66 degrees here are the winds. there on the light side but a couple of guys getting up to about 30 mi. per hour for fairfield. the real problem with the plans is that the higher elevations are dangerous. it may gusty if you drive over them. here is fair weather, dry conditions over the pacific. it is not budging. it has been in place for some time. several weeks. it is continuing to expand. that is what is making a to warmer. some changes are on the way. not until next weekend. perhaps in the rain
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next sunday. another beautiful day before it sunday. dry conditions in place at least for the beginning of next week in. here is the deal at lake tahoe. some clouds. i gorgeous say otherwise. we are willing to see some nice weather for the next couple of days. low 50s. monday is partly a to mostly sunny skies. strong winds. this is what we will see here. temperatures starting out in the 40's. i want afternoon. record-breaking temperatures getting into this 70's. 74 san francisco. 74 = san jose. 77 degrees = santa rosa. looking ahead to getting a little cooler but still above average fort monday and tuesday. dry all the way through next
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weekend. vicki? >> face book is pulling up stakes they're looking to switch headquarters. will you know why and where. plus, good news on the job front just not good enough. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done?
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nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. rethink possible. breakfast for lunch.
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and not the san francisco metropolitan transportation it is working with colleagues. they're looking to reduce fees. we set stanley roberts to the sfo. >> if you ever pass through the san francisco international airports you might notice these signs. it is illegal to offer a limousine or taxi services. there's good reason. there's some limo drivers that pretend to be taxis. why do you care? it is simple. for
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stopped there are plenty of licensed cabs. you can tell them by the stickers that read. they'll be on one location, not at the door. second boston pour into issue may be injured or even have a driver's license. there are horror stories from passengers that have accepted rises from people posing as a taxi. if you are flagged down by some and that you did not pre book is illegal. the m d a is looking to make it harder for them to operate. if you are in an illegal tax your little you could be left out in the cold. as san francisco international airport i am stanley roberts for kron4 news. >> face book is looking for real estate. where? we'll get a look at new office space for it at face book giant. where are all the
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jobs? we will break it down for you. plus, advertisers the cost to get you to watch.
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>> well, sunny skies and gentle breezes. a summer like day. brian tells us of the discord to be sunny as it is today. >> is going to be sunny. great temperatures. it is nice now. a beautiful night to be it said. temperatures into the 60s. in the '70s. 6 d = much indeed. low-bit 60s in santa rosa. beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge from the bay bridge. right around sunset after a glorious day. mild temperatures in tonight. winds will be up there. especially in fairfield. a little crazy to our morning.
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of lot of sunshine. more record highs. temperatures may come down just a few degrees. it not quite as warm. it will cool off some more for monday. readings returning to the 70's. still above average. sunshine processed with winds picking up. overall pattern of dry weather and sunshine of days and cool mornings will continue all the way through to next weekend. perhaps the chance of rain coming up by next weekend. i will let you know more about the it coming up. vicki? >> face book is out of growing up their headquarters and planning on moving to up bigger location. speculation is it will not be too far. people familiar with face book, but once host microsoft. >> face book is making a lot of new friends. news
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that it is relocating to the 57 a. campus has a nearby business owners jumping for joy. >> we are so excited. >> face book has not confirmed that they're moving. once home to sunlight. neighboring businesses say is an open secret. i have already told them about the new neighbor. >> they're expected to make an arrest of tuesday. nearby restaurant say that they cannot wait for their new friend to move to town. they say will be a big boost for business. >> hopefully it will help with lunchtime. that is we get more business. lunchtime. >> in fact, the talk will place across the street is in the process of hiring six new workers to accommodate the anticipated growth in business. the owner also plans to open a separate restaurant in the area.
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>> we are changing things here so we can beat it, have a better customer service. >> face book has 2000 employees. that is likely to grow because of the success. people who are familiar with that microsystems campus palmate it will be at least another five or six months before they can move in. that is because a couple of the buildings have been gutted. they're under renovation. >> also they have left behind quite a few computer service. it will take the company time to relocate those servers. >> they do not mind the wait. having such a successful company is a very good thing for them. in villa park i'm dalian for kron4 news. >> super bowl weekend is known as one of the big parties of the year. for some people the party lasts several days. that is why police in san francisco said up empty why checkpoint. this one is live in lower specific sites. there will be more officers
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on the streets cracking down on drunk drivers sunday. they say is important to set up plans to not drive if you have had a few drinks. oakland police chief anthony that will remain police chief. that says there is a number of reasons why he will not go to san jose. to reset says there is more on his decision. >> i appear to roll up my sleeves. >> it is official but anthony batts will stay on the job. this is an talking with the mayor jean quandt. three weeks at start of speculation about leaving when he revealed he was up for the chief's job been sent as a. he did not get it but he did expressed frustration about the lack of resources. put into play whether he would continue as chief. since then he says he has met with city leaders. >> they support things i've
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done. they applauded the job i've done this year. >> you received an outpouring of support. >> they sent me all lot of letters and pictures. >> he wants to follow through on his commitment to oakland. >> at the bottom line is site came here to make a difference for the committee. they have responded and asked me to stand by. >> residences are happy about the news. >> chief that's is extremely, most of really what this committee needs. i've attended meetings with him if he has a vision and a long-range plan papaws barry, particularly with the youth. >> he has plans to be here until 2012. >> he's worked with the radio system. city leaders
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say that it has been fixed. >> they are called adam calls. until a peace pipe to the net figures that what is wrong with the radius system oakland officers well buddy up while on patrol. police chief anthony batts will have a work with the response time. >> it will take a little bit longer but make sure that everyone is safe. >> officer's safety is a major concern. nothing will to communicate with fellow officers in the field can be as dangerous situation according to sources here in the oakland police department. however, that is exactly what happened on several responses to of recent burglary call. while
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trying to secure the suspects did not function. this comes on the heels of last week's problems. officers in the field lost vacation with dispatch. also not good says chief and the bats. >> which we have a is problems popping up. >> mayor james quandt says the city has secured a $20 million grant that will pay for new state of the art of litigation system. >> i national and employment rate has dropped. are there not any new jobs available? i'll tell you about coming out. if you're looking for a new tv forceable send you are a lot. we will write down some of the options on the market.
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and i knew unemployment data has been released. the rate has dropped. and the employers have only created 36,000 jobs which is less
9:41 pm
than expected. we set reports regardless of how you look at the data there are still people looking for work. >> john green, give him the strength of the courage lord. help him to find a job. >> seeking help not only from the government people are joining i hire it soars. a handful of people were praying. including former i t worker wade montgomery. out of work since 2008. >> i am optimistic that something will open up again. i'm going to stay optimistic. i must believe that america has jobs and will create jobs. >> he is holding on to hope after seeing the unemployment rate to edge downward >> economists were expecting them to at 149 jobs. instead only 36,000 positions were
9:42 pm
added. if you tally up all of the jobs last month after month during the reception --recession >> they said. add 101,000 jobs in that. but it would still be slower than the 11.4 million jobs that we have in the labour market. we're still in the era of the sled. we're in a pretty rocky recovery. >> they said to get back to the way things were a 5% to the economy would have to add about to to hundred and 85,000 jobs every month for the next five years. the obama administration says look at the big picture. we are not losing jobs. we are adding albeit at a very slow rate. >> where audit it trajectory. there are good signs. i feel optimistic. >> back at site the unemployment office that
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policy is not enough but prayer might be enough. lisa sylvester fort washington. >> have you ever wondered how much it costs to run it commercial during the super bowl? coming up we will show you what advertisers are dishing out. them at record highs around the bay area today. 70's and 80's and will play about a coming up.
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>> at beautiful day at the bay area beaches today. all lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. people actually braving the warm temperatures this afternoon. but the water is still cold but the air temperature is in the 70's and even 80s. right now, the stillness. we are in the 60s for many spots around the bay area. it is 69 = marks per = richmond. santa rosa = 67.
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these temperatures are rivaling those that we would see in that summer time, sometimes. remember how cool it was last summer? well we are warmer than most of july. >> ones are up there. getting up to 30 mi. per hour in fairfield and livermore. some lands art, for instance the mount diablo, are running at 60 mi. an hour. here is a feature cast. wednesday its, that the strongest winds at least at the surface and the lower elevations. bedtimes' closer to the bay. it is going to remain breezy for tomorrow morning. the women should begin to tail up in the afternoon. the winds are
9:48 pm
helping to keep things warm. 40's and even '50's to start things out to our morning. for the afternoon relate the big up the temperature. another day of high is in the '70s. mountain view, san jose = 74. santa rosa = 77. out of the '80s for tomorrow. if the winds stay up there and it is sunny weekend 80s. we will stick with 70's for now. temperatures coming down a little bit starting monday. still nice. we're. to be in mid-upper 60s. well above average. coming back down to 60s tuesday. sunny and dry it weather. dry since beginning of year. pattern is not changing. end of week
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and into next week and next chance of rain. vicki? them up with millions of adults guaranteed the ad spots court karen gives us a look at who is spending what. for the super bowl ads. >> the big game means at baguettes. >> there is no other vehicle that can bring you this many consumers. >> the super sized audience does it. the company's plant down over $1.6 billion for super bowl spots over the last decade pepsi, dizzy and general motors leading the way. estimates ads are a trillion dollars. for advertisers like for a builder back for a seventh straight year the returns on
9:50 pm
investments are worth it. >> we look at different measures to see if we have at the effective return on investments. >> but a slight first time recce advertising has well- known names. others looking to make ended made up over 20 percent of the ad roster last year. them all lot of advertisers are tentative for themselves and take their business to the next level. their record highs of the super bowl is an enormous, one time promotional opportunity to put themselves on the map. >> for advertisers bigger as well sectional working now enhances the investment. to readers and pepsi max and but what are among the brands with these but campaigns and to show interest in their ads. others were used water to engage during the game any to to stretch those millions of dollars will be on sunday night. >> in washington i'm karen safe bet my no surprise here that the super bowl is the biggest beer drinking day of
9:51 pm
the year. americans will throw back more than 51 million cases of beer over the curse of this weekend. to some time for the it your happy way there's a faster way to port. to a tree do not touch the ball. here's a look at the altar past-- ultrafast report interested to philadelphia. >> for the only second time trier of bottoms at airport. we can pour these beers into seconds. we reduced the time amount it takes by nine times. beautiful. the reports this way at the, the breakup is a whole the big lead. on top of the magnet we answered the bud light to coin. one gets put on top of the device the hole is exposed and spirit flies through the bottom. when it fills to the top the magnets that's the whole. i like about a bit we might need a stronger bake it.
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>> once the spirit is consumed you're left with the empty cup and a magnet. them that is why i bought it. >> you really do not want to put your put your finger in the hole because they fear falls all over the place. no wasted year, those bullets. that is innovative. and i will not touched the bottom. >> cheers >> if you're looking for new t b there is still time coming up we will not sure which to beat is the right one for you and your wallet.
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>> time now for tech talk with tapes late. >> super bowl sunday is almost here. you are thinking about buying a tv for the big game here is what is hot right now. some of ice as well on buying and
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you big screen tv. elie de tvs are the new technology in what is taught with tvs. allergies are brighter than plasma and lcd. they have a right to contrast. they help you save on your pg&e bill. the ball inside last longer than lcd or plasma. they are thin. lookout and they are. just a little wider than my index finger. because they are the hot thing alley these cost roughly two to $400 more than an lcd or plasma of the same size. my advice? goalie l e d if you can. if it is too expensive than go lcd. you can get a good 46 in. guy next lcd for $600 right now at retailers like best buy. that said, one thing to know, refresh rate. the refresh rate of it to be is directly responsible for the quality of the image as it relates to handle the motion. motion like a football game. if you wanted to be that is best
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for watching sports that you want to hire refresh rate. they measure it in hearts. look for an number with the letter each it is dead. here's an example. these are the same size, 48 in. but have a different refresh rate. and there for a different price. the one on the right is 60 hz. it is it larry. it costs 900. the middle one is 120. a stripper in caused it to a hundred. the one on the left is 240 parts of the herd camels motion very well. crystal clear. because the $200. for each the football watching the best tb which featured a 240 hz refresh rate. ok, so we bought a 3-d to be. this year's super bowl is not being aired in 3-d sides a whole lot. gives light for kron4 news. >> what a dilemma. but it does would be nice if somebody wants to watch the tv. it be nice as i doubt.
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>> great weather for its super bay [ male announcer ] kfc hot wings.
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