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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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temperatures falling rapidly. clear skies. fob towards morning. temperatures below freezing. for these are around the bay. all lot of thirties during still in the mountains. flood watches. things are improving. for tomorrow, partly-mostly sunny skies. temperatures were made into the 50s. another chance for re it arrives on monday. another storm coming down the pike. more coming up later on. vicki? >>pam: this no fault was impressive today. the santa cruz to two of the areas.
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>> reporter: perfect family outing. not easy. the road was closed but people hiked up the road to see this note. >> we were in lafayette. it became to mount diablo. we thought crowd lets do it ". your loving life. >> we can to address this note. we never made estimate the size. we thought let's make a snowman. >> reporter: at the all got a kick out of this note that built up as the day it went down. them that we went to the top of had a blast. >> this is exciting. i just told my it has been why haven't had any snow. and now we're getting it in february.
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>> reporter: what goes up must come down so it uses leadused as sled. >> we love it. >> reporter: jeff pushed for kron4 news. them that weather is making for dangers of driving conditions. take a look at the that snow that is falling into my glove. plenty of snow on the ground. 2 in. fell overnight saturday. for the practice from the snow drifts are 3-4 ft. high. it's even causing our caltrans snowplows to get stuck. caltrans is also concerned about drivers spitting out. and patches of ice. it is making and dangeroumaking the dangerous ros more dangerous. rocks and danger it up a tree limbs falling. this caltrans crew
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is blocking access roads and they say they are required to stay closed until 6:00 a.m.. warren kelly for kron4 news. >> vicki: if you can track the weather or the temperature and eight day at oakland police are looking into a late-night shooting investigation. officers had committed kitchen problems while trying to secure the scene. reggie kumar had has information. >> reporter: this happens saturday morning. officers were called to the hotel and investigators say two people were shot. no injuries are life threatening. o pete would not confirm if the radio problem was related.
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karen boy released this statement. they had it transition problems with their hand-held radios. itt says its with that antenna. earlier this month they had a similar problem. officers lost radio communication during at pursued. because of the ongoing obstacles they are working hard to resolve it. the police department communication system is being upgraded once the new equipment is installed. they're hoping it will stop future problems. >> vicki: the sheriff, michael hennessey is calling it quits. he will not seek
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reelection this november. he has been elected eight st. terms that is at 31 years. the west dublin station opened today. to get to the station it will cost you $5.50. this is sports 40 fit station around the bay area. one of the sports heroes died. pauli madison. he starred in sampras's go back in the 1950's. heat helped get the team to the championship. he played for 14 seasons before making it to the hall of fame. he was 80 years old. still ahead, a deadly clashes and libya. protesters take to the streets of wisconsin. california gov. tie-ins that built on state budget. and to computer combines the new
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features of tablets and smart phones.
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let us focu
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>> vicki: thousands of libyans are making it a their voices are heard. protesters and soldiers are
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restricting a journalist. our reporter it passed to be in cairo. the map no freedom whatsoever. >> no freedom whatsoever. people live in fear. >> reporter: a hospital doctor is to explain why it's the climate recession is driving people out into the streets. white ordinarilwhat ordinary people ae fleeing. >> they are bringing it injured people and to the hospitals. >> reporter: that death tolls are rising. heading
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westward towards this stronghold. as striking contrast in the picture is on television. this a talk show it is unveiling the demonstrators. pictures of are ransacked government office. video, too, of reporters watching from afar. opposition leaders are hoping for the downfall. them that we hope that this sacrifice will discourage the leaders and to help them with their freedom. we want freedom for our people.
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>> reporter: despite everything uploaded pictures, reportedly from two towns, it showed these. demonstrators say they have been brought into libya to fight against the most repressive regime. (music) >>bryan: as stormy day at around the bay area. the rain is coming down. wet and dry conditions but things will improve it. things are drying out into northern california as the storm heads into so cal. there was
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a lot of rain that fell in the last 48 hours. we are going to get a break tomorrow as we head into our sunday. in addition to the wet weather, cold conditions. 6 in. of snow. high temperatures into the low-made it 40's. 44 to date in san francisco. coldest, highest, temperature ever. record- breaking. here is this still lake tahoe area. lot of snow has fallen. last seven days in this ski resort, 12 ft. of snow. 8 ft. in just the last two days. no snow up tomorrow. temperatures will be freezing. i week weather
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system coming in on monday it with the chance of snow. it featured a cast shows or rain is out of here and skies began to clear. temperatures are coming down and low '30's in the coldest places at 4 tonight. advancing from 6 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. monday. widening up the view. clouds moving into the bay area. here is the next system coming down. the forecast is modeling of the rain out at sea. it is passing north-cassette. we could see some wet weather. for now, keeping a chance of rain. tomorrow morning. it looked for temperature it into 30 degrees for said that rose said. made it- upper thirties neared that
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update. mostly it senate skies. at lot nicer than tomorrow. there's a chance for rain on monday. keep the umbrella handy nonetheless. tuesday and wednesday looking dry. >> vicki: there is a new art shop it is like a gym membership. $100 a month. you get access to industrial equipment. there also courses. >> people lost aaccess to these tools so far 100 years you didn't get access to use
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them. what has happened is the cost have come down but far enough that we can offer for it $100 a month, accessed to millions of tools. you can watch your next business be launched for less and get your starbucks addiction. >> vicki: today is the biggest celebration, that china endear is in chinatown. millions of people packed the street. for chinese and years. it backs down to 1958. -- new year's. h-p has come up but at brookline a computer we will show you why it brings more to the table than unique design. (music)
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and among low aho prepared warn war room
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>> vicki: now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news.
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didn't >> h-p has unveiled the latest personal computer. it is an all in one. here is a look with two hands you can lower it. it is a regular computer with a twist. you can do anything on it you would with the normal computer. this one features of a touch screen. it is our regular text top but also of a drive to tap the. anything you want to do you can do. this is a reclining future. a for client for when you are doing touch gestures to make it easier to use. the reason we do not see them is because of something they call " real alarm. " it is something that is used to raise the computer over the desk. h-p is solving it with
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a new unique design. you can use it as a normal computer or a tablet. slide it into the lower position. i got my hands on it. i liked it. it has a huge 23 in., 1080 pete, this light. it does of very great job at a blending everything together. the 610 is on sultry there website. it is in stores within the next couple of weeks. it costs nine header dollars. i'm gabe slate for kron4 news. >> vicki: brian, i noticed dark but the sun has kicked up some amazing solar flares. it is the biggest in quite awhile. >>bryan: there was a huge eruption on the sun one week ago. some of the particles, the solar wind is spectacular. the last couple of days. >>pam: it is causing chaos with radius? >>bryan: yes. may be a
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disruption. all of the ions. is exciting stuff. >> vicki: just an excuse to show pictures. really quickly. prior to my? >>bryan: yes. this storm is moving down south. we will see improving conditions. skies cleared for tonight. it'll allow temperatures to get school into the '30's and for tomorrow are highs are into the low 50s with mostly sunny skies. >> vicki: great. have a good night and see you in the morning. . . . . . . .
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