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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 21, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>>pam: the spatstate of california spends $1 million to california tourism? >>catherine: 825 of the dollar budget deficit. and the spending any-the state of california is facing a $25 billion deficit. however, with advertising success? but on a neutral it is michigan. >> the state of michigan has a deficit of over $1 billion yet the republican governor is proposing to expand their pure michigan ad. the state figure for every dollar spent on the ad campaign will get $3 back in taxes. the government proposal would boost tourism taxes from 2 million to 25 billion. east? >> unbelievable. >> the va for lubbers is even bigger benefit. $5-
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lovers--$5 each for $1 generated >>catherine: conn., they want to make virginia, michigan following with a 15 million-dollar campaign this year. >> surfing, celebrities? >> california only spends $1 million on marketing. the tourism is not empty. 90 percent comes from private industry. 98 percent comes from private industry. at $50 million. last year, it produced and it produced ads that start $12 million >> people of a lot of misconceptions about california but none of them are true. of course, celebrities. >>catherine: and this group in san francisco figures that the city generates about $426 million in tourism taxes. every year.
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spending keeps to the 6000 people employed in the city. >>pam: what a good part tourism is the gasoline prices. they are on the rise. craig sklar shows us how they have climbed from the bay area. >>reporter: the gas prices are continuing to go up by 205-25 persons per gallon and the bay area alone. and- 255 a-with unrest in the middle east causing uprising gas prices. $3.60 in some of the era locations and also when you have to pay more for fuel for your car, jet fuel is also projected to increase. >>pam: the northern africa in protest in libya. conflicting reports that khaddafi may have fled the country. samantha hayes reports on his possible
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whereabouts and the violent protesting. >> after apparently taking control of the northern city on sunday angry anti- government protesters set their sights on the nation's capital, tripoli. a government building was set on fire and states buildings ransacked. helicopters were firing into crowds of tripoli. the justice minister resigned with excessive force on on on processors. the deputy investor called for the resignation of gaddafi was ruled for 42 years. >> he has to leave as soon as possible and has to stop killing people. this has been going on too long for 42 years. >>reporter: european rumors that he could have already fled and going to venezuela. >> this is the beginning of
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the yen for khaddafi. >>reporter: 200 people love died. and human rights watch-21 the dutch people have died--a pro-khaddafi and a stern message from the sun.from his son. >> and we are going to continue to be with them tens of thousands who are flooding to tripoli in support of khaddafi. we will never give up the fight. all the way to the last shot. >>reporter: in washington, kron 4 news, samantha hayes. >>jacqueline: that storm off to the edge of it on the core meaninmainly offshore with overnight showers possible. temperatures for in the cooler, bay-area wide. 42
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degrees in redwood city. temperatures are going to be dropping fairly quickly. as a matter of fact, it is good to get quite cold. the futurecast look at the north bay! the temperatures are in the 30's, through the delta and inland valley. low 40's for the rest of the bay area. we will take a look at the neighborhood by neighborhood and the chance for rain fall later this week coming up in just a bit. >>pam: traffic is this the albany traffic? this is your mt. tam camera you can see the sun is setting a lot of clouds in the background. here, with our san jose camera how we 1 0 1 and the guadeloupe overpass. no problems of how we 1 0 1. we will be back at the high 101 at the highway 1 0 1
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would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room pictures, videos of that massive 6.3 earthquake in new zealand.
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some video that i found on line. this shook the south island in christ church, one of its largest cities. it is just a few miles from the epicenter. the shaking and a huge rock that fell from a mountainside. people walking around a total bit beast. people are trying to-based-- and according to the damage a church, a bridge, and also an airport has shut down. the mayor of christ church is urging people not to drive. he was on top of the floor of the city council when it hit and it threw him across the room. police say that there are multiple fatalities but the prime minister says that details are still too shaky for reports to be confirmed. >>pam: it does not look like there's going to be a maverick for for contest with no big waves. no big
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swells on the horizon, and it closes one week the deadline. last year, we spoke to shane and desmond. he was looking forward to competing. >> the window for the contest is going to be closing in one week. there's really no chance of waves. however, march typically has good swells so i is one to get out there and keep surfing. hopefully, more swells before this winter is rarely done. you know what, mother nature, i would have loved before this winter was--dawn. and i would of love to compete with shame, and kelly slater is what an exciting to serve with those guys shane--. i am just disappointed that i would have liked to compete with
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those guys. >>pam: he is already packing his bags for australia got a bit hot spot for a big waves. yet another incident with the radio communication at the oakland police department. more officers are difficulty communicating with dispatch. kate has the latest details. right after this quick break.
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>> >>pam: oakland police are having difficulty with radios. the shooting this week and the ratings were not working. kron4's kate thompson is here. and the city said that it was resolved. with the mayor and the police chief? >>reporter: this is the second time in one month with real problems and they say they have fixed the last months problem. overall, this system has been plagued
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with problems. yet another incident this past weekend. two people were shot this past weekend and there were left scrambling on able to read the dispatch and with the static and the transmission problems. there were not able to-communicate with dispatch. there were trying to trace it back to a specific and tell that was replaced on saturday. the specific-antenna. with age causing problems. this occurrence was only two weeks away from the previous problem when it did not work for the radios. the high-speed chase ended up with san leandro/86 where the suspect was shot. a few days later, jean quan and chief anthony bats said that problem was fixed with the sulfur reset. however, system-wide, it still was
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problematic. the earlier problem has been temporarily reset with the software. >> with the problems continuing to come up the fight he will continue to test their right to department, the latter sttheretd police has $20 million in federal funding to replace that and there internet intelligence information technology department is trying to remedy the problems. >>pam: thank you >>jacqueline: with sprinkles offshore along the san mateo coast. nothing to the bay area right now but
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will take the chance it will still see some light shower activity along the coast. it is not quite down past the bay area yet. still some chance for showers picking up south of the golden gate. what we can expect tonight and into with coastal showers possible. for the most part the skies will be clearing with southern california will get most of this storm. chilly in the morning, 30's, low 40's for places like sampras as to, oakland. san francisco will be and will 40's. 33 in santa rosa, the north valley and delta us and even parts of the south bay at 39 degrees and san jose. 50s in the afternoon. a warming trend will continue with the clear skies and by 3:00 p.m. mid upper 50s near the beach. -wide. 58 in fairfield, near bay-area
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wide. if we are going to stay dry for the next couple of days. the rate will return locally and that could mean snowfall in the sierras with 3 in.-5 in. and possibly even more. with adding the several feet that we recently got this past weekend. toy about the rest of this week with the dry conditions the next couple of days. and the rainfall returns on thursday with a very cold storm. from arctic air from canada. again, temperatures are going to be dropping quite a bit because of this with low 40's on friday. it 40's on saturday and hollow that snow is going to go. hello. >>jacqueline: from lake tahoe, it is a beautiful day. this is that the heavenly ski resort. dusk. the roadways have been
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reported relatively clear. some people are starting to head home with more snowfall expected as jacqueline mentioned. >>jacqueline: thank you. >>pam: a state park is closed from falling trees. what is causing that? >>reporter: crews spent most of monday these motor homes were destroyed within a 80- ft a monterey pine tree crashed down on thursday. two more pine trees have come down and near the park location and one the new the entrance. no injuries but three people were inside this motorhome when that tree came down. shortly thereafter, the 20 visitors were evacuated as a precautionary measure in the campground was shut down. it remains closed. . inspectors are broad and to
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see if any other trees are in danger of falling inspectors were brought in half. with a shallow root system with these monterey pines and the topple over with loose soil, and 20 m.p.h. wind on saturday. this park remains closed. -- on thursday. from the point istate park. rob fladeboe. >>pam: traffic looking at 80, and a bit sluggish 8 south 101. westbound, toll pleasant no problems! a good time to go west if you have travel plans.
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>>jacqueline: >>this just in to the kron 4 news room oakland has rehired those officers that were laid off in july. jean quan made this decision and your back on duty. it will
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perhaps one week or even two weeks before there on the streets. with training and getting caught off on what is happening with policy changes. assistance chief howard jordan says that it is good to have them back. with city budget problems level of initially. >>pam: now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. this silver toyota is facing the wrong way. upon further inspection the driver is still in the car with barbecued chicken. >> i'm not part. >> okay.. maybe i'd better move. >> it is a bit too late now. >> the san francisco police and cited him for driving on the wrong side of the street. >> the driving them apart it hazards with their frequent
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bayview leaves a lot to be desired. this was a double park on the corner but the flashing lights are on but i guess that makes it all right to him? nearly every sstreet corner has violations but one police officer says that they place the screen warning fliers of the vehicles. -green warning fliers. >> you cannot park on the sidewalk! >> and it is guaranteed a $ 1005 but because of a bayview because there are threatened with bodily injury many are refusing to write tickets. while i was there i noticed about the parking meters were on and forced-not enforced and i was even threatened for taping. it is sketchy. >> do not put me on that tv, dude.
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>> in the bay section, stanley roberts. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >>jacqueline: from our live look at san francisco a mix of clouds and clearer skies. a storm is riding the coastline but we're not acting in a lot of rain out of is it. clearing skies overnight with the cool morning. it details on that coming up the news at 6:00 p.m. is coming up, next.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. at 6:00 p.m. >>pam: at 6:00 p.m. the latest series of storms lingering around the bay area. you can see the damage cost to the santa cruz county on the left side. and the long line of cars waiting on mt. diablo. let us check-in with a
5:59 pm
jacqueline what can we can expect. with already sprinkles. >>jacqueline: already that storm offshore. however, it is good to push south. >>pam: a paradea break? >>jacqueline: yes, those clouds of the san mateo coast. however, to the bay iraq could get a break. is- the bay-area could get a break--and this cloud coverage will push out with clear skies overnight. and then cool temperatures. temperatures or the upper 40's, low 50s. 48 in redwood city. 51 in san francisco, antioch, livermore, 53 in half moon bay. what we can expect tonight and tomorrow with a slight chance only 20 percent. it will win tmainly stay dry. with 30's and the afternoon wore out. details
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on west next storm. an afternoon-dry out. >>jacqueline: a light dusting on this notsmall mountains and take a look at these long lines of traffic. backed up, this was the scene on north detour route north gate road to----and some people say they waited for several hours. others cannot take it and decided to turn around. we caught up with people braving the traffic to see if there were going to wait it out? >> typically, we have snow and the bay area so i think it is been great. >>reporter: follow? >> 45 minutes. in the kids are going to like it. >>reporter: test of how long have you been in the line? >> 45 minutes. >>reporter: are you worried about the snowfall that might go away?
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>> yes, it is kind of sunny. >> it is probably bad about 30 minutes. >>reporter: we going to hang in there? >> of course, of course we're here on saturday and it was beautiful. there was a lot of people. >>reporter: good luck. >>pam: meanwhile, in the frightened of state beach-- britain state beach, with large monterrey pine trees have toppled over. britaighton motor homes kidding smashed. the park will remain closed until safeties inspections will be completed. >> which is cut so much rain and oppose motor homes--got smashed. these monterey pine trees can get incredibly
6:02 pm
heavy. with top weight that pulls them over. it is usually the high when and a wet ground can be unpredictable. >>pam: as a precaution and a two dozen were evacuated to c cle state park. a c clesea cl we were just getting ready to leave when they called and said that your welcome to go to the sea cliff state park. >>pam: they are focusing these leaning trees inspecting all of them could take a couple of days but the park will remain closed until further notice. that is debris from one recent tree. >>pam: to teenagers were killed in a tragic rafting
6:03 pm
trip. matthew miller, on the left, and his friend, kevigavin were found on saturday. how autopsies found that the cause was asphyxiation due to drowning. and as kron 4 as christine connolly tells us his classmates at the high school where still in shock. >> students, parents gathered for a baseball game at a high-school you could feel the sadness. sophomore says that 15 year-old, matthew miller and a 17 year-old gavin paul was well known and liked by everyone. >> i went to elementary school with them---powell >> he was a great above me and i always knew that he was very unique. comfortable with being himself. >>reporter: this is the
6:04 pm
route to their rescue crews found. the high school students this is the raft-- there were supposed to meet a friend at 4:00 p.m. but they never showed up. the into the waterway at 2:00 p.m. the parents did not find out until late saturday night. with their brain, it was filled with debris. with the-reason rainfall, the water was filled with debris. with the recent rain fall. they are saying that the loss has been difficult. >> it is not as if we are a large school we have 1500 children are more or less and everybody knows each other. a good portion of them have gone to school with each other even a sense of elementary school is tough. >>reporter: maureen kelly. >>pam: that oneruns through walnut creek and jeff bush will show you how it they got
6:05 pm
and. >> this is where they gained access this creek is right next to this elementary school. it is fenced off. however, across the street is a different story it says " creek access restricted " but it's not difficult to get there. not further down is concrete, high fences and that canal runs through the city along a popular jogging trail. posting fensigns that say stay out and a chain link fences and the walls are 20 ft. high. you can see a strong current. the day the boys went it was raining which was even stronger current. the canal is predictable for the most part except for this raft was found. this was on the stanley st. a warning that reads " danger, stay out, stay alive " and a waterfall is on the other side. the drop-off is 10 ft. with
6:06 pm
branches and other debris at the bottom. in walnut creek, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>pam: this is the second deadly incident at this particular canal and less than one year. last year, in april, they found a family. this is video from that rescue. the hogan family 75 year-old janice hogan was rescued from the water. her son and husband were later found dead. janet hogan was rescued. and where this is located using google earth. jonathan? >> you'd just how this is beginning in walnut creek and goes about 9 mi.. and a eventually this is where the bodies were found. you can see the lower left that this is the elementary school. authorities believed that this is where they launched
6:07 pm
the raft. and this is that bridge where they put this raft of the opposite side. that creek goes into the walnut creek waterway. it was about 4 mi. worth the trouble began. this goes underneath the road and goes above ground and closed between houses, buildings with the amount of 2 mi.. and this spot of the waterfall is were authorities believed that raft got hung up and the trouble began. that 10 ft. drop. this raft was found about the bodies were found another four and four and three-quarters miles away. there were found in the city of concord. this is the body of kevin powell, 17 year- old. and here matthew miller who was 16. floating in the water. the other body
6:08 pm
was givehis name was kevin powel---gavin it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>>pam: a daly city swat steam with a six hour standoff. standoff--a swat teams. this suspect was believed to be armed and. he did inside. maureen kelly has more. >> 5:00 a.m., daly city were near the intersection of mission and west market street and they heard five shots fired. bullet holes were found at a home across the street they saw this woman standing at the top of these stairs. >> she was agitated in the sense of being agitated, upset and letting the officer know to get out of here. when the e-mail subject who we believe-the
6:12 pm
male subject brought her brought inside the house again. >>reporter: 5:3:00 a.m. of the swat team returned 5:30 a.m., they came back and the street below, with hostage negotiators continually communicated with the people through cellphone. they refused to come out. when i loswhen they lost communication? the fired a rubber bullet and hurled a if so phone inside. it was that dramatic action that prompted the suspects to surrender. it ended the six hour standoff. this female was on the ground and cuffed and the man is taken into custody. officers found several rifles, handguns, ammunition and possible weapons charges and of
6:13 pm
lawful church of a gunfire is possible unlawful firing of a gunfire firearm as possible as a charge they could be facing. >>jacqueline: on your forecast coming up. ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries.
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>>catherine: dramatic developments in libya khadafy's claim to power made a brief television appearance. as he left the country. protesters are speculating that he has left the country. with government and armed forces are calling for his overthrow. >>catherine: o in tripoli, 60 people reported dead. >> they are firing of the rooftops. and we see five fires all around tripoli. >>catherine: earlier today, the son of of khaddafi warned a bloodbath if this
6:17 pm
continued. it failed to discourage protesters. the ransacked state television buildings and set fire to a state building and television stations. jet pilots were ordered to fire on the protesters however, some of the pilots would not do it. the retreated to a island. the investor is accusing khaddafi of declaring war on his own people. >>catherine: 600 mi. to the east celebration is in the hands of anti-could of the protesters. as many as 600 people could have been killed in the anti-khaddafi. with the bridge and foreign secretary that he could seek exile in venezuela. this
6:18 pm
could be the end of this 42 year reign. and this unsettling is still causing oil to go up. pamela? >>pam: their try to find out what is going on with their friends, family and vicki shows us that many of them are horrified of what they are seeing. teresa estac >> from the san francisco living room >>reporter: they did watch, frustrated. >> i heard the verthey were shooting at people from rooftops. >>reporter: santa informational so they rely on the cellphone. information is a scant-- >> there is a massacre going on and nobody is reporting on it. >>reporter: fear of retaliation the past not to use their last names. >> and it is unbelievable
6:19 pm
that some of the people are able to go free spots. >> the government of libya is crazy. they are scared. it is unbelievable that people go and face bullets and-- >> and theifates are attacking people without even defending themselves. >>reporter: children even have strong feelings about khaddafi. >> i want him out. >>reporter: is inspired by rebellion in to the hsia and egypt >> it is difficult, and we got to the point where we created this year. and it is about time to enjoy our freedom. >>reporter: san francisco, the guilt of the office. >>pam: of a busy one, tha6.8 de,
6:20 pm
with a six. developing earthquake. sidewalks, roadways were cracked. news source reported hundreds of people were crying and wandering the streets. 5.6 aftershock hit after the original earthquake. with 350,000 people and is considered a tourist center and gateway for the south islands. >>jacqueline: a mix of sun and clouds but it is steeped in the strike. the threat of showers coming and it has stated-minute drive. a slight chance of shower activity closer to the coast here ah what we're going to see
6:21 pm
tomorrow, is with the storm pushing through and those skies will clear and temperatures dropping. 43 tomorrow morning in san francisco. 36 degrees in concord tomorrow. mostly sunny by 4:00 p.m. the temperatures will be in the mid upper 50s will be a few degrees warmer to and the day and temperatures to begin the day will be on the cool day start. a 38 in redwood city upper 30's for the south bay. 36 in antioch. 34 in livermore. the afternoon temperatures will be average. with mid upper 50s. a little bit cooler along the coast with cool temperatures along half moon bay. the rain will return by thursday afternoon and early friday. the chance of showers is bay area white. and continuing until saturday morning it is going to be a cold storm. with bay-area wide showers. with
6:22 pm
tuesday, wednesday, there will be clear conditions and even warmer. however, snowfall and precipitation and cold temperatures with thursday. and look good friday! as a high. >>pam: this is a news crew being attacked near sacramento while on assignment. the reporter spoke to kron 4 and we will hear from them after the break. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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>>pam: an incident in the sacramento. a news reporter and cameraman for is our criminal suburb. they're covering a memorial service outside of the buyand the consulate or kicking the reporter and camera lady.
6:26 pm
they pulled the camera woman's hair and hit her in the face walsh was on the ground. today we spoke to the reporter and hit her in the face wallet--shoe was on the ground. >> we showed up on the scene and we led to believe that we walked up to this memorial. understanding that the motions could have been hot rock. women were crying. they turned around. emotions were probably-raw. and i explained that we were not there to cause harm. the anchor continued. the huge crowd. the anger continued. and the women were getting more hysterical and rushed towards us. as you saw there is one guy that one for the camera. and a reporter cannot allow somebody to go for the camera and that is what i stepped in and looked out with the photographer and the camera. that is when it escalates. people circled
6:27 pm
back around. tracked the reporter down to the ground and it was a flash point. >>pam: the memorial was for a 27 year-old man after a fight at the international- hpo and with the news crew reporting injuries upon themselves.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter: and walnut creek students at this high school or morning the loss twogavin powell went missing. and 16 year-old marshall. bodies were found
6:30 pm
wearing helmets but not wearing a life vest. they're both juniors. >>reporter: continuing our store, the teenagers access to the walnut creek canal with a smaller creek that flows into it. that is a small area of that is accessible. most of the walnut creek canal or 20 ft. tall with a chain link fences. the current was strong. and it is fairly predictable until it was here. this is were the raft was found. 10 ft. waterfall is here or branches interbreeand debris. >>reporter: more problems with oakland radio police with static and transmission problems. the real failure was due to bad weather and the beach of the antenna that was immediately
6:31 pm
replaced. the real failure-- and the problem has been identified with the radio failure. kate thompson. >>reporter: a early morning gunfire with a pair of suspects to. it themselves inside this home. after losing cellphone communication with six hours into the stand off. swat officers fired a rubber bullet and cost the cellphone and the side. they both surrendered. they talked that cellphone inside and then the suspect surrendered. they found guns and ammunition. maureen kelly. >>jacqueline: the big weather conditions with the storms going towards southern california. the rain/cloud coverage and the chance of coastal showers this evening. mainly, will stay dry. once the storm pushes through clear skies overnight with chilly
6:32 pm
conditions tomorrow morning. and a warm-up with the average with the mid upper 50s. to take a look at the your kron 4 7 day around the bay dry and also on a saturday. changes coming in on a thursday. the rainfall returns on/off through friday. beea cold core storm potential be dropping dramatically. also, the snowfall levels will be expected with some elevations getting hit in the bay area. if >>reporter: take a look of this traffic! northgate rude. one of the entrances to mount diablo state park north feet-road--people came out in force trying to see the storm snowfall. some waited hours. others gave up and decided to find fun elsewhere. teresa estacio kron 4 news >> new brighton beach state
6:33 pm
park is still closed with on safe trees the monterey pine trees. on safe--and three of these have crashed down. no injuries but one crashed onto way recreational vehicle. the park evacuated, the parks are rest will be inspecting all of these trees to see if there are any others. the park authority's will be inspected kiddiinvestigating-- >>reporter: mark hopkins hotel and huntington court is also hotel up for sale. the fairmont is also struggling. the claremont is bankrupt. good news for consumers with five star luxury resorts that demand will over $300 per night our
6:34 pm
advertising rates at $250. and even the summit $169. and even some are sa advertising dollars and 169 per night. for now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> the driver is in the red zone. facing the wrong and be view section in san francisco. upon further inspection he's still in the car in join barbequed chicken. >> you cannot park in the red zone. >> i am not part. >> you are part. >> okay, i will. -i am not part-- >> you are part--part parked par >> and these people leave a lot to be desired this was a double park on the corner. and i guess the flashing lights of his car make it all right? there are cars parked on the
6:35 pm
sidewalks. and as one officer told me he does not write tickets because he wants to go home at the end of the date. instead, green morning. >> you cannot park on the sidewalk. >> sections where partly on the sidewalk will guarantee you a $100 find. the bayview because these are threatened with bodily injury many are refusing to write tickets. how also, parking tickets were not enforced. for the record, i was even threatened for taping so i can see it is sketchy. >> do not will be on the tv, dude. >> in the bay area stanley roberts. >> to amend our investigations and in custody with troy of pornography. two of these men, both of child
6:36 pm
pornography. both are students and shared online child pornography. they are accused of having 100 videos ages from five-10 years old. the other had several videos of the comes from a 3 years old-13 years old. victim's-- >> a bus crash in the san bernadine no. 20 people on board slid over the highway. in the san bernadine no. they collided with another car san bernadine no. the snow covered in bank meanlau83 and ah
6:37 pm
group was in this boss. it crashed into the car. the bus went down the snow covered embankment. >> friday is the deadline for this bill. with sex offenders having a notation on their driver's license. and identification card and another would require giving notice to neighbors of 1,000 ft. of a paroled luster. within five days of moving to the neighborhood. molester--and a third was charging one penny per ounce on the sugar sweetened beverages to fight childhood obesity. those are some of the bills awaitin lawmakers.
6:38 pm
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>>catherine: with midwest drivers through minneapolis. 1 ft. of snowfall, highways closed. a weather advisory
6:41 pm
for much of the state. the worst of the storm is over. however, they could still get 3 in.. hundreds of flights delayed/cancelled. mostly with problems in the midwest. people are doing the best and more from travelers detroit airport. >> inside this terminal is a cattle call. hundreds hoping that there will make their plane. delta cancelled 700 flights last night. with areas frustration, and difficult children and a much longer trip to the airport. >> the roads are terrible! it took us two hours. we drove in from shelby. >> frustrated? >> not too bad to try to maintain calme >> also, this was lying on
6:42 pm
the marble floor for his girlfriend. she got a hotel room for pretty cheap. i wish i would have seen her last night but it happens. >> the harley plane is on time but she found a solution for the winter problem. it's the spirit counter. >> where are you going? >> how happy? >> and i am pretty happy to be going to florida after this snow. >>catherine: a light dusting the through new york city. that state saw only 3 in. of snowfall today. >> kimberlee: right now, we have a traffic page. all of the hot spots, accidents, road work, or regular commute times. also keep an eye of those backups with your live cameras on roadways and bridges around the bay area.
6:43 pm
and plan your route home. our live trip times
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>>catherine: charlie sheen invited brian wilson to a party. let us take a look. in addition to flying him and she also flew in several other major players. - charlie sheen. to watch movies, and the called the ultimate baseball experience. lindsay lohan is treating. she said " i want to see my friend and with my future co-star just to be bombarded with paparazzi. and according to
6:47 pm
online, a sheet is " as keeping the game. and he previously starred in 10 things i hate about you. >> the first thing of the wedding invitation. with 1900 send out. fans this cast list is the back room, and connie west. -guest list and kanya west and " kiss me kate " this will be an elegant, tasteful where she is an ideal way to toast the event. sarah ferguson is not on the guest list. >> justin biever has cut his hair. he has a short, spiky
6:48 pm
hair. and so far, people are supporting his hair cut. >>pam: a prank on a new player on the 80s and brian wilson was back on the mound. the a's--and who he was facing. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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>> welcome back baseball full swing and teams are already on us. the giants' opener. against the diamondback. we've uncovered the giants since last week and let us start with the a's we have been covering the giants--edition where matt suoy and so does the japanese peroxy. a lifesize counsel law-paparazzi-- shephe paparazzi.
6:52 pm
>> and certainly surprised but it would be welcome and that matter i was very heavy it was a nice gesture. >> it has been like this for 20 years. it is important to make contact and time for the media. >> 20 minutes away and a scott still the giants were showing. little. the head headliner, brian olsen had a bit of a staff mack the last couple of days. brian- wilson. a stiff neck. >> everything now is fine with a good range of motion. >> he knows that he can pitch them at deep. >> caught him off guard with the clutter and and he spit on a few of my curveballs other than that it was good.
6:53 pm
>> he will expect to face abettors on thursday. in scottsdale, vern glenn, kron 4 sports. faced-betters. >> trevor bayne victorious fet total 500. this was the tenure victory tenure this was e year anniversary of the deaths of steel bernhardt senior. trevor bayne only his second race. his only 20 years old. >> he just got his driver's license four years ago pockets over $1 million. >> sir real. it does not feel like it is real but
6:54 pm
there is crazy guys like pains to work, some of the great guys in great drivers of about of the opportunity. lycopene-store animals feel bad >> almost. he says that it is practically surreal. >> kobe bryant the headliner for the home court advantage. and through the jammed as the offer was up 40% from last year. with 9 million viewers the most sense michael jordan. and lebron james is the second clear debris travel trouble. kobe was the mvp, 14 rebounds, and when 48-143. the game-148-143 final score. this next young guy stole the show. and the alley grooop and griffin, the
6:55 pm
obvious mvp and warriors. currie peeked out big-name as to when beat out. and another worker, narrowly missed the three-point competition. and one of the best knockouts and memory. saturday night with the wbc, and the bentham with titles on the line. these fighters, take a look. (cheers & applause) >> the powerful left hook. and to take a look it is crushing. 26-1. to put him in the conversation of one of the best fighters and the world. currently, a of the
6:56 pm
philippines. >> it is difficult to what one the fast and it's the face. but he is okay. one that fittest of his hands of the face a fashave a great 9 pala
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
well, it's official. the royal invitations are in the mail. but, who was left off the list? >> what you haven't heard. >> i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs. cw "the insider" is on. it's the invitation of the season. >> anybody who is somebody is looking in their mailboxes this morning. >> the beckhams. >> sir elton. >> kanye west. who's reportedly in. >> and who didn't make the cut. plus, kate has officially signed off on all of the details. >> the royal seal, the gilded edges. and what diana's bridesmaid
6:59 pm
knows about the wedding. >> the crowds and the emotions. is jennifer aniston's beverly hills mansion on sale for $42 million? i'm lara logan. >> did lara logan return to work after her brutal assault? >> celine dion reveals her miracle twins to the world. and oscar nominee nicole kidman's breakdown. >> i can't believe i'm now crying on 60 minutes. >> star watch has it all. then -- oprah plus-size fashion. >> my favorite cashmere sweater. >> oprah has done a tremendous good for curvy girls. >> how you can get winfrey's look for less. exclusive. ivanka trump baby news. >> do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? >> why donald doesn't want to be called grandpa? >> what ivanka regrets revealing. >> could get me in trouble. and anne hathaway's backstory. >> from a disney princess to oscar host. >> i really hope people laugh and have a good time. now from hollywood, "the insider" is on. >> it's official. the royal invitations are in the mail. all of the new details to the biggest wedding of the decade.


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