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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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word. the latest with the chilly temperatures below freezing this morning in the north bay. it will be big changes we head toward the afternoon. it could be the warmest day of the week of fact. cool and wet by the end of the week. so cold it could turn to snow. starting off with the current temperatures 31 for san rosa, couple of degrees above freezing in napa up you. e afternoon we will bring highs in to the upper 50s, 57 from napa, vallejo, fairfield. along the coast we will stay in to the low 50s. upper 50s and the south bay. here is future cast 4 taking you through the time line. things shake up a bit, we will see the storm brought in from western canada through the
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day thursday appearewe will con cold temperatures expecting some snow potentially getting down around sea level. that's what we're keeping our eye on by the end of the week. in the sierra a winter storm watch for a thursday afternoon until friday night. snow levels getting down to 1,000 ft.. four-8 in. at 1,500 ft., 2-3 ft. at the 4,000 ft. level. showers continue into saturday, catching a break on sunday, bringing the chance back on monday. george? >> george: we are not tracking hot spots or slow spots. the highway for ride which to two of the heaviest are still good. the
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bay bridge westbound an easy commute here, heading in from all the approaches. someone heavier today than yesterday it doesn't appear to be a big rush of traffic at the bay bridge. over the next 15-20 minutes we will see if they triggered the meter lights at the same time. san mateo bridge looks good, no wind advisory for bay area purchase this morning. the golden gate bridge looks good, southbound traffic still light, no problems across the span. san francisco traffic. in the central no traffic across get. the southbound no problem. one fog advisory for san mateo county, the stretch of 280 between 92 and hillsborough.
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mark? >> mark: a little more on a whether coverage we have sent chris out with the coldclick an >> craig: no wind at all the temperatures will stay this way. it will get up to 57 later today. 25 degrees when. that is pretty common in the bay area. hopefully people have from the water on their pipes because it got freezing overnight. 32 in some places in the hills. definitely cold weather. fortunately no precipitation. or we may have seen snow down here. >> mark: we may see that this week still. >> darya: the violence and unrest in the middle east, also
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killing people. what's killing people in new zealand is the earthquake. 65 people have died in this disaster. 6.3 magnitude. 100 people are still trapped under these collapsed buildings. a u.s. rescue team is on its way to help with the search and rescue. it struck at the height of a busy work day. everything toppled. they're digging through the rubble. the mayor of christchurch has ordered state of emergency. witnesses say it is scary. >> we lost my house to in the last earthquake. i'm writing now. >> this could be it. it's very bad. >> i'm really upset. we have
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worked so hard. >> i bounced all over the place. >> i don't of my husband's life. >> everything was being smashed around. >> darya: the second major quake in five months. this quake caused a lot more damage. most of the 65 who were killed, 12 buses that were crushed by falling buildings. >> mark: the middle east, libya becoming more deadly. the streets are littered with bodies of protesters who are shot by security forces. you're looking at the latest video. the son of khaddafi says the government will fight to the last bullet. italy is sending air force and
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to evacuate its people. on to yemen where thousands are calling for their leader to step down. he has been the target of widespread protests for three weeks now. he says he will not step down before the end of his term. he is pledging security forces will not fire on protesters there. medical officials say 11 people had been killed during the demonstrations. on to bahrain, the king has ordered the release of political protesters. a leading member says shiite opposition says the prisoner release is a good sign. more mass protest iunplanned. james? >> james: the last 12 hours we
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saw oil prices jumped 7%, $96 a barrel. trading's will continue to go up. asian markets hit hard share sliding. britain is trading down at this hour so as u.s. stock futures. they are off by more than 100 points. that is setting the stage for a negative start today for trading. six 08 a.m., we will be right back.
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>> darya: 60 7:00 a.m.6:11 a.m.l
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see the sun, and warm things up. a nice couple of days before we dip down and get more rain and snow. bay area home sales have dropped since december. sales are still higher in 2011 than in 2010. overall home sales rose slightly in 2011, over last year. the bay area had the highest increase rising 35.6%. solano county saw the biggest decrease of 3%. >> mark: the state democrats skip town refusing to vote in wisconsin. layoff notices could go out as soon as next week. he will not compromise over his planned a bill to strip most collective bargaining rights from every public employees including teachers appeare. proe
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expected to continue today. they say they would accept an increase in benefits not are removal of the right to bargain collectively. they say what they will not return the democrats are 14 of them no boat came go forward on this bill until the democrats return. we will be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same...
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>> mark: update on top stories, the search continuing in the early morning hours on wednesday now in new zealand. they are looking for people trapped in the earthquake. a cathedral in the city has come down 65 people dead, 100 missing. the second large quake in five months.
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rescue teams are on their way to help with the search and rescue efforts. >> darya: 6:16 a.m., the other big story, the weather. another big storm swirling in but a couple of days that are pretty nice. we just have to get through this cold morning. it is freezing, 32 on the dollar right now yoli. >> reporter: this car parked in front of me, you will probably have to scrape your window. i saw frost on this window. you can see it on the windshield. >> darya: you're not going to do for them? i'm just saying. >> reporter: i get my credit card unscripted all off. people will have to scrape off their windshield, or put some water on
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it to get rid of that. if you put warm water on it, you keep cracky we shall do that. precooled so bundle up.pretty ce up. >> darya: look at how clear it is. this guy is so clear. there's no wind so at least no windshield factor. >> louisa: yoli has to be out there now you wonder description notes, pour yoli.poor yoli. sais that 32, 56 b. santa rosa is at2 right now, the high today 58.
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temperatures will be dropping through the delta, 36 and in livermore, low 40's in mountain view, los gatos into the upper 30's this morning. satellite and radar shows that storm coming in. clear conditions are expected today and tomorrow as well. after that, it changes. keeping cold weather round, we're watching the storm dropped in from western canada producing wet weather and very cold temperatures. watching to see snow levels drop near sea level by the end of the week. we could see them drop in the sierra as well. our crisis afternoon 555 san francisco, temperatures in to the upper 50s through the east bay. 53 for half moon bay,
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here is you're 7 day around the bay. we have the cold and rainy weather at the end of the week, showers on saturday, we catch a break on sunday. the chance continues until monday. unsettled weather ahead of us. george? >> george: a quiet ride around the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots or problems. it is about time for the metering lights to kick on, but i would be surprised if even a slow and manages to turn the lights on this morning. west bound ride looks good on all the approaches. san mateo bridge volume has picked up but there are no delays. cooling gate bridge ride looks good : gate bridge looks
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cool blue gate bridge looks good right now we didgolden gats couldgood right now. we do havea foggy advisory on highway 92. no problems on public transit. let's go to the newsroom now with james fletcher. >> james: just coming and, cnn confirming they have a source with knowledge of military activity off of somalia, the death of four americans on a yacht last friday. that yacht called the quest was being shut out by navy warship as it was
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sailing towards the coast with again, the four americans on board are being held hostage by pirates. now word those four have been killed. the have officials in somalia saying they are assessing the options and possible responses. this just coming in here. this is the turn of events that was undesirable to say the least. we had been hoping for that safe release and return of those four americans. we'll get more affirmation and come back with another update.i >> mark: send a clear city council taking a proactive approach to secure redevelopment funds to build part of the stadium. during the meeting they will memorialize
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some of the deal appeare. santaa has no plan be should they lose the $40 million redevelopment funds to build the stadium grief counselors will be on hand at school after two students died of a weekend when it went rafting down this channel in concord. the cause of death was x nicosiext. ixia due to roundr >> darya: we will be back with more of a couple of minutes.
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lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school.
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there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> mark: former bell manager facing a hearing on corruption charges. he falsified records
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to hide his salary. he masterminded the scheme that eluded 5 and half million dollars from the city of bell. six officials have been ordered to stand trial. >> darya: in southern california one person dead after a bus crash in sambar and the no. this happened yesterday afternoon. a church bus had 20 people on board. its lead over highway. investigators said its collided with another car appeared slamming into this power pull entry. the other bus passengers and the two occupants of the other vehicle whorl hospitalized. authorities is southern california investigating graffiti threatening president barack obama, and jerry brown appeare.e
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were found this morning, they said both must die. spray- painted near by were at third death threats that were found last month. >> mark: looking at markets in looks to be down day. we will be right back.
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>> mark: futures are pointing lower today, real concern about what is happening in the middle east. with libya as the 18th largest oil producer and the and rushed unrest there. wal-mart with disappointing earnings as well. it could be it big drop today,
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we will bring you numbers through the morning. watching the drop in temperatures in the meantime, alive look from mt. tam and san francisco. we have storms on the way. >> louisa: we are keeping the words no close. later today we will see temperatures warm up, today could be the warmest day of the week however we are starting with cold temperatures expansion in the north. the end of the week we see storm pushing and bring cold temperatures with that. watching snow levels in keeping a close eye on that. this morning right around freezing in san rosa, napa, over fairfield 33, 34 concord, livermore 36. in the south bay san jose still holding onto the upper 30's. radar shows the storm from yesterday, it is rolling down the coast. clear
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conditions this morning and it will continue to stay clear it this afternoon. your highs in to the upper 50s. mid-50s for san francisco, napa and vallejo 57. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s around the bay and the coast. we are watching the later part of your week, 10:00 a.m. thursday we pick up shower chances, it will be wet thursday and friday. the cool temperatures will lower the snow temperatures, and it could be lowered as far down as sea level. you're 7 day around bay. we will stay dry, but it all changes by the end of the week. snow expected in the hills,
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it could move even lower than that. showers on your saturday, cadging a break on sunday and continue with rain on monday. >> george: fasthey have turned on the meter lights. no problems at the bridges. volume picks up a bit. no delay no problems across the span. picking up the right through marin county, the headlights are southbound, the drive down from lucas valley road, it looks good. as you head towards the greatest parkway. mark? >> mark: it is being called new
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zealand's darkest day. 65 people confirmed dead. in this city of christchurch it rattled the region yesterday. >> reporter: >> mark: i apologize we are showing you the latest images coming out of the christchurch area today. >> james: a bill to map to show you where we are talking. this is new zealand. pay close attention to how close the
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epicenter is to christchurch. as we pushed and the epicenter is a handful o. debris all over the , the size of buildings coming down, littering the streets here with rubble and debris. large section of concrete crashing his car. this was the scene all over. this is the shot of them pulling a victim to safety. here the very same scene, somebody tried to reassure this person they are ok. that person is rush to the hospital. more rescuers digging through the rubble. the hard part is there is
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instability in the rubble. they can't get in there is basses they'd like fast as they >> mark: mark khaddafi saying not to believe those who are saying he has fled the country. you see the videos from the central square. his supporters coming out. a number of libyan ambassadors have resigned to protest the bloody attacks. we hear reports of 200 people killed in recent days the unrest in libya really hitting that u.s. markets. dow jones is down 119 points. we will follow the latest as live pictures are coming in. >> darya: warning for safeway,
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six people have been robbed after leaving the safeway store. the robbers go after one particular type of shopper. will tran reports the robbers are taking place at the victims' homes. >> will: here safeway in oakland hills. suspects are going after older shoppers after seeing them load up their cars. they follow the big dams to the home and held on them in their driveway or grunge. i spoke to police officers who told me they were told to be on the lookout. they are looking for a wide suvs.white suv. they say they he been looking at them for a month now. as soon as sagamore
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permission i will pass it on to you. >> darya: chris more has broadened the definition of racial profiling. it makes it a violation for an officer to show bias behavior at any time during any public in counter. he is demanding a closer look at bias complaints. in four years police investigated 150 bias complaints this is your captain speaking,
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we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. >> darya: 6:41 a.m., pleasanton
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police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man whose body was found this morning along an old railroad easement. the body was discovered at about 7:20 a.m. at the foot of an embankment south of valley avenue and east of case avenue. the victim was a white man who appears to have been in his late 40s or early 50s, with thinning gray hair, who was mostly bald. he was between 6 feet and 6 feet 2 inches tall, and he weighed 250 to 260 pounds. he was wearing gray shorts and a blue long- sleeved sweatshirt, and had tennis shoes at the time of his death. the man appears to have been walking down the railway easement and might have been heading home from raley's supermarket. the death is being considered suspicious. >> mark: police learned a woman and her boyfriend or inside this home. the swat team call plan after more six hourin. after siy finally came out. >> darya: walnut creek, we're
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waiting for the sun to come up. we do have cars on the road. but no traffic and no back up. we will be right back
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>> darya: 6:45 a.m., search continuing in new zealand for people trapped after a 6.3 earthquake. it toppled tall buildings and churches. a well known stone cathedral toppled there. 65 dead, that could rise more than a hundred people are missing. >> mark: alive look from libya right now, protests continuing to grow in the oil-rich nation the protest heading in libya gaddafi's saying he has not fled the country and will stay in power. market's concern about
6:46 am
the oil flow potentially being cut off oil prices up over $93 a barrel. >> darya: military says pirates have killed four american hostages they were holding off on a yacht off of somalia's coast negotiations were on the way to win release of the couples on the vessel. gunshots were herheard. when they reached the off at all four had been shot. one of the americans on board mother-in-law lives in san francisco. >> louisa: we are starting off with a cold temperatures around the bay. however today could deliver arrest the warmest temperatures of the week. lots of sunshine starting to appear here. 44 degrees, we will stay
6:47 am
mid-50s by the afternoon. elsewhere we are round freezing in san rosa, one degree above freezing in napa. in the south bay opera 30's low '40's. satellite radar showing the storm from yesterday. you can see a rolling down the coast. it leaves us clear conditions. sunshine into the afternoon today, 58 san rosa, 55 san francisco, 56 richmond. along the coast temperatures will be in the low 50s. we will warming up in san jose, it will be up to about 58 degrees. future cast 4 shows a storm by the end of the week dropping down from western canada. it looks like we will
6:48 am
have a wet day thursday, friday. with this cold air dropping down from the north as well. it could lower snow levels not in the sierra but around the bay as well. we are keeping an eye on that. it will continue wet weather into your saturday as well. your first break will be sunday, a chance back into the mix monday. 6:49 a.m., let's check with george. >> george: the right to the bay bridge where the meter lights are on, the volume has built up of debt. or at least the backup has. this is the meter and light back up. not enough traffic this morning toward any kind of delay. it is much lighter than usual for the west bound bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. we expect it will be lighter than usual traffic around the bay area. we will look at
6:49 am
holiday like conditions for the better part of the week. no problems or hot spots on marin county. the ride across the golden gate bridge, it is busy but not delayed. walnut creek 680 southbound direction. no back up or delay towards all mall.hello. an update from the newsroom. >> james: live pictures out of air force base. the president is boarding air force one, he is headed to the nation's heartland he will have a business forum at cleveland state university. we will have more than a hundred small business leaders there. that is the latest with the president this morning. mark? >> mark: the polls are open, in
6:50 am
chicago where residents can choose the first jewish, hispanic or black man. as mayor. he has to collect 50% of the boats or there will be a runoff on april 5th that will follow any election tallies that come in for chicago through the morning. >> darya: no one is exempt from the economy even luxury hotels find it hard to make and meats. >> vicki: some of san francisco's luxury hotels are hurting. mark hopkins hotel is up for sale, across the bay the classic claremont is bankrupt. the most famous of all fairmont
6:51 am
is tried to go part conduct. it and others are fighting with their workers. occupancy rates or up to 79%, average rates are $162 a night. the good news for consumers four star hotels are advertising attractive rates some/down to $237. you do have to look hard for bargains and do it soon appeared nobody expects san francisco to recover record highs of 2008, 2011 is off to a strong start. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> darya: we will be back as a morning news continues. we
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follow on rest continuing in libya this morning. demonstrators are on the streets we will follow the latest. ♪
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>> it's important to make time for the media. it's a
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reputatiorepetition of this eve >> darya: the a's welcome him to a team by playing a prank on him standing in front of his locker the giant godzilla. that is his nickname >> mark: we will be right back. the bay bridge on this back to work tuesday. then back up towards the middle part of lot.
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>> mark: tuesday february 22nd, a top stories. dozens dead and hundreds injured. a powerful light hits >> darya: unrest continues in the middle east. >> mark: cold weather around the bay area alive look from the golden gate. we have cold storage on the way.storms >> louisa: in the north bay we are around freezing, today could be the warmest day of the week. take advantage of the dry weather. cold and wet by the end of the week. details in a few moments. current temperatures right now at the freezing mark in san rosa, wake up to frost there appeare


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