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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  February 24, 2011 4:30pm-4:58pm PST

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the commission a terrorist neighborhood. richard kerr raleig--will serve six months in prison murdering a mistrial was declared in 20 09. he was said to go to trouble for agreeing to this pinkerton charges will be dropped. santa cruz sexual attempt to 20 year-old woman was attacked. this man is attacked as 5 ft. 6, medium build, blond and/light brown hair, light eyes, light complexion. and he was seen wearing a black bandana and alacrity. he used a knife with the victim ran away before she was struck. black
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hootie- >>jacqueline: showers in the north bay. and the stormtracker 4 radar is heavier rainfall to the north bay. and snowfall of the rip the mount diablo range fall and more widespread snowfall into tomorrow. the heavier rainfall with how we 1 0 1. towards vallejo. highway--- temperatures are starting to cool in some spots. upper 40's, low 50s. once a cool down about five more degrees the snowfall could be kicking off at 1,000 ft. and above. san rafeal is 46 degrees 48 in redwood city, fremont. what we can expect later is a winter weather and advisory for the north bay. to the mount pam iraq and also near the santa cruz mountains. and the old double range in the mount pam-area--all of these locations are going to be
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dropping with 1,000 ft. through tomorrow. obviously, the cooler air is coming down from the north. snow levels will progress towards the golden gate tomorrow. 1 in.-6 in. above 2,500 ft. those are the place is expected to good 6 in. and above. one-inches closer to the south. who will talk more about this snowfall and a cold temperatures with freeze warnings for the north bay. coming up in just a bit. >> banff >>this just in to the kron 4 news room multi-vehicle with severe traffic problems on friday interstate 80 east bound. 30 minutes ago. the red is indicating a problem area. her west o the toll plaza. the middle lanes. are blocked, with san francisco and the motorcycle is involved. there are also injuries involved in the c h
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p says that this could be open at 4:45. we will keep you posted. but today bodega--bay, the story of the invasion of birds from the alfred hitchcock movie. besides some massee sidewalks, and rob fladeboe reports in invasion of birds is taking its toll on one neighborhood, just the same purify (squawikng birds) >> >>reporter: there are blackening this sky. and they're doing this with birds do. residences are fed up. >> when you look out here you cannot see anything but birds. romero side we have to take cover it is crazy! >>reporter: the soccer field
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is one of their favorite hangouts. it is filled with feces, feathers, trash hauled in by these birds. they have taken their roosting on the school, itself. and also from one place they will turn around and moved to another location if they're scared away from one place. these bones on these soccer field indicate that these birds are migrating from the landfill. >> we have been here and we are trying to figure out what has changed. ecologically. >>reporter: 40,000 seals across the south bay. from the sanitation-seagulls-- noisy, unpredictable circling high overhead. and 40,000 estimated. and from one cul-de-sac and then back to the soccer field. rob fladeboe. >>pam: silicon valley could
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be added to the struggling airport. craig sklar. >>reporter: already longing. the san jose international airport. and now, the silicon valley " name. it is a matter of image they're struggling to draw passengers and airlines to this airport. and adding another a terminal but the four economies standing in the wake. >> click, ridden backyard of system, adobe, yahoo, google, a right to north- backyard. and what we hear from time to time from airlines is that they do not know where san jose is or silicon valley is. in a way, we can make the association, stronger. >>reporter: this is still in the planning stages it is not quite set in stone if that will make it on the
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this sign. gabe slate tech report this is best based on the and for operating system, and will have tonight at 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. with the android parking system from google. and for operating system--
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>>pam: video 6.3 magnitude striking new zealand cellphone video of a classroom with students. just moments before the quake hit. most of them or not shaken by the rumble but the damage. serval roadways cracked, torn apart in christ church. several roadways and even a car can fit inside these giant ripping through the concrete. grace church is
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still trying to restore infrastructure. death toll = 103. 203 = missing. over one to zero bodies could be buried under rubble in one building, alone. one to zero bodies. and teresa estacio. >> 120 bodies. wonder 20 bodies--even under one building. the number missing could come down once the identified over 90 bodies recovered so far. one of the biggest hurdles has been our identification. foreigners that of not been reported missing. >> we need information of what, " dental records " and any distinguishing marks that these people were missing. were believed to be missing because that will help match it up. we're basically matching
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information with the examination of a body. >>reporter: has recovery efforts progress, with this featuring 22 story is posing a major threat. if this falls? it could be a domino effect. meanwhile, japanese students could have believed to be perished. there were attending english language school. and earlier statement from new zealand officials saying that there was no hope of finding survivors in this building. japanese rescue team are going to keep searching in case of a miracle. >>pam: to in a sauce, the wikileaks julian a sauce, will be extradited back to julian assange, the key
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figure on military documents as an out on bail. he has seven days it to rule out the british ruling. with two charges from two women of rape and molestation. we will be back.
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a this ice castle! this is in minnesota, he created steel rod tiers and a geothermal system. when a robotic icing over mechanism. this took hundreds of hours and this is the fourth year he has constructed this. (music) >>jacqueline: monitoring this through about tam light rainfall but rest assured, there is snowfall coming. the snowfall to the
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north has been through seattle, portland and into northern california. it is sitting well offshore. tapping into the tropical moisture. most of that activity is to the north and then progressively go south as the evening progresses. friday with winter weather. the white is indicated by snowfall. with 1,000 ft.. snowfall is expected to accumulate 6 in. above this elevation. and the higher the ago, the more snow. the futurecast, a higher elevation, the more snow. 7:00 p.m., widespread shower activity. visibility issues. pockets of heavy rainfall possible. heavy rainfall will continue with this cool air pushing and by 10:00 p.m. and the overnight hours snow levels will begin to be progressing everywhere.
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mt. tam, with heavier precipitation in the yellow. and also to the santa cruz mountains and the mount diablo range. as you we to grab your umbrella, and give yourself an expert on these pockets of rain will be widespread. 11:00 a.m., the shower activity will be scattered. and snowfall will be flying at 1,000 ft. from 11:00 a.m.. scattered shower activity. that is exactly pinpoint exactly put the snowfall will continue to drop. snow on the deck to parts of the bay area. as for go into friday night and saturday, the north bay valleys. you can see these cold temperatures are dipping into these ranges for several owners. if you are a homeowner? protect your exposed pipes. they
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could burst in these temperatures. the take your kron 4 7 day around the bay with a mix of rain/snowfall at higher elevations eventually snow exclusively. and 300 ft. by friday evening. shower activity will taper off by saturday. and even early saturday as to make a record saturday morning cold temperatures and sunday. the weekend should state dry. >>pam: union street and market street are having difficulty with shoplifters. one pair-10 pairs of shoes and one store. and stanley roberts even caught this while i was there. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. the fle-the san francisco police reported to this fight. it was over this two month old
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who was hit in the head by the store manager. who swinging a belt buckle that these women that they tried to get into this store but there were denied access because there were carrying large packs. he was given prior warning from other shopowners. while the police for getting both sides of the store is the miniature was recording video from his cellphone. the manager--the woman was anchored by his- angered by his actions and had to be restrained by police. >> relax! >> to not touch me. >> relax! >> to not touch me. after this woman was detained there was cheering and applause. and while this was
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going on at san francisco paramedics were looking at the baby to make sure that it was okay. she was taken to hospital. in the and, no arrests but this is still under investigation by san francisco police. this is where it gets more bizarre. the sergeant released the woman if she would be capable she started a verbal fights. she started a verbal fight. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >>this just in to the kron 4 news room the helicopter program is going to be suspended with severe budget cuts. march 20th it will be the last day curley, police fly three of the to a remissions patrolling schools, parks and recreational iareas and gang
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hotspots. curly- >>pam: curly-- >>pam: and currently.. the motorcyclist had minor injuries and traffic pistol jammed. this read is indicated-traffic is still jammed the red indicated on our map. we will be back and the busethe buzz (announcer) roundup extended control is
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>>pam: in the bus, new photographs of rhianna from chris brown, the brutal attack and 2009. the judge lifted the stay away order on brown. a protective order banning from harassing,
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starting or spiking her remains in place. brown is charged on the night of the grab the night before the grammys. >> the lock of hair from justin beiver, will be auctioned off by on the generous for pets. >> and the ceremony this was highly anticipated because the couple had been a low profile since the announcement of there and teach but in november. and they're the only one prior appearance sense of them. they are going to marry may 29th at westminster abbey. the news at 5:00 p.m. is
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coming up, next.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. at 5:00 p.m. >>pam: the gruesome discovery in a bay area back yard. what they found and it could be connected to a case of the missing man. also the storm with cold weather expected to grip the area through the bay area's with snowfall and the lowest elevations. first, the market meltdown. a dramatic scene as it dozens of south bay homeowners line up for help to avoid the victims of foreclosure. >>pam: in fact, hundreds of homeowners bay-area wide seek help. during their record to lose their home if they continue down this path of barely making their high paymen


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