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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:28pm PST

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but certainly that cold air is in place. it looks like we could get anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of snowfall below the 3,000 foot level and pretty slick roads there up on the hills. here's your seven-day around the bay. it looks like we have one more day left of wet weather. then by your sunday, we'll dry out, continuing to stay dry on monday. the wet weather returns on tuesday, but the temperatures won't be as cold. as we said, snow flakes are falling tonight in certain sections of the bay area. mainly at the high elevations. when the snow started to fall, bringing excitement and concern to the people there. >> it was an experience of a lifetime for stacey. like many people who grew up in the bay area, she had never seen snow before up until now. >> it's amazing. it's beautiful. it's the first time i'm seeing snow in my whole life, i'm 33 years old. >> she and her husband, jason
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spence waited about four hours for this. they drove from san jose to the summit of the santa cruz mountains. >> oh wow, that's neat. >> it's weird how they float. >> and drivers along highway 17 saw the snow and pulled over into this parking lot so they, too, could see it and feel it. here's how eight-year-old jordan turner describes the snow. >> bugs are flying at me. >> is that how it feels like or looks like? >> yeah. >> it wasn't just all fun and games. in fact, caltrans was so worried about the snow that a handful of snow plows were paroling highway 17. the snow did not cause any major problems. it only snowed for about 30 minutes around 8:30 friday night. the flakes melted as soon as they hit the ground. it was in the high 30s here in the santa cruz mountains.
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forecasters say this cold weather is going to stick around for a couple more days and that means there's a slight chance that we could see snow up here again. in the santa cruz mountains, kron4 news. a windy and cold day in the north bay today. residents bundled up and took advantage of the moments of clear skies. people walked their dogs and shopped, but had to avoid the puddles left from earlier showers. the north bay is expected to see freezing temperatures and possibly snow this weekend. heavy rains have left some roads in san francisco unsafe for drivers. this is video from earlier today at the great highway. flooding forced officials to close the southbound side of the road between slate and lincoln this afternoon. the lanes will remain closed until after the next rainstorm passes. after that, the water should evaporate. northbound lanes are currently open. in the east bay, crews from public works agencies throughout alameda county were busy cleaning up the length of
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the east bay hill from heyward to berkeley. down trees were cleared and power lines were restroard as a result of last night's storm. water poured out of the hills and on to the roadways. and those crews told kron4 that they will be out again tomorrow to deal with the storm moving in tonight. new tonight at 11:00, some hills borrow residents are concerned about a huge tree that could fall at any moment on power lines or passing car. kron4 tells us what authorities have done to try to prevent this from happening. >> these roadblocks that you see behind me have been placed on the road because of a large tree. it's leaning against another tree and is very close to high voltage power lines. it was damaged by recent storms. it a two lane road, so with one lane open, it's difficult for cars to make it to the top of
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the street. michael lives across the street. he hopes the wind doesn't kick up overnight. >> a bit worried, but not overly concerned because again, it is at -- if it falls, it is going to hit a part we most likely will not be in. >> the tree is being removed saturday afternoon and once it's gone, this portion of bru nfield will reopen. the weather situation is far worse in the sierra tonight. even more snow is falling there, bringing problems to major roadways, including interstate 80. the latest on the situation and what you need to know if you are heading to the mountains this weekend. just ahead on kron4 news. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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as the bay area remains on the lookout for snow tonight, there is already plenty of snow up in the sierra. kron4's jonathan bloom has a look at some of the spots blanketed in white.
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>> reporter: you won't be seeing much grass in grass valley. the city has been covered with snow, enough that families are having to dig out their cars. and the snow keeps falling, piling up on frozen trees. it caused this one to topple over and it's been reeking havoc with power lines. sagging under the weight of snow and ice, a tree caused this line to snap and the outages have been widespread. this gas station had to close. people who live here say this ranks among the most severe winter weather this region has ever had. >> i would say this is pretty nasty. i would think probably i was born and raised here, but this probably goes back 15, 20 years. >> as you go east, the snow just gets worse. just a little to the south, i- 80 was closed for several hours because of all the accidents. the caltrans camera shows rows of commercial trucks pulled over, putting on their tire chains as they waited for the road to reopen. further up the road, cars coming down the mountain were plotting along with the road
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partially cleared. in the other direction, a loan pickup truck with a snow covered tailgate crawled up the hill on top of a thick blanket of snow flakes. the pavement was a mess as a couple of four wheel drive vehicles slowly climbed up the snowy mountain. by the time you hit truckee, the snow blowing through the air was making it hard to see. caltrans was having trouble getting rid of it. >> we are running out of room to put it up here. it's all over. in fact, the town of truckee and other areas, including caltrans is having to truck the snow out of the area like tahoe city and truckee and other areas where there is no room for it. >> our weather coverage continues online. you can check the latest
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details online. spotty showers expected to continue overnight. plus we have some really cold air moving in. we'll have more on the details on how long this wet weather is expected to last and how low the snow will get coming up. (announcer) roundup extended control is no ordinary weed killer. because it does two jobs... at the same time. one: it kills the weeds you have -
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so citi helped me use my thankyou points to give them something special. their old seats: 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it. hundreds of u.s. citizens and other evacuees are safe tonight. you can see them disembarking here. in tripoli, the violence continues, moammar gadhafi remains refient and the militia is firing on protesters, the libyan capital is gadhafi's last stronghold and today he made a surprise public appearance there. >> on libya's state run television, patriotic songs and celebrations from a pro gadhafi crowd. their leader egged them on.
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>> you have to sing and dance. sing and dance. >> he urged them to exterminate his enemies. >> we will repel them. >> gadhafi's son says his family will never leave. >> to live and die in libya. plan b is to live and die in libya. >> today, gadhafi's ambassador to the u.s. called for his overthrow. > live or die, it doesn't matter. >> libya's u.n. embassy displays the flag of the old libyan monarchy, the same flag has been adopted by the rebels who now control most of libya's major cities. gadhafi's green flag is still flying in tripoli, protected by a core of some 6,000 loyalists, many of them african mercenaries. >> but as soon as we get to
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the main street, they start shooting us, we start throwing rocks at them. they start shooting. >> amateur video posted on youtube showing protesters under fire in the capital. >> the army was using heavy machine guns and automatic rifles. >> that last voice was a passenger on the ferry taking americans and other foreign refugees from tripoli to molta. most of the passengers have been living on board for days waiting for the seas to calm down for the 285-mile voyage. as you can see from this two- year-old video, the ferry is not set up for long voyages. an american teacher on board did appreciate the sendoff arranged by the crew. >> we got to hear the theme of star wars. so we were very impressed.
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>> the united states has shut down its embassy in libya and announced tonight that it is freezing the u.s. assets of gadhafi and his four children. your satellite and radar right now shows all the activity well to our east. however, continuing to see some spotty showers overnight tonight. notice all these popcorn looking crowds. these indicate cold air dropping down from the gulf of action. so for the next couple of days, we are certainly going to feel that cooldown. temperatures dipping down into the 20s. the cool air is in place. right now it's a question of, do we have enough moisture? we continue to see a few flurries throughout this evening and a winter weather advisory in effect for the east bay hills, also the diablo range as well. expecting anywhere from 2 to 4 inches below that 3,000 foot
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level. 4 inches above 4,000 feet. slick roadways expected, also maybe a bit of blowing snow as well. also, up into the north bay valley locations, we have a freeze warning in effect. temperatures dipping down into the mid 20s, low 30s, and we could see below freezing temperatures for several hours at a time. future cast shows us what we will experience overnight tonight. just the spotty showers, hit or miss. we could see some cells producing moderate downpours at times. snowfall expected in the santa cruz mountains, also through the diablo range as well. those snow levels getting to 1,000 feet. we do have the cool air in place. for the most part, it's going to just be light showers throughout the evening. into your sunday, that's when temperatures start to cool down. we have a hard freeze warning in effect through the delta from 3:00 a.m. to the 9:00 hour with temperatures not just below freezing, but down into the mid
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to low 20s below the 2,000 foot level. we could see freezing temperatures for 3 to 5 hours. here's your seven-day around the bay, showing us drying out by the end of the week. we'll stay dry for sunday and monday. rain returns on tuesday, but so do the warmer temperatures. >> and we just got a call from a kron4 viewer describing a slight dusting of snow on top of san francisco's twin peeks. viewers have been sending in weather pictures. take a look at these sent in. the one on the right is from darryl, you can see the cars there dusted with snow. the one on the left is from david waters and you can see it too, covered in snow. there's quite a bit of snow in latonville, just look at how much snow is on the bushes there. and the picture all the way from north in the redwood valley area. this is north. this picture sent in by lee wright. you can see the field covered
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in snow there. stay with kron4. you can always send us your rainy and snowy weather pictures. e-mail them to warriors and sharks both in action tonight. and baseball is back. tim lincecum and the giants start the cactus lead season, just like they finished their last season with a win. gary has all the sports next.
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all right, good everyoning, everyone. the warriors were bad tonight, they did win the opening tap and forget about it. al and the hawks at one point up 34-17. the all-star, 22 points, 13 rebounds. when he is standing up, you can hear the murmurs. david lee had 20 points and 10 rebounds, but the warriors a chance to really make up a lot
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of ground here at home. there goes joe johnson. a 43 day stretch. they played 17-20 at home. 11 wins, 9 losses. their club, 95-79. they begin a 7 game road trip in minnesota. cal basketball placed on ncaa probation for telephone violations. mike montgomery's team is going to be on probation for two years for making more than 300 recruiting phone calls they weren't allowed to make. the calls were made shortly after montgomery was hired in april of 2008. the funny part here, montgomery served on the ethics committee, said he had no idea what he was doing was illegal and then mike comes out and makes the statement today, they write this thing up, it's gratifying to know during the hearing in indianapolis that there was agreement among all parties that these violations were unintentional.
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however, that does not excuse them. they are eligible for the ncaa tournament. they are eligible to be on tv. nobody loses money, but they got slapped on the wrist. hockey's hottest team does it again tonight. 19,000 plus, shark fans in the dome in calgary. they hosted the olympic games. the building is beautiful and the sharks to tie it at 3. ryan with 2:34 left. after a scoreless overtime, we go to the shootout. it's ryan again and it's up to anthony to stop the calgary flames and get san jose a 4-3 win. sharks sixth straight win. record tieing 8th road win. they won 15 of their last 18 and once again, the sharks when it comes to the wintertime, they are the one bay area team you can count on. exhibition baseball, here we come. they pack the joint, the beer
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is probably a dollar or two more. lincecum gives up a single. and lincecum left in the 2nd inning giving up 3 runs. big deal. pablo, a sacrificed fly. good old panda there is losing weight, lost about 25-pounds, hitting the ball well and the giants win. it's practice. 7-68. first exhibition game is sunday. joe torre working in baseball. he is going to put on a suit and tie and be the vice president of baseball operations. the 70-year-old torre won four world titles with the yankees during a 29 year tenure. previously was a very good player. if you are into big guys working out in shorts, watch the nfl network this weekend and you'll see cam newton make his way out of the snow and here's a guy who again, was
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that rumbling about his father being paid for his son to play in college. that proved to be at least from cam's standpoint, he was innocent. the father has been staying away. the 7th pick, all these guys work out and who knows, i don't think he'll be available in the 49ers. hope you enjoyed tonight's show. if pam and i, really, if something happened to us, this building would collapse. >> oh stop. >> we're all that is left. >> the show always goes on. >> unfortunately, we are all that is left. those of you that loved kron through the years, pam is a big star. you think i'm going to take the blame for this? pam is a big star. >> good night, everybody. have a great weekend.
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