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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 4, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>> will: friday march 4th, top stories at this hour, an emotional scene as protesters chained themselves to a lead on top of the uc-berkeley building. new were happening on the bay bridge this morning. we will tell you what took place while you were sleeping. bricky news on a massive fire burning right now of florida, firefighters on the scene, details coming up. >> james: the whether outside cooler outside today that it was yesterday. this afternoon it will be beautiful full look coming up. >> erica: all look at the golden
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gate bridge, a nice quiet ride a complete check coming up. >> will: let's check on that fire that i talked to you about in florida and ran around miami. this is video. no word on injuries or on when the fire will be contained. we will bring you updates as we get them. another developing story a protesters moved their usual demonstrations from the lobby of wheeler hall to the ledge at the top of the building. they chained themselves together. they come down afterin handcuffs after some of their demands got met. these protesters on the lead and the ground are protesting cuts to the education system.
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>> reporter: that was a message of the students who tie themselves together on the alleged a top of willard hall. they unfurled a giant banner. they were cheered by the hundreds below. they are angry about tuition hikes and cost cuts. after one protester was arrested civil disobedience began. wearing full riot gear were please shut up. things got physical. --police showed up-- they set up a perimeter as demonstrators chanted loudly. with over 1000 people gathered protesters result to take over
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the front steps. >> we have become so parlous at this university, that we need to take drastic measures. >> reporter: protesters negotiated with d.c. officials. --uc officials. -- >> the university cannot move them. >> reporter: officials allowed to let them off on probation and also agreed to let the protesters off on probation lot from last time they occupied wheeler hall. protesters say they have been granted an audience to discuss demands with the chancellor. >> will: even though this was
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the most tense protest, once the protesters came down they were cited and released. they didn't spend the night in jail, it is a story we will continue to follow. they could be out there again today, we will wait and see. let's talk about whether this morning, 4:04 a.m. sending it over to james and four t g i f weather forecast. >> james: we will ended on the nice note today. san francisco's of the background. a cooler start for the morning, tempters five degrees cooler than yesterday. we have coastal fog this well. there is an offshore breezes and we're keeping most of it off of thethe coast.
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today will be 5-6 degrees warmer than yesterday. our next chance of rain saturday night and then sunday bay area wide. here's where the temperatures are right now gillian san rosa we're looking at 39, 40 napa, 47 and hayward. taking a quick look at where we see the fog. forming near half moon bay, but we know the error in the north bay valleys is fairly saturated. so don't be surprised if we get more dense pockets of morning fog there in the north bay valleys. keep an eye of for that we are also followed high temperatures this afternoon. it will be quite a bit warmer in this afternoon. 63 toda65 is sa,
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napa, yesterday wherein the upper 50s low 60s. today we will be mid '60s all around. we will enjoy this pattern today and most of tomorrow as well. you see the cloud cover headed our way. that is a storm system slated to arrive saturday night. future cast 4 has a program 6:00 p.m. that is when we see the first rain, by 2:00 a.m. sunday you start to see the showers coming into san francisco. by 5 ibthe class 5:00 a.m. showers ae widesprea5:00 a.m. rain is
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widespread. by 9:00 a.m. in principle little bit, that's the way sun thesunday will work ou's a look to your 70 forecastseveny forecast, sunday showers most of the day, monday chance of showers, tuesday, wednesday getting into the mid '60s. for 07 a.m. let's go to traffic. >> erica: no problems and the traffic center, craig conditions bay area white. if you're headed to the bay bridge and looks like a minor way in the pay gates.
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the meter lights are still cycled off. san mateo bridge westbound traffic is very light at this hour. a couple of taillights towards foster city, the golden gate bridge nice and light conditions approaching san francisco. no accidents or incidents free ride up marin county. if you're taking public transit we are off to a good start. will? >> will: construction at the bay bridge will continue this morning they are working to install the fourth portion of the bridge. this is alive look of the bridge right now i drove across about an hour ago. they are getting ready to bring out the crew is going from east to west. the shutdown to the right lanes, no problems at this time because traffic is light, if that continues through the day
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traffic will back up. as you can see we are monitoring the situation appeare. still ahead w attacks out of libya. >> will increase pressure wisconsin bring to a showdown today. just ahead i will tell you what's changing to try and end the stalemate.
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>> will: next seven days, cloudy for friday been nice and your work week. rain is coming back late sundasaturday night. properain is a small possibility next week but james
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will tell us more about that later. the stakes get raised and wisconsin's budget battle. they say it is time the senators come back and vote on this bill or face contempt charges. he is ready to limit protests and hand out pink slips. more on the latest with the standoff. >> a new threat for the 14 senators who are refusing to return to wisconsin. state republicans approved a measure holding the senators and contempt. it would allow police to detain and bring the lawmakers back to the capital. the governor blamed a core group of the extreme descenders for standing in the wake of compromise. >> some would be ok with saying two months, maybe even two years. that is unacceptable. >> if this is what it takes to get a democratic south center
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back that's what it takes. >> reporter: if they don't return he will handle pink slips to government workers. >> if we do not have those savings and effective april 1st, i mentioned back then it's true today, the alternative is find $30 million savings elsewhere. >> reporter: protesters faced a crackdown. a judge barred demonstrators from staying in the capital after business hours. some people left for the first time in three weeks. paul chambers reporting. >> will: governor jerry brown is scheduled to be at bank of america tower in san francisco at 230 this afternoon, it is close to the public and the media but the governor will speak with thethe media after.
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mazda has recall because of spiders. mazda's six cars are being recalled a spider could weave a web in the event connected to the fuel tank and clogged up ventilation. dealers have identified 20 cases, in which spiderwebs were found in the event. much more whether traffic and news coming up. here is the golden gate bridge, very light in the sky and the ground. we will be right back.
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>> james: we are back for 2:00
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p.m. this is what we expect today. today's sunny and warm, by definition that's awesome. saturday it will be nice to. partly sunny for most of the day showers role in my evening. mainly for the north bay. sunday it will be mostly cloudy conditions with light rain in the mix. temperatures today in the '60s, same pattern tomorrow. here's where temperatures are right now, we're cooler than yesterday 49 in san francisco, 43 in concord, 47 in san jose, 40 in napa. a chilly start the don't worry will make up for it this afternoon. we are dealing with some fog this morning, right now portability near half
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moon bay. we expect intense fog to form before too long in the north bay. keep that in mind. otherwise, warm temperatures this afternoon, 61 richmond, 68 in vallejo, 66 in oakland. mid- 60's in the south bay. everybody in the board in the '60s of like yesterday. everybody solid in the '60s enjoying sunshine this afternoon. changes are in the way. you can see that batch of clouds, and this tropical moisture mixing with the system pushing it our way. the timing looks to be increasing clouds late saturday, future cast 4
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says about 6:00 p.m. showers dropping into the north bay. bay area wide light showers by about 5:00 a.m. on sunday and then we hold that chance for scattered showers through the day sunday. as the clock moves the grain moves around but it's always there. --the agreed movesgreen moves--sunday you hao be concerned about that it will be a big rainmaker it will be like what we saw few days ago come through. next week looks pretty good morning forecast coming up. storm tracker 4 we >> erica: we a verare hot spot
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for this morning. the bay bridge hopefully will see is same conditions the last few days light conditions. picking up the san mateo bridge westbound and eastbound 92, in good shape. no problems across the span accident, an incident free here. southbound 1 01 top speed 60 mi. an hour and no problems as you make your way out of marin county. i do want to pick up overnight construction on the traffic mess. northbound 880 between 92 we have our road way closure by caltrans. detour is
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set up until 4:30 a.m. hopeful leak with the next 12 minutes or so. >> will: prosecutors dropping the drug case involving four officers. they are under investigation for illegally rating residence and allegedly lied about the bus in police reports. the dismissal comes one day after the public defender's office released videos that contradicted to police reports. in two separate cases. defense attorneys predict there will be several more dismissals involving the officers in the days and weeks ahead. federal indictment was made public on wednesday car rights. it accuses 15 people of running a racketeering enterprise that have to bay area gambling halls.
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the defendants were four or frequent did oaks card club. over three years to the defendants used their ties to the gambling halls to engage in drug dealing, and loan sharking. albany police found a 16 year- old boy who had been missing since early tuesday morning. he was found yesterday afternoon in else read out, without the handgun and ammunition also reported missing from the boy's home. an investigation to find the that is ongoing. the school duringpolice are still searchinr an inmate who escaped from the lme said jail in dublin. alameda jaialameda jail. he's not pass x
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security doors on his way to freedom. the sheriff's office shows how he made his escape. >> he figured out how to manipulate them mechanical workings to get into a variation of been. or there is human error. that said what he got into the area, he was processed through, like a normal release the. even though he wasn't supposed to be released. >> once he is processed he goes through the security doors and he has to come up the stairs, it leads to the exit. and make coast to this hallway, in this occasion he was with a group of 20 people. that's a large group. people want their property go to the property went on their property. he did not collect property so he just went straight out. that same process
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will occur one more time. once he got to the front doors he was able to walk out. he probably walked out of a group of people, he went to bart oregon right, or something. i wouldn't qualify him as a master criminal just somebody who figured this out, or just is dumb luck. >> will: i'm sure there's a lot of explaining to do by the people at the jail. he says this is the third time in 21 years somebody has escaped. coming up will have the latest in a world news including what's going on in libya this morning. let's go outside and show you a quick look of san francisco. a postcard shot, it will be a nice morning. we will see rain today, or tomorrow but get ready it's coming back.
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>> will: libya border is being manned by tanks and heavily armed forces. u.s. says 2000 people made it across to to nation over the last day compared it to 15,000 people previously. warplanes have probate attacks in the east, largely them and pushed back.
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the attacks are a signal, gaddafi has no plans to leave quietly despite pressure. storms bottle italy over wednesday night, it caused blackouts and flooding. strong winds disrupted railroads and locked region road. the lawyer for cia contractor facing murder charges of pakistan say is paying blood money is the best way to free the man. relative of the two victims say this week they were not interested in receiving money from the united states. they also said u.s. officials had contacted them. the law says murder suspects can be set free if they compensate the family of the victims. alan gross is facing 20 years if
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convicted he was were sitting on a u.s. aid program that part motes democracy. he was man bringing communication to jewish groups. dozens of south korea web site director cyber attacks this morning. a securities the company says 40 government and private web sites were targeted it floating, so korea's presidential office, national intelligence service, and major financial institutions. it is similar to one last year that affected 17 south korean websites. it is unclear if there has been any damage to those sites. a disappointment for nasa, the agency says the glory space craft launch this morning will not make it into orbit. it was launched from air force base
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at 2:00 a.m. there was some fog in the forecast, nasa did not expected to affect the launch. it was designed to help scientists better understand our earth's climate. nasa is in keeping out as much extra flight time as possible for discovery and its crew. this is discover is the final voyage, it will last 13 days. nasa asked added another day to the mission. piasterthe astronauts spoke to e president of the united states. >> i wanted to say how personally proud i am of you when all you accomplish. we are always inspired by the images of you guys at work. as you put final pieces in place to make iss fully operational your
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setting an example by your dedication, courage, commitment to exploration. these are trees that built america, it is personified noun. them. >> he can talk to people on the space shuttle but sometimes we have problems with their cell phone. weather permitting bay area residents will have an opportunity to see discovery and the international space station pass overhead at approximately 7:25 p.m. on tuesday march 8th. coming up, fall whether to check from james to tell us what we can expect this weekend appeared and how much rain for sunday. alive look at the san mateo bridge, if you need to
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cross take a look. you won't have any problems.
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>> will: a live shot from 2 80, traffic not heavy. those are cars northbound. no rain in that shot. it looks nice and clear. no problems at this time, will we see rain this afternoon? >> james: no we will stay nice and dry all day. it will be a fantastic day outside. plenty of sunshine warmer than yesterday, tomorrow much like today. the first drops of rain will happen in too late saturday early sunday. breaking down the whether headlines. cooler's star with coastal fogstore with coase
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afternoon warmer temperatures. rain comes in saturday night early sunday. it will be a huge one but just like the one we just had appeared 49 degrees in san francisco right now, 47 said jose, up to the north coolers and rosa with 39, 46 in the delta. a quick look at the fog, half moon bay, we are waiting to see visibility dimension in the north diminish in the noe will let you know one that pops up and becomes a problem. a quick look at where temperatures are headed today. there were more than yesterday to 63 today in san francisco, 66 in
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oakland, 65 san jose, everybody in joining 60s today, it will feel more like spring them winter. this is what we are looking at in the pacific, clubs are tracking our way. that will build up a cloud cover later saturday night. future cast 4 set for 6:00 p.m. saturday that's where you see rain showers falling in the north bay, by about 2:00 a.m. it encroaches on san francisco. sunday widespread. it will be like that all sunday on-again and off-again rain. people run north bay might see 2 in.
4:33 am
accumulation with this system but people in the east bay may be only get less than one-tenth of an inch. it will be very spotty, scattered showers road the day monday as well. seven day forecast. today is going to be great, saturday was going to be wonderful for the morning, sunday it wet weather throughout the bay, monday lingers on, tuesday, wednesday temperatures looking good temperatures in the upper 60s. >> erica: we are anticipating friday like conditions on the bay are, on the bay area. the by bridge toll plaza easy conditions, meter lights are not on. the same stories at the san
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mateo bridge, westbound traffic is beginning to build just slightly, we are still tracking lots of space between cars. your ride at marin county in the southbound direction of the golden gate bridge looks great, no problems here. we are still following overnight construction on our traffic maps. dunbar bridge in both directions a couple lanes are closed in effect until 5:00 a.m. will? >> will: work is continuing on this section of the tower on the bay bridge. we have been watching whether or not this affects traffic. i went across about an hour ago implying they were gettin. yoli is out there e
4:35 am
anything different this morning yoli? >> reporter: we did get word from the public information office saying they actually are ahead of schedule, they were able to please set forth like early this morning. they're ahead of schedule at this point. this part of the tower is basically complete. >> will: they have been working on this so long that it is part of the landscape. i don't think it impacts traffic too badly. >> reporter: i would have to agree. the people across the bridge every single day, even myself yesterday at crossed back and forth maybe twice. i forgot
4:36 am
to look at the side almost. it is blended since you're so used to seeing that you don't pay much attention to it. the times i have been out here observing, i haven't seen traffic slowdown at all. it is a precaution to let people know when they will be lifting things, when they are doing things the people are aware. for the most part i didn't see in a traffic jam whatsoever. >> will: thank you very much yoli carter of our great team coverage. uc-berkeley eight protesters moved their usual demonstration from the lobby of wheeler hall, which is where they go to demonstrate about their anger towards the state funding cuts. instead they went up on the ledge of the roof, then they chained themselves up.
4:37 am
protesters are coming down here. they eventually came down without handcuffs, after the school that some of their demands. >> reporter: here uc-berkeley more than 1000 people gathered in front of route wheeler hall as eight students chained themselves together at the top of the building on a ledge. the students said they were protesting hikes to tuition as well as cuts to programs. they said they want changes in the way the out university is run. the message was heard by the people in the plaza, one protester was arrested, they took up the collection and he was bailed out in time for the conclusion. they were able to negotiate a settlement where the protesters were about to leave without handcuffs. they still want to discuss tuition hikes
4:38 am
which they will be talking to the chancellor out. >> will: that welding was a problem that led to the gas line explosion in september of last september. the girl welds holding together the pipes section at the explosion site were defective. the safety board determined a wild on the seam of the pipe, ruptured the welds. pg&e says it is reviewing records to see if these similar problems exist throughout the system. meanwhile pg&e he announced it will give more information about these pipelines to firefighters. they plan on mailing a separate safety letter to all of its customers to live or work within 2,000 ft. of one of its
4:39 am
pipelines. this comes after a three day hearing held in washington d.c., as part of the investigation into last year's gas line explosion in simpered of that killed eight. --sambar no >> reporter: in santa clara man who is a moslem filed a lawsuit against fbi claiming law- enforcement violated his constitutional right to privacy. he said he found this tracking device underneath his car last october while getting an oil change. two fbi agents showed up
4:40 am
at his home asking for the device back. they asked him if he had never been to yemen for training or affiliated with extreme organization, he says he is never committed a crime in his life and hopes nobody else has to go through the spiri thi >> will: the weather if you go outside for any reason thatodayt will be a sunny day for the next day and half. alive look at the macarthur maze, as you approach the maze no problems. we will
4:41 am
>> will: alive look at the james lick freeway. traffic is nice and light. this morning i saw was a bit colder than yesterday but it will be a beautiful day. your highs today in san
4:42 am
francisco will be 63 degrees. if it's anything like yesterday it would feel all lot warmer than that. rain is headed back four sunday. but james will have more on that the moment. a superior court ordered target to pay a settlement in a civil case that alleged the national retailer unlawfully disposed of hair and hazardous waste products for more than five years. it closes a lawsuit. if the ahthe dow poss biggest jump since december 1st, closing higher, a federal judge says he approves gm
4:43 am
liquidation plan. the plant's cells off and cleans up remaining assets including 89 industrial sites in 14 states. $275 million have been filed against gm but most of them have been resolved. j.c. penney will open its first bay area store. it comes amid a makeover for the 109 year-old chain which is trained update its image. regional medical center broke ground and started construction appeare. it will create 2000 construction jobs. the tower is a major phase of the hospital's expansion and rent the renovation project schedule to be done by 2014. once it is
4:44 am
finished the tower will provide 81 new private bed spirit appl.d will go to people who bought the old ipad. this double policy kicks in when the company permanently reduces the price for one of its products. they unveiled a tablet computer two days ago. at the same time it cut prices for old ipad to buy $100. apple says retail customers need to provide the receipt and request a the refund within 14 days. people want a return their first generation ipad can do so, within 14 days of purchase. still ahead, a full
4:45 am
check of whether with james, as well as the traffic situation. as the construction on the bay bridge continues this morning. we will be right back.
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>> will: police looking for a man who attacked a jogger. it happened at 830 wednesday night. a masked man pulled a girl to ground demanded money and cut her with a knife. she only suffered minor injuries. woodside is saying they sought a mountain lion. the cougar was spotted about preston wrote people are advised not to o
4:47 am
approach the animal. for 40 6:00 a.m. let's go to james bear. >> will >> james: warm temperatures this afternoon, this is from our roof camera clear conditions in the city of fog is forming in the north bay. we are seeing some of it as a half moon bay. breaking down what we will see today in the weekend. today's sunny and warm, it will be absolutely beautiful with a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the '60s today which is an improvement over what we were doing yesterday. saturday partly sunny through most of the day, towards evening clouds will build up and a chance of showers and the north bay. we will get bay area wide showers sunday.
4:48 am
here's a quick look at temperatures right now, fairly cool compared to yesterday 49 san francisco, 47 san jose, santa rosa 39, in the delta 46. as i said we are tracking fog right now, we are seeing dense fog in have run bay, we expected to form in the north bay valley as well. we will let you know when the visibility gets impacted up there. your afternoon highs 63 in san francisco, 62 in san rafael, 65 in concord, in the south bay mid-60's as well. everybody enjoyed a nice warm springlike day today. changes are on the way. that storm system is tracking our way, as a purchase saturday aevening you will see
4:49 am
showers beard the first crops fall saturday in the evening, it will drop scattered showers all day sunday, this is a very light system. --first drops fall--be on this weekend conditions rebound monday, tuesday, wednesday. for 40 9:00 a.m. good morning. >> erica: traffic is building at the bay bridge toll plaza still great conditions make your way toward san francisco. traffic moves well from all three of your purchase. westbound 580 in the northbound direction of the
4:50 am
nimitz freeway. so far so good at the san mateo bridge westbound traffic moves well towards foster city. 14 minutes across the span. out of bring county quiet on 1 01. no problems for your ride out of marin county traffic moves well towards this ban.the span. alivk westboun88 alive look at emeryvn haiti. thing80. things moving s. >> will: 12 train consists
4:51 am
considers closing 10 station increasing fares 255 his own, as well as service reductions. we went to a public meeting where writers are not on board. >> it takes away have both a service, that's what we're looking at. what type of real road is that in the future. >> reporter: it is clear maintain the service. >> if belmont closes the ability for disability people would be severely curtailed. >> do we can to keep service going for me and other people with thadisabilities. >> reporter: the board declared fiscal emergency. >> we don't have enough money we are scrambling, working as hard
4:52 am
as we can to find other money. >> reporter: closing stations are the biggest concern among the people speaking. >> our community has always supported caltrans now we want to help train to support us. >> reporter: riders should have a better idea of recommendations about this time next month. it could take effect by the first of july. >> will: the board of directors will invest more money into cleaning and replacing a fabric on seats. this comes after riders expressed unhappiness about 30 states.deceits. dirtysd
4:53 am
we are following the traffic situation on bay bridge. whether the construction will hinder any traffic going across to. we will head outside right now show you san francisco's skyline. enjoy today it will be nice.
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> will: here is the bay area bridge traffic is nice and light. let's head to the san mateo bridge. nice and light plenty of space between cars,
4:56 am
you won't have any problems crossing in either direction. golden gate bridge, also very easy. we will be seeing any rain today, also probably most of saturday. today is the 150th anniversary since abraham lincoln was inaugurated as our president. he was sworn in just a few months after southern states succeeded. weeks later went laterthis of our war beganf you are well rested this morning you are one of the few. a new
4:57 am
survey finds one of three adults average fewer than seven hours a night. most of us need 7-8 hours. for most of us that's a dream. a quarter of those said they have difficulty concentrating during the day. researchers say too little sleep can cause memory problems as well as to lead times when we drive. coming up a tense situation at uc-berkeley. we will tell you what happened to those protesters overnight. alive look outside. kron fours yoli says it looks good but there's a chance it can back up. we will be right back.
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and emotional scene as the protesters chained themselves on the uc-berkeley building. >> darya: caltrans finished there werweek-long work on the bridge this morning. >> mark: all eyes are on the unemployment numbers what economists are saying coming up. >> james: 5:00 a.m. rain beria wide. not today but sunday. this is what we expect for this weekend's storm. >> george: look at your bay bridge the westbound ride still looks good at youthe plaza. >> mark: we began with a protesters who went to a uc- berkeley lunch.lunch. they were
5:01 am
protesting state budget cuts. >> darya: a federal documents says that welding was another problem that led to the gas line explosion in december a cluster. the ntsb have a report that showed the weld holding together the pipe sections of the explosion site, were defective, and violated welding coats. they determined a well on this theme of the pipe ruptured. pg&e are reviewing records to see if similar welded problems exists throughout their system. pg&e said it would provide more information about locations to first responders and customers. it pledged to meet personally with representatives from police and fire departments within its service area. the company plans
5:02 am
sun mailing a safety letter to all of its customers that live or work within 2,000 ft. of one of its pipelines. this comes after the three day hearing, the we have been following in washington d.c.. >> mark: waiting for wall street it, the dow posted its biggest jump since november. economists are optimistic today's february real unemployment reports will show job growth. the actual unemployment rate could go up from 9% to 9.1%, as thousands of americans reap joined the hunt for work. >> darya: a look at the golden gate bridge, no problems and quiet traffic wise. i guess
5:03 am
we're in for a great day today james? >> james: yes we are. you can see we have a crystal clear conditions in the city, but that is not the case perhaps some day we are top getting some fog. it is a cooler start this morning, a bit cooler than yesterday, that coastal fog as well. this afternoon we had nice warm temperatures 5-6 degrees warmer than yesterday. the next bit of rain comes in saturday night for the north bay, and then sunday for everybody else. let's see where we are seeing conditions. 48 in san francisco, 43 oakland, cooler to the no. 38 in san rosa, napa dropping a couple of degrees at 39. 42 in fairfield. as temperatures
5:04 am
continued to drop in the north bay that's what we get fog. we a watching for the right now nothing out there. half moon bay is actually where we are seeing some of the dense fog. here's where we expect temperatures 63 in san francisco, 61 richmond, 66 in oakland, 65 and 66 around the bay. mid-60's in the south bay as well. those are the high this afternoon. we are watching these clouds and the pacific as i continue to head our way. the timing of this storm puts it on our doorstep saturday evening at about 6:00 p.m. then we go barrier widbay area wide sundayu
5:05 am
didn't get much rain in our last term you will get much in this one. monday, tuesday, wednesday we gradually get better. 5:04 a.m. a check on the ride with george. >> george: yesterday we had thursday light all day, we could very well have friday like today appearelight to today. today. so delays, the golden gate bridge looks good as well. your drive time running around 21 minutes. no problems for you commute winter in san francisco, had along the boulevard. >> mark: work on the bay bridge
5:06 am
taking a big step. the fourth portion of the new towers spend as been installed. >> reporter: they are keeping up with their schedule. every project they have done on the new eastern spanned they have hit the market ahead of time. the same with this one. this is the fourth segment of this tower that is being constructed. it was placed early this morning, you can see all four right here. they have finished this project ahead of time. and ozzie anothei don't see any other acty going on there right now. the last segment, they don't expect to do that until this bring against late april. >> james
5:07 am
>> mark: only two and a half years ago. good progress as they finished the set of schedules. >> darya: the libya border is being manned by tanks and other forces loyal to khaddafi. the u.n. says 2000 people made it across the border into a teenager over the last day compared with 10,000, maybe in 15,000 that offered previously. warplanes have the new round of probing attacks in the east has been repulsed. president barack obama demanding. >> khaddafi needs to step down from power and leave. that is good for his country. it is good for his people. there's a danger
5:08 am
of a stalemate that over time could be bloody. that is something we are considering. what i want to make sure of is united states has full capacity to act potentially rapidly if the situation deteriorates. >> darya: the recent attacks are signal that gaddafi has no plans to leave quietly. five 08 a.m. back with more a couple of minutes. [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed.
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>> mark: developing story we just found out huge disappointment for nasa. the spacecraft and rocket you see the lift off here. it has crashed into the pacific ocean. air forcit had been designed to
5:12 am
understand the earth's climate. nasa is holding a live press conference right now. >> physics say it's in the same spot or close to it. >> can you explain is there any difference between the system that has been used on glory versus what has flown successfully? >> this fairing system itself, is similar. they are different sizes and, the minute to are very is a smaller but it uses the same joint system for the separation or the fracturing process. the persistent system
5:13 am
is almost identical. there are differences in terms of the geometry. >> from nasa's standpoint, can you expand on how the girl to science group and the scientists that spent decades on this mission rebound from this, how the crew might to bond together? >> as you mentioned, these missions are developed over course of a number of years. by dedicated people, overcoming great odds and develop as a family. so they respond to disappointments, as the family would. i think you can imagine,
5:14 am
how in the family response to a loss in that may occur, they overcame previous obstacles, they will overcome this one although it is quite painful. >> mark: you are hearing also talk about the failed mission this morning. the rockets and the satellite did not detach at as it should have three minutes after launch. we will have more as it becomes available. we will be right back. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate.
5:15 am
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>> darya: prosecutors dropping the drug case that involved four of six plainclothes police officers currently under investigation for illegally rating hotel rooms. this is
5:18 am
coming out of the examiner. the dismissal comes one day after the public defender's office to release these videos that contradicted the police reports in two separate cases. they predict there will be several more dismissals like this. federal indictment was made public on wednesdays card rates. it accuses 15 people of running a racketeering enterprise out of two bay area and gambling halls. the defendants all worked for frequented the oaks card club, and artichoke joe's. they use their ties to engaged in drug dealing and loan sharking. >> mark: albany police found the 16 year-old boy who went missing. he was found without
5:19 am
the hand gun and ammunition it was reported missing. an investigation to find the gun is ongoing. there are on lockdown wednesday after they found that john scott may have been in the area. >> darya: a divdouble alive look out here at san francisco, and the approach to the bay bridge. >> james: double look, double fun. the look through the san ramon valley currently 42 in concord, 65 expected high this afternoon. a lot of people getting mid to upper 60s today. let's go over what we expect here as we make our way through the next couple of days. today's sunny, warm, at temperatures well into the '60s. partly sunny tomorrow, sunday wsaturday in the evening hour we
5:20 am
will see rain. saturday, into sunday rain starting the north bay and spreading bay area wide sunday. lets take a quick look at temperatures right now are dropping just a bit. 38 in san rosa, 39 in napa, low to mid-40s everybody else. with the temperatures drop in the north bay we stand the chance of seeing that the pockets of fog out there. right now we don't see anything yet, but it is starting to form. 63 expected for your highs in san francisco, 62 in san rafael, 65 concord, 65 san jose, 65 hayward. that's the general trend. and nice, sunny, mild,
5:21 am
springlike day. there will be changes coming our way. there rain comes in saturday night in the north bay. they projected to be at about 6:00 p.m. saturday evening, as we roll it to to a.m., it approaches san francisco. by 6:00 a.m. bay area wide. nothing major it will just day in that mix all throughout the day. the graieenn the map will move in and out all day. scattered showers monday but things will clear up by tuesday. wednesday temperatures get back up into the upper 60s.
5:22 am
>> george: good morning on the roads this morning. we may have little fog in the north bay that will be the worst thing you have to contend with today. no hot spots or delays. bay bridge westbound it is light, very much the same for san mateo bridge. 13 minutes across the span. golden gate bridge ride problem for a 22 minute drive from 37 down to the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge. san jose, your commute here on. well wait a minute let's give you interstate 80 instead. your ride to the bay bridge toll plaza looks good that's why it's so light at the bay bridge. it is so light on the approaches. 5:22
5:23 am
a.m. the kron 4 news will be right back. it's really delicious, mom.
5:24 am
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5:26 am
>> mark: protesters have left madison capital. they are bracing for the possibility of pink slips today in the continuing battle. republican and the democrats remain in the standoff. >> i believe democrats know this for a while, if we do not have those savings and effective april 1st, i mentioned then and it is true today. we will have to find $30 million of savings elsewhere, the level of 5000 layoffs. i have said that all along it is unacceptable. the last thing i want is anyone laid-off. >> mark: walker saying he will issue those layoffs today in less one of the 14 democrats
5:27 am
returned from illinois to give the republican majority the number of members to vote on this bill. they have voted to hold them into contempt, and forced police to return them to the capital. >> darya: the white house nt parties are in disagreement over how much to cut from domestic programs. two weeks remain before a stopgap funding bill runs out. neither party will move off of its position in any big way. joe biden offered the republicans recycle budget cuts but the cuts fell short of their demands. in california budget battle is underway. a committee passed a budget plan similar to the 1 by governor brown. they wanna balance cuts with the temporary extension of the recently tax increases.
5:28 am
democrats granted brown his proposal to shift more responsibilities from the state to the counties. republicans have refused to support brown's budget cuts. >> mark: and c football league continued their talks. >> darya: 5:28 a.m. back with more a couple of minutes. looking at san francisco, right now it is 49 degrees but it will heat up to 63 this afternoon. (announcer) roundup extended control is no ordinary weed killer. because it does two jobs... at the same time.
5:29 am
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>> mark: welcome back, we are
5:31 am
checking whether, we are waiting to see the rain come in. can we just to enjoy today james? >> james: already looking at storms on sunday. pretty much what we had wednesday is so we can expect sunday. 1 01 san jose fairly clear conditions at there, it is a cooler start today. a check gone where temperatures are right now 48 in san francisco, in oakland 43, cooler yet in the north bay 38 in san rosa they stand a chance of seeing dense fog formed this morning. as temperatures drop as we approach sun rise we could very well see heavy, and dense pockets. enough it could make your drive on one a one perry. right now visibility shows nothing out there quite yet.
5:32 am
here's a quick check on where temperatures are going now. 61 in richmond, 62 san rafael, 65 san rosa. 65-66 around the bay. in the south bay mid-60s. it will be wonderful to be a outside today. here is a storm we are tracking for the weekend. as we had our way, we will see clouds build up through the day saturday. saturday will be just fine, saturday evening that's when things change. this is what we expect, the room burst raindrops fall about 6:00 p.m. or so. mainly confined for the north bay else. they become scattered and more widespread saturdaysunday. nothing to havet
5:33 am
will be light to moderate rain. there may be a few spots that don't see anything out of the storm appeared it will be hit and miss. there is enough water to a lease make it on to the forecast for sunday. scattered showers continue for monday, drying out in the afternoon. then during the week we should back up and the high 60s. >> george: no traffic at the bay bridge westbound very few cars on this friday morning. and this san mateo bridge you see little more volume, you won't see any problems for the west bound ride. the headlights towards hayward from foster city. from marin county, a good one across
5:34 am
the span no delays as you heading for marin county. three sampras's go, as we pick up another camera on the james lick. --san francisco--public transportation off to good start today no problems reported >> darya: fourth portion of the tower of the bridge, yoli is live at treasure island taking a look at the latest. >> reporter: it went smoothly. there was some challenges, tuesday, or was it we had some rain and wind. there was a question on whether this would stop the work but they did continue. they made this project completed ahead of time, this last piece was put in early friday morning, they were able to bolted down, and secure it.
5:35 am
it seems that horrible to finish of this at of time, making this 480 ft. tall. >> darya: what can we look for next? >> reporter: in the spring we will see the last piece come. that will be one solid steel piece that will connect all four legs and complete the tower. it will be even taller, 525 ft. tall. >> darya: they key yoli. >> markthank-you yoli. >> mark: uc berkeley protesters have come down all eight were cited for trespassing and released. city college of san francisco will resume summer
5:36 am
class's despite cuts. the college will offer 1000 classism across the campuses. this is part of the decision to take advantage of growth dollars. state funds earmarked for schools who have met capacity. they hope the investment will help them with next year's budget cuts. >> darya: cal train riders could soon pay higher fares, seeing service cutbacks as after physical emergency was declared yesterday. it gives him more leeway in addressing its $30 million budget gap. they are considering closing 10 stations, and increasing fares by 255 per zone. also reducing service by about half. officials say one proposal that would create dedicated funding is a voter approved regional tax. a
5:37 am
decision on service cuts expected next month. >> darya: we are waiting for the february employment numbers we have a drop in the unemployment rate from nine percent down to 8.9. there was expectations it was going up. factories and business services among those expanding employment. retailers trench jobs. the unemployment rate has been falling for three months. it was at 9.8% in november. we will see how this affects the markets. >> darya: we will be back with more a couple of minutes, san jose traffic is at early, 1 01 north you have company, said jose 47 degrees, it will get up to 65 this afternoon.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> darya: we wanna look at this
5:41 am
7 day around the bay forecast. we have the combination of their rain and snow, and all that sunshine and warm weather. friday, today, and tomorrow looks nice. and then saturday night the rain starts, sunday's the washout, and then things get warm and sunny tuesday through thursday. >> mark: a superior code court has told target they have to pay to settle allsuit. did you buy an apple ipad before the new one came out? apple will give you money back $100 given to those who bought the first generation of ipad in stores or
5:42 am
on line. they and built the firstknew i had on tuesday. peoe who want a return of first- generation ipad can do so within 14 days of purchase. >> darya: we are following the mass of fire in florida. we have been showing you this over the couple of days. this is about an hour ago coming out of miami. these flames broke out actually overnight in net undeveloped area. earlier we were talking about another wildfire that has been burning for few days. this one is being pushed by wins away from homes. fire crews hope it will burn out on its own. keeping the same man. 150 a. burned but look at all of that smoke. this is something we are keeping our eye on.
5:43 am
>> mark: we will be right back as the news continues until 11:00 a.m. traffic moving smoothly here, a few bricks like to towards the high-rise section.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> darya: a live look at tom hall, a look at all that snow. --at tahoe--i love when you get snow, sunshine, and then snow, then sunshine again. >> james: if you're headed to tahoe this weekend here we have today looking beautiful temperatures up near 53, saturday as that storm approaches the bay area, it translates to a rain/snow mix. sunday will be about 6,500 ft..
5:47 am
otherwise a great weekend for skiing. they expect to get more snow from the store. we have conditions a look good here, westbound 80 near the macarthur maze, clear conditions right now. let's break down what we see through the day. cool morning for today. as predicted the fog has come in now. a quick look at where we see the cooler temperatures in the north bay. santa rosa 39, napa dropped down the 38 degrees, everybody in the mid '40's, in the north bay we are saying severe temperature drop leading to the spirit dense
5:48 am
fog being reported on our charts along 1 01. that's where we see at and it could spread. this afternoon 63 in san francisco, 68 in vallejo, as we slide the map '65, '66 that is a temperature range we will be in this afternoon. it will be 5-6 degrees warmer than yesterday. in the pacific because are headed our way. sunshine tomorrow will be pleasant as well, as we head into saturday evening, about 6:00 p.m. expect rain in the north bay. at 2:00 a.m. there are rain is spreading to bay area wide. and that continues sunday through the beginning of monday. it will be light storm just make it a
5:49 am
nuisance. the 74-shows the end of next week we warm things up. 5:48 a.m. let's get a check with your ride with george. >> george: no one to ensor hot spots this friday morning. it is a light and easy right westbound, no meter lights yet. san mateo bridge a good commute is well in the westbound direction with no place through hayward on 880, the right to the golden gate bridge during county looks good, the traffic across the span is fine as well. your ride through san jose, the camera on 101, no delays to traffic here, the north or the southbound direction an easy ride 41014 said a clearer and downtown. from hercules to
5:50 am
berkeley very light traffic. >> darya: 5:49 a.m. new details san jose has a contackron contrt deal firemen. the mayor and the union reps say in the current climate of cutbacks this deal works for the people of san jose. >> these are difficult budget times, it takes a commitment to the people, which we have made to engage in a contract like this, it includes a 10% reduction in total compensation. that is a big sacrifice, it would be difficult for members, to continue to their work will take a pay cut. >> this is part of collective bargaining and won collective
5:51 am
bargaining works. common sense find solutions. >> darya: the firefighters are willing to reduce staff on their trucks, to take cuts in their pensions. another meeting will happen today so we will keep you posted. the medical center broke ground for the hospital's new 160,000 tower. it is expected to create 2000 construction jobs. that tower is a phase of the hospital's $300 million expansion and renovation appeared set to be finished by 2014. once it is finished the tower will provide 81 new private beds. >> mark: police are searching for an inmate who escaped from an jail. he was being processed back in to the facility after attending a court date on auto
5:52 am
theft charge. he snuck past six security doors, we see how he may have his cake. >> he either figured out how to work the mechanical or there was human error. once he got in that area, he was processed through, like a normal release see, even though he was not supposed to be released. once he is processed, he goes through the security doors, yes to come up the stairs, which leads him to the exit. the inmate goes to this hallway, in this occasion, he was with a group of 20 people. a large group comes out here, the people want property, could the property winnowing their property. he did not collect property, therefore went straight out. and that same
5:53 am
process would occur one more time. once he got to the front doors he was able to walk out. he promptly walked out in a group of people he there was a two-part work on your ride. i wouldn't qualify him as a master criminal, maybe last time he was here he fit this out or it was dumb luck. >> mark: this is the third time in 21 year history an inmate escaped. >> darya: we will be back with more a couple of minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient
5:54 am
luxury car available. ♪ the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green.
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5:56 am
>> welcome back it is 556 empiricisms early start to the commute. no traffic or back up, but still, good to know that everyone is working. >> the market is about to open with bigness. >> and other thing we're looking at is the weather. a
5:57 am
great day on top. 63 degrees, a terrific for everybody. how about like,ake tahoe. today is no snow. partly cloudy skies. snow will rowland appeared do know how we get grade? like paul will get snow. --lakwe tahoe will get snow. at a ski weekend. >> today, marks the one -50 anniversary it since abraham lake and was inaugurated as our 60 president. he was sworn it a month after the previous president started to succeed. months later this double war began. he was assassinated in 1865.
5:58 am
(music) >> 557 is the time. will be back with more.
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