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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 30, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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bridesmaids shivered in their strapless dresses. nearly 80 homes in morgan hill blocked for days, trappingreds after a mudslide makes the only road into the community impassible. i know takes you to the road to show you the massive slide, and we talk to crews about how long it may be before that road is clear again. plus, a state of emergency declared for momes in hercules. what this now means for those home-owners. and those are not the only slides across the bay area. kron4 has team coverage from panole and oakland on this developing story. tonight, santa clara county road crews are in the process of rescue a massive mudslide trabrought down dozens of large
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trees. look at this, you can see the road covered by the trees. they shut that road down completely. it happened early sunday. it is still a problem tonight. scores of people are stuck in their homes. >> reporter: santa clara road crews have removed about 80 truck lodes of this large mudslide, blocking both lanes of corey road. the slide was so strong, it snapped dozens of redwood and oak trees from their trunks. most of them ended up on top of the road. 80 residences are being impacted by this mess. they must have a four-wheel drive bike susan. this is the first time she's left her house since the road's been closed. >> this is the biggest slide we've ever had up there. it's taken both lanes, and on the other side, if you were to try to walk around it, it drops down 50 feet into corey creek.
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so it really isn't any way around it, and all the residents past there have no electricity. we have a generate so we were rationing gas with the generate. >> reporter: santa clara roads and airports -- say they're working as fast as they can to remove this mountain of mud, rocks and trees, but he says they can only use one loader due to limited space. klein says crews can only work during the day, because the hillside is too unstable. >> we're worried about the stuff coming off the top of the hill. we've got to kind of pull the material out. >> it's about 100 feet up to the top. we've probably pulled out about 80 truckloads so far. >> reporter: officials tell me it will take them another two days to finish removing all of that debris you see behind me from corey road before it's open. from morgan hill, kron4 news. >> and in hercules, eight homes
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below a sliding hillside remain in danger tonight. earlier today, crews installed barricades along a street near the slide, preparing for the worst-case scenario. reds in the danger zone are evacuated. four homes have already been damaged. tonight, the city council declared a local state of emergency in an effort to receive disaster aid. kron4's jonathan bloom was there for the emotional meeting. >> my wife call mead, and she was scared, crying, telling me we have to move out. >> reporter: evacuated families who've watched the massive hillside inch closer to their homes, begged the council for assistance. the city's chief building official says the soggy hillside has not finished moving. >> there's some concern that the slip plane will worse-spun it could let go all at one time. >> reporter: the landslide has
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damaged four homes. the city says two of the homes will need to be torn down at the city's expense before -- [ no audio ] >> a few problems, but you got a sense of the problem there in hercules, and we are also keeping an eye on other landslides around the bay area tonight. residents in san pablo gathered to discuss concerns they had as well as a game plan. they are concerned about the safetier their weak hillside, which is affecting six homes right now. tomorrow, they will have their first meeting to hear from city and county engineers and also to learn the results of a report from a soil engineer who has been testing the hillside there. 4 miles away, part of a hillside has given way there. here you can see building inspectors there checking on the sliding hillside, which is surrounded by homes. kron4 was alerted to the problem by a viewer e-mail, and it was our questions which
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convinced authorities to take notice. city engineers say the homes around the slide are not in immediate danger, but they will continue to monitor the soil's stability. and in the oakland hills, the city's public works department continued cleaning up mudslides on skyline boulevard. you can see the crews used a scooper to clear mud from the roads. according to oakland public works, the storm brought down a total of 17 trees and caused 16 mudslide. in hillsborough, construction crews are working around the clock to stabilize a portion of wood ridge road. city officials say that the hillside was so saturated, it caused the road to sink 6 feet. and city officials in capitalla hope their declaration of a state of emergency clears the way for disaster for them. last week, flooding ravaged businesses, causing an estimated $10 million in damage. today, cleanup crews continued to work on that area and fix
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theruptured drain pipe that was responsible for the devastating floods. many home and business owners say without state or federal money, they will thought be able to rebuild. a live look outside this evening from our camera. it's bouncing around a little bit, and we're going to continue to see breezy conditions as we head into tomorrow, especially in the hills. wind gusts in the 40 miles per hour range. temperatures are definitely won't be staying on the warmer side. right now, pretty mild. 58 in santa rosa. we're not going to be cooling off all that much overnight. let's take a look at tomorrow at a glance. patchy fog in the north bay and also along the coastline. we're already seeing the low clouds form. a few cloud will remain, and temperatures are going to warm up dramatically tomorrow. we could be talking about record-breaking heat. we'll look at the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood coming up in just a bit. new tonight at 11:00, police in oakland are searching for three suspects. three men are accused of
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kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. it happened yesterday around midnight. the female victim reported being kidnapped from church treat, and then she says she was driven to another location where she was sexually assaulted. she described the three male suspects as black men in a blue lexus. one was approximately 40 years old with a bald head. another was a bit taller and about 100 pounds lighter and the third suspect is described as 20 years old with black hair, and brown eyes. amtrak trains are running again. that's after a bomb threat earlier tonight. the threat was called in saying that an explosive could deadinate at the jack london square station sometime between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. a train bound for bakersfield was stopped, but amtrak and oakland police searched the train. no explosives were found. still ahead tonight, former oakland a's 1st baseman jason giambi took the stand in barry
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now to the barry bonds perjury trial today. slugger jason giambi, and his brother took the stand, giving new details about their own steroid use and as kron4 reports, they pointed the finger at bonds' trainer, greg anderson, saying that he was their source. >> reporter: jason giambi shown here entering the courthouse testified on the stand how he met greg anderson and how anderson began sending him packages of performance- enhancing drugs. of he gave great detail to the jury about how he received packages at his home with white pills, and vials of cream. he said anderson told him to use it all, and he provided a
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calendar with specifics. he also said if anderson used them accordingly, they would not show up on a drug test. his brother also talked at length about his relationship with anderson. also on the stand this tuesday was stan conte, the former giants baseball trainer. he talked about how bands started having acne and having more lean muscle, two signs of steroid use. he also mentioned how he didn't want anderson in the clubhouse and thought he was inadequate as a manager. the trial resume on wednesday with more former baseball players expected to testify. in san francisco, kron4 news. kron4 is helping you get ready for baseball season. we are re-airing our baseball by the bay special. our own sports director gary radnich will have a preview of the giants, and the a's with players interviews. that will air on sunday, april
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the 10th, at 10:00 p.m. right here on kron4. and if you like today, you're really going to like the next few days. a
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call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. japan's prime minister says his country must remain on maximum alert as new radiation seeps out of its damaged power plants. highly radioactive mortar has been discovered. levels are up to 100,000 times normal. word tonight that a make- shift dam of sand bags and chunks of concrete is starting to lose the battle to keep radiation out of the sea, but the water level keeps rising as repair crews spray the reactors to keep them from melting down. the u.s. military meantime is washing down aircraft as they return to the airbase in western tokyo. a spokesman said the precaution is mainly to reassure personnel, and and not because of any imminent health hazard. today, nissan said it will not be able to restart its assembly
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lines for a couple of weeks. honda announced it is cutting production at its u.s. plants because of a shortage of components from japan. and toyota has told its american dealers that some parts cannot be reordered. rebels in libya are losing ground again to muammar qaddafi's regime, even with the help from the nato coalition. they are suffering setbacks near his hemtown. these are scenes of the rebels near tripoli. they might not be able to oust the libyan leader. word tonight that a u.s. navy ship fired two dozen cruise missiles at weapons storage sites near tripoli. and secretary of state hillary clinton is in london where world leaders were trying to decide how to best help the libyan rebels and protect the civilians. she also talked with a representative from libya's political opposition. meanwhile, president obama made it clear today, he is open to considering arming the
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opposition fighters. it was great day out there today, and it's going to get even warmer as we head into tomorrow. possibly record-breaking temperatures. tomorrow at a glance in san francisco, san jose and concord, temperatures starting out on the mild side. some fog possible, especially along the coastline. by noon, temperatures warming up pretty quickly and 4:00 in the afternoon, much warmer. five to 15 degrees warmer thanwhat we saw today. we're going to start to see this warming trend through the rest of the week because of dry air building offshore. you can already see this but a few these clouds are breaking off down into northern california, but we'll start to see really clear skies through the next couple of days. good news if you're headed to the giants game tomorrow at at&t park. 12:45 against the oakland a's, last preseason game. it's going to be high cloud out there tomorrow afternoon. also, breezy conditions, temperatures, though, again very comfortable into the 70s
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by the time the game wraps up. let's take a look at neighborhood by neighborhood, 72 in san francisco, mostly in the upper 70s and low 80s, except for along the bay shores and also here along the coast line, 67 degrees there. 72 in oakland, upper 70s for the south bay, it's only going to get warmer from here. thursday will be our day of peak warming. friday on the warmer side but as we head into the weekend, that dry air i talked about is going to tart to break town a little bit so a storm is going to approach the north bay on saturday, we could get clipped by a few sprinkles. right now, it looks like it's going to be cooler through the weekend. and now to the state budget battle. governor jerry brown now says that he is ending budget talks with the republican lawmakers. the move comes after g.o.p. released a list of 53 demands they want. the end to talks casts doubt now over what steps brown, and the legislature will have to
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take to close california's $26.6 billion deficit. brown wants a special election in order to ask california voters to extend a temporary tax increase which was enacted two years ago as part of his budget deficit solution. and new details about san jose's leash law for dogs. tonight, the city council unanimously approved a shorter leash ordinance, and that means dog owners will have to keep pets on six-foot leashes. that's 14 feet shorter than what was allowed for now. first-time violaters get a warning but there is a $100 fine for second time violaters. in sports, cleveland gets a measure of revenge against lebron james, and the bay bridge series moves to oakland for game two. gary is up next
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all right. good evening everybody. one more practice game to go before the giants, and a's
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start for real. 18,204 at the oakland coliseum tonight and pablo sandoval, there he goes, everybody -- as far as the giants are concerned, hoping the big weight loss will turn into a return to 2009 for sandoval, hitting 280 this spring, barry zito, five hits, one run. bottom six, here comes hideki matsui after zito was pulled, the reliever gave it up, matsui, his first three-hit game this spring from 100 to 154 his average. schierholtz from nearby san ramon valley hit a home-run, giants win 4-1. giants and dodgers open thursday, a's host seattle on friday and hey, it's never too early to plan ahead. get that graphic back up, pam. april 10th. >> is that when it is? >> you've got enough time to get ready. april 10th. >> okay. >> we're still on, that will be on. april 10th. >> of course, we'll still be
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on. there it is again. >> yes. april 10th. stanford first opponent in the final four is set, and it's not going to be the 6'8" all- american brittany griner and bailor. griner is sad, but she's going to do things a woman player has never done before, 24 points, nine rebound. sydney carter, though, in texas getting it done tonight. 58-46, they play stanford in the final four on sunday night. warriors enjoyed a real exciting finish in oklahoma city. now, kevin durant, and the thunder said okay. warriors are in town, we can walk through this and cooke, though, thunder up three, throws it away, monta ellis gets the three, it's a finish to send it to overtime. all they had to do was inbound, and the game's over. 112 apiece, durant, he had 39 points, thunder up for keeps, ellis had one chance to finish,
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huh-uh. 115-114, 7 games left but give the warriors credit, they hung tough tonight. lebron james, second return to cleveland, and he strolled in and hit a 55-foot shot to beat the buzzer. he had 27 points, 10 rebound, 12 assists. at one point, cleveland led by 19. ryan holland throwing it down, and miami came back, but the finish, anthony parker delivered, and lebron james loses in his oakland return to cleveland. 102-90. >> when i played here, the atmosphere was great. the fans are unbelievable. i've always said that, and it was great for the team. >> i think it's disappointing. we took a step backward. at this point in the season, we can't forward. >> good for cleveland. can we have the three shot here tonight? i want to see, we've got this new guy on the staff, and i used to be one of the taller
12:57 am
people at kron4, but now, we've got 6'5" jay r. stone. i am towering. have you seen that promo where i could dunk on you and look at this shot, tonight is not bad. pam's slumping a little bit. >> i'm not slumping. >> you know when they would come in and put half of a -- to make her look. i just, can i admit i'm insecure when it comes to height in news? most people who talk for a living are shorter people, because all their life, they've had to say, listen, i'm smarter than you, you may be on the team, but i'm smarter. and i just -- okay? i mean, tonight we look good but normally you look down at me. [ laughter ] >> i don't look down on you. >> tonight's not a bad shot. mark burnett up there? >> yeah. >> he must be. thank you, mark for making me look relatively the same height. is there anything wrong with that? i'm an insecure man. >> i'm going to wear big heels
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