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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 1, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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sphere >> reporter: it is finally friday april 1st, we don't. it will be another hot day in the bay area. >> louisa: i went to the beach yesterday. not to run again. but i was not the only one. they could be packed again today, it will be another pleasant day again today. we are starting you off with warm temperatures. those temperatures have yet to really cool down as we head into the rest of the day we will see
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another nice day out there. we are at 64 degrees in san francisco, 61 any of, in the south bay mid to upper 50s. as we head towards 10:00 a.m. we will get a mixture of '60s and '70s. we will still get into the 80s today. by noon time you will see some '80s, continuing to see '70s and '80s into the afternoon. it will be slightly cooler than yesterday. by 8:00 p.m.: it down into the '50s and '60s. here's a look at your afternoon highs mid-70s san francisco, 82 napa, 814 livermore, 84 antioch. along the
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coast 67 degrees today at half moon bay. so here is the 7 day around bay., a drastic drop in temperatures tomorrow into the '60s and a slight chance of rain only about 20%. the better chance to the north bay. we will notice the winds picking up sustained winds up to 30 mi. an hour. sunday we will be much drier but still staying cool. monday we start to warm up mostly sunny. the next chance of rain moves in thursday. >> erica: i'm starting with the secular and a hot spot.a sig aln
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fire as of right now the two right lanes are closed. you can see this slowing pass this scene. speeds dip down 20 mi. an hour. fire crews are on the scene working on this no estimated time on reopening. i will also show you a live shot just before the accident. actually that is freezing up. i just got off the phone with the t m c and they said there is no estimated time to reopen the lanes. we're sending jackie for a live report. light traffic the rest of the bay area. no problems here traffic moving freely nice and light at this hour. for those of you headed down to the san mateo bridge was down 92 is very good shape. all that space between cars on the
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right-hand side headed into foster city that's the commute direction this morning. >> reporter: rebels continued to take down towns captured by forces loyal to gaddafi. some people are thinking about going back to their homes. the city has no water or power, shortages will continue to be a problem. gaddafi is calling on western leaders to resign, he accuses the leaders of attacking his forces of being affected by power of madness. this comes as he has remained out of sight with to defections in as many days. the white house says the inner circle is clearly crumbling. cheap four journalists held captive in libya said they were found
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beaten and sexually assaulted. they said it was more terrifying than any close calls they have ever had. one journalist boat to cnn about the moment they would die. >> reporter: we are put on our knees, their wrist slapping, and in pockets, one said you are the spy. soon after that they forced us on our stomachs. we all have the sinking feeling this was it. i looked up at a tall sculpture sing shoot them. and i felt like there's a lot of time elapsed but i think it was really only a second. and the soldiers at a cancer americans. >> reporter: they were freed after for a week of captivity. latest in japan, engineers at the nuclear plant, still cannot find the leak that is
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contaminating the pacific ocean. the levels of bit iodine is 4000 times above normal readings. it could prevent the return of tens of thousands of people around the plant. fire than permitted levels have been found in beef in the area. u.s. military has the u.s. if mission to find those who are still missing after the earthquake and tsunami. it started today three weeks after the disaster. 16,000 people remain unaccounted for. 20 aircraft and 10 vessels from the military will join in the rescue mission. the operation excludes the area within a 30 mi. radiation of the damaged plant. in the next half-hour in the kron 4 morning news we will
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look at how radioactive iodine is turninshowing up in our milk supplies here and whether not it can harm human health. the oakland a's kick off their season against the mariners today. stewart was the 1989 world series mvp. tam was pretty good yesterday for the giants, kirsch are strikes out barrel and the fourth. the sixth, no score 10 goes low encourages one in the dirt. posy makes a bad third throw. top of the ninth
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dodgers 02. with two outdodgerse opener 2-1. the giants get that chance our redemption tonight as the team's cloudy again.go at ie went at&t park to check out last night's game. >> reporter: the fans showed up in huge numbers many to watch the this giants that the season opener. giants fans said they are looking for two of season of domination and victory. even though the loss the first game
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after pitching duel. fans are looking for to next friday when the giants take on st. louis at home. >> reporter: don't forget sunday april 10th at 10:00 p.m. you can watch our baseball by the bay special on kron 4. in steps look at the giants as they make another run for the title. gary wilson down and talk about the new look for the a's.will sit de a's manager. it is for 09 a.m. i live look at the james lick freeway we will be right back.
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>> reporter: live look from san francisco it is dark out there but it was definitely warm when i left the house this morning.
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you will definitely notice the difference when you step outside in and around the bay area. today is supposed to be a mild 84. it will be windy and cold over the weekend and then back into the mid '70s next week. more news now. a special election on taxes is out of the question. they are preparing to show the effect of an all cut budget to address the rest of the deficit. senate president says he wants state residents to see what deeper cuts would mean including larger class sizes. plus money for public safety. jerry brown will travel the state to make a case for raising taxes. for the negotiation over solving the state budget deficit
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stalled. and you wrote poll shows strong bipartisan support for rising taxes on what the residents. 78 percent support 1% increase in the income tax rate for california's earning more than $500,000 a year. 60 percent of republican respondents, 80 percent of independents and other voters backing it. 90 percent of democrats as well. starting today, the sales tax in seven bay area cities goes up. union city and elsewhere read all have the highest tax hikes from 9.7% above 10%. sen lander goes up 10%, concord goes up to 9.75%, novato is an rosa goes up to 9.5%. it is the result of
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november's election to generate more revenue. stocks finished a stellar first quarter, it fell 31 points. economists say they expect another strong month of job growth when they release the march jobless statistics. they expect the nation added 185,000 jobs last month. unemployment rate stayed at 8.9%. gop introduces legislation that would phase out fannie and freddie. united auto workers is gaining members after years of decline. the union says
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membership is up 6% from 2009. that is the first time since 2004 the union came to members. gained numbers. wisconsin judge said it is on hold as one of the key questions might not be correct. opponents claim they violated the state's open meeting law up to passing. the judge hears more testimony today. she said yes 38 the collective bargaining was not in fact.a fact. we will be right b alive look outside, things are doing okay on the san mateo bridge.
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>> erica: we have a secular and
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a hot spot right off the bat for you. --sig alert--2 lanes are shutdowns chp and fire is on the scene. we see some slowing just past the scene that's where speeds it down to 20 mi. an hour. there is no estimated time of reopening all lanes. no heavy back up just yet. all live look from the 1 01-80 split. traffic is moving well but if that truck stays out there in the lanes remained closed this could be a very huge hot spot for us. other traffic in the bay area looks been getting your out the door with a bridge check. its approach to the bay bridge toll plaza things move nicely here.
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traffic flows freely from all directions. no slowing up the incline and along the upper deck. the san mateo bridge westbound 92 traffic in very good shape. i just checked the traffic clogs accident and incident free. problems getting to the bridge from 101 or either direction of the nimitz freeway. >> louisa: still warm out there this morning. temperatures today will be cooling slightly. currently in san francisco 64 by noontime working our way up to 72, your highs today will be 75. we did set records yesterday, in fact we warm to into the upper 80s in some spots. napa 87,
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beating the old record of 86 set back in 1966. 84 sl, oakland 83, mountain view 83. we set records across the board. today we will stand of the record- breaking territory. right now in the '50s and '60s, upper 50s for open san rafael, redwood city. future cast 4 set for 10:00 a.m. temperatures in the '60s and '70s than as we head towards noon, you can see at hitting 80. now watch that phelan through the afternoon. we will see more '70s and the mix today. as we cool it down by 8:00 p.m. a mixture of 50 and '60s. your
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highs today 82 in napa, 81 concord, 77 novato and milpitas. here is that 7 day around bay, we see cooling over the next couple of days of big cool down by saturday that's when we bring in a slight chance of rain. the wind will pick up into the evening hours. mostly sunny as we headed to the beginning of next week. >> reporter: new details this morning, antioch school teacher accused of lewd acts with the students. he fled to mexico once he crossed back over the border police caught him in san diego yesterday. he taught at park
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middle school, the 63 year-old allegedly touched and eighth grade boy. he is accused of making lewd comments to other students. san carlos man is in custody, he was arrested for lewd acts with a child under 14. and attempting to seduce a miner with the intent to commit sexual offense. she was receiving text messages and phone calls from this guy who is apparently a family friend. san francisco police are investigating an altercation that took place near ocean beach last night. they
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told police one injured after being hit in the back with the bat. a couple of people were stabbed one person has been detained, they're trying to decide whether this was gang- related. berkeley's school superintendent is trying to help with safety where there has been a number of unrelated incidents this year. they are thinking about making people wear identification badges and having a place officer at the campus five days a week. it will be presented to the board at the next meeting april 13th. major turn out for people fed up with crime scores rallied in oakland promising to help police department stop the underage trade and prostitution problem that happens near 17th avenue and international boulevard. reggie reports they cannot fight this problem alone. >> reporter: dozens gathered at
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17th and international to put a stop to the prostitution. residents here say they want opd to do more, they said they have additional officers patrolling this area. they're putting pressure on national laws. they hope the hotel goes out of business. >> reporter: barry bonds trial is off today, resuming monday. yesterday was day eight, it was a big set back for the prosecution and one of its of witnesses refuses to back up testimony of a prosecution witness. as dan carmen reports that leaves members of the jury to decide who they trust more. >> reporter: a bad day for prosecution as a look earlier testimony by steve is contradicted by another prosecution witness. bonds
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orthopedic surgeon says thursday that after elbow surgery in 1999 he did not tell steve the injury was caused by steroids. something steve had testified. he denied he asked about the frequency of steroid injections. he told him he was concerned he was taken steroids. in fact despite steves testimony about numerous talks about barry bonds the doctor can only recall one. >> steve is now looking like somebody who is exaggerating to the government to try to get barry bonds. >> reporter: to make matters worse he said all the side effects could be caused by legal corticosteroids which he and the doctor's reporgave to bonds.
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>> he basically became an expert for the defense even though he was called as a prosecution witness. >> reporter: it is unclear how much his testimony harms the case but they have one more witness on monday dawned returns to the stand, he is expected to testify in the urine sample that barry bonds supplied tested positive. >> reporter: is a sky diving trp goes terribly wrong coming up, and we have a hot spot in san francisco will tell you about traffic delays. a live look for mount tam, for 20 4:00 a.m. and we
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>> erica: we are seeing significant slowing on 101. we have a dump truck fire that has just been put at. to right hand lanes are still blocked. speeds are dipping down to 60 mi. an hour to just pass the 1 01-80 split. -- 16 m.p.h.-- >> reporter: 70 forecast when you step outside this morning
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you will feel the warmer air. enjoy the sun, high of 84 degrees cooler for the weekend, looking to be in the upper 60s, windy as well but mostly sunny. next week looks to be about the same. barry said video. two instructors were conducting a session when they collided moments before landing. boatman have recorded thousands of hours of dropping out of planes. they crashed with their parachutes open. emergency crews from them lying on the ground they were pronounced dead at the scene. a statue of an angel will be unveiled to honor the youngest victim of january snapshooting. christina green was born september 11, 2001, and died during the attack on gabrielle difference.gifford. rocks at thf
4:28 am
the angels are from the crash site of flight 93. we have good news for the road highway deaths have fallen to the lowest level in 60 years. they estimate 32,000 people were killed in u.s. wrote in 2010 that it is a decrease of 3%. that is a los number since 1949. the government says it is too many deaths but they can attribute the decreases to people wearing seat belts. the decline in death came despite an increase in the amount of miles people drove during the year. coming up on morning news updated on the hot spot that arafathat we are falls
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friday april 1st, no joke is a warm day your forecast we come back.
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>> erica: welcome back is 4:30 a.m., we have been tracking this hot spot we had that dump truck and was on fire but the fire has been put out. it is blocking the right hand lane, the to read and lines are shut down. they are still on the scene and there are no injuries reported. we hope to clear this out in 15 minutes. the damage has been done, red and yellow on your screen indicating speeds down to 17 mi. an hour. just before the james
4:31 am
lick meets in out central traffic is flowing freely. just out of camera shot is where we see the slowdown. hopefully this will be cleared from the roadways and it will have to much of an impact on your morning commute. this is our only hot spot around the bay area getting you out the door on this friday morning with a bridge check. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza just a few cars making a way into san francisco. no reports of problems along the upper deck, metering lights are cycled off giving no drive time of the minutes from the foot of the maze into san francisco. san mateo bridge looks equally good, no problems in either direction. those taillights and the commute direction towards foster city. we are not dealing with any overnight construction getting to the bridge along the nimitz freeway, all lanes are open. for
4:32 am
those of you taking the golden gate bridge traffic is flowing freely there no problems to report. a quick shot of the south bay, 1 01 in both directions moves well. this is definitely not a hot spot. taillights on the side of your screen headed toward santa clara, no back up on the 87 interchange. no problems for northbound 2 80 or highway 17. for 30 2:00 a.m. with a lookit forecast. >> louisa: we are off to warm start already this morning. downtown san francisco, a clear shot for you. we are seeing a shift in the wind. yesterday we had offshore float.flow. still pleasant day but that cost of
4:33 am
cool down is kicking and. we have a lot of wind and a cool down on your saturday. we are currently at 64 degrees in san francisco, 61 in the opera, mountainview, san jose upper 50s. future cast 4 set for 10:00 a.m. warming it up into the '60s and '70s. by noon time the orange indicates '80s. we could hop into the 80s in the south bay continuing in the '80s. instead of high 80s we will see low 80's and 70's into the mix as well. by 8:00 p.m. a mixture of '50s and '60s. in your afternoon here's a look in your numbers. 75 san francisco, 87
4:34 am
los gatos, morgan hill, livermore valley as well. upper 70's through the east bay in places like san jose. showing changes coming in tomorrow today will probably be the good day to do things outdoors, to more slight chance of rain in the north bay. it's really the wind picking up it will be cold as well. cooler temperatures with the wind it will feel a bit different than the past couple of days. sunday staying cool but would run of the sunshine.hold >> reporter: i wish we could switch friday and saturday's forecast. any work on that? >> louisa: all see what i can do. >> reporter: some people forced
4:35 am
of believe libya when the shelling began are thinking about going back to their homes. the city has no power or water and shortages continue to be a problem. gaddafi is calling on western leaders to resign. he accuses leaders of attacking his forces of being affected by power madness. he remains out of sight with two high-profile defections in as many days the white house says the inner circle is clearly crumbling. for new york times journalist held captive in libya said they were bound, beaten and sexually assaulted. they said it was more terrifying than any close call they have ever had. one journalist spoke with cnn about the moment he thought it would die. >> reporter: when they demanded we lay on our stomachs, we were
4:36 am
begging we were sorry, begging to go on our stomachs. we thought we were on the stomachs they would shoot. as soon as the one on the stomach i waited to hear gunfire. it was an empty feeling. >> reporter: the journalists were freed by a military forces last week after nearly a week in captivity. now for the latest in the situation in japan engineers at the nuclear plant still cannot find the leak that is contaminating the nearby pacific ocean. the levels of iodine in this seat is now 4000 times above normal readings. alarming lows could prevent the return of tens of thousands of people who evacuated. higher than permitted says gm has been found and beef in the area.
4:37 am
japan's self defense forces and u.s. military have a massive mission of trying to find those still missing. 16,000 people still remain unaccounted for, 20 aircraft and 10 are being used. the operation are scheduled to continue for the next three days. epa says iodine from japan has shown up in milk samples found in california and washington state. house officials say don't be a long and you can continue to drink milk. >> reporter: in another big store radioactive iodine has turned up and milk supplies here in california. the government said the amounts are too small to pose a health risk, they are hammering the point that built
4:38 am
his eighth drink. they say milk samples were taken on march 28th from milk distributor. scientists tested the samples and richmond. >> reporter: lets which it up and go to baseball with the oakland a's kicking off their 2011 season against the mariners. dave stewart will throw out the ceremonial first pitch. he was the 1989 world series mvp for the a's. the actual first pitch is set for 7:05 p.m. for the giants to him was good but the dodgers were better. the dodgers win the
4:39 am
opener 2-1. the teams got it again tonight. here at kron 4 we watched the opening game with the giants fans. >> day looked sloppy but still figured out. >> they will come back and kick tail. i'm not worried about it. the beard will come back soon. it's baseball you win some and lose some. >> reporter: you win some and you lose some that's right. sanchez will be the first pitcher to nine and those billings lee will be for the doctors.doctors. ddoctors. remel
4:40 am
10th at 10:00 p.m. we have an encore presentation of baseball by the day. we will be right back.
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>> erica: i can finally say happy friday, no hot spots that vehicle that was on fire has been towed from the scene. one lane has been reopened. one lane is still shut down for a bit of a cleanup but traffic is moving freely. much more straight ahead. >> reporter: navy petty officer that was investigated on openly gay service members as a review board has voted against his discharge. they voted unanimously to allow him to serve out the rest of his service. he violated the don't ask don't tell policy when
4:42 am
somebody saw a picture of him kissing another man. president barack obama as showcasing energy efficient vehicles as his push to reduce dependency on foreign oil. he is going to maryland to visit a ups shipping area. on wednesday he called for a one-third reduction by 2025. the house is moving forward towards the passage of a sweeping aviation bill packed with safety and labor provisions. final vote on the drafted bill is expected today. it provides the blueprint for the next three and a half years while cutting the agency's budget by $4 billion. the bill and subsidies for airline
4:43 am
service to remote communities with the exception of alaska, the white house has threatened to veto the bill. advisory panel to a food and drug recommends the agency further study the link between food coloring and childhood hyperactivity. products that contain dyes do not need package warnings. the doctors and academics and others agree the fda there is not enough evidence to show certain dyes cause hyperactivity in the general population more women are having babies later in life. our recent study found women 40 through 44 at 6% increase in birth rate during 20007-2009. the study found that after reaching an all-time high of 4.3
4:44 am
million births and 2007 the number dropped to 4.1 million in 2009. we are keeping an eye on a hot spot this morning plusher 7 day forecast when the kron 4 news comes back.
4:45 am
>> erica: welcome back, i look bring you good news and i finally can. no longer tracking southbound 101 as of hot spot this morning. we were following an earlier morning vehicle fire that was blocking all lanes. to lanes were blocked causing the slowdown past 1 01-80 split where we saw speeds down to 16 mi. an hour. all lanes are now back open, all live looa live lu
4:46 am
can see there are still flares in the roadway so be aware of that. no slowing to report. a bridge check looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, a bit more volume tracking out there and then we saw 10 minutes ago but still a very easy ride. traffic moves well along the upper deck king getting to the bridges problem free. over at this san mateo bridge traffic is still very light at this hour, pots of space between taillights, no way that the toll plaza with a drive time of 14 minutes. upper to the lord be shore freeway in albany traffic moves well. --
4:47 am
lower bay shore freeway--ac transit board and many are on schedule. public transit is movg smoothly this morning. a look at your forecast. >> louisa: temperatures to warm this morning, however as we head towards the afternoon we will see some slight changes. oakland 57, by noon time working our way up to 73. high-temperature today at 76, comfortable and then back down to 60 by 8:00 p.m. we did set records yesterday once again the second day in a row. asset boat caught up to 80 degrees breaking the record of 76. now the upper
4:48 am
80s, 87 degrees breaking the old record set back in 1966. santa rosa 86 as well. records right across the board. today we will stand of record-breaking territory. temperatures this morning are very warm. the lot of times this is an afternoon high for san francisco, 61 and manioc, 57 san rafael, redwood city. here's future cast 4., the orange indicating '80s, but it looks more likely inland spots will get into the 80s and along the coast will stay cooler into the '60s and '70s. will have a mix into the afternoon. calling
4:49 am
it back down by 8:00 p.m. mostly '50s and '60s. your highs this morninafternoon, 82 napa, , court, in the south bay 81 morgan hill and livermore. we have an onshore breeze, cooling off tomorrow. today will be the last really nice day. tomorrow temperatures will cool off it will filfeel cool. it could get breezy, a slight chance of all pop up short in the north bay. sunday we dryout and we stay cool. sunshine warms this up
4:50 am
next week. >> reporter: a landslide at a mobile home park in mountain view have people trying to figure out what they should do. kron 4 i shows what's being done to save at least one home. >> reporter: careerism heavy machinery came in thursday afternoon to move on mobile home. this unit is being moved to another lot a couple of spaces away. landslide caused the cliff to come up to the rear house causing concern to the home could slide into the creek below. the other to homes are privately owned, and relocation is the responsibility of the owners. it can cost thousands to
4:51 am
move them. for now they are putting the owner's option in a hotel for 10 days. this home is too big to fit anywhere else in the park. >> reporter: we go over to scott valley where a big rock and mud slide continues to block access to three dozen homes since late last week. now we see new road around the slide is almost complete. >> reporter: the wallow will be in new temporary access road. crews are nearing completion of that access road around the rockslide that cut off a vehicle access for about 60 people in the upper reaches. for people who have been slogging through the mud since late last week
4:52 am
it's almost over. >> we walked in and out and people are taking care of each other. the crews are taking a fabulous job. >> reporter: truckload after a truck load of rock are building their road. it could be ready as soon as friday. on a minute too soon because some folks are running short of supplies to say nothing of patients. when the heavy equipment is done here will be time to put the mud boots away for now. >> reporter: we are learning grazing sheep that were found dead in napa county last week were likely killed by mountain lions. animal control officer found the remains in your reading. the mountain lion
4:53 am
buried some of the sheet remains.p remains. some ideas tn and to plan now to help ease congestion during the yacht races is more streetcars and restoring some bus routes. we will keep you posted. coming up on the kron 4 morning news a website ceo is caught doing something that got people pretty upset. as we had to break we will show you the current temperatures. it is warm out there. we will get to 72, is in the perfect.that is perfect. fut
4:54 am
form of combat.
4:55 am
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>> reporter: p that is picking a fight with go daddy doc .com. an online video shows him shooting and killing an elephant in zimbabwe. he posted the video on his twitter account, it shows him hunting an elephant and posing with the shotgun next to it. it was shot in early march. they want to boycott the services until he stops shooting animals. he said they killed the animal so locals could eat it and help farmers whose crops have been devastated by elephants that are no longer in the area. google has done it again, they put out another real announcement of a very new product. today is april 1st, it
4:57 am
could be a joke. >> e-mail motion, using your computer camera and attracting it interprets the physical movement and chairman into actionable commands. for example to open a message make it a package. to reply with backward was your samba, to reply all used both hands. to send a message but the stamp. we've been working with experts to develop a language of music meant to replace tight. it is intuitive, ergonomic and easy to do. >> studies over 24 years have indicated more than 80 percent of our total communication is body language. when you
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call or go to to try lifelock risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> mark: 5:00 a.m. top stories we're following this friday april 1st, warm weather around the bay area today. heisman '70s. forecast coming up. >> darya: 7 cities in the bay area see an increase in net sales tax. >> mark: setback for the prosecution and the barry bonds trial as a witness refuses to back up testimony. >> darya: let's start alin the
5:01 am
weather station. i actually pulled the umbrella out. >> louisa: i went to the beach yesterday was packed. >> darya: it feels that warm today. >> louisa: we field leftover heat, this afternoon we will see a shift in the wind, we will get an onshore breeze. temperatures cool down slightly. it will be pleasant. we will be in the '80s but not as warm as yesterday. not into the upper 80s today like we did yesterday. napa got up to 87 degrees, that actually set a record of 86 set back in 1966. sfo 80 degrees, 83 oakland and mountain view. san rosa 86. today it looks like we
5:02 am
will steer clear of rickrecord- breaking temperatures. right now look how warm it is. as darya mentioned it will feel nice as you step out the door. 61 and antioch, santa rosa 53, cooler in fairfield stilly upper 40's. satellite shows you what is going on. more onshore breeze a mixture of sunshine may be some sweeping clouds, overall a pleasant day. we will see things change towards the weekend slight chance of showers moving. by the afternoon 79 degrees for san rosa, 82 napa, 77 in a bottle and vallejo.vallejo. we'.
5:03 am
mariners forecast for you. we could stay in the '60s towards 9:00 p.m. so will be mild and to the evening. 7 day around the bay shows cooling by saturday, the winds we will notice really getting breezy out there. winds getting up to 30 mi. an hour. we will dry out into next week. >> george: currently we have no hot spots, we had been tracking hotspot earlier this morning there was an alertness the nondirectional now completely cleared from the traffic lanes. if you heard about it earlier and wondered about your trip you don't have to take 2 80, it is
5:04 am
no longer any delayed. of a quick bridge check, your ride to the bay bridge extremely light traffic yesterday at the bridge, hoping for the same today. no back up or delay on the approaches, san mateo bridge ride also looks good as you can see the right hand of your screen is the westbound direction, it is very light traffic mayor. no problems there at golden gate bridge they are reconfiguring the stand even as we speak adding a fourth lane. >> mark: tax hikes kicking and. going up thi7 in seven cities.
5:05 am
union city 10.25%, san leandro timbres and concord now employs some 5%, novato is a resin 9.5%. >> darya: economists say they expect s strong job growth for march. but the unemployment rate will stand 8.9 percent following february's strong gains. barry bonds trial is off today resumes on monday. yesterday was day eight. a setback for prosecution is one of its own witnesses refuses to back up the testimony of another prosecution witness. the physician contradicted the testimony of steve who told the jury last week that he had as many as 50 discussions about bonds steroid use. the surgeon
5:06 am
that operated on barry bonds eight times that he provided corticosteroids which are not muscle building steroids. he said it was see swelling after surgery. he said those type of steroids have side effects that are similar to performance enhancing steroids. >> darya: the giants' season opener to him was good but not as good as crenshaw. he had nine strikeouts on the night. the sixth inning notes score buster posey picks about throwing it to a third, the ball goes by. we head to the bottom of the eight, james with the double, that
5:07 am
drives and matt, the score is 2- 0. bottom of the night, pat makes it an interesting one. 2-1 but then with two out brandon lines out to end the game. dodgers win the opener 2-1. >> the giants look sloppy but it will figure it out. >> it's the first game. >> i'm not worried about it, we will have the your back. is baseball you win some and lose some. >> mark: giants had three
5:08 am
errors last night. the play again tonight. >> darya: the oakland a's kick off their season against the seattle mariners. dave stewart will wrote the ceremonial first pitch tonight. the actual first pitch is set for 7:05 p.m. >> mark: we will be back as the news continues we will be here until 11:00 a.m. this friday morning.
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
>> darya: rebels continue to retake cows captured by forces loyal to gaddafi. some people forced to flee are thinking about going back home now. but the city has no power and water.
5:12 am
shortages will be a problem. gaddafi is calling on western leaders to resign. he accuses leaders of the country's attacking his forces of being affected by power of madness. became as a scroll across state tv as he remains out of sight. two high-profile defections in as many days they say gaddafi's inner circle is clearly crumbling. >> mark: at japan's nuclear plant they still cannot finally that is contaminating the pacific ocean. the iodine in the sea near the plant is 4,000 t* normal readings. >> darya: it may take awhile but the debris from the tsunami may
5:13 am
show on the west coast in about a year they think. oceanographer of seattle as tracking what he says is mass of debris from japan. fishing boats washed out in to see me show up in a year while other items like pieces from homes may take two- three years to suggest. the amount pales in comparison to the letter that is dumped into oceans and a regular basis. >> mark: we will be right back more in your forecast when we come back. [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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5:17 am
breeze. we will get more and onshore breeze today. we have a chance of rain, wind by saturday. things certainly starting to change headed towards the weekend. 64 san francisco, 57 san rafael and oakland, down in the south bay temperatures are fifties, 49 in livermore valley, antioch 61. future cast 4 by 10:00 a.m. '60s and '70s, this award shows us '80s. --this orange. --we have a mixture of '70s and '80s this afternoon. towards evening we will cool off. your afternoon highs in the '70s even in to san rosa. 82 napa, temperatures mid
5:18 am
to upper '70s reached for the east bay. 81 and livermore, los gatos also more in hell.more t.e a's vs. the mariners mild weather temperatures in the '60s spiri. 64 degrees by the 9:00 p. hour. the 7 day around the bay we see some changes. cool down into the weekend. we will not this gate 60s even some inland spots. the winds will pick up and to the evening. it looks like we could see a chance of rain, a better chance in the
5:19 am
north bay. 20 percent chance of rain for saturday. drying up next week and warming up as well. >> george: we are still looking well. not tracking any hotspot 3 now, we are problem free for the bay area. let's start with a bridge check. the bay bridge looking at your westbound ride. even for friday it is light. very little traffic at the bay bridge. it has been the trend for the past three days. even tuesday we saw light traffic with early and to the back up. your san mateo bridge ride is also doing well. much less than usual for the west bound trip. the golden gate bridge problem free, they are reconfiguring the
5:20 am
stand there. san jose ride north found this this pasfive hours gt america a great ride. >> darya: new details a middle school teacher who fled to mexico last week after being accused of lewd acts was arrested in san diego. charles of pittsburgh taught at park middle school here he is accused of touching and eight grade boy inappropriately. redman was admitted to hospital on monday which caught the attention of antioch detectives. san carlos man is in custody. he was arrested on charges of lewd and
5:21 am
lascivious acts i unpatrolled under 14. he is a rest comes after the parents of a 10 year- old girl called pleasing were concerned she was receiving an it inappropriate number cell phone car calls and fax messages from to. >> mark: dozens of residents gathering in oakland yesterday vowing to take back the neighborhood from hawkers. the problem has gotten worse over the years. ever since the national motel opened its doors. oakland police chief spoke at the rally and admits police cannot do this all on the run. >> this is your neighborhood, your city, these guys on the streets the time that we say. are one to take our streets
5:22 am
back. is anyone willing to stand with me with pickets signs that say we don't want prostitutes in our neighborhood. stand with me! let's get out there and drive them away for more neighborhood! >> mark: they have made 90 arrests in the past 30 days. they have started an innovative gen program as well. >> darya: police investigative fight near ocean beach last night. they got multiple reports about this. one person was hurt after being hit in the back by a bat. a couple of people have been stabbed. one person was detained, they are trying to see if that person is involved. there are also trying to save it was gang-related. the victim sustained injuries not believe life threatening.
5:23 am
berkeley superintendent is considering a variety of measures to improve safety. there have been a number of unrelated incidents this year. they're thinking about id badges, and having a police officer at the campus five days a week. new recommendation will be presented april 13th. >> mark: alive look aside from san jose, a look at traffic 1 01 northbound. 57 degrees for your morning and year high
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>> darya: 5:26 a.m. this 7 day around the bay forecast. we have another great day. rain now we are waking up to warmer temperatures than yesterday. another great day today. you might lose a degree or two. but
5:27 am
still nice mid to low 80s. then we going to the '60s for the weekend. we will have a break over the weekend with wind and clouds. but then we climb back up monday, tuesday. a slight chance of rain next week. >> mark: a special election on taxes out of the question. they are preparing to show and all cut its budget to address the rest of the $26.6 billion deficit. they say they more residents to see what deeper cuts would mean including larger class sizes, less money for public safety. governor brown will travel to make the case for raising taxes. he ibrowner reled several proposals yesterday to
5:28 am
eliminate or change practices for cost. >> darya: with negotiations on how to solve the budget deficit, stalled now shows a bipartisan support for raising taxes on the wealthiest residents. is a 78% of likely voters support a 1% increase in the income tax rate for californians to make more than $500,000 a year. that includes 60 percent republicans and 80 percent democrats, 70 percent of independents. >> mark: alive look at the bay bridge. light traffic all morning. we will be right
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> darya: 5:30 a.m. we are
5:31 am
waking up to clear skies and warm temperatures. the camera's not shaking too much, it is the still warm morning. >> mark: sorry we are talking about the weather. we got a little distracted. >> louisa: it will be gorgeous again today. it will be quite as warm. rain may be this weekend?. >> louisai think the bigger stoe cool down and wind. your current tempters right now off to war starts. 64 san francisco, 61 in antioch, upper 50s in the south
5:32 am
bay. by 10:00 p.m. admixture '60s, '70s. towards noon time we could throw in the '80s, we will talk about a mixture of '70s, '80s. it doesn't look like we will climb as high like we did. cooling it back down to the '50s and '60s, look at your radar showing new onshore breeze will be the difference from yesterday. temperatures will cool down slightly today. keeping their rich in place, and the changes can towards the weekend. your afternoon highs 79 san rosa, 75 san francisco, low eighties in napa and concord. livermore 81, along the coast coming and 67 in half moon bay.
5:33 am
7 day around the bay continues to cool into the weekend. just about 20 percent of rain for saturday. we could pick up some sprinkles and pop-up showers. by sunday dry and cool, mostly sunny next week but we tried out and warm up. next chance of rain comes in thursday. not a big store here, if we see showers they will be light. >> louisa >> george: no hot spots we are looking at fairly light traffic. here at the bay bridge westbound there is no problem. the volume has built little little in the last 30 minutes but nothing to be afraid of for the west bound ride. it has been an easy ride for the last several days. san mateo bridge very good
5:34 am
conditions here. i will tell you about that another shot in just a moment. some retail ride 92 looks good as you can see in the westbound direction. no problems. interstate 80 in albany, light traffic with plenty of space in between the cars means an easy trip. i showed you the shot a moment ago, this is looking at the intersection of haiti's in san francisccase in san francisco. s signal lights are out treat them as a four way stop. >> darya: baseball returns to the bay today, the oakland a's kick off the season against the seattle mariners. dave stewart will throughout the first pitch
5:35 am
tonight, he was the 1989 world series m. dp.vp. >> mark: big night for the sharks. this san jose shop sharks clinched a playoff berth. they move one point ahead of detroit in second place with five games remaining. >> reporter: the missing call brad has been found after five suspenseful days. the bronx zoo) is back home. the egyptian cobra never even left the reptile home and had been crawling around in an office area exhibit. they used with shavings that smelled like mice, and mice to are the
5:36 am
snake out of hiding. she gained 200,000 twitter fans as she posted updates. >> darya: 5:36 a.m. it is april fool's day. today is no joke for 13 cities. today of voter approved sales tax increase goes into effect. kron 4 is will tran breaks down the increase. >> will: if you're shopping for eating in union city will cost you more. the sales tax goes from 9.75 up to 10.25%. it is not noticeable for small items. the big ticket item purchases were you will see it. so $2,000 item will cost $10 more than yesterday. union city may be a
5:37 am
disadvantage as some people might good to others to do with lower sales rate. with gas rates going higher driving for there might not be worth it. >> mark: a quick break as a morning news continues. a story we are covering is a power outage in the hayes valley neighborhood. versus toyota. which is better?
5:38 am
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5:40 am
>> darya: a power outage in the hayes valley neighborhood of san francisco. jackie is live out there this morning. i do see the power on some of the street is on. >> reporter: or regionally this area about 12:30 a.m. last night. it is down to about four under customers without power.
5:41 am
but some of the signal light to arouse specifically this one here. they are out here trying to get this thing back on. some of the problem is underground so they are trying to work to get the power restored. they say this may take awhile to get to the last remaining customers back in service. this light can cause quite that concern with the commute. this is a busy thoroughfare. if they don't get this turned on macy traffic problems here. >> darya: i'm already seeing your spouse to stop. people are rolling through. it's a four way stop. >> reporter: unfortunately not lot of people are biting for the right now. >> darya: this guy over here is waiting. another good thing to
5:42 am
mention. be aware that if you are here. we will be back with morning couple of minutes. a nice warm one out there 64 in san francisco and we are looking for high of 75.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> reporter: this just an. unemployment numbers just came down in the rate fell to a two- year low of 8.8% for march. companies added workers at the fastest pace since before the recession appeared the economy added 216,000 new jobs last month. >> mark: we will follow the numbers on wall street coming up in 45 minutes. a quick recap on top story starting today sales
5:46 am
tax going up in 7 bay area cities. union city and also read a have the largest hikes. this sales tax in concord and san rosa going up as well. >> darya: barry bonds trial does not have session today the resume monday. yesterday there was a big setback. barry bonds personal orthopedic surgeon is contradicting key prosecution testimony in the barry bonds trial. dr. ting also denied having conversations with the slugger's childhood friend and later business manager steve hoskins about bonds' alleged steroids use. hoskins earlier testified he has held more than 50 conversations with dr. ting about the potential health danger to bonds of using steroids. ting thursday refuted hoskins allegation that a 1999 elbow injury was the result of bonds' use of steroids. dr. arthur ting told jurors thursday morning he had prescribed legal steroids for the former san francisco giant'' star which could have similar side-effects to the illegal steroids prosecutors say bonds took. >> mark: rebels retake towns that were captured by people
5:47 am
loyal to gaddafi. people are thinking about going back to their homes and no p some people don't have water or electricity. gaddafi is calling on western leaders to resign. but to defection in as many dyes this say gadhafi's in our circle is crumbling. >> darya: reporters held in libya say they're bound beaten and sexually assaulted. they said it was more terrifying than any other close encounters they've ever had. >> when they demanded that we lay on our stomachs, we all were begging no, we don't want to go. we are sorry, we all fell once we were in our stomach that we should test. as soon as the one of my stomach was waiting to hear gunfire. it was really is sinking and empty feeling.
5:48 am
>> darya: they were freed eventually by libertarialibyansr weeks of captivity. >> louisa: a look in san jose, is off tool warmer start this morning most locations. we will warm up to day will be pleasant, not as warm as we saw yesterday. by noontime 76, your highs today should talk about right around 79. current temperatures 64 san francisco, down amount you 58, 57 in san jose, by 10:00 p.a.m. we will have '70s. we will see a shift in the winds it will cool
5:49 am
off slightly. a mixture of '70s and '80s more '70s and '80s. as we head towards evening cooling off a bit more. cooling-off into the fifties by 8:00 p.m. your highs expected to get into the '70s and '80s but more that onshore push so we will cool off slightly today. cries will stay in the '70s in places like santa rosa, novato. out of the 80 degree territory still be nice. 76 oakland, along the coast we will stay at about 67. here's you're 7 day around the bay, changes coming tomorrow. you'll notice a cool down tomorrow and you will need your jacket. it will be breezy and your evening hours saturday, a chance of a pop-up chartreuse saturday. no
5:50 am
big storm by any means and the best chance in the north bay. we will stay dry and cool by sunday, the sunshine comes out on monday and you will reach the mid '70s. >> louisa >> george: we have not yet see any hot spots. right now light and easy conditions around the bay area even 4580 and 80. lookit your ride at the bay bridge toll plaza no backup for your westbound ride, it's easy commute on all the approaches. likewise for the san mateo bridge, westbound ride it is an unusually light traffic headed back towards foster city. almost
5:51 am
as light as it is in the non commute direction. tracking the right through san francisco with our james lick freeway camera. it is late. no delays headed southbound towards s at >> mark: and navy petty officer saying our review board at the california base voted against discharging him. they voted unanimously to allow him to serve out his talisman. he had been annum frustration for violating don't ask don't tell policy when he had a picture of somebody is in another man and he described himself as gay on his my space. >> darya: the state division law is on hold now he turns one
5:52 am
of the key questions into a legal challenge. they say that it violated the state's open meeting lot during the frenzied run up to passage. a judge hears more testimony today. she declared yesterday the collective bargaining law was not in effect. >> mark: president barack obama showcasing energy efficient vehicles he's making a short trip to maryland today. he will meet at if shipping facility. he will look of vehicles from verizon, at&t as well. >> darya: houses moving towards an aviation bill packed with safety and labor provisions. our final vote is expected today. it provides a blueprint for the faa's programs for the next three and half years. cutting budgets by about $4 billion. the
5:53 am
bill ends subsidies for airline service ceased to remote communities with the exception of alaska. the white house has threatened to veto this bill. >> mark: 2 sky diving instructors clyde moments before landing. they had recorded thousands of hours of jumping. the two crashed mid-air with their parachutes open. both men were on the ground pronounced dead on the scene. >> darya: 5:53 a.m. we will be back with more moment. a live look outside, no, okay will show you those in a few minutes. [ jerry ] look at this!
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5:56 am
>> mark: weather is a big story today, the highs today will be cooler than yesterday but still on the warm side. now but 82, concord and livermore at 81.
5:57 am
upper 60s at the coast. 7 day forecast a big cool down for the weekend but still not bad. windy and maybe a few showers on saturday but it doesn't look like much. mostly sunny next week mid-70s in the next chance of rain will be thursday. san francisco expecting 200,000 visitors a day for the cup. this could be a logistical nightmare when transporting all the yacht racing fans. some of the ideas include streetcars and restoring some bus routes. we will be right back as it morning news continues after this break. pg&e crews worked to restore the power.
5:58 am
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