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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>darya: welcome back, we are in the midst of the heat wave we get out to warm temperatures. >>louisa: we got to the upper 80s in some spots, it is not too hard to believe. here is a look at the numbers. up a knack but we worked our way up to 87 degrees. it broke the old record that was set back in 1966. it is an old record to set. in san francisco we got up to about 80 degrees and that actually broke a record as well. for oakland to 83 degrees. 83 degrees in
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oakland, and the same thing. down into santa rosa the temperatures worked their way up into 86. setting records once again. it looks like today we're going to steer clear as for the record straight right now we are starting off one. 64 for san francisco. a big 61 degrees and egg yolk. also, into fremont as well. 57 degrees in san jose. the differences as we head into the afternoon is not quite to get quite as well as we saw yesterday. so pleasant. by 11:00 a.m. '60s and '70s. and 80s by noontime. i will want not probably not to the upper but we will have more 70's in the mix. as we call back down to the o'clock hour we will cool into the 50s and 60s. will be a cool night 79 and seven rose and 80 degrees in concord. " and
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said is as good. previously the record and a black and to go lower and 66 degrees in redwood city. want to close 67 in sick- bay. here's your seven day around the bay which the show tomorrow, big changes. cooling down dramatically. % even as well. a slight to chance of some showers on saturday. will try it on saturday and went into next week. george? >>george: thank-you the news appeared we're taking a look at the traffic. the good news is no hot spots to sell your ride around the bay area. we're looking at the conditions on the freeways. an accident on the 580 at livermore abbott appeared your watching closely. not much of a back yet. if it stays there could be. let us get you a check on the bay bridge for your west bound ride. you can see that is a good commute. still light traffic. normally on any weekday we would see a better lights activated out of 6:25 a.m.. there's a
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power outage jackie sissel is there. >> reporter: i'm looking down got street. you concede pg&e trucks. that is taste. it is also out over at 80s and franklin. this started at 12 or less agreed 6700 customers were without power. it quickly restored most of those customers. in looking at 400 that are in service. these two intersections are going to cause a problem. as well as i do, you know that this is it roper through the city. -- a thorough there. if they do not get this started out quickly be reduced your real black a korngold and franklin pierce it could take awhile. >>george: jackie, have you
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heard any about the possibility of the department of parking and traffic? >> reporter: they're going to happen. and as we get more and more traffic is slow to cause more and more problems. >>george: if you are absolutely right. look at this late. it is a race. a year of the roadway. traffic squeezes three lanes into one lane to get to the intersection. as jackie says a case at franklin, the intersection there, police are also it. both northbound and southbound are quick to be state this morning. we're talking about a major hot
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spot for city streets in san francisco. mark? >>mark: and george, big news that we are following today. when you are rich shopping you're going to notice sales taxes went up. >>darya: and jerry brown is proposing changes to the pension program after budget talks broke down into disagreements. if the governor released several specific proposals to eliminate practices that could drive up costs. the bill also prohibits the state or local governments from clay and plays a share.
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or from awarding retroactive pension credit. ken, as california is still grappling with the way to close the budget deficit and the poll shows that the majority of californians are in favor of reading in texas. 70 percent were service support to 1% increase. the support comes from, republicans, democrats and the majority of independents as well. >>mark: just released and all of us 30 minutes the employment numbers are coming out for march. there was a surprise drop. more companies have added workers at the fastest two months based since before the recession began. the labor department is in the economy added many jobs last month offsetting layoffs and local governments. the rate has fallen now, it is the
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sharpest drop since 1983. features are right now. we will bring it back to wall street was the 20 minutes. >>darya: baseball returns to the bay as the oakland a's took off their 27th season. they're pulling against the seattle mariners. there's one to be a ceremonious first pitch. and also, the focus is on the recovery efforts in japan. both teams and players from that country. this letter and seattle mariners superstar so the is are planning to donate $1 of every ticket purchased from sunday's game to the red cross to aid with the relief efforts. oakland is expecting a crowd of 20,000. the dodgers was better in last night's season opener. nine strikers. they played sloppy defense. the easter made
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interesting at the top of the day. dodger close one but in the and it was not enough. the dodgers won 2-1. don got his first win as the beach and the manager. >>mark: 3 errors in that game. >>darya: the ups, it's ok. (laughter) >>mark: this is a sharks have officially clinched a playoff spot. the victory over dallas last night. the sharks have lost six of their last seven games. (music)
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i'm welcome back to kron4 news. following the latest in libya. more talks have been recaptured by embarks forces. people were forced to flee. there's no water or power in the city and shortages continue to be a problem. there asking for western leaders to step down. gaddafi is saying that his soldiers are affected by power mine does. there's a school it comes across the state to meet with his words as he is out of sight. his inner circle is slowly crumbling. >>darya: for the latest in a situation in japan. engineers still cannot find the leak that is
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contaminating the nearby pacific ocean. the later every aclayer of reaction is growing. it is higher than permitted to levels of radioactive presidium had been found in the water as well. and by developing story in san francisco where they continue to follow the leaders of the power outage. eckersley is finally cleaning up at the busy thoroughfare. things are more to be getting back to normal. we have another update coming up.
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>>mark: will come back, a beautiful morning. it is more out there. and they start to the day. traffic is light with warm weather. we will get to trafficable land but whether it first. record
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highs. >>louisa: widespread records. we're off to a one start it this morning. temperatures are into the 60s if you can believe it. the bay bridge chelation and the whistles zero more of an onshore that will be as slightly cooler please. it is changing as we head toward saturday. there's a chance of rain and wind. jury is a look at your current temperatures of side. 62 degrees in downtown san francisco poughkeepsie six in a word. 54 in concord. as we take you through the day we're point to continue to see the temperatures were pure and of a shift here in the wind. by saturday a little system is working its way through the crowd actually produced maybe, a few showers. here is directed has. no longer in the '80s into the north appeared we will stay to about 79 degrees at the highest. well, actually, we
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headed to 82 now. we're working our way into the upper 70's, 81 degrees and those coz, morgan hill and 67 and half moon bay. cloudy conditions are expected run around 7:05 a.m.. we're expecting those temperatures to get down to 60. we're willing to seek mild weather for the game. it would continue to keep sixties into the 9:00 a.m. hour. 64 degrees. here is your seventh day around the bay. the dip in temperatures fitting that into the 60s. cool down as we head into the weekend. we will get at it 20 as we head into the latter part of your day of some vigor continue with 60s on sunday. center comes out next week at the temperatures will be down as well. george? >>george: think you'd unless we track the camorra'that can be
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see how inspired livermore. will get to that in one moment. the bay bridge, on the west bound can you is still good. it has built up since we started tracking this at 5:00 a.m.. since i started looking at a band list. it was very light. it is quite likely if possible that we are going to see them during likes act committed here the next 15- 20 minutes. even though, it is a light and easy right now for the west bound the bridge. san mateo bridge looks good. so does the ride to the golden gate bridge. the approach for either way. here is a developing hot spot that we are watching how light is on interstate 580. normally it does not back traffic and frankly, it is not. but, there was an accident that occurred. what happened is a truck that was carried heavy equipment with the big buckets hanging off the back and struck another vehicle. one vehicle can to close to the other. for a while they were into the
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evidence moved over to right hand of the shoulder. this is on to the shoulder we could be ok. we could end up with red on the roadway censored which would mean 25 mi. per hour or less. the rest of this red as you can see is not too bad heading out to the public to change. the dublin grade for the west by the looks good. is it all looks good. i think i will pick up one more can read the key to san jose. surely the ride of highway 101. and the northbound direction take a look over here. light traffic. >>darya: thank-you it george. 6:20 a.m. and into that middle school teacher, 63 wrote charles redman who taught at park middle school, he is accused of corruption in eighth grade
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boy inappropriately. he is also accused of making students. he was admitted into san diego hospital which is what caught the attention of detectives checking his movements appeared he was arrested there yesterday. san carlos menem is now in police custody. in see in here. a 46-year-old san carlos resident is in custody on suspicion of committing lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14. sheriff's detectives arrested yung chi chu was arrested on charges of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14; 1 count of sending harmful matter with the intent of seducing a minor; 1 count of contacting a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense. the victim's parents called authorities because they were concerned that their 10-year-old daughter was receiving inappropriate phone calls and text messages from a family friend. chu is currently being held in the san mateo county jail with a $250,000 bail. >>mark: community leaders in dozens of residents are gathered around 17th avenue in oakland and vowing to take their neighborhood back from camps and other very checkers. they said the problem has got worse over the and oakland police chief anthony best spoken a rally it sank at the police department cannot do it all on their own. >> this is your neighbor.
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this is your committee. this is your city. is not going to be in on the streets with all of these young girls on the corners. is anybody willing to stay with me? it is anybody going to stand by meet thursday and friday with picket signs that say we do not want prostitutes and our neighborhood. stay with me, no more we well, just get out there and drive them away from our neighborhood. >>mark: chief anthony says the have already increased patrols and made over 90 arrest. he also starred intervention campaign to try and stop young girls from becoming prostitutes. >>darya: the 6:22 a.m.. will be back with more of a couple of beers. here is a live look at the roof on them at seventh appeared a beautiful sunrise this morning. all around the bay is a warm start off the bat. we will be read back.
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and and all lot of back, and they stay around in it. highs ranging from 67 in half moon bay to mid-70s in oakland. a mere 80 in san jose. will it tvs for the warmest and 1 spots. we went to warm up to two degrees cooler than yesterday. >>darya: at checkout what other areas have appeared this spring snowstorm in new england. this is what they're dealing with already. this is new hampshire. 1-3 in. has already fallen. here you can see from this morning that it was still falling. they are expecting more. more than 3000 power outages reported in the state. several cities and towns are scrambling to repair because they thought that they were done the winter. they thought there were down with snow. you never really know, do you? check this out, first of damage in florida. heavy damage in hillsborough
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county. this is video from yesterday. it brought down trees and power lines. electricity and crews are working on clearing up the damage after the weather passes. no reports of any injuries by, and allowed it to clean up. it is baseball time. checkered what is opening day going to be like in cleveland. get to shovel snow out of the stadium there so they can play against the chicago white stopped stocks and they're working all day yesterday clearing up this know, there's a tarp over the field and they are moving out of this stands as a drop in net importer coming up this morning. that futures
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are 73 points with the opening bell right after the break.
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and >> welcome back, but then fell on wall street this morning. we have the report, to end our notion that the economy had added over 2000 jobs last month, march. the unemployment rate had dropped and the dow futures right now were up 73 points. we're bringing the number is wrote the morning with tiny cracks and working for autism and ringing in the opening bell. a developing story in san francisco . the power is now back on in the neighborhood and at this intersection. you will check any traffic implications coming up in a moment. the weather is would've is talk about now. al doubl >>darya: his 70's talk about what it is. >>louisa: is we're talking about how spots of blood are cooler but overall the
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temperatures are warmer. as we head to the afternoon a does not look like we're corgis had as many records. we're cortical often slip into the afternoon. still, is a pleasant and the out there. 57 degrees in oakland. 56 degrees in hayward and want to be. same for now but. it said spatially mid '50s. by 10:00 a.m. a mixture of '60s and '70s. i need time we're working our way to the east. 8 life080's. are 8:00 p.m. wher: the gun to the '50s. 82 degrees in math but today. 81 degrees in concord. 75 and san francisco but it is still a really nice. 76 and oakland. 78 in places like
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him or, fremont, livermore around 81. here is your seven day around the bay. temperatures will cool off when the wind is brought in. the wind is a mixture of the two. a bit blustery, you might need your jacket. especially, compared to the last couple of days. will try it by next week. >>george: we're looking at the house but it on the 580, an accident occurred here between the upper great and another trip. it was a strange string of accidents or a bucket from a back hoe was being towed and an actual collided, struck the other vehicle. one of those cars, they could not move. the chp try to push it into the traffic light. it is over here at airport boulevard. because of the right to claim being blocked it has backed up the traffic towards guilt not passed any my look at this and say well, it is the 580, is not that i appeared for the house what is bad but it is
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worse than normal. and, for a fried it would mean that this would be lighter traffic. you're looking at a slower rise on a friday the you might have otherwise expected this friday morning. also the market remains wary vehicle is on its roof. is an am not commute traction and is coming from the east on friday too it beat the be- 24. the commute here is when to encounter some of you to see creemergency crews. we're keeping an eye on us. let us check the bay bridge. less bread looks good. still no problem shrewd leader might have not yet been activated. still, like traffic. it has been for the last three days. kron4 news jackie sissel has been here on a during a power outage affecting customers in san francisco. also at the signal lights at the intersection of these. it
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looks like there is better news for sure. >> reporter: 3-4 mark to the the power was restored. it has been out since 1230 last night and it affected 6700 customers at the peak. three-four minutes of the pick up the power restored. it looks like traffic will not be affected. >>george: that is good news. a hot spot avoided for sure. we watched this just a little bit earlier and they had this signal is sent to an emergency crews on this corner and on this corner actually blocking a traffic lanes. as you can see from jackie shot all lanes are not clear.w cleaer. we got the t spot. >>darya: thank-you, starting today as a voter in prove
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to sales tax. 14 cities are going to pay more. union city and san leandro are included. will tran will break down the price. >>will: if your shopping reading in union city it will cost you more. here's how it breaks down. the sales tax goes from bad place 752 10.25%. it is not noticeable for small items before you can really feel it is on the big ticket items. for example $80,000 item will cost $10 more if they did yesterday. some shoppers may go to whether it cities with large sales tax. with gas taxes are rising driving farther to save money might not be worth it. >>mark: barry bonds personal orthopedic surgeon is contradicting key prosecution testimony in the barry bonds trial. dr. ting also denied having conversations with the slugger's childhood friend and later business manager
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steve hoskins about bonds' alleged steroids use. hoskins earlier testified he has held more than 50 conversations with dr. ting about the potential health danger to bonds of using steroids. ting thursday refuted hoskins allegation that a 1999 elbow injury was the result of bonds' use of steroids. dr. arthur ting told jurors thursday morning he had prescribed legal steroids for the former san francisco giants' star which could have similar side-effects to the illegal steroids prosecutors say bonds took. >>darya: libyan state tv has aired at thrown into the chief of intelligence. he denies that he is among high-level and sectors of the regime. he says " i will not betray the people or the leader " she never thought to leave the country. fortney york times journalist that have been held captive in libya's say they they were found in be
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in and one of them says they were sexually assaulted. they say it is more terrifying than anything they've been through in their careers. once spoke with anderson cooper but the moment she thought it would all die. >> when they demanded that we lay on our stomachs we all were bay gained a " no, we are sorry, oh we won't. " we thought once were on our stomachs they will shoot. as soon as i went to my stomach i was expecting gunfire. it was is sinking, empty feeling. >>darya: the journalist are free but they had been held for nearly one week in captivity. >>mark: a quick break and here is a live look at san jose, the skies are beginning to bright and and the ones are one northbound is moving slowly and smoothly for now.
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>> i am just been, the don't ask don't tell repeal is happening behind me. they're just starting this, it here right now. it be a hearing is being helped to oversee the repeal of " don't ask, don't tell " top pentagon officials will be here, we will monitor this all morning. back to you. >>mark: we are following it of the union busting law in wisconsin. there's a testimony on one of the key questions that to challenge those on their bargaining rights. part of the challenges that they violated the open long meeting when they met to and passed the law and close section. the new law is for the time being not affect. >>darya: at highway death
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has fallen to the lows: more than 60 years. the transport patients department is stating that there is a decrease of about 3% from the year before, 2009. the lowest number since 1949. the government says they're still too many deaths and they attribute the decrease to more people wearing seat belts and experts to prevent drug driving. also, safer vehicles. the decline in death comes to increase and the spike of motorists driving. a look at the weather and a couple of minutes, here is a look at the tropicana albany. of the wall. will be right back.
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it would at some stores will all recall. the labor department are talking about jobs have been added. l slowly drop in the
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unemployment rate to 8.8%. private employers drove nearly all gains. health care, professional and financial services and are expanding payrolls. the dow was up 42 points. >> 29 saves it fort 86 shutout this season. patrick marlowe helped the san jose sharks with the 6-0 victory. mark edward vlasic score for the sharks. they have 16- seven games out to move ahead of detroit. >>mark: baseball is officially kicking off today. the oakland days are beginning their season against the seattle mariners. dave stewart is the director of the ceremonial pitch. he was world series and the aid.
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>>louisa: it is one to be and i stay on top. however, temperatures are cooler than they were yesterday. we can already see the sun. is clinton the and other sunny day. clouts and extend and oakland. 57 degrees, binding time of 273. high temperatures, 73 degrees and by 60 in the o'clock hour. as we head into the afternoon temperatures will not be as from his sister appeared we broke several records yesterday. 83 and oakland, check it to snap up. 87 degrees. it broke the record in 1966. santa rosa came at around 86 degrees breaking a record. today we will stilsteer clear. 57 and
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oakland, the highs will stay into the '70s. the layout will reach 82, 81 in concord. 81 in los gatos. 67 and half moon bay. for the a's game, partly cloudy conditions are expected we are expecting them to stay into the 60s. it will be mild for the game. by 9:00 p.m. expected to to 64 degrees. here is your seven day around the bay. much, much cooler and guinier to. there is a slight chance of rain into the north. your sunday will dryout keeping it cool. mostly sunny conditions as we head to the first to the week. temperatures will rebounded to the mid-70s by it tuesday. time now 648 m. >>george: good news, bad
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news. the good news is the accident on the west bound has been cleared. the bad news is the damage is done to the commute. it is backed up solidly from the top of the altamont pass. take a look. he my tough spot to " pay it is friday and i will catch a break " you may have been right but not this morning. the accident that blocked the right hand lane for about 45 minutes has blocked up the 580. it will be a while before the back of goes away. here is the average check. is the first look at the bridge with a metering lights and have not yet appeared to be activated, there is a slowing here in the right- hand lane of the 80 approach and it is because that cars are not lining up to take the open toll lanes. it is just the most convenient route. not sure it will save
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anybody time this morning the. your san mateo bridge ride is problem free and continues to have no wonder advisory's or weather problems for your commute across this or the done button bridge and the golden gate bridge as an easy ride as well. the commute down highway 101 through marin county was rep yesterday, the alleged rough yesterday appeared not to happen today. >>darya: san francisco police are investigating a fight at the near ocean beach. a lot people call the police. there were at the beach lake and a called listen, they said that one person was hurt and in the back with at that. a couple of other people were stopped. one person was detained by police and they are trying to determine whether he was somehow involved with the fight. they also want to know if it is gang-related. the people who work do not have life-
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threatening injuries. berkeley's school superintendent is considering a variety of measures improving school safety at berkeley high. there have been an number of gun related incidents this year. they're thinking of different things, it stands ready badges or having a police officer at the campus five days a week. the new safety recommendations will represented to the board at their next meeting, april 13th. >>mark: we are learning that the grazing sheep that died or disappeared were likely kidnapped by about 10 lines. an animal patrol officer found a half feet and she remains in never been. they were grazing and the mountain lions impartially. their main street of a later date. there originally thought the issue weren't shocked or taken. to driving instructors were killed when they collided with the parachutes open before it
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landing. witnesses say the two crashed mid-air and emergency crews found both men lying dead on the ground. this happened in paris. we'll be right back as kron4 news continues right after the break. here is a live look from walnut creek. light traffic on the 60s the pound custody for the reagan said.
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>>darya: 6:55 a.m. and the missing cobra has been found. after five suspenseful days on the run the famous bronx zoo cobra is back in her reptile home. people of his suit say the egyptian cobra it never even left the reptile house. they thought she was somewhere in the building because it she could get it. they use wood shavings and mice to lure her out of hiding the she was in a special spot but
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she was right there. she gained more than 200,000 followers on twitter when an account was set up shortly after her escape. many want to know that her mystery has been solved. bob parsons is under fire for an on-line video that shows some shooting and hunting an elephant in zimbabwe. it shows him hunting the elephant on a farm. he it then posed with a shotgun. he is boycotting until they starstop killing animals. he says he killed beat elephants of the payee debt. >>mark: there is a new product on april fool's that is called m motion. there is a link to turn your e-mail into a
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trade body of work. than >>pam: we call it g-mail motion. using an all logarithm to explore ruins physical movement and president to actual command. for instance, to make a message make a motion that you art opening the envelope and to reply used both hands. to send a message like a step would place it down. we have been working with experts in motion technology to develop the movements that replaced type. they're designed to be intuitive, and ergonomic and easy to do. but studies have indicated that more than 80 percent of our total communication is body language. when you can and corporate a shake of the head or a gesture of some
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kind you are making it communication far more effective. and that google has a long history of the powerful spring street's they have claimed to create a guy and at the website called a google romance. back to you. >>darya: we will be right back.
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